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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  May 22, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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mentioning it. light traffic, preholiday. what do you have to watch for? we'll give you that as well. >> from nbc bay area, this is "today in the bay." >> good friday morning. thank you for joining us. i'm sam brock. >> i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia-cannon. this morning a 4.1 magnitude earthquake typically not a huge deal here in the bay area, but when it is as close to an area still struggling to put the pieces back together you can imagine how people are feeling. that earthquake, a damaging 6.0 just last year. >> last night's quake was centered in wine country near yountville just a few miles away from napa. "today in the bay's" bob redell is joining us live from napa this morning. bob, no new damage reports of it yet but this quake definitely renewed some rattled nerves. >> sam and kris, if you think about last night's 4.1 was not a major earthquake by any stretch. but you can understand why it
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frightened many people who live here in napa who, as you can see here behind me in the downtown area, they are still rebuilding from last summer's 6.0. last night's 4.1 tumbler hit just before 8:00. this was about six miles northeast of yountville. about nine miles north of napa where we're at. this quake was part of the green valley fault line which seismologists have recently warned us about. the people we spoke to said they felt a jolt, there was a pause, followed by a much longer jolt. >> they're somewhat unusual in the bay area in that we don't get them that often. >> reporter: we spoke with a napa fire department. they drove around town looking for damage last night. so far, nothing. no reports of any problems. we assume authorities will do the same again this morning once the sun comes up, which it has within the past hour. that 6.0 quake last summer, last august on august 24th, hit
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overnight. one grandmother died after she was hit in the head by a falling tv. they're also a couple hundred people hurt. there were two serious fires and there was a lot of damage, especially here in the downtown area. damage estimate from that 6.0 last summer around $400 million. reporting live here in napa, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> for a closer look at that seismic activity let's bring in rob mayeda. how far out did people hear the shaking? >> you might be surprised by how far that earthquake was felt, kris. right now we'll show you back to 7:53 yesterday evening. that is the location of the earthquake on the north end as bob redell mentioned of the green valley fault extension. if you compare that to the much longer and stronger napa quake of august 24th last year. that was a 6.0 right there on the west of napa fault zone of a earth quick of that particular size. even well built buildings could see rather significant damage. let alone the unrain forest
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masonry collapsed in downtown napa. 4.5 earthquake can be feld over a large area. maybe enough to knock over a few unsecured objects at homes. not really enough to cause wide spread damage. but of this particular quake it was felt as far south as san francisco in parts of the peninsula and as far east, almost out towards sacramento. so earlier within the first 24 hours of this particular earthquake there is still that small chance this could be pa h matched by a similar or larger quake. we will watch that over the next 24s as that activity is elevated. we could continue to see smaller aftershocks there over the next couple of days. >> thank you very much. right when that quake happened we sent out an alert to our nbc bay area app. you want to stay connected. we like to help you out. download it on your smartphone and sign up for the push alerts. . hag today, some answers into
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what caused a fiery head-on crash north of sacramento that killed ten people including five students. in april of last year a fedex truck veered across the median on interstate 5 in orland, crashed into a charter bus carrying high school seniors from southern california who were on a college visit. the chp today will release results of an investigation into exactly what caused that crash and why that truck veered into the oncoming traffic. new this morning. a murder mystery in our nation's called tall appears now to be solved. authorities arrested a man no connection with the killings of a wealthy washington family and their housekeeper. authorities arrested darron wint last night when a passenger in a vehicle trailing a box truck in which his brother was riding along with a considerable amount of cash. wint is charged with first degree murder. several other people were also taken into custody. police believe he killed his former employer, wife, son, and family housekeeper. and then set the family's d.c. mansion on fire.
