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tv   NBC Nightly News  NBC  May 22, 2015 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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day weekend. >> bob was like holding on to his glasses the whole time. >> was he on the live app while he was on it? i thought he was holding up his phone. >> he was showing pictures while it was live. >> talented. > on this friday night, the killer wasn't alone. shocking new details revealed from inside that mansion horror, what the family went through and tonight after a dramatic takedown, who else is out there? clinton's private messages now public as we see for the first time hundreds of hillary clinton's e-mails about benghazi and more. she answers our questions tonight. family secrets exposed. the duggars, stars of tlc's "19 kids and counting," the oldest son apologizing, accused of sexually abusing young girls as a teenager. what his parents knew and how the oprah show finally triggered a police investigation. and airborne. the indy 500, racing to make changes about speed after a series
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of spectacular crashes in a matter of days. "nightly news" begins right now. this is "nbc nightly news," reporting tonight from los angeles, lester holt. good evening, with the prime suspect now in police custody, court documents released late today provide shocking new details of a terrifying ordeal of a washington, d.c. family and their housekeeper held hostage and then murdered in an apparent plot to extort money. law enforcement tonight also providing nbc news with details of the operation that captured the suspect, daron dylon wint, as we learn there may still be accomplices to this crime on the loose. nbc news national correspondent peter alexander continues to work the story for us. >> reporter: with the intense manhunt for fugitive daron dylon wint hending last night, court documents released today show prosecutors believe the brutal murders inside this mansion required the presence and assistance of more
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than one person. the savopoulos family and their housekeeper according to the documents were held captive overnight by mr. wint and others, until the $40,000 was delivered by savopoulos' assistant. the three adults were beaten and stabbed, 10-year-old philip stabbed and burned in his queen-sized bed. the smell of gasoline present throughout the home. the night before the murders, the documents show mrs. savopoulos ordered domino's pizza, and instructing the delivery person to leave them on the front porch, ring the doorbell and leave. dna from a pepperoni pizza crust matched wint's dna in an fbi database. on the afternoon of the fire, a witness reports seeing amy savopoulos' blue porsche being driven erratically by a black male with short well-groomed hair. it is unclear if the driver was wint who has long hair, or an accomplice. in wint's first court appearance this afternoon, prosecutors leveled four counts of first-degree murder against him, wearing shackles and a white jump suit, his head down. yesterday agents say they just missed catching wint when they raided his girlfriend's apartment in brooklyn, new york. but late last night,
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after tracking wint back to d.c. with cell phone pings and extraordinary operation involving a helicopter and two dozen police vehicles, agents cut off a chevy cruze with wint riding in the back seat and a box truck the chevy was following. u.s. marshal rob fernandez led the takedown. >> we pinned the sedan with four vehicles, we surrounded the box truck. and everybody gave up immediately. >> reporter: police arrested wint who falsely gave his brother's stef name and detained five other association, three women in the car and two men pulled out of the truck. none of them charged. >> was he angry? did he say you got me? >> he didn't say a word. he was stoic. >> reporter: prosecutors say wint was carrying a bag of money orders. estimated to exceed $10,000. tonight, the murder suspect is being held without bond and today for first time, we heard from the savopoulos family survived by two teenage daughters in a statement writing in part, while the arrest does not abate our pain, we hope it begins to restore a sense of calm and security to our
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neighborhood and to our city. lester? >> peter alexander in washington, thank you. as we move into the memorial day weekend, one of the nation's most beautiful stretches of coastline, just a couple of hours north of where we are here in california, is closed to beachgoers. the water and sand blackened by an oil spill that prompted a state of emergency and put wildlife in a life and death struggle. our hallie jackson is in california with more for us tonight. >> reporter: pelicans fly just a few feet from workers scooping up oily rock at one of the beaches closed because of the oil spill. sea lions feeding on fish. others sunbathe at docks, slick with oil. wildlife rescuers were searching for animals caught up in the spill. look at these birds. keira parker is one of those responders. >> the spill has happened. it has been stopped, but we know that we haven't collected the last oiled animal. >> reporter: the size of the cleanup doubling today with some of the personnel, federal investigators now focusing on the
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company that owns the pipeline that burst tuesday. the department of transportation is ordering plains all american to stop operations on the line and test the part of the pipe that failed to find out why it did. the company says it has gone above and beyond federal inspection requirements. >> it will take some time to determine the cause of the release. once it is, we'll work with the federal agents. all of that will be transparent and available to the public to see what it was. >> reporter: the company will have to pay for the cost of the cleanup, like the rescue of pelicans being nursed back to health and a sea lion taken to seaworld, where workers gently scrape off his flippers. the wildlife part of the draw for tourists to santa barbara county is the holiday weekend begins. officials say a few hotels reported cancellations, even though they're miles from the beaches affected by the spill. >> what we are seeing is an ongoing trend of people saying, santa barbara has a huge oil spill like 1969, i'm not going there. >> reporter: this shoreline considered one of california's most beautiful. people come from all over for scenes like this one.
