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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  May 7, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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. right now at 11:00 look at the radar. rain returns to the bay area. bringing thunder and lightning along with it. that is realtime doppler radar. here is a live look outside at san jose right now where the clouds are looming and threatening as well. thanks for joining us. i'm kris sanchez. i'm scott mcgrew. let's get to the expert. christina loren. 11:00 straight up. a lot of the activity is starting to press out of the bay area, but we have had some very interesting storm reports so far. in fact one person a trained weather spotter, reported that they saw a funnel cloud earlier today which is basically rotation a tornado that doesn't actually touch the ground.
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that's a funnel cloud. this was reported near cal 12 and washington avenue. and the thing is we need more daytime heating to fuel some of the storms and that's exactly what's in the forecast this afternoon. it's only going to get more active before things calm down and clear out getting into tomorrow. we're going to talk about the other storm reports that we've had so far this morning and what's expected later on this afternoon when our chance for thunderstorms intensifies. that's all coming up. right now back to you, scott and kris. sierra getting snow. my goodness in may. they're expecting up to a foot of snow at donner's summit when the day is over. for your forecast anytime download our nbc bay area app. there you can connect with us. also facebook twitter, instagram. happening right now an all-out search for a missing family from alameda county.
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a father his 5-year-old son and 3-year-old daughter were supposed to return from a camping trip and they have not returned. crews are scouring the western part of the county. new details now about this shocking and vicious attack in san jose. a man followed a 13-year-old girl into her home and attacked her. she fought him off but now police hope social media can help to track him down. >> nbc bay area's bob redell live in san jose. as a parent we know that's the most terrifying video i've ever seen. >> reporter: very scary. san jose police of course are concerned as well. that's why they want you to take a look at these high-quality photos of the suspect. put it out there on social media, get the word out. hope that someone recognizes this guy. officers are confident he will strike again because he's already struck two times, both times during the day both times
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captured by a surveillance camera seemingly without a care in the world. what home security captures is stunning. a grown man stalking a 13-year-old girl on her way home from school tuesday afternoon at around 4:00. he forces his way into her west san jose home makes sexual remarks and as you can see, begins to attack. she does the right thing by fighting back forcing him to reconsider and leave. the girl and her mother agreed to speak with us as long as we disguised her voice. >> i had to fight this guy, and i'm thinking help me help me please. that was actually the only thing that was going through my mind. >> i was very very surprised and stunned that it can happen in this neighborhood. >> for whatever reason the world has changed, and it seems like if i have a choice between driving my kids to school or having them walk i'd rather drive them.
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>> reporter: on april 2nd at around 1:00 in the afternoon he followed a woman into a bathroom and tried to assaulted her. she too fought back. the victim says he reeked of ca loan or alcohol. believes he is 30 years old, medium height and thin build with a beard. >> it's pretty brazen. we need to put a stop to this immediately. we're concerned that he is going to strike again. we need the public's help. this is not a game. >> reporter: and again, police believe that the world we live in today where so many people are on twitter, facebook, that if you take those images and put them out there on your feed perhaps someone here in the south bay or throughout the bay area will recognize this man and give him up to police. reporting live here outside san jose police headquarters bob redell, nbc bay area news. >> that is really shocking. hopefully everybody can help disseminate that. thanks, bob. things getting back to normal for students at san jose state university after tense moments on campus last night.
