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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  May 18, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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>> nbc bay area news starts now. >> right now at 11:00, roaming the streets and back yards of a busy neighborhood. a peaceful ending tonight to a dramatic search for a mountain lion. thanks for being with us. >> it was an all-out search for that brazen mountain lion back yards scoured for hours while people waited nervously. it happened off el camino real
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near ninth avenue. we're in san mateo with the details. >> reporter: experts tell us he came down from the crystal springs reservoir area looking for food but it ended up here near a school and a park. that wild search ended in these bushes right in front of an apartment complex. >> it was up there for like a second, and then it ump jumped over. nicole was in her backyard seconds before she saw the mountain lion jump on her fence. her dog bentley was barking, so she looked outside. >> it was really pretty. it was pretty big. but, yeah it seemed scared. >> the 2-year-old mountain lion had people buzzing all day. there were several sightings, starting at 4:30 this morning. with guns drawn police closed
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in on the big cat around 5:00 tonight. during the tense search police say a resident fired a shot. the resident who fired a warning shot into the ground to try and attempt to scare the mountain lion which is what we didn't want to happen. >> after the scare, california fish and wildlife got to work cornering and tranquilizing the cat. >> it ran around a little bit and then the drugs took effect. it puts you right to sleep. >> fish and wildlife grabbed the 90-pound mountain lion by the neck and loaded it onto a truck. it had taken cover in front of an apartment complex. people who watched the scene unfold are relieved no one was hurt and the cat is alive. >> a happy ending. >> they just sent out a tweet that the cat woke up and walked out into his habitat on its own. officials told us it would be released near the crystal
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springs reservoir, as for the man who fired his gun, police say the district attorney will have to decide if he will face charges. >> happy ending. thank you, jean. new at 11:00, a sophisticated drug smuggling ring busted at oakland international airport. three baggage handlers for southwest airlines are accused of helping smuggle marijuana across the country. prosecutors say for years they used their security badges to get the drugs past tsa checkpoints without a search. they handed off carry-on luggage filled with marijuana to passengers who had already cleared security. the feds say this drug ring operated from 2012 until march of this year. the oakland airport said it's baggage handlers all those areas are blocked from the area that was used to get the drugs past security. >> it's supposed to be a time for celebration with summer around the corner but tonight hundreds gathered at a gilroy school struggling to make sense of two deaths.
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both students killed in car accidents less than a week apart. cheryl hurd joins us live and the story is just so tragic. >> reporter: it really is. the quad area behind me was packed with people everyone wearing black, sarah's favorite color. the message was clear, they wanted kids to learn about safety on the road. >> sarah gave to us one last gift before passing, that gift was hope. >> hundreds of people galthered to pay tribute to sarah jean williams. >> this is the power to touch people and to change lives. >> williams was killed in a car crash on may 12th in gilroy. five people were in the car. she was among the four who died. the driver is the only person who survived. he was arrested for suspicion of driving under the influence, but so far has not been charged. >> i would try to tell our kids
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say no. if somebody's drinking don't get in the car with them. if somebody's been using drugs, don't get in the car with them. >> through fond memories about williams and through the many tears, gilroy superintendent wanted to make sure that the message came through tonight. >> we have graduation just a little over three weeks away and we want all of our seniors to really be thinking about their driving behavior and their friends' driving behavior. we're really going to step that up over the next few weeks. >> reporter: but right now, williams' friends are trying to deal with this tragic loss. >> my heart is shattered. but it helps to know that you're in a better place, having the time of your life. no more worries and problems. i will never forget you. >> reporter: another christopher high school student was killed in a crash one week before sarah. her name is natalia sal sado.
