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tv   NBC Bay Area News  NBC  April 25, 2015 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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♪ ♪ >> doc: two teams with marvelous seasons. one will continue. and the handshakes begin with paul gaustad of nashville leading the way. two goal tenders tonight for the blackhawks one did not know this morning he was going to play. enters the game and did not give up a goal.
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>> eddie: scott darling knows a lot of these players, doc, from his days. there is his former roommate filip forsberg spending a couple years with the nashville predators and their organization. ♪ ♪ >> doc: this are many traditions. we began with one with the anthem tonight and finish with the handshake line. it was julius irving who said after a play-off series there is nothing to do if you are the
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loser but rest recover, and return in the fall. meanwhile, the home team celebrates with 22,000. [ cheers ] >> doc: you are watching the stanley cup playoffs presented by geico. tomorrow, game six. st. louis blues against the minnesota wild here on nbc. coming up next except on the west coast, it's your local news and for viewers in the chicago area coverage continues with blackhawks post game live on comcast sports net. for eddie olezyk pierre mcguire, doc emrick saying good
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night. -- captions by vitac --
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right now a race against time to save people trapped under the rubble. a devastating quake hits nepal, close to 2,000 dead so strong it was felt hundreds of miles a i way from the epicenter. team coverage and a local man killed in the earthquake. good evening. i'm terry mcsweeney. >> i'm peggy bunker. thank you for joining us for this special edition of nbc bay area news. an international crisis in southeast asia 7.8 magnitude earthquake hit nepal. the death toll continues to rise, at least 1800 deaths so far. new video shows locals scrambling to rescue victims trapped beneath the rubble. at least two dozen after shocks hit making the situation worse of it survivors continue to overwhelm local hospitals. one of the victims is aing goole executive engineer.
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dan fredinburg. you are looking at photos from his instagram account. his sister posted he was climbing when the quake hit. he died from a head injury. so far the quake killed at least 17 mt. everest climbers. google released in part our thoughts are with the people of nepal and dan's family and friends during this terrible time. cheryl hurd is speaking to a friend. we'll hear from them. >> 1800 people confirmed dead in the devastating quake that hit near the capital of nepal today. also impacted the surrounding region setting off avalanche at mown everest as we mentioned. kelly reports rescue efforts are under way to find countless missing people. >> reporter: the rescues continue throughout nepal, people buried under the rubble of buildings that collapsed. some have been able to post updates on twitter. >> the ground shook quite hard
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for i would say probably 30 seconds. looking around i happened to be out at the time. trees were waving like crazy like it was a hurricane. it was a great deal of alarms and panic and the square where i was where the car was filled up with people out of their homes. >> reporter: a disaster on mt. everest as an avalanche followed the earthquake at least ten people were killed there and unknown number of missing hikers some 1,000 hikers and climbers and sherpas on the mountain when the earthquake and subsequent avalanche hit. >> along the base covered in clouds. we had quite a big avalanche coming down. from here we had quite a bit of rock fall. >> reporter: the red cross director for asia pacific has been mounting a relief effort they say they haven't been able to reach stair staff in rooy mote villages let alone the
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people there. access roads are damaged or blocked and communication lines are down. one man who lives close to the epicenter about 50 miles from cat man do told the press our village has been almost wiped out, most of the houses are either buried by land slide or damaged by shaking. he said half of the village folks are either missing or dead, and all the rest have gathered in the open area afraid to go back inside. at least four countries affected nepal, india, tibet and bangladesh. back to you. >> relief for one bay area mom tonight after being notified of her son's safety in nepal. kathy says-er son eli was near cat man do when the earthquake rocked the region. it struck south of where the group was trekking. he had been traveling with a group of students. getting an e-mail about the incident and her son's status helped her to remain calm.
