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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 430  NBC  May 17, 2015 4:30pm-5:01pm PDT

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poppy cat right now at 4:30 wild weather hits the nation. from water rescues to trains being blown right off the tracks, we will show you the damage left behind tonight. and a south bay's principal accused of using a school district credit card to help fund her jewelry business. we investigate. also tens of thousands celebrating tonight after beta breakers. what's being credited for a tamer crowd than in years past. good evening. thank you for joining us. i'm peggy bunker. >> and i'm terry mcsweeney. tonight, tens of thousands of people are celebrating after another successful beta breakers race. we are not sure when the event will end and that's why we sent
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nbc 10's christie smith out there. where did the party move to? >> reporter: i can tell you, it's just down to the last cleanup here at ocean beach, though now and then you do see a few participants still walking around. a while ago, we saw a "star wars" storm trooper walking by presumably trying to get a cab to get out of here. but boy, what a day in san francisco. the finish line festival ended hours ago, but tens of thousands of people ran and walked across san francisco for the bay to breakers, the 104th running. of course serious runners started out front at 8:00 a.m. winding up at ocean beach with many unforgettable costumes -- wonder woman, dinosaurs, warriors quite popular, and of course, some with nothing at all. participants say the foot race was a great experience. >> cut back on people drinking and partying but it's still a great atmosphere and a great crowd. >> it was a lot of fun.
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a lot of naked people and a lot of great costumes, but it was a good run. >> reporter: now, alcohol was not allowed on the course. the city saying checkpoints and sobriety tents seemed to work well. but organizers and police were very proactive. in the past some neighbors along the route had complained about people using bushes oftentimes over bathrooms. this year there were nearly 1,100 port-a-potties along the route, no backpacks allowed. sfpd say they don't have this numbers yet on a wrap on the day, but boy, those who participated say they had an absolutely great time. reporting live in san francisco, christie smith, "nbc bay area news." >> christie thank you very much. and we've been getting a lot of photos of those crazy costumes known for showing up at bay to breakers. you're looking at some of the pictures we've received but of course, we want more. we can't get enough. you can send them to again, that's
4:33 pm >> you made it very clear, terry. >> thank you. well right now to some extreme weather to tell you about. 29 tornadoes from texas all the way up to minnesota. that is the official count from the weather channel. and it wasn't all mother nature had in store for the midwest and also the plain states. torrential rains and flooding put a lot of people in danger and certainly kept rescue crews working overtime as they rushed to save lives. nbc's brian mooar has more now from washington. >> reporter: in north texas, dramatic moments as rescuers took to the air to save residents from the water. one by one, they were plucked from homes inundated by massive flooding produced by hours of relentless rainfall. one man lost his car in the fast-moving water and grabbed on to a tree. >> he wasn't going to be able to stand on that tree limb much longer. so i was going in after him. >> reporter: a missouri motorist found himself in a similar spot waiting for help to come by boat. neighborhood streets turned into
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rushing rapids and swollen rivers threatened to swallow up roadways. not far away high winds pulverized homes and barns. in kansas a dozen cars have and a stationary train were blown right off the tracks. >> oh, my god! >> reporter: it was a wild weekend in the midwest and plain states, from texas all the way up to minnesota. >> we saw a very busy saturday about 29 reports of tornadoes, and it looks like our active pattern continues. lots of moisture coming in from the gulf a strong cold front coming in as well. more tornadoes and flash flooding possible. >> reporter: residents of broken arrow, oklahoma, this was a day to pick up the pieces. the roar of a tornado now replaced by the buzz of chainsaws. the weather channel says the severe weather season started out slowly but may is making up for it. brian mooar, nbc news, washington. >> well the only ones seemingly unafraid of that extreme weather -- take a look at this -- the cows. they did not even really budge too much after the tornadoes hit oklahoma yesterday. storm chasers captured this
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video of twisters moving closer to the grazing cows. they don't really move too far. no word on whether or not these animals were injured at all during this storm. more storms are expected in oklahoma tomorrow. new at 5:00 an investigation into a death on cal train tracks. transit police say a man was struck and killed near the atherton caltrain station just before 1:00 this afternoon. the train was stopped for about 90 minutes while police investigated. trains and passengers were rerouted. there were no other injuries reported. and a deadly scene in southern california. one man is dead a female officer is recovering after the shooting. it happened about 7:30 this morning in san diego. police say the driver was speeding on the freeway, refusing to pull over for police. a high-speed chase ensued eventually turned into a foot pursuit. that's when police say the suspect pulled out a handgun and opened fire. a five-year veteran officer was shot in the upper torso. she is in stable condition. >> in some pain as you can imagine, but she's in great
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spirits and very much appreciates the concerns of the entire community. >> now, officers did fire back and struck the suspect. he died at the scene. the suspect's identity has not been released. coming up next -- >> now that it's being looked at, they are trying to close the barn door after the horses ran away. >> tonight, questions about spending and performance of a middle school principal. we investigate why the district is just now responding. and we're seeing a cool finish to the weekend. temperatures right now in the 60s with more drizzle for tomorrow morning, but you might notice the clouds building up over the hills, showers to the east of san jose and that is a sneak preview of more shower chances ahead, as we head through the first part of the week. a look at those changes, coming up.
