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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  May 23, 2015 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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but it should be good. >> and we're going to see sunshine and the return of 70s. finally, we've been in cool, cloudy pattern. below average for the past week or so, and now we're headed the other direction. yeah, this is cloudy, foggy this morning. this is our live shot from san francisco over the castro district. and you'll notice sunshine this afternoon, even at the coastline, it is going to be warmer than it has been. 70s for our inland locations, but still cool at the coastline. but as we head towards this upcoming week, it's going to get warmer. the return of 80s in the forecast. hang on, and we do need rain, but we're not going to see it this upcoming week. we had a little bit of drizzle across the south bay foothills. and as we head toward the afternoon hours, we'll see sunshine. i'd say after about 11:00, everyone will see sun. 64 in san francisco, 75 for the north bay, 71 for the east bay, and 72 for the south bay. now, as i mentioned, we have warmer temperatures on the way. we'll check and see if that storm track is going to offer any rain in the extended forecast. >> people want to be grilling outside. >> we'll be good to go this weekend. >> thanks, anthony. >> yep. new details on a loss of water supply in the east bay. was it an act of vandalism?
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police are investigating an incident that cost a city nearly 50 million gallons of drinking water. police say someone may have punctured an inflatable rubber dam at the alameda creek. happened inside the secured no trespassing area. the water was let out into the bay. and officials say the amount was enough for 500 families in southern alameda county for one year. they're calling the act malicious and senseless. and this raises concerns over water security during the drought. >> i just think it's shocking that someone would do that given our current condition, you know, the drought is so severe. i don't understand why anyone would do that. >> no word yet on any suspects or motives. new this morning, a startling wake-up call. an apartment fire broke out in san francisco around 5:00. it happened on fulton street near st. mary's medical center. the two-alarm fire sent at least four people to the hospital. about ten people are now homeless. but the red cross is helping
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them out. no word yet on what caused this fire. he was held for ransom and tied up in a trunk. an oakland businessman is now safe after being kidnapped at gunpoint. this all started late thursday night in a parking lot on high street in east oakland. two men rammed the 59-year-old's car, pulled guns on him and took him to a house where they called his family and demanded money. police were tipped off and kept watch over the home yesterday morning. the suspects eventually took off and officers caught up with them when their car crashed on mission boulevard in hayward. >> so when we took the suspects into custody, we heard sounds at the trunk area of the suspect's vehicle. we opened the trunk and that's when we observed the victim inside bound. >> police are investigating whether the suspects may have been involved in any other similar incidences. and take a look at this video of damage after thursday night's earthquake in napa valley. drivers now face detours after
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caltrans closed a bridge damaged by the 4.1 magnitude quake. the bridge carries traffic over the napa river between highway 21, highway 29, excuse me, and silverado trail. the bridge will remain closed until further notice. and caltrans has plans to replace the bridge. and that work is scheduled to start this summer. so far, there are no other reports of damage from the quake. happening now, one of the busiest bridges in the bay area is closed. so plan accordingly this weekend. last night, the san mateo bridge shut down for the holiday weekend. they're doing maintenance and repair work. this is likely to cause extra traffic on 101, 880, and the dumbarton and bay bridge throughout the weekend. the san mateo bridge is expected to reopen monday morning. and for more information and alternative routes, go to or download our free nbc bay area app. you can connect with us on facebook, twitter, and of course, instagram. well, swimmers stay out.
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that's the warning in fremont this memorial day weekend. a toxic bloom of blue/green algae is clogging the waterways at the cory lakes regional rec area. everyone is asked to stay onshore until at least wednesday. the east bay parks department says blooms like this are caused by the drought. renewed agony for a central california family. a new trial is likely for the man convicted of killing chandra leavy. prosecutors have dropped their objections to a motion for a new jury trial. in 2010, he was convicted of strangling chandra leavy in a park in washington, d.c. leavy was working as an intern for california congressman. the prosecution's case relied on the former cell mate who said he confessed to the murder. but the defense says they found evidence that the cell mate lied and leavy's mother says sitting through another trial is just too much to bear. >> i don't think that i would
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sit through an entire trial as i did the first time. there's no need to. because the outcome whatever way it's going to be, i still would never give my daughter back. >> he will remain in jail until june 4th. and that's when a judge will decide if the new trial will go forward. a south bay softball coach has been arrested on charges of sexual assault stemming from a relationship with a 15-year-old girl. mary was arrested earlier this month. say the 22-year-old coach for two south bay girls' softball teams, taboo fast pitch. detectives are investigating for there are any other additional victims. cameras were rolling at a gas station as the clerk struggles to fight off two robbers in petaluma. it happened at a texico station on may 11th.
