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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  April 27, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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things usually build farther east. we'll show that to you coming up. we'll show you a live look outside. beautiful bay binlg from a distance. it's monday, april 27th, this is "today in the bay." >> from nbc bay area, this is "today in the bay." >> very good morning. i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. medical examiner on the scene of a possible body found in san francisco. this is across from the ritz carlton in the knob hill neighborhood. police are not saying much about what happened but we do know the medical examiner is there and part of stockton is blocked off right now. we have calls in to the police department. we'll of course bring you the latest information as soon as it becomes available to us. >> we move now to a developing story from nepal. the number of dead rise big the hour from that devastating earthquake. >> it is so tragic. "today in the bay's" kris
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sanchez here with the latest including how the bay area is helping out with relief efforts. >> let's start with the counts. more than 3700 people dead and 7,000 people injured. and of course there are a lot of folks still unaccounted for. here's part of the bay area efforts. stanford already deployed one member of their semper team, stanford emergency medical for emergency response which will assess the information. a stanford medical team could follow. our urban search and rescue team was not deployed however 57 members of the southern california counterparts were deployed. this is them loading up and taking off yesterday. they should be arriving in kathmandu just a little bit later today. they are trained to use equipment to find people in collapsed buildings and confined spaces. they are going to need those skills. these rescuers here pulled this man from a rub of a five-story building that collapsed in saturday's quake. many of the people who got out alive are now living in tents
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trying to stay far away from the buildings because the aftershocks continue to rock the region. medical personnel are dealing with massive trauma. injuries like head and chest injuries. they're even having to amputate whole limbs just to keep people alive. and this is quake as it hit mt. everest. triggering an avalanche there. you can see the wall of snow just covering. 17 people were killed on the mountain. and there are still climbers also missing. the head of the search and urban rescue crews, nepal's train structure and third world infrastructures are going to be the biggest hindrance to getting to the home. some are only accessible by foot so they have to wait for the helicopters to come in. the red cross says money is the best way to help. if you want to make a donation, you can find out how on our
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websi website. already the american red cross has committed $300,000. >> wow. exactly. and i did look at our website this morning. we do have a list of a lot of organizations you can help with. >> thank you very much, kris. >> can't forget. the emotional i pact of nepal's earthquake hitting home here. friend and family are mourning the loss of google executive dan fredinburg. friends say he was passionate about climate change. he wanted to climb mt. i've vest to promote his organization and wanted to save money for the group of orpha orphans. friends say he had so much more he wanted to do. >> he was in his early 30s. so if you want to talk about live s effected, if you've bee able to live a full complete life, we would be talking a billion lives have been affected by this man. >> fredinburg was on mt. everest
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when the earthquake hit. he died from a head injury sustained in the avalanche. also killed in that avalanche a southern california filmmaker who died while making a documentary about the mountain. tom taplin's wife said he died doing what he loved. he was making a documentary about the base camp when the of large hit. the documentary was a fulfillment of a year's long dream. one of the last texts taplin sent his wife read, quote, it's one of the most beautiful places i've ever seen. one question many are asking this morning how can i help? many organizations are donating -- collecting donations for victims of the earthquake. all you have to do, as we mentioned, head to for a list of organizations now collecting money. as kris highlighted just a couple minutes ago the crisis in nepal is unfolding still by the minute. you can get all of your updates on our website and please follow us on facebook and twitter as we update those venues as well.