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did a san jose principal use her school district credit card to fund her personal jewelry
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business? >> pretty shocking idea but it is one of the many questions at the oak grove school district. chief investigative reporter tony kovaleski is with us. and tony there's been issues for years about this principal. >> we're looking at the actions of not only the principal, but also the superintendent, and why it was only after our request for public records that the district decided to take corrective action. >> it's very disturbing and it's very upsetting and it's not right. >> we're really set up like a fine jewelry company. >> this is a story about stella & dot jewelry, months of questionable expense reports, a teacher survey and they all lead to a middle school principal. >> somebody has to listen. someone needs to look at this. our job is to protect the public's money to educate these children. >> she still works in the district and wants to keep her job. that's why she asked us to disguise her identity. she also wants accountability for what's inside these expense
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reports. >> now that it's being looked at, they are trying to close the barn door after the horses ran away. [ ringing ] >> it all started back in october. calls to the nbc bay area investigative unit from a source inside the district, telling us to request the expense reports of middle school principal kristina clekac. >> that scared them. that was, oh, dear someone's finding out about this. >> and the credit card statements and expense reports may explain the district's concern. here's part of the issue. our investigation found 17 charges back in 2012 to a company called stella & dot. you've seen these expense reports. >> yes. >> which charges concerned the business office? >> there were so many charged for this website, stella & dot. >> according to its website, stella & dot is among other things a social selling company
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that creates flexible entrepreneurial opportunities. and here's the connection. principal clecak also works as an independent stylist for stella and dot.. her expense reports to the district included more than $2,600 charges to stella and dot, her side business. initially, was this swept under the carpet? >> most definitely. >> sources tell nbc bay area the investigation centers on the principal's attempt to have these dollars help fund her side business. records show district staff flagged the charges as not allowable. they questioned violations of district policy. the district forced the principal to reimburse the charges, but the district did not remove the principal's credit card privileges until more than two years later. why did that happen? when did it happen? >> it happened within the last four months. i truly believe it's because of your investigation.
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>> sources inside the district say they've questioned principal clecak's expenses for years, going back to when she was principal at an oak grove elementary school. >> six years of this type of stuff being brought to the administration and nothing being done. >> and that's not the only concern district sources raised about the current principal of san jose's bernal middle school. >> they call her the ghost, the ghost principal. >> linn-mar teens worked as a teacher in the district for 18 years and now serves as the president of the oak grove teachers union. >> she's not seen on campus. she's not seen at meetings she's not seen in the classroom. >> and principal clecak's performance came into question after this evaluation a survey last year of teachers by the union. >> this is probably one of the worst evaluations i've ever seen. >> according to this survey, there were 309 unsatisfactory responses -- >> correct. that's huge.
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that's -- that was -- that's an alarming number. >> jocelyn koreo-johnson was the teachers union president when the survey was done last year. nearly two-thirds of teachers answered 60 questions to assess principal clecak's performance. comments included -- "she is the absolute antithesis of a leader," and "my principal is unethical and picks on or bullies teachers." >> our teachers, we're held accountable. there was absolutely no accountability for her behavior. >> tony kovaleski with nbc bay area. do you have a quick second for us? we asked oak grove superintendent manzo for a response prior to a recent board meeting. >> we're not going to talk about personal matters. >> before that interview, the district did respond with this written statement saying in part that "the credit cards, in isolated situations, were not being used consistent with district policy," and it took appropriate action. we also asked to speak to
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principal clecak. in an e-mail she referred us to the district's statement and said "i do not have any comment." >> i have absolutely no idea why they would allow this type of leadership to remain in place. >> and at some point, you would have fired a teacher or a school secretary or a maintenance person for not even half of this and you would have done it right away. >> it hasn't been until your investigation started that things have been changing and regulations have been enforced. and it was the pressure of the investigation. >> the teachers union just completed another survey on principal clecak's performance. this time fewer than half of the teachers completed the survey. the numbers do show an improvement, but a number of teachers still raised similar concerns about their principal. with the nbc bay area investigative unit, i'm tony kovaleski.
