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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  May 10, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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presentation. 600 fedex cup points and rickie zooms into the top ten. how about that top ten right now? jordan spieth still leading the way and the other stars who have accumulated the most points to get into that top ten standing. the trophy presentation on golf channel as soon as we go off the air here. tune in to nbcsn to watch game six of the rangers and the capitals tonight. next up on the golf channel, senior pga championship coverage begins may 21st. coming up next an all new "dateline." dan hicks saying so long for an incredible players.
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tonight at 5:00 a mother's day heartbreak. a family mourning the loss of a mom and daughter killed in a crash last weekend. the answers those who know them are still looking for. also construction crews racing the clock to finish in time. we are live at the san mateo bridge for how the work is going so far. what needs to happen to get the bridge back open by your commute tomorrow. also, the impact that it's having on other parts of the bay area. good evening to you. happening right now, construction crews are on the san mateo bridge working to finish construction before tomorrow's commute. take a live picture of the bridge. empty, a rare picture. hopefully it will be a different story tomorrow at 5:00 a.m. at the latest thigh's what we're
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all hoping for. >> christie smith is live in hayward. we understand you have an update with how we're doing with the work. >> reporter: that's right. it is windy out here by cal trans is saying the weather cooperated and everything is on track to reopen for the monday morning commute and wanted to use as much time available over the weekend to get as much work done as possible. while the san mateo-hayward bridge is closed. it shut down friday night at 10:00 so crews resurface a portion of the bridge and maintenance work. cal trans said just over 100,000 drivers use the bridge every day. so it's critical to be back in business for the monday commute. we asked about the chances for reopening early and right now that just doesn't sound likely. >> we're going to use every minute that we have because there's going to be another weekend closure as i mentioned
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before so we want to get as much done as we can and it's so much easier to do that when this is closed. >> reporter: so again, he's sticking with 5:00 a.m. monday morning. we drove in the opposite direction away from the bay bridge toll plaza this afternoon. the lane is fairly clear and the approach was backed up. sunday mother's day, maybe lighter than saturday. other options, of course, the dunbarton or 237. that second weekend closure is planned for memorial day weekend. reporting live at the toll plaza, christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> thanks a lot. the san mateo bridge closure clogging other ways across the bay. take a look at this. this is the bay bridge and looks like 6:00 in the morning. traffic backed up. same thing yesterday, too. tonight, crews are working to fix repairs in the east bay and bart trains not running in oakland. there is a bus bridge but
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there's a delay, as well. service between the two stations expected to be running again come tomorrow morning. a young mother mourned and not forgotten on this mother's day. people came together to pay tribute to a woman and baby killed in livermore by a suspected drunk driver. our reporter joining us now with details on how the family was honored when it first happened and struck a cord and people felt so sad for this family. >> reporter: they did. and many family and strangers dropping off balloons with notes and flowers. you know this is supposed to be a mother's day for 40-year-old esparanza to celebrate with julie but they were killed by an alleged drunk driver. today, family friends and strangers paid tribute to the mother and daughter by leaving
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flowers and balloons at the crash site. and we talked to one family member who had this to say about the tragedy. >> we try to support the family. we try to let the people know what's going on. let them know this is not -- unfair. this is not fair. >> reporter: 35-year-old brian jones of livermore allegedly lost control of his car and hit and killed the mother and daughter. preliminary tests show he was intoxicated. now, i want to show you this sign here. it says the dead cannot cry out for justice. it is a duty of the living to do so for them. on tuesday night at 7:00 here in livermore, the family plans to hold one last vigil here at this crash site. that's at 7:00 in the evening. and then on saturday they're going to hold a march in downtown livermore. reporting live in livermore, nbc bay area news. >> thanks very much for that.
