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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  May 18, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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this. a big cat has been spotted multiple times today near downtown san mateo. within the past 15 minutes we heard that gunfire. this is all happening in a populated area right off el camino and 9th avenue just a few blocks from downtown. michelle roberts has been on the scene for hours. michelle what's the status right now? >> reporter: right now we are waiting for an update from police. at this point they're very busy. about 20 minutes ago, we saw a handful of officers running down the street. just a few moments later we heard one shot fired. but at this point we don't know if they actually shot the animal or if it was a miss because right now police are still going door-to-door checking backyards. that's what they have been doing for the last hour or so. this all started at about 4:30 this morning. somebody called 911 because they saw the mountain lion behind their apartment complex near the pool area. police came out and couldn't find anything. again this afternoon, same thing. somebody reported seeing it a
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few blocks from that location. police couldn't find it. before 5:00 p.m. today is when they had the third sighting and that's when officers really started putting a lot of effort towards this. they're blocking streets off right now. there's a perimeter set up. it appears about four-block radius so they're just making sure everyone stays away. they're asking people to stay in their homes if they're in that perimeter and not to leave, especially keep the animals inside. and they're making sure that no one is allowed in or out. they're directing traffic at this point. i did meet up with a man who saw the mountain lion this morning and here's what he had to say. >> it was just running around the backyard. we have a big pool back there, and it's all gated so i don't know how the heck it got back there. but it's just a big shock. >> reporter: so the mountain lion is described as about 70 pounds and not acting aggressive. that's a very important note. so they don't believe people are at risk but at this point they're taking extra precautions because this could obviously be
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a very potentially dangerous situation. we are about five miles away from the hills east of el camino real so this is very unusual for a mountain lion to be in this neighborhood. there are dozens of people out here with their cell phones in hand trying to see if they can see a mountain lion maybe walking through someone's backyard. at this point we're just waiting. but again, we did hear one shot being fired about 20 minutes ago and we're waiting for an update from police but they're very busy. still scouring the neighborhood at this point. we'll certainly bring you updates as they become available. reporting live michelle roberts, nbc bay area news. >> the cars are they allowed into the neighborhood? a lot of people coming in from school and work what's the status with people in the neighborhood? >> reporter: no they're not allowed on these few blocks. we have officers telling people they have to turn around or go on a different street because there are about four blocks no one is allowed inside although it looks like he let that car turn around in the perimeter
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there. it's very heavily policed. i've seen dozens of cop cars all over this neighborhood. about 20 minutes ago, they started running down the street and that's when we heard the shot fired, but a lot of questions right now and they're not answering which leads us to believe that they're still on the hunt for this animal. >> michelle roberts right there in that neighborhood off ninth avenue in san mateo. we hear the helicopters up above, in fact one of them is ours, our nbc chopper. we just saw it a lot of people coming home from school and work to this heavily police presence near downtown san mateo. a couple of months ago we had a mountain lion in mountain view but this issue, this mountain lion has not yet been cornered. that mountain lion is probably scared, so if you come in contact with it just stay indoors. we'll continue to follow this story throughout this newscast. we're also updating our twitter and facebook feeds as well. take a look at this it's a close-up view of the flames that raced up communications hill in san jose late last night.
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a neighbor captured these pictures at the height of the fire. this map shows where the fire broke out on communication hill in the light of day today, firefighters got a better look at things. robert, you've learned what firefighters think started this fire? >> reporter: that's right. we're at the entrance of a public trail at communication hill in san jose. this is where investigators spent much of the time and focused their attention because this is where they say the fire started. they say how this fire started and spread are indications of just how bad this year's fire season is going to get. the manager and residents of the mobile home park in san jose got a scary close-up look at the fire in communication hill last night. home video shows flames sweeping within 50 to 75 feet of their home. >> it was getting smoky. you could actually feel the heat off the fire. you could see it burning up over the hill coming down towards us.
