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tv   NBC Bay Area News  NBC  May 2, 2015 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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"saturday night live" with host scarlett johansson. we'll be switching over to the golf channel from nbc. so we'll see you o broken glass dozens of damaged car after protests in
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oakland. what's done tonight to make sure the rallies do not end the same way this evening. >> the fight of the century. manny pacquiao floyd mayweather head to head. we are live with how locals are getting their fix. good evening, everyone. >> thank you for joining us for this special edition of nbc bay area news. the damage is in the thousands after rioters took out frustrations on businesses and car dealerships in oakland. dozens of cars had windows shattered. stores and banks spent the day cleaning up. the city is bracing for another possible night of protests. nbc bay area's christie smith is in the east bay. you talked to store owners who are exhausted, tired of this happening. >> reporter: yeah that's right. i'll tell you this was a day all about clean up. this is one of the car lots that was hit. i want to show you the damage here. we counted about 50 windshields shattered on this lot alone. very frustrating for business
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owners and people who live and work nearby. windows were boarded up along broadway in oakland. martin kauffman said his building was previously damaged from a car wreck and last night it got worse. >> i think got through the plywood and broke stuff. >> reporter: along auto row, cars and businesses with their windows smashed after vandals went through the area. tommy andrews was disappointed in what he saw. >> we all have a right to protest and voice our displeasures with certain things in society but to destroy private property like this is -- you know it doesn't serve a purpose. >> reporter: earlier may day protests were peaceful coming on the day charges were announced in the death of freddie gray. a few hundred people made it up broadway. the police chief said the department had its challenges.
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there were a series of protests but they need to be quicker and closer. >>. >> >> very small group of people with rocks in their pockets and malice in their hearts disturbed what was otherwise a very positive day in oakland. >> it really sends a negative message in regards to voicing your own opinion. you know it sets a really bad precedent, you know, especially for oakland and any other urban area. >> reporter: now the mayor suggested the city was able to protect people but perhaps didn't do as good of a job as they should have protecting property. in all 12 people were arrested. businesses with surveillance video of the vandalism are asked to share it with oakland police. we have seen a number of officers on patrol this evening,
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but not a lot of activity. report k reporting live in oakland, krity smith nbc bay area news. coverage of the situation unfolding in baltimore. another day of gatherings. a look at the streets right now. you see some people milling about. there's a curfew in effect. police are out tonight to enforce that. there have been a few arrests. hundreds marched as part of a victory rally. yesterday the state's attorney charged six police officers in connection with freddie gray's death. coming up in our second half hour, we will take you inside the rally and what city leaders are doing to keep the streets calm. stay with us for the situation in oakland and baltimore. head to nbc bay or download our app. a driver accused of plowing through a crowd, mowing down several people in the east bay. one is dead and four are fighting for their lives. deputies say the driver crashed
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in to this restaurant la finca restaurant. the driver has not been identified and hit two other vehicles. four of the victims are in critical condition. a security guard was able to pull the driver out of his truck. he held him until deputies arrived. he is facing vehicle manslaughter and felony dui charges. witnesses tell police the driver was trying to hit the crowd on purpose. police are now investigating. a sudden death shocking silicon valley. david goldberg the coo sheryl sandberg has died. he died suddenly on friday. it did not mention the cause. the 47-year-old was a beloved figure in the tech industry. the led surveymonkey a survey website for the past six years growing the company to more than 500 employees and reaching 25 million customers. the company released a statement that said in part dave's genius, courage and leadership were overshadowed only by his
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compassion, friendship and heart. our sympathy goes out to all who were touched by this extraordinary man." new video tonight on the fight that is over the smoking policy at levy stadium. soccer teams kicked up their protest a notch this evening. look at the map. the fields are next to the new stayed up. today soccer teams put on masks to protest smoke that comes from a concert at levi stadium. they say they have complained for weeks about the second-hand smoke coming their way but the problem only goes away temporarily. >> turn around and in a couple of weeks the same situation is up and running. we think our kids are valuable and our players deserve to play in a healthy environment. >> reporter: if you are checking in with the 49ers, they say the smoking section has been moved. however, the soccer groups
