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tv   Today  NBC  May 20, 2015 7:00am-11:01am PDT

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we're back at 7:25 with a live local news update. in the meantime go to, follow the latest information. we shoaf up a great wednesday. go warriors! good morning. breaking overnight more than two dozen tornados battering parts of the south, torrential rain triggering deadly flooding and dramatic rescues. in california, a different kind of emergency. a ruptured pipeline spilling 21,000 gallons of oil right into the pacific. biggest recall ever. air bags in 34 million cars in the u.s. declared defective. why it could take years to have the problem fixed if the you're on the list. sloppy send-off. david letterman gets a messy hug from his last guest, bill murray. >> you're looking good, dave. >> i think i have goo here. >> the late night legend prepares to officially sign off
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tonight. and rain man. matt fights through a wet day on the roads and a visit from natalie makes things more interesting. >> our first flat of the trip. >> my first flat ever. >> this morning he is back on track. >> so, as we begin day four of the red nose challenge we have 172 miles behind us, 55 to go today wednesday, may 20, 2015. >> announcer: from nbc news this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. good morning were. welcome to "today" on a wednesday morning. matt, the end is in sight. the tour de red nose is almost a wrap. >> can you do me a favor and not
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use the word the end? that's one of my biggest problems right now. yeah. it's a sore subject. savannah, willie, good morning. i'm at the kings park volunteer fire department on long island. from the park view elementary school and beyond and we're about to start day four of this journey. i will tell you, watching the video we're running of the rainy day yesterday. that was as miserable as i have ever been on a bicycle. it was cold, i was soaked through. but today's the opposite. it's beautiful and i continue to be inspired by people all along the road who stop to wave and have got their red noses on and are talking about the charities we're raising money for. i'll tell you something else that inspired me when i woke up and saw this picture that was tweeted to us overnight from lani ali. his red nose. i thank him very much for the inspiration.
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again, all of this is for great causes, not only in this country but around the world. >> champs cheering you on. the wind will be at your back for sure. we'll see you in a bit. check in with you along the road. we want to go to our top story. wild weather. >> it's crazy. we've got all kinds of wild weather. let's start right now in texas about an hour, hour and a half west of ft. worth. this is giddings, texas, and they had not one but maybe two tornados touching down, unconfirmed at this point but we are tracking those. also in mineral wells, texas, they had a tornado touch down, fortunately nobody injured. but, there was a lot of damage throughout the town. roofs ripped off, big problems there. now, let's look, talk about snow. can you believe this, we're going to talk about snow in colorado. now they got about six inches, parts of aspen and points to the west. and that has led to massive flooding today in colorado springs. this is yesterday.
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they got up to 3 inches of snow and rain and flooding, big problems there. and then more flooding in norman, oklahoma. look at this. rain, 3 to 5 inches of rain in several hours. people trying to drive through it. some make it, some don't. and we're going to have more of that today as you can see folks again, turn around, don't drown. here's the deal. along this front it's just stuck there. and so we're going to watch these storms train over. so, for the day today, more wet weather moving through dallas, houston, on into the plains states, we're looking at more wet weather starting to set up as a system comes in. we've got more severe storms today from fort stockton to austin, tornados, golf ball-sized hail. we get into the weekend, this is hard to fathom. they have picked up 12 inches of rain so far. there could be another 6 to 8 inches of rain, guys, for our friends in oklahoma and texas. flooding of course the drought is over.
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we can't turn it off. there is another round coming this weekend. >> they got to be concerned about flooding. >> absolutely. >> have thanks so much. the rest of your forecast in a bit. an emergency cleanup is under way in california this morning after 21,000 gallons of oil leaked from a busted pipeline. black tar dotting the pristine shores of santa barbara beaches. hallie jackson has the latest. >> reporter: this morning dozens of cleanup crews are racing to contain an estimated 21,000 gallon oil spill. >> it's a lot of oil. >> reporter: thick sludge spreading along a four-mile stretch of the california coast near santa barbara. drenching wildlife and forcing campers out of a state park before the busy memorial day weekend. >> we're driving out here and we smelled something like burning rubber. >> really disappointing to see this happen here. >> reporter: officials say someone reported the foul spell around noon tuesday how they discovered the crude oil flowing
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from a broken pipeline and onto the beach. it shut down the flow of oil and deeply regrets the spill, they are now making every effort to limit its impact. >> any oil spill is a big deal. especially in santa barbara. after the the 1969 oil spill people began to take notice of these things. >> reporter: more than 40 years ago in the same area 3 million gallons leaked into the pacific in one of the worst oil spills in u.s. history. today there is a concern this slick could spread south, a moving target with cleanup only just beginning. >> it's not an easy process. i want to manage your expectations, this could take some time. >> reporter: for "today," hallie jackson, nbc news, santa barbara. >> that's a shame. that's one of the most beautiful parts of the entire country. >> no easy thing to clean up that so we'll keep on that story. what has become the biggest consumer recall in u.s. history, even bigger than the tylenol recall of the 80s.
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the company takata recalling air bags in 34 million vehicles after admitting at long last it does have a problem with those air bags. tom costello has been following this story since it broke last fall. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. the trouble is of course model years 2003-2011 and the air bag which can explodes sending shards of metal toward the driver. up until now, takata has been fined daily by the government for failing to cooperate with federal investigators. now, it's launching the biggest recall ever. this morning the biggest air bag maker takata corporation is on the defensive with car dealers gearing up for the biggest recall in u.s. history. bigger even than the recall of 31 million tylenol bottles in 1982. affecting one out of every four cars on the road, nearly 34 million nationwide involving 11 automakers. >> automakers and manufacturers have a safety responsibility
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that they must live up to. there are no excuses. >> reporter: government investigators say exploding air bags are thought to have killed at least five people including young tran who died in an accident. the family attorney showed us her car. >> what happened here is you can see the shrapnel on the floor from where the steering column was blown apart backwards. what went toward her are metal fragments. >> it came into her face and neck. >> literally through the bag into her neck. >> at least 100 have been injured. until now the corporation insisted its air bags were not defective. >> can we ask you did takata put profits ahead of safety? >> refusing to answer questions from nbc news or the japanese media. now it admits there is a problem, in a statement saying we are committed to continuing to work closely with regulators and automaker customers to do fg we can to advance the safety of drivers. but many original drivers may have long ago sold their cars.
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>> a lot of these vehicles are in the hands of second owners, third owners, that's a big problem too. just in communicating to them. >> making matters worse there aren't enough replacement parts. >> reporter: here it gets worse, unfortunately. the trouble is of course that what you're looking at is a situation where they simply may have already put defective replacement parts in those cars that were repaired. so if you had your air bag repaired you may have to get it repaired again. back to you. >> which raises the question how do you know if your car is affected? >> so here's what you do. get your vin number, it's right up here in the front. it's also right here in the door jam. you go to type in that vin and all of your recalls affecting that car will pop up. if the you affected by an air bag recall that will pop up. others as well. >> i assume it's time for the lawsuits now. i can only imagine some families will look for a legal remedy.
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>> some families have filed suit. there have been a few settlements. the trouble is you're talking about 34 million vehicles and a lot of people wonder whether takata can survive this. this is a japanese-owned companynd analysts are divided. wewait and see. >> regulators brought down the hammer. tom thank you. >> there has been a scary situation involving a cruise ship with nearly 3500 passengers on board. a norwegian cruise liner ran aground in bermuda after a malfunction in its steering system forced the ship into a reef. >> all of the guests and crew are safe, saying there were absolutely no injuries and that the ship is now being inspected for potential damage. to the campaign trail. hillary clinton taking questions from the media for the first time in four weeks from her e-mails to her finances and friends, there was a lot of ground to cover. andrea mitchell has the latest. good morning. >> reporter: good did morning. hillary clinton finally answered questions in iowa for five minutes, for the first time in a month.
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as she continues a carefully scripted roll-out of her campaign for the white house. >> i needed a shot of express so to keep going. >> reporter: she keeps going to chicago today will she answer more questions. including about the whopping $30 million the clintons earned last year while she campaigns as the champion of everday americans. >> is bill and i have been blessed and we're very grateful for the opportunities that we had, but we never forgotten where we came from. >> reporter: republicans have been demanding answers. >> somebody needs to ask hillary clinton was it a good idea to topple gadhafi in libya. >> nobody would take from a republican that they had a private server that they deleted the e-mails on but take my word. >> i want those e-mails out. nobody has a bigger interest in getting them released than i do. >> some of the e-mails reveal clinton received detailed advice
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from an old friend, sidney blumenthal on libya where his colleagues were seeking business deals. >> he has been a friend of mine for a long time. he sent me unsolicited e-mails which i passed on in some instances, i'm going to keep talking to my old friends. >> some of hills e-mails were passed on to chris stevens later killed in benghazi. >> we thought hillary clinton was the most vetted presidential candidate that we'd ever seen and yet we're discovering all of these things about her that continue to cause complications and controversies for her and that is a surprise. >> reporter: now a federal judge ordered the state department to release the e-mails all of them every two months instead of waiting until next year. some may be released as soon as tomorrow. willie and savannah. >> andrea mitchell on the hillary clinton beat. thanks. >> natalie is here with the investigation into the biker shoot-out we're following all week. >> police are still processing that crime scene in waco, texas this morning, discovering every
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more weapons in a parking lot where nine suspected motorcycle gang members were killed and 18 wounded. miguel almaguer is in waco. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. police say crime scene technicians will wrap up in a few hours, this is where it all went down, two rival gangs meeting in this, paing lot. investigators say this bloody feud may have all started here over a parking spot. as investigators towed away more evidence, the identities of the nine killed here all said to be gang members, many shot in the head were released. this morning 170 suspects are still in jail. bond set at $1 million each. dozens believed to be members of the notorious bandidos gang. >> they have been in texas forever. >> pat was a hell's angel, outlaw biker more than 30 years, nearly a decade in prison for his crimes. >> not over drug turf, it's over territory, it's being the biggest baddest guy on the
7:14 am
block. >> reporter: with roots in texas going back to the 1960s, police say the they are notorious for violence and drug trafficking. one of their leaders say the group is just a club. >> we do not break the law as a whole. we do not encourage it. you do not have to be a criminal to be a bandidos. >> with identified as one of five gangs in the brawl federal agents say for the rival outlaws who clashed this is just the beginning. >> make no mistake about it. this is not over. you have nine people killed from these clubs, they will be looking for retribution. might not be tomorrow, might not be next week. could be two years down the line. >> reporter: investigators say the meeting that took place here was held by one rival motorcycle gang when another simply showed up and the fighting began. meantime, outside of dallas/ft. worth investigators say they are shutting down a motor stick tole rally. natalie, back to you.
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>> miguel in waco, texas, thank you. . roger goodell will address the media today for the first time since the league handed down punishment to the patriots 0y ver deflated footballs. robert kraft said on tuesday that he won't challenge those sanctions that include a $1 million fine and the loss of two draft t picks. kraft says-y disagrees with the commissioner but respects him. the players union says it will, though, go through with its appeal of quarterback tom brady's four-game suspension. a real heads up play had one pro hockey team celebrating tuesday night, at least for a few minutes. don't sell bray early. in game two of the western conference finals and look at this. chicago blackhawks, the anaheim ducks. chicago's andrew shaw uses his head, if you saw it, to deflect the puck into the net. like in a soccer match. >> is that allowed? >> it is not allowed. thank you. so you saw they celebrated too soon.
7:16 am
it is against the rules in the nhl, so goal doesn't count. however, they did go on to score another goal in the third overtime so they won 3-2. >> i have never seen that. >> probably not a good idea to use your head on a hockey puck. >> a new sport. >> thank you. how's the weather looking? >> we're going to get to your local forecast in the next 30 seconds. first, people really love our guacamole. rich and creamy, made from hass avocados and just a hint of jalapeno to keep it interesting. the other reason is, it's just really fun to say. guacamole guacamole guacamole guacamole guacamole guacamole see? come in and try our new guacamole on sandwiches like the chipotle chicken melt. and discover how it turns up the flavor on all your favorite sandwiches. subway. eat fresh. right now we're seeing 55
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degrees, and lots of low clouds and misty skies in san francisco 57 which by the way, will be close to the high temperature in pacifica today where the low clouds will hang out through the day. 68 in san jose and to the north bay, over towards pleasanton and livermore, highs in the mid to upper 60s. with a slight chance of a few hilltop showers, too, especially in napa county. increasing clouds for the rest of the bay area later tomorrow. >> and that's your latest weather. >> all right, matt. matt. hi. matt's gone. now i think you're matt. but i was thinking about matt because, matt we've been thinking about you all week out there braving the elements. looks nice today. >> yeah looks beautiful today. here in kings park it is about 65 degrees. sunny. look at this. kings park chamber of commerce came out with a check for $500 for red nose day which we appreciate. i have to tell you, the rains in long island yesterday were even
7:18 am
worse than the hills in connecticut and rhode island. but somehow he managed to get through it. usually when you're on a bike ride a flat tire is a weird thing. yesterday it turned out to be a good thing. take a look. good morning. it's about 55 degrees and pouring. a dreary start to day three of the tour de red nose. >> it is not a pleasant situation out there, but he is fighting the good fight. >> cold relentless rain for miles. nice to see you guys. how far have we gone? >> 22 miles. >> that's not enough. making for a difficult morning ride. it's miserable. water is dripping down your nose. it's going down your back. the tough conditions testing both my endurance and my will. i'd love to be able to say i'm great, let's go bring it on. but i'm really tired right now. finally a break in the clouds. natalie joined us for a brighter second half of the ride. refreshed and ready to go. >> would have been nice to have
7:19 am
been there yesterday. i love doing hills. >> i love hills, i wish i were there yesterday because my quads i haven't worked on them for three days. >> we're back here nat. >> sorry. i'm slowing down. >> at mile 47 she got a flat. you got a flat in front of dunkin' donuts. we're going to try to go ten extra miles today. we'll see how that works out. a second wind for the whole team. finally a warm and dry welcome to port jefferson from the boys & girls club. i like the go matt go one. they really help. wow. thank you. can i have some now? >> yes. >> a great reminder of the reason i ride. >> red nose day! >> they were so nice. it was such a nice warm meeting there, greeting there. we did go about 12 extra miles
7:20 am
yesterday just to try to chew off a little of what was to ride today. hopefully that will work out. thomaso is here again. what do we look for today? >> today is a nice day. just a few hills and the weather is cooperating. so it's going to be a great day. >> just a few hills to him is not just a few hills to me. anyway we're going to take off and get on our bikes right now, guys. we will see you -- if i can get my leg over this. we'll see you down the road. take care guys. >> natalie says she's not sore at all. she could have gone 25 more miles. >> i'll just point out, matt had a bag of glass on the side of the road. >> what is he batman? >> only flat. >> we will check in with him throughout the morning, of course. coming up new clues in the murder mystery in washington. what the unidentified attackers allegedly did before taking a family hostage. plus forced to wear high
7:21 am
heels? the strict dress code for women leading to accidents and a whole lot of controversy at the cannes film festival. but first this is "today" on nbc.