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both men took off running. and the good news in all of this, the clerk was not hurt. but if you recognize these men, police would like to hear from you. a field of debris is all that remains after a lafayette pilot crashed into a rural hillside near livermore. 67-year-old andrew morse took off from concord yesterday bound for read hill view airport in san jose. found crash site yesterday morning after morris' family reported him missing. his body was found in the wreckage and the only person on board. a possible game changer for the world's largest grocery chain. walmart is taking a stand when it comes to the treatment of farm-raised animals. the company announced it's turning its back on meat suppliers who don't come ply with new standards. and the standards include giving animals enough room to move around in open access to food and water. and this also means preventing them from painful mutilations.
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officials say this move will hopefully improve conditions for factory farm animals. >> walmart is such a power house within the food world. representing so much food production. food sales. any policy they have is de facto going to be the most significant policy. >> no word yet on how walmart will regulate this and how strict the company will be. much more ahead on "today in the bay." coming up, tweeting with the president. one little girl's adorable letter manages to catch the attention of the commander in chief. plus, more than $100,000 worth of rock 'n' roll memorabilia stolen from a bay area artist. how the artist think the thief got it without anyone noticing. 
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7:09 on this saturday morning. beautiful day out there in sunol. that haze will clear up and sunshine is on its way i'm told
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from anthony. but another twist in the hot debate about mandatory vaccinations. not just kids, but now adults who work with kids. a bill was passed to make vaccinations mandatory for some adults. state and lawmakers approved a bill that would require people who work in preschools and state day care centers to be vaccinated. the legislation requires workers to be vaccinated for measles, influenza and other illnesses. the bill's author says it's important because many children in day care are too young to be fully vaccinated themselves. >> that they all are vaccinated. and sometimes, the people that work in the day care tend to be older and sometimes they might not have the ability to show proof they've been vaccinated. they might have to go back and get vaccinated. >> the bill passed on a 34-3 vote and goes to the state assembly. well, have you seen my $100,000 eye? a bay area rock band, the residents is asking that question this morning. after one of their band's trademark eye masks and an
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iconic photo have vanished. and thieves are likely to blame. "today in the bay" has more. >> eyeball. looks exactly like this, except it, the iris is blue and the hat on that one is black. >> homer flynn has an eye out for one of the four eyes, a band called the residence is well known for. >> this is for the residence. this is the iconic piece. >> flynn is the band's co-manager. he loaned a mask and a version of this album cover photo to the contemporary art center in cincinnati. they were part of a touring exhibit called spectacle, the music video. >> since then, it traveled to new york, seattle, was on the way back for me and it disappeared. >> flynn says he was not at his san francisco flat when fedex sent a delivery alert on may 8th. >> i checked with everybody, and basically nobody was in the
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building when fedex claims it was delivered and signed for. >> someone ended up with the shipping crate that looks like this one. stealing a piece of valuable music history. >> the eyeball mask is valued at $100,000. >> the photo is worth $20,000. it's not the first time one of the band's trademark eye masks has disappeared. >> this particular eyeball was stolen from backstage at the hollywood palace in 1985 when the residence did a show there. and it was subsequently recovered. >> flynn is hoping mr. blue will be recovered, as well. >> and it means a lot to us. so we'd love to get it back. >> nbc bay area news. >> much more ahead on "today in the bay." coming up, dog walkers on demand. the new technology giving pet owners a peace of mind. and we've got a little bit of fog out there this morning. the coastline, even some cloud cover down towards the south bay. we'll let you know when we'll see some sunshine and how the rest of your memorial weekend
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shapes up when "today in the bay" comes back.