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just before 7:00 someone said they spotted a man with a gun near duncan hall. police swarmed the campus as administrators sent out the text warning to students. after an exhaustive search no gunman was found. palo alto police say someone is shooting paint balls at random people walking on the street. here is a picture from officers showing the remnants of one of the attackings. you can see the paint on the tree. there were three separate attacks focused in two parts of town. the first at newell and dana the other two near melville and parkinson avenues. tuesday night the suspects fired 12 to 14 green paint balls from their car at an elderly couple. a man in his 70s suffered bruises. a few minutes later the suspects hit two women in separate attacks. all of them will be okay but police want the suspects off the street. two weeks after a brazen smash and grab robbery a suspect is still on the loose. if he thinks he got away with it
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he may need to think again because, once again, police have him on tape. nbc bay area stephanie chuang has the video. >> reporter: good morning. it's unclear why the man targeted this boutique store on the 200-block of west portal avenue. maybe because the signs are obscured from sight. maybe also because you can see from the front display the jewelry that is fully in sight. whatever the reason the man was caught on store camera two weeks ago. this was april 21st. san francisco police have just released the security camera footage. the man is wearing a black hat, jacket red shirt and jeans, walks by. he glances around peers inside the store. at that point you can see he is wearing gloves. he then walks out, looks around the street before he chucks a rock at the door that he takes out of his pocket. it doesn't break anything so he picks up the rock again, studies the block once again and throws it against the door. starts kicking in the door three times until it gives way. he ducks under along with his duffel bag. you can also see in the video that he is messing with hanging
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necklaces and jewelry in the back. 40 seconds into the store he leaves with an armful of clothes and grabs what looks like a tray of rings before exiting. once again, take a look at this man. this was on april 21st 3 pm 30 in the morning. he made off with about $3,000 worth of stolen goods. the store owner had just installed these cameras in january. both she and police hoping that it will help catch that man. in san francisco stephanie chuang nbc bay area news. >> thank you, stephanie. the two men who beat giants' fan bryan stow into a coma will be sentenced to even more time behind bars today. louie sanchez and marvin norwood pleaded guilty to one count each of being a felon in possession of firearms and ammunition. in court this afternoon they face up to ten additional years in brissen. they're already serving time after admitting to beating bryan stow in the parking lot of dodger stadium in 2011. detectives discovered the
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weapons and made the new charges while serving a search warrant on norwood's home during the stow investigation. the city of alameda will pay nearly a half million to a man saying he was roughed up by police. repeatedly trach striking a physically disabled suspect with a baton. the suspect was hospitalized after the 2012 incident. a cording to the chronicle alameda city council members approved a $450,000 payout without admitting liability. the ns a's controversial phone records collection program is illegal. the second court of appeals said the program was not authorized by corrosion. the three-judge panel says the case brought by the american civil liberties union illustrates the complexity of
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balancing privacy interests with nasht national security. the second circuit declined to block it leaving that decision to congress. up next at 11:00, can you, would you give up your phone or tablet for a whole week? the push to get people to drop the gadgets and explore the great outdoors. plus it is the fall that everybody is talking about this morning, now shaq is making the most of this embarrassing moment.
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the dow up better than 100 points this morning. we have the big jobs number tomorrow from the labor department. there has been a big shakeup at zynga. it says it will cut 364 people in a sudden round the layoffs. it's 18% of the work force. zynga started as a company that made games for facebook.
