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tv   Early Today  NBC  May 8, 2015 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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it's friday, may 8th. coming up on early today. severe weather on the horizon for today and on saturday. our bill karen's is forecasting strong tornados, massive in size. he'll tell us where. the reigning super bowl mvp speaks out in the deflategate. but will the nfl bring down the hammer? >> i think if they go soft or are perceived to go soft, there will be hell to pay. the fbi is investigating hundreds of potential home grown extremists. plus a-rod passes the say
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hey kid on the home run. good morning, i'm richard liu. severe storm threat to look at a weekend of possible tornadoes in the bull's eye here again, the southern plains. 61 twisters there since wednesday. storms leaving one dead and dozens hurt. here's a storm chaser's close call. >> is storm is hitting me right no. i've got debris. i've got major debris. i hope this thing ain't i go big. oh, my god. we are getting hit so hard right now. >> the images from inside a storm shelter from oeng oak. bill is here with the timing of the new threat. incredible images. >> yeah, we have not had a joplin tornado. that possibility is there over the next couple of days. let me take you through the
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weekend. we're watching a moderate risk. tornado were ali and it's day after day. it's called that for a reason. the threat is in oklahoma city area and dallas all the way back over to wichita, falls. a few strong tornados are possible. as we go throughout saturday, this is where we're watching from western kansas just over the i-35 quarter. hopefully if we get the big ones, they're out on the farmers field, and this is a pretty rural area and we hope that the farm towns avoid the worst scenario. now as far as sunday goes mother's day and severe weather begins to move to the east and st. louis and kansas and omaha at a risk. the worst of it is expected to be on saturday afternoon into the early evening. sunday is ice lated tornados but not as bad. >> we will see how that develops over the weekend.
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what a story with tom brady. what do you think of that one. >> it's developing. there is nothing like the home crowd. but when things get rough. did you but tom brady proving thing may not be so rough for him. at a pep rally type atmosphere, he have asked about the deflategate report that reported the patriots more likely than not deflated footballs before the super bowl game. and that tom brady more probably than not knew about it. journalist gym gray talks to tom brady. >> what is your reaction, tom, to the ted wells report. >> who cares? >> i can't usually say those things. i don't have, really, any reaction. our owner commented on it yesterday. it's only been 30 hours so i haven't had much time to digest it fully. you about when i do i'll be sure to let you know how i feel about it. >> nbc spores sportscaster bob costas thistle face tough punishment from the nfl.
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>> in the year the nfl has had, and the attacks on its and the attacks on its integrity and attacks on roger goodell for going too soft, if they are going soft or perceived as going soft on the glamor boy of the league and the super bowl champions there will be hell to pay. i think he will be suspended for the first game, the that thursday night game when the super bowl champions have the honor of hosting the first game. i think he will get at least a one game suspension. >> people in public life wind up becoming targets for various reasons. here is tom brady. a wealthy guy and married and four super bowls. i think some people want to take
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a shoot atom brady because seems like his life is too perfect. >> on today's show john stewart said what a lot of fans are thinking. >> if you think i wouldn't chastise you while on my team, a new york giants uniform, if you think i wouldn't chastise you for that, that would be correct. >> so, imagine our congressional elections with five parties that decide who our president would be. that's like election day in the u.k., which just finished. votes are being counted. and incumbent prime minister david cameron sitting pretty. it's note final but early returns in exit polling indicate he will be back for another five years. his conservative party had a good day. from the british metro, cam's the man, and in the upper right, his eds on the block. that's ed miliband, cameron's
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chief opponent. the left party leader. he will retain his seat but likely will not become prime minister. the daily mirror is not pleased. condemned again. five more damned years, it says. from the post, hallelujah, brittains vote for sanity. a bulletin was sent to local police warning them about one of the men who would open fires just hours later. nbc correspondent pete williams has more. >> reporter: just three hours before season's shooting attack in garland, texas, the fbi says it sent police there a secure electronic message with elton simpson's picture and car license number. the fbi says it acted as soon as it developed information that he was interested in going there but had no reason to believe he wanted to attack it or even that he left phoenix. and there is no indication, the fbi says that the officer who ended up shooting simpson and
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soofi ever saw that bulletin. garland police decline to say what they did in response to the information. the fbi plot shows how much terrorism has changed. isis pushed out its messages onsome urging anyone who will listen to stage attacks wherever they are. fbi director james comey told reporters i know there are other elton simpsons out there. he says hundreds of people in the u.s., maybe thousands are following jihadist social media, and the fbi is equity having hundreds of potential home grown extremists with cases open in every state. it's a subject that has congress worried, too. >> isis is a large organization. it can afford to have 2,000 people who tweet 150 times every day. it can afford to have a ratio of, you know, two or three recruiters to every one potential recruit.