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shock and disbelief this morning in the east bay after 9-year-old boy is stabbed to death. the question on everyone's mind is why. >> yes. "today in the bay's" bob ridell is joining us live. police, bob, have made an arrest at this point but so many questions still left unanswered. >> reporter: good morning. contra costa sheriff's office have arrested an 18-year-old man for allegedly killing his friend's younger brother, a 9-year-old boy that's taking place at the family's home here in discovery bay where you can see friends and neighbors are leaving candles, stuffed animals, and flowers in memory of this young child. it's not clear why billy shultz, the suspect, why he allegedly stabbed to death jordan almgren. from what we've been able to gather shultz was friends with jordan's older brother. had spent the night here saturday night and then, according to deputies, on sunday morning, killed the young boy at his home if sheriff's office searched for shultz for several hours yesterday, sunday, until
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he popped up at the kaiser hospital in ant ak to be treated for injuries related to the stabbing. alert nurse happened to recognize him and called 911. >> nurses at kaiser happened to see it on a social media post, suspect's photo and recognized him as being treated in the emergency room. the deputies went over there and confirmed the guy. he was actually at kaiser emergency. >> reporter: friends of the suspect tell us that shultz had been kicked out of his father's home, living temporarily at jordan's home. was at one point kicked out of there as well but did, as i mentioned, spent the night saturday night. they're investigating shultz' mental health background but will not confirm whether he was detained earlier saturday night on a mental disorder hold for someone who could be dangerous. jordan almgren, the victim, third grader attender pointal ent meantry. being remembered as a kind boy with a good sense of humor and a love of basketball. >> reporting live in discovery
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bay. >> 5:06. disturbing claims against a napa basketball coach landed him behind bars. 16-year-old student told police julian vargas kept asking her to have sex. then over the weekend he rent her an inappropriate picture. she finally went to police. they arrested vargas yesterday morning and are now trying to figure out if there are any other victims. bay area fill pinto-ameri-- are is one of the so-called bali nine. indonesian courts sentenced to eight other convicted international drug smugglers to be executed this week. a single mother of two who traveled to indonesia for work and supporters say she was set up. rallies are being held today in san francisco and in milpitas. south bay leaders today will call on california to loosen the rules on creating more drinking water. san jose mayor will join others in asking state lawmakers to
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wave restrictions currently preventing recycled, purified waste water from replenishing national aquafers. right now they only permit waste water to be used for outdoor landscaping and industry. you might want to grab a t-shirt or something light, breathing today. >> convertible. >> that sounds delightful. wind in your hair, christina. >> good morning to you. good idea, especially the little ones as they head off to school for today. you want to dress them in breathable cotton because temperatures are going to end up very, very warm. but then you can go back to that average spring wardrobe by tomorrow as things start to change. 50 degrees. good morning, livermore. 53 in san jose. good to moderate air quality for today. as courtesy of the rain that came through over the weekend, picked up half an inch of rain in places like napa. we desperately needed it.
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air quality could be suffering this time of year. but it is not. we're actually going to hold on to this for most of the week, even without any significant rain chances in the near future. fog-free to start your sun will rise at 6:20 this monday morning. temps are going to rise rapidly. 70s and 80s for most of us. tonight your sun will set at 7:55. the haze is going to make for a spectacular, spectacular sunset. make sure you have your camera ready to go. 81 for the south bay. 9 degrees on the peninsula. 75 degrees on the east shore. just as quickly as the numbers come up, they're going to drop tomorrow. more on that in moments. right now, check your drive. say happy weekend to busy, busy weekend, mike inouye. i've got pictures on my facebook page that people posted of you at those events. you've got to check those out. >> also, christina, congratulations. you're a master theologian. >> thank you. >> honored to have all of these
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hardworking folks at the station. 5 580 trying to get into the tri-valley. crash off of 580. not much of a problem. definitely not an issue at 580 itself. the dublin interchange. tiny build. that's about it for the bay. look, all over the rest of the bay we have basically green chicklets. we have cameras all over the bay, too. let's check san jose. 101 live camera. northbound 101 at 680. we have an easy drive after an earlier drive. we never saw any slowing during the course of ur shows this morning. that's good stuff. 101 continuing up the peninsula through palo alto. look how light and easy this drive is. up through palo alto. no delays. 280. the headlights southbound down toward mission boulevard, here's the truck scales by tesla. smooth drive southbound north past the dunbar dumbarton
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bridge. we'll give you a live look at the toll plaza. easy flow of traffic just starting to build. a few more cars coming off the berkeley curve. no delays for the east shore freeway off the carquinez bridge. coming up, the clinton foundation admits to making a mistake. how organizers hope to fix it, next. plus, the biggest most important company in the world, apple, opens its books today. we'll tell you what investors are looking for. a live look outside this morning. san jose get ready for that mini heat wave that christina was talking about. we'll have much more on what's going on for the full forecast for your week, traffic condition, and of course updates on nepal right after this break.
