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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  May 6, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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montgomery and it's almost 1:00 now. >> reporter: the problem according to the bart a 10 inch section of rail broke between 16th and civic center slowing train service across the system for hours. >> the pittsburgh bay point to sfo trains are the only trains tar moving past montgomery. a lot of trains aren't even coming into san francisco, they're turning back at various locations >> reporter: even with the late afternoon repair delays could remain. all this while the giants played at at&t park. these fans say bart put a dent in their plans. >> we're an hour late to the game. >> we came with other people and they're already here and waiting on us. >> reporter: the alternative, ferry's and buses into i sent my boss a note going i'm going home on the 3:10 bus i've got some work with me, i'll see you tomorrow. >> reporter: in the east way we're told that service was stopped for a time around bay fair and castro valley that was
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due to a power outage but that has since been restored. we're told for the evening commute expect delays. reporting live in san francisco, christie smith, nbc bay area news. so the problems are resolved, but, yes, as christie was saying the delays still remain. we're updating the story across our digital platforms, our free nbc bay area app is useful you can also connect with us on facebook twitter and instagram. have you seen this man? san jose police say he tried to sexually assault two different people in broad daylight the latest attack happened yesterday. officers say he followed a 13-year-old girl home and forced his way into her home the second attack happened last month off 280, in this case police say he attacked a woman inside a public restroom. >> when you're doing something like this in public it's pretty sick. for this guy to have no regard for anybody else being around and no record for the victim it's appalling. >> if you know who this man is
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please call san jose police. the 49ers can't seem to stay out of trouble. more high profile player finds himself in legal hot water. a woman is eye could you saying ahmad brooks of groping her while she was unconscious. this allegedly happened at the home of former 49er ray mcdonald, the woman filed a civil lawsuit claiming she believes surveillance footage will prove her allegations against brooks. the woman says brooks groped her, before mcdonald carried her upstairs of that home and is sexually assaulted her last tease. mcdonald has since sued the woman for defamation saying security footage shows the two had consent sul sex. 49ers general manager releasing this statement today saying quote, the 49ers organization is aware of the media report. we were disappointed to learn of this matter and will continue to monitor the situation. now to decision 2016, raising money and support, presidential candidate hillary clinton is in the bay area right now. it's her first visit since
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announcing her run for the white house. nbc bay area's michelle roberts is live outside the century club in san francisco where clinton is expected to arrive any moment for her second fundraiser of the day. michelle >> reporter: that's right, we haven't seen her yet, but she is expected to be here any minute. she's just coming from china town where she had tea with mayor ed lee. take a look at this front door, heavy police activity we've already seen dozens of people go inside they're being checked at the door just to get inside $2,700. now, this event, this is the second fundraiser event of the day, the first one she met with tom stay yer and a hedge fund well nare and political advocate advocate. today's events will bring if about a million dollars. today at the fundraising events not everyone was there to cheer for her and give her money, some are here to send a message and urge her to vote against the keystone pipeline if she is elected president. you will hear from those people coming up at 6:00.
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today gop leaders are accusing clinton of being out of it touch with every day people noting that she's holding events only available to the upper class. now, this event is supposed to wrap up at about 7:00 and she is on her way here now and this isn't the only fundraising event here in the bay area she will be meeting with people along the peninsula on friday. reporting live in san francisco, michelle roberts nbc bay area news. let's head outside now a live look over the fremont hills, our weather is about to change our chief meteorologist is tracking a chance of rain in the forecast who gets it and when? >> i think everyone in the bay area will have the possibility of getting some showers and it happens on thursday. you can see the storm system is mainly offer to the north and also to the east of the bay area. gradually through tomorrow that center of low pressure gets closer and it's going to move in from the sierra and then push off towards the west closer to the bay area. you can see by 5:00 p.m. tomorrow great chance here of some showers developing across the bay area. so here is an early look at what you can expect.