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it was a very hectic scene. >> based on the way the flame was moving, the wind direction. >> reporter: the captain says the fire in the hills was tough to see and the fire hard to catch. >> blustery made it more challenging. the fire was moving up and over the ridge line so we had to chase it. >> reporter: investigators determined flames were ignited near the public trail off communication hill boulevard. they say flames destroyed evidence, so it's hard to tell if someone deliberately set the fire or did it accidentally panicked and fled. resident tom hess who shot the video, said he heard explosions. >> the engulfment turned into explosions and fire shooting up into the air. >> i'd hate to say this was arson. we did hear reports there were fireworks in the area. >> reporter: now along with these fire season-like conditions, san jose crews are also dealing with cuts in staff and resources. in fact there's a fire station very close in this neighborhood but it was shut down about five years ago. city officials say they hope to get grant money to staff it
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again. live in san jose robert handa, nbc bay area news. also new at 6:00 the hunt for a serial bank robber. he's hit seven banks in less than two months. show you some of these pictures. the fbi wants the suspect caught now before he strikes again. police say since march 30th he's robbed seven banks, six in san francisco, one in antioch. he's around 6'3" between 30 to 40 years old and possibly with tattoos on both arms. he's considered armed and dangerous. any tips could lead to a $10,000 reward. there's a manhunt for a dangerous car thief. this morning he drove the wrong way against traffic on bay area freeways for nearly 30 miles. all to escape from the chp. that pursuit began in concord and crossed two major freeways before slamming into an innocent driver on a normally quiet berkeley neighborhood. nanette miranda was the only tv reporter to speak to that driver and joins us now from berkeley.
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>> reporter: that's right, raj. police say that these chases don't always end well but this one did, at least according to one man's perspective. imagine a speeding wrong-way driver didn't hit anyone until nearly 30 miles later. >> i was like what's going on? is this real? or i'm dreaming? >> reporter: that's what he thought of after a wrong-way driver slammed into his suv and left him dangling upside down in berkeley. >> i came out myself and thank god i had a seat belt on. >> reporter: incredibly he has only bumps and scratches. this all began last night around 11:20 when police spotted a stolen honda out of martinez. after a brief chase, the suspect turned onto highway 4 going the wrong way. officers backed off and let the helicopter take over. they followed the stolen car down interstate 80 and into berkeley across 30 miles and nine cities. he finally exits university avenue where witnesses say he
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was still driving like he was on the freeway. >> he took a corner his tires didn't even squeal. he was doing like 70. >> reporter: that's what he slammed into yaro making a u-turn at california and hurst. >> i was surprised because when i was checking in the mirror i don't see anything coming up. >> reporter: the suspect ran from the scene. armed with rifles and flashlights, investigators went door to door looking for him unsuccessfully. he told 911 dispatchers he didn't want to go back to jail. >> i heard that he came out originally from jail. so of course it's going to be scary for other people. >> reporter: now, the chp says they know who the suspect is but they won't release his name but they are tracking down leads. >> all right, thank you. well he's got a way with words and money. one tweet worth $8 billion. that's what happened when billionaire investor carl i cahn tweeted this morning leading to
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a major boost of apple stock. he tweeted out a link. at the time apple stock was trading at $139. it has boosted the company's worth by $8 billion. [ bell ringing ] obviously a good day for apple but all around wall street. the dow jones was up 26 points and set a new record high. even better for the s&p. today it marked its third straight all-time high. well get ready for another wild week at the oar cullracle arena. the houston rockets are coming to town. >> if things go well for the warriors oakland could be title town. we haven't said that for the warriors in 40 years. we know two things for sure nothing is easy at this stage and tickets are wickedly expensive.
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>> absolutely you're right on both counts. we're going to see two amazing shooters, make that three, with steph, klay and james harden. the franchise's first appearance since 1976. the warriors might have to fight off a slight bit of overconfidence in the best of seven against those houston rockets. here's why. in the regular season series the dubs dominated houston 4-0. they outscored the rockets 115-99 outshooting houston 50% to 40%. steve kerr believes his team is coming of age at the right time. >> the growth that we showed against memphis will pay off. i think that experience was important for us. we needed to see some adversity and feel it and we did. we responded well. >> coming up later in sports we're going to have a much more in-depth look at this matchup in the western conference finals. back to you guys. >> okay thanks. and we continue to follow breaking news on the peninsula.