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well new at 5:00 police data is showing that south bay police officers are pulling over more blacks and latinos compared to other races according to the san jose mercury news and looked at police activity from january to september and blacks and latinos make up one third of the city's population, those groups made up nearly two thirds of traffic stops. one stop blacks and latinos more ordered to be out of the vehicles frisked and have the cars searched and 6% of those stopped ended up being arrested. eight people are homeless tonight after a fire nearly destroys two san jose homes, about 2:00 in the morning on south second street in downtown san jose and close to san jose state and highway 380. a neighbor thought there was a bonfire in the backyard going on. when she saw the flames, she decided to call 911 and rush to help the neighbors. thankfully, she saw them safely standing outside. >> it was a big fire. i thought it was catching the
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room and then all caught on fire. started going into her kitchen and then the trees and just exploded. sort of boom. >> now the red cross is helping the victims to find housing. firefighters say the cause of the fire seems accidental and not clear what happened. they were able to control it within an hour. no injuries to tell you about. check this out. cal fire and san mateo firefighters are fighting this in san bruno mountains. this is in the distance of the traffic camera. we see the fog rolling through the area, as well, but you can see the smoke along the top of the hillside. no one hurt in the fire. tap water in the east bay might start to taste and smell weird today. and you can blame it on the drought. starting today, east bay mud is switching the water source. the party reservoir is law and the federal government requires it for the salmon so they'll grab water from further up the reservoir and that water has an earthy taste and a fishy smell so if you're getting that let
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us know what that's like. >> really? more details on the effects of the drought in california. in addition to that water shortage is not slowing companies from tapping into the state's supplies. crystal geyser plans to build a plant. according to the san francisco chronicle, they want to tap up to 365,000 gallons per day. bottled water companies are exempt from the state's mandatory water cutbacks. and new details tonight of a community in mississippi mourning the loss of two police officers. four suspects have been charged so far. local leaders say some questions surrounding the deaths will not be answered right know away. the story now from washington. >> reporter: hattiesburg, mississippi, hasn't seen an officer slain in the line of duty more than 30 years and today that close-knit community is coping with a double tragedy. >> here we are on mother's day, it's a tragedy for all americans. it's a tragedy for our
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community. >> reporter: officer benjamin deen initiating a traffic stop and his backup officer liquori tate gunned down saturday night. the suspects fled in a cruiser later found abandoned and after a massive manhunt, police arrested four suspects. marvin banks charged with counts of capital murder and this woman. curtis banks marvin's brother, charged as an accessory after the fact and cornelius clark charged with obstruction of justice. officials will not discuss a motive or details. >> we are not going to compromise the investigation. we know that he called for backup for a reason and we'll find that out. >> reporter: hattyiesburg police turned case over to the mississippi investigation of bureau. as a department and community deals with a sudden loss. coincidentally, police are around the country are here in the nation's capital this week to pay respects to officers killed in the line of duty. this year 273 names are being
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added to the national law enforcement officer's memorial. brian moar nbc news washington. ra warning for pet owners y. the made in usa label does not always mean that the jerky treats, some of the chicken jerky treats are safe. we'll talk about the deadly ingredients. plus tesla making a move to michigan? investment may be willing to make detroit's auto industry alive and well. and mom's day weekend wrapping up on a cool and breezy note right now. low clouds around san francisco. drizzle again for tomorrow morning. watching that plus thundershowers getting closer to the bay area and the hill tops. that's in the forecast in the latest on tropical depression ana hitting the carolinas at this hour and the full forecast.
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tesla motors expanding business to the midwest. the detroit free press reports that the electric car company acquired an auto supplier in michigan planning to add jobs to improve the efficiency and reportedly facing pressure to expand the production. details on this deal so far have not been released. more than 1,000 pets died and thousands more critically ill and all ate tainted jerky treats. big concern for pet owners.
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we have previously reported they were made in china but we have learned some were also made in the usa. investigative reporter randy mack has more. >> reporter: for henry and lin alvarez, these aren't dogs or even pets. they call them their fur babies. but the truth is the couple wouldn't have either animal if their first dog kingsly had n't died. >> we basically had to watch him die hour by hour. >> reporter: henry bought kingsly a bag of treats made in china. >> i only gave him one treat and it was wednesday night and he started feeling sick by i would say noon the next day. >> hear throwing up or broody diarrhea. >> reporter: by friday evening -- >> he had a complete system collapse. >> we watched him die and it was tragic. really the words to describe it. >> reporter: they say the vet ruled kingsly cause of death is kidney failure, one of many
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symptoms in fda warnings back to 2007 regarding the dangers of feeding pets checken, duck or sweet potato jerky treats. >> we know that the illnesses and deaths reported are mostly linked to jerky pet treats with ingredients of china. >> reporter: the food and drug administration created a video response. the fda say there is's no specific brand or identified toxin or poison. a point of origin for ingredients. china. which investigators tracked down through lot numbers on the treats packaging. >> i don't recommend they feed them the treats until the fda says what is causing the sickness. so there's the heart rate and rhythm there. >> reporter: dr. lopez is a vet in studio city and saying treats that say manufactured or made in the usa often contain ingredients of china and the fda contains treats still being sold daily can contain ingredients
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from china and you'd never know it. >> pet owners should be aware, however, that manufacturers do not need to list the country of origin for each ingredient used in their products. >> reporter: to date the fda blames treats for illnesses in more than 5,800 dogs 25 cats 3 people and a thousand canine deaths. >> we had grown very attached to him. >> reporter: the alvarez's two new fur babies are rescues, pup's lives they knew they were save, helping them cope with feelings of grief and misplaced grief. >> if i hadn't bought those treats he would be alive today. >> vets and the fda say that the pet jerky treats pose a bigger threat to smaller animals. keep an eye out for any symptoms of illness and keep the packaging so that the fda can track where the ingredients came from. deadly twisters and dangerous flash flooding. >> tonight texas suffering from
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both. watch as helicopters are called in to save these people trapped on the roof. we'll also show you why the situation could get even worse.