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it will be dry for those early morning commuters, best chance of thunderstorms in the east and the south bay and you want to watch out for isolated hail and also gusty independent with. we'll tell you how much rainfall we'll pick up in about ten minutes plus details on a fast changing flaft in a brand new issued winter weather adviser. >> thanks jeff. you can track tomorrow's rain and get your neighborhood forecast on our nbc bay area app. lots of shaking going on in the east bay, another bay of small earthquakes have people feeling a bit rat erred. the concord green valley fault isn't one that make the news too often but this week it's been very active. jodie hernandez is live along the fault line. with a look at what this could all mean >> reporter: scientists say they don't know what this means but they're watching it closely. we're actually standing along the fault line on the edge of what is known as a sag pond. scientists tell me that the movement of the earth over hundreds of years caused the surface to sink creating this
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little lake. tonight this sag pond isn't the only reminder an active fault exists here. >> so i was getting my son up for school and we just had a quilt jolt and which both looked at each other and said did we just have another earthquake >> reporter: jennifer chambers describing the shaking she and her seven-year-old felt this morning. the second earthquake the concord mother has experienced this week. >> it's a little weird for us out here yeah. we're used to hearing everything about the hayward faults not concord faults. >> this is the green valley the concord section of the green valley fault. >> reporter: scientists with the usgs say the concord green valley fault has produced a swarm of 17 earthquakes since sunday three of them big enough to be felt this morning, several sunday afternoon also large enough to give folks a jolt. >> this is normal small earthquake activity. we expect small earthquakes all the time all over this whole bay area, the san andreas fault
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system >> reporter: scientists say they're not certain how long the cluster will last, it could be days or weeks, but they say the shaking is a reminder the earth beneath us is moving and the potential for the big one is there. folks in concord say they get it. >> i think we're going to get a big one. i have a feeling. >> reporter: again, scientists say that the earthquake swarm doesn't tell them anything about the likelihood of a big quake hitting, but they say the fault does have the potential to produce a major quake. reporting live in concord, i'm jodie his or her he dez, nbc bay area news over to the coast now. we now know what killed a humpback whale that washed ashore in pacifica this week, it appears a ship hit it. scientists say the whale had four broken vertebrae with hem ranling around at least one broken rib. biologists cut into the whale, an adult female early in morning. another whale washed ashore in
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pacifica last month, the cause of death for that sperm whale has not yet been determined. new at 5:00 a bizarre story involving state toernl general comala harris. one of her aids has been arrested. brandon kyle who has worked for harris for two years, sheriff's investigators say he and two others posed as leaders of a fake police force, they called it the masonic fraternal police department a fictitious group dating back vent reese, they sent letters to various police departments requesting meetings. a sheriff's captain in l.a. county grew suspicious and launched this investigation. harris' office says it cannot comment on this ongoing criminal investigation. sheriffs investigators say they found id cards, uniforms and law enforcement-type vehicles at a home and office linked to the group. three and a half months after the game was played some revelations about deflate-gate. an investigation has determined the patriots did purposely deflate footballs in the afc
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championship game. the investigation found members of the patriots staff more likely than not took air out of footballs on purpose. in addition the report states quarterback tom brady was generally aware it was apg. coach bill bilicheck and all assistant coaches were cleared of any wrongdoing. the 200 plus page report includes text messages between locker room employees suggesting brady wanted the footballs deflated deflated. in january brady denied any wrongdoing. >> i would never do anything to break the rules. i have no knowledge of anything. i have no knowledge of any wrongdoing of any -- >> nfl commissioner roger goddell is still deciding on any disciplinary action. a chilling dress rehearsal, a new report says the co-pilot who deliberately crashed a germanwings plane in march did a practice run hours before. a french preliminary report released today fount andreas lubtiz rehearsed setting the
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automatic descent controls on a different flight the same day. it wasn't obvious because the plane was already descending to the airport and the captain was out of the cockpit. investigators say on lubitz's next flight he crashed the plane into the french alps kill all 150 people on board. still ahead on nightly news a closer look at this chilling evidence, lester holt joins us in about 20 minutes for nightsly news. it's been a tough year for the san jose police department and today was a day to look back with pain and pride. i'm live? san jose when police pay tribute to fallen officers not long after one of their officer's fell. that story coming up. you can hear it and you can see it. surveillance video just released that could lead to a break in a burglary case. also --
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bridges deemed structurally deficient. >> congress has been kicking this can down the road for too long. >> now after your investigation exposed the problem there's new action to fix the bridges and roads we use every day.