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you remember farmville. it sort of missed the boat on mobile games, but they are turning that boat around. one of the founders of pay pal says he secured more than a quarter billion dollars in investments for his new company affirm. affirm will lend you money to make online purchases. it's really a cool idea. let's say you wand to buy something. say a plane ticket. affirm looks at your credit rating in under a second while you are on a website and says he is good for it. you get the plane ticket you pay later whenever you want. another company getting funding and lots of it is dj eye. they make drones. they make the most popular drones. if you see one at a park it's almost always a dji model. it's also the type that crashed at the white house. new investment from excel partners gives the drone maker an over all worth on paper of over $8 billion. not bad for a company started in a dorm room. tesla is making lots of cars but not lots of money. not enough to turn a profit. losses expanded in the latest
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quarter. lots of people care more about when the cool suv is coming out. elon musk says the end of september. still quite some time from the model 3, the affordable tesla. the home battery announced next week that they haven't started building yet is sold out until 2016. musk says he is considering expanding the yet to be built battery factory. i discourage people from saying giga factory. that's marketing. they want a megafactory that's bigger, they make a giga. but if they expanded it still it would be a terra factory. >> we need all the batteries. lumber liquid ators is stopping sales of chinese laminate flooring. the retailer has been under fire since march when 60 minutes aired a report claiming the prods contained a high level of
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formaldehyde a known carcinogen. they're facing lawsuits over product safety and potential criminal charges as well. a new twist in the old battle to save what may be the last affordable housing in palo alto. there is a new plan to keep 400 residents from being evicted from the buena vista mobile home park. santa clara supervisor is taking up the fight for dozens of families who were told that they were being evicted so that the owner can renovate. he says he has the caritas corporation mobile home park operator to partner with santa clara county. >> we're hoping that working with the county they will be able to negotiate a market-rate purchase of the park from the current owners. >> the park's owner says the land is not for sale. later this month the city council will decide if a relocation package for tenants will be approved. a follow-up now. in emeryville workers there will
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be taking home bigger paychecks this summer. the city council voted to give the minimum wage workers a boost to $12.25 per hour tying san francisco and oakland for the highest minimum wage in the country. the wage hike takes effect june 1st. it's screen-free week. we're encouraged to unplug and enjoy the wonders of life. it's become an international movement to swap digital entertainment and explore life beyond the screen. >> for some families there seems to be a digital divide. even with families as young as toddlers. >> reporter: mornings in the abrams' household are always busy. with two young children and two working parents, getting out the door is not easy so it's not unusual for 6-year-old nicholas abrams to practice math on his ipad. >> it's one of his favorite
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things to do especially for educational stuff. it's a great thing for him. >> reporter: it's been helping nicholas learn for years. putting the tablet in his tiny hands came with concerns. >> personally i didn't want any games, you know. if there was going to be something on the phone, then it needed to be educational. >> reporter: it's a decision every parent now and in the last few years has had to make. according to one study, more than 70% of children under 12 use tablets. nearly 40% between the ages of 2 and 4 play with some type of mobile device in their hands. >> it's just not necessary for what we want to accomplish with our kids. >> reporter: he is a family therapist who believes toddlers should be learning about the world and tablets get into the way. >> there's lots of educational value on the apps and the tablets and all kinds of things. but academic education is not what we want to give our toddlers. they don't need to know how to count. they'll learn that in whatever time frame they're ready. it's easy to teach them without
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an ipad. >> reporter: there is also the worry about the impact on young eyes. >> there is no scientific proof that it's harmful in the long term. >> reporter: dr. michael altman said they've found ipads to be useful therapy tools for treating conditions like a lazy eye for kids. whether the concern is physical or social the professionals who are against toddlers and tablets know that it's not going anywhere. >> this is the world now. it's not going back. it's going forward. we have no idea where. we have to deal with it. >> reporter: the abrams are dealing with it. nicholas and leah are researching helpful learning apps for 18-month-old aden right now. >> how about this. all things in moderation. >> exactly. >> except cheese. >> that's true! >> we'll start our screen-free time tomorrow. today we'll be indoors, right, christina? that's right. especially if thunder roars. we do have a fair chance for thunderstorms later on today, especially right here in the south bay over the local mountainside. i'll show you the places the low