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investigators started searching for wint after finding his dna on a pizza crust inside the house. young man accused of stabbing a 9-year-old boy to death in his own bed is expected to be back in court today. 18-year-old william shultz reportedly confessed to stabbingnd killing jordan almgren. this happened last month as almgren was asleep in his discovery bay home. shultz told the contra costa times he did it saying he just wanted to know what it was like to take someone's life. we have an update on a developing story near santa barbara. could be weeks or even months before we know what caused thousands of gallons of crude oil to spill into the ocean there. that's according to plains all american, the company that operates the broken pipeline. the company has yet to dig up the broken section of that pipeline. crews are working right now to clean up and contain the coastline and the spill as the ocean is still filled with that oil slick. it's estimated 105,000 gallons of oil spilled in total with roughly a fifth of that or
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21,000 gallons reaching the sea. today shows halle jackson near santa barbara right now with a live report coming up in our next half hour. if you are planning to hit the roads this memorial day weekend you should also plan to be patient. live look at the san mateo bridge where it is friday light. come tonight, no cars will be allowed. shut down for the entire weekend. >> plan for patience is one thing but listening to it's, alternate is another. "today in the bay's" damian is drive from the hayward side of the bridge. damian, this could put a wrinkle into people's travel plans. good morning. >>ed go morning. that's why we're giving you a 16-hour notice that this is going to happen so make sure you are prepared for that bay bridge -- san mateo bridge, i should say, will be closed at 10:00 this evening. right now it's flowing smoothly on the friday light day so enjoy it while you can because things are going to change tonight. again, at 10:00. the bridge will close so that the crews can make some 34umuch
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needed resurfacing repairs to the bridge. the closure will last until 5:00 a.m. on monday, memorial day. caltrans is asking travelers to plan ahead. the recommendation is to use alternate routes like the dumbarton bridge, even highway 237 down in the south bay. the san mateo bridge was also closed a couple weekends ago for other repairs. but tonight's closure coincides with a busy holiday travel. aaa predicts nearly 4.5 million californians will hit the road this weekend in cars. that's the highest number in the last ten years. according to aaa. also expect delays on b.a.r.t. this weekend. b.a.r.t. will be closed between the fruitvale and the coliseum stations. the agency is providing a bus bridge but you should expect delays of up to one hour on those routes. aaa says the improved economy is actually adding confidence that travelers to actually get to the
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roads a little more frequently than they did this time last year. and also relatively low gas prices compared to other memorial days in the last decade. lats the latest in the san mateo bridge update, "today in the bay." >> speaking of repairs to bridges, a federal highway administration says one out of every nine bridges nationwide might not be safe. but congress has to hurry up to keep the money for those fixes flowing. scott mcgrew will look at that part of the story in just a few minutes. we move in traffic anchor mike inouye and the last time we went through this with the san mateo bridge you were saying the dumbarton bridge ended up getting a lot of travelers. >> very popular option. so we're likely going to see the same thing. let's take you out to the brilks and talk about -- the same thing damian reported. san mateo bridge. easy drive. the sign over i don't know ur right talks about the closure starting at 10:00 p.m. over on the left, down one lane on the hayward approach -- newark approach and so we're watching for that.
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light volume of traffic. look at the map. it's friday before a holiday. so that's a very light flow all around the bay. we'll point out the san mateo bridge. the dumbarton bridge was a great alternate. it's conveniently close so that was a nice option. i do also want to point out what just happened. a crash at 880 at thornton. that car should be moving out at lanes to the shoulder quickly. light flowing at the scene but watch for activity as that move continues. meanwhile, rest of the bay reflects what we're talking about. light traffic flow and no major problems. at the bol tttom of your screen 237. caltrans talks about how light it was on mother's day weekend. the reason being it's probably your farthest option. also have the bay bridge toll plaza, light flow right now. we will see more traffic starting midday today. a lot of folks heading in holiday weekend, into the city starting at lunch. we'll see that backup and until monday morning when hopefully that bridge opens up again. avoid that san mateo bridge. we'll bring you the update. >> reroute through the central
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valley. >> that's great. yeah. >> not affected at all. >> not at all. >> take a boat and come around. >> thanks. well, let's check that microclimate forecast as we give you a live look outside san francisco's skies starting to look a little less dreary this morning. but the temperatures are still very cool, rob. >> it was misty yesterday. you know what, for the dodgers fans that probably helped them. you couldn't distinguish the tears coming down their face from the actual rain. >> madison bumgarner hit that home run deep out to the seats, you can see we have the low clouds throughout that game and still stuck with low clouds right now around san francisco. over towards the peninsula heading towards the santa cruz mountains. that is where you're seeing drizzle and light rain. highway 17 commute this morning coming in from santa cruz to san jose. seeing the light showers. you can see here around the santa cruz mountains the areas seeing the best chance for ongoing light rain at times and also the hills there north of santa rosa and southeast to san jose. slight chance of showers. notice the action there in the
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sierra. this is going to be the trend all of the way through the holiday weekend. seal well see increasing chances of showers. the heating of the day and some thunderstorms from lake tahoe to yosemite. so your memorial day plans going to be tough there in the high country. misty clouds. heading towards noon, we'll begin to break out of the clouds. 60s around lunchtime. eventually upper 60s around san jose. near 70 in los galos today. notice the peninsula again, pacifica, san francisco, highs near city. for the north bay, 60s and pleasanton near 70. 68 in dublin. beginning tomorrow we'll see less of that ocean air conditioning influence. enough to get more 70s inland around the north bay and tri-valley. notice sunday should be the warmest day of the three-day weekend ahead heading towards memorial day monday we'll still see temperatures in the 70s. trending cooler. but even that cooldown is warmer than most of the week we've seen so far. so 70s returning to the forecast for the holiday weekend. back to you.
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>> thanks, rob. thank you very much. 6:11. paying by the mile. one state's new plan to cut gas prices but will it work? we have the details. plus, the debate in the senate over the patriot act. it's serious. it's complicated. they're running out of time.
