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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  May 3, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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back tomorrow. i'm peter alexander reporting from new york. from all of us at nbc news, good night. . nbc bay area news starts now. >> that little girl at 14 months old, she didn't get to experience anything. i mean, it's heartbreaking. >> right now at 6:00 a life cut too short. a baby girl and her mother killed while simply walking down the sidewalk in the east bay. the disturbing details we are now learning about the driver. good evening to you, i'm peggy bunker. >> and i'm terry mcsweeney. unbelievable pain in the east bay. an alleged drunk driver loses control and mows down a young mother and her little girl. nbc bay area's christie smith joins us live in livermore where a press conference wrapped up about an hour ago. this is one of those tragedies that gets to everyone. >> reporter: it is absolutely a
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heartbreaking story. a mom and baby girl hit and killed, as you said walking. and police believe a suspected drunk driver is to blame. and today they revealed more information about where this man was in the hours before the crash happened yesterday evening. livermore police say 35-year-old brian of livermore has posted bail after he was arrested on vehicular manslaughter charges. livermore police say jones was going too fast and lost control of his 2014 corvette on murrieta boulevard near an apartment complex where today neighbors and even strangers are grieving. investigators say jones had left wine country here in town. they stopped edped serving at 5:00 p.m. and this crash happened around 7:00. they're trying to determine where he was during those hours. investigators describe what happened. >> the vehicle struck two trees before sliding into the backyard of two apartments when it came to rest.
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two victims were initially struck by the vehicle, a 40-year-old female and her 14-month-old daughter. >> i could hear the screeching. >> okay. >> it was -- you know it wasn't regular screeching. it was way too long. and that's when i was, like okay, maybe there's going to be an accident or something. >> reporter: now, two other little boys ages 6 and 7 were hit by debris but we're told they have been treated and released. police say preliminary alcohol screening tests done on scene reveal the blood-alcohol level of almost twice the legal limit. they did not today release the names of the 40-year-old mom or the 14-month-old baby girl. but they are still asking witnesses to the crash to come forward. reporting live in livermore, christie smith nbc bay area news. >> a tragic story. thank you so much. in the east bay, did you feel it? a light earthquake hit in concord, reminding residents of the dangers of living in the bay area. the 3.6 quake was centered in
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concord followed by a 2.7 quake a minute later. the fire department said they are not responding to any injuries or damage. a little bit of good news there but one shaker and then another one. >> kind of a sequence of them today. if you joined us at 5:00 it was a 4.0 earthquake downgraded to a 3.6. the first in this little sequence starting at 3:01 a 2.5. we had a 4.0 downgraded now to 3.6 at 3:13. then just a minute later a 2.7 and at 3:28 a 2.4. now a quake of that size, 3.6, felt widely throughout martinez into the san ramon valley where we saw two brief jolts, a stronging shaking. shaking felt as far west and south, san francisco down into emerald hills. michael letting us know in the peninsula feeling it down to the south and west away from the concord area. still could see aftershocks of 3.0 or smaller here over the next week or so. but since that 3.6, we have not seen any other significant
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earthquakes. and by the way, on this map, you might notice east of milpitas two smaller quakes, 2.0 or less not connected with that quake in concord. 3.6 earlier this afternoon. back to you. >> all right, rob, thanks very much. now let's get to nbc's mary marianne favreau. did you find anybody out there who felt the shaking? >> reporter: absolutely. i felt to several people who say they definitely felt a jolt out here, and it really caught them off guard. we talked to a scientist with the usgs about this quake. it hit at 3:13 this afternoon, and as rob already mentioned, they recently in the last half hour, downdroided eddowngraded it to 3.6. they say it was centered about one mile south of concord on the concord fault downtown. >> and that was followed by to date four small aftershocks ranging from about 2.4 to 2.7.