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levels might get activity as well. coming up in just a moment. let's start with the storm reports for today because hey, we're getting into may. any sort of significant rainfall this time of year is a bonus when it comes to our rainy season. we had a funnel cloud report a little bit suspicious. we saw the picture. it looks okay. the chance of it actually occurring about 30%. this was near ca 12 also known as highway 12 and washington avenue. we're still under the gun for a chance of some significant weather, possibly severe weather, later on today. hail reported fremont near 880 in molry. nickel-sized hail. lightning and thunder, definitely already this morning. san jose foothills through santa cruz mountains. we're still getting shower activity in the south bay at this hour. i want to show you the wide picture. we have the core of low pressure right now pressing into the central valley. but this is a big, sprawling
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system. as a result, if it's moving over the high elevations of lake twoe look at all the lightning. we're going to see shower activity intensifying as we head throughout the day. your realtime doppler radar shows you light showers right now through san jose extending through the east bay. that's where we have the best bet to see the activity later on today. this storm system is pretty wild. it's packing winter-like characteristics, very unusual to see this in may. that's why we're expecting potentially a foot of snow over the sierra nevada. in addition to that snow and the cold air, high pressure is still in control of our pattern ask resultingly, highs today will be close to 80 degrees up in the north bay. really bizarre to get snow down to 4400 feet and have temps near 80. i stopped the clock for you at 12:00. getting activity through 5:00
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p.m. this evening. that's when we have the best bet of getting any sort of thunderstorm activity. right now it does look like we're going to see some over our local moundenside local mountainside. north bay mountains and the santa cruz mountains and east bay hilltops. if you hear that thunder, seek shelter immediately. and when it comes to the lower levels. gilroy, san martin expecting activity as of this afternoon. temperatures for tomorrow will be steady. we might see lingering activity for your friday morning. for the weekend looking good for the low 70s in the south bay, the low 60s in san francisco. your east bay hills, nice and dry. the wonderful air mass we're accustomed to returns to the bay area. temps in the mid 70s for saturday into sunday. everybody getting a nice weekend as we kick off mother's day 2015. that's the good news. couldn't be more timely. we don't want the bad weather for mom this year. back to you, scott and kris. stern words from tom brady's
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agent. what he has to say about the deflategate controversy, coming up next.
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. cott and kris.
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a san francisco 49ers once again accused of bad behavior. two players now linked to a sexual assault. former 49er ray mcdonald and current 49er ahmad brooks named
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in a civil suit filed by high profile attorney gloria allred. she filed a motion to have a defamation suit mcdonald filed against her dismissed. allred says it is illegal to sue someone for reporting a crime to police. >> we will not allow nfl football players or any other rich and famous person to intimidate persons who allege that they are rape victim. >> surveillance video from mmc mcdonald's own home allred alleges, will prove what happens. she says she was knocked unconscious after slipping by the pool. she claims that's when he groped her and he carried her upstairs where he sexually assaulted her. mcdonald claims it was consen
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sexual sex. tom brady's reputation falling a little more flat this morning. nfl says he used deflated and illegal footballs in the afc championship and he knew about it. according to the report issued by the nfl a patriots locker room attendant who called himself the deflator is named as the point person. text messages he sent to an equipment assistant suggested both acted on brady's behalf to deflate footballs. the league has not announced disciplinary action. brady not commenting but his agent sure is. in a statement, donald yee says the wells report with all due respect is a significant and terrible disappointment. its omission the key facts and lines of inquiry suggest the investigators reached a conclusion first and determined so-called facts later. i saw one headline that said it was the patriots -- if a tree lands in the woods and no one is around to hear it does it make a sound?
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well, when shaquille o'neal falls on a live television set it goes viral. >> during the halftime show between the clippers and rockets the 7'1" 325-pound nba player fell in front of viewers. his foot apparently caught up in some tables under the floor. not seriously hurt. he has a sense of humor about it. let's watch it again. he is starting a contest, actually, offering $500 to the person who can make the best meme out of this epic fall. no! on twitter. do something, put some words on it. make it a meme. win 500 bucks from shaq. >> it's surprising it doesn't happen more often. up next at 11:00, a new warning for pet owners. why that made in the usa label that makes you feel better doesn't always mean treats are free of potentially deadly ingredients.