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dispute that and went ahead with their protests today. being called the fight of the century and it is happening right now. manny pacquiao floyd mayweather jr. will be soon stepping in to the ring. you are looking at a picture of the mgm in las vegas. that's where it is happening. mayweather defeated the highest paid athlete in the world. pacquiao has eight world titles. fans have wanted to see this fight for years. it lured people to bars and restaurants throughout the area. floyd mayweather versus manny pacquiao. it seems everyone has a prediction about the outcome. maryann has reaction from the fans. >> it is expecting a sellout crowd and hundreds have poured in here shelling out 30 bucks to see what they hope will be a fight to remember. more than 300 people crowded in to the brit pub and restaurant in downtown san jose tonight,
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hoping to see what many here describe as the fight of the century. floyd mayweather versus manny pacquiao. >> this is like the fight of the new century. like ali, sugar ray leonard, tyson. that era is gone. this is the new era of boxing. pacquiao mayweather. i'm hoping for pacquiao. mayweather may win. >> they hope it will breathe in to new life for the sport of boxing. >> i hope mayweather defeats pacquiao. >> reporter: >> reporter: no matter who they are rooting for these fans say they are guaranteed a good fight, one seven years in the making. based on our unofficial poll it seems like this club is evenly divided on which fighter they are rooting for based on the volume of the cheers when we mentioned their name. live in downtown san jose, maryann favro, nbc bay area
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news. more details now. many filipino restaurants across the area are closed because owners are at home cheering for manny pacquiao. last night we caught video of a major rush for last-minute orders. it was so busy last night tselog's stopped picking up the phone. that is busy. one man drove from the east bay to get his order in for a party at his house tonight. >> a lot of people watching for sure. the second time in two weeks, san francisco playing host to a major golf tournament. last week that would be the lpga. this week the top 64 golfers participating in the cadillac match play. we showed you that on nbc bay area. our nanete miranda spent all day there and has more on the tournament. >> pga tour golf. >> reporter: the top golfers are in san francisco's hardy park for the cadillac match play, harding park. after a $16 million renovation a decade ago, the public course is good enough even for the elite.
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>> exposure that this event brings, we are telecast in 235 countries. we will approach 900 million homes and it's great for san francisco and the game of golf. >> reporter: for locals it is a treat to see professionals play the same course they do. >> it is awesome. absolutely. i think san francisco deserves to have a major like this. >> reporter: fans can get pretty close to the players. for 10-year-old patrick kennedy it was amazing to see his idol rory mcilroy. >> that's awesome. he's the best player in the world right now. he's my favorite. so that meant a lot. >> reporter: some fans didn't get to see ricky fowler's normally bright clothing. he was dressed pretty tame today. but that's okay, steve pick ed up the slack. >> it is called loud mouth. i have been wearing it i don't know how many years. it's fun. >> reporter: even rory mcilroy's kouz who lives in san francisco had to catch the action.
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[ inaudible ] >> reporter: golf isn't quite done with san francisco just yet. over the next several days the u.s. amateur will be played at the nearby olympic club. in san francisco, nanete miranda miranda nbc bay area news. a first for the pope and special meaning for local catholics. not everybody is happy about the move. the controversy surrounding the pope's move. and the royal family welcomes a brand new baby girl. why she doesn't have a name just yet. and cute moments outside of the hospital you don't want to miss. a mild start to the weekend right now. chilly in san francisco. misty skies and low clouds in parts of the bay area tomorrow. waking up to drizzle. the rest of the sunday forecast coming up when we come right back.
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a a big announcement from pope francis and it hits home for the bay area. today the pontiff spent the day praising this life and accomplishments of -- he plans to declare him a saint. he was an 18th century priest who found missions including ones in san francisco, san jose and santa claire rachl the pope's decision has been met with criticism from tribal leaders. they say he beat an imprisoned native americans and suppressed their culture. >> i don't know whether we want to look at everything today through the lens of our secular and somewhat prejs view of church, of catholic. i prefer to hear what i heard today which was a historically rooted appreciation of what vara did. >> reporter: the pope responded
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by saying he defended indigenous people by the con onizers. well well wishes are coming in for the new princess in great britain. it was born to kate the duchess of cambridge and prince william. kelly cobiella reports from london on the newest royal arrival. >> reporter: prince william, the duchess of cambridge kate and their baby girl are back in kensington palace, two miles from this hospital where it all started very early this morning. kate was brought here by william at 6:00 a.m. london time just two and a half hours later giving birth to a baby girl. >> we welcome -- >> kensington palace tweeting ourt the news. the crowds here erupting in cheers. a healthy baby girl was born eight pounds and three ounces.