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a day of heavy hearts in san jose as the police department honored its fallen officers one
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of those officers michael johnson who was killed back in march while responding to a domestic disturbance call. nbc bay area's robert honda is live from the san jose police department where the emotional ceremony took place today. robert >> reporter: well it has been a very emotional day for family and friends of fallen officers and for the entire department which has been dealing with michael johnson's death and what it calls a very tough year for cops. the families of 12 officers who died in the line of duty over many years for the san jose police department made a solemn walk into today's memorial ceremony. the group watching the traditional proceedings included the family of michael johnson which just endured public and private funeral services last month after johnson was killed on march 24th during an emergency call. johnson's family expressed appreciation, but chose mott to talk publicly. >> it's obviously more difficult for us it feels like yesterday we laid michael to rest. >> it's difficult for them just
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reopens the wounds but yet they're doing fine and we're here to help them to get through it. >> the family of jeffrey fontan in a says they understand. he was an academy classmate and good friend of johnson, he was killed in october 2001 the last san jose officer killed before johnson. fontan in a's mother says the passing years and honoring ceremonies only ease the pain a little. >> it brings everything back to the surface again and you remember the day that you were told that your son was killed but it is a wonderful memorial the san jose pd does for our officers and it's important to remember them. >> reporter: and it did coming up at 6:00 more on the ceremony and how the events of the year have changed the department. live in san jose robert honda, nbc bay area news. we have new video of a smash and grab burglary at a san francisco boutique. see some of the surveillance cameras here you can see that burger using a rock to smash in the front door and then he comes right inside. this happened on april 21st
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around 3:30 a.m. on west portal avenue. if you recognize the suspect you're asked to call san francisco police. on the peninsula was it a prank or a crime? palo alto police are investigating a string of paint ball attacks. they say someone fired patient balls from a moving car at three pedestrians. the attacker first hit an elderly man near newel road and dana avenue two women were hit in the area of pell vil and parkinson avenues, the attacks left bruises and rattled nerves but otherwise everyone is okay. police are hoping for more information. they only know the car was a gold older sedan. the line in the sand has been drawn. historic new conservation rules from the state water board released last night have people scrambling to adapt and those who don't follow these new rules could face steep fines. nbc bay area's damian carile is up with the effects of these
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landmark restrictions >> reporter: it's getting harder for gardeners across the bay area to keep their green thumbs if you will, as these new rules comes in the drought takes hold. it hasn't been easy for gardener oscar lopez, the drought is forcing his customers to cut back his hours, no one waters the lawn is so the lawn isn't growing enough for him to poe. >> the houses about 120, 60. >> half. >> half. we can't support a family like that. >> with new water restrictions released late last night it won't get any better anytime soon for oscar and gardeners like him. under the new rules meeting the governor's mandate of a 25% statewide conservation some areas will now have to conserve more than others depending on their current water use. for instance alameda county will be asked to cut water use by 16% over 2013 levels. san jose by 20%, morgan hill by
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28% and hills borrow by a whopping 36%. >> things are changing and we need to change and this drought is the catalyst for that. >> reporter: as the push for conservation gross louder the central wholesale nursery in san jose has spent a lot of time restocking plants in its drought resistant section. >> that would be the natives and low water use plants have been a dramatic surge in requests for that product. >> reporter: now most of those cities facing that 36% water reduction are in southern california except for hills borrow of course, but, again, everybody in the state has to give a little. we're live in san jose. nbc bay area news. our drought is also renung thirst for dee sal nated water. today state water regulators adopted new standards for future dee sal nation plants however, the technology has significant
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issues including a hefty price tag and years of development. dee sal nation also leaves behind waste that must be iñ@8@8@nv7 addressed. today lawmaker also placed a limit on how much of that waste can be pumped back into the ocean. you can track the drought on our website there on the front page, click on the running dry story box at nbc bay we are going to get a little bit of water, let's get a check of our forecast with chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. >> it should be enough to at least help the immediate fire danger, that will be the good news. it's becoming more and more clear as this storm system we're tracking to the north and east right now is also going to bring us the possibility of thunderstorms. it's kind of a twofold issue. any thunderstorms that do happen lightning strikes could cause more fires, but, again, a slight risk here issued by the storm prediction center that could be followed by gusty winds and some hail. we'll take you outside on the sky camera network. no indication of any kind of storm system blue skies, sunshine, 78 degrees in the
