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tv   Early Today  NBC  May 12, 2015 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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coming up on "early today." bye bye brady. the nfl comes down hard. does the punishment fit the crime? bob weighs in. weather so bad that the horses had to be lass sewed. the massive tornado clean up continues. one of the best and worst mid-size suv. the test results are in we're going to reveal them. the sold for more than you think. we begin with breaking news out of nepal. another strong earthquake shook
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the country. the quake had a magnitude of 7.3. 16 people are confirmed dead and six other after shocks were recoded. one worker told nbc news that the trimmers were big enough to scare the living daylights out of everybody. we're getting the look of the aftermath of this storm. everyone had to evacuate and rush outside. the shaking went on for a minute or two and there were after shocks. shock waves were felt as far as the capital of india. that's more than 500 miles away from the quakes center. this comes two weeks after a quake killed more than 8,000 people and hundreds of thousands of homes were destroyed because of it. the verdict is in and the hammer is dropd. the nfl has su spended tom brady for four games for his role in
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the deflate gate scandal. brady's lawyer says that it's ridiculous and says that they will appeal the punishment. as it stands the boston globe says that brady could lose $2 million in salary. the patriots are fined $1 million and lose two draft pick in the next two years and the first rounder. league president says when brady refused to turnover personal e-mail and text messages he acted with the public confidence. nbc says that all of this could set up a big ticket event if only they can hold on with tom
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brady and if he serves the game would be week six on a game against the colts. the very team that blue the whistle on him in that afc championship game. the very team that started the whole deflategate then. also get used to the name jimmie. he is the second round quarterback that he broke all of tony's records and the early schedule is tough for the patriots. they open against pittsburgh and they're at buffalo. they should beat jacksonville at home and then go to dallas. by the time brady gets back they could be 1-3. >> the team has unconditional support of brady. the countries tornado outbreak is deadly. there are new images from
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tornado van in texas. from the air it looks like a bomb went off. packing 160 mile an hour wind and it hit the texas town sunday. >> 30 percent of van suffered damages. >> this is something you see in movies. >> just east of dallas this remarkable video. >> ride up a little. keep hollaring at them. >> in east land texas a ranch owner saves 30 horses and he filmed the whole thing, and this morning the entire state sunday a flash flood watch. in parts of colorado. flood waters swallowing up an suv and plans. a week of snow is the blame. the crash results are in and the best performer ove
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the nissan mirano. naming it the top pick. it qualified for a top safety pick. the dodge dur ran go and cherokee and santa fe was the best. the dodge journey was the worst. the crash test replicates what happens when the front corner collides with another vehicle or object. secretary of state john kerry is meeting for some high stake talks. this is the first time since the high stakes began in ukraine. nbc tracey pots is live in washington. what can we expect from it? >> reporter: well some tension. some of the issues that you mentioned are issues that it's deep divisions between the united states and russia. the white house is hoping that there's some areas of
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disagreement and that they can lay out what what the u.s. expectations are when it comes to syria and iran. we did get the confirmation that kerry touched down this morning. there's a reflame that's happening there and then he meets with someone that he's spoken to for several months. also in the iran talks and then he is supposed to sit down with the president. now the u.s. confirmed that russia did not. we do expect that meeting is going to be happening today. one of the key issues is syria. not just the war but high sis. how do you defeat them? russia has no interest in that region of o the world, so they may be able to find some common ground. >> thank you tracey. we're going to be following that closely. now to the art world where two pieces have broke a record. a painting sold for $190,000 and
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that's $37 million more than a previous record. giacometti sold for high heights and sold for a cool $126 million. now to a growing problem in los angeles. the homeless population has jumped 12 percent to 44,000 people. high unemployment and increasing rates are to blame. the number of tents and vehicles has gone up 85 percent. now one spike here wants to make a difference by building tiny houses by those that live. a man started a go fund me account that's raised $67,000. each house cost $500 to may recollect. george zimmerman the man aquieted in the death of trevone
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martin two years ago has been involved in another shooting. he was involved in a shooting with another man. zimmerman did not fire any shots. a bullet in the side of the window of zimmermans truck. he has been release from the hospital. police say that zimmerman and the guy had a rode rage encounter last year. no one has been arrested or charge in the incident. caught on camera a tour bus exploding into flames. the new york city bus was headed to boston, and the driver smelling smoke quickly pulled over. traffic was backed up for miles. so far no word on what caused the fire. nbc bill is here with the tuesday forecast. hey bill how you doing. >> yay, people in the bus saw the flames and got the lug gauge
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too. >> that's good. >> yeah i am jumping off the bus. >> we had a lot of rain and that's the only area of concern. still st. flash flood warning area that should be expiring shortly. flash warnings continue and way too much rain with the last big system that we just got done with. nout we're going to watch the rain and soil that's sats rated. the computers are estimate and the orange is two inches possible and it's up to three or four inches. that's going to cause us additional flooding issues. the rimps are already high and that's for friday. another system is going bring tornados on saturday. that's up here in the gulf of alaska. we have another low in northern california. that's going to spark showers and storms. at 11:00 we have the showers on the coastal area and portland and seattle a shower or two.