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7:14. a live look outside golden gate bridge. looking a little bit cloudy. but it should improve soon, i'm told by anthony. we'll have the weather update coming up. well, small girl with a big message caught the president's attention on twitter. a 5-year-old wrote a letter to the president asking that he stop war for our world saying the countries should have a meeting instead. she also asked the president to give a speech to tell everyone they can marry whoever they want to. her aunt who lives in san francisco tweeted the picture to the president. and he responded. and it was only his sixth tweet since getting his own account. he wrote, tell your niece i really like her letter, and i couldn't agree more. >> the letter of the president. >> it was exciting stuff, wasn't it? >> yeah. >> the fact that, you know, he responded to a letter that a 5-year-old wrote to be able to share with her that her words
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got to the president was pretty remarkable. >> wow, well, the message has been retweeted more than 1,700 times. the girl lives in virginia. and she planned to mail the letter, snail mail to the white house. but her aunt said she could get to the president much faster. looks like she did. love your dog, just don't have the time to get them out of the house? now there's an app for that. it's called w.a.g. and just launched in san francisco. how does it work? here's "today in the bay's" ian cole. >> reporter: little snarf here loves big city life. the people, the smells, but getting out often enough can be tough. >> my whole life resolves around snarf pretty much. >> his owner works long hours and can't always give him the attention he needs. that's where on demand dog walkers like christina gallagher step in. >> i really like dogs. and i don't have any at home. i really like having the app. >> christina is a dog walker for the w.a.g. app. think of it as an uber for dogs.
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users download it, sign up and make your request. whether you need someone in 30 minutes or want to schedule regular walks. >> if i get stuck at work or have to take a client meeting after work, i can get on the app really quickly and set up a walk for him and i know he's taken care of. >> kind of gives them a dog walker in their pocket. >> the walker can even pick up and drop off your dog from your home. it says it runs background checks on every employee and insures them. >> we were trying to make it easier for dog owners to own a dog here in the busy city. >> you can also track the walk via gps, walkers will even give you a report card at the end. >> and we're going to mark whether your dog peed or pooed. >> we're working on that. >> the los angeles based company launched here two weeks ago when claims they've grown twice as fast in san francisco as they did in l.a. they have 120 dog walkers available, but they're mostly booked.
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>> there's been lots of demand for walkers. >> the app is free to download, but a walk will cost you $20 for 30 minutes or $30 for an hour. in san francisco, ian cole, nbc bay area news. >> i've got a dog the a home. i need to get my phone out and ask him to stop by. >> i wonder if they do kids. twins. >> i think there's an app for that already. >> i'll have to look into that. we're looking at cloudy skies across the bay area. at least for the first half of the day. yes, maybe a light jacket as you head out and walk the dog or walk the twins. either way. if you're going to be outside. it is going to be cloudy out there, at least for the first half of the day. by 11:00, see some sunshine, then after that, a pretty nice weekend with fog and cloud cover each and every morning. the doppler radar, we do have a little bit of light rain falling. this is drizzle across the foothills and making its way out of here. you'll also notice once you step outside, winds this morning, not that strong, but they're
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onshore. and that's why we actually have the fog and cloud cover in place right now. from the north bay to san francisco. east bay, peninsula and down to the south bay, earn waking up to cloud cover. and the same for this afternoon. everyone's going to see sunshine. 72 for the south bay, 67 for the peninsula today. 71 for the east bay. and san francisco, seeing sunshine, that onshore wind really going to be kicking. 64 degrees for your high there, and 75 for the north bay. the thing to note, though, today, the north bay, you have a chance for seeing a brief isolated shower, maybe even a brief heavy downpour. that's the north bay. and that's the only location we'll see showers today. you'll notice, the surface map, very active. we have a storm system to our north. we have high pressure out across the pacific. and what's going to be happening over the next couple of days, high pressure's going to start to build in. it's not going to be a huge ridge, but it'll warm us up a bit. this thing builds in, the storm system to our north. that slides down toward the sierra. a chance for thunderstorms for today and tomorrow. the north bay tomorrow, i think
