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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 430  NBC  May 3, 2015 4:30pm-5:01pm PDT

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>> it was followed by a 2.7 quake a minute later. they're not responding to any injuries or damages. in the past ten days there's been one quake of magnitude 3.0 or greater centered nearby. rob is joining us to let us know how much of the bay area actually felt this one. >> for a 4.0 earthquake you see it felt over a fairly wide area. the first of this little sequence of quakes.
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not just one but four coming up just after 3:00. we had a 2.5 followed by that 4.0 at 313 and then a 2.7 about a minute later in the general same area and at 3:28 another 2.4. so a little sequence of quakes. it was a 2.5 going up to a 4.0 and a couple after the main quake. where this happened in downtown concord at about 9 miles deep on the southern end of the concord green valley fault system which runs off north to the green valley with a quake of this size, the area you see here in orange down into concord into the san ramone valley fell briefly with two quick jolts and west out to san francisco reports of the quake being felt around san francisco and around the tri-valley for sure you felt that 4.0 earthquake. you'll see some after shocks in the 3.0 or 2.0 range. we'll keep you updated as the
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after shocks continue to come in. if anything significant happens we'll bring it to you in our newscast. >> thank you very much. not just northern california shaking down in southern california today. a magnitude 3.8 quake hit about 4:00 this morning. two miles away. people across the greater l.a. area could feel that shaking. so far no report of any damage. now we set out alerts across the bay area to get breaking news on your phone download the nbc bay area app. it's free for iphones an android devices. >> many people are in morning tonight after a woman and her toddler are dead after a driver crashed into an apartment complex. police say the driver was drunk at the time. we first told you about this as breaking news at 11:00. this happened on marietta boulevard boulevard. neighbors showed up to the site of the crash as they remember people they'll never see again. >> that little girl. that 14 month old, she didn't
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get to experience anything. it's heartbreaking. >> you have to be going really fast to be able to do something like this or not in your right mind or your drunk basically. >> the driver is currently in police custody. an investigation is now underway. police say 35-year-old faces charges of vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated. >> witnesses say they watched in panic today as a double decker tourist bus on san francisco's hay street caught fire. take a look at the pictures showing the damage from that fire. it happened about 10:30. witnesses report people ran after the bus to let the driver know that the bus was on fire. an ambulance crew arrived to help get the people off the bus and no one was injured. investigators trying to determine the cause of that fire. >> well today the warriors continued on their road to an nba championship. seth curry and the team took on the memphis grizzlies in game one of the western conference
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semifinals. kimberly kicks off our team coverage in oakland. bay area fans are truly a buzz for this team. >> absolutely. fans came in ready to cheer on their team. the warriors played and won in front of a hometown crowd. came in super excited after the team was off for a week to rest following a shut out against the new orleans pelicans in the first round. these fans are said to be the loudest in the nba. that combine with the warrior's fast paced style on the court seems to be a win-win. players said they get their energy from fans and fans couldn't be happier with their winning team. >> amazing. they're so good. going all the way. >> they're awesome players. they're awesome players. they have good hearts. you can see it on the floor. it's great. >> we were here for many many years and now we have a quality
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basketball team and now we're playing well in the playoffs and the country can see how loud warriors nation is. >> the last 126 warriors games played at home have been sold out. we're also told season tickets are now sold out and there is now a waiting list of more than 13,000 fans trying to get a piece of the action. the warriors play again on tuesday and then hit the road to memphis for game 3 and 4. live in oakland, kimberly perry. >> now the game itself never in question today. warriors had the lead early on. never looked back. we continue our team coverage from courtside. >> the big question was who would dictate the tempo. they picked up where they left off in new orleans and the warriors looked in a groove to begin round two against memphis. >> i thought the energy level was great. we were well rested obviously
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but i think our conditioning and just physicality was nice. >> you never know how the week is going to go. we have been working all week practicing and chomping at the bit to play again. >> i feel like we played better. we start off good. and we all got settled in. >> the fans at oracle arena also did not miss a beat. especially one memphis shooting guard tony allen unintentionally walked through a junior dance group. kids. their dance routine. he walked through it and it was just right before halftime. so from that moment on every time that he touched the ball 18,000 strong at oracle arena booed him. at oracle arena, nbc bay area. >> all right. our coverage of the warriors
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continues. we'll have more highlights later on. also warriors have been sleeping on the job but this is a good thing. how taking naps with scientists supervising might just improve their skills on the court. >> i'll all for a nap no matter what. but plant thieves are hitting neighbors in san francisco. what they're looking for and what they're stealing and why this type of crime could be on the rise.
