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tv   On the Money  NBC  May 10, 2015 4:00pm-4:31pm PDT

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advantage at this par 5 playing at 4 under with four birdies. guys, we're going to play 16, 17 and 18 aggregate score. whoever has the lowest score is champion. if it's tied after that, on 17, 18, 16, 17 and 18. okay? >> if it's tide, it's one hole. >> tied after three. >> that's right. >> if it's tied after the three holes we're going to go -- and then we're going to 18 and then 16. okay? rickie, you finished first. you'll draw first. sergio, you finished -- >> second. >> you draw. >> all right. >> okay? >> second.
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>> on three. okay. kevin lead off. gentlemen, play well. >> all right, dan, as you mentioned, two recognizable names, one not so much. sergio garcia, the tenth ranked player in world, rickie fowler, the 13th and kevin kisner, the 123rd ranked player. you'll see how they played this set of three holes, fowler 6 under, garcia 6 under, kisner 1 under. kisner will have the honor to play first. >> this is going to flame out to the right. this is going to miss the fairway.
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>> chances are that will force a layup. >> kevin kisner next to play. >> garcia next to play. >> this one started up the right-hand side also. he hit it a little bit high.
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>> that one missed the fairway as well. so opportunity for fowler, perhaps, to jump out in front here. with a good drive. remember he made three here. in regulation. >> well, that's all three of them. this well right as well. maybe the furthest one right. >> okay. so no one able to hit the fairway on the first playoff hole. garcia, fowler and kisner, a three-hole aggregate playoff to determine the players champion.
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16, 17 and 18, poised again for this encore performance, fowler, garcia and kisner. we'll see who has any kind of opportunity to go for it, gary. >> i'll be surprised in any of them do. now being an aggregate playoff,
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perhaps your philosophy is different. in a sudden death playoff, you have to be aggressive. with three holes to play, you may be able to afford to play conservatively. >> not an easy layup when you're in trouble over there. >> no, it is not. it's very narrow, if you try to lay up on the left side over there. have to avoid the water, obviously. >> and the oak tree. stay far enough back. >> yes. >> then the oak tree doesn't have an effect. >> all right. roger maltbie we're hearing that kisner is away. >> he will be first, yes, off the fairway to the right. he has 2 of 6 to the hole. ball in the rough sitting down here some. i don't see any viable opportunity to try and knock it on the green. i think he'll have to lay it up down the left. i would expect the same with the our players.
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>> what you don't want to do is lay it up too far down that right-hand side. >> correct. >> if it's back far enough. time will tell but i don't know. >> that's down there pretty far. >> all right, mark, what about garcia's situation? >> it's quite different than
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kevin's. ball is sitting okay in the grass but he has a big mound in front of them. he neats to get the ball up. >> i don't believe he's going to try and hit it as far as kisner hit his. >> it's a while in the air but a good line. nice and straight.
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>> that's well back. he'll have no issue. >> quiet, please. quiet, please. thank you. >> the last to play will be fowler, also from the right rough. >> ball sitting down a little bit. you know, downhill lie, 257. same issues for him. just a layup down the left. >> okay. all three players forced to lay up at the par 5 16th, the first hole of the three-hole aggregate playoff. we'll be back with more in just a moment. of healthier. it begins from the second we're born. after all, healthier doesn't happen all by itself. it needs to be earned... every day... using wellness to keep away illness... and believing that a single life can be made better by millions of others. healthier takes somebody who can power modern health care...
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here at the first hole of the three-hole aggregate playoff, the 16th, it looks as though it will come down to a wedge contest. wedge and putt as all three players forced to lay up after poor tee shots. >> gary, it would appear to me like sergio garcia's ball has come to rest in an old healed up divot. it's not a sand-filled divot but it's certainly not laying as cleanly as rickie fowler's ball, which is close to his. it's sitting down just a bit. >> we have a good look at it, mark. definitely is down ever so slightly.
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>> big hop, stops dead. well played shot from that lie. and johnny, as you said earlier, no one hits down on the ball any more than sergio garcia. if anybody could play from that lie, it would be him. >> you're absolutely right. look at that stress on the shaft and that right knuckle. >> fowler now with 97 yards. >> it's one of his strengths, fifth on the tour in proximity with 100 yards or less.
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that one in there hole high. >> the gallery will be super pro-rickie fowler. >> and roger, inexperience, perhaps, for kisner? >> i would think. he's laid it up too close to this oak tree and has to play underneath the limb 78 yards. he will have to try to chase it up there and use the slope. this is good. good as good as he could hope for. >> illustrious champions as you would expect through the years of this players championship being played for the 42nd time. and some of the recent champions, this to give you a sense who have has won that crystal. phil mickelson, sergio garcia won it in '08 before he let it slip away a couple years ago. henrik stenson in 2009, tim
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clark, showing you players with all sorts of talent could win. k.j. choi, matt kuchar and then tiger woods becoming one of the multiple winners of this championship and martin kaymer, the defending champion from germany. he won this title and the u.s. open in a span of about a month last year. if you look at just pure winning experience, gary and johnny, i mean with mean, there's no doubt it's tilted. you have kisner who never won on a pga tour. then you have rickie fowler, he won a playoff in 2012. then you have sergio garcia, 11 wins on the european tour, not to mention eight wins on the pga tour, including one here. so winning experience, sergio big time. >> yes, but sergio's last win,
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dan, was a good two and a half years ago on the pga tour. there have been some issues since that last win. his some chances and hasn't gotten it done, as we watch kisner putt first. >> got to turn to his right initially. doesn't look like it does much around the hole to me. >> one of the recent chances, gary, for sergio was at riviera. >> yes, finished one shot out of that playoff that you're talking about there at riviera, that james hahn ended up winning. >> gary, this is not going to be an easy putt for sergio to read. normally you would think the ball would turn to his left down
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this close to the water toward the lake. i don't think this one's going to. >> it was on line but never hard enough. i'm wondering how many of the fans, rog, know this is an aggregate playoff? they may think fowler has a chance to win this thing right here. >> good question. it would be interesting if we can quickly poll them. >> it is the first ever. >> weird noises. >> first ever in this
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championship. >> this has got to go, just a touch to his right from here. >> what a good-looking putt that was. had to move just a little to the right. i guess there's a short one for his 5.