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6:14. how is this for something you don't hear every day? more affordable housing coming to san francisco, thanks to some folks in tech? mayor ed lee is announcing a new housing project in the mission bay, dedicated to homeless veterans and low-income families. that development is to include up wi 100 new units partially funded by bay area tech moguls like paypal cofounder. that project is expected to break ground next year and could
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open by 2018. >> scott mcgrew hooked us with that tease. time of the essence, days remaining before the patriot act goes from the law of the land to piece of paper. >> scrambling to save it but the time is running out. >> that's right. and senators running out of options as well, kris. many would like to renew it but for that, they would need the support of the house and they're not going to get that. in fact, the house isn't even home, representatives left town yesterday for the holiday break. so now the senate has to decide whether to keep the patriot act alive by approving the u.s. freedom act. it would reform some of the parts of the controversial patriot act. the most important reform would be something called section 215. this is a mass surveillance of your phone call records. under the reform the nsa would no longer be allowed to keep a database of who you called. the phone companies would, instead, and then the nsa would have to go through the courts to
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get that data. so it comes down to two bills. some in the senate, and this is not even close to what it is, those were scrabble words. some in the senate like the patriot act, some in the senate liked the u.s. freedom act. so these are the two that they could really choose from. some in the senate like this. some in the senate like this. this is the only one that's really got a chance because this is the only one that the house has agreed on. there's no time to send this one back to the other side of the capit capitol. some lawmakers don't like either one. that's what rand paul was so worked up about on thursday. that's why he took 11 hours at the podium talking about it. he was trying to run the clock out so that the senate couldn't choose either one. now, whether you agree with rand paul or not he has an interesting point. we have known for years, three years, that the patriot act was up for renewal, yet lawmakers are only talking about it now. and they're not debating or discussing the privacy implications. they're just debating whether or
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not they can get it passed. congress also has not moved very quickly on decision to fund a long-term highway bill that would pay to fix our crumbling i imagine froms. the push is to raise the gas tax because gas has gotten so cheap it's left less money for badly needed repairs. how badly needed? there are maps that mark the structurally deficient bridges at a website. the red ones are all structurally deficient. here's san jose. this is where we live. this is how many are around. it's at a website called transportation for america, i think is what it's called. i've tweeted it out for you so that you can see exactly and get right to the bridges thing as well. >> speaking of those repairs, here's another idea to help create some of the revenue that we need to repair them, not paying taxes on gasoline but paying per mile. >> that's the idea that they're about to test out, a program in oregon. it starts up in july. up to 5,000 volunteers can sign up to drive with devices in
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their cars that monitor how many miles they drive and where. the volunteers will agree to pay 1 1/2 cents for each mile they drive on public roads instead of paying the tax that's added when they fill up at the pump. you save when you're getting gas but then you pay for the miles driven. the state hopes that that program will help raise more money to pay for road maintenance because revenue for gas tax right now, as has been just mentioned, is down. >> excellent reality exec for you to know whether it would have an impact. >> on it. >> very good. can't wait. we're going to check the microclimate forecast as we look outside at san jose. it's dreary up top but that just makes the trees look greener, i think. >> contrast. >> good point. you know, we have to worry about fire season. normally in may, offshore winds. instead, the sea breeze that has higher humidity bringing in low clouds. mist and drizzle at times. call it a drizzle storm yesterday. seeing a little bit of that again around santa cruz mountains. right around san francisco,
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clouds. 56 degrees. the view closer to san jose in the south bay this morning. notice the roads around downtown. dry. maybe not so much on highway 17 or along highway 1 this morning. getting the moisture forced to rise up over the coastal hilltops and the rising motion ringing out a little bit of light rain and mist at times out to the west side of the peninsula on the ocean-facing side. santa cruz mountains. cloudy skies to start now as we go through the rest at morning we're going to see the wind speeds starting to increase heading into the afternoon. you got the cloud cover and that ocean air, as we like to say, coming off the cool pacific ocean. 10 to 20-mile-per-hour winds. you can see the wind speeds close to 20 miles per hour. so we'll also have the chance ongoing today in the santa cruz mountains effort light rain showers or in the afternoon across areas north of napa county and down to the southeast to san jose around the hills of monterrey. there's a chance of seeing a few showers today. and then the action for the most of the holiday weekend ahead will be up towards the sierra, we'll see scattered showers and
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afternoon thunderstorms. especially southlake tahoe down into yosemite. so weekend plans in the sierra, dealing with the thunderstorms in to about monday. so around the bay area we've got temperatures in the 50s for the morning as we approach noon. with will begin to see the numbers climbing into the 60s on our way to highs today, pretty much in line to what we had yesterday with upper 60s to near 70 south of downtown san jose. still 50s around pacifica. temperatures close to 60 for the north bay. highs in the upper 60s. out toward pleasanton. here's the warm-up. by sunday, see the temperatures jumping up. even the peninsula, mid 70s in the forecast midway through the three-day stretch. for monday, sea breeze strengthens a bit. san francisco doesn't warm up too much. we should maintain the low to mid 70s for valleys through the upcoming weekend. now for another check of what's happening in the friday morning. >> very much so, rob, you're talking about holiday weekend,
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preholiday weekend friday excessive lightness going on over here. though, the only problem for the bay, the slowdown from fremont. southbound, actually out of union city through newark towards thornton where there's a crash. it took a while to clear the vehicles from the lanes. they may have just run a traffic break. that may be why we're seeing the red. it was scheduled. we'll track that. count one lane blocked through the area and slows south of the dumbarton bridge. the rest of your bay as we are talking about, such a light flow of traffic. highway h not showing any slowing through antioch. and we'll look that the livermore valley, basically at speed for 580 coming down the dublin interchange. the bay bridge toll plaza, no metering lights. foster city side of the san mateo bridge picking up the volume. construction still blocks part of one lane as those crews clear over towards the eastern side. and the san mateo bridge will be closed tonight starting at 10:00. we keep reminding you about that. the bay bridge, one of your alternates looking great. starting to pick up the volume just a tiny bit. look at 6:21 and we still have no backup and no metering lights. that's how light it is.