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live look at our realtime doppler radar. we're seeing rain for sure this morning. >> meteorologist christina loren has been busy all morning long. storm clouds christina. yeah. we're still investigating that. it's definitely a possibility. this is unusual. you might be checking your calendar. what month is it? it's may. but snow coming down at the lake level as we speak in tahoe. i want to show you video from earlier near donner pass. at this point we've already accumulated upwards of 6 inches of fresh snowfall up there. you can see here these are very light, fluffy flakes of snow. the system is coming through. actually had winter-like characteristics associated with it. but it's unusual to see a system this cold when we had temperatures in the 70s here in the bay area. it's some really whacky weather for us today. what you'll notice is
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thunderstorms along the spine of the sierra nevada. down in the south bay we're seeing pretty significant development. the area of red is a thunderstorm cell. as we get the daytime heating getting into the afternoon, the chance for strong thunderstorms in our neck of the woods definitely a possibility. we don't want to rule that out. a lot of this activity will stay on the east bay and south bay. we'll let you know how much shower activity we're expecting in your microclimate because widespread activity is on the lay later on. coming up in my next report. back to you, scott and kris. developing right now, dozens of towards leave a path of destruction across several states in the midwest. this morning thousands of people woke up to see the true extent of all that damage. nbc bay area's jay gray is in oklahoma city, which is one of the areas hardest hit. >> reporter: it was a difficult night overnight. more storms could be on the way. let's show you the devastation from this round of tornadoes. look at the motel behind me. you can see the rooms literally
11:31 am
ripped away here. there were people staying in this motel at the time. everyone, thankfully got out alive. if you push across the parking lot, though over to this rv park. 12 people injured, two critically in this park as the tornado ripped through this area. if it wasn't the wind it was the rain. there was flash flooding across the entire region. 7 inches in some areas. breaking records in oklahoma city. and there's concern that more severe weather, again, could be on the way today and through the weekend. that is the very latest here in oklahoma city. i'm jay gray nbc news. >> thank you, jay. a warning for pet owners this morning. tainted jerky treats led to the deaths of more than 1,000 pets. >> we previously reported that the tainted snacks were made in china, but there is a new twist. we've also learned that am so of the treats were isesalso made in the u.s. randy mack has more.
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>> reporter: for henry and lynn alvarez, these aren't dogs or even pets. they call them their fur babies. but the truth is the couple wouldn't have either animal if their first dog kingsley hadn't died. >> we basically had to watch him die hour by hour. >> reporter: two and a half years ago henry bought kingsley a back of chicken jerky treats made in china. >> i only gave him one treat. it was wednesday night. he started feeling sick by i would say noon the next day. it was either throwing up or having bloody diarrhea. >> reporter: they rushed him to the vet but by friday evening -- >> he had a complete system collapse. >> we watched him die. it was tragic is really the word to describe it. >> reporter: they say their vet ruled kingsley's cause of death as kidney failure, one of many symptoms identified in fda warnings going back to 2007 regarding the dangers of feeding pets chicken, duck or sweet potato jerky treats. >> we know that the illnesses
11:33 am
and deaths reported are mostly linked to jerky pet treats with ingredients from china. >> reporter: the food and drug administration produced a video response to questions about the jerky treats. the fda says there is no specific brand, no identified toxin or poison just a point of origin for ingredients. china. which investigators tracked down through lot numbers on the treats' packaging. >> i don't recommend pet owners feed their pets jerky treats until the fda can tell us what in the jerky treats is actually causing the sickness. there is his heart rate and rhythm there. >> reporter: dr. lopez is a vet in studio city. he says even jerky treats that say manufactured or made in the usa often contain ingredients from china. tonight the fda confirms pet jerky treats still being sold daily can contain ingredients from china and you would never know it. >> pet owners should be aware however, that manufacturers do not need to list the country of origin for each ingredient used in their products.
11:34 am
>> reporter: to date the fda blames pet jerky treats for illnesses in more than 5800 dogs, 25 cats, three people and 1,000 o canine deaths. >> we had grown very attached to him. >> reporter: the two new fur babies are rescues, pups whose lives they knew they could save helping them cope with feelings of grief and misplaced guilt. >> if i hadn't bought those treats, woe still be alive right now. >> that's tough. vets and the fda say that the pet jerky treats pose a bigger threat to smaller animals. also, if you are feeding them to your pets keep an eye out for any symptoms of illness and keep the packaging so the fda can track where its ingredients originate. the nbc bay area investigative unit exposed allegations of a former principal stealing money intended for her school and students. we've learned the district attorney in santa clara is looking into the claims.