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here and there in os looking seasonably cool, but pretty nice. >> our hearts and thoughts go out to the people with the tornados. >> arkansas and texas. we don't want to do it again but saturday looks like a repeat. >> hopefully it won't be too bad. was osama hiding. the fascinating claims. the frightening scene as a sheriff car is hit head on. "early today" continues. join red nose day, a national event to help lift children out of poverty. it's easy: support red nose day
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the compound in pakistan. specifically what they knew about the operation. nbc and ree octavia mitchel has the details. >> reporter: this is the hollywood version of the hunt for bin laden. >> usa. >> the white house claimed that it was a u.s. operation under the radar so that pakistan does not know. >> tonight i can report to the american people and the world. the united states has conducted an operation that killed osama bin laden. >> her ch claims that pakistan military and intelligence knew where bin laden was hiring all day long. no burial at sea as the u.s. claims. flat long said the white house
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and former officials. >> we had the worst week of the military career the week after that because it was embarrassing to the pact for a lot of reasons. >> and last fall why they kept them in the dark. >> they would ushlgly tip off and they were gone. we decided that we could not trust them. >> even one disputes the accounts. >> i have not heard of anything like that and i have been briefed several times. this is a great success on part of the administration and something that we admire the presence to do. >> that was nbc andrea mitchel reporting. we have learned from two sources that an officer did tell the
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united states where he was hiding a year before. that does not conflict with the white house's version of what happened that the u.s. did act alone. four of the nearly 50 several driving cars have been involved in an accident. three of them were owned by google and all of the accidents were minor. google says that none of the cars were at fault. they say that it was waiting to make a u turn when it was broadsided. the vehicle was not in self-driving mode. in south carolina a deputy's car is hit head on. the dash cam video caught it all. both men suffered minor jurs. just ahead the disco add today the was. nba playoff action. the hawks try to go up with the wizards. sports is next. on car insurance. everybody knows that. well, did you know that game show hosts should only host game
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this morning on today. are we there yet? matt becomes a new series that looks like the future of cutting edge technology. now for sports. good morning. easy work for the grizzlies. the evens the western conference to two games apiece.
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in washington the hot hand of beel. he had a game high of 34 points and atlanta was able to easy the series with the 106 to 101 victory. just a month after being arrested 24-year-old wbna super stars were married in phoenix. they were to attends 26 weeks of counseling for the assault for them to be released. in a statement leased from the attorney she says that it's never okay for an argument to turn physical. this will never happen again. check this out. six time olympic gold swimmer posted this video of her latest accomplishment after suferring her spine in an atv accident. she said that she is starting to get the standing thing down. way to go amy.
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now, back to you. >> thank you betty. one of the most successful tv shows gets cancelled. plus it left shoppers stunned. fame change me? not so much. i have to stay true to who i am. almay smart shade makeup gets me. and my skintone. perfectly.
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the was. she played dorothy in the original broadway play. she tweeted this late touching post on what have have been the birthday. i know that you're serenading everyone right now. we love you. american id ol is ending it's run. at it's peek it drew 30 million viewers a week. it's down to nine million a week. cowell responded back and saying that looking back we had a great time. to america thank you. it was a blast. now to a dancing with the star surprise. >> are you marry me? [ applause ] >> that was a real surprise. people in the background had no clue. >> that was army vet proposing
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live to girlfriend jamie boyd. west received a degree yesterday. game of thrones said that jz bought one more beyonce. >> she is the queen of everything. >> yeah, what do you think of the proposal? >> the proposal was good. i am more about american id ol going off. this is "early today," and we hope that it's your first stop today on nbc. ♪ "smash me. dear god, smash me into a million pieces" little miss puffytail thinks every time someone enters this room.
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leading the news in the la times a judge denies request of release hubbard who admitted to assaulting dozens of woman and has been con vined since 1996. he was released from a california mental hospital in july. prosecutors argue that he is a threat. mayor rob ford recovering after cancer surgery. during a marathon operation he was diagnosed with the cancer nine months ago. some other stories that we're following. a vigil was held yesterday to honor the two police officers that were shot and killed in
4:27 am
mississippi. the governor in mississippi had this to say about the policemanenpolicemen. >> they made the sacrifice to protect the city. some they would not and did not know. >> four suspects have been arrested in connection with the officer's death. a new poll say that is the u.s. is becoming less christian and nonreligious. the number of christian americans fell eight points from 78 percent to 70 percent. while those that's atheist or not affiliated with any faith jumped from 16 percent to 22 percent during the same seven years. general hospital throw a surprise party for the oldest working nurse in the u.s. the washington state governor sent her a letter and honoring her for the six decades of service. incredible. now here is something that you do not see everyday.
4:28 am
a bore broke through and it fell through the ceiling and on to the cases. it was sent to a facility. wild bores are common and make the way into the city. how important is that. thanks to her service. now a look ahead. the location of the future of obama library will be announced in chicago. nbc news has confirm that had the library is built in the windy city and expected to be in the college. happy birthday to jason biggs and yankee hall of famer is 92 years young. thank you for watching "early today." have a good day everyone.
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more than a dozen dead following another big earthquake in the nepal. plus he followed a san jose teen home and tried to sexually assaulted her. now he's going to soon face a judge. why police officers could end up wearing body cameras sooner than originally thought. live look outside this morning. the golden gate bridge. it is tuesday, may the 12th. you are watching "today in the bay." >> from nbc bay area, this is "today in the bay." >> good morning to you on this tuesday. it's 4:30. i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. good morning. let's check that meteorologist christina loren.


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