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of fiber and 0% fat. new light & fit protein shakes. taste the power of satisfaction. a good wedges day morning. it's 7:26. i'm sam brook. we continue to monitor a developing story in san francisco, where a police standoff has been going on until last night. police responding to a domestic disturbance call at an apartment complex near the cow palace. the only person believed to be inside the home is the person police are calling the suspect, who they say threatened someone else. negotiations have been going on but a s.w.a.t. team now is also on scene. soo experts plan to conduct a necropsy on another whale that's washed ashore. this time the carcass of a humpback washed up on the beach of half moon bay. in mid april a sperm whale in
7:27 am
pacifica, two weeks after that in pacifica a humpback washed ashore nearby a ruptured pipe sent more than 20,000 gallons of crude into the water. it's covering about four miles of coast in the area around refugio state beach. we have a reporter head that had way and we'll have live updates starting later today right now what are weather conditions like with rob mayeda? >> and temperatures are in the 50s. we'll sew the low clouds break up but north of napa and santaa rosa there's a slight chance of showers today. the temperatures still running fairly cool. 68 in san jose for the north bay mid 60s you can see livermore 69 and our temperature trend for the south bay staying cool for, but just in time for the weekends highs jumping back into the 70s southbound 17 at camden
7:28 am
i have my eyes on a crash. it does look like minor slowing, with one lane partially blocked. the rest of your bay is a pretty typical pattern. theier the big slowdown has simmered down. as we move toward the bay bridge the metering lights are on back to you. a few spots to keep our eyes on. for now we return you to the "today" show.
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♪ 7:30 now on this wednesday morning, may 20th, 2015. as matt trucks along, this is the homestretch. the home stretch is actually almost in sight. how about that? on the tour de red nose, day four of five. 55 miles to go before he pulls into the plaza. we're keeping an eye on his progress. >> and there's plenty of time left for you to contribute to the cause. you can just head to to find out how. or text "today" to 80077. that's 80077 to make a $10 donation right now. >> many of you have been asking are those matt lauer's legs. yes, they are. they most certainly are. we'll have a lot more from matt
7:31 am
coming up. meantime, let's look at what's making headlines this morning. an emergency cleanup underway near santa barbara, california, after an oil pipeline ruptured. more than 20,000 gallons leaked before it was shut down. created slick in the ocean that stretched for miles. a large tornado tore through mineral wells, texas, last night. more than 24 across the state. it caused an abandoned building to collapse and damaged several others. remarkably, no injuries have been reported. the company takata is doubling its recall of faulty air bags to nearly 34 million cars nationwide. this is the biggest recall in u.s. history. the defect which causes air bags to explode with too much force sending metal shards into passengers has been linked to at least five deaths. we have new developments into the investigation of a murder mystery in washington that's making headlines around the world. national correspondent peter alexander is at the scene of the crime. peter, good morning.
7:32 am
>> reporter: good morning. this community badly wants answers but still so few. little about a possible motive. they're saying almost nothing about who they believe may have been responsible for these crimes. but who would want to target the savopoulos family? this morning we're learning new details about the father of this family, savvas savopoulos, a powerful business executive. this morning crime scene investigators are zeroing in on a series of surveillance cameras surrounding the savopoulos family home that authorities believe may have been disabled by the attackers who they say were likely familiar with the family's routine. >> right now we have nothing that suggests this was just a random attack. >> reporter: at the end of the terrifying ordeal sources say the savopoulos' were brutally beaten and stabbed. the son burned so badly it was unclear if he was assaulted. they are focusing on savvas
7:33 am
savopoulos. he was ceo of american ironworks that helped build the verizon center in washington. he also had international business endeavors. according to facebook he joined an investment firm in puerto rico. he also owned an island condo in st. croix. the family porsche was found 15 miles away from the home in maryland. his coworkers remain stunned. >> he was a great man. we loved him a lot. >> reporter: their neighbors in one of the most upscale d.c. communities said they were always friendly. >> their kids came trick or treating. the wife was active in the neighborhood. >> reporter: online an outpouring of support for the two teenager daughters who were away at boarding school at the time of the attack. katarina posting this family portrait on facebook as well as an old picture with her mom. your mom's love will stay with you for all time it's power will never diminish, one wrote. from another, just know that your parents are looking down on you and abigail. no matter what they love you to
7:34 am
the moon and back. back live right now outside the savopoulos home. police have set up a $25,000 reward for any information that leads to an arrest here. they haven't slowed down the pace of their gathering evidence. we saw a dozen detectives go in and out and around this home. yesterday as the police chief in washington, d.c. told us this is going to take some time. back to you. >> all right. peter alexander, thanks so much. your heart breaks for the two surviving daughters. >> thank you. take a turn now and there's a bit of a controversy at the famed cannes film festival. this of course attracts the biggest stars in the world every year. but now some women are complaining they're being turned away from the red carpet for, get this, not wearing high heels. keir simmons is in the south of france this morning. he's been looking into all of this. good morning. >> reporter: hey, good morning. i've got to tell you, while we were filming this report last night a woman in texas in high wedges took a tumble in front of our cameras. but this morning there are women
7:35 am
out again heading for the red carpet, some of them wearing their high heels. some of them perhaps fearing if they don't wear them, they won't get in. others on twitter are describing the whole thing as just outdated. cannes dress code is in the spotlight after some women in their 50s without high heels were turned away. >> everyone should wear flats, to be honest. >> reporter: actress emily blunt hitting out. >> that's very disappointing, obviously. >> reporter: actress uma thurmon carrying her uncomfortable heels. i'll wear what i want thanks this comedian tweeted -- >> i think if it is obligatory for women to wear them on the red carpet, then i am angry. >> reporter: someone just fell over in heels. >> yeah. >> reporter: we are talking about heels. >> yeah we are.
7:36 am
and she's just fallen over. >> reporter: are you okay? >> i'm so fine. >> reporter: she says if you want to wear shoes without heels at cannes, you can't. >> you have to wear them. >> reporter: you do? >> yes. >> reporter: even though you might fall over like that? >> yeah. >> reporter: there's no specific mention about the height of the woman's heels. the cannes organizers said but -- >> it sucks. but there's nothing like -- i wore sneakers out one night and didn't get into somewhere. >> reporter: and another woman we met said she feels pressure despite her bad back. >> why shouldn't i have that choice? because i've worn heels all these years i have a prolapsed disk now. >> reporter: getting home is another story. with women asked why they have to pay such a high price with cannes unwritten rule starting to fall flat. as you can see behind me, the late ingrid bergman is the face of cannes this year. she apparently hated high heels. i guess the point is are high
7:37 am
heels sexy at times? yes, they are, but if you're forced to wear them isn't that just sexist? >> i'm 99.9% sure you made up this entire story just to go to france. >> total boondoggle. >> reporter: you got me. >> i'm very suspicious. >> it worked. >> all right, keir. thank you very much. >> he didn't say anything. >> it worked. >> he didn't deny it. >> next week the hard hitting report on croissants. >> yes. >> keir, you're a genius. >> you are a genius. let us get a check of the weather now from mr. roker. >> announcer: "today's" weather is brought to you by harvoni. are you ready? >> that's right. well, it's -- our good friend matt, they are riding. you can see the blue sky. the good news today, let's look at the map, show them what they've got.
7:38 am
sunshine and temperatures in the upper 60s all the way to flushing meadows. it is going to be a beautiful day for a ride. hopefully most of it downhill. well, we got some downhill temperatures today. i mean, we've got cooler air coming in. look at some of these temperatures right now. this is the temperature change in the last 24 hours. 43 degrees in cleveland. it's dropped 26 degrees in the last 24 hours in syracuse. new york city a 2 degree drop. we've got this cooler air. today's highs are going to be way below average. anywhere from 3 degrees below average to almost 25 degrees in chicago with the high of only 49. 54 in st. louis. but temperatures will start to warm up as we get into the weekend. that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening in your neck of the wo and temperatures here also staying cool with the onshore winds and low clouds eventually breaking up inland. we'll watch for some -- and east of san jose later on this afternoon. the numbers still not those 70s we are used to this time of
7:39 am
year. 67 degrees in san jose. and mid 60s for the north bay and closer to the tri-valley and of course tonight on nbc bay area, giants baseball first pitch temperatures should be in the upper 50s. >> whyonder if they need a weather person in london? >> al thank you. coming up have you ever? wait until you hear what jennifer lopez just revealed about herself. and coming up next where would we be without top ten lists and stupid pet tricks? the letterman late night i don't want to live with the uncertainties of hep c. or wonder... ...whether i should seek treatment. i am ready. because today there's harvoni. a revolutionary treatment for the most common type of chronic hepatitis c.
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7:44 am
ground breaking career. first here at nbc and then over at cbs. and last night his first-ever guest returned to say good-bye. boy, did he make an entrance. >> reporter: bill murray just the latest in a constellation of stars helping dave say good-bye to the late show. after a few months of celebrity selfies and talking retirement plans with presidents -- >> what will you do when you're not president? >> well, i was thinking you and me we could play some dominos together. >> dominos. all right. >> reporter: tonight letterman will take the stage for one final hour to cap off three decades of redefining late night. the man behind top ten lists and stupid pet tricks. known for turning 53rd street into his playground and getting stars to be his comedic side kicks. >> listen i know who has your balloons tough guy. >> reporter: even getting matt into the act. >> how you doing, matt?
7:45 am
everything okay? >> little bit warm out here. feeling a little bit lightheaded. >> reporter: letterman recently spoke to jane pauley about closing this chapter in his storied career. >> any enormous uprooting change in my life has petrified me. but once i've come through the other side the reward has been unimaginable. >> reporter: in the '80s letterman was the first host of late night here at nbc. >> let's go inside and see how this works. >> reporter: carving out an hour of his ground breaking comedy that followed his mentor johnny carson. >> you could be a guest host. come to think of it you can have the damn thing. >> reporter: when letterman was passed over to be the host of "the tonight show," it kicked off a longtime feud with jay leno. letterman took his act over to the ed sullivan theater and cbs
7:46 am
where his desk became home to infamous moments like david seeing a lot of drew barrymore and not much of joaquin phoenix. >> joaquin, i'm sorry you couldn't be here tonight. >> reporter: he was the first host to return to the air after the 9/11 attacks. >> it's terribly sad here in new york city. we've lost 5,000 fellow new yorkers and you can feel it. you can feel it. you can see it. >> reporter: he's also weathered personal storms. surviving major heart surgery and a sex scandal with staffers. but he always came out laughing with his iconic gap toothed smile and band leader paul schaffer by his side. >> we've had a lot of fun. >> reporter: inspiring tributes from guests. >> and i thank you for all of the joy and the laughs and the intelligence you have brought to us for 33 years. >> reporter: peers. >> i like every kid who grew up watching him will miss him. >> reporter: and audiences at
7:47 am
home who will be tuning in tonight for a few final laughs with dave. you could just hear the reverence in the voice of people like jimmy fallon and jim mimmy kimmel out of respect not doing a show tonight. there was a "new york times" piece where jerry seinfeld tells the story about meeting dave after he got an nbc deal. dave gave him the advice just make sure if you fail you did what you wanted to do. seinfeld said he did that and made "seinfeld." >> we saw bill murray covered in cake and he was just beginning, right? >> he was trending throughout his appearance on the late show. he and dave got to celebrating as you saw. got it started with swigs of vodka on air. murray's night did not stop there. later, bill murray unexpectedly stumbled into msnbc studio right
7:48 am
onto the set with lawrence o'donnell. seemed he had celebrated a little too much. take a look. >> live from chicago who's just kind of barged in here i'm going to put him aside, but bill murray you know i told people there might be a surprise guest tonight. do you mind if we finish talking about elizabeth warren? >> elizabeth warren? >> yeah. >> get to that now. >> all right. and you're not going to leave, right? >> is that bill murray over there? yeah. that's bill murray. we'll be back. >> ooh. >> yeah. but he did eventually find a seat on lawrence's desk where he went into detail about all of the wine he just had at dinner owning the fact that he was feeling pretty good at that point. cannot blame him. it reminded me of when you said david letterman used to stumble into your studio when you were in local news. >> that's right. >> good moment there.
7:49 am
also coming up, a lot more in "trending." back over to you. >> all right. thank you so much. coming up do you need to have a serious conversation with your wife or husband? apparently there's a right time and place to do it. we'll fill you in. but first these messages. now at chili's new top shelf ranchero chicken tacos. stop in for lunch and tap, swipe, and go. chili's. fresh is happening now.
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a very good morning to you. it is 7:56. i'm laura garcia-cannon. we are monitoring a developing story in san francisco where a police standoff has been going on since last night. police responded to a domestic disturbance call at an apartment complex near the cow palace. the only person believed to be inside the home is the person police are calling the suspect who they say threatened someone else. negotiations are ongoing, but a s.w.a.t. team is also on the scene two people are in custody after what investigators say was a kidnapping that started? san jose. the 6-year-old girl was found in stockton. one suspect, a man police say is the former boyfriend of the girl's mother the other suspect said to be his new girlfriend let's check that forecast for this morning. another cool start, rob? >> we're seeing a familiar
7:57 am
sight. >> very interesting, slight chance of a few showers, we may see a few trying to build east of mt. hamilton for today. with the onshore winds, temperatures staying cool, maybe 70 near los gatos, mid to upper 60s in the north bay and upper 60s to near 7 on in pleasant ton later this afternoon. another check of your commute. mike? a look at the san mateo bridge moving smoothly but from time to time we see a near stop. that's just the ebb and flow across the bay here. as you travel here a build for the dumbarton bridge just to the south. the peninsula as a result sees a lot nor -- and 92 it was a big deal, but didn't cause a lot of flowing. it looks like everything is clear now for san mateo. the build because of that volume same thing for oakland heading up toward the bay bridge. the south bay, your northbound commutes continue to build flowing past the airport. back to you thank you very much mike.