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a mountain lion on the loose roaming just off el camino real near downtown san mateo. you can see a neighborhood is cordoned off. these are live pictures of the scene from our nbc helicopter. people who live in the area are being told to stay inside. we'll have the latest coming up. i'm scott budman with the story you'll only see here. our exclusive one-on-one interview with sis cocisco ceo chairman looking back and looking ahead. and i'm mark matthews. come along on a stroll under san francisco as we walk through the tunnels of the central subway. that's next. and good evening, i'm meteorologist jeff ranieri. cloudy and cool across the bay area today. eventually the north bay, you got the most sunshine here throughout the forecast but we'll talk more about this cloudy pattern and when we may actually have a few showers in just a few minutes.
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jamie wanted a taste of the real new orleans and we just couldn't say no to that face. then we wanted more of that local flavor so betty says... oh yeah, that's betty. you're going to want to do this alligator thing. and betty didn't lead us wrong. a little later we passed some dancing. and who doesn't like dancing? especially when it's followed by fireworks everyone's nola is different. follow yours.
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on time and on budget that praise from san francisco's mayor as he toured the now completed central subway tunnel. the second phase of the tunnel runs from fourth and bryant in the soma district all the way to chinatown. mark matthews is there at the entrance. mark you got to take a tour today. what was it like walking under the city? >> reporter: come on along, we'll take you with us. we'll leave from south of market walk under chinatown and on to north beach. there are actually two tunnels running parallel. >> about 80 foot underground. >> reporter: that was the assistant resident engineer. he and the project director walked us from the entrance at fourth and bryant to about where the mosconi station will be. right now there are only pictures of the stations they have not been built yet. this will eventually be the chinatown station at stockton and washington. >> we did the hard part first. >> reporter: the project
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director is right. the tunnels were the hard part each cut with a huge boring machine. if you count the two tunnels separately it was over three miles in less than a year. and at $241 million, it finished on budget. >> it has done so well that i think there is tremendously piqued interest to take this all the way to fisherman's wharf. >> reporter: when the trains start running in january of 2018 the last stop will be chinatown, but the tunnel actually goes all the way to washington square. people we talked with in chinatown are enthusiastic about it. >> that's good that's good. >> convenient. >> convenient? >> yeah. >> reporter: when the trains do start running in this tunnel, they will connect mission bay with south of market then on to union square and chinatown. >> this is going to be one of the best solutions, a great part of the solution to congestion that we see in the city. >> reporter: and we do see a lot of congestion in the city. last week you remember the mayor was talking about taking out the
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280 extension through mission bay. now this tunnel completion a lot of changes being in the future and all of them pointed at the promise of getting rid of some of our congestion. reporting from san francisco, mark matthews nbc bay area news. >> thanks, mark. well you have to be 21 to legally drink. soon you may have to be that age if you want to smoke in the south bay. santa clara county is considering raising the legal age to buy tobacco and e-cigarettes to 21. supervisor ken yeager will introduce the proposal tomorrow at the board of supervisors meeting. roughly 50 cities across the u.s. have taken such action already. but healdsburg is the only city in california to do so. the american cancer society says increasing the age across the country would lead to a 12% reduction of smokers. berkeley's tax on soda is raking in the bucks, as predicted. back in november berkeley became the first city in the country to adopt a soda tax. today we learned in its first
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month, which was march, the tax brought in $116,000. at this rate it's on track to provide an extra $1.2 million to berkeley schools. the tax is charged when retailers receive the sweetened drinks to sell. it's up to the stores to decide whether to eat the cost or pass it along to their customers. what went wrong? that's what many fans of extreme athlete dean potter are asking tonight after his death at yosemite national park. potter was doing a b.a.s.e. jump with a climbing partner on saturday. neither of their parachutes opened. potter was famous worldwide for his stunts which included tight rope walking, climbing and many sing suit flights. he often b.a.s.e. jumped with his dog on his back. those who knew him said he was always meticulous and careful. more than 250 people have died base jumping since 1981. tonight an nbc bay area
