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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  May 21, 2015 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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residents in one south bay neighborhood woken up in the middle of the night as police go door to door search for burglary suspects hiding out in back yards. stolen video in daly city that is not your typical hot rod. a dump truck leads to a wild chase and crash. latest on the santa barbara oil spill including the threat to wildlife. live look outside this morning. there it is. the bay bridge. thursday, may 21st. you're watching "today in the bay." >> from nbc bay area, this is "today in the bay." >> good thursday morning. it's 4:30.
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i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. lots to get to but let's check the forecast. >> the golden gate bridge. san jose, a little bit of a different story. light rain free. the roads are dry downtown. some spotty drizzle. some light rain in a few spots. mid 50s you side for the morning. for the afternoon, another cool day with a chance of some showers. maybe some thunder in the sie a sierra. close look in that forecast in a few minutes. for a look at your thursday commute, here's mike. >> that drizzle you are talking about probably the largest impact because of slick roads in patches. here's the bay bridge toll plaza. cash lanes are backing up. they should have a couple more open in the next ten minutes. look at hour view from the emeryville camera towards san francisco. that is what we typically see as heading up the incline toward the tower. blurring on your lens. likely get a need for windshield
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wipers as you approach the bay bridge. the speed is fine around the bay. breaking news to tell you about in the south bay. that's where police are scouring one neighborhood looking for several young people involved in a violent crime reportedly hiding out in back yards. >> "today in the bay's" damian is live at the scene this morning. you just saw some officers nab a few suspects? >> reporter: yeah, that happened just a short while ago. good morning. we're on babe ruth drive in the northeast corner of san jose. the suspects are behind me being questioned by police officers. let me bring in lieu tenant with the san jose police department. this called for a massive response because you had four suspects on the loose, suspected of robbing an elderly person? >> that's correct. we probably have 26 to 30 police officers here. primarily from san jose pd. in this case we utilized a canine officer and two extra officers from santa clara and another cow nianine officer fro
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sunnyvale. >> how dangerous were the guys you were looking for? >> two reported incidents there was no mention of weapons however the four of them did work together in the second case to assault the victim. >> reporter: the condition of the victim here in this case? >> both the victims are okay, non-life threatening and no hospitalization required. just medical assessment at the scene. >> reporter: you had to wake up a lot of neighbors here to let them know this was going on. >> we conducted a yard-to-yard search of the neighborhood. we had about 30 homes in in the perimeter perimeter. we were probably at about the 12th home when we located three of the suspects in one of the yards. >> do you think you have all of them? >> yes. the first one was apprehended when we initially set up the perimeter. >> reporter: all right. some hard work by police officers here in the north end of san jose. we're on babe ruth drive and northeast corner of the city. we're not able to fly to call for mutual aid from the chp helicopter because of the weather conditions.
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they were not able to fly. the officers had to do this with canine units from santa clara and season aunnyvale. but they say they have the suspects in custody at this point. we also have breaking news at of daly city. stolen dump truck, a police chase, and a pretty bad wreck. it all happened early this morning with police catching the suspect. >> "today in the bay's" bob redell live at the scene. bob, you just got there. an officer con fronted the driver and he took off in a dump truck. >> turned into a chase and ended here in daly city at the intersection of san jose which you see is going to be shut down for quite some time. that mishmash, that's the dump truck that was taken over by the driver, this man accused of stealing it. and then to the right where you see the two people standing underneath the street lamp, that's the minivan the dump truck collided with. when you look at these two vehicles you can understand why four people had to be taken to the hospital.
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the started around 12:20 this morning in coma. police tried to pull over the dump truck. apparently awe wear it w aware . when they approached the driver the driver tried to run over the officer. the officer fortunately got away but that's when the chase started up mission avenue. apparently the driver hitting a stop sign, stop light along the way, and ending up here on san jose. mission turns into san jose once you get into daully city, wrapped around this you tulity pole and collided with an minivan. inside the minivan were three people, 16-year-old girl, 20-year-old adult, another person. we know that all three of those people were taken to the hospital. one was serious injuries. not life threatening but serious injuries. the other two with minor. the driver of the dump truck, the person who police are trying to catch all along, was hurt but was able to run away for a short time before police were able to catch up with him. he was also taken to the hospital and of course will be taken into custody of wards.