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a very good monday morning to you. live look outside the golden gate bridge. look likes traffic is moving smoothly. we'll check the morning commute with mike in just moments. it is 5:14. the charity group run by the clinton family is under fire after admitting a lack of transparency. in a blog posting yesterday that
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chief executive of the clinton foundation admitted the philanthropy group made mistakes in how disclosed donors. the announcement comes after renewed scrutiny as hillary clinton ramped up her run for president. the charity group started by her husband now promises to be more up front where it gets its money. >> transparency. the biggest most important company in the bay area and the world, for that matter, opens its books to investors this afternoon. >> scott mcgrew, we're expecting a to say a whole lot more about the iphone and not very much about the new watch. >> that's right. quarterly reports almost by definition, look backwards. we're be looking on the back sales success of the iphone 6. people wanted a bigger screen. apple gave it to them. the result will no doubt be profit. the watch came after the most recent quarter so we're going the hear more about that in the summer report. yahoo! meanwhile will be out in new york city talking to advertisers about the soon to be
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released yahoo! products. they call them new fronts. katie couric is going to be there. remember, she is a yahoo! employee now. we don't hear much from her but she'll be out there advertising. check with your bell -- news before the bell, that's what i'm trying to say. let's turn to kate rogers live. good morning, kate. >> good morning to you, scott. stocks look to continue their winning ways today. futures point to a higher open. the markets are coming off a positive nasdaq and s&p 500 at all time highs. there's no economic data today but investors will be focusing on reports later this week on housing, manufacturing, the consumer, and first quarter gdp. also another busy week for earnings. apple reports this afternoon with iphone sales in focus. on friday, the dow rising 21 points to 18,080 and the nasdaq up to 50.92. back over to you. >> sam, we're going to talk
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about google glass. you remember that. it's back. hi, laura, as well. >> it's back? i thought it was a relic. okay. back into the mainstream. thank you. if you have checked online to see if your car stays part of a massive takata recall, check again. they updated the website this morning, thousands of cars with defective airbags were showing up on that site as either already having been fixed or not part of a recall at all. that problem has now been fixed. ten different automakers have recalled over 17 million cars and trucks in the u.s. because of possibly defective airbags. >> oh, my gosh, we've got softball size hail going on. and i just -- >> yep. i'm okay. i just got glass all over me. we got to get out of this. yep, that just happened. >> you saw there. he said it, softball size hail just busted a whipped shieindsh car driving through a storm in texas. one of the passengers even put
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on goggles just to keep from getting glass in his eyes. more severe weather is expected in thatter area today. as the days get longer and warmer bay area air quality leaders are launching the summer "spare the air" season. no alert has been issued for today but starting today the air district wants everyone to focus on reducing pollution levels by considering commute alternatives, especially if you normally drive alone. >> we all have to do our part. christina has a look at our temperatures. good morning. >> good morning. happy monday. good morning, sam. 5:18 is the time. temperatures out there are really mild to start the day. we have a warm afternoon headed your way. happy monday. back to business. back to school for the kiddos. temperatures right now are cold enough to warrant a jacket. something they can peel off later on just remind them to bring it back home with them. temperatures mostly in the 50s. 53 in san jose. oakland kicking off the new day at 54 degrees. sunny and warm all across the bay area. even into the 70s in san
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francisco. mid 70s, that's when the locals start to think it's a little too hot out there. this will be very short lived as we go into this afternoon. temperatures in the upper 60s to low 70s across the board. and then we will finish off the day at 88 degrees in the tri-valley. noticeably warmer than yesterday as temperatures soar by eight to ten degrees from your sunday's highs. 81 degrees for the south bay today. 86 degrees out in wine country. very warm out there. winds are going to be offshore for today. that means that we're going to see that ocean air negating. it's not going to make its way onshore. that's our natural cool labt. it will return tomorrow. for today as the winds move from land to sea, temperatures well above. a. these are summer like readings for us. 86 in walnut creek. 81 in redwood city. mid 70s in san francisco. now as we get into tomorrow that big ridge of high pressure will start to weaken and move off to the east just enough for us to see that onshore return. and for us that means that temperatures are going to tumble, especially at the coast with the nice comfortable day
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for us inland. from 81 today to 74 tomorrow in san jose. let's check your drive. see how that's working. no low clouds at least out there, mike. >> that's better for our views of the road. clearview of the oakland area. this is 880 past the coliseum to the high street high rise. no problem. build here for a company. let's look at the map. we don't see any slowing either on this area, 880 or 580 through oakland pushing toward the bay bridge. toll plaza starting to see a few cars for the cash lanes. no surprises. we'll move out to where there's more slowing. down not altamont for west 580. the speeds dipping in 55ish as you come in lieu livermore and the dublin interchange as you approach daugherty. no slowing for 880 north through san rama. make that merger over towards 880. standard pattern for the t tri-vall tri-valley. no slowing.
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san mateo bridge going westbound across the bay. that closure starting on the 8th. that will be the weekend closure. we're looking toward the golden gate bridge where traffic feels nicely. i believe they moved that center divide. coming up, he was rescued from the dump ter as a baby and this weekend he finally met the man who saved his life. that story is next.