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and at the moment we would associate these earthquakes with the concord fault. now, the concord is one of the primary faults in the bay area. >> reporter: and we just talked to one woman who said that it definitely caught her off guard. >> it was kind of like a little jolt. it wasn't anything too big. nothing fell down. nothing broke. it was just kind of more of a caught you off guard kind of did i just feel what i think i did? >> reporter: now, here at this strip mall we have cvs and big five sports. they say that they haven't had anyone report any damage or injuries. nothing fell off the shelves. we also checked in with authorities. including the fire department, and they say there were no reports of damage or injuries. now, on that particular fault, the concord fault that runs downtown there was a quake back in 1955 measuring 5.4 on the richter scale. reporting live in concord,
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marianne favro. it's nice to get alerts about earthquakes around the bay area. get breaking news on your phone. download the nbc bay area app free for an void and iphone devices. giants players and fans honor the memory of a young baseball player today at at&t park. jordan almgren was stabbed to death at his discovery bay home. the suspect has been arrested. today the team gave jordan's parents a jersey during a private moment with the team president. his parents say that he loved baseball and was an avid giants fan. this all took place in the stadium box along with his teammates. the team also tweeted out "today we celebrate the joy of jordy, an angel with a giant heart." a frightening uptick in deaths on caltrain tracks is motivating one city to test out a new safety system. palo alto city leaders hope a network of cameras stops the increase of suicides. officials say the suicide rate is the highest it's been in ten
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years. the system of cameras would allow officers to be alerted and give responders more time to get the person off the tracks. surveillance network of course would be able to detect a stalled car as well. the cost and installations have not been finalized. switching gears now, five down, 11 more to go. to win an nba championship. warriors beat up on the memphis grizzlies, winning 101-86 today. the long rest did the warriors good for the semifinals. team coverage on the warriors. our kimberly terry live at oracle with fans' reaction. first we go to fallon smith. fallon we get an overshoot tomorrow, but it seems like the bs have already been split, as they say. >> yes, big news. here's the thing. steph curry has proved doubters wrong all his life. he wasn't highly recruited out of high school. he was told he would never make it in the nba and that he was too small. guess what? curry is about to receive the
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nba's highest individual honor. oh, yes, according to our warriors insider, monty pool steph curry will be named the nba's most valuable player as early as monday. the 27-year-old sharpshooter will become the first and only warrior to win the mvp award since the team moved to california in 1962. well deserved. game one of the western conference semifinals mike conley out with facial fractures. ouch. that looks like it hurts. first quarter, steph curry showing off. behind-the-back pass to draymond green. and money green is money from downtown. dubs up six. third quarter, warriors up 13. klay thompson in the corner for three. that's good. dubs up 17. next possession curry hits the stepback trey. slash brothers combine for 40. warriors take it 101-86. coming up later in sports our warriors insider will have more
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on the big news of steph curry winning mvp. guys? >> all right. >> fallon, thanks so much. now lets bring in our kimberly terry. you drew the short straw. had to spend the day with dedicated and loyal fans watching this awesome. i think what we're saying is you're pretty lucky. >> reporter: i am lucky, and i count myself among the fans for the warriors. now, a lot of them actually started leaving in the fourth quarter which kind of surprised me. you're at a playoff game. so i said why are you leaving early? they said they were that confident that the warriors would win in this playoff game. and as we know, they indeed were right. 101-86. >> enjoy the game. >> amazing! they're so good! we're going all the way! >> reporter: one win down and three more to go for the warriors as they take on the memphis grizzlies in the nba championship semifinals. >> i don't want to get too arrogant, but i'm going to say we're going to take it in five. >> reporter: warriors fans are
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said to be the loudest in the nba. that combined with the team's fast-paced style on the court seems to be a win-win. >> we dlooifthrive off them and they thrive off us. >> this is the best series. we've got the best fans in the world right here right here, and i'm from memphis. >> we won't hold that against him, though. >> reporter: among the fans today, 12 kids from oakland's elizabeth's house which provides temporary housing for otherwise homeless women and children. they got to watch warm-ups courtside. >> this is going to be a life-changing event for them. this is something they'll never forget. >> i want to show off to my friends. >> reporter: the last time the warriors won the championship was back in 1975. but if fans have their say, 2015 will be their next win. >> this is great. i missed the '74/'75, i was here, i missed it. i'm a season ticket holder and
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i'm not going to miss the playoffs. i can say that now. this is fantastic! it is great! >> reporter: the warriors will play again at home on tuesday. and then they will hit the road to memphis for games three and four. live in oakland, kimberly tere nbc bay area news. >> so exciting. the warriors will play game two in oakland. game three saturday will take place in memphis. game four monday may 11th also in memphis, if needed, but we don't think so. >> fallon doesn't think so. >> game five would be may 13th in oakland. the city of baltimore not yet at peace. new steps many are taking tonight to calm things down there. why some protesters are not ready to go home yet. and also boxing fans able to watch last night's big match for free. the unprecedented move from hbo and showtime to put a stop to that. and later, why google is turning some of its engineers into professors.