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>> i was just in shock. i felt so grateful all of the kids were okay and that i knew the kids were okay and i didn't have to go through this whole day not knowing. >> not knowing. that's right. she has not heard directly from her son and is waiting for more information. >> organizations are watching the devastation closely in the south bay. the international red cross is waiting to get word from nepal what they need and there is a nonprofit here in the south bay that is working with government officials there on earth preparedness since the 90s. cheryl hurd has more on what local organizations are doing. >> reporter: the devastation is not surprising to those who work closely with the american red cross. even if you are head quartered here in the south bay. >> the american red cross works with its sister societies all over the world to determine what we can do to help. >> the next 48 hours very crucial to emergency workers who are either heading to nepal or
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waiting to see what the survivors of the deadly quake need. >> american red cross has warehouses throughout the world, and we have some in that part of the country. so we're looking at what supplies we need to bring in. first we really need the nepal red cross society to tell us what they need. >> food shelter, money and technology support are crucial right now. the last major earthquake rocked this region 80 years ago. geohazards international, a nonprofit in men low park has been working with engineers in nepal since the early 90s. their goal is prevent death and suffering in areas vulnerable to earthquakes around the world. >> they haven't had good request control over their buildings as they are constructed, so you don't have buildings being built to a building code as you would in other countries like perhaps japan or the united states. that's getting better recently they made some progress in that direction. >> reporter: in menlow park
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cheryl hurd bay area news. >> if you would like to help the victims head to the and click the link in the right corner. there are organizations now collecting donations. moving on to a big change in the weather. what a difference a day makes from san francisco to san jose take a look at these really clear skies, boy that shot san francisco, gorgeous. last night did you hear rain? did you get any? >> not where i live. >> same with me. >> just like that. >> look at that. rain coming down. we needed every drop. >> meteorologist rob mayeda joining us. at the top of the screen you see mill valley. >> it's confirmed, yes. about an inch of rain which is good did to see. again, this is the great news. that moved quickly overnight. most of this falling before you woke up but yes, significant rainfall totals close to a half inch in san francisco. the one inch around mill valley east bay hills close to an inch.
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dublin, san jose a third and santa cruz mountains more than an inch and a half. with this last burst of rain napa and sfo slightly above the monthly average. so late season good news there with some of the rainfall. right now our temperatures mostly in the 50s. you see truckee 37 the sierra some locations picked up about 10 to 16 inches of snow. you can see a few showers, clearing around the bay area as we look ahead we'll see chilly temperatures and some patchy low clouds. then a significant warming trend setting up as we head into the new week. we'll look at that coming up. >> rob, thanks a lot. the warriors are the best in basketball. tonight they swrept the pelicans in new orleans and heading to the next round of the playoffs. team coverage of the warriors' big win. first, go to christie smith who watched the game with fans in san francisco. christie. >> reporter: yes, that's right. i tell you the bars were packed
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these warriors watch parties all over the bay area. as you can imagine, the fans were thrilled. a lot of them saying what they saw tonight this type of play well, there you go warriors this is the type of basketball that they are used to seeing. in control. fans in san francisco had a lot to cheer about as the warriors took down the pelicans 109-98 in new orleans. a much different game from game three's comeback and steph curry's three-point shot that frankly fans still can't get over. tonight the warriors had wide leads so much fans were celebrating but had time to text chat and take selfies. this is how they wanted the first round to end. >> i believe it's their time. it's the bay area time. just like last year when the giants won. how it's going to go down. steph is going to get it done all of them all good.
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>> their chemistry is on point. they cannot be stopped. >> it's the best warriors game the most that they had this series. i think they have more games like this as they go through the playoffs. >> reporter: of course warriors advance to round two, again we checked in at pete's canyon and a lot of fans there talking steph curry and the letters mvp excited as they were walking out. live in san francisco, christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> kate scott from comcast sports with more. >> well, as fans mentioned after needing every effort to win game three they cruised past to punch their ticket to the second round of the nba playoffs. warriors already up eight in the second quarter when we catch up with this one. he would find green for two of his 22 points. warriors up 13 at the break.
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then in the third, steph curry took this game over. high off the glass this time up 18. fourth quarter now, curry would get davis, 39 as the warriors complete the sweep with the win. >> very fortunate to sweep. first three games came down to the wire. tonight was our best effort of the series. i'm very pleased with the effort and i'm very pleased that i don't have to see anthony davis until november at the earliest. i hope he has a nice off season and doesn't get too much better from here. >> plenty of post game sound from coach ker and a look at the giants and a's game coming up. >> thank you. got to expect some from comcast sports behind her. >> sure. >> a lot of celebrating. coming up flames shoot into the night. the east bay home nearly destroyed by partying.
