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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  April 28, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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ugh these dry years. robert honda was at the state capitol today he's back in the bay area now. i'm almost afraid to ask what the details are. >> reporter: well, we're here at the santa clara water district where a board meeting focused on the drought is just about to start. the water district likes the governor's aggressive stance a lot and also encouraged that the mayor of san jose was at the capitol fighting for one of the district's biggest projects, one that is going to be discussed here tonight. today at the state capitol, governor brown said he wants to go after water wasters. he plans to support legislation that would give water agencies more enforcement power to levy fines, penalties up to $10,000. santa clara water valley district officials say they have already proposed that idea to the state water resource board. since the district inspect sers can only educate and inform right now. >> we-l>are going to be expanding our water waste inspector program increasing the number of inspectors so if we get reports or phone calls of water waste,
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we can send more people out. >> san jose mayor proposed expanded use of recycled water to combat the drought. at the meeting, he said they need the state to ease up on restrictions including an exemption to accelerate the use of recycled water. >> we need their help getting obstacles out of the way. we're ready to go with recycled water. purification plant is recycling over million gallons a day to levels of purity. >> the libby shaft supported the idea. >> in oakland, we've had great success in using recycled water not just for irrigation but in our street sweeping machines. we're only served in half the city. >> reporter: again, the water district board will be discussing how to expand that water recycling project later on tonight. and they will also be talking about adding more water inspectors who, if the governor gets his way, could become much
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bigger players in this drought strategy. live in san jose, robert honda. >> thank you. we want to get to a developing story in baltimore, maryland. these are live pictures from the streets of baltimore. a nightly curfew begins in one hour. 58 minutes from now, 10:00 p.m. east coast time the city will essentially shut down. here's one of our nbc cameras throughout the city of baltimore where many areas of town are struggling. the first night of a week long curfew. 2,000 national guard troops and 1,000 more police officers charged with keeping the peace this evening. last night, fire looting and violence on the streets after the funeral for that young man who died of injuries inflicted while he was in police custody. we'll be following the story throughout the news cast. >> the outside, looking live at san francisco. a city on the rise both in price and in construction. as you are well aware, san francisco real estate remains red hot.
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in fact a new report out today shows prices in the city are up nearly 10% from last year. mark matthews has been in the city talking to buyers and sellers about what it means. >> reporter: the latest case shiller housing price report shows san francisco housing prices are headed even higher. take a look at the last part of this graph, a lot of money going into san francisco real estate. agents say from all over. >> i see a lot of asian money coming in. >> that is part of the housing story that everybody is hearing. what is under the radar is the fact that the majority of real estate agents really having a tough time. >> 15% of the agents are now doing 85% of the business. >> top agents may be doing great, most agents are not because sales are down. there are not enough houses to go around. >> the wife wants to sell and move to the east bay. i'm saying let's hang in there. maybe another year or so and i'm sure it's going to go up. >> reporter: if you are selling,
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the trick in this market is to price is the house below top dollar. >> you create such a buzz that you get a lot of people in the door who then fall in love with the property and then want it at?1h(t&háhp &hc% whatever price they can get it. >> reporter: if you're buying the asking price is routinely 30% lower than what will be bid and you may need extra. >> you have to sell yourself as like the perfect person to buy the house. >> reporter: top agents get their clients prean approved and may have them pay for prebid inspections and there can be that personal touch. >> i have had offers where the buyer's put together a photo book, a published photo book to the sellers trying to convince the sellers to give them the property. >> reporter: will it work? it won't make up for a significant amount of cash but in this market a good story and' competitive bid is better than just a competitive bid. reporting from san francisco, mark matthews nbc bay area
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news. >> amazing what's happening here. thank you. twitter stock fell from the sky this afternoon after a disappointing earnings report that was leaked on twitter. the san francisco company reported lower than expected revenue for the last three months. it's forecasting lower than expected revenue for the next quarter. to make matters worse, twitter's earnings report was leaked on its own site. the stock fell nearly 20% after that leaked report. is it an attack on jews? a local fra interpret or a random prank? a possible hate crime on the stanford campus has students taking action. they'll hold a rally right on campus this evening stemming from graffiti on two buildings right where students live. we're at stanford with in this disturbing crime. >> kim? >> students are shocked by the apparent display of hatred towards a group on campus. they're gathering tonight to make sure their voice is heard. no one knows who sprayed gold
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swastikas on the sigma alpha epsilon house. today, all signs of the graffiti are gone and while stanford police say they don't think anyone was specifically targeted this vandalism is being investigated as a hate crime. >> naturally, you know i'm kind of worried about the campus environment and what kind of people would do these things. >> reporter: stanford president john henna sill issue aid statement saying the university won't tolerate hate crimes and he was deeply troubled by the act of van callism. jewish students are concerned this could be backlash over the recent accusations from a new student senator claiming she was the target of anti-semitism. >> in the wake of this kind of discord to have a symbol of hate that was really just in a residence across the hall is scary for our jewish students.