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back to you. >> it's nice when you can deliver that news. thank you very much. the time is 6:21. attention to sushi lovers. health concern linked to raw tuna. plus, disturbing new details about the norovirus and it spreads from person to person.
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how about sushi for breakfast? no thank you. but today you might not want it for lurchl or dnch or dinner ei.
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salmonella might be related to raw tuna. experts say the outbreak spread to eight other states affecting more than 50 people in total. they writtene estare investigat source. highly contagious monorovir may spread through the air. they did believe it spread through surface contact. a new study published tested the air in eight health care facilities where there were norovirus outbreaks but what they found is the norovirus in the air in sick patientsee rooms and in the halls outside their doors. experts it could lead to protection. major advance in prosthetics. that's what doctors are calling a mind-controlled robotic body part. eric sorto can shake hands andrey a beer without any help. his all thanks to a team of doctors at ufc who recently
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implanted a device into his brain. that device connected to his prosthetic arm. he thinks about moving the arm and his hand follows. >> life changing, no doubt for him. 6:25 right now. scrabble is ready to lighten up a little bit. some of those slang words that once got you nasty looks from the players that you are going against because you tried to use them, will now be fair game. scrabble is adding thousands of new words to the dictionary and it will not hurt to know that your texting terms are in there. words like obvs, lolz, emoji are legal. kris is not believing this. >> i am not lol'ing right now. >> laughing out loud is what it stands for. the smiling face are the emoticons. cazh, that "z" is worth a ton of points and thanx makes the list. >> this is scrabble's first update in four years. you can now go with waah and
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lotsa and hacktivist and twerking that might seem ridic but you get points for that one as well. >> your more conservative on the words if. >> oh, come on. >> don't just throw something in there from left field and expect to it stick. >> that's words with friends. still, a major weekend closure that could put a bit of a wrinkle in your holiday plans.
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wall street getting ready for a long holiday weekend just like you are. we go to the new york stock exchange for the opening bell. janet yellen will be talking about 10:00 our time. now over to the nasdaq as well. it is friday, the 22nd of may. >> from nbc bay area, this is "today in the bay." >> good friday morning. i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. if you're just wrak waking up, the top stories. so far, no major damage to report from last night's earthquake near yountville. it was a 4.1 magnitude. it did shake up nerves, if nothing else. it was centered nine miles from napa. it is not believed to be linked to last year's 6.0 quake. >> we may get answers today about what caused a fiery crash last april involving a charter bus and fedex truck north of sacramento. ten people were killed including five high school students. the chp will issue a report on
6:31 am
what happened. san mateo bridge users get ready for closure. the sequel caltrans is going to close the bridge tonight just as it did two weeks ago for repaving and other work. the bridge should reopen in time for your monday morning report. slice of pizza led investigators to the suspect of a horrendous crime accuse of killing a family, torching them before setting their mansion on fire. "today in the bay's" tracie potts is live in washington, d.c. this manhunt has been going on for days but now the suspect is under arrest. tracie? >> exactly. it's the dna on the pizza that led them to darron dillon wi nt who went to brooklyn. we are learning this morning that wint is an excon who had a violent history, several years ago, six years accused involved in threatening his girlfriend.