7:58 am
thank for you joining us as well. we'll have another local update in half an hour. see you then.
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ ♪ it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, matt's mission. >> good morning. >> a day after braving the elements, he's back on the road for his red nose charity bike ride and bringing us the story of country superstar blake shelton's own efforts to support the cause. >> this is important. plus in-app-propriate? why some of those educational apps may really not be what you think. and dwayne johnson stops by with a preview of his action-packed blockbuster. and then grammy winner jamie foxx will serenade us today,
8:01 am
wednesday may 20th, 2015. ♪ >> greetings from austin, texas! >> mother/daughter trip to the "today" show! ♪ good morning, connecticut and michigan! >> good day, mate. all the way from australia. ♪ it's 8:00 on "today." it is wednesday, may 20th, 2015. it is day four of five of matt's charity bike ride tour de red nose. we'll check in with him in a minute. >> can i point something out? we've got some vanderbilt fans back here. anchor down. the vanderbilt women won the championship last night. >> and over here it's the
8:02 am
tallest group we have ever had all the way from iowa. they're all standing on boxes. i've never seen anything like it. they're all from iowa. >> a land of giants over there. >> they're your people. >> well, coming up, we cooked up something special for wrangler wednesday. he's helping jill with an all-pets edition of steals & deals. >> he misses matt this week. his buddy. but company has gone out on the road with matt right? >> i put in the call for company because it gets lonely here. look who answered the call. lester holt. >> what's going on? >> how are you? >> i'm terrific. not a lot of people i would put on spandex this hour in the morning for. >> i've seen it all the last few days. they're saying hi to you back home there, lester. >> hi, guys. how are you? >> we're good. >> lester's going to ride a few
8:03 am
miles with me. we're here in huntington or around there. elwood, i think it is. we're going to head off for a few miles. he'll see how he does. got a brand new bike so he's just getting the handle of this one. but this guy's an athlete. >> we'll check in with you guys in a little bit. enjoy. want to go inside now. natalie has the top stories of the morning. nat, good morning. good morning once again, everyone. an emergency cleanup of gooey oil is underway this morning on one of the most beautiful stretches of the california coast. officials say a pipeline ruptured on tuesday to spill more than 20,000 gallons of oil near santa barbara. the four-mile long oil slick coated wildlife and forced campers to leave the state park just ahead of the memorial day weekend. air bags that can injure or kill are now the target of the biggest auto recall in u.s. history. the japanese company takata is nearly doubling its earlier recall to cover 34 million cars. officials say the bags can
8:04 am
explode violently spraying the car with sharp metal fragments. at least five deaths and more than 100 injuries have been blamed on the problem. until now takata had insisted their air bags were not defective. for the first time in a month, hillary clinton answered questions from the press during a campaign stop in iowa on tuesday. she told reporters that she and her husband have not forgotten their roots despite earning $30 million last year. and she was asked about news that the state department wants until january to review and release e-mails from her time as secretary of state. >> i want those e-mails out. nobody has a bigger interest in getting them released than i do. >> mrs. clinton is attending campaign fundraisers in chicago today. los angeles is about to join a growing number of cities raising minimum wages. the city council approved a
8:05 am
phased-in $15 minimum. politicians said they had to do something to help the working force in a city that has some of the highest housing costs in the nation. struggling for life opens today at a new exhibit today at the ellis island museum of immigration. the peopling of america center showcases the country's entire immigration history including the periods before and after ellis island served as the gateway. >> it's a story of a populating america. starting with the native americans early on in our history and coming all the way through to today. >> the new exhibits feature interactive and video elements and visitors can also take the same tests that immigrants must pass to become a citizen. and i'm going to send it to you guys. >> okay. >> lovingly in studio. >> hello, miss natalie. >> thank you very much. great toss. do you know what your kids are watching online? >> this morning there are
8:06 am
complaints about a popular app that is supposed to keep children away from inappropriate content but is that happening? here's hallie jackson. >> reporter: they're colorful, cartoonish, and convenient. kid-friendly apps just a download away. but would you want your child watching this? >> several children will die today in this country. >> reporter: that's what they found searching google's youtube kids app. along with explicit language, graphic jokes, and ads for alcohol. >> i'd like to tell you about red wine. >> reporter: now they want the ftc to step in filing a complaint about what they call inappropriate content. >> youtube is the number one site for kids to watch video online. clearly this is a water shed moment. if google is allowed to get away with it, it's all bets are off for kids on the internet. >> reporter: a youtube spokesperson said we appreciate people drawing problematic content to our attention and make it possible for anyone to flag a video. that flagged content is then
8:07 am
reviewed and removed if deemed inappropriate. youtube adds for parents who want a more restricted experience, we recommend that they turn off search. youtube kids, one of many apps aimed at younger users, some said to be educational. >> if it's an educational app, it's something parents should feel good about when kids are looking at the screen. >> reporter: but there's no set standard for the estimated 80,000 educational apps available to download. >> i think it's totally the wild west out there. anyone from his or her own living room can create an app and can put it in the app store and call it educational. >> reporter: kathy hirsch did a study to look at which apps are worth your kids' time and which are wasting it. her top five tips the app should be engaging to get your child involved but not distracting. make sure it's meaningful going beyond just memoryizationmemorization.
8:08 am
and socially interactive. also it needs to focus on a clear learning goal like teaching new shapes or new words. >> there are many very, very good educational apps. and there's so much more to come. i can't wait to see where the digital world will take us. >> reporter: helping kids learn by ditching the digital candy for something more fulfilling. hallie jackson, nbc news, los angeles. >> a lot of good stuff out there for kids. my kids have learned a lot just being on the computer. but you do have to keep an eye on what they're watching. >> they learn to go on youtube and click on "family guy." i'm like what is that? that's not family. >> but it has family in the title. >> yeah. >> same with "south park." >> not okay for you guys. coming up next, would you pay $30 for a hot dog from a street vendor? >> no. >> you cannot believe just where it is happening. and dwayne johnson will be here to get you ready for the big one. but first these messages. 's a rea l dical condition. and while the exact cause is unknown, certain chemicals in the
8:09 am
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we're back now at 8:13. time for "what's trending" today. first up when is the best time to have a serious conversation with your partner? have you ever thought about this? >> not until this morning. but i think it's right. >> there's actually according to a british company, a real time. here's what they found. the right time to talk, 8:15 p.m. after dinner. that is when men said they were most attentive and they also said the perfect place to talk was the car. apparently talking and driving apparently go well together. >> captive audience. >> yeah. can't go anywhere. >> if you want a favor, what is the best time to ask? in front of his family. men say they are most likely to give in if the family's around. >> so take a drive with the family at 8:15 p.m. and then hit 'em. >> exactly. get whatever you want. >> 8:15 sounds about right. dinner table is when you have big talks. for us the kids have just gone to bed. the car, a long ride. >> 8:15 then ef the tryptophan
8:15 am
coming in. you're in the car and now you're having a serious conversation. too much. >> so you agree to this right? here's a story that might get you talking. when it comes to political correctness, have the boy scouts of america gone too far. there's a ban on water guns. they may be a big part of summer fun, but the scouts have opposed them for years. it's getting attention and ridicule after a scouts blogger wrote a recent post about the policy. he offered this explanation. a scout is kind. what part of pointing a firearm simulated or otherwise at someone is kind? >> it's a waterarm. >> first of all, were you boy scouts? >> i was. i was in the pinewood derby. i did the whole thing. >> did you have water guns? >> of course i did. my kids have water guns. >> shethe supersoaker.
8:16 am
>> i used them growing up and never shot another human being. it's not a gateway. >> just anecdotal evidence but you make a strong point. >> and i ran through a sprinkler and it wasn't a simulated machine gun. >> outrageous prices are known sometimes. but if you come to visit new york city just know that $30 is too much to pay for a hot dog on the street. our station here in new york wnbc actually caught a street vendor trying to sell a hot dog for 30 bucks. >> unbelievable. >> for one single hot dog. people obviously were outraged. when confronted they claimed not to speak english. prices should be posted. and if you encounter something like this file a complaint. what makes it worse is the vendor was apparently down by the freedom tower. where a lot of tourists go.
8:17 am
horrible. >> at a restaurant i still wouldn't pay 30 bucks for a hot dog. why can't he set his own prices? i mean does a restaurant sell their restaurant or steak or whatever for what they want why can't he? >> right around the corner is a guy selling them for a dollar. >> yeah. you pay it shame on you kind of thing? >> i guess. i don't know. >> unsuspected tourists though. >> i think it's taking advantage. >> that's price gouging. i mean what's fair is fair. that's just not fair. >> you're pro-30 hot dogs. >> i'm just saying you go to disney a bottle of water is like a million dollars. it seems you can choose. >> they have to have the price posted that's the rule. >> okay. then that's fair. >> and he did speak some english. $30 for hot dog. >> the boy wonder versus the pop star and jamie foxx's incredible celebrity impression.
8:18 am
time for pop start. >> here we go. a very strange story to tell you about. okay. so look at the camera look at your tv. would you get these two people mixed up? d.c. comics thinks you would. on the left you see robin from batman and robin. on the right, rihanna. her name is robyn in real life. she spells with a "y" instead of an "i." she's trying to trademark the name. the name even spelled differently are just as similar and the consumers could be confused. could get the robins mixed up. in our next half hour jamie foxx will perform live in our studio. but tuesday on "the tonight show" he proves he's the master of celebrity impressions. here he is doing his best john legend. ♪ i don't want to grow up ♪ ♪ i'm a toys r us kid ♪
8:19 am
♪ there's a million toys that i could play with ♪ ♪ i don't want to grow up ♪ ♪ maybe if i did i couldn't be a toys r us kid ♪ >> jamie foxx is with us. >> nice. >> it continues. >> now, that's a pop start. are you ready to perform? >> i'm ready to perform. got a great album that's out. i haven't done music in like five. i get a chance to sit down at the piano which i have to credit my daughter. my 21-year-old saying dad, stop blaming it on the alcohol and
8:20 am
gold digging and sit down and really do this. because she's always on me don't be too young with this. she's right. so thinking about what i do in my business. the title of the song i'm going to perform is called "i'm supposed to be in love by now." so it's a song that's been catching on. we did it on "american idol." >> can't wait to hear it. >> see you in a bit. >> okay. all right. i don't know what's going on. coming up an eye opening experience for blake shelton as he contributes to red nose day. and matt pedals on doing his part as well. but first a check of thebut first a check of th mostly cloudy skies to start the morning with some mist and eventually clearing inland upper 60s around san jose. mid to upper 50s from the coast
8:21 am
closer to san francisco. 50s and mid to upper 60s in the tri-valley. temperature trend for san jose not until we jump into the weekend when we see the highs back in the 70s. same for livermore. cool to the end of the week and rebounding for the weekend. around san francisco we should see the highs approaching the mid 60s towards saturday. your latest weather. >> thank you. well, matt's tour de red nose ride to the plaza is rolling right along. less than 50 miles now from tomorrow's finish line. hey, matt and lester. >> hey, savannah. we're out here with lester and thomaso through the streets of long island. this bike ride is just one of the ways we're trying to raise awareness and money for red nose day. when country music superstar and voice coach blake shelton got involved it only took about a second for him to understand what the red nose challenge and red nose day were all about. here's nbc's joe fryer. >> how you doing? i'm blake. >> reporter: country star blake
8:22 am
shelton didn't have to leave the city limits of los angeles to enter what seemed to him like a different world. >> this is the doctor? >> this is the doctor for a lot of them. >> reporter: he spent a day in south l.a. on a health clinic on wheels run by children's health fund. >> first i'm going to listen to mommy. >> reporter: a place that brings medical care to families in need. >> they don't turn away one kid, man. it's overwhelming. it truly is. >> reporter: has this been an eye opening experience for you? >> 100%. it's one thing to read about something like this in the newspaper. it's another thing to come down here and see it first hand. >> reporter: during his visit, blake met marina and her family. >> now stick out your tongue. >> reporter: including her grandson jason. >> can you stick your tongue out at me? >> reporter: he is one of eight grandchildren being raised by marina. to care for them all, she had to quit working. >> i do my best for them.
8:23 am
it's hard. they need a lot of support. they need a lot of help. >> reporter: how important is something like this to marina? >> how do you put it into words? i mean it's everything to her. >> reporter: red nose day benefits children's health fund which now runs more than 50 mobile clinics across the country provideing exams, vision screening, hearing tests, and more. families pay based on what they can afford even if it's next to nothing. the need is great. more than 15 million american kids live in families with incomes below the poverty line. >> we're in the united states. we're the greatest country in the world. i truly believe that. and still one out of every five children live in poverty. i think it's time that we open our eyes to that. >> reporter: blake shelton did not have to look far to see families in need. but he knows those who can help just happen to be in our back yard too. >> whatever you've got to spare, man. this is important.
8:24 am
and kids like jason are counting on you. >> reporter: for "today," joe fryer, nbc news, los angeles. >> we thank joe. and it's great to have blake shelton involved. red nose day is tomorrow with a star studded special tomorrow night on nbc. and please go online find out more about this great cause. and if you can, donate generously. >> and savannah by the way, they have prepared a chariot for you so that you could participate in this with matt. >> that's right. we've got an electric bike for you. >> that's great. >> you should know. all the ladies here are talking about your legs. >> yeah. nice calves. >> he's got some pistons there. >> matt i'm going to meet you on the road today. i'll give you a hint i'll bring you what you really want for your bike ride. and i'll leave it at that. >> the mind boggles. >> i will believe it when i see it.