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you'll be good to go. but, again, if you're traveling to the northern part of the state and towards the sierra, may run into showers there. high pressure moves closer to us tomorrow. same deal for monday. but the thing about it, it's not going to warm us up a whole lot, not until later on in the upcoming week. in the meantime, it'll be a slow, gradual warming trend. carnival happening this weekend. today, 64, tomorrow, slightly warmer. and lots of sunshine after about 11:00. it'll start off a little cool and cloudy, by 10:00 when it starts off. by 6:00 in the evening, expecting to see full sunshine. now, a storm track has been unusual. we've been in a winter pattern the past couple of weeks. and it's because our jet stream has sunk so far south. but over the next couple of days, it's going to retreat back north. what that's going to mean is warmer temperatures come our way, more sunshine, less marine layer. and then temperatures back close to 80 as we head toward this upcoming week. this is what it looks like on the map as we head toward the next five days. you'll notice, today and
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tomorrow, slight warming, but we tap into that warming trend as we head toward wednesday and thursday. and by friday, we're going to be close to 80 degrees in places like livermore and san jose. the other thing to note at the coastline. while it won't be incredibly warm, san francisco, we'll see temperatures a little bit warmer. and when i mean a little bit, we're going from 64 today to 65 on wednesday. so it's not going to be a huge warming trend at the coastline. more notable in the inland valleys where temperatures will go closer from 70 today to 80 by the latter part of the upcoming week. unfortunately for us, michelle, no rain, but very comfortable temperatures. >> yeah. i don't know if you can call 1 degree a warming trend. but i'll check. >> we're reaching. >> all right. thanks. much more ahead on "today in the bay" coming up. after that, it occurred to me that was when i was going to donate all my money towards. >> he's hired to shoot events, but this teenage photographer doesn't keep a penny of what he's paid. part of our bay area proud series.
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it's a fast way to bring people closer together and also put a smile on their face. one way, just ask to take their picture. it is something a young man from sonoma has been doing a lot lately. and it's not just the subjects who are smiling. today in the bay's garvin thomas has this week's "bay area proud." >> a 17-year-old high school junior. he says he laughs when he hears someone say you can't make a difference as a young person. well, christian says they are wrong and has the pictures to prove it. >> can i get a photo of you guys? >> you can't always tell. >> smile. >> just by looking at someone, if they suffer from a serious disease. >> thank you. >> i like it. >> it's why, though he is the picture of health himself, christian must frequently explain that, no, he does not have type 1 diabetes. >> and i always say, no, i
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actually don't. and it's funny because a lot of people ask me that. >> perfect. thank you. >> now, the story behind that interesting question is, as you might imagine, interesting itself. and begins, not with a medical condition but with the nikon camera he carries around his neck. ever since he was a little kid, this sonoma teen has loved taking pictures. graduating to his very own professional grade camera before even graduating middle school. >> well, the first thing would be like, oh, that's your mom's camera. and i'm like, no, it's actually my own. >> christian was just itching for excuses to take pictures with it and soon found a very good one. it happened after going to a gala where he saw a presentation by the juvenile diabetes research foundation. >> if i didn't know the impact that type 1 diabetes had, especially in children. and after that, it clicked to me
7:26 am
that that was what i was going to donate all my money towards, that foundation. >> maybe not all his money. but all the money he could make from his photography. at first, christian set up booths at sonoma wineries asking $10 donations in exchange for a souvenir picture. he soon realized, though, there was more money to be raised. at bigger events. parties, galas, openings. christian is now a regular at the wine country taking pictu s pictures, but never taking a fee. >> could i have you look up for fee toe? >> still, if no one close to him has the disease, why go to so much effort to help fight it? well, he says, sometimes a passion and a purpose just seem to click. >> it makes me feel really, really happy. >> only three years into his nonprofit and christian has photographed dozens of events and raised thousands of dollars for jdrf. garvin thomas, nbc bay area news.