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injuries again minor. one thing you can't tell by looking at the scene is it smells of diesel. you can see the material, the absorbent material the clean-up people have pud on the ground to absorb the material but that is probably one reason why it's going to be some time before they get to this intersection reopened because they've got to get up -- remove the diesel and remove the dump truck thatting loos pretty well wrapped around that utility pole. reporting live here in daly city, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> thank you very much, bob. we also have a developing story in a state of emergency after that oil spill in santa barbara. here's the latest. it is spread across nine miles of ocean. there's an intense smell of oil and gas. 105,000 gallons. crews already have recovered 6,000 gallons. the ceo of the company that runs the pipeline american pipeline is apologizing. >> we apologize for the damage that is done to the wildlife and
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to the environment. we're very sorry for the disruption and inconvenience it has caused on the citizens and the visitors to this area. >> the spill will keep both beaches closed through the holiday weekend. among the major concerns is the impact on wild life. we've already seen birds coated in oil, crabs and fish are also considered in jeopardy. we will have live reports from the scene of the oil spill throughout the morning starting in our next hour. okay. laura, elderly san francisco woman in critical condition this morning after a savage attack in broad daylight dating back to mt. there's day. this morning investigators are looking for the woman who attacked her. >> i would say near death would be the most accurate way of describing her condition. >> that's connie ho describing her grandmother 77-year-old lynn leong is in san francisco hospital. police say that leong had just gotten off a muni bus on mother's day when she was
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attacked by another woman for no reason. they're also looking for a mysterious man who came to her aid as he was lying on the sidewalk. >> can you please come forward and let us know who you are? they can help us find this assailant that attacked my grandma. >> police are asking anybody who saw anything suspicious in chinatown in the early afternoon of may 10th, again, on mother's day, to give them a call. >> no doubt had to be witnesses there. 4:38. let's check the forecast for today. rob has got it for us. good morning. >> good morning. we're seeing a few changes which got started right around the time of the giants game yesterday evening. seeing drizzle and light rain around the golden gate bridge. 56 degrees. across the bay and coast, we're seeing the drizzle this morning. in and around san jose, the roads are still dry. later on today there is a chance of seeing some isolated showers into the south bay as we can see we've got mostly cloudy sdis to start. you can see from time to time a few passing showers possible,
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especially in the north bay hilltops and thunderstorms in the sierra if you're going to head to the high country, get an early start to the holiday weekend. look for active weather off to the east. 50s to get the morning started with areas of light rain. mainly around the peninsula and san francisco and lunchtime temperatures climbing into the low to mid 60s. cool temperatures continue with highest chance of seeing light rain around the peninsula, bay, and coast. you can see our temperatures running cool. in fact, around san francisco today earlier start for the dodgers/giants game at 12:45. we'll see temperatures in the low 60s with drizzle. at times there around ballpark. we'll show you the north bay and tri-valley for today. looking at highs only in the mid to upper 60s. again, the chance of isolated showers in the north bay hills. as we get closer to the weekend we should see 70s coming back. full look at the forecast in a few minutes. now for another check of what's happening now in your morning commute, mike. >> talking about the drizzle. we will look at the that in a second but show you the san mateo bridge where the drizzle
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is not quite hitting the roads here but we have the road crews which are clearly visible until a seconds ago. eastbound we still have a couple of lanes closed. down to the left lane coming over the high rise toward the flat section. smooth drive. sign on the right reminds you the bridge closes starting 10:00 p.m. tomorrow night through the weekend. second part of that construction repair work. looking at the maps. smooth drive across the span. eastbound was where i was telling you the construction was clearing in the direction with the arrow. anywhere north of san mateo bridge where rob is talking about mist and drizzle. slick roadways. we do have an incident reported. sounds like a crash and now a stall left over there eastbound 24. away from the maze. right around highway 13. the interchange itself, connector is open. we'll send it right back over to you. >> thank you very much. 50 million faulty airbags on the road possibly this morning. and ahead of japan's auto industry says he hopes to have a report of what caused takada's
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problem by the end of the year. water bottles taking california's precious resource.
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welcome back at 4:44. right now a live look outside at the golden gate bridge. traffic moving smoothly. a little bit of spotty rain out there. rob is going to have much more in your forecast coming up soon. new this morning, head of japan's auto drink says he hopes to have a report on what caused takada's airbag problems by the end of this year. so far more than 50 million cars have been recalled around the world since 2008. those airbags can explode with so much force that they spray metal shards inside the car. the recall impacts about one in four cars on the roadway. experts say gas prices will go up this memorial day weekend. a little bit of silver lining here. >> maybe some gold. for that and the rest of your news before the bell we turn to landon dawdly live at cnbc world headquarters. good morning, landon.