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>> plant thieves caught on camera in san francisco right there. making off with landscaping. it may not sound that serious but it is criminal and it is costly. and as gene elliott found out this type of plant pilaging is becoming more common. >> it's just a bummer. >> this is what he woke up to. a planter box full of holes. a check of building surveillance
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video reveals a thief digging in. >> and there's the guy with a big cart taking all of the plants and pushing them away. >> he posted the video online. he says people from neighborhoods all over san francisco are responding with similar stories of disappearing plants. the most common target is succulents. >> they're resistant to drought and don't use a lot of water. they're also easy to transplant. >> nancy says plants are like a breath of fresh air in the urban environment and seeing them disappear is frustrating. >> she has cascading flowers and gets great pleasure in doing this but a lot of people just take the plants out. so it's sad. >> no one is sure what the thieves are doing with the plants. some speculate they're selling them. it's a crime most don't report. >> it's almost embarrassing a little bit to say i had my plants stolen. >> but police say victims should
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file a report to make officers aware of the problem. while it's a petty crime it's personal. >> it doesn't feel good but it's part of living in the city. there's things that go on. >> nbc bay area news. >> take a look at this situation. it was supposed to look like a scene out of the movie tangled but a lantern festival had to be put on hold a bit because of a huge fire. >> things you don't see every day. seeing a fire go out is one of them. >> and we have our own narrator as well. hundreds of people came out from this festival last night. but as you saw some of the lanterns got too close to the cell tower and sparked a fire. firefighters put it out. once it was put out you could see that the festival continued and all the lanterns were released into the sky. >> we need to find that girl and hire her now. >> she is about 7. >> she is good. >> she is.
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>> well, the warriors it says here have been sleeping on the job. why the team is banking on the science of naps to get the winning edge. just like peggy does. >> i'm all for it. also betting on the royal baby name. we're revealing the most popular choice for the little princess before the announcement is made public.
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well, the warriors are off to a great start on their road to a championship. they easily defeated the memphis grizzlies in game one today. >> they kanltcan't say they're sleeping on the job. nobody can say that. but turns out they are doing something. how the warriors are now using science to sleep better and be more rested for the big game. >> everyone tells us sleep is important. most people know you should aim for about 8 hours but that's all we know. sleep experts say elite athletes and the rest of us need to spend more time thinking about sleeping. >> keys to success on the court.