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tonight the city of baltimore no longer under a curfew. it is a step forward towards a life as normal. but protesters vow it won't be business as usual when it comes to police and justice. nbc's brian mooar has more from washington. ♪ >> reporter: in baltimore, another mass rally and a lingering question. >> this week everybody's been asking the same questions what are the next steps? >> reporter: six officers are now facing charges in the death
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of freddie gray in the deescalation of tensions has convinced officials to lift the nighttime curfew in effect since tuesday. >> it's going to take a little while for us to get totally back to normal, but i think lifting the curfew is a good idea. >> a lot of the unrest has been settled, settled down in the sense of the protests but that doesn't mean the work doesn't continue. >> reporter: nearly 500 people were arrested in a week and a half of unrest. a few dozen on the curfew's final nights. the mall lives at the height of monday's rioting is reopening. and the community is eager to see national guardsmen and police go home. but demonstrateors say their voices will not be silenced. >> now is our moment the window is open. let us push for justice! justice! >> we've got to see this all the way through. until all six officers trade in their blue uniform for an orange uniform. >> reporter: baltimore, a city no longer under curfew, but not yet at peace.
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congressman elijah couplings is inviting gop congressional leaders to his city to witness what happened but also to see what might happen if there are further budget cuts. brian mooar, nbc news washington. and new at 6:00, maybe a little bit too easy for some fans to watch last night's big fight on television for free. many fans turned to piracy sites in periscope to tune into the fight. well it had a pretty hefty price tag if you wanted to actually pay for it. fans had to pay up to 100 bucks to watch mayweather pete manbeat manny pacquiao. hbo and showtime did sue several websites for promising to stream the site days before the match actually aired. >> that is wild. >> a lot of people -- >> a new day. >> yeah. a lot of people said it only had a few crazy highlight moments. a lot of people tune in to catch it. >> absolutely. rob, i think you tuned in here and watched it?
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>> we were tuned in here to the weather wall. >> other features of the weather wall. we have temperatures right now in the 60s. chilly today around san francisco and the north bay. let's take you on a closer view. notice 50s down towards mill valley and low 60s. the closer view shows you the trend of the day. lots of low clouds to start. we'll put in this motion. 60s once the sun broke out of those clouds but with a strong sea breeze even places like san jose having a tough time climbing into the 70s. a view around oak land rightland right now, chilly outside. 60 right now. you see the low clouds across the east bay. those low clouds thrown in by a strong sea breeze. in the north bay temperatures, south winds and the marine layer up to 3,000 feet really dropped those north bay temperatures today. mostly 60s. you see some of those low clouds offshore. a sunny break or two around santa cruz earlier. that marine layer very thick,
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3,000 feet just offshore. look out for a slight chance of some thundershowers in the sierra south of lake tahoe. the pattern repeats tomorrow morning. low clouds inland with areas of drizzle. then partly cloudy skies. and again, cool temperatures as we head through the day tomorrow. waking up to low clouds probably some drizzle, too, for your monday morning commute. and as we head towards lunchtime, you can probably keep the jacket on through around noon. look at that. 60s around the bay area. 5 50s closer to san francisco. highs tomorrow in only the warmest spots upper 50s and low 60s around san francisco. 70 in san jose. 60s into the north bay and out towards the tri-valley highs in the low 70s. temperatures shup ramp up a little bit as we see both here and our weather trend through wednesday. also the seven-day forecast at the bottom of our screen. then we'll be optimistic with our friday temperatures. there is at least a chance we could get showers in here maybe by thursday night on into friday. so we'll see those highs again dipping into the 60s to near 70. and we hope this is true maybe
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friday into early saturday. a chance of seeing a few showers as we finish the week. back to you. >> it will keep the hillsides green. >> yeah. we'll take it. thank you. next google engineers turned university professors? >> this is the company's latest way to recruit top talent and bring them over to google. there's something pretty unique about the schools that they're targeting.