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. 25 years ago southern california officer saved a baby's life. now, the same officer has helped him find his birth parents. in 1989 officer michael found a baby barely breathing behind a trash bin in santa ana. he picked up the baby and breathed into its lungs and ran to a nearby paramedic for help. 25 years later the officer met
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the boy he rescued, now a young man named robin barton. the unbelievable happened. news reports of their reunion caught the attention of his birth father who has been looking for his son for years. yesterday finally met along with five of barton's new found sisters. >> i was raised as an only child. >> yeah. how does that feel? >> that in itself is just -- adds to the -- how awe mazing this situation is. this journey unfolded a lot quicker than i expected. >> take that big hug in. barton was also able to speak to his mother by phone, too. santa ana police say that she was deported to mexico several years ago. >> wow, what an amazing reunion there. leaky suitcase led to a big drug bust in new york. police at laguardia airport say screeners noticed liquid leaking from the checked bag that wreaked of marijuana. they found several pounds of pot inside. another bag checked in by the same traveler had more drugs.
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it added up to 18 pounds of pot and nearly 3 ounces of crack cocaine. officers found the suspect waiting at the gate and arrested him. >> having more than 3.4 liquid ounces was not the only thing that did that person in. up with of the new york city's most wanted animals is now in custody. there's been a coyote craze going on. cameras are capturing them everywhere. now a breakthrough. surveillance cameras showed nypd officers capturing a female coyote yesterday outside a cafe. tranquilized it and delivered it safely to a shelter where it is receiving care. a lot of humor this past week as white house. correspondent dinners president obama poked fun at politician, government officials and himself. >> the annual event welcomes journalists who cover the white house along with a lot of politicians and of course celebrities. >> this year's host was saturday night hoo live's strong who really went for it. president obama's got pretty big laughs with some of good one
5:26 am
liners. at one point his anger translator joined him on the stage. the translator who is on comedy central is supposed to tell the audience what the president was really thinking. >> in our fast changing world traditions like the white house correspondents dinner are important. >> i mean, really? what is this dinner? and why am i required to talk to him? >> the president also poked fun at politicians preparing for the 2016 elections and discussed giving up on his political bucket list. that was a good time there. >> always funny to watch. coming up, on the eve of an important vote for marriage equality. supporters gather in the bay area. what they hope to accomplish still ahead. plus, students of several bay area colleges will be turned away from class this morning. details on a developing story, next.
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right now at 5:30, a bay
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area community in mourping. a 9-year-old boy stabbed to death in his own home leaving family and friends to wonder how could this happen. and new video in from nepal showing the earthquake's sheern stret and violence. this is the number of dead rising by the hour. and good monday morning to you. i'm meteorologist christina loren. mostly clear and very warm for today. then we have an up and down pattern to get through. your full microclimate forecast is just moments ago. a fuller freeway starting to show up. oakland behind me. we see a nice drive. we'll show you where things are starting to stack upcoming up. mike, thank you very much. live look outside this morning. the bay bridge, plenty of people starting their drives on this monday, april 27th. you're watching "today in the bay." >> from nba bay area, this is "today in the bay." >> a good monday morning. thank you for joining us. i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. we begin with new developments
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from nepal where the aftershocks continue and the death toll is mounting from saturday's catastrophic earthquake. >> "today in the bay's" kris sanchez joins us now with how people in the bay area are pitching in to help. >> good morning. with more than 3700 people dead and more than 7,000 people injured, nepal can use all the help it can get. already sanford deployed a member of emergency medical response program to help assess the situation there, depending on what a person finds a team of doctors and nurses could follow. our urban search and rescue team very not deployed but 5700 members of the counter parts were deployed. this is them as they were loading up yesterday. they are in the air right now. should be landing in kathmandu later today. they are trained to use equipment to find people in collapsed buildings and confined spaces. they will lead those skills. the rescuers pulled this man from the rubble of a five-story building that collapsed in saturday's quake. many of the people who got out
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alive are now living in tents trying to stay far away from those buildings because the aftershocks continue. and medical personnel say they are dealing with cases of massive head and chest trauma and they're doing many amputations just to keep people alive. this is the quake hitting mt. everest. triggering an avalanche. you can see the wall of snow as it comes down, smashing on to that camp there. at least 17 people were killed on the mountain. i say at least because there are still climbers who are missing. the head of our urban search and rescue crew task force two told us nepal's infrastructure and third world conditions make it difficult to get to people while they're still alive and not just on the mountain that we're showing you here but some villages are only accessible by foot. the american red cross has already committed $300,000 as they say in every disaster money is the best and fastes way to help. of course, time is of the essence. >> hearts just go out to the
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people there. it's so tragic. >> even the people who have survive and homes are still standing are worried about going back into their homes because the aftershocks are continuing. >> we have video of the airports and they are jam packed with people trying to leave. some folks don't have a choice though. they don't have anywhere to go. of course the emogaal impact of nepal's earthquake hitting home here in the bay area was ale. friends and family mourning the loss of google executive dan fredinburg. friends say fredinburg was passionate about climate change. he wanted to climb mt. everest to proet samote friends say he had so much more he wanted to do. >> he was in his early 30s. so if you want to talk about lives effected, if you have been able to live a full, complete life, i mean, we could be talking a billion lives effected