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she had a memorial here yesterday on her 16th birthday. i'm cheryl hurd nbc bay area news. cheryl, thank you. we want to show you new surveillance video now of a would-be kidnapper. the man behind the wheel is accused of trying to kidnap a girl as she was walking her dog saturday morning. this happened in a quiet neighborhood of campbell. police say he tracked the girl asked her for directions and then grabbed her in a bear hug. that girl did fight back and got away. the suspect's car, we zoom in here, you can see it there, a gray or beige, older model four-door honda accord. well tomorrow the raiders are expected to address the nfl owners about possibly moving back to los angeles. tonight we've learned the raiders have hired carmen policy to help them. he's a well known former 49ers president from the 1980s and '90s. the 72-year-old is still influential in the league and has been hired by the raiders and chargers to get a new
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stadium built near downtown l.a. both teams might share a new stadium. the nfl owners are meeting in san francisco beginning tomorrow for the next three days. >> mountain dew and coca-cola equals big money. the new soda tax is paying off. >> the tax brought in $116,000 in its first month. but even the apparent success is adding to the controversy. nbc's terry mcsweeney is in berkeley. it's the first city in the country with the soda tax. is it working? >> opponents will say, you can't really say yet, because nobody knows exactly how this money is going to be spent. supporters say, that's true, give them some time. they'll figure it out. and if this money is properly spent, it could save people's lives. >> soda, or more specifically the soda tax, is officially a solid revenue generator for the city of berkeley. $116,000 in the month of march
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says the city. works out to about $1.2 million for year. we're showing the rest of the country, yes, you can pass it, yes, you can implement it and it's not that hard. the berkeley city councilman is a huge supporter of the tax, overwhelming approved by voters. he said it's not a matter of filling the city coffers. almost 50% of our latino or african american kids will have diabetes in their lifetime leading to all kinds of things amputations and ultimately death. >> you're not going to deter american people from buying soda by imposing a surcharge. >> and that's not the only problem restaurant manager he has with the charge on soda and sugar-added drinks. >> why would somebody propose a bill without already having a plan to where the money's suppose to go? makes no sense. >> reporter: tomorrow night a panel will decide where the money goes.
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the penny is charged to distributors is passed to consumers at the retail level. it's already led to a charge at his market. >> more people are buying sugar-free products, the diet sodas, the energy drinks with no sugar added. >> reporter: we don't know how the money will be spent, but there seems to be a growing movement to have a lion's share spent on gardening and nutrition programs at burkly schools. terry mcsweeney, nbc yay area news. thank you, terry. seven banks and counting. tonight the search is on per for this man, accused of being a serial bank robber on a spree in the bay area. take a look at the pictures. the fbi, since march 30th he's hit six banks in san francisco and one of them in antioch. described as 6'3" 30 to 40 likely with tattoos on both arms. and he's considered dangerous. >> a robbery case runs cold and police are hoping you can help
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them find a new lead. san jose police is searching for this man and that woman you see in the photo. investigators say the pair walked into rose market in east san jose then after a moment they walked back out, and then minutes later, the man came back in with a gun and cleared out the cash register. last seen getting into a black or potentially gray four-door sedan. the deadly gang shoot-out was yesterday, but today there's still fear in waco, texas. especially for the police. the police claim they're getting death threats. nine people were killed in yesterday's violence at a waco restaurant. the brawl involved five different motorcycle gangs. officers did make 170 arrests. police were warned ahead of time that the gathering could be trouble and unsuccessfully approached the managers of the twin peaks restaurant before the shoot-out. today the chain revoked the waco location's franchise. trains are rolling along the busiest rail corridor with new
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safety measures in place. amtrak service between philadelphia and new york city started running this morning nearly a week after the deadly derailment that killed eight people. the new safety measures include speed control and automatic braking systems. today the fbi also ruled out that gunshot as a caused of the fracture in the train's windshield. next at 11:00 thieves are using new technology to steal your car right from your driveway. but there's something you can do to stop them. and a new idea to help kick the habit in the south bay. why it may soon be harder for some people to buy cigarettes. and powering down those dreams of an apple tv set. wait until you hear what's going to happen next. and good evening, i'm jeff ranieri, the fog has returned to san francisco. but low clouds all the way to san jose we're tracking your fog forecast for tomorrow. and details on some showers, in your microclimate forecast.
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. you know the rules, 21 for alcohol, 18 for cigarettes. that's been the general rule for decades. but things might be changing.