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may is asian pacific american her tan month. >> a chance for everyone to learn about the diverse cultures. let's take a look right now at someone who knows about that. nbc bay area's own janelle wang. kinging off this month's special occasion. this took place in san francisco. also a day to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the growing up asian in america program. this is the largest program in the country. that encourages asian youth to share their stories. >> really cool. well google is going
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straight to the source to ensure more diverse workplace. google software engineers are teaching at a handful of historically black colleges such as howard university. the google and residence professors are already making an impact. 30 students have been accepted as interns this summer. plus one senior will start at the company full time once he graduates. a senior already working at google. >> you're excited about that. >> it's a nice gig. >> that's cool. >> yeah. let's check in with fallon smith joining us from comcast sports net. we already know that the warriors are going to sweep the grizzlies. any other news for us? you told us earlier. >> yeah i said that if they get mike conley back. if they don't get mike conley back. >> caveat. >> yes, exactly. well, and some other news. steph curry will be named the league's most valuable player. coming up in sports, we'll hear from the man who broke the story. that's right, our own monty pool will join us.
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sports is next. don't go anywhere. jamie wanted a taste of the real new orleans and we just couldn't
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say no to that face. then we wanted more of that local flavor so betty says... oh yeah, that's betty. you're going to want to do this alligator thing. and betty didn't lead us wrong. a little later we passed some dancing. and who doesn't like dancing? especially when it's followed by fireworks everyone's nola is different. follow yours. every time steph curry has stepped out on the floor this season, mvp chants have filled up oracle arena. there's no longer a need to campaign. according to our warriors insider, monty pool curry will be named the mvp as early as monday. and the man who broke the story joins us with more. >> reporter: steph is the guy who really was the maestro of
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the warriors with the best offense. they had an historically good season, one of only ten teams to win 67 games in a season. and i think when you look at steph's numbers individually they were terrific across the board. he was an all-star game starter, a highly popular player. and again, on the best team in the league, and just very watchable player. all these things i think added up, and that's the reason why he is the guy that people are saying will be the mvp. >> thanks, monte. memphis guard mike conley out with facial fractures. yikes! first quarter, steph curry, the mvp showing off, behind-the-back pass to draymond green. and money green is money from downtown. dubs up six. third quarter, warriors up 14. klay thompson in the corner for three. you betcha. dubs up 17. next possession now. curry, doing what he does best. hits the stepback three. slash brothers combined for 40.
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101-86. here's ros with more. >> reporter: the big question was, who would take the tempo? and the warriors had an answer right off the bat. they picked up where they left off in new orleans and the warriors looked in a groove to begin round two against memphis. >> i thought the energy level was great. we were well rested, obviously. i think our conditioning and just you know our physicality going into the game was nice. >> you never know how the week of is going to go. we could be rusty or out of sn sync, but we've been practicing and champing at the bit. >> the second half i feel like we played better. you know everybody had a little nerves. we started off a little shaky. >> reporter: the fans at oracle arena also did not miss a beat especially when memphis shooting guard tony allen unintentionally walked through a junior dance group, kids their dance
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routine, he walked through it. and it was just right before halftime. so from that moment on every time that he touched the ball 18,000 strong at oracle arena booed him. dub nation does not forget. at oracle arena, i'm ros gold-onwude, nbc bay area. >> giants looking for their second straight sweep at home facing the angels. lead-off homer to right. joe panic takes weaver deep. that's gone. first time the giants have had back-to-back lead-off homers since 1964. the giants sweep the halos 5-0, the final. rubber match for the a's and rangers. stephen vogt. hello, good-bye. three-run homer to right. his second long ball of the day. and the a's, they take a 5-0 lead. in the bottom of the seventh, sunny gray gets adrian beltre swinging. gray had ten strikeouts on the
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day. the a's win 7-1. so the a's wins the giants win, the dubs win and steph curry is about to win the league's mvp. i'd say that's a pretty good sunday for bay area sports fans. that's it for me. more news after this.
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now bringing you breaking news out of garland, texas. there's been a shooting outside of the drama hammad contest. >> police say two suspects who
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may have had explosives were shot and killed. also a security guard also killed. much more on this and today's news at 11:00. >> thanks for choosing nbc bay area news. we'll see you at 11:00.
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ll: hello, i'm doug mcconnell, and we've got some great discoveries for you along the "openroad." doug: we'll venture down the shaky san andreas fault to discover geological wonders, wonderful wine, and a mountain reborn, where giant condors may one day soar. steve abbors: and somebody's gonna be the lucky person to see that. doug: we'll see condors soaring now above big sur and get very close. we'll visit two national parks that played key roles in winning a war and saving nature. and we'll meet a photographer with an artistic eye and a passion for history and beauty, day and night. [music]


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