6:32 am
arrested that same year for having a two-foot machete and a pistol outside the iron company where he worked. it was the ceo of that company, his wife, 10-year-old son, and housekeeper who were killed. now authorities are trying to put the pieces of that all together. other than the fact that he worked there several years ago, what connection wint had with this family, if anyone else may have been involved and what the delivery of $40,000 to the home that night may have had to do with this awful murder. >> so many more questions. >> wow. >> thanks, tracie. time to check the microclimate forecast as we look live at the bay bridge from our emeryville camera. love loy start to what should be a lovely weekend. the temperatures are going to get a little bit warmer. >> a little overcast to start your day, rob, but that's going to change as well. >> that's been kind of the trend of the week. we've been looking at lotsds of low clouds.
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misty skies and observe indicationally sunny breaks around the bay bridge. temperatures currently in the 50s. gorgeous sun rise view. 56 in san francisco. look at the view across the water around the bay. san jose, dry roads. you can see the temperatures in the mid 60s -- mid 50s around san jose on our way to some upper 60s as we get closer to the afternoon. so right now 55 degrees in san jose. temperatures will be climbing into the upper 60s a little bit later on this afternoon. you see the north bay should break out the temperatures closer to 70 a little bit later on. but what we're watching here are the wind speeds which will be picking up into the afternoon. winds 10 to 20 miles per hour. that's going to help keep our temperatures down. still see the chance of the santa cruz mountains. light rain and drizzle on the ocean-facing side of highway 17 and north bay hilltops. a chance of seeing scattered showers for the afternoon. for the sierra still thunderstorms in the forecast for the holiday weekend. watch out for that saturday,
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sunday, and probably into monday, too. southlake tahoe heading into yosemite. the temperatures this morning in the 50s as we approach noon, numbers in the mid 60s out towards the tri-valley and san jose. skies slowly begin to clear. 68 in san jose. another cool day around san francisco. highs in the low 60s. for the north bay, upper 60s for most of the tri-valley and then temperatures will rise up as we get into sunday. you can see highs starting to climb into the mid 70s for the holiday weekend. good timing there. cool at times with some morning mist very likely around the coast and bay as we head throughout the weekend. for another check of your commute, here's mike. >> you listed the three days of the weekend, potentially if you have monday off as a holiday. that's why we're seeing a lighter than normal friday light traffic flow. look at the bay. green all over except for a couple of key spots. san joerks volume increase. bottom of your screen, 101 slows a tad bit. in fremont coming out of union city we had a traffic break to clear a vehicle to the shoulder
6:35 am
at thornton just south of the dumbarton bridge cut off there. we have recovery speeds coming back up toward the speed limit through union city and approaching fremont and newark. that crash at thornton has cleared to the shoulder. a little distraction. the rest of the bay, not a problem but a note. dumbarton bridge where i circled. highway 84 south of the san mateo bridge 92. look at the bridge. the bridge itself moves spootly this morning. except for eastbound we have one lane still closed from overnight road work. the crew just arrived to possibly remove the cones in the next few. the sign on the right says it closes tonight at 10:00. i've been reminding you for a couple weeks this is going to happen. avoid that. we'll use the bay bridge as another alternate. the bay bridge will be a good alternate and see traffic later on. right now it's so light they don't even have the metering lights on. of course they turned off the streetlighting changing our view. the sun is coming up. there's some clouds that rob was talking about. >> all right. kickback a little bit, relax, mike. maybe watch some basketball.
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>> replay. >> and it was not easy. but the warriors did come out on top in a dramatic finish also night at oracle. james harden with the ball as the time winds down and converging, steph curry and clay thompson forced the turnover. james harden not too happy about the outcome. the dubs go on to win, 99-98. it was a bit of a barn burner as they say. lead the series 2-0. two more wins and the warriors are in the nba finals. game three is tomorrow night at houston. >> wow. well, it is 6:36. still ahead, no country's ever done it before. how voters in ireland could make history today. plus, homegrown terrorists arrested right here in california. the latest on their plan, their intentions of joining isis. and the trading day just about six minutes in. and we're looking at the big board now. we don't like to see that red arrow but we'll check in with scott mcgrew. for earthquakes and weather and anything else you might want to stay connected to, reminder.
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you can do so any time by downloading our nbc bay area app for the latest news, weather, traffic and connect with us on facebook, twitter and instagram.
