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tv   NBC Bay Area News  NBC  April 25, 2015 4:30pm-5:01pm PDT

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in the local man killed in the local quake. >> thank you for joining us. more than 2,000 people are dead. after a large earthquake in nepal. >> tonight rescuer are searching for anyone missing. take a look at the strength. a house, trees and all shaking violently. you can understand how unre-enforced buildings collapsed. >> the first patrolmentremor hit at 7.8, several powerful after shocks followed crating more damage. we have the latest on what is happening in nepal. >> rescues are continuing, people buried under the collapsed billings. some people posted updated on twitter. >> the earth did shake quite
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hard. trees were waiving like crazy like it was a hurricane or something. it was a great deal of aliving room and panic and the square where i was, where the car was parked kwil requestly filled up with people that set out of their homes. >> another disaster r on mt. everest, an unknown number of missing hikers some 1,000 hikers and climbers and sherpas were on the mountain when the earthquake and avalanche hit. >> all along the base, quite a big avalanches coming down off the faces from here we had quite a bit of rock fall. most of the party is okay. >> the red cross director from asia pacific has been mounting a relief effort. they say they have not been able to reach their staff in more remote villages let alone the people that live there. access roads are damaged or
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blocked by land slides and communication lines are down. one man that lived close to the epi center told the press, our village has been almost whieped out, most of the houses are buried by land slide or kajed by shaking. he said that half of the village folks are missing or dead. and all the rest have gathered in the open areas, afraid to go back inside. at least four countries affected affected. back to you. >> all right, well that massive quake killed a google executive. he was climbing mt. everest google said that the other peep a that were with him, are safe. they said, our thoughts are with the people of nepal and with
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dan's family and friends during this terrible time. >> organizations are watching the devastation closely here in the south bay. in fact there's a nonprofit that has been working with government officials since the early 90s with nepal, sherrill? >> well terry earthquakes from around the world are monitoring here at the usgs building in menlo park. a nonprofit, located here worked with engineers here and with engineers in nepal, take a look at the video, it's difficult to watch. geo hazard international located in menlo park has been studying this area in decades. the 7.8 magnitude quake engineers are not surprised by what you see. a will of the buildings were constructed 80 years ago. the nonprofit goal is to help the people shore up the
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buildings and one of the problems is rapid growth. >> they have not had good control of the buildings as they are being constructed. you do not have building being built to a building code as you would in other countries like perhaps japan or the united states. now, that's getting better. recently they have made some progress in that direction. >> now, here's a map of the affected areas of the huge earthquake. in nepal, 30 out of 35 districts were affected by the earthquake. the local red cross is getting ready to lend their help. we will tell what you they are doing, coming up in our next news cast. reporting live in menlo park nbc bay area news. >> all right, thank you so much. more than 100 teenagers partying in a vacant house in walnut creek escaped injury after the house went up in flames. the authorities were called to the home take a look at this
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completely engulfed, the house has been vacant for months and has been the source of several parties t the fire caused $750,000 in damage. the cause is under investigation. >> the bay area drying out after overnight rain. everyone saw some of it. who got the most and who got the least? we've rob with the answers. rob? >> yeah, most of the area picking up a third of an inch close to an inch of rain. parts of the north bay, close to a inch there and napa half of an inch of rain. and closer to an show about a third of an inch of rain are. ben lomond, an inch and a half. the overnight rain put us lightly over the monthly a average. that is welcome. and the snow covered hill sides,
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looks like that we continue to see is snow showers off towards the sierra, that is where the system is right now. we head towards tomorrow morning as the skies are continuing to clear, chilly temperatures down to the low to mid 40s to start the day in napa, and we will show you what the rest of sunday will be like coming nup a few minutes. >> coming up. comcast employees around the world are volunteering to improve their communities. it's a big day here for us. today is comcast cares day. there are 16 different projects going on here in the state of california. those projects took place in menlo park that is where volunteers gave a flood park a face lift. a lot of on familiar faces making a difference. we are live in san jose where students were back for big surprise. i saw you earlier there at the school, and it has gotten shined
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up. pretty well. >> yeah it looks nice and it will be a big surprise for students. the middle school cannot afford to pay for improvements because of budget cuts. but come monday, the student-s will feel like they have a brand new school. >> it's nice to have a nice school. >> even kids know a good environment helps them learn better. >> so the goal was to give the assistants an edge by upgrading the facility. something their shaky finances has not allowed often in recent years. >> the budget only offers so much that you can do. and it happens like every so often. but they need -- >> you pick a project to work on. >> enter comcast cares day a god send to such a school in need. nearly 700 people many of them employees, signed up for just this project alone. >> the grounds got new tan bark the exterior buildings got a new coat of paint and someplaces got a good old fashioned scrubbing.