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>> good morning to you guys. markets could come under pressure or stocks ended narrowly mentioned on wednesday. investors reacted to the minutes from last month's fed meeting. fed numbers were concerned about weak economic growth in the first quarter of the year. due partly to slow consumer spending but they expect a rebound this quarter. look for data on unemployment and existing home sales, falling 27 points to 18285. nasdaq rising one point to 5071. you may pay a little more to fill up this holiday weekend but experts say gas prices should peak soon. they expect regular unleaded will top out at an. of $2.75 a gallon barring any major disruption such as refinery outage or hurricane. analysts expect gas to hover around $2.50 a gallon before dropping to between $2 and $2.25 this fall. bankruptcy judge refusing to reopen an option of radio
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shack's intellectual property which includes data the retailer collected on millions of customers. hedge fund standard general won the general bidding. also by more than 1700 radio shack stores. they resolved issues raised by several state attorneys general over how that consumer data purchase histories will be used. sachl and laura, back over to you. >> have a great day. >> thank you very much. high rent apparently pays off. at least when it comes to renter satisfaction. that's the conclusion of a new survey by bay area rental company. cities with the highest rents including san francisco, new york, and washington, d.c. were also ones where renters were most satisfied. sounds almost counter intuitive. places with lower rents, milwaukee, albuquerque, and detroit, more frustrate with their city's lifestyles and local economies. >> makes sense though. you're paying a lot to live in a nice place. paris. the newest hot button issue relating to our drought is
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bottled water. so many people drink it but many people are getting angry t bottled water companies. getting their water from actual public land. >> natural springs all over california provide water for the bottling industry though no one really knows how much water is being used. now a lot of people want some answer to those questions and what bottlers are facing a flood of criticism. >> the governor, for example, created a plan 3 1/2 weeks ago but nothing was said about water bottling, nothing was said about fracking. >> starbucks has been bottling ethos water in california but the company announced last week it's going to find a new source outside of the state in the next six months to save all the water that we can get here in california. >> use a refillable container even then. >> couple of ways to skin a cat, so to speak. 4:47 right now. rob, on the spot with some spotty drizzle so far this morning. good morning. >> good morning. not enough to fill any water bottles but it may slow down and make your morning commute a
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little extra slick which will keep mike a little extra busy in the traffic department this morning. right now a little bit of light rain around the golden gate bridge. we have low clouds being forced to rise over the coastal hilltops and that rising motion just enough to wring out a little bit of drizzle and light rain. mainly closer to san francisco. relatively dry in san jose with the clouds. you can see today's weather will include mostly cloudy skies and from time to time drizzle and light rain. with the heating of the day higher up things are more unstable. not the cooler marine air seeing 3,000 feet and lower but in the hilltop locations out toward the sierra, we will see a chance of seeing thunder showers. again, the winds, strongly onshore. a combination of the clouds and that all-day sea breeze will help to keep our temperatures once again about ten degrees below average for this time of year. 50s to start. should stay there through 10:00 this morning. light jacket will be just fine around san francisco into the afternoon. again, highs close to 60 there. you can see tri-valley, livermore there, 68 degrees.