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it feels threatening. >> reporter: jewish students don't know why thosables were targeted. tonight students will be gathering at white plaza at 9:00 to hold a rally called stanford against anti-semiism. reporting live i'm kim io know na ca. >> thank you, kim he's mentally ill. the attorney for the discovery bay teen accused of stabbing a 9-year-old boy in his bed says the teenager is sick. 18-year-old william schultz is charged with murder today. as jody hernandez reports, the teen's family had been struggling for weeks to get him treated for bizarre behavior. >> the family of this young man is suffering greatly. >> reporter: william schultz' family left the courthouse without comment after learning the 18-year-old will not appear in court till tomorrow. >> they feel horrible. their thoughts and prayers are with the family of this child. >> the teenager was charged today with one count of murder
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while lying in wait for the killing of 9-year-old jordan aum gren. prosecutors claim he used a knife to stab his friend's little brother as he slept. >> there's no question in my mind that mental illness led to this tragic event. >> reporter: public defender represents the teenager. she says the family did all they could to get their son mental health help. the contra costa county sheriff's department confirms the family called officers requesting a mental health check less than 24 hours before the stabbing. >> based on their evaluation they said that he did not qualify or he did not meet the criteriab >> reporter: according to the california welfare and institution codef-0, a mentally unstable bern can only be detained if they show signs they're a danger to others or to themselves. though schultz voluntarily went to the hospital he was released after an evaluation.
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again, the teenager will be arraigned in court tomorrow. prosecutors say they will not seek the death penalty because of the suspect's young age and because he has no criminal record. in martinez, i'm jody hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. plenty of moms and dads at state capitol today protesting mandatory vaccinations for kids. these parents oppose a bill that would remove the personal belief exemption from current law. right now, parents can choose to exempt their kids from vaccines for religious or personal reasons. but a proposed bill would change that banning unvaccinated children from public and private schools. >> not only a pro vaxrax versus anti-vax it's a parental choice. just because you're okay with the current vaccine schedules, there's 00 drefd vaccines in the works. are you going to be okay with the future ones? >> the bill did pass a state senate committee today but it has more hurdles to go before it
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gets to the state assembly. today the supreme court can heard arguments on gay marriage and coming up hear how the decision could affect gay couples in california. i'm michele roberts in san francisco outside of a rally. we'll have the details coming up. >> and targeting their pockets. why electric car drivers may be upset about the state's newest plan to fix crumbling roads. >> i'm scott budman with the newest bus about to roam the bay area roads. this is all electric. we'll take you for a ride in the tesla of buses coming up.