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north bay for your average. san francisco that colder wind and 62 and then back for the south bay, a nice evening with 69 degrees. now, tomorrow morning for you early morning commuters rain is always, you know usually a bad thing out there on the roads. we'll start off dry, still no storm system yet with upper 40s and also low 50s throughout the bay. let's take you into the timing of this. the thing that is a big note with this storm system is it's not moving in the typical fashion, normally they come from the pacific and move across california. this is going to be moving in from nevada. kind of through the back door so to speak and then eventually to the bay area. it's lacking a lot of moisture but it does have the instability with it. so we think at 5:00 in the afternoon on thursday that will be the best chance to see some showers fire off throughout the east bay, south bay and also for the peninsula as well. now, overall tote alleys will also mirror what you saw on that last graphic, the more north and west you go the les of those rainfall totals but check it out, back into livermore we get
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some thunderstorms popping, we may see 018 of an inch. that 0.37 is no doubt relying on the possible thunderstorms that could develop. if we don't get any thunderstorms these totals will be a lot less, right now is looks decent. as we take to that forecast for thursday 70 san jose, 69 for the peninsula, palo alto 70 and san francisco staying in the 60s with a chance for showers. for the north bay, east bay and tri-valley the thing to notice is that santa rosa will stay dry at this point. chance of showers in in napa and once again for the tri-valley possible thunderstorms in pleasanton and also livermore. we will see things clear out on the extended forecast as we head to this upcoming weekend on saturday and sunday. low 70s in san jose san francisco in the 60s. what you want to notice here on the east bay forecast is not
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only the chance for thunderstorms on thursday but we may see a lingering possibility into friday and then temperatures in the upper 70s by this upcoming weekend. takes notes in you're heading to the sierra we could be looking at a foot at some of the key resorts. not a drought buster but it is at least something. >> we'll take it. >> yes we will. thanks, jeff. still ahead, a different kind of delay involving bart. this time at the state capitol, the controversial bill aimed at stopping bart workers from getting on strike. why it's easier to get a seat on the cal train. grass fed? mhmm. i'm super into health. bottled tap water? well all bottled water is the same right? you need crystal geyser alpine spring water. made by nature, not by man. crystal geyser alpine spring water. bottled at the mountain source.
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♪ da da da da ♪ ♪ da da da da ♪ ♪ da da da da ♪ ♪ da...♪ sorry brenda. crystal geyser. bottled at the mountain source. da da da. we have new details in this video, this videotaped arrest we showed you from saturday night in san jose. suspect juan lopez made his first court appearance today on assault and drug charges. he did not enter a plea. prosecutors say what's seen on this this video clip is only a snippet of what happened as police tried to is subdue lopez. his bail was set at $116,000. sjpd is reviewing whether the officers used excessive force. they're getting some help those local students who were left academically stranded by the closure of corinthian
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colleges. administrators from city college of san francisco, san francisco state and san mateo community college joined jackie speier at a news conference today. teams from the schools have been counseling students since last week advising them of which of their credits will transfer to state schools. spear called what happened to the thousands of students a debacle. >> it's a travesty of the department of education and the congress of the united states not putting teeth into the laws that govern for profit colleges and universities in this country. >> representative spear hopes corinthian's failure will prompt congress to deny the -- the for profit colleges powerful lobby and pass tougher guidelines. neither two years after bart strike stranded commuters state lawmakers agreed to confer a law to ban future walkouts a at the transit agency. an assembly did not pass the bill but plans to hold more talks on the proposal backed by
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republican catherine baker. it would force bart workers to honor no strike clauses. bart workers staged two strikes in 2013 that shut down service. if you ride cal train you might if i had an empty seat. they will add a sixth car. that extra car will add 150 more seats to trains. cal train purchased used railcars from another agency to add the additional seating. great news for computers because many have had to stand because cal tran's required shship was grown. more than 60,000 commuters ride cal train on a typical weekday. silicon valley gives in a big way, the results of that 24 hour fundraiser neck.
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a big thank you from organizers of the 2015 silicon valley gives fundraiser. more than 7.8 million bucks was raised in 24 hours and they tell us matching donations are still coming in. this is only the second year of this fundraiser some 17,000 people dipped into their pockets to help local nonprofits. 3,000 more donors than last year. the great news you were out there, jeff, raising funds and all the money stays here in the bay area. >> it's hard to you know fathom that much money in shuch such a short amount of time. >> silicon valley can does give. >> right now i think we're going to do a last check of weather. we have some great companies here throughout san jose mainly clear skies, no sign of any storm, but you can see on the extended forecast for tomorrow we have the chance here of some
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showers in san jose, san francisco and off to the east bay and possibility of thunderstorms. we will have more coming up at 6:00. up next nightly news with lester holt. see you soon. on this wednesday night, letting the air out. the long-awaited deflategate report is out pointing the finger at some on the new england patriots including super bowl mvp tom brady over those underinflated footballs. did they cheat? bob costas joins us tonight. take cover. tornadoes already spotted on the ground. millions in the potential path from texas to nebraska with watches and warnings throughout the night. and it's just getting started. alone in the cockpit. chilling new revelations tonight that the pilot that deliberately crashed a passenger plane may have practiced it on the flight before. and sibling rivalry. prince george is the most famous toddler in the world, but how will he share the spotlight with his little sister? "nightly news" begins right now.


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