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so all three players par the first playoff hole. and they'll take the walk over to 17. >> garcia might have been thinking earlier, i thought i was done with this hole for the day. >> yes, we documented what has happened to him through the years. good and bad. but the bad out of your mind somehow. >> how about all three of these players making a 2 earlier. >> in the final round. garcia was the most improbable, the 40 plus-foot putt. >> again, longest of the season.
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>> it will be interesting to e see. kisner will hit first again as all three players made pars on the first hole. interesting to see if kisner remains as aggressive as he's been. he'll be playing first here. rog, you watched him all day. any reason to believe he won't go right at it? >> no. none. in regulation he tried to use that slope to go up to the hole and just missed it. wouldn't be surprised if he went over there again. see if he can take it down to the right.
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>> the wind has definitely dropped at least 50% from what it was when they went through here earlier. >> it also changed direction, ever so slightly, john. it's now coming a little from the left, which actually is good. it makes it a little easier to play to that hole location than when it was coming off the players' right and helping. i wouldn'ten surpri ee ebe surp saw some good shots here now. >> the approach here. >> take a look at the shape of
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this shot. tracer technology. similar shot to what he hit in regulation, just a little farther right. now the man with so much history here at 17. >> oh, that's back there, very similar to where he made the putt from before. >> another look at that shot.
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>> he's going to try to get that thing a little to the right and was unable to do it. he knows. >> it's unfortunate it didn't go too far. you're right. >> a cheer for rickie. >> let's take another look at this one. from above. amazing that little change in wind direction, john, allows these guys to go right at it. no fear that their ball will get knocked down to the left. >> rickie's wedge game is his
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strength. he showed it right there, going right at it. >> talk about no fear for fowler at 17 as we trace this latest view, he'll have a chance for birdie at 17 in five trips here this week to the island green. >> all right. so all three in similar spots to where they were in regulation. first it was fowler who hit it just inside of seven feet. it looked like it might miss left. and then sergio from almost exactly where he is now, over 40 feet, down the slope. best putt of his career right there. >> read it absolutely perfectly.
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>> and then kisner from right at hole high, about 15 feet, little left-to-right break and he poured it in. >> fowler is the crowd favorite, johnny, by far. yes. >> starting to get long shadows now. >> sunset is at 8:09 as they play this second of the three holes and, of course, par 4 18th coming up. you wonder how much golf would be left even if it's not decided after the 18th. >> that sun is right at the top of the pine trees looking west. so -- >> johnny, you want to talk about clutch shots, rickie fowler is 6 feet, 5 inches from the hole. that's the closest he's hit it
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all week. kisner 9 feet, 6 inches, his closest shot all week as well. >> nice to see. >> yep. >> with gary garcia, 30 feet, 10 inches. little bit inside of what he made earlier in regulation. once again, the old stage of 17 is set. >> rickie has a similar putt to what he did in regulation. >> actually, johnny, sergio garcia's is similar to the one he had. it's a little deep near the green. he was back on this back edge. >> let's take a look at garcia's putt, using our pinpoint an nation, off the upper level, steeply downhill. moving from right to left. >> i know this, the first time he hit the putt from this general direction, too took a long time to go into the hole.
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. >> this one is a little off. good speed. not quite enough break. >> it was a nice lag, though. >> under normal circumstances, john, i'd say he'd be relatively pleased with it. >> he can't expect to make that. >> absolutely not. >> that was a good two-putt. >> didn't expect him to make it the first time he hit it in regulation. >> it's this aggregate. just because fouler is in there close, it's like like you have to make this.
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>> if you get birdie and take the lead on the other two guys on 18, you have great chance to pull it out. this is an important etch change right here, gary. >> it is. this one a shorter version of the putt he made earlier. maybe a little more break? >> i think just a touch. it's a little different angle, not as close to hole high. >> how about this for a guy who's never won on the pga tour? >> you know what i like, johnny, he looks like he expects to do it. >> that's what i was sort of saying on the 18th hole when he was on the green. >> another look. fowler to answer. a little different angle here, john, than he had the first go round. i think this one will turn a little more to the left.
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>> got it. fowler with a 2. kisner with a 2. >> let's golf. so sergio finds himself one shot behind in this three-hole aggregate as they move to the 18th. >> fowler birdies it for the fourth time this week. now he goes over to 18 to see if he can pour another one in like he did in regulation to finish off that 6 under in six-hole stretch. and kisner who had one that just
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grazed the edge that would have put an end to this a long time ago, through the tunnel and into the sun. we end up having after this hole. >> talk about sucking it up and hitting a good one down the middle like fowler did. >> garcia needs to make up some ground here. he is one back after the birdies by fowler and kisner. >> it's pretty impressive, fouler is 7 under the last eight holes. that's quite a run. butkuser in is looking like a star in the making. he is 31. he's not like rickie.
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>> rickie's the youngest in this group by five years younger than kisner. garcia is 35. >> well, the good news, this hole has a little more sunlight available than 16 and 17. no trees on the left. >> kisner had a good one in regulation. see if he can do it again. >> he's drawing a push but not much. see if that hangs in there. >> it's going to be just fine barely. when someone hits the regulation shot. >> right on the edge. good shape.


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