11:35 am
that's former san jose high school principal kerry catching. we caught up with her in january to ask her about thousands of dollars she spent from a secret account she opened. our report found she spent thousands of dollars on pricey males, massages, even clothes for staff. at least $10,000 in gym rental fees were never paid to the district during her tenure. neither she nor the superintendent, vince matthews, would answer nbc's questions. now alum nye of the school are hoping the district attorney will pursue the case. >> somebody has to speak up for the parents and the students. it's a school with not a whole lot of money, and so every single penny that comes into the school obviously can be used by those kids. >> tonight at 11:00, what's happened to the former principal since our report and how much money the district is still owed for those rental fees from her former school. if you have a tip or our investigative unit give us a call. 1-888-996-tips. or send an email to
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in other news a connection between one of the gunman who attacked the controversial drama event in texas and isis sympathizers is becoming more clear. a congression committee today heres from experts on the alarming rise direct terrorists recruiting through social media. just the kind of thing the fbi says was behind the plot in texas. nbc's pete williams reports. >> reporter: isis sympathizers and recruiters suggested more is coming. you ain't seen nothing yet tweets a british isis convert. i smell something big coming soon says another. as investigators look for exactly what prompted the two gunmen. to plan their attack they say simpson was deeply immersed in jihadist twitter accounts including some that explicitly called for attacking the texas event. two weeks before the texas gathering, the fbi and homeland
11:37 am
security warned it carried the risk of being targeted. federal officials say more than 5,000 people are following the kind of radical twitter accounts that elton simpson did. how to tell which followers are truly dangerous. >> this is a very difficult task for law enforcement. there are a lot of people who say a lot of things on twitter and most of them don't carry out terror strikes. >> reporter: people who knew the other gunman nadir soofi. say he showed no signs of violence. helping out at a non-profit for the homeless. >> he was gentle. he helped them with their computer systems. he was just a really nice person. >> that was pete williams reporting. fbi says the latest plot dramatically shows how powerfully isis and other groups have exploited social media taking calls for violence directly to the people already pretty receptive to the message. >> brittons headed to the polls to vote in the uk's tightest
11:38 am
general election in a generation. >> reporter: there is no doubt this is the closest british general election in a generation, but there is plenty of doubt as to who britain's next prime minister will be. it is basically too close to call. david cameron, neither he nor the opposition leader has quite convinced the country that they alone should be the next prime minister. david cameron may be out of a job tomorrow morning, but that's unlikely because the polls are suggesting that although his right-wing conservative party may have the highest number of seats, he will be unable to form a majority government. he will have to rely on some of the smaller parties. as he has done for the last five years. the leader of the labor party, well, he has improved a little bit in the position that he was in six months ago where basically a lot of british people didn't think he could make a good prime minister at all. he has certainly improved on that situation, but he still hasn't convinced britain that he
11:39 am
would make a good prime minister. if he wants to try to form a government, he too will rely on some of the smaller parties, basically the polls are telling us it's too close to call. the two major parties are already reaching out to the smaller parties, trying to find out what kind of a coalition deal could be done. and it could be at least the weekend, if not into next week, when we know who britain's next prime minister will be or whether indeed david cameron will remain as the prime minister. back to you. >> all right. if you are a parent chances are you have gotten creative in getting your kids to do their chores. but likely nothing like this. one florida couple went a bit too far. joey and chad mud allegedly told police they gave their 13 and 15-year-old daughters drugs to get them to go to school and help around the house. the mother admits she smoked pot with her daughters as a bargaining tool. the father accused of doing cocaine with them. both parents facing multiple felony child abuse charges.