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could be to blame. >> plus major delays for b.a.r.t. the construction project that will add an hour to your travel time. >> is helping the community. how comcast employees including a few. they are stepping up to clean up.
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investigators say that this fire that destroyed an east bay home could have been deliberately set. look at these flames. the fire broke out about two hours after deputies cleared out a teen house party. firefighters say more than 100 teenagers were at the house. it took out about an hour to put out the fire. the house had been vacant for six months. it's the scene of several parties in recent months. it caused about $750,000 in damage. >> b.a.r.t. riders making their way around may see up to an hour
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delay this weekend. starting tonight service between the fruitvale and coliseum stations was shut down making repairs to tracks in the area. riders getting around using a bus bridge but it will add about with 30 minutes to an hour to the trip. service will start again on monday morning. b.a.r.t. service still running. >> comcast the parent company of this channel giving back to the communities, the employees live in. >> comcast shares days is every year for the last 14 years. it involved 90,000 volunteers across the country working on 800 projects actually in 12 countries. this includes one in menlo park. here it is. comcast is the parent for nbc bay area so familiar faces here. joined in to clean up and make a difference. >> nbc bay area's annette miranda in san jose for a project that will surprise students on monday. >> it's nice to have a nice
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school. >> even id kids know a good environment helps them learn better. the goal was give san jose's middle school students that edge by upgrading the facility something the shaky finances hasn't allowed very often in recent years. >> the budget only offers so much that you can do and it happens every so often. >> you can pick a project to work on. >> reporter: enter comcast cares day, a dpodsend to such a school. nearly 700 people many of them employees, signed up for just this project alone. the grounds got new bark the exterior got a new coat of paint, some places got a good old fashioned scrubbing. >> what we do in one day will take them six to seven months to get done and the cost which is not in the budget unable to do it so this is wonderful for us to give back to the community. >> reporter: comcast is the parent company of nbc bay area so familiar faces rolled up
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their sleeves. >> you got good technique. >> others made a family day brichking their kids. no matter how hard the tasks were. >> it feels good to help other kids have a school where they feel safe and have a nice environment for learning. >> it's interesting to note that this year the volunteers did not have their usual tools. they had to keep in mind there is a drought. >> we like to power wash for cleaning because it's thorough but in these times we need to conserve as much as we can. >> the middle school looks awesome and many volunteers wish they could be here on monday to see student reaction. >> they might be happy and be grateful that we did this for them. >> and they will be. in san jose nbc bay area news. >> there was a huge crowd that turned out. some of the folks from nbc there, i brought my little kidos along. that's my little one there. it was sort of helpful.
8:23 pm
excellent at the muffin table. everybody kind of pitched in to help. we did have a great crowd and lots of crews. painting mulch, picking up litter. doing a lot around the school. >> way to go peggy. >> did the whole thing. >> rob is here talking about they couldn't use power washers but they had rain yesterday. worked it out. >> they did. you saw the directors there, eva and erin and phillip, one of our technical directors assisting. comcast cares day, skies have cleared out. 55 degrees right now with high clouds around san francisco. 57 in san jose. we'll take you over to the east bay. doesn't that look nice for the warriors warriors. 56 at the arena in the east bay. lake tahoe look at that fresh snow. we had more than a foot come down, the fast-moving storm, still chilly around truckee. 37 degrees. snow showers starting to shut down. we'll see a dry day tomorrow if you want to enjoy some of the
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late season snow, travel conditions in the sierra should be better. the bay area starting to see skies clear out. a few high clouds passing by and what we'll see during the day tomorrow will be clearing skies but some pretty gusty winds at times out of the northwest, a cool breeze for now but setting the stage for a significant warm-up by monday between today's highs in the upper 60s and low 70s, we could see about 15 degrees of warming a we get in the work week. during the day, a chilly start, clouds to the north. the winds pick up. so may feel a little cooler outside. thermometer trying to tell you highs in the upper 60s to mid 70s. then the warm-up gets started. monday and tuesday. near 72 degrees in san jose. 75 degrees in los gats. san francisco cooler there closer to the water. highs in the 60s. santa rosa as the winds pick up out of the north that will dry out the air, warm up temperatures close to 80. upper 70s in the forecast around police san on the and livermore. this was the pattern earlier this morning.