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the slash brothers. an energetic coach. the fans roaring. right? what about sleep? it may not score or rebound but the warriors believe better sleep is key to unlocking their full potential. >> sleep well every night. >> says the coach of a number one seeded playoff team but a few months back the coach enlisted the help of the ucf researcher. >> we know if they get rest and they're sleeping well their bodies are more prepared to perform at a high level. >> with men's basketball it was increasing their shooting percentages. >> she is a research fellow at the ucsf human performance center and previously at stanford where she got her start studying the sleep habit of the swim team. >> you'll hit this button as fast as you can. >> now she consults for nhl and nba teams including the warriors. >> they're doing fantastic. it's obviously a very special season. >> she has researched the effects of sleep on athletes
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like this runner here. she says the mistake many basketball players make is the length of their naps. >> you'll hear many players taking one hour two hour three hour pregame naps. you want to keep the snaps short. you want to keep them under 30 minutes because that keeps you in lighter stages of sleep to give you the energy and performance boost. >> and professional teams across the country are rethinking their schedule. >> flying from east coast to west coast you can often have a disruption which has been demonstrated to impact performance outcome. >> it's advice one of her colleagues gave the san francisco giants last year and after the game two loss they stayed at a local hotel to rest instead of flying home right away. and we all know how that series ended. and what they're teaching athletes can help anyone. she suggests reading for 30 minutes before bed. stretch, even do yoga. try for 7 to 9 hours of sleep and whatever you do stay off of
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your phone in bed. >> the frequencies of light effect a part of your brain that controls your sleep and awake and also can suppress your melatonin release. so the common things people are exposed to later in the evening are the tv and computer emitting the bright frequencies. >> as for the warriors? >> i'm trying to the no take a nap during the day. just focussing more during nighttime. that's helping me. i am not one to sleep much. >> i have a 2-year-old daughter in the house. that's always a wildcard depending on how she goes. >> other players say old habits are hard to kick. >> every guy has their routines. especially guys that have been in the league five to six years and they stick to their routines. it's good to hear an expert talk about it but it's not like i've changed my life. >> some fans thought the warriors were so good the first round would be a snooze fest.
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this team might sleep their way into the nba final. >> it's a very very small component overall but i would like to say that hopefully they're more cognizant of how their sleep is and recovery is so that's a priority every day. >> she is doing more studies this year finding out just how bad sleep deprivated battles struggles. >> thank you so much. of course everybody is waiting to hear possibly seth curry announced as mvp which would be very well earned. >> very well earned and it would not surprise most people. >> right. he's just incredible. very good out there. that's for sure. also this beautiful weekend weather we're enjoying. >> those heading to the beaches need to be careful. rob is here with more on that. >> as you can see over my shoulder there a live view earlier around santa cruz. we had the sun break out at times but the waves coming up out of the south today. we had the beach hazard advisory
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which was making for stronger than usual rip currents. rough surf at time. that should expire later on this evening but one of the bigger impacts of that beach forecast has been the low cloud cover. check out ocean beach. a lot of grey in the skies today. temperatures briefly touching 60 and then upper 50s as the day went on. you could see the impact around san jose right now. san francisco 64. breezy with the low clouds. in oakland 63 degrees with the low cloud across the east side of the bay. the winds on shore and a very strong south wind and low cloud cover into the north bay keeping highs in the north bay mostly in the low to mid 60s this afternoon. you can see the corporate offshore marine layer up to 3,000 feet high so even the inland valley saw the cool down. if you can get away from the clouds you might see the thunderstorms building south of lake tahoe.
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that is the weather trend as we get back to the work week with areas of drizzle heading into tomorrow morning around tiner bay as well and mild temperatures, cool temperatures actually for this time of year and around the sierra tomorrow. if you're traveling toward the southshore of lake tahoe you may see afternoon thunderstorms in the forecast. hour by hour temperatures mostly low 50s tomorrow morning. could be enough mist to get the windshield wipers going and as we head toward lunchtime not warming up a lot. watch livermore and morgan hill. they'll be the warmer places tomorrow. low 70s and only around 60 for oakland and san francisco tomorrow. upper 50s and low 60s around san francisco and you can see the north bay highs in the mid 60s around santa rosa with the south winds and low clouds and around the tri-valley highs in the low 70s tomorrow. now temporarily temperatures will try to warm up a couple more degrees by wednesday.