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by this man. >> fredinburg was was on mt. everest when the ate quake hit. he died from a head injury sustained in the avalanche. also killed in that avalanche, a southern california film make whole died while making a documentary about the mountain. tom taplin's wife said he died doing what he loved. 6 is years old he was filming a documentary about the mt. everest base camp when the avalanche struck. his wife said the documentary was a fulfillment of a year's long dream. one of the last text he's sent to his wife read, quote, it's one of the most beautiful places i've ever seen. people in the bay area are givers. a lot of people are asking how can they help. many organizations are collecting donations for victims of the earthquake as kris sanchez mentioned. you can head to our website for a list of organizations that are now collecting money. this crisis affecting so many in nepal we are following it as it unfolds by the minute. you can get all the updates on our website and facebook and
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twitter pages. shock and disbelief this morning in the east bay. a 9-year-old boy is stabbed to death in his home. everyone is wondering why. >> "today in the bay's" bob ridell is live from discovery bay. it turns out the person arrested in this case very close to the family as well. good morning. >> reporter: yes, friend of the older brother. good morning, sam and laura. contra costa county sheriff's office is investigating the member tall health background of this 18-year-old suspect to see what role if any it would have played in the murder of a 9-year-old boy yesterday morning at his home in discovery bay. >> he was really kind. he was really nice. >> the little boy was a cheerful boy. he played basketball in the back. >> reporter: friends and neighbors are remembering 9 yaermd jordan almgren for his kindness, sense of humor and love of basketball. he was stabbed to death yet
5:35 am
morning at his home here in discovery bay. the suspect, his older brother's friend, 18-year-old billy shultz who had spent the night here saturday night. it's not clear why shultz allegedly killed the young boy. deputies say they are investigating his mental health background but won't confirm whether he was detained earlier saturday night on a mental disorder hold for someone who may be dangerous. here's one of shultz' friends. >> i just saw him at the gym. he didn't seem like anything was wrong with him. >> reporter: friends of the suspect tell us that shultz had been kicked out of his father's home, was living temporarily at jordan's home. was at one point kicked out of theirs as well. as i mentioned, was allowed to spend the night there saturday night. reporting live here in discovery bay, bob ridell, "today in the bay." happening today, vigil ahead of what same-sex marriage supporters believe is an important hearing on future. u.s. supreme court justices tomorrow will hear arguments about the right of same-sex couples to marry in four states,
5:36 am
kentucky, michigan, ohio, and tennessee. ohio federal judges have previously upheld gks ay marriage bans in each states. today's marriage equality vigil is at 6:00 p.m. outside mountain view city hall. we've seen weather conditions kind of all over the map here in recent days. >> that's right. had a little rain this weekend. now temperatures headed up. >> microclimate forecast right now where christina loren. good morning. >> good morning. it's going to be warm out there. yesterday, for example, we hit 72 degrees in the south bay. today, we are on our way to the 80s. so definitely a noticeable warmup. part of the reason why is because it's so kris call clear to start the day. we don't have any cooling clouds to really be our natural ac like we typically get here in the bay area. temperatures mostly in the 50s. good morning to you in san carlos. you're at 54 degrees. 53 degrees across the bay in oakland. 54 to start the new day. and concord. we do have up and down pattern to get through the day.
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i can tell you will be the warmest in the next few days. sunny and very warm. let me take you through your day park forecast. 73 in the south bay today at lunchtime. 72 you're already at room temperature on the east shore at noon today. rounding out the day to 75 degrees there. 81 for the south bay. 86 degrees in the north bay. meanwhile, 88 degrees in the tri-valley. so temps will tumble for tomorrow. then we kind of take a roller coaster ride. i'll take you through that coming up in your complete forecast. right now though we want to get you out that front door, here's mike inouye. >> begin with a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. backed up to the end of the parking lot. here the fast track lanes. just about ready to have the metering lights turned on and that will be the typical schedule. no major slowing and no drama down the east shore freeway or the called dot tunnel. some far pretty easy drive. a new crash just reported in san
5:38 am
francisco north 101 at 280. slow lane currently blocked and trying to get that car over to the shoulder. no major slowing in that area but we'll track that. in the south bay a tiny build from northbound 101 north of 680. we'll go out to the tri-valley where we see the most traffic on that map. we see slowing over here toward that dublin interchange. at the bottom of the screen, southbound 680. as your heading down. that's the typical pattern. we have all the folks coming out of the altamont pass. no delays toward that walnut creek interchange. live look shows you san rafael as well. southbound picking up a good number of cars. much more headlight activity than we saw a half hour ago. standard pattern here. all of the way across the golden gate bridge in towards san francisco. no delays for any transit agencies. you have more follow-up on that right? >> thank you very much, mike. in just the past half hour b.a.r.t. service has returned to normal in the east bay. crews have spent the weekend
5:39 am
working on track maintenance. that closed service in oakland are forcing lied riders to take bus brimgs. service started up again at 4:00 a.m. this morning but no weekend closures are expected. 5:39. update to a developing story. how washington is responding to the devastating earth yak in nepal. live report from boston where the marathon bombing suspect will be back this court today as jurors decide he should be sentenced to death. let's look live outside. isn't that a glorious shot out there? lights glistening on the water.