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>> and if you have a tip for our investigative unit give us a call. the number is 1-888-996-tips. you can also send an e-mail to well, coming up, it is not just a hobby, it's a game-changer. how one man is useding 3d printers to give people a second chance. and later -- >> i said something offensive, and for that i sincerely apologize. >> candidate loretta sanchez back-pedalling for a comment about native americans. what she said and the noise she made. plus, the impact it may have on her political career. asiana flight 214, a wake-up call for airports everywhere. tuesday at 11:00, we investigate why insiders say san jose mineta can't handle a runway disaster. >> there's one man demanding the flight. can you tell me how you do that? >> and why the airport says it's more than ready. >> we have the personnel, we
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have the response to respond to any emergency. >> no doubt about it. >> no doubt about it.
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it is a high-tech toy with a real-life payoff. 3d printing may one day revolutionize business, but right now it's already impacting lives. >> nbc bay area's stephanie trung reports on how 3d printing is giving some people the ability to walk again. >> reporter: the chronic foot
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infections began when veronica perez was 16 but she didn't truly understand pain until five years later. that's when doctors amputated her leg. >> there are so many ways that being an amputee is hard that you would never think of because you have your limbs. >> reporter: she had to start all over again, beginning with baby steps. something as simple as getting in and out of the shower without her prosthetic leg became dangerous. that's because her prosthesis, like most isn't made for water and rust. >> i have had a few times where i've fallen and have slipped getting in and out of the shower, and i've hurt myself. it's scary. and you know i worried that i might hurt myself more. >> reporter: she was forced to ask for help from people at the gym to help get her into the pool, for instance without her prosthetic leg. >> having to rely on strangers is scary. >> reporter: that's why jeff huber, an entrepreneur started standard cyborg. the san francisco-based start-up creates prosthetic legs. >> your primary leg will cost
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anywhere from $10,000 to $20,000. >> reporter: his project aims to serve as a secondary leg, water-proof, and at $799 it's much cheaper than traditional ones. >> nobody else in the world, as far as i know has created a functional, 3d printed leg, and definitely nobody had ever sold one before. >> reporter: innovation inspired by his own life. >> i'm actually an amputee as well, and i've been an amputee my entire life. >> reporter: he experienced the difficulties of expensive and poorly designed prosthesis firsthand. >> you could see that my shoe has a big hole in it. that's because my sock has a hole in it. that's because my foot shell is like totally falling apart. >> reporter: in six months it grew from pet project to real product, one made by what he's dubbed his glorified glue gun. the leg shape is scanned, the image is finalizes on his computer. then the data sent directly to his 3d printers. these mechanical arms shoot laser technology to meld melted plastic into just about
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anything. >> you can print an object of infinite complexity that many times, traditional manufacturers couldn't even make. and you can do so at a very cheap price because it doesn't cost a lot. the 3d printer doesn't care. >> reporter: it's part of the maker movement, a wave of hands-on inventors and innovators, harnessing the power of production for people who might otherwise be neglected or ignored by mass manufacturers motivated mostly by money. >> it's great, because there's only a few people who would think of doing this for us. >> reporter: the field of personal manufacturing is still in its infancy. most products have been toys and gadgets, in part because the plastics haven't been strong enough. huber says that's rapidly shifting. >> even in the next like one or two years, you're going it see some pretty cool things happen, i think. >> reporter: and the industry is exploding. according to san jose-based leading touch technology and microcontrollers manufacturing atmel, the market for 3d services hit $2.2 billion in 2012 and is expected to jump to $6 billion within two years and then $8.4 billion by 2020
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coming mostly from the aerospace and health care industries. >> we're just sort of at the very early stages of this and it will be fascinating to see where it plays out over the next 20 years. >> reporter: ten hours after printing and some days of waiting -- >> hey. >> hey! >> how are you? >> good, how are you? >> reporter: veronica perez finally got to try on her new leg. >> how does it feel? >> okay. >> let's take a few steps this way. >> reporter: it's still a work in progress but perez is both giddy and grateful. >> i would never think of something like that and then be able to produce it and like you actually did that. i think that's so awesome. >> it certainly helps when like, you want to pull your hair out, to be like okay this is actually going to change somebody's like. so, i should probably be able to figure it out. all right, there you go. >> nice. thank you so much. >> reporter: stephanie truong "nbc bay area news." >> it's got to be a great feeling when you know you've done something that helpful. >> so incredible and necessary. very cool.