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>> and the fbi's comber says discussions that start on twitter often go to encrypted forms that the government cannot read. >> pete williams reporting for us. alex rodriguez passed willie mason the call time home run list. taking on the o's, arod looking for the pitch. watch this. it's going, going, yeah, sorry. robbed by young, who snatches it. up and over the wall. attempt number two for a-rod arc little different. >> .231 average. takes that one in the air. that's hit hard. jones looking. and good-bye, home run. alex rodriguez, delivers the blow. >> that was a sweet one, home run number 661 for a-rod. the crowd summoned rodriguez for a curtain call. >> it was awkward. i certainly didn't want to stop the game.
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and i saw tex in the batter's box. i looked at joe. he gave me the nod. i came back out and went back in. >> mays at second, with 660. a woman was trying to get child support but the dna test shows that he was only the father of one men. so medically two of the eggs were fertilized separately be each man. the one dad is paying $28 a week in child support. a mexican soldier was pulled 100 feet into the skpar holding
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on for his life. he spins out of control and the riffle got tangled and he suchered a fraction. now a check of the weather with bill. we have a tropical storm, and that's the weather headline. with the tornados expected this weekend, it's not. it will make a so called land fall. it's moving over carolinas skpo so the carolina coastline will not have a good weekend and beach erosion and obviously the severe weather and we have snow in the mountains yesterday. that will kick off in the rockies and that leaves us with the cool and beautiful day.northwest,
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this is where the warmer and beautiful weather is. more in the west than the southwest. looks like a nice weekend for mom and everyone in the west. >> hope so. just ahead ve day is commemorated on the end of world war ii. yet another example on why you should not share video of a crime on social media. you're watching "early today."
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world war 2 ended. 90 fighters started to train, and a second group starts to two weeks. all of them were recruited. a man posts a video of him robbing a bank on instagram. he asked a teller for 150,000 bands. that means dollars. he also asked not to ring the alarm. the guy claims that it was not a robbery, because it was po heat and weared a mask and filmed it. no go. the police arrested him. a future hall of famer calls it quits. did it go too far? the humor that has teem talking about domestic violence. sports is next. cial guest. come on out, flo! [house band playing] you have anything to say to flo? nah, i'll just let the results do the talking. [crowd booing] well, he can do that. we show our progressive direct rate and the rates of our competitors
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this morning on today, why hollywood stylest rachel zoey says opening a business in her office was the best business decision she has made. the world's number one best golfer able to recover from the rough with this shot. goes on to make eagle and finish three under par. tiger woods knocks down this birdie putt. he finished the day one over par. and phil mickelson, able to capitalize off what a a
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he too finishes one for. hid he canny matsuyama the leader at 5 under par. john wall may be out for the remainder of the playoffs because of this play. wall fell on his wrist during game one of the series against the atlanta hawk. a x-ray revealed five tracks fractures in his hand. >> reporter: former lsu lyle collins is officially a dallas cowboys. signed a 3 year $5.6 million deal after going undrafted in last week's nfl draft. police announced they wanted to talk to collins days before the draft because of the murder of his ex-girlfriend. he was never a person of interest or a suspect, but it was enough for teams to shy away. the cleveland cavaliers are apologizing for this video. many are saying the video depicts domestic violence and bullying.