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san francisco is seeing temperatures climb a bit too but we'll box in the areas for thursday and friday. we're still tracking what will be another cool down later on this week in a weather system here that appears to be dropping too far to the east to bring us a good chance of seeing rain but thursday night into friday a slight chance of seeing some showers. as you can see here the estimates for rainfall. we could see a little something friday into early saturday so we'll leave this possibility toward the end of the forecast for thursday and friday. maybe a chance of a few showers. brief chance at that. and as we get into next weekend if you're make plans, maybe a stray shower across the north bay hills. continued mild temperatures. no 80s or 90s anywhere for the next 5 to 7 days. hopefully we'll manage more than a few of those hilltop showers for friday but notice next weekend looking cool and breezy. highs in the 60s and 70s. back to you. >> all right. looking nice out there. thank you so much. coming up, the royal baby. >> gets some royal visitors. family members came to see the new princess today. >> that's right. we'll learn also what her name
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>> britain's newest royal met her grandparents and other family members today. the princess has yet to be named. that announcement may have to wait until after she meets a very important family member. >> it's been a day of family visits. prince charles and camilla spent an hour there. kate's mother and sister were spotted driving through the palace gates today. >> it's surreal to think that royal blood is this close to us at this very moment. >> i think it's just wonderful. it's lovely that generations are going on and william and kate are just so an asset to the royal family and harry as well. >> prince george's name was announced moments after the
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queen paid a visit to kinsington palace. she is not there today. they planned to spend a couple of days in london before going to their country home on the queen's estate. and they could introduce the queen to her great grandchild there. the bottom line royal watchers say, there is no specific protocol here and will and kate are likely focused on what's best for them and their two young children. still the faces sell newspapers. george's and now his little sisters. so no surprise to see them on the cover of every london newspaper this morning. every british newspaper. the sunday telegraph with a sister for george. the daily mail or the mail on sunday, wasn't she worth the wait kate? and my personal favorite sleeping cutie. back to you. >> she is a sleeping cutie. i love to see the queen in pink.
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she wore pink in honor of a princess. >> and london bridge was in pink. >> and now everybody talking about what the name is going to be. >> in great britain they're taking bets on little princess's name. >> here's some of the top contenders. the front runner right now charlotte. apparently this is a feminine version of charles who is the little princess's grandfather. the name alice not too far behind. other big possibilities. >> alice in the palace. >> that sounds like a children's book. there's also olivia and elizabeth and this is my favorite and i'm hoping it makes it in there somewhere. diana. wouldn't it be so wonderful to see that name after prince william's late mother. >> heres another fun fact for you. when little prince george was born duchess kate and prince william waited two days to reveal his name. they waited until after queen he
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liz -- elizabeth met her new great grand son. >> i know it kept you up last night. >> in other news may is asian pacific american heritage month. >> this is the chance to learn about cultures and there's our anchor kicking off this special occasion. this took place in san francisco. also a big day to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the growing up asian in america program. this is the largest program in the country that encourages asian youth to share their story. >> way to go everyone there. >> coming up next we are following up on that earthquake that happened earlier today in concord. >> plus putting a stop to pedestrians getting hit by a cal train. a new system that would send an alert if someone is on the tracks. cks as pg&e. my truck is something new... it's an 811 truck. when you call 811, i come out to your house and i mark out our gas lines and our electric lines to make sure that you don't hit them when you're digging. 811 is a free service. i'm passionate about it because every time i go on the street i think about my own kids.
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they're the reason that i want to protect our community and our environment, and if me driving a that truck means that somebody gets to go home safer, then i'll drive it every day of the week. together, we're building a better california.
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>> nbc bay area news starts now. >> good evening, thank you for
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joining us. the ground shaking up in the east bay. a 4.0 earthquake striking concord today. >> it was centered in concord followed by a 2.7 a minute later. no reports of injuries in the past ten days now. there has been one earthquake, magnitude 3.0 or greater centered nearby. rob is here with more on all of that. >> yeah, if you've been in the concord area at least for the afternoon you probably noticed about four earthquakes that you can feel. the first one began before the 4.0. that was just after 3:00. 301 to 2.5. at 3:13 we had our earthquake and roughly centered off to the north and east of -- off to the south i should say of concord. followed up one minute later by a 2.7 earthquake and then a 2.4 felt at about 3:28 in the afternoon. so for that


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