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developing right now, washington, d.c. keeping a very close eye on nepal situation. a country in recovery mode this morning after the devastating a earthquake. >> tracie potts is live in washington, d.c. this morning. how are the fed responding? >> they are sending a c-7 team with cargo and with people to help. it was supposed to land today. we don't know if it's landed yet but we did hear similar aircraft from india were turned back. they simply don't have enough space for all of these aircraft from all over the world to land with people and supplies at the same time. it's one in and one out, as one official said. the other concern was aftershocks preventing the landing. the c-17 is on the way with 70 people. some of them disaster assistance teams. some of them search and rescue teams desperately needed. some of them journalists, seven
5:43 am
journalists to chronicle what's happening there. 45 square tons of cargo, food, and medical supplies that are desperately needed right now on the ground in nepal. >> so tragic. they need so much help. thank you very much, tracey. this morning defense lawyer will try to save boston marathon bombing suspect from the death penalty. >> "today in the bay's" jay gray has been follow that trial and, jay, the defense could take several day it is not longer to make its case here. >> reporter: yeah, sam and laura, good to talk to you this morning. in fact, there's some speculation it will be two to three weeks of a presentation from the defense here. look, their strategy seems to be pretty clear. though we haven't heard a lot from them during this trial. we do know that they say if not or tamerlan tsarnaev there they mott have been a boston bombing here. they want the jury believe that dzhokhar tsarnaev was pulled into this plot by his brother.
5:44 am
family members arrived from russia on thursday of last week. there's speculation they will be a part of the testimony here along with neighbors and friends. all trying to humanize this young man that prosecutors really have described as an unrepe unrepentant cold-bleeded murderer. this is their shot. this is the defense's turn. they will have opening statements this morning and begin to call those witnesses and it could take two, maybe 2 1/2, 3 weeks before they are done. the prosecution gets one last rebuttal and then this jury decides life in prison or the dealt penalty. sam, laura, bai inback to you. happening today, opening statements begin in the capital murder trial of james holmes. he's accused in that deadly rampage at a colorado movie theater three years ago. the jury will decide if he was sane when he opened fire at the midnight premier of the batman movie "the dark knight rises."
5:45 am
he could face life in prison, confinement in a psychiatric institution, or death. may do a double take after you see this video. a traffic and nightmare this morning following a huge ball of flames engulfing a tanker truck on a busy los angeles freeway. the double tanker truck was hauling almost 9,000 gallons of gas on the 710 freeway yesterday when it jackknifed and exploded into flames. black plumes of smoke could be seen for miles. the driver escaped amazingly with minor injuries. that freeway was expected to reopen by mid morning. >> smuggier in southern california this morning. christina, you were saying it might get high 80s in the tri-valley today. >> we are expecting the high 80 forz today. traffic nightmare. 5:45. temperatures are nice and comfortable. good thing is mike is watching a couple of things. definitely nothing like that when it comes to your traffic this morning. that's the last thing you probably want to deal with on a back to work monday.