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yes, it is the verge of your memorial day holiday as we look live outside right now. beautiful shot of the bay bridge. not very populated right now. could be as people try and shuffle back and forth for their holiday. we'll keep you tuned on that. historic vote going on right now in ireland. millions of people are heading to the polls to vote on whether to legalize same-sex marriage there. polls suggest the referendum will pass but gay rights activists remain cautious. if it does pass ireland would become the first country to legalize same-sex marriage by popular vote. several other european countries already allow same-sex marriage. new this morning the fbi arrested two men in southern california who investigators say were planning to travel abroad to join isis. according to those investigators one of the men was arrested at
6:40 am
l.a.x., the other in orange county. the suspects were unarmed. sources tell nbc news that the men were likely recruited by isis as foreign fighters via social media. to the middle east where isis says it is now in full control of the historic syrian town of palmyra. this marks the first time isis has taken a city directly from syria's army. this comes just days after isis took control of ramadi, a key city in iraq. russia has promised to supply withes to iraq to help fight isis. this weekend soldiers from the army's 3rd infantry regiment known as the old guard will put american flags in front ofry headstone at arlington national cemetery. it's a tradition to honor them for memorial day. that process is called flags in. hundreds of soldiers walked solemnly through the cemetery putting flags exactly one foot in front of each headstone. there are 220,000 headstones in
6:41 am
the cemetery. the flags will stay there until monday. we know the boy scouts do that for our soldiers here as well. it's nice to see. >> music world today begins its final farewell to blues legend b.b. king. long lines are expected in las vegas where a view willing be held in a funeral home. that will be followed by a memorial service. tomorrow a separate private service will be held. family be werery king near his childhood home near mississippi. he died last week after a series of strokes. he was 89.cended generations. i had b.b. king on my itunes. 6:41. coming up next, no new damage but plenty of rattled nerves as another earthquake strikes wine country. plus, this is not an easy task. we are getting a better idea of just how long it will take to clean up that oil spill near santa barbara. live look outside. right now the san mateo bridge we mentioned it's closing this
6:42 am
weekend for memorial day, repeat of two weeks ago but lots of people are going to be moving around. pike mike will give you all of your options for getting around that. my name is jose lopez. i'm a troubleman in san francisco. i've been with the company for 29 years.
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a troubleman restores and troubleshoots electrical issues, getting customers' power back on. we're 24/7, 365 days a year. i love my job. going up in the bucket and seeing all of san francisco, it's an exhilarating feeling. i was born and raised in san francisco. this is where i live and there's a sense of pride in providing great power to our customers. when i go out there and get their power back on, there's a great sense of satisfaction. together, we're building a better california.
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6:44. developing right now, hundreds of people are working around the clock to try and get nine miles of california coastline back to normal again. this because the beaches near santa barbara are blackened by sludge left behind from this week's oil spill. >> you can see how far the oil
6:45 am
slick still extends. nbc's halle jackson has been following the story. it could take weeks even months to figure out what caused the pipeline to break. >> reporter: and that's a big unanswered question here, guys. you talked about the responders coming in here to refugio state beach in santa barbara. the size of the clean-up effort issing go to double today. 300 more people are coming in to help with what is a 24/7 operation. looking at the water here. it's tough to see. we saw some boats earlier, the clean-up vessels now moved out to continue to try to absorb and contain this oil. they recovered 10,000 gallons of this mixture so far. as much as 105,000 gallons may have flowed from that burst pipeline. let's talk about the impact toen a malls. six pelicans treated down to the los angeles area to a facility there to be -- oil on them, they've got rehabilitate them and release them back in the wild. then at seaworld, a sea lion,
6:46 am
first sea lion africaed be think oil spill is being treated. >> have you been allowed close to where the pipe broke to see it for yourself? >> keeping us pretty far away. basically on private property and went underneath the 101 in a culvert. that's how it ended up flowing into if ocean. so because of how sensitive this area is, the officials asked everybody, the public, media, to stay back. the other issue is they're digging in to this dirt around where the seep happened because they're trying to find out how much escaped from this pipeline. they can tell doing calculations based on how deep the oil sank into the earth. >> her full report coming up at 7:00. >> okay. time to check your microclimate forecast as we give you a live look outside right now. the bay bridge, that is what we might call the money shot, the sun is coming up right now. hopefully a sign harbinger of things to come. definitely going to take some
6:47 am
flack for using that word. >> always love a good harbinger. >> beautiful condition. great screen saver. nice picture. the bay bridge and the golden gate right now starting to see some sun breaking through the clouds. 56 degrees. there's a pretty view there as we've got some misty skies the still close to downtown san francisco. i think more of that drizzle and mist for you this morning on your highway 17 commute or around highway 1 on the coast. very nice start to your friday there as you see the bay bridge with some sun over to oakland though. we've got sunshine right now. 55 degrees. again, cloudy skies with some mist in san jose. also, 55 degrees this morning. low clouds helping to keep the temperatures up overnight. 53 right now in the north bay. you can see a little blue sky there in the north bay. we should see more sunshine as we head through this holiday weekend. wind speeds onshore really not going to warm up with this wind speeds. coming off the ocean, look at that. altamont pass. blustery day.