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the case is in washington, d.c. but the roots are here in the bay area. fate of same-sex marriage now rests squarely with the "uss supreme court. today, the justices appeared divided on whether same-sex couples have a constitutional right to marry on a national level, a decision won't come
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till june, but tonight, marriage equality supporters are rallying outside of city hall in san francisco. bay area's michele roberts is there this evening with key developments that happened today. michele? >> reporter: raj, the people behind me are very excited. the crowd is growing. about 100 people all supporting what they say is this historic day. the decision is still about a month out but many say they are proud to be part of this movement. >> there's no doubt that this is going to be a watershed opinion. >> reporter: legal experts followed today's hearing closely saying it could be the court's next landmark case. the justices must decide on two issues, first, whether same-sex couples have a constitutional right to marry. states ban gay marriage must recognize same-sex couples married in states where it's legal. >> i hope by:a june we'll have same-sex marriage in 50 states and marriage is an institution, it hasn't collapsed in 36 other
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states. >> reporter: lieutenant governor gavin newsom was inside the court for the hearing today. and he thinks he knows how the justices will vote. >> you get a sense this is a 5-4, 6-3 decision. >> supporters of the same-sex marriage ban argue it would unravel the family unit and put children in jeopardy. >> if marriage and creating children don't have anything to do with each other, what do you expect in you expect more children outside of marriage. >> soon after, u.s. solicitor general donald burrelly who represented the obama administration pled with the court to the find in support of equal rights and justice. >> gay and lesbian people are equal. they deserve the equal protection of the laws and they deserve it now. >> reporter: during the hearing, the justices repeatedly interrupted to challenge the attorneys. >> my question is9z you're not seeking to join the institution. you're seeking to change what the institution is. >> this legal expert expects the
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votes will follow the justices conservative or liberal leanings which leaves one critical vote. >> it's going to come down to justice kennedy. he seems to be very concerned on questioning both sides of the argument. >> reporter: today traditional marriage supporters protested outside the supreme court. many saying they will urge their states to ignoreñff& any decision that's made in favor of gay marriage. reporting live in san francisco tonight, michele roberts, nbc bay area news. >> chances are you've seen this historic image. del martin and phyllis lyons celebrating after becoming the first same-sex couple to wed in san francisco. but did you noam how president george w. bush lit the fuse that led to that moment? for more on the story behind the headlines, join us for a special documentary, it's called "bay area revelations, rebels and revolutions," debuting saturday may 9th at 9:00 p.m. on nbc bay
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area. a follow-up now. our first look tonight at the stanford medical technician accused of sexually assaulting patients who were sedated. he was arrested yesterday on sexual battery charges. he is currently on leave from c hey saw him him inappropriately touch male patients while sedated in the recovery room. police say he assaulted at least four patients between march 15th and april 2nd. you're looking at traffic along highway 101 in palo alto. lots of carses lots of buses filled with commuters. but you'll soon see a new kind of bus on freeways, as well. it won't solve the traffic problem but may clear the air a little bit. scott budman got the first ride along on the electric bus and joins us live in san jose. we've seen electric buss in the city with all the wires on these. these look a lot more hi-tech.
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>> they are brand new, jessica. just like teslas and leafs prove that we're ready for electric cars on the roads, a bay area startup wants to build a fleet of electric buss to take you to work and keep things clean. the bay area is already packed with buses taking techies to work but those buses while taking cars off the road are still spouting pollution until now. this is the pro tara ev bus, fully electric quiet, and a lot cleaner than your typical bus. >> it's starting and stopping at maybe 500 times a day. >> reporter: think of it as the tesla of buses. battery powered, trying to convince people that building an all electric bus makes sense. pro tara's ceo ryan poppel even comes from tesla. >> tesla figured out early on you can't build a good electric vehicle if you try to modify an
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existing vehicle chassis. they've applied that same less on. this is the only electric vehicle in the world that's a purpose built heavy duty bus as an electric vehicle. >> reporter: it's not cheap and not easy to get entire bus fleets to change their ways. but at least one pro tara investor says this is the future of public transit. >> where we all have to breathe the same air. we see the diesel plums coming out of the back of buss in particular. >> reporter: it can go up to 185 miles on a battery charge and wants to change the way you get to work. we mentioned the battery charge like tesla, pro tara batteries come in ranges they will go from 50 to 185 miles per charge. reporting live in san jose, scott budman nbc bay area news. >> thank you, scott. plenty of sunshine to charge any sort of solar battery. it was beautiful. jeff rain nearry joins us now. >> there was a lot of sun for
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the north bay down to the south bay. except if you were at the coastline. that's where that fog was thick. it's all because of that fog that rolled in westerly winds, 10 to 20 miles per hour that temperatures dropped anywhere from 12 degree in hayward to 14 degrees cooler in san jose. a few particular spots right across the peninsula that had some incredible changes in the weather and one of them was portolo valley. meteorologist rob mayeda and our brand new microclimate weather station. hey, rob. >> we've got the sunshine out here right now. it is chilly. we've seen about a 6 degree temperature drop just since 5:00. 56 degrees right now. and at 1800 feet near the valley you're looking down towards palo alto and the south bay as this is cool marine air sweeps over the coast, highway 35 here skyline boulevard really the boundary as that cooler spills over these grassy hill tops down into the south
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bay transporting the weather that's been around half moon bay down into parts of the bay area. right now, cloud flee. you can see to our west the clou clouds are starting to build up closer to 2,000 feet. this is the ocean air conditioning at 56 degrees, winds out of the southwest at 10 as picked up by our microclimate weather station. anytime the marine layer gets high enough you feel it here you know it's going to drop the temperatures down closer to the south bay. >> thank you so much, rob. it's cool to see the anemometer spinning around with the wind 10 to 20 miles per hour. tomorrow we'll gradually see temperatures remain wa up. the wind there in poe toll levale will weaken allowing" its to get warmer. that will mean 81 degrees for the north bay, tri-valley will average 80 and the peninsula 75 and warmer here for the south bay as we head through your wednesday forecast. now, it's going to get even hot they are week.
