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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  May 26, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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forward. police say three 17-year-old boys were terrorizing a neighborhood. those boys now in juvenile hall. damian trujillo is in the evergreen neighborhood. finally good news where you are. >> that's right. talk to anyone here in evergreen, they've been victims of a burglary or know someone would has been the victim. serving arrest warrants they've taken serial burglars off the streets. the crime tape is a familiar sight in san jose's evergreen community. burglaries are common here which is why police recently raided this home on bosh avenue in san jose. >> in the morning, probably around this time. i just saw four police cars lined up. i didn't see actual policemen or anything. i wondered why four policemen were on my street. >> this is one of two homes police raided late last week and they netted two carloads full of stolen goods. >> we're talking about cameras, talking about game consoles,
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things of that nature. mostly electronics as well. >> captain tony is a new commander in charge of bringing crime down in san jose's foothills division. his officers made numerous burglary arrests over the last few weeks. but, he says this latest crackdown was a big one by beat cops doing more than just patrolling the streets. >> this was a huge success. again, the officers are out there, patrol officers, the hard work that they're doing out there when they have a lead. >> there is so much evidence in this case investigators are still processing it so the owners can claim their stolen goods. neighbors were surprised a minor living next door may be responsible for a lot of the fear in evergreen. >> wow. well, that's lovely that it's on my street. wow. i had no idea. >> and in a lot of these cases, the m.o. for the burglary lass remained the same.
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two guys go inside. they ransack the home while another remains outside as a lookout with a walkie-talkie. >> live in evergreen community, i'm damian trujillo, nbc bay area news. thank you. on the peninsula now, caught on camera. two burglars casing this home in los altos. they broke in through a rear window but video system of the homeowner gives them a good chance to find these men. >> they forced their way into this residence home and shuffled through various rooms, ransacking it and took the items that they selected. and they made their way off with them. >> this happened a couple weeks ago at a home off foothill expressway. they stole jewelry and electronics. fire crews watching for flare-ups in the south bay. a brushfire broke out near the san jose municipal golf course. you can see the blackened land. pretty much out now.
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but there is still hotspots. our chopper overhead as firefighters race to put out the flames. they did so pretty fast. it's happened again. another inmate escaped from custody in the south bay. this time deputies nabbed him before he got too far. let's show you video showing the man being loaded on to an ambulance moments after the deputies tackled him. michelle roberts is at the sheriffs department. this is the second time it's happened in three months. is there a protocol issue there? >> reporter: they only said they're reviewing policies and investigating what happened today. it must have looked bizarre to see this downtown san jose an inmate in his full jumpsuit making a run for it. he didn't get far. eric nelson was loaded in an ambulance downtown this afternoon. he made a run for it and managed to escape from custody for about ten minutes. sergeant james jensen with the santa clara sheriff's department says nelson was being
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transported to the courthouse where he was facing drug charges. >> during the transport process, he got out of his handcuffs. we're still investigating how. >> he was handcuff to another inmate. that man isn't named as an accomplice but he's being questioned tonight. once nelson got off the bus, officials say he managed to get between fence and the bus and run several blocks downtown san jose. deputies were able to stop him under a bridge near the guadalupe river. back in march, another inmate escaped after struggling with a deputy at valley medical center. carter was a wanted man for more than a month. in april he was arrested in mississippi. the sheriff's department says both cases are currently under review. >> there's only been two inmates escape within the last ten years. like i said earlier, we transport 160,000 inmates a year. we understand those two cannot happen or should not happen. that's why we're look to go make sure policies and proceed us are
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followed. >> reporter: they wouldn't say how many deputies were on the bus patrol this afternoon. with two escapes in the last few months i asked if they're worried about copycats. they couldn't answer the question. michelle roberts nbc bay area news. michelle, thank you. we've obtained the 911 call that sent officers to investigate and then arrest former 49er ray mcdonald. the call came from the mother of mcdonald's former fiancee. >> stay online with me, okay? >> okay, okay. i'm freaking out. it's my daughter. >> i understand. >> this is in the 3:00 a.m. hour yesterday. police say mcdonald broke down the door to the woman's santa clara apartment and assaulted her while she was holding their child. this is video of him leaving jail yesterday afternoon. today, mcdonald's lawyer released this statement reading in part, "according to at least one witness, there was no physical contact between the two. thus it's hard to understand why charges are being pursued." soon after we broke the story