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and that's partly why folks in this community say they're so devastated by the oil spill. there is a lot of natural beauty here, and the spill leads a black mark in more ways than one. >> it has the potential to really damage a lot of beautiful nature that we're so lucky to have here. >> reporter: locals and tourists captivated by sights like these, images they far prefer to these. the message from santa barbara tourism officials, they are open for business. the town itself well down the post from the 9 1/2 square mile spill zone on the pacific, although tonight, lester, with this wind kicking up, those cleanup boats have pulled in booms, at least for now. >> hallie jackson tonight, thanks. tonight, millions of american families have already hit the road for what is supposed to be the busiest memorial day travel in a decade. aaa estimates over 37 million americans will travel more than 50 miles from home, bolstered by lower
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gasoline prices. but had they get there, they may not be so happy with the holiday weather. a cooler and rainy memorial day is ahead across a big part of the country. our friend meteorologist janice huff is in the weather center in new york. what are we looking at here? >> we'll start in the southern plains, lester, including texas, where a steady stream of heavy rain and thunderstorms will result in flash flooding. it includes the dallas area, also up towards oklahoma city and wichita, kansas, parts of missouri and arkansas may see two to five inches of rain in the next 24 hours and even more going into sunday, monday. we start out into saturday, you can see the thunderstorms building across the area, all the way into sunday afternoon. spreading eastward to the mississippi river valley where more heavy rain is expected across this region. in terms of travel, it looks like sunday on the east coast looks pretty nice, miami will be up to 88 degrees. the west coast is cool in the 60s from los angeles up to seattle. temperatures around 72 in chicago and storms
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for dallas, memorial day will see more thunderstorms in dallas. atlanta will get in on the action as well as chicago. 90 in washington, d.c. near 90 in miami and cool on the west coast. lester? >> janice, thanks. have a good weekend. >> you too. for first time, the public can see hundreds of hillary clinton's e-mails from the private server she used exclusively as secretary of state. many in the first batch released concern an event that still looms large as she campaigns. we're talking about the benghazi attacks. nbc's andrea mitchell is on the campaign trail. >> a lot of these bags -- >> reporter: at the exact moment hillary clinton was talking to small business owners at a craft brewery in new hampshire, the state department under court order released the first 296 e-mails from her private account, all about the fatal benghazi attacks in 2012. one about the suspects in the attack was classified just today by the fbi. dated two months after the attack, it read in part, libyans police have arrested several people today who may/may have some connection to the benghazi attacks. >> at least one of
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these included information that was classified because it involved the suspects in benghazi. >> well, first of all, i'm glad that the e-mails are starting to come out, because it is something i've asked to be done. i'm aware that the fbi has asked that a portion of one e-mail be held back, that happens in the process of freedom of information act responses. but that doesn't change the fact that all of the information in the e-mails was handled appropriately. >> reporter: today's release included what may have been the final e-mail clinton saw from ambassador chris stevens, one of four americans killed in the attack. dated july 7th, 2012, he writes the atmosphere in tripoli is very festive. he later did warn the state department of increased violence, including the day he died, but clinton has said she never saw those messages. today's e-mails also show how concerned clinton's team was about how she would be about how she would be portrayed and the political fallout from misleading administration talking
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points immediately after the attack. in one e-mail, deputy chief of staff jake sullivan writes, you never said spontaneous or characterized the motives. in fact, you were careful in your first statement to say we were assessing motive and method. >> do you have a perception problem? many americans don't believe that you told the truth on benghazi? >> i'm going to let the americans decide that. thank you all very much. >> reporter: clinton has agreed to testify again to congress. but the republican committee chairman said today he still doesn't have all the facts because he says the clinton e-mails were vetted by clinton and her lawyers before they were released. lester? >> andrea mitchell in new hampshire, thank you. now to a story we're watching develop in ireland, a country with socially conservative roman catholic roots on the verge of becoming the first country to legalize same-sex marriage by way of a nationwide referendum. it would be a stunning turn, and polls have now closed there. the nation waiting for word. nbc's bill neely is in dublin. ♪ >> reporter: think of ireland and you think