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exclusive. we go one-on-one with a pioneer of the silicon valley. this is john chambers' first interview since announcing he was stepping down at cisco. scott budman is with us. scott, you've covered chambers for years. cisco such a big part of the silicon valley. >> you're right and in f internet time it's hard to remember that when john chambers started, cisco had 400 people. by 1999 they were literally on top of the financial world as the most valuable company in america. chambers helped create thousands of millionaires, hire had tens of thousands of people but then ran into a wall when the dotcom boom went bust. hundreds of companies gone, out of business. many of them cisco customers. cisco lost a staggering 86% of its stock value, but it survived. >> and when you learn how to deal with setbacks and you come back even stronger then you can deal with the challenges life gives you again and again. and that is perhaps why many people talk about cisco's speed, the uniqueness of how we changed
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the world with the internet our ability to reinvent ourselves again and again. the culture, while not perfect and i'm not a perfect leader but the culture is pretty dang good. it's actually what i'm most proud of at cisco is when we've met challenges and adversities, we've come back stronger. >> indeed after wide scale layoffs, cisco did come back. it's share price has gone up 30% over the last 12 months. john chambers says he will officially step down as ceo july 26th. he'll remain at the company as the executive chairman. the new ceo will be long-time employee chuck robbins. back to you. >> pretty amazing. back to you. >> i'm surprised you're not wearing two jackets right now on the set. >> yes, it's at my desk. i didn't wear it to the studio but it's on stand by. we have to get a check of our forecast. >> when you head out tonight, you're going to need both of those jackets. it was a story today where it wasn't only cloudy at the coastline and the peninsula but all the way back into the tri-valley. dublin continues to see cloudy
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skies with 58 degrees. you'll also notice upper 50s and 60s of course coming right here into san francisco with 58 right now. across the north bay, the most sunshine there and that's why temperatures are still averaging 68. so what about as we head through tomorrow's forecast on your tuesday. i think it looks pretty good for us at least that is if you like this cloudier and cooler weather trend we've been in. the warmest we will have tomorrow is the north bay and that's going to be 69 degrees for the average. we'll get 66 for the peninsula and for the south bay, 67 and partly sunny skies. here's the deal. it's all about a trough of low pressure as we head through this week. it's going to sit across the west and help the spiral in the clouds and the cool weather. by thursday it looks like we might have a slight chance here at some isolated showers in and throughout the forecast and then eventually as we head through the upcoming weekend, high pressure builds in and that's going to help temperatures to warm up. we have a preview of those warmer temperatures right now and you can see from thursday with that chance of showers to saturday, 70 degrees in the south bay and the peninsula will
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go from 66 to 69 degrees. san francisco not expected to get out of the 60s. we will likely see some of the largest jumps here in the north bay and also for the tri-valley as we head into your memorial day weekend. we'll have more on that of course coming up in about 25 minutes, you guys. >> see you in a bit. thanks, jeff. we also have coming up an update on that breaking news. a mountain lion on the loose in a densely populated neighborhood on the peninsula. we'll have a live report from san mateo and bring you the very latest from this active scene. also a new plan of action when it comes to those beached whales in pacifica. we have the reason for the sudden change.
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we've been following breaking news on the peninsula for a few hours now. this is an intense search for a mountain lion near downtown san mateo. you see some live pictures here from the neighborhood. now, this is just off ninth avenue. many streets are being closed off. the mountain lion was spotted at
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least three times, but never cornered. now, there's a backyard-to-backyard search. if you're in the area near ninth avenue in san mateo, you're asked to stay indoors. you see some of the officials and service people there just kind of directing traffic away from this area. unfortunately if you live there, you might have to park and walk in, if you're even allowed in. our reporter michelle roberts, is on the scene here and we'll check in with her for an update in just a few minutes. a new nbc area field poll says 89% of californians say the water shortage is serious. it also shows more than two-thirds of people who live in the state support the governor's mandate to cut water use. however, nearly half say they'll find it hard to conserve more water. 70% say higher water bills would be a serious problem for them. but the poll also uncovers a difference for california's wealthier homeowners. bigger water bills don't bother them as much, but using less water does.