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yesterday, the chicago bears cut ties with mcdonald. the 49ers also released him several months ago. the high price of home ownership keeps getting higher. a new report out today shows the cost escalating. it's getting to the point where the amount of money you need for a downpayment here or buy a house outright in other parts of the country. experts say you can blame the tech industry. lots of millionaires with money to spend and jobs with people who need homes. scott budman joins us live in san jose. scott? >> reporter: it's a strong economy. jessica. that's why houses are being built quickly here. a red hot housing market, sill son valley tech companies hire at a break neck pace. the housing market is red hot. so hot it's creating a boom in construction jobs. >> it's definitely booming. >> so hot, it's competitive like we've never seen before. inventory being scooped up almost instantly by people
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moving to the bay area from all over the country. >> we're getting a lot of out of state buyers coming in just in the last month. i've probably showed about five buyers from new york chicago, and seattle. all here for work and tech jobs. >> tech jobs at silicon valley companies like chegg. online textbook rental and tutoring is a rapidly growing business. >> we're hiring all toot i am. we have 40 positions here and in santa clara. >> it's fueling the housing market. >> we're competing with facebook google. >> all hiring tech workers who all need a place to call home. according to the latest figures and these seem to change by the week, the average house price now in san francisco is above a million dollars. $2.5 million for palo alto and just about a million for san jose. we're reporting live scott
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budman nbc bay area news. happening now in one of the wealthiest communities in the world. people are fighting to keep their homes. it's a hot debate in palo alto. people who live in the bun a vista mobile home park are getting a chance to speak at a special city council meeting. they can't afford to live anywhere else if the park closes. the owner wants to shut it down. lots of council members denied a request to close it. they're hoping to get a second property appraisal. that could affect the value of relocating the people who live there. nbc bay area cheryl hurd is at the meeting happening now. we'll have more tonight at 11:00. there's a staggering revelation from a new study. the real question is what's the solution? robert handa joins us live in san jose. any ideas on how to make it
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financially better for the county and the homeless? >> a few examples. we're in san jose on center road where santa clara county plans to build 112 units of low income housing. projects such as this one are part of the answer which is housing. they say the study shows everything else is just a band-aid on the problem. 21-year-old celine chandler got off the streets and into this subsidized apartment in 2013. she spent two years homeless before qualifying for a program through envision. now a student at san jose state, she says having a home is the only way to put the trauma of homelessness behind her. >> you get to a point of homelessness and despair. you almost want to kill yourself. >> groups want to see more people get that kind of help. today, destination home, santa clara county and the group economic roundtable unveiled a three-year study called homes not found. the cost of homelessness in silicon valley. it showed more than $3 billion or 520 million a year was spent
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in the county over a six-year period and that 5% of homeless account for half of the expenses. >> those people have very difficult persistent problems and housing them is cost effective. >> we're spending a significant amount of money managing homelessness now. when we talk about housing being so expensive the truth is we're spending a lot of monday incompetent right now. >> county board president says the up front cost of finding an buying property. but the study gives them a formula to address it. >> literally, you borrow against your own future expenditures and you go out and you make a capital expenditure today. >> housing first. until i actually got these keys to my apartment, i was struggling. >> the county has two other housing projects such as this one in the works. but supervisor cortese acknowledges a few hundred units may not help the 7,000-plus homeless in the county but it can help stabilize the homeless
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who are generating the most cost. live in san jose robert handa nbc bay area news. new at 6:00 you might have been hacked. the irs is scrambling to assess the damage of a cyber attract. the hackers were not amateurs. the irs says they stole information from more than 100,000 taxpayers. the information was obtained through an online service called get transcript. which is provided by the irs. that service is now shut down. wall street had the worst day in three weeks. the dow jones dropped 190 points in trading today. energy stocks lost value due to the slumping price of crude oil. economists also worry about greece's debt and that fueled more worry for investors. the national park service is talking about moving its ferry service to alcatraz. that's causing waves here at the court district. i'm mark matthews in san francisco. we'll have the story coming up in this edition of nbc bay area
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news. a cold case cracked. the new break that solves the mystery of a missing woman. when golden state warriors star steph curry bounced off the court last night and suffered a head injury, a team of doctors was by his side in seconds. what happens to high school athletes in the same situation? i'm marianne favro, that story is coming up. good evening. i'm jeff ranieri. blue sky across the north bay. but areas of fog moving in near mt. tam al pace.