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>> what a great story. and if you know someone doing something nice for others, garvin would love to hear from you. go to our website, and search bay area proud. much more ahead on "today in the bay." it was not your typical police chase. the bizarre incident in southern california that has the internet buzzing. and you're not going to believe how this ended. plus -- >> marginally inadequate. >> it's terribly disturbing to me. >> disturbing because of lack of resources during an emergency. coming up, we investigate if san jose airport can handle a large plane crash similar to the one at sfo. we investigate.
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good holiday weekend, everybody. 7:29, a live look outside san jose city hall there. a little bit cloudy. good morning and thanks for joining us. i'm michelle roberts.
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anthony slaughter's here. and i've been teasing him. he was talking about a warm-up trend for a couple of degrees. >> yes, and i mean, it's not a huge warming trend, but here in the bay area, when it's sunny every day out of the year, you've got to find different ways to tell the story. what we're waking up to this morning, the cloud cover and cool conditions. and that's part of your weather headlines. later on this afternoon, going to be sunny, and the sunny conditions are going to stick around through the rest of your memorial day weekend. if you've got some barbecues to get to, looks good to go. no rain in the forecast. it's going to warm up a little bit as we head toward the upcoming week as michelle was joking. yes, a couple of degrees. not going to be a huge warm-up. but temperatures closer to 80. and our inland valleys rather than closer to 70. you'll notice on the radar, we have a little bit of drizzle falling across the foothills. and our winds onshore, that's going to keep the foggy conditions in place until about 11:00. and after that, we'll see sunshine. 64 in san francisco, 75 in the north bay, 71 for the east bay, and 72 in the south bay. we were talking before the break, how we love the bay area
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because even when it's a few degrees warmer or cooler, it's nice. so enjoy the weekend. >> you can still barbecue no matter what season. >> exactly. >> thanks, anthony. >> yeah. new details on a loss of water supply in the east bay. was it an act of vandalism? fremont police are investigating an incident that caused the city nearly 50 million gallons of drinking water. police say someone may have punctured an inflatable rubber dam at the alameda creek. it happened in a secure, no trespassing area. the water was let out into the bay and officials say the amount was enough for 500 families in southern alameda county for one year. they're calling the act malicious and senseless. and this raises concerns over security during the drought. >> i just think it's shocking that someone would do that given our current condition, you know, the drought is so severe. i don't understand why anyone would do that. >> no word yet on any suspects or motives in that case. happening now, one of the busiest bridges in the bay area
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is closed. so plan accordingly. last night, the san mateo bridge shut down for the holiday weekend. they're doing maintenance and repair work. and this is likely to cause some extra traffic on 101, 880, the dumbarton and bay bridge throughout the entire weekend. the san mateo bridge is expected to reopen monday morning. and for more information and alternative routes, go to, or download our free nbc bay area app. you can also connect with us on facebook, twitter or instagram. well, private e-mails now public. friday, the state department began releasing e-mails belonging to hillary clinton when she was secretary of state. clinton responded while campaigning in new hampshire. says she's glad they're out there and continues to maintain there's nothing to hide. the state department released about 300 e-mails totalling about 800 pages. they include e-mails about the 2012 attack at the u.s. embassy in benghazi, which killed bay area native, ambassador chris
7:33 am
stevens and three other americans. and portions of some of those e-mails were heavily redacted. >> i'm aware that the fbi has asked for the portion of the one e-mail be held back. that happens in the process of freedom of information act. that doesn't change the fact that all of the information in the e-mails were handled appropriately. >> critics say the fact that clinton used her personal e-mail account while secretary of state is completely inappropriate. and we have a developing story on the oil spill near santa barbara. now on the case. it's been four days and counting of cleanup and investigations. you may remember a pipeline burst on tuesday spilling 105,000 gallons of oil. it could take months to figure out exactly why the pipeline ruptured. they also say they are not ruling out the possibility of this being a criminal case. so far, crews have recovered