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>> they have more landscaping, some of them have swimming pools. they're just using a lot more water than the average person. when we ask that population people who make $100,000 a year or more they actually say it's going to be a little more difficult for them to cut back. >> the poll also showed more than half the people who live in the state feel farmers can cut their water use by using water more efficiently and growing different crops. how about this live from washington, d.c. the white house honors a bay area museum. plenty of cheers. employees of san jose's tech museum cheered as first lady michelle obama presented an award to the ceo and principal of nearby washington elementary school. the ceremony was broadcast live from the white house today. the national medal for museum and library services is the equivalent of an oscar or a grammy among museum professionals. >> it's a fantastic validation of a lot of the work that we've
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been doing here at the tech museum over the last few years. >> it is a great museum right in downtown san jose. if you haven't gone or haven't gone in a while, get over there. the tech was honored for its community service, particularly in its outreach to schools serving low-income students. police release new video of a suspect who tried to kidnap a young girl in campbell. i'm marianne favro. i'll have the latest on the investigation coming up in a live report. now that it's being looked at they are trying to close the barn door after the horse has ran away. >> tonight, questions about spends spending an performance of a middle school principal. why the district is now responding. up next we investigate. and we're back on the peninsula. our nbc chopper overhead. police and wildlife officials going backyard to backyard searching for that mountain lion near downtown san mateo.
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we're live at the scene, next.
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on the prowl and on the peninsula. live pictures from our nbc helicopter where we are following breaking news. a mountain lion on the loose in a san mateo neighborhood. a very troubling twist in the past hour. listen as someone opens fire in the area. several officers went running toward that gunshot about 45
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minutes ago and they tell us the shot did not come from any police officer. nbc bay area's michelle roberts is live at the scene of the current search near ninth avenue and el camino real. michelle where do things stand for the search for that mountain lion and that gunshot? >> reporter: still a lot of unknown questions at this point. what we do know is that officers on scene are saying that that shot did not come from a police officer and that someone has been detained for shooting a gun. but at this point we don't know if someone actually shot the mountain lion or if it's detained at this point. take a look behind me still a very active scene. several streets are blocked off. you can see people coming by to see all the commotion and see if they can see a mountain lion in their neighborhood. this is such a bizarre and scary situation. this all started at about 4:30 this morning. someone looked out their apartment complex window and saw a mountain lion near the pool area. but when police arrived on scene, it had already gone or they couldn't find it. again this afternoon, the same
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thing happened somebody called the police because they saw this mountain lion wandering through the neighborhood. we're not far from downtown. i did speak to the man who initially called 911 this morning and here's what he saw when he woke up this morning. >> it was just running around the backyard. we have a big pool back there, and it's all gated, so i don't know how the heck it got back there, but just a big shock. >> reporter: about ten minutes ago, the game and wildlife department did arrive on scene, but the san mateo police department has been out here actively telling people to stay in their homes if they're in the blocked-off area. and they're obviously directing people around this neighborhood. we have been seeing officers go door to door looking through backyards. i haven't seen them, though in a while so maybe they're closer to knowing where this animal is but a lot of questions tonight. many people just waiting to get inside their home because they're not sure if it's safe. this animal was seen being nonaggressive so that's the good
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news. but at this point it could be a very scared animal. you want to take all the precautions and that's certainly what police are doing out here tonight. several officers there are cop cars blocking off about four blocks in this area. and so right now we're just waiting for more information about that shot that was fired at about 5:40 this afternoon. who fired it who that person is and if they're detained as well as the condition of the animal or where it is at this point. so right now we're just waiting to see for more updates. reporting live in san mateo, i'm michelle roberts. back to you guys. >> okay michelle, amazing perspective from the ground level. you saw that family at the perimeter there wondering what's going on. they're obviously a few blocks away from the hot zone. let's go back up to our nbc chopper and take a look frngsom this perspective. as michelle mentioned, they were literally going backyard to backyard as we've seen the last 90 minutes. one of the concerns with our drought, why these mountain lions are being spotted away from the foothills and down in the flats. we saw a few months ago in mountain view a mountain lion at