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she is the princess of cambridge. she is fourth in line to the throne. the first princess to be born so close to the line of succession in over 50 years, since 1950. the duchess of cambridge, prince william and their newborn baby all came out, stood on the steps here of the hospital waved to the crowds. gave everyone a nice long look at their beautiful hour's old baby girl. and then prince william drove the family back home to kensington palace. prince george was seen as well today. he gave a royal wave from the front steps and went inside to visit his baby sister. the family will stay for a few days at kensington palace. they will have a visit from the queen. they will likely announce the name of the princess in the next day, possibly longer and then move the entire family to amar hall, 100 miles north of thereon don't where they will settle in. back to you. >> everybody is wondering what
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will the name be. look at this. we showed you once but look at this 2-year-old working the crowd. waving there. we wanted to show you the video of little george waving before he goes to meet his baby sister. president obama and the first lady sent their well wishes to the royal family today saying they wish them much joy and happiness. i have no idea after delivering an eight pound baby she's up there hair looking great, makeup, like nothing happened. >> i will say this. she did a great job but she does have help. >> a little help and good support staff. that's true. beautiful day in the bay today. that's for sure. >> check in with rob may yea da and see what is coming our way. >> nice evening. 62 degrees. mostly clear skies around san jose and low clouds approaching from the west. a chilly evening. 55 degrees. over to san francisco, golden gate brij bridge low clouds misty skies at times.
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57. on the coast, stan ta cruz the surf coming up and the swell out of the south. this is the area to watch tomorrow. rough surf that is breaking closer to shore at the southerly swell. wave heights seven feet. look out for that. if you are heading to the coast and you will see sunshine around santa cruz. rough surf through tomorrow evening. winds on shore will push in low clouds overnight n. to the interior valleys we will probably have a chance of drizzle. not just san francisco but fremont, heyward briefly for the morning. as we head to the afternoon low clouds on the coast. high country, up to lake tahoe, north of 80 may see a stray shower or two. for the bay area more sunshine incland and temperatures in the mid to upper 70s an livermore. low clouds for pacifica and half moon bay. santa cruz should get in to the sunshine throughout the day. hour by hour the temperatures.
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starting with areas of drizzle for the morning and overcast skies. 40 and 50s. liver more and san jose approaching close to 70 midday. by 3:00 in the afternoon, notice it will be probably toward the trivalley, pleasantton and dublin mid 70s but low 60s closer to san francisco and oakland. speak of livermore, the wine country festival. a temperature at 2:0078 degrees. gorgeous day toward the trivalley after the morning clouds break up. highs tomorrow near 77 degrees. 74 in san jose. you see upper 60s for san francisco. upper 60s and low 70s in the north bachlt trivalley the warmest for tomorrow. as we go through the first half of the reek week the regime of morning clouds and afternoon continues. on thursday and friday notice the temperatures coming down. we hoped we'd get a weather
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system out of the north that would bring showers. for now it looks like the moisture will stay east of the bay area. this is jumping to thursday and friday of 0 next week. mid-60s to near 70s. rain chances don't look to be a part of the picture as we cool down for the second half of next week. back to you. >> thanks a lot. still to come -- >> i was shocked. my whole world flipped upside down. i have no idea how i have been living so long. >> reporter: two bay area college stients going the extra mile and what they are dooed doing is feeding hundreds of people in need. it will make you bay area proud.