8:25 am
>> all right. by the way, matt was just mentioning how easy it is to contribute. we're going to demonstrate that right now. you can just send a text. you go 80077 which we are all doing. you write "today" in the subject. send it which we just did. you just donated 10 bucks right there. easy. so give early. give often. don't forget the special tomorrow night right here on nbc. tamron? >> hey there, guys. dwayne johnson was admiring lester's legs as well. >> his calves to be specific. to be specific it was the man's calves. >> coming up dwayne johnson crying on camera. why he's showing
8:26 am
good wednesday morning. it's 8:26. i'm sam brock. we're still monitoring a developing story in san francisco. that is where a police standoff has been going on since last night. police responded to a domestic disturbance call at an apartment complex on sherwin and sunnydale near the cow palace. the person believed to be inside is the suspect who they say threatened someone else. the s.w.a.t. team is there. we've had a reporter in the area all morning long. there hasn't been much of a change. negotiations continue. as we said, the s.w.a.t. team is out there. we'll bring you updates as soon as we have them. mike is monitoring the commute. this is northbound past the
8:27 am
coliseum. toward high street where we typically see that. there is the compression. we see a smoother flow of traffic right here. a crash on the warren freeway. not a big deal for highway 13. this is the peak of the morning commute. coming into the city 101 slow in both directions between the city and south san francisco. we'll track that. smoother drive. crashes continue through san mateo and clear pretty quickly. no major injuries. watch it around 1 o 1 and 92. things starting to sort out for 101. we'll be back in 25 minutes with another update. see you then.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
it is 8:30 now. it's wednesday morning, the 20th of may 2015. it is a beautiful day out here on the plaza. the summer concert series begins officially on friday. our first guest is going to be meghan trainor giving our plaza a treat. come on down. but first we have jamie foxx doing a live performance for us.
8:31 am
>> we've looked at rehearsal all morning. he sounds good at the piano. also ahead, we all love to pamper our pets. especially our buddy wrangler. and we'll help you do it at a big discount this morning on a special steals and deals with jill. >> and dwayne johnson on his new action adventure, crying on camera and his famous dance moves. >> that's right. and hey, we want to give a special shoutout to the women of "today." hoda erica, producer robin, and our senior producer debbie along with a team of other producers for taking home gracie awards last night. a program celebrating women in media. so nicely done. >> congratulations. >> as you read that, the sun came out. that's beautiful. >> we had a host of cherubs going ahh.
8:32 am
>> and they wanted the weather for it. >> all together now. ahh. we've got wet weather, a risk of strong storms central and western texas. california finally getting some much needed rain. sunshine into the east and northeast as well. tomorrow more wet weather through texas. more rain in northern california. some showers in the mid-atlantic states. look for plenty of sunshine. great lakes to the northern plains on into the northeast that's what'st that's what's mostly cloudy skies again to start the morning with some mist and eventually some clearing inland. upper 60s around san jose but only mid to upper 50s from the coast closer to san francisco. for the north bay highs in the mid 60s and mid to upper 60s around the tri-valley. staying fairly cool the next two or three days. when we jump into the weekend we'll see highs back into the 70s. livermore cool to the end of
8:33 am
week and rebounding through the weekend. around san francisco we should see highs approaching mid 60s towards saturday. >> and that is your latest weather. so did you catch last night's star studded finale of "the voice" as me winner was crowned? well, here's carson with the highlights. >> reporter: early yesterday the top four spent their last hours as finalists rehearsing with the eliminated artists and preparing for the moment that would change life for one of them. once the two-hour show got started and a few star performances were out of the way -- >> meghan trainor. >> maroon 5. sheryl crowe. kelly clark son. >> reporter: it was finally time to get down to business. >> the finalist in fourth place is koryn hawthorn. >> reporter: then davis in third place. to soften the blow everybody
8:34 am
got a car. but then came the real prize. >> the winner of "the voice" is sawyer fredericks! >> reporter: a fan favorite from the beginning. 16-year-old sawyer fredericks from team pharrell is the season eight winner of "the voice." >> i wasn't worried about winning or losing because i knew i would be happy no matter what. >> reporter: for "today," carson daly, nbc news. >> terrific. we can't wait to congratulate sawyer in person when he drops by tomorrow morning here at studio 1a. savannah? >> thank you so much. it is only may but 2015 has already been a very big year for dwayne johnson. he starred in the hit blockbuster "furious 7" one of the highest grossing movies of all time. now he's out with a new adventure "san andreas." >> hooked up.
8:35 am
out the door. clear. don't you worry. i'm going to get you out of here. this thing isn't going to hold! >> we are in the wind. we are going to crash. >> natalie, we are going now. >> wow. >> is that like scene one and it keeps on going from there? >> it keeps going. >> good to see you. >> good to see you too. >> your character in this movie is just kind of a stud. i don't mean just because he's a studly helicopter pilot, but he's a good guy. >> thank you. >> don't you think? >> i was really lucky to play a guy like this. i've had the opportunity in the past to play some pretty good guys who did some pretty good things. but this guy, honestly is special. being a first responder a en erer
8:36 am
and a loving dad. and he is so proficient at what he does. he saves people for a living. he flies and drives and everything in the face of disaster. but at the same time he's struggling. he's struggling with a relationship with his daughter and wife. and i love that dichotomy. >> there was a bit of something for everybody. even we were talking about this in the tease. there was a bit of crying on camera. did that come easy to you or was that a stretch? >> well you know it came -- i don't want to -- not to lessen it but it came a bit easy only because i was prepared. and the idea of look i felt like on so many levels i know who this guy is. i'm a divorced man. i know what it's like to love my young 13-year-old daughter. but also struggle with the relationship and hopefully you're being a good dad. but the idea of losing my
8:37 am
daughter not being able to save her like we showcased in the movie, well in an instant it brings you to tears. regardless of how tough you think you are. >> i don't want to give the wrong impression. this is not terms of endearment. this is like nonstop action. >> that was the goal. the goal was to make an epic movie and help elevate a genre that's an amazing genre, the natural disaster genre, the disaster film genre. but also we wanted to anchor it with something special which was family. every day we had this mantra which was the big special effects and the spectacle of this like a "titanic," like a "towering inferno," that's going to bring the audiences in. if we develop characters that bring audiences in that's good. >> let me put up the latest cover of "men's health."
8:38 am
hello. >> look at that. >> what's your daily workout routine? >> well i have this thing where i like to get up before the sun. and so i was up. i like to get up and just like to do a little bit of cardio play my music really loud like here in new york in the hotels wake everybody up. get the calls from the hotel. but then i feel like if there's some sort of activity for me in the morning, it could be -- and for somebody it's pilates or walking or biking whatever it is. at least it anchors my day. then i'm able to work 12 to 16 hours a day. >> did you bench press the bellman on the way to the studio today. >> you said bellman as if it's singular. it's plurl. you've known me too long. bellmen. >> exactly. before i let you go, i'm a devoted follower of your instagram feed. >> thank you so much. >> little dancing was on it the other day. >> yes. >> i think we can roll the video because here you are with your moves. can you give us the back story on this. >> yes. i'm shooting an action movie
8:39 am
with kevin hart. and in it my character is -- in it my character was relentlessly bullied in high school but loved to dance. so then he goes off, he quits high school and then becomes a cia contract killer but he's still that young kid, that young boy. so that's why i'm taking dance lessons now. and at the end of the movie, i may or may not have this pretty cool dance sequence. and i may or may not wear a fanny pack in the movie too. >> and you may or may not have jazz hands. >> yes. >> dwayne johnson, always a pleasure to see you. thank you so much. "san andreas". coming up next it is a big morning for our wrangler. a special pets edition of steals & deals. first this is "today" on nbc.
8:40 am
♪ (music throughout) ♪ sfx: (smash) sfx: (roar) ♪ sfx: (roar) sfx: (engine roars)
8:41 am
8:42 am
we are back with a new edition of steels & deals. in honor of wrangler wednesday, we have incredible items for your pets. jill martin is here to reveal the bargains as always. good morning. >> good morning. >> this is a fun one. >> this is a fun one in honor of wrangler. i asked you if you have a pet for your kids and you don't. >> my mother and father have one that lives three blocks away. daphne the dog. >> okay. >> let's start with pet beds. >> we have the best model of course starting the segment. wrangler. this is the majestic 32 inch pet bed. retail $96. pets up to 45 pounds. how many is wrangler now? 45 pounds. one more pound, you can't eat anything today. water and stain resistant, machine washable. retail $96.
8:43 am
the sale is $27. >> they're impressed. you set a high bar. wrangler hang out there for a bit. let's move to a collar and carrier tote set. >> not for daphne or wrangler. lazy bones collar and carrier retail at $168. the classic, which is this one. the super carrier, and the super tote. obviously it's on so you can verify there. >> they're nice. >> retail $168. the deal $50.40. 70% off. this is also a great gift. and it sort of combines fashion and function. i really like that. >> i love the collar and leash set from buckledown. >> these are fun. retail $50. as you see, yeah it's made a miniature seat belt buck elle so it's quick release.
8:44 am
six styles in small, medium large. the retail $50. the deal $16. 70% off. >> 70% off. you're killing it here jill. let's go to >> okay. retail $70. this is perfect for small to medium dogs or cats. six best selling designs. so the set includes -- okay. you get this, you get the stand. you get the two bowls. and you get these which actually slide out so you could buy other attachments. so when you want to move it up or to a different room, stylish for a pop of color. the retail $70. the deal $21. that's 70% off. >> very nice. let's move to this one. we have quincy modeling here. cooling pet bed. good as summer approaches.
8:45 am
>> the cooling set cooling bed, there we go. on cue. the retail $169 to $189. it comes like this. it's a duffel bag. you're going on a picnic, to the park, it comes like this. then it opens and there's a little tent that goes over it. >> by the way, they should make these for people. that looks incredible. >> i was going to say i'll lay in it in the park. it was invented by a florida man for the love of his blind pup. i love that story. so the retail $169 to $189. the deal up to 71% off. >> wow. wow. i love this. let's run through the products one more time. the pet bed from gentleman midwestic. majestic. the collar and carrier set from lazy bone. the buckledown collars and leashes and the put diners. and the cool pet bed.
8:46 am
check out more steels and deals on >> well done, quincy. jill, thank you very much. first this is "today" on nbc.
8:47 am
8:48 am
>> announcer: the toyota concert series on "today" brought to you by toyota. we are back now at 8:48 with one of the most talented guys right now, oscar winner jamie foxx. >> he just released his fifth album. jamie, good morning. you're sounding good. >> sound beautiful. >> our producer told us this album is serious baby making music. >> you know what? yeah, babies are being made. but you know what? it's like, i believe r & b music
8:49 am
is sort of that -- someone was interviewing me and asking me about that. asking me is that me making babies babies? i said no. it's literally for that guy or that girl who wants to, you know, back in the day i used to call a girl on the phone and let luther vandross do the talking for me. ♪ let me hold you tight ♪ i said, you hear that? so this is basically what this music represents. when you want to get the mood going. we got babies that want to dance, we got pharrell on there, it's a dope album. >> well, we're going to hold up our phones right now and let you play for us.
8:50 am
take it away, jamie foxx. ♪ i'm supposed to be in love by now ♪ ♪ by now ♪ ♪ it's been so long for me i don't know how ♪ ♪ by now ♪ ♪ been drowning in the sea of broken vows ♪ ♪ by now ♪ ♪ but i'm supposed to be in love by now ♪ ♪ by now ♪ ♪ i've been chasing my dream now i'm chasing you ♪ ♪ running hard but my legs feel weak ♪ ♪ i done played every part i done played the fool ♪ ♪ write the movie i'll be your lead ♪ ♪ but i'm supposed to be in love by now ♪ ♪ by now ♪ ♪ well girl you stole my heart now take a bow ♪ ♪ by now ♪ ♪ in love by now ♪
8:51 am
♪ well i'm supposed to walk you down the aisle ♪ ♪ by now ♪ ♪ change your name and make your parents smile ♪ ♪ by now ♪ ♪ leave the church make plans to celebrate ♪ ♪ by now ♪ ♪ a big old house and babies on the way ♪ ♪ by now ♪ ♪ i've been chasing my dream i've been chasing you ♪ ♪ running hard but my legs feel weak ♪ ♪ i done played every part i done played a fool ♪ ♪ write the movie i'll be your lead ♪ ♪ but i'm supposed to be in love today ♪ ♪ by now ♪ ♪ go through my phone and throw
8:52 am
'em all away ♪ ♪ by now ♪ ♪ without your love i want what they say when they write my stories ♪ ♪ without your touch ♪ ♪ i'll never know how it feels to fly ♪ ♪ drown in my emotions ♪ ♪ now it's all on me ♪ ♪ eyes are finally open to love i couldn't see ♪ ♪ can't wait 'til i can say bless the day you landed in my arms ♪ ♪ oh i'm supposed to be in love by now ♪ ♪ by now ♪ ♪ i'm supposed to be in love by now ♪ ♪ in love by now ♪
8:53 am
>> yeah. jamie foxx. beautiful. the album again is "hollywood: a story of a dozen roses." thank you so much. we're back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc.
8:54 am
[♪] ♪ i'm gettin' out ♪ ♪ i'm gettin' out ♪ ♪ i'm gettin' out ♪ ♪ gonna have a look around ♪ ♪ now is the time ♪ ♪ i started flyin' ♪ ♪ both feet off of the ground ♪ ♪ head in the sky ♪ ♪ eyes open wide ♪ ♪ happy to look around ♪ in just 23 hours matt will be pulling into the plaza.
8:55 am
ending his bike ride that started at fenway park in boston and ends in new york city tomorrow. matt, how row doing sfrz how are you doing? hanging in there? >> we just dropped lester off here so he could make it back for this evening. the only question people here are asking is where in the world is savannah guthrie. >> coming. >> don't go too fast, matt, so she can catch up to you. >> oh, natalie! >> i mean you have to make it there in time. because he's got to finish the ride. >> that sounds good too. >> are you really on your way? >> i'm on my way. i'm going to ride my mechanized scooter so i'll be able to keep up with you. and i got your request. i'm going to bring the audio books. don't worry. >> great, great. i'll be that heap on the side of the road you find. i'm starting to lose it here.
8:56 am
look forward to seeing you. >> can't wait, matt. be careful out there. i want to remind everybody this is all about charity. if you want to donate, head to also text 80077 to make a $10 donation. >> go get your spandex on. >> red nose special tomorrow. we're back after your local news. >> it's a gift. >> a big gift. >> it's been great to do this. love you. a very good morning to you. 8:56 now. i'm laura garcia-cannon. we are monitoring a developing story in san francisco. that's where police standoff has been going on since last night. police responded to a domestic disturbance call at an apartment complex on sherwin and sunnydale near the cow palace. the person believed to be inside the home is the person police are calling the suspect who they say threatened someone else.