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a santa clara county supervisor says 18 is just too young for cigarettes. here's nbc bay area's ian cole. >> reporter: at stores like this one in the burbank neighborhood of san jose, the signs say it all. no tobacco sales to anyone under 18. but a new proposal has him fuming. >> this is how the probation started in this country. >> the santa clara county supervisor wants to ban tobacco and e-cig ret sales for anyone under 21. >> when you're 21 and over you're much more able to have a tobacco product and not get addicted to it. >> if approved, his ordinance would only effect 25 retailers in places like san martine and the burbank neighborhood. monroe said his sales would drop, while neighboring cities wouldn't be affected. >> they'll go just across the boundary line two, three strits on the other side and buy the
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same product. >> another bay area product has already raised the age to buy tobacco from 18 to 21. heeldsburg in sonoma county. he hopes his proposal will continue the trend. >> even though we know our ordinance may not have a wide effect, its really benefit is to have all the other cities sort of follow suit. and i'm hopeful that they will. >> reporter: and if the ordinance passes the change in signs would happen next year. ian cole nbc bay area news. >> just n we have some jittery nerves tonight after flaring at an east bay refinery. you're looking at a live picture, the area of rodeo. several residents began reporting a possible fire near the philips 66 refinery. it looks like it. that was a little bit after 10. it's not a fire though. crews did see flaring coming from the refinery. that's when refineries use this method to burn off excess energy by letting it out.
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the refinery hasn't reported any problems. we're not hearing any problems or warnings or any reason to stay inside, but this is flaring coming from the refinery. it's con convenient one click and the key faub gets you into your car. >> hi-tech thieves have figured out a way to make your key work for them. we'll tell you how you can protect yourself. >> there's a lot of people in my neighborhood that have had their cars broken into, but not in a tradition way. >> a few weeks ago, he joined his neighbors as a victim, but he watched it happen from the window of his home. two teens were near his prius. >> backed up pulled out a device and unlocked the car. when you walk up and pull the handle that was how long it took. it's not a complicated thing. >> this technology out there that allows burglars to get into vehicles without ever breaking a piece of glass. >> reporter: security expert jess sis ner and law enforcement
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have been reviewing surveillance tape of car break-ins. they say younger thieves are using an electromagnetic pulse device, which unlocks doors. they're cheap, small as your remote key, and just one of many hi-tech gadgets used by car burglars. >> the code grabber. >> reporter: code grabbers resemble key faubs too. they duplicate the remote key code. it allows someone to get into your vehicle by essentially cloning your key. >> reporter: lastly there are remote key power amplifiers. your remote key uses the frequency specific to your car. power amplifiers increase the strength. so if the vehicle is parked closer to your home -- a thief can open it. there are ways you can block a signal from being amplified. he showed us that the door of a microwave didn't allow a radio
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frequency to travel. a refrigerator will block it. generally, any metal box, is a safe place to keep keys and the safest place to keep your car. >> if you park it in the garage you have a physical barrier, alarm systems you you've noise, you've got pets. >> and peace of mind. but if you must park outside, disables your remote key system is the trick. there's no way to hack the car's circuitry if none exist. you just have to physically open the door with the key. >> watch someone that doesn't have a key to your car walk up and pull the door handle and unlock it is a pretty scary thing. >> i don't want to microwave my keen. >> i'll go with the freezer option. >> this is it a two-blanket day
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for jessica on the set here. [ laughter ] >> tomorrow morning, three, maybe four blankets. we have the fog in place across the bay area not just in san francisco, but you can see across the north bay, back into the east bay. and tracking low clouds at the moment. taking you outside the sky camera network, most temperatures in the mid 50s. 56 in san francisco, and the coldest weather in the north bay at 51. you're colder because the fog moved in last in that location. so you had a lot of radiational cooling at least early on. through tomorrow morning with thick clouds, we are not expecting it to budge. i don't think you'll need the sunglasses tomorrow morning. patchy low clouds 53 degrees and areas of drizzle for the peninsula, east bay and also for san francisco. now the primary reason why we are not going to warm up tomorrow this huge troth, the low pressure sitting across the
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west keeps the jet stream down towards california cooler air moving it aloft and the fog machine stays put. we think that will be in place the next three days. here's what it means for tomorrow's temperatures. they're not going to budge very much at all. that means just 68 degrees in san jose. the peninsula, you'll feel the chill tomorrow. 58 throughout pacifica. and back towards palo alto only 65 degrees. most of san francisco in the 50s. soma and downtown usually warms up at least a few more degrees, but only 60 degrees for your tuesday. for the north bay, east bay and trivalley, should have increased sunshine up into napa. you'll see in all of the microclimates, no 70s expected tomorrow. trivalley gets close to 70 in pleasanton, but not quite there. as we advance the forecast into thursday and friday we do have a slight chance of showers. a few disturbances moving around
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this troth of low pressure for maybe some spotty showers again thursday or friday. trace amounts to maybe on the high side about a tenth of an inch. what does it mean for memorial day weekend? so far nothing at all. we'll clear out by saturday sunday and monday from the shower chance. temperatures also warm up. check it out. low to mid 70s in the south bay. low 70s in the peninsula by monday. san francisco stays cool in the 60s. north bay, that's the place to be, mid to upper 70s. time to get the barbecue out. i still need to get one, but i'm counting on you guys. someone's got one. >> is that a hint you want a barbecue? >> hey, i'll cook. >> that's more like it. [ laughter ] up next is apple really developing its own tv set? we have the latest report. >> and we have jimmy. >> hay, raj and jessica, we're playing password.