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well certainly it was all about girl power at today's first ever cybergirl silicon valley summit. 50 middle schoolgirls spent the day showing off their cybersecurity skills. facebook developed a capture the
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flag competition that tested the girl's web exploitation and programming abilities. all of which they picked up in their stem-focused after-school program. >> results were rewarding. it was really challenging to answer the questions. when you finally answer them you are like yea, i did it! >> the course is to hope that some of the girls will pursue scientific and engineering courses in college. all of which are currently male-dominated fields. extra credit can give you better grade in class but how about extra credit after class? for two college students it could make the world a better place. >> there is a class at santa clara university that is called sustainable living undergraduate research project. two took the class with the funny name last year and come
8:24 pm
bind it with the serious fact of how much food goes to waste every day in this country and are doing some worldly good. >> there is a deadline in week eight for next year. >> reporter: though the main dining hall is their preferred meeting spot when these girls get together these days, there's no food on the table. >> do you want me to go in person? >> reporter: food is definitely on the agenda. excess food to be exact. that's because in just a single year the sophomore and this junior have changed the way their 164-year-old university handles food that doesn't get eaten. it's a partnership that started on the very first day of class last year. >> i saw that rose nose ring and i was like, she's really cool. >> reporter: turns out these two had more in common than their taste in jewelry. they shared a passion for sustainability. so when the class required them
8:25 pm
to come up with the idea to fix the problem on campus they focused on food. something something paloma said he hasn't focused on before. >> i had no idea. i was shocked. how have i been living so long. >> they partnered with the food recovery network, and the two came up with a plan to collect excess food primarily leftover from catering events and deliver it twice a week to martha's kitchen. a san jose soup kitchen. >> that's been something that has been a simple solution. brought a lot of people who are all passionate about diverting food waste. the idea has quickly taken hold. 50 fellow students have volunteered to deliver the food. so far have diverted 4,000 pounds of it to help the hungry and the homeless. >> some paper for you to fill out. >> and convinced two
8:26 pm
undergraduate students that tackling the world's difficult problems might not be as difficult as they once thought. >> really awesome to see that people are so passionate about it. a lot of people share a passion for it. >> reporter: both young women say they couldn't have accomplished what they have so far without the support of the campus dining staff. they say they have been surprised how many people are willing to pitch in and help them do some good. garvin thomas nbc bay area news. still to come a high-tech bus meant to make the air a little cleaner. we find out how the buses work before they hit the streets. but first police clash with more protesters in baltimore. how some bystanders are putting themselves in harm's way to prevent more violence.
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continuing coverage tonight of the situation in baltimore. police watching the streets
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making sure everyone is following the curfew. there have been some arrests. several arrests tonight. hundreds hit the streets for a victory rally. this is one day after the state's attorney charged six officers in the death of freddie gray. nbc has the story. ♪ >> reporter: from protests to street parties. in the neighborhood less than a week ago saw violence and looting. this evening, dancing replaced demonstrations. >> i think there's a lot of hope that in peace we can see justice. >> reporter: earlier on saturday hundreds poured through the streets of baltimore, making their way to city hall. >> justice is about the principle of dealing. it doesn't to do if you are black, white, asian or latino. >> some say it is too early to celebrate. >> we started this movement for justice for freddie gray. guess what we didn't get it yet
8:30 pm
but the ball is rolling. >> reporter: rolling after the top prosecutor announced charges for the six police officers involved in freddie gray's arrest 20 days ago. >> we have probable cause to file criminal charges. >> reporter: of the six officers the van driver faces the most serious, second-degree murder. four are charged with involuntary merchandise, three with false imprisonment and allry r accused of assault and imprisonment. saturday's rally peaceful but after curfew there were some scuffles with police. more details out of baltimore. a man accused of hindering firefighters to try to put out a building fire earlier this week finally arrested. police credit social immediate are for helping to track down greg bailey. witnesses say he used a knife to stab holes in a fire hose. fire crews lost pressure and had to pull back. one week since the powerful earthquake shook nepal.
8:31 pm
rescue crews are still working kathmandu hoping to pull more bodies from the rubble. the 7.8 magnitude quake killed more than 7,000 people and injured 1400 others. this is the worst quake to hit the nation in 80 years. because of the massive earthquake nepal villagers say they need more help from around the world. many living in remote areas say government officials have not come to their rescue. volunteers have been stepping up to bring in food and water supplies. however, there is a desperate need for medicine and vital essentials. more local news now, a deadly scene at an east bay home. an alleged home invasion left two dead. it happened on juew ett avenue. four people were arrested during a home invasion at the same
8:32 pm
location earlier this week. passengers flying on allegiant can breathe a sigh of relief. there will be no pilot strike. the strike was supposed to coincide with mediation between the union and airline. the judge said the strike would be illegal under federal law. every day hundreds of thousands of commuters use bay area freeways like that one right. there you are looking at the traffic along the 101 in san jose. soon a new kind of bus will be hitting the roads. business and tech reporter scott budman got a chance to ride along on the electric buses and is joining us on how they will help to clear the air. >> reporter: the bay area is already packed with buses taking techies to work, but those buses, while taking cars off the road are still spouting pollution. until now. this is the percara ev bus.