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by thursday friday saturday, mid 80s coming back to the bay area op our biggest concern across the east bay. that is our fire danger for the littles. humid at this time values in the 20% range and north winds 10 to 20 miles per hour. more in 25 minutes and if there's any potential of any kind of rainfall. >> anemometer. >> i love that. >> i do thanks. up next tesla taking a cue from apple. what elon mquçn,j(jjájju( this week.
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a follow-up7 16,000 students left in the lurch after the abrupt closure of corinthian colleges earlier this week. normally students can have loans forgiven by the federal government if the school shuts down as they did. but if a student chooses to transfer credits to another college, they'll no qualify for debt forgiveness and could face additional debt to finish their degree. >> another money problem
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involving our aging roads. california faces nearly $60 billion in deferred road repairs. now a state senator wants to do something about it. political analyst larry gerston is with us. what's the proposal and who is making it? >> the proposal is offered by state senator jim bell of san jose. it's no secret that the state's roads are in a mess. california ranks 42nd in per capita road spending 49th for that matter in road conditions. so the result is really poor roads. they cost the state's drivers nearly twice the national average. >> is this a political ploy by senator bell? and what is his proposal? >> i don't think it's a ploy. but what he wants to do is add between maybe $3 billion and $4 billion each year to the state road repairs. with the state's drivers paying the cost. here's where the money would come from. ten cents would come from an
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additional fuel tax which hasn't been changed since 1992. $100 annually paid by drivers of electric vehicles which, of course don't use gas but of course, use the roads. and $35 in increases to the annual motor vehicle fees and that by the way, would up them just a little bit. if passed the law would the sunset after five years. it does have a built-in end at least for the time being. >> if passed. historically you know this better than anyone californians don't go for higher taxes especially when it comes to our cars. how does this look? >> you're right. here goes. the bill is just at the beginning of what could be a long journey. it did pass its first committee today. a committee hearing. now it will be heard in several more committees before a final vote where it needs a two-thirds approval rate to get through each chamber. that's always a challenge. in addition, while the bill is endorsed by just dozens of cities and counties throughout
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the state, it is opposed by the howard jarvis tax association and the association of california car clubs. you know but in the end, look the legislature is going to have to decide whether people should pay a little bit more for taxes now or face just never ending i should say annual repairs because of these poor road conditions. it's just not enviable choice but the time has come and one way or another, there's going to be consequences from what happens to this bill. >> what do we like to say, something's got to give at some point. thank you, larry. >> still ahead, cleaning up the mess and bracing for more trouble. the latest from the baltimore. >> you just are really happy, really happy person. >> friends remember a sunnyvale man killed in nepal. i'm marianne favro. that story coming up. >> also kind of like i can't believe i'm doing this. i can get to the bottom. you feel like you accomplished something. >> learning to navigate the streets by finding their way in
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the wilderness. the program turning at risk teenagers into rangers. jamie wanted a taste of the real new orleans and we just couldn't say no to that face. then we wanted more of that local flavor so betty says... oh yeah, that's betty. you're going to want to do this alligator thing. and betty didn't lead us wrong. a little later we passed some dancing. and who doesn't like dancing? especially when it's followed by fireworks everyone's nola is different. follow yours.