8:25 pm
high pressure begins to build in for the end of the week causing the breezy conditions tomorrow and eventually those warmer temperatures in the 80s, we get back to the work week. low 80s. a little stronger sea breeze by wednesday and thursday, even san francisco by monday seeing temperatures in the 70s. now toward the trivalley, the temperatures for monday. mid 80s there after the rain we had and you could see temperatures staying slightly above average the end of the week. as nice as all of that rain and snow was, we saw today, nothing for now in the next six to seven days as we approach the start of next weekend. back to you. >> back to summer. >> right. looks like it. coming up next using a little luck and a lot of lemonade to make a difference in the lives of other kids. >> his eye really lucky. >> now his determination, will make you bay area proud.
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with the end of the school
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year approaching many parents busy figuring out what are you going to do with the kids. all summer long. usually that means a little bit of camp. >> many camps are too expensive for some. one boy found a way to pay for his. others and then some. >> reporter: 12-year-old cash says he's not big into sports so a sports camp wasn't quite for him. there was one camp though he was excited about. and considering what he's doing to get there, they should be very excited about getting him. there's something you should know before drinking a glass of hand squeezed lemonade prepared by cash. he likes it sour. really sour. >> i would prefer to put no water in but i know we have to. >> reporter: lucky for the public then as mom sweetens it up before sale. >> too sweet.
8:29 pm
>> reporter: now just why cash is selling his lemonade is what the story is really about. it gips not long ago when cash a 12-year-old with learning differences and social challenges hears a pitch for a summer camp in colorado. cash instantly wants to go. and his parents would love to send him. one problem. >> $3,675. >> my heart sank. i knew there's no way we could afford this. way out of our league. >> reporter: which brings us back to the lemonade. cash had luck raising money with it in the past so he starts again. >> hi i'm cash. >> reporter: this time though he adds crowd funding to his campaign and the money for summer camp starts pouring in. so fast in fact cash reaches his $2,500 goal in just a couple weeks. >> thank you. >> reporter: this is where the sour loving kid does something
8:30 pm
very sweet. he keeps raising money. cash's goal is now $10,000, and it's no longer for him. >> now i want to keep it open for other kids. because i felt really lucky so i wanted to help make a fund for others. >> it's so great to see him care about other people and not just be self centered and think this is about me going to camp. to turn the lens the other way and look out and see there are other people in need too. it's modeled off of shark pit. >> reporter: his original campaign is about to run out, he's ready to start another one so he can keep taking donations, no matter how big or small. >> 1 to 3 donations accepted. wait. wait. so we don't accept $5 donations?
8:31 pm
because i got $5 donations. >> reporter: cash's fundraising campaign is set to expire but he's going to start another immediately after that to help reach his $10,000 goal. what he wants to do is provide $1,000 scholarships for ten other camp inc. youth. >> coming up a peninsula home turns into a wild nightclub. >> also we're tracking a developing story out of nepal. the devastating earthquake that killed close to 2,000 people and destroyed several pieces of history. we'll have the latest.