5:46 am
we're in the mid 50s now. by the way, we're going to check in with him in just moments. at lunchtime today in the 70s. and up to the 80s for today. 86 degrees in the north bay. 81 degrees in the south bay. 79 degrees for today on the peninsula. so this is what you can expect for today. we have good to moderate air quality courtesy of the showers that rolled through over the weekend. everywhere looking good to hold on to this trend as we head throughout much of the week as we reported earlier now kicking off the new "spare the air" season. if you can, please, carpool, ride a bike to work, anything to help out our air quality here which has not been that bad because of the recent rainfall. as we head throughout the day today here's what you can expect, we have offshore flow. it's in place. for us that means those cooling clouds that usually roll in at this time of the morning, not going to see much of that at all. by tomorrow though they will return and so temperatures are going to kind of go up and down as we head throughout the week. want to show you what that looks like with a bar graph. you can see between monday and
5:47 am
tuesday, we continue to drop off. by wednesday, the coolest day of the week. and then we're going to gradually climb between thursday and friday. so what that means is roller coaster temperatures this week but not that hot and not too bad at all. really like to give you a sneak peek of what you can expect over the weekend. i know a lot of us like to get outdoors over the weekend. saturday and sunday looking good. a little bit cooler on sunday than what we're expecting on saturday. 77 degrees in the south bay for your saturday. 75 just perfect as we head through sunday and hold on to some beautiful spring like readings. as promised here's mike inouye and the morning drive. >> as we talked about it, christina, you mentioned we have a couple of things going on. the biggest issue right now is southbound 880. just got word of a three-week crash southbound your commute direction through hayward toward that san mateo bridge. now it sounds like only one lane is blocked but that may be an issue. may move it through the center of the freeway and over to the right shoulder. watch for more slowing and chp updates. of course i'll give those to
5:48 am
you. behind me, the tri-valley with your standard build for west 580. with more folks traveling west through dublin and castro valley this could be an issue over the next 20 minutes in they don't clear that through the area. we'll track that and look over at the live cameras for oakland and northbound 580. northbound move smoothly and the light traffic flow through downtown oakland and the bay bridge toll plaza. let's look at the bay bridge where you have the metering lights on. the fast track lanes are moving well but the metering lights are on. they may have to slow those down a bit. if anything does happen, so far everything is clear from treasure island over towards san francisco. nice drive right here. let's get back out to your maps. talking about the overall view. there's the crash we talked about in hayward, southbound 880. watching that one carefully. 101 at 280, it sounds like it's partially blocking the slow lane but that's it. a little slowing at the 280
5:49 am
interchange. bay bridge toll plaza. it's on the western side and that's not as heavily traveled. westbound highway for the earlier crash has cleared from the area. we just have your antioch slowdown. south bay a little build from northbound 101. that's the only thing going on for silicon valley. live look out there with our camera. show you the volume of traffic. this is your typical first burst of traffic kicking in over the next few minutes. ease up and then really hit about 6:30. back to you. >> thanks a lot, mike. here's a look at some of the stories we're working on for 6:00. neighbors left asking why after the death of a 9-year-old boy in the discovery boy. what police are saying this morning about the suspect. the race is on in nepal to find survivors in the rubble. incredible new video of saturday's powerful earthquake and aftermath. class dismissed. now and forever. surprise closure of college and uncertain future it's created for so many bay area students.
5:50 am
at 5:49. a live look at the golden gate bridge this morning. this morning bridge officials want to make it a no drone zone. lately more of the unmanned helicopters and planes are flying near the landmark. the drones could pose a security risk to the bridge. a bridge district spokesperson says a drone crashed into the traffic lanes recently. so officials are asking senator dianne feinstein and the faa for more regulations. one idea being floated around, ticketing drone operators fortress passing. defense secretary carter was here last week to talk about cyber security and strengthening it in silicon valley. new details about a cyber attack that may have penetrated the most secure place in the world. we're talking about the white house. according to the "new york times" russian hackers who breached the computer systems last october were also able to procure some of the president's eshs mails. the "times" says the hackers om got unclassified e-mails but even those files contain
5:51 am
sensitive information like the president's schedule. >> going to find out who is the president talking to, what kind of diplomatic sanctions may be coming up with through its allies and other countries that it cares about. >> the hack happened last fall just as the u.s. was in the middle of a bitter standoff with russian president vladimir putin over ukraine. tesla and elon musk are dealing with hackers. over the weekend someone broke into their twitter accounts and promised free teslas for people who called a phone number or followed certain twitter accounts. the tweets went out to more than 2 1/2 million tesla followers. elon musk, ceo of tesla, regularly tweets news about tesla or other companies spacexks. but, sorry, you don't get a car, you don't get a car. >> wealthy man but i don't know even know if he could do that. scott mcgrew reminds us, authentication to keep the bad guys out. >> when you have a special code
5:52 am
sent to your phone. >> twitter offers this facebook and e-mail service like i cloud and g-mail do as well. if you log in from a new computer, you need more than just the password. you need a separate one-time code number. automatically sent to your phone. that way if the hacker has your password or guesses your password he still can't get in because presumably he does not have your phone. well, elon musk will announ announce tesla's new home battery later this week, on thursday. hope is it won't be horrifically expensive. it will be cool. it will allow you to safe electricity that you make on solar panels and use those dur the night or download electricity overnight from pg&e when electricity is cheap and then use it during the day. i don't want to sound like i'm advertising to you or abuse our trust that way but if i like something i'm going to tell you. this is my personal pg&e bill for this month. i have solar. $482 is my electricity. $52.56 is gas. we have a new gas fireplace and kind of over using it.