11:40 am
an olympic gold medalist did what he knew best when his daughter needed dental help. brian clay won the gold medal in the decathlon 2008. he grabbed string and tied the other end of the string to a jav lynn. one throw later, ladies and gentlemen, the tooth is gone. she did not even flinch. as the tooth flew out. >> kind of made my stomach hurt a little bit. i'm not going to lie. double duty. more and more moms are holding down jobs while also being the heads of their households. a new study by career finds 39% of working moms are the sole financial providers in their homes. that is up from 31% last year. at the same time 43% of working dads say they're the sole bread winners. that is also higher than last year. would you like some kale with that? mcdonald's wants to see if the leafy green will help boost
11:41 am
sagging sales at the golden afternoons arches. two breakfast bowls in southern california. one featuring kale in a turkey sausage and egg white bowl. it features spinach and bruschetta. it appears after they ran an ad that mocked the trendy spinach and kale. no, i would not like kale with that. up next at 11:00, would you want to share your doctor's appointment with a dozen other patients. some doctors say it's a good thing. not even california's inmates are immune to the drought. we'll take a look.
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old el paso says... start somewhere fresh
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. a special recognition as we approach the 70th anniversary of the end of world war ii. real live rosy the riveter will be honored this summer. >> what i always said was, she got all the credit but if it wasn't for my work, there would be no rosy the riveter. >> she is being recognized as one of the last of the 15,000 women who worked in boeing's
11:45 am
seattle factories. they worked long hours in tough conditions building bombers. all told the factory turned out more than 5,000 flying for tresses. how would you feel about seeing your doctor with a dozen other patients facing the same condition as yours. it's something some doctors and hospitals are doing. >> depends whether or not you have to wear the paper gown. it's part support group, part education and doctors saying it's leading to improved health as health. >> reporter: the cockatiel is a good companion for maria. they've been together for nine years. it's another form of companionship that's help the 73-year-old type ii diabetic to do what her doctor had been telling her to do for years. >> he told me to get my cholesterol down. >> reporter: she credits shared medical appointment. 90-minute appointments with
11:46 am
other patients all trying to manage the same chronic diseases. they talk about their diseases and consult openly with doctors and other physicians. they offer a chance to bond with other patients and often strengthen the doctor-patient relationship. >> as a physician i usually don't get to spend 90 minutes with a patient. as i spend more time with the patients and talk about the different things they may be doing, i find that i get to know them a lot better. >> reporter: he and his team at orlando health in florida track the progress of type ii diabetes. after a year they fared better an his other group losing an average of 18 pounds. >> their blood pressures started to come down. better sugar control. >> reporter: maria learned how to make fruit and vegetable smoothies from the group. >> i say, well, gee, if they're doing this to get their cholesterol down, then why can't i try it. >> reporter: most insurance
11:47 am
companies covered shared medical appointments which cost the same as a regular doctor exam. erica edwards, nbc. >> i can see the appeal. even prisons are feeling the impact of the drought. yesterday sacramento county sheriff's department announced it would take steps to reduce its water use. how? the department will cut back on how often patrol cars and other county vehicles are washed and they've also posted signs asking inmates to use less water as the county works to get low-flow equipment for cells and showers. >> how we wash the food. it's how we do our laundry. these are all things that we are going through. we are developing ideas to help save water. this is our first step. >> officials say they started conserving at the state level five years ago with 120,000 inmates at 34 different state prisons and they've reduced their water use by 1.5 billion gallons each year. we always need to keep the drought in the top of our head. that said we have a lot of rain
11:48 am
in the forecast here. >> seems like whenever we talk about the drought we're tracking showers. irony at its finest. even though it's raining, though, and you might actually be getting a nice dousing of rain over your lawn we still want to keep in mind we've got to conserve. look at this system though. this is a really impressive system. it's packing a lot of cold air and a lot of instability. the thunderstorms that we promised you right here in the south bay, firing off as we speak. we just had one lightning strike just to the east of san jose and now the east bay actually getting a little bit of lightning up there as well. those are the two locations we're the most concerned about as we head throughout the day today. as i fly you into san jose. look at 101. doused with rain all the way from san martin through san jose and so if you are going to be driving around please travel cautiously. i want to show you this impressive cell. western facing slope surrounding san jose lightning there. also near tracy.