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jamie wanted a taste of the real new orleans and we just couldn't say no to that face. then we wanted more of that local flavor so betty says... oh yeah, that's betty. you're going to want to do this alligator thing. and betty didn't lead us wrong. a little later we passed some dancing. and who doesn't like dancing? especially when it's followed by fireworks everyone's nola is different. follow yours. catastrophic 7.8 earthquake rocked nepal. rescuers still searching for survivors. emergency crews are facing the added issue of heavy rain as they dig through the rubble. the prime minister believe ooze the quake killed as many as
6:30 pm
10,000 people but it's tough to say for sure. right now it stands about 4600. remote villages were completely cut off the quake adding to it. tonight we're getting new details on another bay area man killed in the earthquake. 48-year-old vin truong died at mt. everest camp. marianne favro joins us live and talked with his long time friend. >> reporter: he worked at kaiser hospital in santa clara and his friends say he had gone to nepal to fulfill a lifelong dream of hiking the himalayas. they say he was the ultimate outdoorsman. 48-year-old vin truong headed to nepal fs e headed to the base camp, a quake hit triggering an avalanche that killed him. friends at his apartment complex just learned of his death. >> it's heart breaking. >> reporter: friends say he was the ultimate outdoorsman and hiker who kept his car filled
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with gear to head off on an adventure at a moment's notice. he worked at kaiser permanente hospital. >> he is one of four americans killed in the quake in nepal. today the death toll climbed to more than 4600. bob brownstein just returned home after a trek in nepal. he was in kathmandu when the quake hit. >> within minutes after the quake, power poles down. cars crushed. buildings collapsed. >> reporter: he says hours later, people were more terrifieded. >> every time there was another aftershock, it produced terror screams, people running. they didn't know where to run to. >> he watched as thousands crowded into the streets to sleep. he says thousands more poured into the airport hoping to fly out. >> i consider myself very lucky to have gotten out. i'm sure there's a lot of americans still stuck there. >> reporter: friends of vin truong say he graduated from the
6:32 pm
university of chicago and had recently returned here to the bay area to take care of his elderly father in livermore. they say he was is the ultimate thrill seeker and had even tried paragliding. marianne favro nbc bay area news. >> thank you. we continue to follow our developing news in baltimore, äi“sp'd. less than 30 minutes until the mandatory curfew few. tonight more than 3,000 officers and national guard troops are standing by. let's show you some pictures in baltimore now. it is about 9:30 local time. school was canceled today. many businesses and attractions like the national aquarium were closed. this is a defining time for baltimore. they're hoping for a peaceful night. police say they will be aggressively enforcing tonight's curfew. last night you're seeing the pictures. violence and destruction after the funeral of freddie gray. he's the 25-year-old blackmon who died in police custody earlier this month. rioters sent cars and buildings
6:33 pm
on fire including a community center built for seniors under construction. there was video showing people ransacking a sporting goods store. president obama today addressing the nation saying more will be done to address police brutality but this is not the way to do it. >> it is not a protest. it is not a statement. it's people a handful of people taking advantage of a situation for their own purposes and they need to be treated as criminals. >> that was at the white house today, which is about 40 miles from the riots. last night, police arrested more than 200 people. we should note 20 officers were were also injured. the unrest in baltimore is leading major league baseball to do something it has never done before. mlb announcing today that tomorrow's game between the orioles and chicago white sox will be played without any fans. they're closing the gates. only the players and staff members will be allowed inside the stadium in addition to
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safety concerns, the league doesn't want to divert police people. policemen from working the streets to work the game. the middle east. iranian naval ships seized a cargo ship in the persian gulf. that cargo ship has a flag from the marshall islands. the u.s. navy destroyer is on the way and planes are watching in the air. the reason for the seizure unknown. tensions in those waters have been high in recent weeks. there's also an international blockade to prevent a group of iranian cargo ships from delivering what's believed to be weapons to rebels in yemen. >> tesla taking a cue from apple as itnounces its latest products releasing this teaser of an invite to thursday's unveiling. it won't be much of a surprise. elon musk already mentioning plans of a home battery. the technology would ideally power the entire home in a power outage. production of the home battery is expected to start in about six months. it's expected to cost several
6:35 pm