8:33 pm
electric and cleaner than your average bus. think of it as the tesla of buses. battery powered. trying to convince people that building an all-electric bus makes sense. the ceo comes from tesla. >> tesla figured out early on you can't build a good electric vehicle if you build an existing chassis. it is a purpose-built heavy-duty bus as an electric vehicle. >> reporter: the bus isn't chooem cheap or easy to get entire bus fleets to change their ways but at least one investor says this is the future of public transit. >> where we all have to breathe the same air and see the fumes coming out of the back of buss in particular. >> reporter: it can go up to 185 miles on a battery charge and wants to change the way you get
8:34 pm
to work. scott budman nbc bay area news. maybe not a bus but perhaps a regular tesla if you are interested in one of those you can maybe buy a used model as an option. not too cheap but the company launched this new section on its website where you can buy a certified pre-owned model s. that would be an upgrade for my car. a new model runs between 70 and $105,000. the certified pre-owned teslas will cost 60 to $100,000 depending on the mileage and battery in the car. should silicon valley go hollywood or put up a sign like in the hollywood hills? this is where one south bay man would like to put up the sign. the finished product would look like this. nbc bay area maryann favro has more on this proposed landmark. >> san francisco has the golden gate bridge. new york the empire state building.
8:35 pm
seattle the space needle and silicon valley's landmark is -- >> facebook thumb. >> this super bowl website posted a silhouette of the statue as the valley's symbol of silicon valley. this student says the region deserves a much more prominent landmark something similar to the hollywood sign. >> i don't think it sounds original if we are taking the hollywood idea. >> reporter: alphonso designed a 200 foot long sign he'd like to see go up east of san jose complete with lights that could change color. steve wright with silicon leadership group says the area could use a landmark. >> the request we get from people writing books, et cetera having something that could be adopted as silicon valley's iconic image would be useful. >> reporter: not everyone is signing off on the sign idea. most of this the posts to our facebook page gave the idea a thumbs down including one woman who wrote let's not take a
8:36 pm
beautiful, natural place and put an ugly sign on it. >> the eiffel tower was doomed for disaster when it was first put up. a lot of people didn't like it. it wasn't sell received and look at what it is today. >> reporter: nbc bay area news. >> what do you think? >> have to wait on that one. >> good idea. coming up next helping people find work but is it actually exploiting them? a local startup with workers on demand. a lotto winner given 75 bucks instead of $75,000. how this mix up happened and the search to find the lucky winner to give them the proper payout. right now, we are seeing 50s and 60s outside. low clouds across san francisco setting up for drizzle in the bay area tomorrow morning. the rest of the sunday forecast when we come back.
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university of south carolina student faces a felony charge tonight. she's accused of spitting in her roommate's food and spraying it with glass cleaner. haley king was not getting along with her roommates. but refused to move out. her roommate decided to set up a camera to see if she retaliated and she did. she confessed to the incident. didn't have much choice after it was caught on tape. she faces a charge of maliciously tampering with food which could get her 20 years in prison if convicted. that's the maximum sentence. nasa continues the dream of sending people to mars but may not be safe for astronauts. they say the cosmic radiation could lead to rapid mental decline, including irreversible dementia. they say they could better develop shielding to protect the astronauts. nasa is aiming to send people to mars in the 2030s. is in the wave of the future or passing trend?
8:40 pm
bay area startup says people are signing up in a big way, signing up to work part time. >> an on demand economy, work anytime, anywhere for anyone. but is the promise too rosy? here's stephanie chuang. >> reporter: here in silicon valley start ups inflate and deflate in a snap. the question is where does it leave the people looking for jobs? time can be a luxury or a liability. that's why christian is here packaging boxes. his full-time job starting his own acupuncture clinic. there's a lot of down time. signing on for gigs at other places hasn't been enough to meet patient demand. >> they have to wait. i could lose a patient.
8:41 pm
>> reporter: he signed up for a san francisco-based start up that starts for work now locally. the company hooks up people looking for flexible part-time work with people hiring in the area. they screen potential workers with resumes, background checks. once you are cleared. >> no interview, no resume. you do that job. you go with a start time, you push complete and get paid the next day. >> reporter: in the this past year 25,000 people have signed up in the bay area. here's how it works. like an uber driver workers are rated by people who hire them. cancelled jobs are lower rating. >> the best access to jobs and people that don't perform get weeded out. >> reporter: most of the work is entry level for e-commerce companies, data entry, customer service and packaging at companies. >> when you have seasonal demand that spikes and things like that. to get people on short notice that's the biggest thing.