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tonight a new look at one of the several toshds stornadoes that touched down in texas. this was not on the ground for very long but it was powerful enough to damage buildings and power lines. also, take a look at some of the
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damage from cisco, texas. at least one person there has died. several more people are unaccounted for at the time. the storms brought a lot of rain which then turned into flash flooding. big problems here. helicopters flew over the town of crumb, texas, looking for anyone trapped. several people had to climb up to the rooftops until help arrived. many of them were air lifted to safety. texas is expecting two more inches of rain tonight. well, the carolinas could see coastal flooding this evening. tropical depression ana churning over the two states. the storm downgraded after making landfall today and packing winds of 35 miles per hour. most of the storm warnings have been dropped but ana could still bring six inches of rain which means the potential for flooding is still there. we have another look at that and see that twisting going on off the coast. >> you can see that signature on the radar south of raleigh, north carolina, right now. winds at 35 miles per hour. the main threat with this storm will be the potential for flooding rains and eastern north
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carolina and eventually that moisture's going to move up the eastern seaboard over two to three days so you could see some travel impacts if you head up towards new york or philadelphia here over 36 hours. that's a one spot to watch and the active weather in dallas there. north texas, eastern oklahoma. tornado watches in effect and severe thunderstorm warnings for a wide area and severe weather threat includes st. louis, west of memphis and out towards dallas and houston. that's the highest threat for ongoing severe weather. at the opposite end, weather spectrum bay area, cool marine air, in fact pumped inland at sea level and making for things fairly cool at this hour. we have 50s and 60s outside. 59 right now in san francisco. over towards oakland also 59 degrees. cool air reaching the inner portions of the east bay and 65 right now in san jose and it was tough to even get close to 70 as you see here in the time lapse
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up towards mt. hamilton. getting close to 72 degrees early afternoon and then the sea breeze taking hold and dropping the temperatures down, once again. the onshore winds with the low clouds tomorrow morning. areas of mist and drizzle possible again getting the day started and a bit of a different tomorrow. notice the coast beginning to get more sunshine but that does not mean we'll see a warmer day. instead, gusty winds, increasing, more strong in terms of wind speeds in the day tomorrow. those gusts getting up to 20 to 30 miles per hour. so a more sunny but blustery day around the bay area tomorrow and notice the temperatures running a little bit cooler than we had today. 40s and 50s today. will break out the sunshine earlier including the coast but upper 50s and low 60s for san francisco and oakland and look at livermore and san jose highs to mid up and upper 60s. for tomorrow san jose 68. san francisco upper 50s. low 70s around santa rosa and livermore close to 70 degrees.
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first half of the week temperatures stay cool even inland south bay to san francisco. north bay temperatures tuesday and wednesday cool conditions continue a little less windy towards wednesday. then thursday increasing clouds. still looks like we see a chance of showers and a change now in the forecast as area of low pressure towards central california and keep our temperatures down and we'll bring a slight chance of seeing showers, rain totals at least early on, expectations there pretty low as most of the moisture off to the south and making plans for next weekend, now, stay tuned. next saturday may start up with a few more showers and then through the end of the week. back the you. >> all right. thank you very much. i have to ask you, are you having a nice mother's day? >> i am. happy mother's day to all the moms out there. nice little morning and doing everyone's laundry by 10:00. it was great why it lasted. >> a really nice couple of hours, yeah. >> extra special mother's day for a southern california mom. >> after the quick thinking
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6-year-old saved her life. we have this incredible story next.
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a family in southern california celebrating a very special mother's day today after scary moment farce mom and her little girl. >> 6-year-old madison nunez called 911 just after 10:30 yesterday morning. her mom apparently gone into a diabetic coma. madison did not waste time grabbing the phone and calling for help. >> i told them that my mom -- >> for mother's day i'm cherishing her. you know? she saved my life. >> wow. >> amazing. >> paramedics treated her on the scene and were able to revive her, obviously. they said that madison called them. and that put a huge smile on
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mom's face. talk about pride and wow. >> way to go, madison. well done. coming up next -- >> where did the money go? what happened to the $7,000 of expenses and receipts? >> a former san jose high principal didn't want to answer our questions in january but now a new investigation under way claiming she stole money plus what happened at her new job right after our story aired. also, the bullet train of the bay area and southern california might just be a bargain. why analysts think a ticket to ride is cheaper than you expect.
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