11:49 am
it's all starting to intensify as we're getting the daytime heating. you talk about the microclimates in the bay area. look at the sky over san jose versus what we're seeing over san francisco at this hour. almost completely clear and sunny. like i said before, areas south of the golden gate bridge that's where we are going to be watching for this shower activity and thunderstorm activity. but the north bay you're looking okay for now. also going to see mostly dry conditions as far south as san mateo county. everywhere else along the peninsula looking for more showers as we head deeper into the day and the chance for thorpgs getting better. 1:00 p.m. expect widespread activity. south and east bay same deal. tomorrow when we meet back at 11:00 still tracking light shower activity for your friday. if we see any strong storms develop, best location looks like gilroy morgan hill and san martin when it comes to the lower elevations. but the mountains -- if you live in the high terrain, remember when the thunder roars seek
11:50 am
shelter. 20% chance for strong storms as we get into the afternoon and we could see maybe .1-inch of rain accumulated on the valley floor. if we get a strong thunderstorm cell, though say over gilroy we could be talking about .25 to .5-inch of rain. we're expecting a chance of nickel-sized hail and winds of 50 miles per hour. into the next five days. nice and comfortable for friday. done with the thunderstorms friday afternoon. for the south bay, mother's day weekend looking great. low 70s for us 60s in san francisco. east bay valleys. dry air mass returns with temperatures in the low to mid 70s. so really staying at average when it comes to our temperatures. we just have this wild pattern for today and that will continue into tomorrow. back to you scott and kris, and breaking news. >> thanks. the breaking news on the peninsula. one of our cameras is there. you can see the scene near where
11:51 am
ikea is. east palo alto palo alto border. police chase came to an end on highway 101. belmont police had been chasing a suspect who they were able to take into custody. traffic is slow going in that area. you can see at the bottom right-hand part of your screen the police officers are there on the scene. the chase is over. the suspect in custody. more details as we get it. you can also visit for the latest. up next a high school prank gone too far? we'll let you be the judge coming up.
11:52 am
11:53 am
seems like we hear about something like this every year. senior pranks gone too far. 100 stuns in tennessee now banned from graduation ceremonies because of what they did to their school.
11:54 am
>> students ran sacked sequoia high school urinating on the walls. putting goldfish in the toilets and dumping a possum on the floor. teachers had to clean up the damage while the students waited in the gym. >> they poured marbles and oil and things on the floor and then covered it with hay so it was they dangerous, slippery. >> the school board members released a statement saying none of the seniors involved in the act will be allowed to participate in graduation activities. >> for shame. we'll be right back.
11:55 am
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11:57 am
imitation may be the highest form of flattery. the japanese zoo is apologizing for naming a baby monkey after the princess. >> kate middleton named her baby charlotte and the japanese zoo named a baby monkey charlotte also. it faced back lash. critics say it's disrespectful to the royals. now they are brain storming a new name. >> i'm sure they had the best things in mind. >> name it sanchez. i won't mind. thank you for joining us. our next newscast is at 5:00. bye-bye.
11:58 am
11:59 am
12:00 pm
today on "access hollywood live" we have another stellar show kit. >> not to toot our own horns. >> melissa rivers is here with all kinds of things you didn't know about her legendary mom, joan. >> what was her thing with katie couric? and late night seth meyers is up very early to hang out with us. >> he's very fancy. he went to the met ball. we need the inside scoop. >> apparently seth and anna are very close. and the teenage daughters of beloved sportscaster stuart scott, they are here. their dad's lasting legacy. >> "access hollywood live" starts right now. >> stand by billy and kit. stand by camera two. we're live from new york in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.


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