8:57 am
negotiations are ongoing but a s.w.a.t. team is also on the scene. when you haven't won an nba conference game in 40 years you're entitled to fireworks. game two is tomorrow. another local news update in half an hour. see you then.
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
this morning on "today's take," bill murray cooks up a sweet idea as he bids farewell to david letterman. then twilight star kellen lutz getting a thrill. all that and more coming up now. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today's take" with al roker, natalie morales, willie geist and tamron hall live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> good looking baby and a good looking crowd out on our plaza on a beautiful morning in new york city. it is wednesday, may 20th 2015. inside studio 1a i'm willie along with al natalie, and
9:01 am
tamron. we are getting ready tonight for the end of an era. >> i'm really considering taking a nap and then getting up to watch it live. >> exactly. i want to see it live. >> i'm going to do the same thing. he's been on the air for 33 years. tonight is david letterman's last show. did he get a sendoff from his budly bill murray last night. he came out, burst out of a cake, in fact. he sat down with dave one last time. >> it's been great to see you. when you first came here you were just a tubby kid from hoosierville. now you look great. you've been working out and everything's been going your way. it's been great to see you grow from that tubby little hoosier to the man you are today. >> and the best part of it is friendships. the friendship you've brought to the program. >> why did bill look that way? there it is. he came out of the cake.
9:02 am
fell out of the cake, yeah. and gave dave a big hug. very generous of them there. two of them celebrated. took a few swigs of vodka on the air. >> more than a few. >> bill brought some vodka with him. >> look at the size of this bottle. >> little pull there. then he said, canon ball it, dave. off of caddy shack. then they poured it for each other. so he put all these pieces together. that's early in the evening. bill murray went to dinner, had a couple glasses of wine. then he made his way to 30 rock and stumbled onto the set of "the last word" with our friend lawrence o'donnell. >> emphasis on stumble. >> yes. check this out. >> i have to interrupt you, because there's a guy from chicago who's just barged in here. bill murray, you know, i told people there might be a surprise guest tonight. do you mind if we finish talking
9:03 am
about elizabeth warren? >> elizabeth warren? get to that now. >> okay. and you're not going to leave, right? is that bill murray over there? yeah, that's bill murray. we'll be back. >> oh. >> there he is as he tried to take a seat there. >> is that real? that was real? >> it looks like he hits the table on the way down. >> he wasn't injured. >> see the seat spin. he thought he had the back. >> he was okay. >> he popped back up. >> but that was jim downey with him in the picture. friends with murray and lawrence. might be the connection. >> what do you think he's going to do tonight on the big show because he's not telling anyone yet. >> i can't wait to see. he hasn't said a word about it. >> i wonder if leno will come back for the farewell. he's never been on the show and there was that rivalry but apparently they've mended the fence.
9:04 am
>> there's speculation about that. >> i think it'd be great. >> every time i see the reflection pieces on him, i start to tear up. i mean, 33 years. >> yeah. paul schaffer and one of our longtime stage managers bip who went over with him. >> they're going to be fishing tomorrow. >> it's like after derek jeter retired when people are so in the game and still at the top of their game and they retire, what do you do after? >> it's interesting. when carson retired, he left. >> he was a recluse. >> i wouldn't say recluse, but he just stopped performing. >> but he stopped making appearances. he kind of disappeared from public spotlight altogether. will dave do that? >> he said in his interview with jane pauley, it is the fear he has is what to do next. what happens. >> there are people campaigning
9:05 am
to get him to run for office. there are people that want him to run for office in indianapolis. >> i can't imagine. no. >> but how fun would it be to have david letterman run for office? he's been political at times. he's very vocal. >> he's not running for office. >> it would be amazing. we'll see what he says. >> it's been cool, too, for the next generation of comedians to watch. there's so much of dave in jimmy, jimmy colbert, stewart and the rest of them. >> they're taking the show outside. really letterman stepped away from the desk and brought the show to the streets of new york. >> and he had a daytime show on nbc. a half hour show. one of our stage managers actually worked on that show. and it was anarchy then. the daytime audience had no idea. i was working at local news. at one time they were loading a cow in the studio. i was walking by thinking that's interesting. i don't know how that's going to turn out, but okay.
9:06 am
>> watch where you step when the cow's in studio. >> it's going to be special. going to watch it live. will be a good one. something that caught our eye, we've been talking about this. cannes the fancy film festival with all the beautiful people very posh. apparently it's so posh that some women claim they've been turned away from film screenings because they would not wear high heels. particularly a group of women in their 50s went in wearing fancy flats but still flats and they were turned away. cannes organizers say there's no specific heel rule, but the director tweeted the rumor saying the emphasis on high heels for the women is unfounded. but again these women say they were turned away. and keir simmons did a report and a couple other people alleged they were turned away. when keir was reporting just to show you the perils of wearing high heels, it is not for the faint of heart. take a look at what happened to this woman behind him as he was reporting.
9:07 am
>> i think if it is obligatory for women to wear high heels on the red carpet then i am angry. >> someone just fell over right there. in heels. >> on cue. >> technically they were wedges, but it's dangerous either way when you're wearing heels. especially at a festival. i've never been there, but i see people jumping on boats and in and out. >> to get to the actual film venue and there's a lot of walking throughout the venue itself. >> i can't walk in heels. oh. oh, when he got to mcdonald's they didn't have enough caviar on our big mac. >> real people problems. >> we sometimes do news you can use to help our viewers. this is the exact opposite of that. >> no, no. i think you're missing it. here's the deal. >> please tell me what i'm missing. all these rich people at this
9:08 am
festival and -- okay. tell me. >> the larger issue is it goes back to women and wardrobe. and if cannes or the security guards had been given the whisper campaign not to let women in without heels, that's not fair. >> i think we're saying it's sexist, right? >> that is exactly what it is. >> you believe everything someone says once they got in trouble? i got some things to sell to you. >> do you notice women more when they wear heels? >> i think so. >> yeah. >> oh, wow. >> i thought you wore them so we notice them. >> i wear them for height. >> oh. >> hey, you know we got a couple of great animal series coming up. a bear and a guy walk into a bar. no. a bear and a man got a big scare when they unexpectedly run into
9:09 am
each other. this is news you can use. we just love to run this. whoa! now, here's the thing. whoever is taking this video doesn't warn the guy that there's a bear coming. it's just let's see what happens. but they're both scared. there we go. now, this next one we're not sure whether these are real or not. but the tourist says he captures this selfie. elephant grabs his camera in thailand. >> wait. elephant grabbed the camera in thailand and started taking pictures using his trunk. >> no. >> that's what he said. i don't know. >> that's real, i think. right? >> you're certifying it as real. >> i think so. >> well, why would it be impossible? >> it's not impossible. >> elephants are smart. they could totally do that. yeah. >> okay. >> totally. >> i don't know. >> so why not take a selfie?
9:10 am
you know what's interesting, that elephants were wearing high heels. >> no selfie stick required. >> anyway, we're looking at more wet weather for our friends through the southern plains. some areas have picked up a foot of rain and there's more on the way as we see low pressure starting to move through dragging up that gulf moisture. and it's just going to keep coming. not just today tomorrow, and really right on into the weekend. so we do have a risk of strong storms from ft. stockton into austin. golf ball sized hail possible. maybe even a few tornadoes. this is the problem, flooding. look at the rainfall amounts. from dallas up to tulsa and even going into central missouri, we've got anywhere from 3 to upwards by end of the weekend, 9 more inches of rain. there's nowhere for this rain to go. the ground is saturated. so flooding could be a very big problem this weekend.
9:11 am
hey, good morning to you. waking up to cloudy skies once again this morning. temperatures not all that bad. in the 50s for the most part. the cloud cover extensive. every single location. this afternoon not going to see a lot of sunshine but, again, temperatures a little bit warmer than they've been. 68 for the south bay. 66 for the peninsula today. 68 for the tri-valley. 60 in san francisco. showers are headed our way tomorrow. we'll talk more about that in about 20 minutes. >> and that's your latest weather. >> thank you very much. coming up, twilight star kellen lutz made a few hearts pound in the hugely popular sta ga "twilight". now the extreme sports fan is getting a rush in a whole new way in a new show. we'll talk to him. good to see you. women talking about activia. when i feel bloated and my stomach is rumbling in the morning, it takes me forever to get dressed. i just like wearing a lot of black. i don't have the time to be gassy
9:12 am
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9:15 am
face on billboards and magazine ads. as an actor kellen lutz burst into the mega hit "twilight" franchise. >> now kellen's got something for all you adrenaline junkies. oh, my gosh! i can't believe this. they take on crazy challenges like being a human slingshot. and kellen is the host. basically this is a show where people are darts. they're human darts. >> they are human darts and have to hit a bullseye. it's unlike any show i've seen and i'm a huge fan of "fear factor" and "wipeout." i'm an extreme risk taker, adrenaline junkie. so to be able to do some of those stunts -- i got to do the human slingshot one. and i've never had a rush like that. you fly over a 300 foot canyon. then you have to remember to drop a bomb onto the target
9:16 am
below. you're having so much fun you forget what you have to do. >> is that the most extreme thing you've ever done? >> no. >> what's the most? >> honestly scuba diving. when you're down below 100 feet underwater and you see a giant whale shark, it's what is that thing. >> you come from a big family in north dakota. is that where the extreme sports competitiveness was born? >> yeah. but all the stupid, crazy stunts, i mean we were all pyros. when we lived on the farm in iowa we could take our atvs light the fire pit on fire and dare each other to do stupid stuff. >> sounds like fun times. >> what's it like stepping in as the host? we're used to seeing you as an actor in the movies. >> it's different, but i like it. for me it fit perfectly between
9:17 am
the movies i'm doing right now. and it's nice to kind of just show more of who i am and i only do stuff that i'm passionate about. so as soon as they approached me with this and i saw myself after the reel, i said can i be on the show. they were like we were you to host the show. i said can i do the stunts. and they said if we let you do one or two will you do it. i'd love to. it's been the best experience. the contestants are great. >> i would sign up for it. >> i'd love to see you do some of them. >> they went on top of a railroad car? >> we use trains, helicopters, tons of fire, boats. you name it. we have these contestants running on top of semis where they have to jump back and forth being dragged by helicopters. >> well, we've got to choppers, trains or fire. but we are calling this truth or
9:18 am
dart. we're going to go across. >> all right. here's how we play. >> if you hit the bullseye, you're off the hook. if you don't b, you have to answer the question. >> you're the guest so you have to lead off. >> all people move from behind. >> if you don't hit the bullseye you take a question out. >> okay. loosen the grip. oh. here we go. >> question. >> that's not a bullseye? oh. i can't see it. >> it was a bullseye. >> let's not let tamron throw. >> worst vacation. it's the no vacation.
9:19 am
whenever i book a fun vacation, i book work. it's a win/win. like i missed going down to mexico city to see my buddy eddie. he rescues these lion and tiger cubs and it's the best experience of my life. so i've been trying to go down there these last two months. >> tamron just throw it. i want to see it. >> i'm blind. >> let's see what happens. >> okay. what do i do? you know how to do this. we're going to commercial. okay. did i hit it? oh. >> willie, go ahead. >> and we're going to try this out. very nice. kellen lutz, thanks so much. >> go nat. >> more after these messages.
9:20 am
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9:24 am
that's how you should think about this. >> my kids are bad eaters. so give them the vitamins. is there ever a thing as too much of a good thing? >> people think they're deficient. the opposite is also true. there are also upper limits of requirements where you take above that it could be damaging. that's important. you can look this up. it's often on the label, but you have to be careful. too much can be harmful. especially if it's the kind that is a vitamin that is retained by the body. that's vitamin a, b, or e. if you have too much of others, there's much less risk. just coming out in the urine. >> if you are taking a supplement, you recommend the latter one. >> take a name brand. you can get a pill. you can have chewies. you can have liquids. all will be fine. limit taking individual vitamins unless you have a special medical need and talk to your doctor for that. separate supplements you don't
9:25 am
need those. >> all right. thank you very much. and more advice on coming up, pop fix. i guess i never really gave much thought to the acidity in any foods. never thought about the coffee i was drinking having acids. it never dawned on me that it could hurt your teeth. my dentist has told me your enamel is wearing away, and that sounded really scary to me and i was like well can you fix it can you paint it back on and he explained that it was not something that grows back, it's kind of a one-time shot and you have to care for it. he told me to use pronamel. it's gonna help protect
9:26 am
the enamel in your teeth. it allows me to continue to drink my coffee and to eat healthier and it was a real easy switch to make. good wednesday morning. it's 9:26. i'm sam brock. we're still monitoring a developing story in san francisco where a police standoff has been going on since last night. police responding to a domestic disturbance call at an apartment complex on schwerin and sunnydale near the cow palace. the only person believed to be inside the home is the person police are calling the suspect, who they say threatened somebody else. negotiations have been going on and a s.w.a.t. team as you see from the video, is also on scene. experts plan to conduct a necropsy on another whale that's washed ashore on the coastline. the carcass of a humpback washed up on a beach in half moon bay. in mid aep a sperm whale washed
9:27 am
ashore in pacifica and two weeks later a humpback washed ashore nearby. crews scrambling to contain a large oil spill on the coast north of santa barbara. a ruptured pipe sent 20,000 gallons of crude oil in the water around refugio state beach. we'll have live updates starting later today with our newscast at 5:00. after the break we'll have a look at your weather and your traffic.
9:28 am
shoor. shoor.ashore. ashore. waking up to cloud cover across the city this morning. cloudy start for most of us. san francisco, san jose and north bay as well. we have showers in the forecast for tomorrow. not everybody is going to see the rain but it will be very spotty. today just kind of the appetizer. drizzle at the mountains and at the coastline. 60 san francisco, 68 for the tri-valley. we're looking over here. we have a car that's over on the
9:29 am
side. a van. northbound 880. there was a slowdown until they got it to the shoulder. look at your map. through oakland still have the congestion past the coliseum. 580 slowing, easier drive north of highway 13. the rest of the approach toward the bay bridges. nice approach for san mateo bridge and dumbarton bridge. the south bay has a little build northbound and the compression through fremont. san mateo bridge closes on friday at 10:00 p.m. like it did a couple weeks ago. friendly reminder from your friendly trafficologist. thank you, mike. it's 9:29. back in another 25 minutes. for now, here is the "today" show.