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it's a great show, we're on next.
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♪ ♪ ♪ you're only young once. unless you have a subaru. (announcer) the subaru xv crosstrek. symmetrical all-wheel drive plus 34 mpg. love. it's what makes a subaru a subaru. brewing morphine as easily as beer. that could be the reality as a team of berkeley researchers figured out how to turn sugar-fed yeast into pharmaceuticals. the steps needed were published today. researchers say they haven't put the steps into action, but they say it won't be hard to do. the synthetic process can be
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used to create antibiotics and cancer therapies, as well as painkillers. and while it's exciting news for the medical community, regulators say there are concerns. they made the watch, but scratch the tv. apple has given up plans to make its own tv set. according to the "wall street journal" they scrapped the idea last year and found the tv market way too competitive to be profitable. the news comes as a big time investor wrote a letter to apple ceo saying he expects an apple tv and an apple car to hit the market next year. guess who's in town tonight. the houston rockets are here and we're ready to go for game 1 tomorrow night. geraud manicure is next.
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♪ good evening, geraud moncure in the comcast sportsnet studios. we are less than 19 hours away from the warriors first appearance in the western conference finals in 39 years. it's uncharted territory for this era of the franchise. the doves should find a comfort level returning to their style of play against the rockets. in the regular season series the doves dominated houston, 4-0. outscored the rockets 115-99
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outshooting houston 50% to 40. after dealing with serious adversity in the semis against memphis, steve kerr's squad continues to blossom. >> the growth that we showed against memphis will pay off. i think that experience was important for us. we needed to see some adversity and feel it and we did and we responded well. >> one team in our way to get there and whatever happens in between games, you just got to keep your composure and stay focused on what the mission is. >> the 49er known as cowboy called it a football career this afternoon after seven seasons with the red and gold. defensive end justin smith, a five-time pro-bowler but at the age of 35 his body was feeling the effects of a long gruelling, nfl journey. >> where i play on the right side, all my contact comes on my left shoulder and left side. and i mean it just doesn't
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respond like i want it to respond anymore. you know you don't have the tools, you can't do the job. so it's time to go. >> on the diamond, a's and astros at minute maid park. oakland losers of 10 of 11 coming in. sixth inning brett laurie at the dish, liner into the right. bull i butler scores. bottom eight george springer at the dish. he will take scribner keep. on his horse, climbs the hill and makes the catch, sam fuld. a big sigh of relief. a's win, 2-1. todd mclellan is a hot commodity on the circuit. and he'll be the next head coach of the edmonton oilers. that announcement could come as soon as tomorrow. at one time was an assistant coach for the red wings under mike babcock.
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the sharks will reportedly talk to babcock this week about their head coaching vacancy. that's it for sports. more news coming up after the break.
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finally tonight this is a first. a sitting president with his very own twitter account. up until now president obama would use the white house account or his campaign account. but as of today, he's got his
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own personal handle -- potus. short for president of the united states. his first tweet, hello twitter, it's barack. really? six years in and they're finally giving me my own account. former president bill clinton tweeted back welcome to twitter. one question does that user name stay with the office? #asking for a friend or asking for a wife. >> very funny. they've got the pope and the president. >> they do. everyone's on. and right now, president obama has 1.58 million followers in one day. >> that's a lot. >> have a great tuesday. thanks for joining us. >> we'll see you tomorrow, bye-bye. ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- hugh jackman. nick offerman.


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