thousand dollars. >> new at 6 tonight, bay area teenagers navigating some of the toughest terrain around. the goal is to see if it helps them master some of the tricky maneuvers an that he would need in adulthood. joe rosato shows us how going into the wild is taming some teens. >> reporter: it's the land of a thousand views. almost every vantage point of the bay rimmed with scenery. >> once you tie yourself in. >> reporter: it's jagged cliffs and rolling surf can be treacherous. >> viewpoint down there. rock 'n' roll. >> reporter: so in the marin headlands with the golden gate bridge as the backdrop. >> one going over the edge. >ç#xra=iq iáuu"ents was taking on those difficult hills head on. >> all about the extra little bit of effort. >> helmet goggles. >> check, check. >> reporter: this is ranger cadet week. we take a group of youth and put them through some tasks and team building everts to show them for one what the national park
6:36 pm
service is. >> reporter: with national park ranger looking on, marin county students were learning the ropes. >> it's going to be free flooding behind you. >> reporter: this new cadet program in the golden gate recreational area was is to give students the tools 0 to climb the mountain of life. the goal is to reach the bottom. >> i was scared at first. i thought i was scared of heights. >> i feel like spiderman. >> it's not as scary as you think. >> i came to this program to find what i want to do0 life. >> reporter: during the program, they learn skills like cpr and first aid. also how to perform. >> there you go a cliff rescue. >> pretty soon you'll be rescuing patients. it teaches them basic communication skills, teamwork skills especially when it's stressful. >> started off by learning basic marching techniques. >> cadets attention. >> squad b i want you to move to the way points from bottom to top. >> reporter: there was a lesson how to use gps because, well,
6:37 pm
you never know when you might need to call in a chp rescue helicopter. >> i've never seen a helicopter up close like this. it's called a horse collar. >> my whole goal was to teach them that you're better than what you think you are. >> i have pretty low confidence when it ms comes to many things. >> reporter: but scaling down a hill clinging to nothing but a rope and a bit of trust can do wonders for confidence. >> thank you. >> reporter: some of these students will pursue jobs with the national park system. some will merely walk away from this stunning scene rhode island a little taller. >> feels great because it's like a achieved this. i went down the mountain joe rosato junior nbc bay area news. >> what a beautiful program. still ahead at 6:00 a new idea helping people find work. is it exploiting this em? we'll show you how the local startup that has workers on demand. >> so what's in a label?
6:38 pm
the beer brand facing backlash and why the slogan is leaving some with a bad taste in their mouth. >> would you believe not once but twice an east bay man hits the jackpot again. why do we do it? why do we spend every waking moment, thinking about people?
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why are we so committed to keeping you connected? why combine performance with a conscience? why innovate for a future without accidents? why do any of it? why do all of it? because if it matters to you it's everything to us. the xc60 crossover. from volvo. lease the well-equipped volvo xc60 today. visit your local volvo showroom for details.
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after more than 70 years, the national football league will start paying taxes. nfl commissioner roger goodell announcing today that the league office will lee lynn wish its status as a tax exempt business. we should note, each nfl team like the raiders and 49ers already pay taxes but not the league office which was set up as a non-profit. for years, congress has been after the league saying it
6:41 pm
should pay taxes. lawmakers claim the nfl will now pay more than $10 million annually in taxes. >> company makes the nation's best selling beer ismmw apologizing tonight after images of a controversial label spread online. anheuser-busching is taking heat for this label on the bottles of bud light. it reads the perfect beer for removing no from your vocabulary for the night. part of the beer giant's up for whatever ad campaign. the label sparked backlash online where many people thought the wording was insensitive and encouraging drinking and date rape. anheuser-busch issued an apology on social media saying we missed regret it. >> jeff back with us. you have your team of meteorologists spread out across the bay area doing all sorts of projects tonight. we're big weather geeks. weather monitoring station and it's got a lot of fun tools. we have been out in our
6:42 pm
microclimate zones tonight. we'll talking about much hotter temperatures coming our way in a few minutes.
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is this the wave of the future or a passing trend? a bay area startup says people are signing up in a big way, signing up to work part time. >> it's an on demand economy. work anywhere anytime for anyone. but the question is is the promise too rosy? here's stephanie truong. >> good evening. here in silicon valley startups often inflate and deflate in a snap. while hiring it part timers allows them to add or subtract workers quickly. where does that leave all the people looking for jobs? time can be a luxury or a liability. and that's why cristhian is here packaging boxes. his full time job starting his own acupuncture clinic.