9:30 am
taking a look at the headlines. exploding air bags have now led to the biggest auto recall in u.s. history. takata is nearly doubling its earlier recall to cover 34 million cars. officials say the air bags can explode violently when they inflate spraying the car with sharp metal fragments. at least five deaths and more than 100 injuries have been blamed on the problem. to find out if your car is affected by the recalls go to our website an emergency oil cleanup is underway along one of the most beautiful stretches of the california coast. officials say a pipeline ruptured there on tuesday. it spilled more than 20000 gallons of oil near santa barbara. the 4-mile-long oil slick covered wildlife and forced
9:31 am
campers to leave a state park just ahead of the memorial day weekend. a cruise ship with nearly 3500 passengers aboard is being inspected this morning after it ran aground in bermuda. norwegian cruise says they pushed it back late in the day. but then a temporary malfunction forced it into a reef. all guests and crew are safe and there were absolutely no injuries. and news on the airline front. a few popular travel websites claim delta air lines is shutting them out of flight and fare data. "the wall street journal" reports the group which includes tripadviser says delta has removed that information saying it never authorized them to use it. they say it's part of a broader push to move fliers to their own site where they then can sell add ons such as priority boarding. so you're hanging out with your friends and you find a giant stuffed animal in the trash. what do you do with it?
9:32 am
if you're a teenage guy perhaps you tie it to the top of your suv and drive around town. and that's what connor duvick did monday in washington state. while most people did get the joke they honked and flashed thumbs up signs. one person did call the police. but fortunately for connor the officer who did pull him over had a sense of humor. now a check of the weather from mr. roker. >> thanks so much. let's show you what we have going on right now. flooding going on from oklahoma on into arkansas and missouri. wet weather finally there in northern california. sunshine here in the northeast. although temperatures anywhere from 10 to 20 degrees cooler than they should be. slightly milder in new england. risk of strong storms southeastern and mid-atlantic states. wet weather continues in texas with a slight risk down there. and more wet weather from the great lakes, i should say from the four corners area on into
9:33 am
northern california. happy sunshine down in los angeles and cool with a temperature of that's what's going no happy sunshine here. it's going to be cloudy all day long. cloud cover this morning. temperatures this afternoon. look at the highs. those are afternoon highs. 60s across the board. 67 for the north bay. 60 for san francisco today and 68 for the south bay and tri-valley. we have some showers headed our way for tomorrow. not today. it's going to be a cloudy gloomy day today. tomorrow expecting showers across the foothills spshg for the south bay and east bay as well. have a good wednesday. >> and that's your latest weather. >> raise your bill murray juice. time for a hot cup of pop fix. it is not easy to get jennifer lopez to dish on her love life unless you're ellen degeneres. ellen plays a game of never have i ever with the normally private
9:34 am
j. lo. she opens up with everything from, brace yourselves, handcuffs to the mile high club. watch this. >> what? >> yeah. >> never have i ever been in handcuffs? >> you never have? >> never have. >> wow. >> no. >> i can't believe that. >> never have i ever snuck a man into the house while my kids were asleep. never have i ever joined the mile high club. >> okay. so can we get a full shot here? anybody want to comment? i have or i have not. >> no, i have a comment. may i make a comment on this issue? celebrities, it's not a fair game. because they have private jets. so the mile high club is much easier. for the rest of us, it's quite a challenge. there are other people.
9:35 am
>> what about the handcuff question? is that an even question to ask anybody? >> sure. >> sure. i have. >> do you need an answer. >> because i was arrested. >> we can't play because we don't have the paddle. >> i answer only to ellen, tamron. i'm sorry. >> i'll just say no to all of them. >> ellen you need to have on the "today's take" hosts and we'll answer honestly. >> why not. >> well j. lo won't confirm her relationship with casper smart but will confess about handcuffs. interesting. moving onto taylor swift's epic video fail. she may have swept the billboard music awards, but she's got a little bad blood leftover from the music video shoot. she debuted her star studded video at the award show which has since been viewed nearly 30 million times on youtube. it shows her character
9:36 am
catastrophe effortlessly breaking through a wall. but through her posts on instagram she showed it wasn't so effortless after all. watch. >> here we go. three, two one! >> that had to hurt. >> my goodness. taylor said this was her first take and #stunt fail. she said she forgot she had to keep on running. >> that looked scary. but she's okay. here's something to get you over the hump day today. the new kids on the block have been busy on the road with their tour, but clearly they're getting in that gym time. donnie wahlberg posting they still have the right stuff. this ab-tastic photo of himself and joey and danny pulling up their shirts exposing. that's i don't a six pack. we have to recount that. the caption reads, not bad for a few old men. hard work. so donnie for the record, is
9:37 am
45. danny is 46. joey is 42. jordan and jonathan didn't make the shoot. but jordan gives a show to the audience. he's hanging tough too. >> 40s not being old men. >> that's what they said about themselves. at 19 it's hard to get abs like that. >> hat's off. >> shirt's off. >> that's a lot of gym time. >> that's a lot of niceness. up next, an opportunity like this only comes around once. three ladies hopped on the chance to make over their man. we'll reveal their upgraded style after this.
9:38 am
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give extra. get extra. i don't know if you've ever taken the time to learn a little tiny bit of somebody else's native tongue? that opens up the doors to trust. my name is kanyon. i'm a technician here in portland oregon. every morning, i give each one of my customers a call to give them a closer eta. and when i called this customer, i discovered that he was deaf. then i thought of amanda. i've known american sign language since i was about 8 years old. it's like music for your eyes. and i thought that was an amazing gift to have, to be able to communicate with the deaf. my friend kanyon asked me to help him explain how today's appointment will go. he was nodding his head and giggling a little bit. i earned his trust that day, i guess.
9:41 am
to be completely honest, there's one or two items in our closets as guys that our significant others wish we would get rid of. >> we have three lucky women who are about to live out that dream and toss out the item they just can't take anymore. mark anthony greene is the editor of "gq" who is out with its latest issue of "gq" style. you have some good candidates. >> handsome guys yeah. they just needed a little upgrade. >> okay. >> as prompted by their ladies. >> let's dig in. let's start with carissa who is an nbc staffer. your husband chris always wearing a combo of dirty t-shirt and jeans.
9:42 am
>> yes. he's a stay-at-home dad so it's all about comfort. and usually his cutest accessory is our 1-year-old on his chest. >> that's pretty cute. >> but we've been together over 12 years and i know what he can do. and it'd be nice to see a little more of that. >> ready to see him raise his game a little bit? chris, why don't you step out my friend? >> all right. >> what do you think? >> very nice. very nice. >> mark anthony, what'd you do here? >> first and foremost like she said, he's a stay-at-home dad. but the t-shirt that he always wore, the stay at home t-shirts should probably stay at home. we put him one in stripes. you could wear a solid something that is, you know, universal. unstructured blazer which is super comfortable. especially when working with young girls still has confidentmfort.
9:43 am
>> the jeans are still jeans. >> i like the shoes too. >> yeah. slip-on shoes. comfort is everything. >> you ready to get rid of these jeans, guys? there's the garbage kind. >> r.i.p. >> i'll miss you. >> looking good. >> nicely done. >> all right. we've got alex who i recognize. you used to be an intern here at nbc. you hate seeing your boyfriend in his windbreaker. >> yes. this one right here. it's a little basic and he basically wears it any chance that he can get. >> even when there's no wind. >> no wind, no rain, he'll wear it all the time. >> okay. well, let's see what the new look here. >> john, step on out. >> come on out. >> ooh. >> very nice. >> he looks super fresh. >> oh, super fresh. mark anthony, what'd you do? >> we put him in one of the most super fresh trends from "gq"
9:44 am
style of track jackets. you see guys like pharrell wearing these on red carpets. this is from fred perry. all american brand. fits great. looks great. put him in a pair of colored chinos. lifted the look. >> i love it. ready to get rid of the windbreaker? a absolutely. >> how do you feel about this? >> all right. >> we need flames so they can't get back in there. >> all right. let's move other to emily. used to love flannel, but once her fiance started wearing it every day the love went away. >> it's more about the same -- i don't mind flannel. but it's this shirt that we wears that he got at a dollar store by us, like, every day. >> it holds up well. >> i know. but it feels horrible. it doesn't smell, but on weekends he actually wears it during the day twob to bed, and then the next day.
9:45 am
really bad. it's gross. and he got caught at the knicks came courtside wearing the shirt. >> let's see how he looks. ryan, step on out sir. >> yes, sir. >> you're not supposed to laugh. what do you think? >> he looks great. >> mark anthony, what'd you do? >> we are huge fans of the plaid because it's rugged and masculine. and you can achieve the same thing. get all the laughs and response from a military jacket that's just as rugged. that's why we put him in it. >> how do you feel? >> i feel good. >> you look good. >> she'll stop laughing soon, i swear. let's get rid of that flannel. >> going to be a stinky trash can. >> all right. mark anthony, thank you so much. models thanks to all you. you look great. coming up next, more style advice from the ladies tamron
9:46 am
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than leading regular sodas. new kool-aid easy mix. oh yeah! well, they are the must have accessories for the summer. sunglasses. and just like a pair of good jeans, if they fit right, they make a statement. >> our expert is here to help you find the best shades for the shape of your face. good morning. >> good morning.
9:50 am
>> let's start off. are we wearing the right shape for our faces? >> well natalie, i think you can go for something that will accentuate your face a little bit better. and tamron those are really cool, but they are a little bit too oversized for you. >> all right. >> so you need to know your face shape. pull your hair back and outline your face shape. start from the forehead. just go right ahead and there you go. guess what, ladies -- >> i drew jay leno. >> but you guys did it right. tamron your face is oval shape. natalie, you're heart shaped. pointier chin and wider forehead. >> i never knew that. now i do. i've been shopping for the wrong glasses my whole life.
9:51 am
>> when you're thinking about shopping, you're looking to contour, flatter, and proportion. those are the key three things. >> so you've got four models with us. first you'll start off with a face shape that's round. like michelle williams, for example. >> this is alicia. we're actually adding angles. you have a rounder face, you want to add a sharper line to it. she's also wearing a second pair that i had from her from h & m that you're wearing. >> here you go. let's see what you look like. i'll switch out with you. add more lines. >> looks great. >> now let's talk about the heart shaped face like i have. and now so does reese witherspoon. >> wearing a pair from avon. i like to say heart on heart. a similar lens that's wider at the top, narrow at the bottom
9:52 am
like your chin. then we'll switch you out with another cool aviator-like pair. these are from hard candy. they have that great reflective aspect to it. >> oh, that looks good. >> covers your brow. and you're going to flatter your face as best you can. >> let's get to the guys. jon hamm has a masculine square shaped face. our model has a similar face as well. >> he's wearing a pair of rimless from express. you're the opposite of a round. you're softening the lines around the jaw and forehead line. we also have a pair for him circular, rounder shape. >> i love those. >> again, it softens the lines, softens the jawbone. and those look really great. last but not least tom ronamron and our model. you can wear anything. >> really? >> she's doing a great oversized
9:53 am
h & m frame. it looks great on her. we have another pair to do an oversized. >> let me try these. >> and those are from express that she has on. again, you can do almost anything. >> this looks good. great. >> i've been wearing the wrong glasses. thank you. >> i've always wondered face shapes. >> we're back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc.
9:54 am
9:55 am
finally stopped laughing at her fiance. but ryan has gone dumpster diving and taken back his flannel shirt. >> oh. >> don't leave home without it. >> it's like a comfort blanket. >> our hoda woman
9:56 am
. breaking news impacting the morning commute. a b.a.r.t. line shut down. >> we've had major delays throughout the system. starting minor now major. the one that's shut down goes
9:57 am
from rob mayeda. the red line richmond to milbury. the feeder routes for the rest of the rails toward the san francisco area kr delays. no train transfers are required. the roadways moving smoother by comparison. compression toward fremont. nice easy drive northbound through the south bay. golden gate bridge. low clouds but no problems. major delays for the b.a.r.t. system and the richmond line is canceled. gray skies, anthony. we're looking at cloudy conditions across the bay this morning. once again, we actually have a storm system that will bring showers to us by tomorrow. today expect the cloud cover to stay put really everywhere all day long. we'll see a little bit of drizzle from time to time at the coastline but we're not expect to see a lot of rain today. showers for tomorrow. cool, temperatures in the 60s today.
9:58 am
60 in san francisco, 67 for the north bay and mid to upper 60s for the tri-valley. >> we'll have more local news up in half an hour as well. see you then.
9:59 am
10:00 am
. from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. ♪ >> oh. >> it is wines day wednesday. it's may 20th. our hoda is back and comes as a conquerer. she won a gracie award. >> oh. >> last night out in los angeles. so well deserved. >> it was fun. robin fiddler won one the producer extraordinary air, el a lot of girls. >> you don't have to share it. it's your moment right this moment. >> by the way i played the song on -- you know how i do with my ipod i played it for the people
10:01 am
whether they liked it or not. >> that doesn't always go overp. did it go over that particular -- >> you know what. >> i've been with you when it didn't. >> this particular time it did. >> good. all right. we have another great show for you and if you have a lot of stuff around like hoda does, especially awards, no more room, this is for you. one woman's basement which went from this. >> oh. to what is this. >> to this. >> okay. everything is in boxes. >> yeah. but it's out of the way. >> you know what you're right. >> cleaning out the clutter helped her lose nearly 50 pounds. >> who knew organization and weight were connected. >> he made a name for himself and impression on the hit show "glee" what darren criss is up to. >> fun. >> elvis was terrific yesterday. >> i love him. >> he's very thin and sa svelte. >> and jill rangled up festive finds for your memorial day fun.