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traditional, catholic, conservative. think again. ireland has changed. and is poised to lead the world on same-sex marriage. asking everyone, yes or no. >> i'm voting yes because i want the right to get married. >> marriage is fundamentally between a man and a woman. >> reporter: for many, it is a deeply personal vote. this couple will emigrate if they can't marry in ireland. >> it is my life. and i'm just asking to be treated like a human being. >> reporter: but in rural ireland, and for many older men, same-sex marriage is just an idea they're just not buying. ireland has undergone a social revolution since the early '90s, when homosexuality was still illegal here. conservatives now say it has gone too far, but on this issue, all the political parties say not far enough. >> a yes vote will show that ireland is a young, modern, forward looking, progressive and liberal society. >> reporter: but opponents say children's rights are
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being forgotten. >> i believe the right to children need to come before the desires of adults. >> reporter: ireland's prime minister says it is another turning point. >> it is about removing discrimination. it is about removing inequality. it is historic. and that's why i would be voting yes. >> reporter: once the catholic church told people here how to vote, its influence has waned. new ireland is braced for more change. bill neely, nbc news, dublin. >> a lot more to tell you ahead on this friday night. shocking allegations about the duggars, stars of tlc's "19 kids and counting," their son accused of sexually abusing young girls as a teenager. tonight, what his parents knew and what tlc is saying about the show's future. also an unbelievable sight late today what you might call a sinkhole in one.
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we are back with the news so many people are talking about tonight, disturbing allegations against a member of the duggar family. the stars of tlc's popular reality show "19 kids and counting." the oldest son, josh duggar, was investigated for molesting several young girls as a teenager. his parents keeping the secret from police until the oprah show triggered an investigation. all the details just now coming to light. nbc's erica hill reports. >> we're the duggars. >> reporter: the network that made them famous, tlc, has now pulled the show "19
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kids and counting" effective immediately. allegations involving the high-profile family were first revealed by "in touch" magazine in a police report. at the request of one of the alleged minor victims, a court ordered that report expunged yesterday. it says josh duggar, the family's eldest, was accused of repeatedly molesting five underage girls, some while they slept, in 2002 and 2003. on thursday, josh duggar, now a married father of three, said in a statement 12 years ago as a young teenager i acted inexcusably for which i am extremely sorry and deeply regret. i hurt others including my family and close friends. according to the report, josh's father, jim bob duggar, first learned about the allegations in 2002. after an incident in 2003, he sought help from church elders but did not call the police. the report says josh duggar was sent away for four months for counseling. and his father later asked a state trooper
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to speak with his son. no report was filed at that time. an investigation was opened in 2006 after someone contacted the oprah winfrey show, which passed along the information. but the statute of limitations had run out, and no charges were filed. two weeks ago, before this information surfaced, i interviewed the family for a tlc special produced by peacock productions, a division of nbc news. tlc has not responded to questions about whether it was aware of the allegations, but now says it is saddened and troubled. in a statement, jim bob and michelle duggar said their son made some very bad mistakes and we were shocked. josh duggar resigned yesterday from the family research council, a conservative christian lobbying group. former arkansas governor mike huckabee, a family friend, today posted his support. janet and i want to affirm our support for the duggar family. josh's actions when he was an underaged teen are as he described them himself. inexcusable. but that doesn't mean
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unforgivable. whether the one-time fans of this family agree remains to be seen. erica hill, nbc news, new york. we're back in a moment with high anxiety at indy, prompting changes on the track before the big race.