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they're both fired-up with spicy crispy chicken sliced jalapeños and ghost pepper ranch sauce. you've. been. warned. tens of thousands spent the night under a chilly sky jolted awake by after shocks. the story still developing right
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now. more than 1800 people in nepal died in the mass sick quake, many more missing. 7.8 quake hit near nepal's capital of kathmandu. several after shocks followed. four countries all dealing with damage as a result of this one quake, tonight crews are digging through the rubble trying to free anyone still trapped under buildings. the quake set off a deadly avalanche on mt. everest. 1,000 hikers were on the mountain at the time of the quake. >> along the base covered in clouds so we had quite a big avalanche coming down. from here we had quite a bit of rock fall. >> at least 17 people died on mt. everest including google engineer dan fredinburg. we're talking to a friend of his, that story at nbc bay area news at 11:00. >> and more details on the earthquake in the wake of this
8:35 pm
tragic disaster. social media really stepping up to help out. facebook launched a feature helping many find their online friends and list them as safe. also google reopened its person finder tool so that loved ones can enter information for a missing person or someone who has been found. so far more than 1,000 records have been collected on the victims. >> for information how to help the victims of this earthquake head to our website,, we put together a list of organizations that are collecting donations and also sending relief. hundreds gather in baltimore demanding answers to what happened to freddie gray the 25-year-old died in police custody two weeks ago sunday. on friday baltimore police announced the investigation has found officers did break policy during gray's arrest. take a look at the protest in baltimore right now. you see a row of police right there, nbc's herman tao has the
8:36 pm
latest. >> reporter: demonstrators took to the streets of baltimore. >> we want justice, we want change. >> reporter: marching to the police station where several officers spoke with protesters. >> you are part of the community that i protect. >> reporter: and to city hall where hundreds more joined in the call for answers. on friday, baltimore's police commissioner acknowledged mistakes were made during gray's arrest. >> he was not buckled in the transportation wagon as he should have been. no excuses for that period. we know our police employees failed to give him medical attention in a timely manner multiple times. >> authorities released more closed circuit tv video showing the transport van carrying gray at several locations after his arrest but police say they do not know the exact cause of gray's fatal spine injury while in police custody nearly two weeks ago. >> someone harmed freddie gray we're going to prosecute them. so giving too much information out to you on the front now may
8:37 pm
jeopardize that prosecution. >> reporter: ahead of the weekend protests urged calm. >> this community and this whole community is committed to seeking justice for mr. gray. if you're going to come here come to help us not to hurt us. >> reporter: as the investigation continues, so do the demonstrations. as they have all week since gray's death. herman tao, nbc news. >> terrorist threats put southern california airports on alert. u.s. officials aairport security is stepped up because of isis-related threats calling for attacks on uniformed personnel. l.a.x. upgraded security because of the threats, investigators said there was no specific plot but concerns increased bus of intelligence and monitoring of suspected radicals here in the united states. pain paying to party. one of the exclusive communities is struggling with the air bnb
8:38 pm
rentals. people have been partying at a house. the last one got so out of hand that police had to break up the mob, now residents want the city to stop the party on these types of rentals. it was not the norm for this quiet neighborhood. hundreds of people partying at a vacant rental house. the party reportedly an 18-year-old's birthday celebration, ballooned to over 250 people mostly teenagers who ran into the streets and flew over fences into neighbor's yards when police arrived. the house neighbors say had become a party pad. >> it wasn't the first time. this was the third weekend in a row that this house had become identified as a daily rental of an unoccupied house, you ought to throw a party at. >> it was offered up on air bnb.
8:39 pm
word got out fast and a steady stream of daily renters began to show up. >> my wife asked are you the owner. he said no i just rented the house for the dpa for a project. >> the neighborhood isn't zoned for homes that rent like hotels say neighbors who brought their concerns to the city. >> we are here tonight a request to look at air bnb and how that might be affecting us. >> the council plans to address the problem at their next meeting which is welcome news for neighbors who witnessed partygoers driving drunk and relieving themselves in the streets. >> by the third weekend you know, you talk to the more elderly residents they were scared in their home and couldn't wait for the police to get here. >> i did try to get in touch with the owner of the house. they did not get back to us. reportedly that neighbor did say he was taking the home off air bnb. there are 60 other properties among other areas that can be
8:40 pm
rented on a daily basis. the difference most of those are furnished with an owner on site. coming up sorting out soil. the thigh tech drought solution that could be the key to better conservation.