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let's check in with meteorologist rob mayeda with the forecast. >> and sports too, i think. >> the warriors flag looking pretty good right now for san francisco, awaiting the rockets coming into town on tuesday. right now 60 degrees, cloudy skies, a good, strong sea breeze blowing through san francisco all the way to the oracle arena right now. 61 degrees. you've got mostly cloudy skies right now over the east bay and those wind speeds have been blustery throughout the day, 10 to 20 miles per hour. a good strong case of ocean air conditioning and the cloud cover keeping our temperatures down. one of the warmer spots this hour actually is san jose, and it's only 63 degrees. but a little more interesting, if you look off in the distance there, you can see some pretty large clouds building northeast to mt. hamilton and you can see what's happening underneath those clouds on our radar perspective. here you can see a very isolated cell here almost west of interstate 5 there on the other side of mt. hamilton up to the north and east but that is a shower that is producing some localized, heavy rain. but it's very isolated. that's about it in terms of what we're seeing around the bay area. we do have some
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lightning-producing showers up towards lake county and a lot more in towards the sierra. and that's a sneak preview of the weather we're going to see as we get into monday and tuesday, as those instability showers over the hilltops and a good, strong sea breeze and the low clouds keeping our temperatures down. so, for the next couple of days and next 24 hours, we'll be watching areas into northern napa county and maybe sonoma county and also on the east side of mt. hamilton we may see a few of these hilltop showers building over tomorrow afternoon and our temperatures staying cool. we're talking almost ten degrees below average, starting off in the 50s for the morning with drizzle at times, and around lunchtime, you'll see numbers only in the upper 50s to low 60s. and if you want to call them high temperatures mid-60s again tomorrow in the warmest spots around the bay area. san jose 67 degrees, about 68 for los gatos. you're looking at mostly upper 50s around san francisco and 60s around san anselmo and santa rosa. you can see the tri-valley staying cool and breezy for tomorrow, the first half of the week and the next three days keeping these temperatures out
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of the 70s. even for our inland valleys from the north bay over towards the tri-valley maybe by wednesday, getting closer to 70 degrees. and as you can see in the seven-day forecast at the bottom of the screvenen, the only warm-up we're going to get will probably hold off until friday. high pressure will try to build back in leading to the areas you see in ocean, out towards the tri-valley and north bay, eventually climbing into some 70s. as we highlight the weekend there in san jose you can see by next saturday and sunday mid-70s and we should see about the same trend. a cool start to the weekend, a warmer finish around livermore as we head into next week and a bit warmer by the end of the week. back to you. >> good. it's been chilly. good news. thank you, rob. well a popular website that guesses what your age is based on your picture. >> that's right. but where are all of those pictures going? some people a little bit worried about that after digging a bit deeper for the answer. we're going to show you why, coming up.
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it was an instant hit.
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a website that tries to guess your age using your picture. >> i loved it. it made me younger. >> really? >> i was an instant fan. that's right. this came out weeks ago. there are concerns now, though about where the photos that you uploaded where they went. >> the website is called how old do i look? it uses a face detection algorithm to guess your age. so far, 240 million pictures have been uploaded. microsoft, the company behind the site says they don't keep the photos, but some users are questioning that after reading the fine print. the user agreement says you grant permission for microsoft to use them in connection with their "internet business." >> there's clearly a conflict between we're not going to store and we can do whatever we want with the pictures. >> so should you be worried? lawyers say probably not, which is not a definitive answer but probably not. the user agreement is likely just a way to protect microsoft, but you should know what you're
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getting yourself into any time you post a picture or video to a site. but you looked younger. that's all that matters. >> that's all i care about. well a 3,500-pound great white shark is becoming a viral hit. the man who created the twitter handle @maryleeshark -- you might know about this -- says he did it to help people understand sharks' behaviors. it has drawn more than 40,000 followers. followers are also able to track the shark's movements as it cruises along the east coast. @maryleeshark has gained a fan base with witty tweets such as "i would settle for an ice bag for my aching twitter fin" or "swim, eat, tweet et cetera exhausting" when asked about a shark's weekly activities. the man who created it said he wanted to dispel shark myths. all right. coming up next half hour the warriors back home. >> how they are preparing after learning who their next opponent will be, the houston rockets. plus, still seats available for the game if you're willing to pay up.
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and the race is over. the party's not over. we're live at bay to breakers with the celebration and the mess that's already being left behind. plus -- >> reporter: i'm marianne favro live in gilroy, where hundreds came together this afternoon to remember the life of a 15-year-old. she would have turned 16 years old today, but she died in a car crash. i'll have that story coming up in a live report.
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