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it shows a woman who is a chicago bulls fan and has relations with a man who is a cleveland cavaliers fan. here is where it goes wrong. ♪ >> bulls fan? i didn't know you were a bulls fan. i can't believe she is a bulls fan. i thought you were all in. >> well i'm all in now. let's just watch the game. >> the cavs organization posted a statement on their website saying, quote, domestic violence is a very serious matter and has no place in a parody video. the bizarre security going up around the white house. plus a javelin and a long piece of strong. how one olympian pulls a child's loose tooth out.
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you're very warm and cool off for mother's day. 74 and sunny, and that's the same forecast. if i had to pick a perfect temperature, i think that 74 is close to it. those are nice afternoons. >> i would not disagree with that. >> sunday is mother's day as bill was telling us. jimmy fallon wants viewers to tweet some of the funny thing their moms have said. >> my mom says whoda mom if she does something nice for us. we have to respond, you da mom or she won't stop asking. she said a friend's photo was pretty on facebook. i said you should like it. she i had, i do. a huge gift of $8,000 to south carolina schools. some of the money came from auctioning off pieces of his colbert report set. sofia vergara got her own star on the hollywood walk of fame.
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her real life fiance was there. bono better look out. >> oh my god. >> wow. >> he had no idea that was coming. >> i don't think that anyone did. that was a bit of a shocker. >> the guy on the blush was like do i hit it? do i hit it. >> i'm research liu, and this is early today. we hope it's just our first stop of the day, right here on nbc. ♪ put your glad rags on and join
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leading the news, from nbc bay area, 13-year-old girl fights off suspect who forced himself inside san jose home. police say the man followed the girl from school tuesday before forcing his way inside her home. video shows him pushing up against her and then fleeing. police believe the same suspect assaulted a woman inside a supermarket rest room. in the orlando sentinel. >> i want to be an organ donor. that's what it was supposed to be on my license, it wasn't supposed to be sexual predator. >> she says she was denied access to a theme park and a holt because her license said sexual predator. the dmv apologized and corrected the error.
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the justice department will launch a federal probe of the baltimore police force after a request for investigation was made by baltimore mayor stephanie rawlings-blake. attorney general loretta lynch wants to determine if the department acted in a pattern of aggressive force. spikes are planned for the white house fence after security breaches. rome's main airport was forced to close when a fire broke out in a baggage story storage area yesterday. the international terminal was badly damaged and three employees suffered from smoke inhalation. half of today's flights have been canceled. we've seen crazy ways of parents trying to pull their children's loose baby teeth including tying a string to the back of a camaro. this is new. an olympian attaches the javelin
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and then he throws it. now, bill -- >> it worked? it did work. >> no, sir. but us guys we can't handle pain so well, right. >> some of us. >> let's look ahead now. president obama will be visiting south dakota making him the 4th president to visit all 50 states while in office. the folks are excited. one local shop is selling these save the best for last t-shirt. happy birthday to ricky iglesias, who turns 40. little house on the prairie star melissa gilbert is 51. and don rickels turns 81 years young.
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thanks for watching "early today," and have a great
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breaking news. a police standoff in downtown san joeps b endse ended just minutes ago. two fires just hours apart. why officials say they might be related. plus cold and tired but alive and well. crews rescue a bay area man and his children lost in the wilderness. live look outside. it's friday, may 8th. you are watching "today in the bay." >> from nbc bay area, this is "today in the bay." >> yes, it is friday 4:30. thank you very much for joining us. i'm sam brock. >> i thought i heard that right. i'm laura garcia-cannon. lots to get to. let's check that forecast with christina. good morning. >> good


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