8:42 pm
it is hard as an employer to get people help out, you know, within a day's notice. >> reporter: especially as more companies are hiring fewer full-time workers. with the shift happening after the great recession. full time work noticeably dropped after 2008. part time work picked up. now the issue is whether this is leading to a risk of worker exploitation. the difference is considerable overtime reimbursement for work expenses, workers comp an unemployment insurance to name a few. >> i think the options are we keep the jobs here in the bay area and they exist in this form or like a lot of companies they go to cincinnati middle of the country, kentucky where the wage rate is a lot lower. >> reporter: nine court of
8:43 pm
appeals said that people using their own vehicles are full-time employees not contract works because they wear a uniform and drive fedex truck and work specific hours. are drivers of ub and lift independent contractors? that will be decide by a jury. san francisco state university research estimates up to 20% of people in the bay area actually prefer contingent jobs over permanent ones to start their own company, go to school or take care of family. >> it is recruiting entrepreneurs. >> he says the on demand economy has helped him. he says less time finding workers and makes more money, doubling his sales over last year. stephanie chuang nbc bay area news. good reason to check the lottery tickets carefully. this cost one man who bought a winning ticket near los angeles $75,000. lottery officials say this man
8:44 pm
in the brown shirt walked away from the palmdale chevron gas station on march 25th with 75 bucks from a winning lottery ticket. here's the problem. after he left the cashier noticed he actually won $75,000. >> oh man. >> ouch. >> the store did contact the lottery. as of tonight the man has not come forward. maybe a more detailed description would help. >> back up the big truck to load up the 75,000. >> hope he finds out. boy. >> someone will find them they always find the bad guys. they will find the good guys. >> that's a big difference. want to find that out there. $75,000 would be nice to have right now. 70s, 74 in stockton. 70 sacramento. warm air across the central valley. the sea breeze taking hold here. bay area temperatures in the 50s and 60s. if you compare the temperature of 65 right now in livermore to what we had 24 hours ago.
8:45 pm
yes, all in the locations cool down. highs in the warmest spots upper 70s around the trivalley. cool down underway in san francisco. low clouds and fog. the warriors lights up over downtown san francisco. 57 right now. with the sea breeze pushing in the low clouds over san francisco, likely to see some spilling in to the bay tomorrow morning. wind wise not much change from today. mid afternoon in to the evening we will see wind speeds accelerate with the heating of the day. and on shore winds keeping temperatures mild. one change tomorrow the wave direction or long period swell coming out of the south. watch for the south-facing beaches, twin lakes state beach, santa cruz will see increased rip currents and rough surf. large breaks there coming in to shore. wave heights have been six to eight feet. look for higher than usual sets in closer to the coastline for
8:46 pm
tomorrow. the beach hazards alert up through tomorrow evening. daytime temperatures will be what we had today. notice the drizzle for the morning through 8 a.m. for the afternoon. sunshine inland an if you want to head up the coast, bodega bay not so good. santa cruz sunny skies and upper 60s. misty skies. west of san francisco for the afternoon tomorrow. waking up to 40s and 50s. drizzle possible. not just for san francisco but across the area for the morning as we head to the afternoon cool on the coast. it will be liver more and san jose that make a run at the 70s tomorrow. san francisco chilly with breezy conditions. low 60s in the sfrast. one of the warm spots you can enjoy weather. for tomorrow number necessary upper 70s. high temperatures tomorrow near 74 san jose. sunday in to monday the cooler half of the week for most of us. san francisco looking fairly cool. highs in the low 60s.
8:47 pm
santa rosa winds from the south. 69 degrees. and you can see livermore maybe the warm spot at 78 degrees. the extended forecast shows temperatures climbing for san jose and san francisco. middle part of the week as high pressure tries to build in. thursday and friday interesting right now. cooler temperatures as the high backs down just enough to allow the system dropping out of the pacific northwest. we hoped this would bring showers. if you look closely it is a swiss cheese effect. most of the moisture east of the sierra. looks like we will get a cool down. maybe some showers possible in the north bay, thursday in to friday and clear skies through next weekend, as well. back to you. >> thank you very much. the kentucky derby is a classic american tradition. organizers hope to keep emerging tech gadgets out of the race. >> this year selfie stick and drones were banned from the
8:48 pm
event to beef up security. the derby is with other museums and festivals that already ban the selfie stick citing safety hazards. >> cool to see the pictures from the derby. that's on the bucket list. i have the hat. >> what are you doing? >> they are banned. >> banned from the selfie. >> hide the camera with the big derby hat. that's the way you want to do it. >> i wanted to put the hat on but they said i shouldn't take the selfie in the first place. talk about a day for sports fans to roll out of bed and straight to the couch. hockey sports racing, golf, boxing and the giants who earned hudson the first win of the year in the craziest of fashions. the highlights coming up next in sports.