5:53 am
it's more complicated for this. i have to pay for the panel, power purchase agreement. still my pg&e and i think it's a pretty number. google glass making a return. ceo, the glass' manufacturer is essentially makes all glasses really. says it's working on a new model of google glass. they want a little bit more mainstream than this one. when i say all glasses, i mean it. they make ray-ban, oakley, ralph loren, d and e, prada, you name it, it all comes from one factory. >> kind of own the market on that. >> sure do. >> it's like 95 plus percent of all designer glasses. >> it's amazing. choosing something original, same stuff. >> yeah. there you go. you unveiled the secret there. thank you very much, scott. it issing a 53. we are following some breaking news for you this morning. there has been a body that has been found in the w knobb hill area in san francisco. it's happening across from the ritz carlton in the city's knobb
5:54 am
hill faneighborhood. they're not even saying if it's a man or a woman at this point. in addition to the body we know a dog was led away from the scene on a leash. live look at the scene right now. staircase on stockton street still blocked off while police conduct an investigation. we of course are on the scene and will bring you updates as soon as we get them. 5:54. investigative unit exclusive. they uncovered a number of bay area bridges in need of major repairs. so much so some are so bad that inspection records have labeled them structurally deficient. here's stephen stock with all the data. >> reporter: good morning, guys. you know we found 472 bridges here in the bay area which was scored by engineers as being structurally deficient. meaning they are in need of repair. of those, 235 got even lower scores. so low engineers ranked them in need of replacement right away.
5:55 am
even so those bridges remain open today. in fact, those bridges got structural engineering scores lower than this one. it's the i-35w bridge over the mississippi river in minneapolis which collapsed back in 2007. now california trans admits the numbers are problematic bridges in california are bad but officials say if a bridge were truly unsafe they would insist on shutting it down. how did it get to be this way? simple. lack of money. caltrans estimates it will cost about $57 billion to fix all these bridges. another three to five billion more for maintenance every year. after we shared our findings with them, congress mann men from california said they would try to get more financial support from washington to fix all of these bridges. now, if you want to see where these problematic brims are go to our website guys, back to you. >> thank you, steven. 25g 55.
5:56 am
south bay leaders will call on california to loosen the rules on creating more drinking water. san jose mayor will join others in asking state lawmakers to waive restrictions currently restricting cycled purified waste water. the practice is called indirect potable reuse and could dramatically increase supplies. right now the state only permits recycled waste waters to be used for outdoor landscaping and industry. check out some of our cameras like the one behind us right now, the sun rise already starting. just before 6:00 right now. beautiful vista. some heat on the way as well. let's get your microclimate forecast. >> beautiful bay area. good morning. happy monday. hopefully you're coming off a great weekend. temperatures for today are going to be very warm under that mostly clear sky. we'll have your full forecast coming up in just moments. just count on an up and down roller coaster ride this week. ruth no
5:57 am
right now, here's mike and your drive. >> we have two crashes now, south 880. two separate incidents. one blocks the fast lane. the one at jackson sounds like it should get off to the shoulder quickly. there's the jam south through hayward approaching the san mateo bridge. widen out our look we see the folks coming out of the tri-valley. this will be a bad time for that crash activity to be going on. those are your slowest spots for the bay. everything else is moving smoothly. back to you. >> thanks, mike. 5:57. still ahead, the latest from nepal. crews are finally reached remote areas of the region hit hard by that devastating ate quake. we'll have more on the staggering numbers next.
5:58 am
5:59 am
right now at 6:00, devastation in nepal. rescue crews sift through the rubble as a number of dead rises by the hour. at home, a shocking crime in the east bay. a young boy stabbed to death and
6:00 am
now the family friend under arrest. and breaking right now. crime scene tape blocks a san francisco staircase as police invest ga it reports of a body. and after a spectacular bay area weekend, temperatures are going to soar to summer like levels today, then we have an up and down pattern to talk about in your complete forecast. plus, a traffic heading toward the san mateo bridge getting tougher through hayward. we'll show you how the two crashes affect both sides of the bay. a live look outside this morning. the city by the bay lit up with the sun rise just behind us. monday, april 27th, you're watching "today in the bay." >> good monday morning. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. we have update on breaking news. medical examiner just removed a body from a staircase in san francisco as we look live fro


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