6:45 pm
there's a lot of down time signing on for part time gigs at other places hasn't been flexible enough for him to meet his patient demand. >> they have to wait. and you know i could lose a patient. >> reporter: so he signed up for a san francisco based startup that stands for work now locally. the company hooks up people looking for flexible part time work with people hiring in the area. it screens potential workers with resumes, background checks. once you're cleared. >> there's no interview, no resume. you do that job. you push start, you push complete and get paid the next day. >> reporter: in the past year 25,000 people have signed up for it in the bay area. here's how it works. like an uber driver the workers are rated by the people who hire them. canceled jobs are like canceled jobs, a lower rating >> the best people bubble up and get the best access to jobs. people that don't perform get weeded out. >> reporter: most of the work is entry level for e-commerce
6:46 pm
couples, data entry, customer service and packaging at companies. >> when you have seasonal demands that spikes and things like that to be able to get people on short notice that's the biggest thing. it's very hard for an employer to find people that can come and help out you know within like a day's notice. >> reporter: especially as more companies are hiring fewer full-time workers with the shift happening after the great recession. this graph by financial professionals publisher advisor perspective delineates how full time work for people 25 to 54 dropped after 2008 while part time work fixed up. the issue is whether this is leading to a risk of worker exploitation. the difference between a full-time and contract worker is considerable. reimbursement for work expenses workers comp for on the job i don't injuries and up employment insurance just to name a few. >> the two options we keep these jobs here in the bay area and they exist in this form or like
6:47 pm
a lot of companies, they go to cincinnati middle of the country, kentucky where the wage rate is a lot lower. >> reporter: the issue is moving through the courts. last year the 9th circuit divided federal express drivers using their own vehicles are full-time employees, not contractors because they wear fedex uniforms, drive fedex marked trucks and have specific work hours. it's a question that has also hit hot startups like uber. are drivers employees or independent contractors as the two companies claim? that be decided by a jury. san francisco state university research estimates up to 20% of people in the bay area actually prefer contingent jobs over permanent ones to start their own company, go to schoolen an take care of family. >> the good aspect is we're creating a lot of entrepreneurs that can make their own living through uber. they couldn't do that before. >> the on demand economy has helped them. he spends less time finding workers and doubled his sales over last year.
6:48 pm
stephanie truong nbc bay area news. >> thank you. lady luck must live in the east bay where one man just won his second lottery in two months. lottery representatives say robert santos won $1,000 playing a scratch off ticket in february. this friday, he won $5 million. million. santos doesn't note what he's going to spend it the money on but plans to keep playing the scratchers. i'm going to hunt him down and go with him. >> robert you have a new friend. >> i know. >> actually have you one, two, three, new friends. >> yeah. >> don't forget about me. 1,000 to $5 million on his wings. wow. a look outside the microclimate forecast. free forecast for you anytime you want. give us and i call. we have dramatically different conditions tonight. 58 in san francisco. the wind is so strong coming out of the west it's helping to keep those numbers down but you can see it's not a totally foggy evening right now. downtown san francisco is in full view. we'll take you further down across the bay area.
6:49 pm
you can see in the peninsula from our camera, completely fogged in across woodside. so yes the fog will be back. it's not as strong as it was this time last night. tomorrow morning's forecast it will still be the usual suspects with lou clouds to start. san francisco 53 and the peninsula at 54. plenty of sunshine to start in the south bay with 51 and the east bay 49. how does the afternoon look? it's going to warm up for tomorrow. temperatures. 67 degree above average. buhl beautiful day in san jose. close tovíúkd80 in morgan little. the pen. he we still won't get warm just yet. pacifica stays at 62 and foster city at 71. most of san francisco here, in fact, all of san francisco will remain in the 60s. we are going to have hotter changes coming our way. we'll get through this next page and get you to that change. you can see here for the north rtpw bay, east bay and tri-valley upper 70s to 80 in napa and santa rosa. for the east bay, 72 back here
6:50 pm
in oakland, lafayette at 78. tri-valley, 79. tomorrow looks like one of the warm spots danville at 80. so tomorrow a few degree warming. by first, we are likely in for a 10 degree jump in temperatures. high pressure is going to build in a lot stronger pushing in hot air from the desert of southwest. it's going to end any chances of fog at the coastline. the key reason why is the westerly wind we had today will go away. winds come more out of the north and east. it's an offshore wind 5 to 10 miles per hour. increasing the fire danger and in crease the temperatures. san jose an from 76 tomorrow bill 7 by thursday. by friday we stay with the 80s. it will cool off into the weekend. san francisco the two warm days if you want to get sun would be thursday and friday with 70s coming on back. so some mild to well, hot weather for this time of year
6:51 pm
especially on thursday and also friday. so with those lottery wings that guy got, you know he could do just about anything across the bay area. >> he sure can. thanks, jeff. >> the warriors how do they stay focused during the break? we'll check in with them today and the giants tonight. big match-up at dodger stadium.