8:41 pm
8:42 pm
>> an east bay company is now offering a little high tech help for anyone trying to conserve water. >> the new soil monitor and explains why more tech companies may start focusing on drought solutions. >> i'm going to place the sensor in the soil. >> oakland based eden to help you track how much you water garden, lawn or crops. >> it tracks the soil moisture for nutrition, humidity and light. >> it will set you back about 100 bucks. you put it in soil and uses your home wi-fi to relay critical information to your smart phone. >> you can view what's going on from anywhere in the world. >> it can tell you which plants
8:43 pm
will grow best in that soil but also tells you if the soil is too dry or wet. it each works for lawns. >> you can view during the day, over the week or the month. the system will alert you if you overwater as well. >> right now it's marketed to serious gardeners and small farmers but the founder says larger farms have contacted him as well. >> they could see that a certain block of their field is not getting enough water and they can adjust irrigation accordingly. or see that they are overwatering certain parts of the field. >> we know for sure is the temperature is going to continue to rise. >> san jose state professor dr. eugene cordero think drought solutions could be the next frontier for developers. >> we have to figure out how to deal with getting less water and farmers in the central valley will be drawn to technology. i do think it's quite a good industry. >> the eden soil monitor is shipping to 5,000 kick starter
8:44 pm
investors now, it will be sold at home depots nation wide by mid may. >> everybody coming up with solutions. >> yeah. like what we got for a couple hours last night. >> it was nice. i tell you. you hear the sound of the rain you get so excited. rob is here with that microclimate forecast. did we get anything? >> we did. a fast-moving system and when you consider that april is usually the transition month into the drier time of year for san jose typically about an inch of rain total for places like san jose you look at the numbers we had last night very good request. it most of this coming down at about a 4 to 6-hour window. mill valley more than an inch of rain. san francisco and oakland close to a half inch. east bay hills, close to an inch. you can see san jose barometric pressure a third of an inch. the rain has moved on clearing skies and setting the stage for a little chilly start tomorrow morning. not too windy at the moment with winds 5 to 10 miles per hour. tomorrow we'll see gusty
8:45 pm
conditions winds 15 to 30 out of the northwest which will keep our skies clear. but temperatures not warming up a lot till we get to monday and tuesday. the storm that brought us the rain now heading to the east of the sierra. snow showers starting to shut down. we go through the day tomorrow we'll see a hue high clouds passing by really sunday about the clearing skies and the breezy conditions the winds out of the northwest and temperatures beginning the climb upward as we go through the week. morning temperatures will be chilly, 40s outside. lunch time numbers in the mid-60s and eventually high temperatures tomorrow for most spots inland in the low to mid 70s. trending a lot warmer for monday afternoon. 72 in san jose 60s closer to san francisco. upper 70s around the north bay, trivalley seeing highs in the upper 70s. from the showery pattern to high pressure making it feel more like summer. monday and tuesday so temperatures on the rise for the work week as you'll see here. san jose climbing up to the 80s as early monday into tuesday.
8:46 pm
san francisco should see temperatures in the low 70s. and are trivalley temperature average high should be 72 85 though on monday. and then trending cooler to the end of the week but no more signs of rain at least for the next six to seven days. back to you. bring it on. we'll take it. thanks. >> we're down to the last couple hundred fish in one of the best streams in the state. >> coming up a dismal showing for an endangered species in the bay area. >> the shrinking supply and the two likely culprits behind it.
8:47 pm
8:48 pm
going fishing. it's not always relaxing. it always also doesn't end with fish for dinner. >> true. joe shows us how some wildlife managers in marin county are fishing for information as they struggle to save the fishes. >> reporter: no matter how creative humans get they can
8:49 pm
never rival creativity of nature. even in all her wisdom and glory occasionally even nature -- >> here we go. >> needs a helping hand. so in this creek in west marin county in what's become a daily ritual over three months of every year. members of the group turtle island restoration network are trapping fish. >> so we are counting the fish that are migrating back to the ocean. >> the idea is take an ecological snapshot of the fish that travel this watery highway. >> we're monitoring the population. we scoop out the fish count them measure them weigh them. 61.75. >> so far this year the trap is turning up lots of endangered steelhead trout. >> that's almost full size. >> plenty of strange eel-like lamprey. >> seven years in the stream as
8:50 pm
juveniles. >> what researchers aren't finding much of is the main target. >> is here is our coho. yeah. >> this watershed is one of the state's last spawning grounds for coho salmon. >> most streams have gone extinkt. this is one of the last for these fish. >> according to fed ra data the watershed once held 4,000 coho but scientist todd steiner says the numbers have fallen to an alarming level. >> we're down to the last couple hundred fish in one of the best streams in the state. >> over years the evidence from this annual fish count has become more and more dire. >> this is the worst season ever maybe for coho. >> another coho number one. >> steiner believes housing development along the creek is a factor in the decline and so is the drought. >> the drought happens these fish get stranded in pools and become easy picking for raccoons
8:51 pm
and other animals. >> they take scales and able to age them much like a tree ring. >> 172. >> we can estimate the conditions of the watershed by the survival rate. >> the group has done extensive work to try to improve conditions along the creek. as the numbers of this year's count trickle in it's clear this journey to save the coho are all upstream. nbc bay area news. wow. beautiful out there. >> kate scott. she's talking warriors. it's time to move on. the brooms have been used. >> not thinking fishing, thinking basketball and incredible steph curry for sure. >> i was thinking about fishing for a minute but yes. >> is a minute ago. >> the warriors. a lot of folks wondering if there would be a letdown after thursday's insane come from behind win but as the pelicans discovered game three apparently
8:52 pm
just the warm-up. as golden state dominates from start to finish tonight down at the center. we'll have highlights 40 am the win coming up next.