7:34 am
about 10,000 gallons of oily water. the attorney general released this statement and says in part, california's coastline is one of the state's most precious natural resources. my office is working to ensure we hold responsible parties accountable. in the breach -- in the beach and ocean, excuse me, aren't the only things being cleaned up after the spill. more than ten animals found themselves covered in thick coats of oil and tar. eight pelicans, two sea lions and an elephant seal are being treated at a wildlife rehab center near l.a. where a staff member says they are doing well. >> we want to keep them just long enough to get them completely clean, ready to go back out there. not so long if they develop secondary problems and problems with being in capivity. >> as a result of this oil spill, two santa barbara county beaches will remain closed through june 4th. a bizarre pursuit out of l.a. and possibly the slowest
7:35 am
we've ever seen. the slow speed chase happened yesterday in the san fernando valley. the driver was going 10 miles an hour. you can see him in the convertible smiling and waving as dozens of police cars just followed behind him. on the side of his car, a homemade sign that says the victory parade. this went on for an hour. ended when a bystander jumped in front of the car and stopped this madness. the driver was arrested for a possible dui. much more ahead on "today in the bay." coming up, the warriors run into trouble on their way to houston. and the giants look to continue their winning ways in denver. could they make it seven in a row? the highlights are next. between you and me, they're, they're strange creatures.
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saturday morning, 7:37, a live look outside oracle arena. big game tonight. about the only thing that has slowed down the warriors this postseason is mechanical problems. the team didn't arrive in
7:38 am
houston for today's game until late last night. after their flight was delayed by almost six hours due to those mechanical issues. bay area fans are still talking about that wild finish at oracle on thursday. they were able to hold on to a one-point lead in the final seconds of the game. golden state is up two games to nothing in the best of seven series against the rockets. game three at 6:10 tonight. the giants in denver taking on the rockies. the orange and black jumped out a big lead. they were up 11-4 before a nearly two-hour rain delay at the bottom of the ninth. and colorado would mount a comeback after the rain cleared. but the giants held on to win their seventh straight. they win 11-8. and the a's to play the rays, and oakland's recent woes continued. tampa bay rallied from behind a score, five unanswered runs against the green and gold. dropped their fourth in a row
7:39 am
losing 5-2. and much more ahead on "today in the bay." coming up, we investigate runway safety at an airport. we uncover unnerving details about what could happen if disaster strikes. yeah, well, this morning, waking up to cloud cover and fog coming through the sunol grade and down toward the south bay. we'll let you know when things clear out and how warm it's going to get in the next coming days when "today in the bay" comes back.
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all right. welcome back here on this saturday. i want to start you off with our satellite and radar picture. we have drizzle across the foothills. a lot of that has started to make its way out of here as the marine layer is starting to thin out a little bit. it's extensive across the entire bay area because our winds this morning are very strong in the upper levels coming in, bringing in that cold marine air. and that's why temperatures right now are close to 50
7:42 am
degrees. but everybody is clouded in. and even foggy in san francisco. later on this afternoon, we'll see some sunshine. 72 back in the south bay. 67 for the peninsula today. the east bay will be at 71. san francisco, 64 degrees, and the north bay 75. the thing to note today if you are headed to wine country, you could run into a few showers. you'll notice, again, widespread cloud cover. even some rain falling across north of sacramento in near the sierra. watch this up into the north bay. showers and thunderstorms form across the north bay. napa, santa rosa, fairfield, you could run into a few showers this afternoon. look at the timing between 3:00 and 5:00. and then it fizzles out, and then after that, we'll see dry conditions. so just keep that in mind. it's a wild card in there for today. everywhere else, we'll see dry conditions. but again, headed to the north bay, pack an umbrella. if you're headed to the beach today, not going to be overly warm, but it is going to be nice when we see sunshine. 63 degrees for pacifica, and winds strong at the coastline today. feel a little cooler than this.