6:48 am
that will keep most of our temperatures in the 60s and with the moisture in place, being forced to rise over the coastal hilltop, locations in the santa cruz mountains. north of napa county. we will see storms as we go through the weekend. slight risk of hilltop showers around the coastal range of the bay area. transition into the weekend saturday and sunday especially, south of lake tahoe we will see the threat of thunderstorms. holiday plans include the high country be prepared for rapidly changing conditions at times. seeing temperatures now in the 50s around the bay area. as we approach lunchtime should see upper 50s to mid 60s. afternoon temperatures today similar to what we have seen in the last few days. should be upper 60s around san jose. closer to 70 around saratoga and sunnyvale for san francisco. highs in the low 60s today. head into the north bay we will see temperatures in the upper 60s around 'stros. close to 70 today in pleasanton. notice the temperature trend just a little bit warmer
6:49 am
tomorrow. you might not notice the change until you're out towards the north bay. numbers in the mid 70s tomorrow. sunday now looks to be the warmest day. by the time we get to memorial day here on monday we will see the temperatures cooling slightly as the sea breeze picks up. notice san francisco is not warming up a whole lot but average high this time of year, inland across the valleys. finally get there. midway through the upcoming weekend. now for another check of your friday commute, here's mike. >> rob, we're going to make it ago a goal. observing a little backup for the cash lanes -- for the fast track lanes at the bay bridge toll plaza. they may have turned on the metering lights although they were off up until now. i'll get you that update before the end of the show. look at the light traffic here. look at your maps. you see a light friday flow of traffic around the east bay. the only slowing west across the bay bridge in towards san francisco. look behind me, we don't even have much slowing for livermore and tri-valley. no major problems. zoom down to the one incident we were following.
6:50 am
southbound 880 still slow into union city and approaching the dumbarton bridge turnoff there. we had a crash at thornton. it's rippling back slowly continuing to improve those speeds heading down through that portion of the east bay. dumbarton bridge is just south of the san mateo bridge. keep this in mind as i rerns alternates to the san mateo bridge. not for this morning because look at the map. san mateo bridge moves smoothly. i'm watching this right now. picking up the eastbound lane that is blocked heading over towards newark from the peninsula side. over here on this side this sign says that it's closes tonight at 10:00 p.m. so not far from this shot over there near the hayward toll plaza i'm going to come over to my friend damian who is over there. damian, talking about that bridge closure. talk us through what's going on this weekend. >> yeah, mike, good morning. well, we're giving folks 15 hours notice that the bridge will close at 10:00 tonight. here's at san mateo bridge of course. the traffic is flowing smoothly at the speed limit if not a little faster, mike, especially
6:51 am
here on the carpool lane and fast track lane. things are going to change at 10:00 tonight. crews are close the bridge for the weekend to make needed repairs. it will not reopen until 5:00 a.m. on monday, memorial day. it should be back open for the holiday. caltrans is recommending alternate routes like dumbarton bridge, even highway 237 in the south bay. closure comes on what's expected to be the busiest memorial day holiday travel weekend in the last decade. aaa expects more than 4 1/2 million californians will hit the road this weekend. more than usual because of the improving economy and gas prices are relatively lower than in other years. and b.a.r.t. will close service this weekend between the b.a.r.t., fruitvale and coliseum stations. bus bridge will be in place. but expect delays of up to an hour along that b.a.r.t. route. for now, things are clear here on the san mateo bridge. but they will change in approximately 15 hours.
6:52 am
live on the san mateo sbrinlg, i'm damian trujillo. sighs 4.1 magnitude earthquake not typically considered a huge deal in california but it is when it hits so close to the an area still struggling to put the pieces back together after a damaging 6.0 quake last year. >> last night's quake was centered in wine country near yountville just a few miles from napa. "today in the bay's" bob redell is live in napa this morning. we see the buildings behind you with the scaffolding from the last quake. but hopefully no damage this morning. >> none so far, none that we can speak of. this according to city leaders and local fire department. sam and kris. last night's 4.1 epicenter in yountville, again, was, as you mentioned, not a major ate quake. you can understand why it frightened so many people here in napa given they are still rebuilding as you can see behind me from last summer's 6.0. >> i've lived here my entire life. i was born in napa, raised in napa.