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>> what we do in one day will take them six to seven months to get done and, the cost which is not in the budget, they are not to do it. so it's wonderful to do it. >> since comcast is the parent company of the nbc bay area familiar faces rolled up their sleeves and others made a family day out of volunteering. bringing the kid cans, no matter how hard the task was. >> it makes me feel good to help other kids have a nice school where they feel safe and a nice environment around them for learning. >> the only hitch, deep cleaning was tough without water, because there's a draut. >> we need to conserve. >> it does not matter, the middle school looks awesome and volunteers wish they could be here on monday to see student reaction. >> they may be happy and grateful that we did this for
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them. >> comcast cares is held in 12 countries with 90,000 volunteers working on 800 projects. and that's world woid, and sip rent -- recipients of the work do no pay for anything. >> we saw marianne and we saw sam brock and i apologize to anyone else who works there that i did not recognize or didn't see. >> right there's a lot of folks that were out there. the big boss people were there. >> you were out there. ? i was out, with my twins trying to get them to pick up a paint brush. >> thank you. >> aging pipes with a leaking problem. we have about 200 miles of pipes. that is over 100 years old. >> the system costing california millions gallons of water during the drought.
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we are leaking water in a big way. 5,000 miles of pipes are breaking an average of three times a day and wasting millions gallopsns of water. >> the reason is aging. >> it's all because we are not he replacing this aging infrastructure fast enough. take a look at this map, these markers show every broken wat wither main last year from san
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francisco, to the east bay, and then down to the south bay. more than 1300 breaks in 2014 alone. because of the breaks 10s of millions gallons of water lost. >> emergency services. >> all day. every day. the phones at east bay municipal utility district ring with reports of broken water mains. from san pablo to san leandro, dan ville to berkley. 4200 miles of pipe in the east bay alone. more than 800 breaks last year. >> the oldest pipes date to the 1800s. >> a district that everybodies about 1-1/2 million people. >> our goal is to make sure that every time you go to your tap
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and turn on the faucet that clean water comes out every single time. >> the pipes carrying the fresh water is made with all types of materials. everything from cast iron to steel. pvc to asbestos cement a as the pipes age, they break in different times in their life cycles. some of the oldest pipes are lasting longer than those builtly in the 1950s and 60s. all of the pipes are getting so old that the rate of the breaks and leaks is rising faster and faster every year. >> as the pipe gets older, it will tend to leak more unless we do something about it. >> that is why east bay mud has as many as 25 member crews, repairing leaks and other maintenance. another 6 to 11 investigators whose only job is to find and uncover leaks. in addition, another 7 teams do nothing but replace old
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pipelines. in fact, east bay mud is replacing ten miles of pipe a year. officials admit they need to be replacing 40 miles of pipeline a year just to keep up. >> it will take a huge effort. we do not under estimate it. >> i think that is where the leak is right here. >> three leak detection crews do nothing but try to find leaks and another eight repair crews try the to fix the problems that the leak crews find. the water mains that they repair when we followed them around dates back to 1883. but believe it or not, 1883 is not the oldest pipe carrying water in san francisco. take a look at this. this cast iron water main recently dugout of the ground after it broke. was put in the year the civil war began. pipe put in around the turn of the century and before.
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it's still delivering water to san francisco every day. we have about 200 miles of pipe that is over 100 years old. katie miller is division manager, see inging the properties. >> water flows in the basements, and floods houses and it can really not only be dangerous. causes a lot of property damage. east bay mud, has average 200 breaks a year. where the average age on the pipes -- cal berkley. studying this problem of water delivery systems. if we you know go in to it without a lot of planning we
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could find ourselves in a big problem. >> shows a clear benefit with spending the money on infrastructure repair now, rather than later. >> the systems to operate day-to-day are more expensive if you end up paying this money earlier. communities like san francisco, and parts of morin, and parts of any area in the bay area, are going to have he very very old water pipes that are going to fail. >> congressman, jared huffman, serves on the u.s. house transportation and infrastructure committee. he is proposing that congress spend more money to fix the problems now. >> we will have to try to get ahead of this. if we don't, regularly update and modernize that infrastructure, you are going to see massive failures. >> worse case some experts say, some communes could be cut off from reliable clean supplies of water, for weeks, months and
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years, depending on the breaks and they may have to treat their own water supplies in their homes. >> what is the implication if we do not fix it? >> a long time for recovery. >> how much will all of this cost? water officials estimate just to catch up, will cost about $1 billion over the next ten years that likely means higher water bills and fees to pay for it all. if we don't do it. take a look at this map. all of these new markers show broken water pipes over the last four years. now, imagine this map, ten times worse than this. that's what experts say will happen if this problem is not fixed soon. i'm stephen stock, nbc bay area news. >> a b.a.r.t. station shut down the delays you can expect if you are taking a train in the east bay and the project that is causing the holdups.