7:43 am
and 71 degrees in santa cruz. now, tomorrow, temperatures go up a little bit so you'll be closer to 75 tomorrow if you're making plans to maybe get outside for sunday. also happening this weekend, saturday and sunday, carnaval in san francisco. 10:00, that's when it starts and 6:00, and tomorrow is the parade around 9:30 at 24th and bryan in the mission district. you can head out there and have a good time. now, for us here at home, the thing to note is over the past week it has been very chilly. it's been cloudy. we've been in a winter-like pattern because our jet stream is in southern california. but in the next couple of days, it'll retreat farther north. not talking about a major warming trend. but temperatures will be a little bit warmer each and every day. and by friday, we're going to be closer to 80 degrees. it'll be a slow warming trend. temperatures going up just a few degrees. you'll notice here on the five-day outlook. 72 for today, 74 for tomorrow, and then 75 by wednesday.
7:44 am
livermore, you'll be at 74 for today. closer to 80 tomorrow, and that same trend continues for you through the upcoming week. san francisco, as i mentioned, not going to be overly warm there. 64 today, and the temperatures just kind of stay right there as we head toward the next few days. now, unfortunately for us, no rain in the forecast, and our fire season has begun. but you know what? michelle, with the rain we saw the past week, even though it wasn't much, it does help to put off that fire season as long as we can. back over to you. >> absolutely. thank you, anthony. well, much more ahead on "today in the bay." coming up, we investigate runway safety. see what we uncovered at san jose international airport.
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good saturday morning. it's 7:47. a live look outside city hall. it was a terrifying sight. the plane crash at sfo. the emergency response at the airport was fast. but what if a similar crash happened in the silicon valley? is san jose international prepared? senior investigative reporter has uncovered eye-opening information about sjc. >> i need you to bring in your medical gear. >> video from a firefighter's helmet camera gives a close-up look at the chaos of the crash at sfo. >> copy. >> but it also shows the incredible and immediate actions of the first responders there. >> they all share a similar experience of an initial impact.
7:48 am
>> in fact, the investigation credited san francisco's fire department staffing levels as being, quote, instrumental in responding so quickly and saving lives. >> essentially two large openings. >> sffd had firefighters on the scene within five minutes of the crash. the first vehicle within three minutes. so we wanted to know just how prepared is the fire department at silicon valley's airport in case of a similar disaster here. we compared data from ten other major airports listed by the faa as similar in size and passenger traffic to san jose. what we found, san jose had the fewest number of firefighters on duty at any time at the airport. sjc has only three firefighters and a captain. compare that to sacramento and santa ana airports with five each plus a captain or battalion chief.
7:49 am
>> i think san jose is marginally inadequate. >> it's terribly disturbing to me. >> john carr and les omens. used by airports around the world including here at san jose. they also both worked as firefighters at san jose in the 1970s and '80s before creating their own consulting business. back then, they say there were six firefighters per shift. now only four. >> you know, i'd like to see one or two more firefighters at the airport. i think they'd be more effective. >> but san jose mineta is not breaking rules. while the faa mandates they meet a minimum number of trucks, there are no requirements for the minimum number of firefighters that have to be onduty. >> the faa says it's good enough and the fire department is here and responding, we have those people on-site. they're very, very well trained, trained, drilled, know what they're doing. >> kim is director at the
7:50 am
airport. >> you conform to all requirements? >> yes. >> no doubt about that? >> correct. >> if there were a 787 or 767 that went down without a declared emergency, is there enough equipment on scene? and more importantly, is there enough personnel on scene to adequately respond to an emergency here at sjc? >> absolutely. we have the personnel, the response we need to respond to any emergency on this airport. >> no doubt about it? >> no doubt about it. >> none in your mind? >> none. >> would i like more resources more quickly? absolutely. >> chief roberts an overseas operations for san jose fire department. >> the speed in which we can achieve our operational objective certainly has been affected by a reduction in personnel. >> do the math. 2 of the 4 firefighters on duty would be driving the two fire fighting trucks there. the emergency plan calls for the captain to direct the scene and issue orders. so what's left?