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an apartment complex. because of the lack of water, they're looking for more water resources in areas they don't usually go to and that now is in the flats. so we'll continue to stay on the story. the reminder here if you're in this area stay indoors. we'll bring you the latest as soon as we get it into our newsroom throughout this newscast and on twitter. well a south bay neighborhood also on edge tonight after a man tries to kidnap a young girl that was out walking her dog. the attack happened saturday morning in campbell. that's where nbc bay area's marianne favro joins us. this is a relatively quiet neighborhood. what's happening there? >> reporter: as you can see behind me police are out here right now investigating. they say this young girl was very brave. she was able to get away by screaming and fighting back. tonight we want to show you new surveillance video of the suspect's car taken just moments before the attack. campbell police are hoping someone watching this new surveillance video will help them catch a man who tried to kidnap a young girl saturday
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morning. the video shows the suspect driving down the street making a u-turn and stopping. police believe he's tracking the girl. >> it looks like he drove down the street saw the victim walking her dog. made the u-turn and then waited for her to come back across the street. >> reporter: the victim is a girl age 10 to 12. police say she was walking her dog near her home off harriet avenue in campbell saturday morning when a man who looked like this approached her, asked for directions and then grabbed her in a bear hug. she screamed and fought back. the man quickly drove away in what police believe is a beige or gray 1998 to 2002 four-door honda accord. just a few blocks away at jack fisher park matthew lee is on high alert when it comes to his 4-year-old daughter. >> she's always a step away. i don't take my eye off her. >> i was really scared. you know i've been keeping my eye on the kids. that's all the things that i should do. >> reporter: marcy williams says the attack is a reminder parents
6:35 pm
can't ever drop their guard. >> you just have to be super careful because you can go anywhere it can happen anywhere. >> reporter: and it did, on a saturday morning in campbell. police say so far they have received dozens of tips and right now they are out here following up on those tips. they say this case is their top priority. reporting live in campbell marianne favro nbc bay area news. >> okay thank you. still ahead, we'll continue to update our breaking news on the peninsula. a neighborhood in san mateo, a lot of police and wildlife officials still trying to track down that mountain lion. they're going backyard to backyard. an update, next. and hail to the tweet. president obama finally gets his own twitter account.
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okay. we have an update on our breaking news on the peninsula. it appears police have their eyes on this elusive mountain lion. there are reports it's in somebody's backyard. here's a live look from the scene. you can see it's really active. it's right off ninth avenue and el camino real where many streets are closed. police and fish and wildlife have been looking for this big cat since this morning when it was spotted in a pool area. it's been spotted three times since and again, police just confirmed minutes ago they do have eyes on the mountain lion. michelle roberts is at the scene. we're going to check in with her in just a few minutes from now. well president obama is joining the twittersphere. today he finally got his very own twitter handle. up until now the commander in chief would use the white house account or his campaign account. now he's tweeting under potus, short for president of the
6:39 pm
united states. his first tweet, take a look. hello, twitter. it's barack. really! six years in and they're finally giving me my own account. former president bill clinton tweeting back. welcome to twitter. one question does that user name stay with the office? #askingforafriend. or perhaps asking for his wife? jeff you're frequently on twitter giving us weather updates. >> yes. >> and today it was colder than usual. >> yeah and i was going to say i tweeted today one picture in the north bay where they had a lot of sun and then anywhere south of san francisco it was all about the fog. it was one of those days where you were looking twice at the calendar going, wait is this november or may? well definitely it's may, but we'll talk more about this cooler weather pattern and the possibility of a few showers in just a couple minutes.