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
we are ready for the warriors on the weekend and the giants and dodgers tonight and tomorrow on nbc. >> ready. >> absolutely. you know if you're a purist and
6:54 pm
you like pitching this is your game tonight. we have round two of bay bridge's best pitching match-up. madison bumgarner versus clayton kershaw. kershaw has been dominant against the ge men going 14-5 with a 1.4 e.r.a. in 27 meetings. neither player pick the up a decision in last week's match-up at at&t park although the gmen did win 3-2. injuries to national league pitchers as a result of them hitting has reignited the debate should there be a universal designated hitter. matt scherzer will miss his start because i've jammed thumb he suffered last week told cbs sports who would people rather see hit big papi or me? would very interesting take but a confident take here.
6:55 pm
bumgarner's response to the mercury news on that subject. "my wet newspaper's 34 1/2 inches 33 1/2 ounces. i'm waiting on new ones right now. it's a beautiful game the way it is. that's obviously the way baseball started. i'm a traditional guy, not much for change." for the record bumgarner has hit four home runs last year including two grand slams. >> i thought bob really did a nice job. he did a great job explaining his thoughts and i thought he was right on. i think it's a beautiful game with the pitcher hitting. it's the way the game's been played over 100 years. >> now, the wait continues for the doves on their opponent memphis or portland. steve kerr put his warriors through a scrimmage. steph curry's squad reportedly handled the trash talking
6:56 pm
draymond green and his team. >> finally, 13th annual btig commissions for charity day taking place pop vida blue barry bonds, ronny lott and more on hand at the transamerica building to participate acting as guest traders to raise funds for hundreds of charities worldwide. >> to be able to have the opportunity to come all of us celebrities get together and have the same purpose. and that's why i come. i know that's why ronny comes, that's why a lot of celebrities do this because it's all for the same cause in help. that's important to all of us. >> reporter: great cause. mr. bonds looking very, very fit. nice to see him out and about. of course, we'll have the full story on the giants and dodgers at 11:00. back to you. >> for a full half hour of sports coverage watch "sportsnet central" on comcast sports bay area. raj was mod did heing today at a charity event inside ann's closet for colon cancer research and he was doing the catwalk.
6:57 pm
>> we need the video. >> i've got it. >> we will not show that video. it was a nice event. jessica was emceeing it. a wonderful cause at standford. >> finally tonight, get ready for a big party football style. the eyes of the world will be on levi's stadium this summer. manchester united, yes, that man u will be playing barcelona in santa clara july 25th. it's expected to be the premier match-up of the international champions cup taking place over the summer. the games will give the san jose earthquakes a high profile since they're also participating in games along with the la galaxy. here's the big deal. presale tickets go on sale monday. >> such a good deal. >> we need the video, you guys. >> you can take the weather station out there. >> yes. >> to the game. >> i saw you wore a nice sporty chambray shirt on the way in. >> i was wearing salomon pants. >> go to my twitter to see it.
6:58 pm
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mariah carey's new extra kiss and tell from her divorce to dating again. and is her new song about nick? now on "extra." >> mariah's cleopatra-style entrance at caesar's palace. >> talk about a fabulous entrance. >> breaking news to tracey about the new vegas show and relationship with director brett ratter in. >> a fabulous love affair darling. >> would you like to share and clear the air? >> yes. new vid joe khloe and bruce jenner today. >> why bruce hired an


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