7:51 am
>> what's left is a firefighter. >> one firefighter. one guy to help with evacuation and rescue. >> it's simple math. you have an airplane that carries 250 people, at least four slides on one side, four on the other. don't have to deploy them all. can you tell me how you do that? i don't know. >> san jose mineta's airport emergency plans call for backups to arrive and help out. but this e-mail memo from fire officials shows average response time of the backup vehicles just to get to the fence outside the airport is 8 to 11 minutes. according to the ntsb at that same point in time after the crash, firefighters had already evacuated all the passengers. >> yeah, it's a big challenge. i mean, all the equipment's got to get to the airport, then they've got to get in the fence and escorted to the scene. >> when i was there, we didn't have runway hydrants. >> they still don't? >> they p don't? >> they don't. right now, there are no fire
7:52 am
hydrants on the actual airfield itself at sjc near the runways. of the ten airports we compared to san jose, only three others did not have hydrants on the airfield. >> that's a major issue right there. >> at sjc, the nearest fire hydrants are located at the edge of the field or at the gate where the airplanes park more than 1,000 feet from the center of the runways. >> in a crash out at the runway, you don't want to have the vehicles leaving the scene to go resupply with water. >> officials chose not to install hydrants on the airfield during runway reconstruction. >> i think we have a great supply of water right out on the ramp area. and all the way around the airfield. i'm confident they know what they're doing and they'll be able to handle the fires. >> you wish you had more personnel. >> wish is a difficult word to respond to. but i will tell you that the fire department certainly field operations did propose two additional personnel in this budget cycle. it's up for review by the budget office and the council.
7:53 am
it's not for no reason at all. we do believe that the delivering the services that are required here at the airfield could use some enhanced resources. >> nbc bay area news. >> and if you have a tip for our investigative unit, give us a call 888-996-tips or send us an e-mail to the unit at and much more ahead on "today in the bay." the cutest part of the show for sure. our friends from pets in need are here with these little guys. we'll introduce you to olive, magic, kelvin and dakota coming up.
7:54 am
7:55 am
this morning, we have some very special guests from pets in need. executive director is here with volunteer catherine. and we've got some special friends. we've got to talk about these little guys. first of all, who are we all holding?
7:56 am
and they all need homes, right? >> they all need homes. i think i have calvin. you have olive. >> olive. >> and we have dakota. >> and magic. >> they're very vocal this morning. >> very vocal. they want to play around to your cameras, i think, today. >> so, you know, it's cat season. you have a lot of these guys coming in. tell me about the need this time of year, especially. >> this is cat season in full force, kitten season, starts around middle of april and runs until june or so. we have about 25 or so kittens in the shelter now. and we'll travel around the rescue shelters in the area, and they're overwhelmed. every shelter we go into is overwhelmed with kittens this time of year. >> tell me what kind of home would be good for a foster family let's say. >> yeah, we really need to have foster families this time of year so we can have some additional space in our facility. the more kittens that we can get
7:57 am
into foster families, foster homes, the more we can adopt. needs to be a family that will, you know, will devote some amount of time to socializing the kittens. that's what they need right now to be touched and to play with human beings. >> what about other pets? is that a challenge when you have a couple of dogs at home? >> it can be. we recommend that, you know, the people that are interested in fostering bring their dogs in or maybe other cats. so they can interact and see if there's a match. >> as far as microchipping and making sure they're healthy, what kind of need does that take? >> we take care of all of that for adopters. when the animals come in when they're old enough. these guys are about old enough and big enough to be spayed or neutered. we'll take care of that. we've microchipped, vaccinate full medical care while they're
7:58 am
with us. so when families adopt or foster family comes in and takes kittens, puppies, they're perfectly healthy. >> i don't know if anyone can hear. now olive is purring. definitely the highlight of my morning. bring a lot of joy. that's for sure. what do people need to do if they're interested in taking these guys home? >> come into our shelter in redwood city, see all the beautiful little animals we have. we have a lot of them downstairs they can mingle around and spend time with the cats and pick one of their choice. >> perfect. thank you so much. looks like you've got yours to sleep here. mine still trying to be r rambunctious.
7:59 am
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