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this is a weekend racing fans look forward to all year. the 99th running of the indy 500. it is a sport built on extreme speed, but with four scary wrecks on the track in less than a week's time, race officials are pumping the brakes this year. our kevin tibbles has the story. >> reporter: this is the high octane anticipation in the run-up to the indianapolis 500. just ask racing legend mario andretti. you still live for speed? >> live for speed, man. that will never leave me. >> carpenter in trouble. >> reporter: but sunday's race will run with new attention to safety following several spectacular crashes during time
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trials. some chevrolets went airborne after spinning out. joseph newgarden's car launched off the track. fortunately, he walked away. >> tracks are getting safer with safer barriers and the cars are getting tougher, but still when you have men with their heads hanging out going at such high speeds, there is going to be trouble. >> reporter: indycar has mandated in the interest of safety all cars for this 500 had to qualify with the same aerodynamics they would have on race day. hoping to avoid what happened to helio castroneves, his car flipped in a heart-stopping instant. and yet, he, too, walked away and is ready to race. >> i do not have my pilot's license and i do not intend to have it. >> reporter: from the legends to the new kids, crossing the yard of bricks, the determination and desire to win this race is ageless. meet 20-year-old sage karim. he missed his high school prom to race in last year's indy.
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this year he can't wait to chase the checkered flag again. >> look around for a little bit, you realize, wow, you know, i'm about to take the green flag for the indianapolis 500, and this is absolutely an amazing feeling. >> reporter: and he, along with 32 other drivers and 300,000 race fans, are now simply waiting for the words, ladies and gentlemen, start your engines. kevin tibbles, nbc news, indianapolis. i'd like you to take a look at this on a golf course in missouri. it happened late today. a hole big enough for even the worst golfers among us to hit. the sinkhole started near the practice range in the entrance pond at the top of the rock golf course in ridgedale, missouri. inspectors are on scene trying to figure out how to repair it. our nbc affiliate kytv reports amazingly golfers were still playing and no tee times have been postponed. that's dedication. when we come back, the americans are coming, why you may not want to wait for the limits to be
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lifted to visit cuba.
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as we welcome the unofficial start to summer this holiday weekend, cuba is poised to become the new hot spot for american vacationers. our governments are still hashing out their new relationship, so it is still a bit of a hassle to get to cuba. that's not stopping some u.s. tourists. here is harry smith. >> reporter: a lone sailboat arrives in havana harbor. a few more will soon follow. not exactly an invasion, but would you believe the culmination of a boat race that started in tampa. yes, tampa, florida, usa. yankee go home is quickly being replaced with welcome amigo. and tourists from all over are rushing to take in the sights of the country long held in socialism's version of suspended animation. and there is much to see, a once splendid city, long in decay, yet teeming with energy. yes, there is life
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among the ruins. everyone we spoke with said the same thing. >> things will change, i'm sure. >> i wanted to get here while there is still music, the people, the authenticness of cuba. >> reporter: tourists are rushing to cuba because they're afraid once relations with the united states are normalized, there will be a starbucks and mcdonald's on every corner. maybe they have reason for concern. ferry service from florida will begin soon, as will jetblue flights from new york. and havana is already one of the fastest growing markets for air b&b. >> i just hope that cuba doesn't lose its uniqueness. >> reporter: what do you think is special about this country? >> you think that you're back 30 or 40 years in time. >> reporter: the cubans are confident they can keep the capitalist world from turning their workers' paradise into a strip mall. if you want to see all this, maybe you won't
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want to wait until maniona. harry smith, nbc news, havana. and that will do it for us on this friday night. i'm lester holt reporting from los angeles. for all of us at nbc news, thank you for watching and good night. nbc bay area news starts now. >> i really don't understand how they can say it was just a fight. >> right now at 6:00 the family demands justice after a san jose state police killed a man. this after getting a new glimpse into what happened in the moments before shots rang out. good evening, i'm janelle wang in for jessica aguirre. >> i'm raj mathai. we've obtained still
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photographs. these pictures prove their point. they are still photos from a body camera of one of the officers he was wearing. the man did not follow command and charged him with a knife. the family says no way. robert, body cameras, still images and yet controversy. >> reporter: the big difference could be still pictures versus the video they were taken from. they say they showed a man an an attack. the other side says the video shows just the opposite. >> perhaps something else could have been done and we would not be here today. >> reporter: they is sembled outside the district attorney's office to announce the decision not to file any charges. lopez was shot and killed february 21st last year. in the d.a.'s report which included these pictureds from a