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about 66 in san jose. with mostly cloudy conditions and drizzle around the coast into the peninsula and around the bay for san francisco. highs in the low 60s. mid 60s around santa rosa and pleasant on the and livermore. temperatures in the upper 60s. the next two days this area of low pressure will hang out across the bay area in california keeping the showers going in the hills. the threat of thunderstorms if you head to the high country to get a start of the holiday weekend. here's the good news. memorial day weekend from saturday into monday now the temperatures are starting to climb up that area of low pressure will lift on out. replaced by a weaker system but we should balance things out with temperatures climbing into the low to mid 70s around the peninsula and south baby sunday. memorial day monday right now looks dry with clouds on the coast. temperatures running a few degrees warmer than we will be seeing over the next two days around here. back to you. >> climbing in the right direction. thanks. 4:49. it's been nearly a year since whole foods launched pilot program in to selling rabbit
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meat. the chain said the meat was in high demand in whole foods spent four years making sure they produced the best rabbit meat. investigative reporter vicky nguyen joins us now to explain. >> good morning. when it comes to meat whole foods touts the high quality and high standards for humanely raised meat. critics say the company is falling short of that mission. we obtained the usda inspection reports for iowa rabbit where whole foods gets its rabbit meat. inspectors found fecal smears on the back tail in the final rinse and raised concerns and contamination of the meat. they also found wet rabbits in crates and in at least one instance rabbits without access to water because it was turning into ice during the winter. they called that a concern. both as an animal welfare issue and a sanitary issue. we also reviewed what are believed to be internal sales figures showing the actual demand for rabbit meat may not be as high as whole foods first
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claimed. just an average of five rabbits sold per week per store in northern california. the rabbit meat pilot program is now coming up on it once-year anniversary this summer. whole foods declined to comment for our story but in a statement iowa rabbit said we take pritd in our animal care and food safety practice which we are confident are among the best in the nation. and company says it works closely with the usda to ensure the safest product possible. see the inspection reports and sales numbers for yourself right now at just click on the investigations tab. >> if you have a tip, give us a call at 888-996-tips or send us an e-mail to theunit@nbcbayarea. a man's close incounter with a killer whale while he was just going for a zur. look underneath the water. luke reilly was paddle boarding in new zealand when he got a surprise visit from the whale
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trailing his surf board. that is a little close for comfort. he caught if entire interaction with his gopro camera. you see the whale went with his board before swim swimming off into the distance. >> need a bigger board. >> or bigger instichlktss to avoid the whale. new video this morning. one of the luckiest newest places to buy a lot to ticket in the bay area. how much a local man hauled in. that's totally not my ticket. over here the golden gate bridge, slick out there. we're talking about the changes for your view and your conditions coming up.
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my name is julia grinberg. i work in energy efficiency for pg&e here in san francisco. my job is to help my customers save money, save energy and save the environment. when it comes to renewable energy, pg&e is absolutely
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committed to creating a clean energy future. one out of every four solar rooftops in america is in our service area. it's wonderful to work in the city where i live and help my neighbors and i feel like the work that i do reflects that every single day. together, we're building a better california.
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welcome back, everybody. what a beautiful live look outside this morning. it's clear out there as well. check the forecast with rob coming up. temperatures are going to creep up. it's 4:55. finding a summer job that pays well may be a little easier this year. survey finds 5 3% of employers offer summer jobs have openings that pay $15 or more per hour. 72% will pay higher average of $10 or more per hour. that's up from 64% last year.
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the survey also finds 77% of employers will consider summer hires for permanent physicians. a lot of numbers early this morning but good news is the overall theme. >> trying to digest. do you remember your first summer jobs back in the day? >> i did. i wrapped shoe boxes. >> wrapped shoe boxes, okay. i'm sure it was immaculately done. i taught kids tennis, mike, which i will not lie to you, requires some sort of incentivizing like candy involved and balls flying. >> that's fun. what about you? >> you needed candy to teach or the kids? i get it. i certainly can't do that in the morning. over here looking a the changing view from emeryville. the bay bridge much more visible now the low clouds clear from the shot. there's mist and drizzle in patches. let's look at the map. let's just end with this live shot here. the bay bridge toll plaza. cash backup has indeed cleared. back to you. >> thank you very much, mike. bay area man much richer
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this morning as in 3/4 of a million dollars richer. there's freddie sanchez reportedly buying a winning cross word cash scratcher ticket at a safeway in redwood city. that ticket is worth $750,000. he says he plans on using some of that money to help his family. the rest of it i guess he's got some time to figure it out. >> 4:57. we are following two breaking news stories this morning. searching from backyard to backyard. police catch several young burglary suspects overnight in san jose. >> the driver of a stolen dump truck leading police on a chase before crashing into a van. we are live on scene with the latest.
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breaking news. a door-to-door search in san jose. who police just caught, next. a stolen dump truck crashing into a van. now three people are injured and one person in custody. i'm rob here for a look at
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your microclimate forecast this morning. drizzle and light rain returning to parts of the bay area. i will have a look at your changes in the forecast coming up. mike? >> light rain causes light blur on the screen. we'll talk about the view around the bay and a warning for your crossing. >> we will take you to san jose as well. across the bay area for a look at all our your day's news. it's thursday, may 21st. this is "today in the bay." >> from nbc bay area, this is "today in the bay." >> a very good morning to you. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. we start with breaking news. update. a frantic door-to-door search in the south bay is over. police nabbing a group of strong armed robbery suspects moments ago. >> "today in the bay" damian is live in the san jose neighborhood where it all happened. are things getting back to normal now? >> yeah, the last officer left about two minutes ago here. we're on babe ruth drive. this the


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