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what do you say to critics that say, businesses like this prey on new parents fears? >> what we are trying to do is make sure
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dude totino's blasted rolls. sweet. totino's blasted crust rolls...
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yeah. flavor at full blast you say avocado old el paso says... zesty chicken and avocado tacos in our stand 'n stuff tortillas . (record scratch) you say stand n' stuff tortillas old el paso says... start somewhere fresh . >> well, b.a.r.t. riders making their way around the east bay may soon see quite a delay, about an hour in fact starting tonight, service between the fruitvale and coliseum station will be shut down. riders can get around the stations using a bus bridge but it will add 30 minutes to an hour to your trip. service will start up again on monday morning. the b.a.r.t. service is still running between the airport and the coliseum. >> any mention of rain or snow is thrilling. >> i cannot tell you how long it
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has been since asleep to rain. but we had good rain drops out there last night. >> we did have almost an inch of rain in spots and by mid morning skies cleared out and chilly with the winds picking up out of the northwest. sunny skies, and sunshine in oakland, breezy 61 degrees, meantime as all the moisture is going up to lake tahoe, it looks flies if you have the patience to go up there with winter like driving conditions. you see mostly 60s around the bay area. you see he the know showers happening for elevations above 5,000 feet. and skies are starting to clear out. setting the stage for a cool night ahead. we will finish the weekend with gusty northwest winds. winds 10 to 15 miles an hour throughout the day tomorrow we will continue to see winds generally in the same direction.
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a cool breeze west northwest through the day tomorrow. that will keep the temperatures running cool warmer then the highs we saw today. tomorrow mostly sunny skies. northwest winds at time and a big time jump in the temperatures by the time we get to monday. high pressure takes control, so for tomorrow we are looking at highs for the low 70s and 60s, closer to san francisco and north bay, the winds are beginning to switch direction out of the north. santa rosa a sign of warmer days ahead. and temperature rchanges ahead, we will see the area of pressure moving on. high pressure build engine and that will allow temperatures to climb up almost 20 degrees warmer than today. so by the time we get back to the work week, look at san jose low 80s, monday in to tuesday and san francisco, too, 60s tomorrow. then 70s come monday and look at liver more here 85 cooler
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toward the end of the week, but unfortunately, no more rain or snow in the forecast it was nice way to start the weekend. >> 85 nice. >> yeah, might be done with the rain for a while. >> still to come warriors and pelicans, game 4, minutes away. and right before the opening tip in new orleans, sports coming up next.
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>> well, it is almost time warriors pelicans game 4 from new orleans, comes your way and it's just under 5 minutes over on comcast sportsnet bay area. a win and golden state is in to the second round of the inform ba playoffs. and it shifts back to the area
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area. >> i'm here in new orleans, game four, the warriors are up 3-0, sweeps the pelicans after a devastating loss for the pelicans, they gave the up a 20 point lead. came off of a heads up play. he got the office rebound. swoops it out to curry. the warriors never look back. in game three, this whole arena, this whole arena was covered in red shirts. the warriors are trying get four in a row and get up out of here and get rest. let's not make it harder than it needs to be. >> from new orleans, nbc bay area. >> it's a full schedule. one bay area sporting event has
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dwon final. the a's fell to the astros over at the coliseum. mine-3. >> all right kate thanks very much sounds good. no rain on the parade the petalmua butter and egg day parade. >> it was all sunshine for the 34th annual parade and festival. wait a minute, who is that? >> hey. >> is that jannell wang thousands of people turned out to see jannell, kids from the petalmua little league team was part of our float. it wraps up tomorrow with the spring antique fair. >> and that is cool our eggs and pro produce comes from that town. >> it's beautiful. >> that is it for us for now, pro hockey up next game six between the hawks and predators. we have more news after the game. we will see you then, have a good one. >> good night.
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captions paid for by nbc-universal television intercepted at the goal line! >> the following is a presentation of nbc sports. the third largest city in the country, chicago, where for nearly 90 years they had an nhl team the blackhawks. that team is on the ice with the nashville predators to determine if it ends tonight or goes seven. down to the ice, pierre mcguire. >> you're the master of the close out game, what's the secret? >> push, don't change a lot. the fourth game is the toughest to win and these guys are


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