10:02 am
>> it is wines day wednesday which it is time for hoda's words of wisdom. >> okay. p. ready? >> you do this well, by the wayp. >> you teach people how to treat you by what you allow, what you stop and what you reinforce. by tony gaskin. you do that. >> i do? >> you do. >> you say i'm worth this, you will not pay me that, i will not be talked to that way, you do -- you lay it down. >> i'm a control freak. >> that too. >> you just got to be -- to thy own self be true and that takes a long time. i don't think any of us are like that instantly. a lot of years realizing i wasn't being my own best friend and i was trying to people please too much. >> knowing what you're worth. when looking to get a raise and you know from wherever you work, the idea of going in and asking for a raise is so hard because you don't know if you're worth it or if they value you enough. >> but that's the way you find out. i always say that to everybody. well we'll find out what we're
10:03 am
worth. >> yeah. >> and if you think you're worth more, say good-bye, believe in yourself and make it happen some place else. >> yeah. >> jamie foxx was downstairs singing this song in the 8:00 hour. mesmerizing. it's called "in love right now." can we just listen to a little? ♪ ♪ love been drowning beneath the sea ♪ ♪ love ♪ ♪ i'm supposed to be in love ♪ ♪ ♪ in love ♪ ♪ ♪ i've been chasing my dream and now i'm chasing you ♪ ♪ ♪ i've played every part i've been played a fool but the movie i'll be your lead ♪ >> inspired by 21-year-old daughter who encouraged him to settle down. his new cd.
10:04 am
cassy's friend is corin, when cas does go to college, which is rare, she knows corin. >> she says she's a sweet heart. >> a new album out cd called "hollywood a story of a dozen roses." >> good for him. >> hoda is hungry because she took the red eye. what she likes to do. >> i like domino's pizza when i used to be able to eat cheese. there's a way you're supposed to be able to tweet dominos. >> new campaign starts today. >> and order pizza. it's simple. all you're supposed to do is go on your iphone and where you have the emojis. >> food. >> go to the pizza one and go @domnos and hit tweet, they have your info because you're registered. >> already done that. >> i'm going to do it. tweet. okay. . now let's see what happens. where is our pizza? i sept a message. >> it takes a little time. >> plus security guards at every door around here. how will we get our pizza. >> they're supposed to send an
10:05 am
automated message to confirm. see if we get a pizza before the end of the show. oh, my gosh, domino's pizza has retweeted you. let's see what happened. maybe i'm going to start to like this. >> this is donna's phone. you haven't set up tweet ordering your pizza profile yet. >> they have -- >> we didn't do it right donna! it says you're supposed to have a pizza profile. >> i did. >> no. >> not. >> i'm retweeting them, i have one yes i dop. how about that. >> i'm just writing yes i do. >> what hoda and i want to do today, we're not going to do the show in honor of david letterman. like kimmel didn't do his show last night. >> it's been great. >> the spotlight is supposed to be on dave today. >> yeah. >> hogging all of his viewers. all of his glory. >> tonight the final show of "the late show" and last night jimmy kimmel spoke about dave being -- he had been a fan all of his life since he was a kid and he got a little teary. >> i would watch a television
10:06 am
show that is very important to me, as you can tell, called "late night with david letterman." [ applause ] >> if you watched it -- when i turned 16, we have a picture, that's my tribute, my mother baked me a "late night with david letterman" cake and i'm wearing a dave letterman letterman jack. my first car i went to the dmv and got a vanity plate. that's my little brother wearing jams. the reason i have the show is because -- is because the executives at abc saw me when i was a guest on dave's show and hired mes to host this show. i want to thank dave and his writers and producers. [ applause ] >> very sweet. >> oh, my gosh. >> i want to thank dave too. i wouldn't be sitting here with you hoda. >> why? >> i would still be with regis. the night i hosted "late night with david letterman" is the time i realized it was time to move on. that was 15 years ago.
10:07 am
>> the first woman to ever host letterman's show was kathie lee. >> that doesn't matter. >> the point is i'm here with you and great friends with ri gis. >> where's the pizza? >> where's the pizza? >> thes voice finale last night four coaches sang together as a tribute to the late b.b. king, sang "the thrill is gone." ♪ ♪ the thrill is gone baby ♪ ♪ the thrill has gone away ♪ ♪ now you know you done my wrong baby ♪ ♪ the thrill is gone ♪ >> fun. ♪ the thrill has gone away ♪ >> so fun. so fun to watch that. >> the most requested song in all the years. >> the finalists were narrowed down to megan from team blake and 15-year-old sawyer from team pharrell. those were the last two. the moment the winner was announced.
10:08 am
>> it is time to find out who it is. >> the winner of "the voice" is -- >> sawyer. you won it. team pharrell wins this season of "the voice". >> congratulations. the winner will be here in the big city with us tomorrow. >> good good good. >> congrats. >> you know what, he's got a great voice. >> beautiful. >> it is time in the program where we love we're going to recap or nutshell the bachelorette in 60 seconds. and our girl amanda avery is coming. >> you look beautiful, amanda. >> you look gorgeous. >> you should be on that show. >> i'm a viewer on the couch watching. >> your own bachelorette here with amanda. >> no. >> i think we just cast the show. >> okay. what happened? >> so the two girls brit and caitlin, the men voted on
10:09 am
monday, so last night we got the results. i thought i would have to wait until the last two minutes to the show to find out. that's not what happened. chris harrison walks out two minutes into the show last night goes to talk to brit. take a look at what he told her. >> what happened? >> the majority of the men have chosen one woman who they can hopefully see a future with. brit, unfortunately you're not going to be the bachelorette. >> sorry, that's like sinking in. >> sorry to be the bearer of bad news. >> put your heart out there and like -- i've never had anything back. what can i do? >> that's why i don't like that show. i can't stand to see that happen to people. >> anyway, here's our bachelorette. >> chosen. >> you know -- >> exploited i think. anyway --
10:10 am
>> she signed up twice. >> i don't like to see it. >> when you live in your own bubble in your own world, that it's that devastating. >> yeah. >> you know what i mean. >> you were uncomfortable watching it. >> i was uncomfortable but reminds me most people are watching and driving by and we don't realize that's their whole world. sometimes you meet someone on the street in a reality show and say you know what happened with me and my husband. i really don't know what happened. we're not all the way in. but now what? >> so caitlin is obviously our bachelorette. want to see the moment she got the good news? >> okay. >> i counted the votes and unfortunately caitlin, i had to send brit home. you're going to be the bachelorette. >> oh my god. i feel wrong being that excited. >> it's okay. i understand. you should be excited. >> what do i do or say right now? >> say you're the bachelorette.
10:11 am
>> i guess i am the bachelorette. >> that is evil how he did that. >> so cruel. they twist it. >> they don't tell you how many voted against her? >> they did say it was close and during the rose ceremony she had to do later one did step out from the pack and say look, i felt a connection with brit, it's not with you, so i'm going to leave right now. >> oh. >> and he left the show. >> bye. >> yeah. >> and they go find brit and it ended with him going to her hotel room. you don't know what's going to happen. >> you do know what's going to happen. >> i think we're going to be seeing brit with this guy. >> amanda, you're the best. thank you so much for watching the whole thing for us. >> put our ears in. >> check in with the man, matt lauer lauer. >> 226 miles from boston to new york for red nose day. >> how are you feeling? >> hey. i'm okay. i can't tell you, i don't know what i would do on these mornings without that bachelorette update.
10:12 am
>> yeah. yeah. you feel the same way i do and i haven't been on a bike in about 20 years. >> i'm going to bed early and missing this stuff. i get this one-minute recap. congratulations on the gracie award. >> can i tell you what i love about matt so many things to love about matt. when meredith was there you talked about her graduation speech on a bike, pedalling, exhausted, and toosh is killing you and you're asking about a gracie, thanks. it was begun. >> that's a big deal so congratulations. >> how much more do you have to go today, matt? >> i have no idea where i am. i know i'm south of rossland somewhere. i think i'm in williston or east williston. i don't know. i think i probably have more today about another 20 miles and then i quit for the day, somewhere in queens, and then i have one more little jaunt in the morning. >> and you're coming home to us. >> coming home.
10:13 am
>> can't wait to see you. >> we don't know what to say. >> you are setting such an example, matt. >> al roker al roker has that expression we're losing some of the fun. and at this stage, my legs and my butt are losing some of the fun. i'm looking forward to getting to queens. >> all right. >> so many kids in poverty so god bless you. that's awesome. we'll see you tomorrow, buddy. >> you know what, we have been hearing people all along the road say that and met some really nice people at a firehouse in long island this morning who said that so i hope people go to our website and remember if they can, if they can afford it to donate to the red nose day fund and we look to do some good, ladies. i can't wait to see you tomorrow. >> we love you, matt. >> see you. >> bye, hon. >> his voice today compared to yesterday. >> can you imagine? i wonder how much weight he lost. >> he could not afford to lose any. >> he's lean. speaking of hot bodies.
10:14 am
>> yes. >> ins case you didn't know, j. lo was featured today on the april edition of -- what is that? >> "us weekly". >> "us weekly". >> oh, my gosh. >> she's -- oh. >> hello. >> introducing this be the girl challenge and i think it's -- i guess like over 100,000 people have signed up to help women become healthy, happier, and more confident of themselves. >> where's the pizza? smear it is. i said yes, we did. what did they write back? >> you think i can see that? >> hi donna, send us a dm so we can check on this for you. >> totally. >> get organized to get skinny. one woman cause tosstossed the clutter and her expra weight. >> why ♪ take me into your darkest hour ♪ ♪ and i'll never desert you ♪ ♪ i'll stand by you ♪
10:15 am
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10:17 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ introducing new country time lemonade starter with real lemon juice. a fresh, new way to make country time. . we know overing can cause us
10:18 am
to pack on the pounds. guess what else could be making you fat? >> your clutter. >> people with super cluttered homes were 77% more likely to be overweight or obese and one person who knows what that is about is 54-year-old nanet coolly. >> as a working mom she had a busy schedule with a household to run. when the weight began to creep on she didn't reevaluate what she was eating but how she was living. >> for as long as i can remember i lived among a lot of stuff and self-medicated with a lot of food. my journey into clutter began into childhood. there was three generations of us in the house and at lot of antiques, dishes and furniture had accumulated over the years. it's also no mystery how i put on extra pounds. i would come home from a stressful day at work and throw things into my mouth. i was not even paying attention to what i was eating. finally i had had enough. everything turned around for me
10:19 am
at once and i decided to conquer both the weight and the clutter challenges at the same time. i was determined to change my behavior and i stuck to a diet plan and committed to donating nearly 15 bags worth of possessions. i am now living a cleaner, more streamlined life, one that i can maintain. >> good for her. >> way to go. she is here with organization guru peter walsh author of "lose the clutter lose the weight". >> peter is here to tell us how to whittle down our waistline while pairing down the waste at home. >> thank you so much. >> congratulations to you. >> thank you so much. >> such an interesting concept. i'm a complete slob. >> but you're nice and slender. >> that's not -- but i guess there are some overlaps. did you see right away when you started to lose the weight you wanted to have things in order in your house. >> absolutely. and what happened for me hoda was that on the weekends, prior to the weight loss, i would come home and worry about cleaning out closets or cleaning up counter space. >> yeah. >> doing laundry. once the clutter was sort of in
10:20 am
control, then i was able to really focus on myself and what was important for maintaining a healthier lifestyle. >> it can depress you, can't it? >> yeah. >> sitting in this mess, you don't have the energy to get rid of it. >> right. >> anyone anyone can relate to this. you go home, your home is cluttered kitchen is overwhelmed with stuff and the feeling is i'm zapped, don't know where to start, i'm exhausted before i even start. and having been doing this for 15 years when i help people declutter their homes, overwhelmingly they would say, there was a weight lifted off my shoulder. >> your. >> and i started making better health choices. >> what comes first the chicken or the egg? >> start losing weight and then clean your house? >> focusing on either is a mistake. it has to be a whole thing. that's what the book is about. you look at decluttering your home, week by week at the same time you look at a better meal plan, exercise, and you look at being mindful. >> we're going to show. >> some of the things you did.
10:21 am
>> what's all this action. >> people say where to start? start with your tupperware. that's an easy thing. if you have a stuportupperware cupboard that looks like this, doesn't have a matching lid, get rid of all of that. >> move to the kitchen. >> okay. there are simple things to do to get a cupboard organized. number one, great bins like this. >> you did this. >> container store. >> great things like this with handles so you can organize things up high very very easily. >> i like what you've done to the spices and condiments too. >> nothing you'll ever see in hoda's house ever. >> ever. >> indoor shoe racks are great not just for shoes but in the kitchen for spices, craft items, for anything like that. they're really versatile. the whole focus here is get your home organized as the first step. >> you're amazing by the way. >> congratulations. >> thank you. >> hats off for everything you did. a great example for everybody. >> thank you so much. >> we'll be back with more
10:22 am
i am totally blind. i lost my sight in afghanistan but it doesn't hold me back. i go through periods where it's hard to sleep at night and stay awake during the day. non-24 is a circadian rhythm disorder that affects up to 70% of people who are totally blind. talk to your doctor about your symptoms and learn more by calling 844-844-2424. or visit what are we missing here, janet? because with citrusy peel shine, i might as well be spraying orange juice on...grape juice. get serious, get a cleaner with bleach in it. that's right...i'll get it. clorox. bleach means clean.
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10:25 am
never comes down. the answer is coming up. jill is digging into her shopping bag for some fun in the sun. >> we're about to play women talking about activia. when i feel bloated and my stomach is rumbling in the morning, it takes me forever to get dressed. i just like wearing a lot of black. i don't have the time to be gassy and uncomfortable, when i'm trying to get out of the house. those are the days you wear sweatpants. i love activia. that is so good. i eat activia every day. enjoying activia twice a day for 4 weeks may help reduce the frequency of minor digestive issues. feeling good, looking good. activiaaaa. my husband has been singing that to me for two weeks. ♪ one, two, three o'clock. four o'clock pop. ♪ five, six, seven o'clock. eight o'clock pop. ♪ ♪ nine, ten eleven o'clock ♪ ♪ twelve o'clock pop ♪ ♪ we're gonna pop around the clock tonight. ♪ ♪ put your glad rags on and join me hon' ♪ ♪ we'll have some fun when the clock strikes one. ♪ ♪ we're gonna pop ♪ ♪ ...around the clock tonight. we're gonna pop, pop, pop ♪ ... 'till the broad daylight. ♪ ♪ we're gonna pop around the clock tonight. ♪ pop in new tide pods plus febreze
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a 4 in 1 detergent that cleans brightens and fights stains. now with 24-hour freshness. good morning, everyone. i'm scott mcgrew. we continue to follow the breaks news impacting the morning commute. let's take you live out to chopper. this is the b.a.r.t. line shut down right now. a live look. mike inouye tracking this for us from the traffic center.