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did a san jose principal use her school district credit card to help fund her personal jewelry business? >> that's just one of many questions at the oak grove school district. chief investigative reporter tony kovaleski is with us. there's been issues for years about this principal. >> reporter: yeah questions about a superintendent and a school district. insiders are wanting to understand why district leaders avoided corrective action until after we requested public records. >> it's very disturbing and it's very upsetting and it's not right. >> reporter: this is a story about stella & dot jewelry. months of questionable expense reports, a teacher survey and they all lead to a middle school principal. >> somebody has to listen. someone needs to look at this. our john is to protect the public's money to educate these
6:43 pm
children. >> reporter: she still works in the district and wants to keep her job. that's why she asked us to disguise her identity. she also wants accountability for what's inside these expense reports. >> now that it's being looked at they are trying to close the barn door after the horse has ran away. >> reporter: it all started back in october. calls to the nbc bay area investigative unit from a source inside the district telling us to request the expense reports of middle school principal kristina clecak. >> that scared them. oh, dear someone is finding out about this. >> reporter: and the credit card statements and expense reports may explain the district's concern. here's part of the issue. our investigation found 17 charges back in 2012 to a company called stella & dot. >> you've seen these expense reports. >> yes. >> which charges concerned the business office? >> there were so many charges
6:44 pm
for this website stella & dot. >> reporter: according to its website, stella & dot is among other things a social selling company that creates flexible entrepreneurial opportunities. and here's the connection. the principal also works as an independent stylist for stella & dot. during two months back in 2012, her expense reports to the district included more than $2600 in charges to stella & dot, her side business. >> initially was this issue swept under the carpet? >> most certainly. >> reporter: sources tell nbc bay area the frustration centers on principal clecak's attempt to have district dollars help fund her side business. records show district staff flagged the charges as not allowable. they questioned violations of district policy. the district forced the principal to reimburse the charges, but the district did not remove the principal's credit card privileges until
6:45 pm
more than two years later. >> why did that happen? when did it happen? >> it's happened within the last four months. i truly believe it's because of your investigation. >> reporter: sources inside the district say they have questioned principal clecak's expenses for years, going back to when she was principal at an oak grove elementary school. >> six years of this type of stuff being brought to the administration, and nothing being done. >> reporter: and that's not the only concern district sources raise about the current principal of san jose's bernal middle school. >> they call her the ghost. ghost principal. >> reporter: lynn martinez worked as a teacher in the district for 18 years. she now serves as the president of the oak grove teachers union. >> she's not seen on campus. she's not seen at meetings. she's not seen in the classrooms. >> reporter: and principal clecak's performance came into question after this evaluation. a survey last year of teachers by the union. >> this is probably one of the
6:46 pm
worst evaluations i've ever seen. >> according to this survey there were 309 unsatisfactory responses. >> correct. that's huge. that was -- that's an alarming number. >> reporter: she was the teachers union president when that survey was done last year. nearly two-thirds of teachers answered 60 questions to assess principal clecak's performance. comments included she is the absolute antithesis of a leader. and my principal is unethical and picks on or bullies teachers. >> our teachers we're held accountable. there was absolutely no accountability for her behavior. >> tony kovaleski with nbc bay area. do you have a quick minute for us? >> reporter: we asked the superintendent for a response prior to a recent school board meeting. >> under advice of counsel, we're not going to talk about personnel matters. >> reporter: before that interview, the district did respond with this written statement saying in part that
6:47 pm
the credit cards in isolated situations were not being used consistent with district policy and it took appropriate action. we also asked to speak to principal clecak. in an e-mail she referred us to the district statement and said i do not have any comment. >> i have absolutely no idea why they would allow this type of leadership to remain in place. >> at some point, you would have fired a teacher or a school secretary or a maintenance person for not even half of this and you would have done it right away. >> it hasn't been until your investigation started that things have been changing and regulations have been enforced and it was the pressure of the investigation. >> here's an update for you. the teachers union just completed another survey on principal clecak's performance. this time fewer than half the teachers completed the survey but the numbers do show an
6:48 pm
improvement. also, a number of the teachers still raised similar concerns about their principal. so we are going to continue to follow to see how this story develops. >> keep us posted. thank you, tony. if you have a tip for tony give us a call at 888-996-tips or sends an e-mail to let's bring in jeff ra narnieri on this beautiful january day. >> it did feel like january for a lot of the bay area. this trough of low pressure is going to stay stationary all the way through thursday in the forecast and that will help continue to bring in the fog across the bay area and also the possibility of some showers. you can take your eyes down there to the scrolling seven-day ticker at the bottom of your screen and get a preview of when those showers are coming your way. right now it is chilly outside, upper 50s and low 60s. we do have some sun, though. the one spot where we did manage the most sun was up in marin,
6:49 pm
sonoma and napa counties. you can see the fog just waiting to roll over mt. tamalpais. mpt hamill mt. hamillton is overcast right now. there's no way it's going anywhere for tomorrow. that will mean for the morning forecast, those areas of low clouds not only for the peninsula but for the east bay and san francisco as well. let's take you to the microclimate forecast and you can see how things play out by your tuesday afternoon. we expect it to get up to 68 in san jose that is still below average for this time of the year. for the peninsula, just 58 degrees and overcast. palo alto only 66. and look at san francisco, we're used to the cold and foggy weather, but 99% of sf will stay in the 50s tomorrow. i have a business meeting there and you're going to need the
6:50 pm
jacket. for the north bay, east bay and tri-valley likely again the north bay with some of the most sunshine up into napa so that's why temperatures will go up to 69. stays cool in oakland with 61 and for the tri-valley upper 60s for many to. we do have that chance of showers coming our way and it is mainly on thursday maybe into friday morning. not a big storm, but again that trough of low pressure we showed you could rotate in a few disturbances for some spotty activity in the forecast again, thursday and friday. what does that mean for that memorial day weekend forecast? i think you're going to like it. yes, we could use a big storm but with a lot of you having outdoor plans, it's probably good for you. san francisco, no 70s. it will stay cool with 60s but the north bay some of the warmest weather, possibly 77 by sunday and 75 for memorial day. so a warming trend coming our way. just keep the jacket handy for the next couple of days. well the houston rockets got to town today getting ready for tomorrow's big playoff game
6:51 pm
in oakland against the warriors. we'll have more, next.