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8:50 pm
it's one of the busiest
8:51 pm
sports days in recent history. walk off action last night. could hudson help make it two in a row. fans in attendance. they hope so. albert pujols makes it 4-2 with one swing of the bat. giants respond at the bottom of the frame. buster posey brings the lead back to three with his own swing. the angels would have two runs in the top of the ninth to make it 5-4 and with a runner on third the giants get lucky. matt tags his own guy. the game is over. >> i have never seen that. he smoked the ball. the runner didn't have a chance. joe was there. joe would have got to the ball. so i'm sure he would have handled it but that was a wild pinch and first time i have seen
8:52 pm
that. >> trainer bob baffert was looking for his first kentucky derby win since 2002. his two horses, american pharaoh happened to be two of the favorites to win. the usual flair on display, mint juleps, big hats, big wagers and a horse race. >> heading to the finish american pharaoh. espinosa won the kentucky derby. >> american pharaoh the third straight favorite to win the kentucky derby. california chrome was rode to victory last year. tell me when you realized i think i can win this race.
8:53 pm
>> i was hide riding him hard. the other horse was right next to me. i can't just blow him away. and last stage, but i got it done. >> he did. round 16 action at the cadillac match play. rory mcilroy holds out from the bunker. he wins 6-5. his quarterfinal match would go to the brink of darkness on hole 21. rory misses the shorty to win. he can't believe it. they will finish tomorrow morning. on nbc, the kaps and rangers. third period rangers off a goal when derek makes it 3-1. the capitals would come back later in the period. ovechkin falling down cuts the lead to one. look at that concentration. final seconds, washington pulls the goalie but can't get it past
8:54 pm
lundquist. new york matches the series at one. game one of the western conference semis tomorrow in oak land. continually is doubtful to play. he is recovering from surgery for a facial fracture. >> guys are all in great shape. we have tried to keep them fine tuned this week. we know how this works. if we play well it is because we were rested and had practice time. if not because we are rusty. you write the stories. >> he gets it. lunch with the warriors tomorrow and full highlights of that boxing match that is set to start in a couple of minutes tonight at 11:00. >> we were talking about that. some places like the philippines are saying turn off electricity because we don't want problems but a cable delay, just getting the game on. >> it is going to be insanity for the next hour and a half in the philippines and obviously in vegas, too.
8:55 pm
>> absolutely. >> thank you kate. something you don't see often. a man stuck on a basketball hoop dangling by his foot. you don't see it often. >> that's right. we are about to show you the strange sight and tell you the story behind it. that's after the break.
8:56 pm
8:57 pm
>> don't see this every day f. you think you had a bad day today look at this guy. seattle police came across this this young man who was not part of the may day march dangling from the rim of a basketball hoop. he was trying to get down. his ankle was stuck in the net. somebody got a nearby ladder. after a lengthy hang time this poor guy was finally free. >> i want to point out he was called for goaltending. can't do that. >> everybody's fine. >> right. >> check in with rob for the forecast one more time. >> the weather right now seeing
8:58 pm
clouds misty skies and temperature-wise tomorrow pretty good. trivalley 78. livermore 63. 74 san jose. a lot of events going on. match pretty nice indoors or outdoors tomorrow. >> really nice for sure. thank you for joining us tonight. be back here tonight at 11:00
8:59 pm
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>> the bruce jenner interview still dominating the news. hi everyone welcome to "access hollywood". i'm billy bush. bruce jenner told diane sawyer he was sitting on the story gold mine all the while he was a part of keeping up with the kardashian app. now the truth is out, so much of what bruce said in the past takes on new meaning. we dug into the bruce archives and we begin with 1996 interview celebrating the 20th anniversary of historic olympic triumph. >> very large family. a lot of kid a.lot of car pool. yes we do have teenager girls. i'm dealing with right now full-time job right there. that will keep you busy. >>reporter: our first interview with bruce back in 19 interview with bruce back in 1996. wife kris happening out at the table behind bruce let at


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