10:27 am
mike, what's going on? >> we're looking at the train tracks. you see them moving. this is between oakland and richmond. the chopper heading up through the oakland area. trains are moving. the richmond lane is canceled -- or stopped right now between richmond and milbury. that's the red line. if you want to get into the city take fremont to richmond and over into daly city. we're talking about this stretch which is completely shut down. we have the stretch coming out of the city with delays. there are equipment problems in the west oakland area. that's been there all morning. this is rippling back and getting more severe throughout. we're hearing now the second line is having the effect. we're talking about major delays for the entire system. the roadways may get more traffic, especially the bay bridge. we'll have anthony with your weather after the break.
10:28 am
10:29 am
welcome back. another great day in the bay area. looking at cloud cover from san francisco. you can see barely any blue sky out there. not a whole lot of sunshine to be seen today. temperatures will be cool as a result. 68 degrees in south bay. 68 for the tri-valley. san francisco today only at 60 degrees. expect some drizzle at the coastline today. a bigger storm system is expected to move through tomorrow and we'll see some showers not only tomorrow morning but through tomorrow afternoon. most likely in the higher terrain across the hilltops and the mountainous area. we'll talk more about the storm system coming our way this morning at 11:00. see you then to scott. we're following all kinds of
10:30 am
developing news. join us at 11:00 for our next newscast and we'll cover all of it. see you then. . it is wines day wednesday and we're ready to play our game called "who knew." we have the answer to the brain teaser we asked before the break, what goes up and never comes down. the answer is -- your age. that's depressing. all right. now we're going to test your brain power more to see if you know popular acronyms and what they stand for. kathie lee is across the street at the nbc experience store ready to hand out $100 to anybody who gets the questions right. those who don't get a fabulous cd. [ applause ] >> oh. you totally goosed that crowd. all right. here to help me out is the president and co-founder of mental floss, will pierson. hello, will. >> good morning, hoda. >> are you ready? >> i'm ready. >> let's play. >> a baseball fan from st. louis.
10:31 am
the zip in zip code is an acronym. what does it mean, zone improvement plan, zoning in progress or zoned inside perimeter. >> a. >> gosh. >> zone improvement plan. >> yeah, yeah. the postal service needed to come up with a way to kind of segment the country. >> okay. >> to make it easier to deliver mail. that's why here in new york we're in the 1s and further east it would be 0s out to the 9s, beginning with 9s out west and it makes it easier. >> good to know. >> this was created in 1963. two years ago we missed the opportunity to throw the 50th anniversary of the zip code party. >> what balmer erbummer. >> that is a bummer. >> the letters giff form an ac can cra nim. how is it meant to be pronounced? >> b jiff. >>. >> it's a soft "g"."g."
10:32 am
>> jiff is right. they're teachers and know. it's called a jiff. >> it is called a jiff. those that don't know what a jiff is these are those animated images you might get sent on the computer. really quick like that. the inventor was upset they were saying it incorrectly. most say giff but it's jiff. >> i love you hoda. that's my husband's nickname give. not always the right answer. you are from the villages. >> that's right. >> the friendliest. >> yeah, baby. >> geico is an acronym for government employees insurance company get excellent insurance company, green edelman insurance company? >> i think it's a. >> everybody is on. >> brilliant crowd. >> government employees insurance company. >> most think it's a younger company, but long before the
10:33 am
geckos and cavemen were in the commercials it's been around since the 1930s and started out targeting government employees and military employees. >> boy they reinvented their ad campaign is amazing. over to you. >> lovely gentleman from austin, texas. one of these terms is an acronym. which one is it? tesla bungee or scuba? >> i have9#8 to say, c, scuba. >> i don't get it. >> wow. >> what does scuba stand for? >> they deserve the money and cds. self-contained underwater breathing apparatus. >> scuba. >> popularized in the 1950s with the military using them frequently. that's what it stands for. i wish bungee was an acronym. i'm sure it would be amusing. >> it's not. >> over to you. >> a lot of pressure, miss ohio. the drug store chain cvs started as an acronym. what did those letters stand for customers vast selection consumer value stores or care
10:34 am
variety satisfaction. >> c. >> gosh. >> okay. . >> i don't think this has ever happened. >> is this a joke? >> i want to confess i met with the audience before this and gave them the answers. >> consumer value stores. >> yeah. this is another one of those brands where over time the longer name kind of goes away and it's known as cvs now but yeah, that's what it stood for. >> i can't believe that's all the time we have. we had a sweep. >> great job all of you. >> that's awesome. >> will, thank you so much. we appreciate it. he's got to fill some sky high boots, "glee" star darren criss is here. jill martin will show you how to keep cool from the memorial barbecues after this. thanks. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] fedex® has solutions to enable global commerce that can help your company grow steadily and quickly. great job. (mandarin) ♪ ♪ cut it out.
10:35 am
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10:39 am
off the memorial day weekend a little early to see what our friend "today" contributor jill martin has in her shopping bag. >> she has everything you need to enjoy the weekend with your friends family and even pets. >> hey jill. >> hello. >> we're chilling out. so from william sonoma to start the fun, there is a snow machine, snow -- >> snow cone. >> snow cone machine. i thought, to start off we could start with snow cones and we added just a little bit of a kickp. >> okay. >> for the adults you can add a little something something. >> thank you jerry. >> a little bit of vodka there. and then there are these ice mugs, remember these. >> i love those. >> make them at home. that's fun for the kids. cranberry juice, lemon aid and gator raid. >> look at harper and her best friend. >> harper is jenna wolf's fabulous girl. >> i want to point out jenna wolf is busting taking pictures of her daughter over here. >> with her best friend. >> her best friend.
10:40 am
this is jamie and for $14.50 the bathing suits and gym worry. i like the price because if you're going to buy something for that age it should be under $20. >> they're not going to be in it next year. >> jenna never gives her daughter anything sweet because she's a health nut so she's freaking out. >> she likes it. >> now you're heading to the beach. >> done. >> heading to the beach for the weekend or to the park, and you have an umbrella up and it always blows away. you dant get it together. you stick it in the sand and fill this with sand or dirt. it's the bag here. >> and put it on -- >> put it here. >> that's smart. >> and hold it. is that fabulous. >> very cute. >> $17.95. you dump it at the end of the day. >> okay. >> having fun? >> are we getting up. >> we're getting up. >> we were comfortable. >> i could bring it over if you prefer. >> that's okay. >> okay. >> getting harder the older i get. >> hi, sweetie.
10:41 am
>> okay. now what? >> so good. we did this whole situation already. so we're moving to the pottery barn. this is a party in a box. >> i love this. >> this whole situation here. you get mason jars the straws, everything that you actually need to entertain. and then i love this. it's so light. >> love it. >> $19.50. it is a centerpiece plus it has -- >> i love that. >> is that fabulous. >> i'm going to get that for this weekend. we'll bring it home. put it in the car. >> thank you. >> if you are not savvy in the kitchen which i am not, order these and say you made them. >> beautiful. >> chocolate covered. they are pricey, $45. what a beautiful gift. >> they're gorgeous. >> we love those. you can also, everybody grab a strawberry. >> can't do it. >> the white chocolate. >> you can. you can have white chocolate. >> i was going to say that. >> i thought it was some sort of a cheese thing. okay. >> so it's fun to do. >> delicious. >> they're easy to make.
10:42 am
you don't need to buy one for $45. look at that. look what i did. >> look what hoda did. >> awesome. >> do it with bananas and get creative. >> will send red, white and blue bouquets but you can also pick flowers and put them in the mason jar. >> i love how that looks. >> if you want to order. diy nail polish for the kids. this is the whozs whole situation. hand made beauty make the polish. they paint their nails and you keep them occupied for the making of it. it's a mess. do it outside. >> getting ready to party. >> oh. >>, he is ready to party for memorial day. isn't this fabulous. under $20. very cute outfit. >> does he like the outfit? >> he does. >> loves it. >> told me he was like thank you for making me look like this on national tv. and then over here, you can play
10:43 am
too. okay. 21 points wins. also from amazon. throw it in there. 21 points win. >> throw it 21 times? >> however many times wins. >> okay. >> the number. >> nope. >> that's the idea. >> okay. >> you didn't try that one. >> harper and her best friend. >> busy all day long. >> look who is going to make your summer sizzle. thank you, jill. and "twilight's" kellan lutz. we're going to
10:44 am
i am totally blind. and sometimes i struggle to sleep at night, and stay awake during the day. this is called non-24, a circadian rhythm disorder that affects up to 70 percent of people who are totally blind. talk to your doctor about your symptoms and learn more by calling 844-824-2424. or visit don't let non-24 get in the way of your pursuit of happiness. they didn't join this team to win championships... or become famous... they joined because there is important work to be done and only some able to do it. they are brighter, better educated, led, and equipped than any team in history. they are doctors lawyers, engineers, technologists
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10:48 am
looking for one of these? yoplait. smooth, creamy, and craved by the whole family. over the past five years actor darren criss has been singing and dancing into living rooms across the country with his role on the hit tv show "glee." >> but now that the series has officially wrapped, he's taking back broadway and taking it by storm, landing the staring role as headwig in "hedwig and the
10:49 am
angry inch". >> i'm having so fun i can hardly stand it. >> you want to see it. by july 15th. >> july 19th, yeah. >> july 19th. >> clock is ticking. come on by. the party is happening right now. >> what's interesting about this role is this is a role that you have dreamed about. it's funny a lot of people don't know anything about the role or your character but something you've known for a long time. >> what's great is a lot of people who come in who don't know anything about the show are kind of feeling that same thing i felt when i was a teenager and that's such a great cyclical thing to share. i had passion for it as a 16, 17-year-old kid to throw that back at the world seems very appropriate. >> for those who don't know about the show can you give a brief synopsis. >> it's tough. it's about a little girlie boy from east berlin that makes it out by way of a terrible series of events that i won't give away. >> yeah. >> has to do with an angry inch
10:50 am
and she becomes -- puts a lot of her story into songs she's written and the songs get stolen by somebody she fell in love with. kind of trail of how she got this kind of tragic character, how she got to where she is now and i'm going to leave it as vague as that. >> good. >> you can see when you get there. >> getting into character when you put the wig on and stuff do you feel it right away? >> yeah. listen, ain't nothing going to get you in character like all that makeup. nobody -- i mean maybe some people do if that's your thing, rock and roll, but on a day-to-bay basis not many are kicking on that much makeup and lashes and wigs. >> it's a very demanding role physically. >> yeah. >> so how do you stay healthy? how do you stay strong? >> i've always been sort of a big fitness enthusiast. it's that time, a little more now. but people always think that the workout thing is for the vanity.
10:51 am
there's skin that's shown in the show so people think you're keeping fit for that but you're keeping fit so you can jump off a car in heels and not break an ankle. >> this is different than being on "glee," do you like the live audience? >> i come from the theater. there's nothing like it. it's always real and it's -- it's a real-time catharsis of the whole thing and real collaboration. the audience in the show is a character in the show. >> yeah. >> they ares the other actor that you play with every night. >> if you're in the audience you interact with some of the people? >> oh, yeah. no one is safe. >> oh. >> another good reason to come see. >> absolutely. >> darren, thank you. >> thank you so much. great to see you. stay healthy, happy. if you're headed to new york catch darren in "hedswig and the angry inch" through july 19th. >> catch every inch of this hollywood hunk kellan lutz is next. >> that is exploiting. >> he's offended, hoda. >> bull's eye.
10:52 am
>> he's offended.
10:53 am
10:54 am
10:55 am
what better way to end the show than something sweet. >> no better eye candy than kellan lutz. >> don't be offended somebody wrote that. >> playing in the legend of her cue lees or vampire in the "twilight" movies. >> now flexing his hosting muscles on a new show called "bull's eye" participants compete to win big taking on over-the-top challenges. great to see you. >> oh my gosh. >> this is really scary stuff. >> yeah. >> never gets old. >> right. >> i get to do some of them. >> you do? >> you do this for fun when not making movies anyway? >> i don't have production value as much as bull's eye, but i wish i could. >> the idea to use your body to hit the bull's eye? >> yeah. human arrow so to speak. you have to hit it yourself or hit as many as you can or get it as quick as you can. >> okay. >> and the winner gets $50,000. >> $50,000.
10:56 am
>> who are the people who are choosing to do this? what types of folks? >> it's not all about being athletic. >> yeah. >> you really need to be strategic with a lot of these stunts. >> i got to do that one, flying over a 300 foot cap yon. >> did that scare you? >> i love it. >> no special effects. our contestants are doing these stunts. >> it has to be safe or they wouldn't allow it. >> we have the best stunt team. we have fires, we have people running on top of trains, jumping off to get the final bull's eye. helicopters. it's huge. >> why did you want to do a game show? seems like it's something different for you. >> i never hosted and when they brought it to me and asked me, i was like oh, my god it's amazing. they said would you be interested in hosting? if it fits between the movies, maybe. i will do it if i get to do some of the stunts. they're like well okay. >> that's a problem for the next movie if you get hurt doing a
10:57 am
stunt, does lloyds of london know this? >> i get hurt in every movie i do. i have so many scars from movies. but you know, it's -- it's a game. >> what's coming up next after that? what movie? >> doing "the feud" a big fighting one. takes place in a barn like macgyver style. >> thanks for coming by. "bull's eye" premiers when? >> next wednesday on fox. >> tomorrow nick cannon won't stop dancing. >> and joy turns your junk food into joy food. >> and teenage winner of the voice
10:58 am
10:59 am
11:00 am
that breaking news is impacting thousands of commuters, parts of two busy b.a.r.t. lines shut down because of equipment problems. good morning, everyone. thank you for joining us. i'm scott mcgrew. i'm kris sanchez. let's get to mike inouye. this has been a problem for nearly 90 minutes. now you know what the reason is. >> there were delays throughout the morning but yeah really bad now. this is from our chopper. over the lines between oakland and richmond. we see some movement. what happened was, unlike a few weeks ago when there was damage to the tracks b.a.r.t. tells us it's a component on the side of the tracks that feeds information to the computers. thus a lot


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