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
okay. we have an update on our breaking news.
6:54 pm
it appears san mateo police have cornered and spotted the mountain lion in this apartment complex area of san mateo just off ninth and el camino real. >> michelle roberts is right there in that neighborhood with the very latest. michelle, what do we know? >> reporter: about 15 minutes ago we did hear that they had eyes on the mountain lion. game and fish here on scene. we were told that they were just trying to figure out what to do. less than a minute ago, i saw about three officers running down the street. one of them actually had his gun out, approaching that apartment complex. so right now we're not certain what's going on back there. we did ask the game and fish department did you bring a tranquilizer here. they said they couldn't answer that at this point. take a look behind me still a very active scene. people are trying to get in and out and these streets are blocked off. every time someone pulls up they say we're looking for a mountain lion you've got to come back later. officers say it is for their safety. although the animal was seen being nonaggressive, they say out of an abundance of caution,
6:55 pm
they're just being very careful out here. the mountain lion estimated to be about 70 pounds. it was first spotted this morning at about 4:30 and then the last sighting was at about 5:00. that's when this all began. officers were going door to door trying to figure out where it was. still right now we're waiting for an update and they do believe they have it in sight. michelle roberts, nbc bay area news. >> hello again, geraud moncure coming to you from the comcast sportsnet studios. after passing the grind house test the warriors will be back to playing the type of basketball they're known for. as our henry wofford tells us while the opponent is familiar, what's at stake is not. >> the warriors open the western conference finals on their home court, but as soon as they tip off against the houston rockets, the warriors will be in unfamiliar territory. barbosa is the only current warrior who has played in a conference final, but the
6:56 pm
warriors are not worried at all. they say they can play against any team on any level. >> i don't think any moment is too big for any of us. there's a reason we won 67 games, there's a reason we made the adjustments we did against a great memphis team to win three games in a row in the playoffs. >> reporter: the warriors were a perfect 4-0 against the rockets in the regular season but they're expecting a battle. sunday, the rockets knocked out the clippers and became only the ninth team in nba history to overcome a 3-1 deficit to win a series. the wild wild western conference final will feature two teams that love to push the ball. >> coming off a series against memphis, it's kind of like you're out of jail that's more of a slow it down type game to where now you can really get back to playing your brand of basketball. >> there's one team in our way to get there and whatever happens in between games, you've just got to keep your composure and stay focused on what the mission is and not get caught up
6:57 pm
in any of that stuff. >> henry wofford, nbc bay area news. >> henry, thank you. that's it for sports. geraud moncure, nbc bay area. >> okay thank you. coming up tonight at 11:00, a major bust at the oakland airport. baggage handlers accused of trafficking drugs. the elaborate scheme that had marijuana rolling right past tsa agents at oakland international. that's coming up on our 11:00 newscast. also tonight at 11:00, of course we'll have the latest on the search for this mountain lion. san mateo police say it appears they have spotted the mountain lion. they're still trying to capture this big cat. it's been roaming around san mateo just off el camino real since about 4:00 this morning. since then it's been spotted about three times. the latest around ninth avenue. these are live pictures from our chopper. they believe it's in this apartment complex area and of course we have reporters on the scene and we'll bring you the latest tonight at 11:00. >> they do have a tranquilizer gun with them. we'll keep you posted and see you at 11:00.
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