8:53 pm
8:54 pm
it's 40 years since the warriors won an nba championship and also 40 years since a four-game sweep in the playoffs. one of those came to an end which means remains alive. new orleans we go. game four for curry and the rest of the golden state warriors. second quarter, making a difference in the first round. the warriors up 9. three minutes later andre finding barnes for the easy two. a minute after that it was shaun livingston's turn. draymond green here. everyone getting in on the fun. second half the steph curry show. midway through the third shows
8:55 pm
the youngsters the backboard is your friend. use the glass. in the fourth no back board needed. steph 6 for 8 from downtown. a few minutes later curry would get the big man to bite on the pump fake. hey for fun, another highlight. why not. a game high 39 in a warriors 109-98 win, here is more. the warriors took care of business in game four completing the sweep and you saw more ball movement, more plays in transition, more assists. when the pelicans made runs in the fourth the warriors had answers. and they want to take that momentum into the second round. >> we got a lot of work to do in between. nice to kind of sit and watch the other games and regroup and get ready for another battle that's going to happen in about a week. >> i went through this as a player, quite often, where you have a long extended break.
8:56 pm
and there's a mix of rest and reps and scrimmaging and you got to keep your conditioning but you also want to get your rest as well. so we'll figure it out on the flight back. >> with the sweep means more rest, and some guys on the team are more banged up than others. after the game i spoke with draymond green and he told me that the extra time off is going to be crucial for him and his ankle, because he keeps tweaking it. if the i don't get a few days off i'm going to do the same thing over the and over. in new orleans, nbc bay area. >> thanks so much. giants face the rockies, top of the sixth. justin maxwell gives them a 4-2 lead. maxwell red hot. but in the bottom of the ninth cassia unable to shut the door. drew would ground to matt duffy. duffy tagged the runner but he
8:57 pm
can't complete the double play. so a run scores to send this to extra. good news up 5-4 in the 11th. astro astros and a's today. the flash brothers two men on jose bust this game open. a three-run shot. 4-0 astros. in the fifth louwry gets in on the act. they go on to beat the a's for a second day, 9-3 the final. hey, what a night for the golden state warriors now time off before the fun starts all over again in round two coming up later this week next weekend, early next week. >> a nice week off. the warriors found out coming home to the oakland airport at 12:45 tonight. will i see you there? >> i don't think i'll be there. but i'm sure if a few warriors fans will join them. 12:45. >> bring the champagne.
8:58 pm
>> we'll have a barbecue. see you there. >> all right. >> let's check weather one more time. >> looking windy tomorrow. we're going to see temperatures in the 70s for the bay area tomorrow. mid 70s around the trivalley, then for monday look at these temperatures near 72 in san francisco, 80s in san jose and for the inland valleys as we start the work week.
8:59 pm
9:00 pm
the. >> full house returns but who is moving back home? welcome to "access hollywood", welcome to "access hollywood", weekend edition. i'm liz. kit joins me with the return of full house. >> i'm excited about this. john made the bold announcement that beloved sitcom return on netflix as fuller house. plan is for reunion show followed by spin off series but exclusive interview with billy and me on "access hollywood live", lori says it all comes down to who signs on the dotted line. >> will the beautiful lori return as aunt betty. >> i don't know. >> what. >> what do you mean. >> i tell use. i think we would all like to come back. if the powers that be are fair to all of us. >> this is groovey have mercy


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