6:53 am
the earthquake really scares me. so i think i would -- i think i would move. >> yes. it scared the heck out of me. >> reporter: last night's 4.1 tumbler hit just before 8:00 about six miles northwest of yountville. this is part of the green valley fault line which seismologists have recently warned us about. how people we heard from say they felt a jolt, then a pause, followed by a much longer jolt. we spoke with a napa fire department who drove around town looking for damage from last night. so far, nothing. no reports of any problems. we assume authorities will do the same today once the sun comes up. that 6.0 that we were talking about last summer, august 24th, here in napa, hit overnight. you might recall grandmother, she ended up dying after getting hit in the head by a falling tv. also about a couple hundred people who suffered some forms of injuries. also two serious fires and here in downtown we saw a lot of
6:54 am
facades falling down on to the sidewalk where here we are nine months later they are still trying to repair these older structures. roughly $400 million in damage in this area caused by last summer's, again, 6.0. reporting live in napa, bob redell, "today in the bay.." >> right when that quake happened we sent out an alert via nbc bay area app. i got mine at home. download yours. sign up for push alerts. happening today, expecting some answers into what caused a fiery head-on crash north of sacramento that killed ten people including five students. in april of last year a fedex truck veered across the median on interstate 5 in orland crashing into a chafter bus carrying high school seniors from southern california. the chp today is going to we are release results of an investigation into what caused that crash and why the truck veered into oncoming traffic. now to a follow-up on another deadly crash. this one a suspected drunk driver who crashed his car
6:55 am
killing four people. anthony imbronone is expected in court to face numerous charges. investigators believe he was drunk when he lost control of his sports car on a curve in gilroy. officials say his mustang crashed into a ditch killing his passengers who were flthree hig school students in gilroy along with a 24-year-old man. murder mystery appears to be involved. authorities arrested wint last night while he was a passenger in a vehicle trailing a box truck in which his brother was riding. along with a considerable amount of cash. wint charged with first degree murder and several other people were also taken into custody. police believe that wint killed his former employer, his wife, their son, and the family housekeeper, then set fire to the family's d.c. mansion. xwart thes started searching for
6:56 am
wi in,t after finding his dna evidence on a pizza crust inside the house. if you walk along the bay area coastline you will no longer see signs of three dead whales. city leaders in half-moon bay tied up a 40-foot gray whale, tugged it to a boat and dragged it out back to sea. that whale appeared on the coastline on monday. earlier this week crews at pacifica buried two whales that washed ashore there. residents had complained about that stench for weeks. now to a strange controversy over surveys which is causing all kinds of political scientists to rethink everything they thought they knew about voters. >> scott mcgrew, ucla study into voters and how they may vote may have been faked? >> yeah, and it was students at standard and berkeley. the journal science attracted a study done by a ucla grad students looked at how well people are convinced to change their attitudes when approached
6:57 am
bay survey taker, specifically gay marriage. gay survey taker sbos do a better job of convincing people to vote for marriage equality. the radio show "this american life" did a report on it but it now seems that study was never conducted. well, let's talk about wall street this morning. dow industrials slightly lower, do recall that there is no trading on monday. shopify up better than 50% yesterday on the ipo is gaining again today. and for what it's worth, pac-man turns 35 today. man, if you are old enough to remember this sound and, boy, did you blow your whole allow answer on this. old story says the japanese developer was inspired by a pizza with a slice taken out, later story he retracted just saying, you noekser that made it easier to explain to american audiences. and also it was first called puckman but was changed for american audiences. i think you can figure out why. >> yes. we can. we're going to leave it right
6:58 am
there. >> you should. >> and, yeah, 25 cents for a game. i remember that. thank you, scott. the party is under way this morning as disneyland celebrates a milestone. >> adrian from sister station in los angeles is live in anaheim where the happiest place on earth is turning 60. you must be ecstatic this morning, adrian. >> good morning to you, sam and kris. yes, to celebrate the 60th anniversary celebration, talking about a 24-hour long party. actually kicked off about an hour ago. there were thousands of people here on main street. in line. you can see an hour later people are still coming in. we were talking about tens of thousands of people filtering here to disneyland. they have the place really decked out for this occasion here. here are some of the decorations we wanted to show you. you can see the diamond here. this is the disneyland diamond celebration. we have some young folks with us right here. hi, guys. she's got her mouse ears on. we've been talking to people. they have been out here since
6:59 am
6:00 yesterday morning for this. and the reason being there's a whole lot of new attractions, new elements, new food. some of the parades have been revamped. the big electric parade here, that has been revamped. there's going to be a new parade involving a million lights, 80 dancers, 30 minutes long. that's just one of the new things here. fireworks show is different as well. and over at california adventure, the sister park, they're going to have new elements running there as well in some of their attractions. the famed matterhorn, they're going have a new yeti on that ride as well. this party will last for another 23 hours and then the 60th anniversary celebration is going to last a year. certainly hope you can make it down here. we'll have a set of ears -- the ear head here waiting for you when you make your way down here to southern california area. back to you in the studio. >> we certainly like to go once in a while. >> everyone seemed happy out there. >> yeah. one hour down, 23 more to go. >> a lot of party.
7:00 am
>> bay bridge metering lights did just turn on. >> okay. we told you, 15 hours, san mateo bridge is going to close. >> it is your holiday weekend, too. enjoy. >> have a great weekend. good morning. captured. the suspect in the brutal killing of a washington family and their house keeper behind bars. how he was finally tracked down, his connection to the victims. why police fear more suspects could be on the loose. submerged. images ohistoric flooding in the south. cars and homes under water, evacuations ordered. the worst yet to come as the memorial day weekend gets under way. duggar drama. the eldest son of the reality tv family apologizes after allegations surface that he molested underage girls when he was a teenager.


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