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new at 6:00 rocking the boat on the way to the rock. alcatraz has you boarding at pier 31.
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mark matthews has the changes that not everyone is happy about. >> the proposed changes being discussed in the port district behind me. a big grope from the south end growing club. up there protesting a proposal by the national park service. >> the park service is propose to go move it up from the ferry building to its own home on fisherman's bhar of or to pier 3 at fort mason between aquatic park and marina green. that's a plan they hope to scuttle. >> it's going to impact rowers swimmers. >> the legal argument is that the park service has not done a proper environmental impact review thiemt they are required to do that by law. they didn't do it. >> ft. mason to alcatraz would run across their swimming lanes. >> we have swims that regularly go from alcatraz from chrissy
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field, from anita rock, from could go lan beach. >> a spokesman says what they want is more room at the point of 'em bar indication to alcatraz. >> we have exhibits. we'd have displays that immerse people in the history of the island. >> howard lovett says the current site isn't bad. it could be a lot better. the park service does already own those piers at ft. mason. >> how much does that influence your decision? >> well, it's certainly one factor. but it's not the only factor. >> reporter: one factor not mentioned is the fact that the lease on the current site is up next year and negotiations have been going on between the port and the ferry service and the park service and, you know there's a lot of speculation that this ft. mason thing might be an effort to pressure the
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port into making a better deal. i talked with both the port district and the national park service just a few minutes ago, asked them if they thought they could come to an agreement by summertime. both sides told me yes. reporting from the port district ferry building mark matthews nbc bay area news. we'll see. thank you, mark. more details about the whale that washed ashore by bodega bay. it's still a mystery. they had veterinarians, said the carcass of this 28-foot juvenile gray whale is too decomposed to determine why it became stranded this weekend at portuguese beach. this is on the sonoma coast. they're now trying to figure out what to do the whale's body. this is the fourth beached whale in recent months. did you see it? the tumble heard across the league. the warriors leader and mvp steph curry lurdhurdling over a player and slamming to the court. he said he isn't feeling any worse than last night when he went back in the game.
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his fall is a reminder how physical sports can be. it's just part of the game. marianne favro joins us now. he had doctors courtside but others who play just as rough don't have that luxury. >> high school athletes may not have doctors standing by in seconds. but there are new state standards to make sure young athletes have a safety net that prevents them from playing with major head injuries. >> in a split second, golden state warriors star steph curry flew through the air and slammed on the court last night during the game against the rockets. doctors ushered him to the locker room and performed two rounds of concussion testing. sports medicine specialists say the testing likely involved five steps. >> check for orientation, does he know where he is and what was what's happening. they're going to give him five words to say back to them.
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they'll ask him to say them back several times to make sure he can concentrate. >> and tests for amnesia, memory and motor skills. if curry passed all five tests, it indicates he did not have a concussion. instead, he suffered a contusion or bruise. 50 minutes later, doctors cleared curry to play. >> they said i was all right. went out and played. tried to do what i o could to help my team get back in the game. came up a little short. we'll be all right next game. >> what if this happens during a high school games? >> all high school games have an athletic trainer there. trainers are taught what to do in these situations and return to play. >> state standards mandate high school players not be allowed to return to a game unless a physician signs off that they're okay. >> reporter: these new cif concussion guidelines apply to all sports not just football and basketball. marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> marianne, thank you. a healthy curry is good. they have the attention of the
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popular blog 538 which is well-known for predicting presidential elections with amazing accuracy. nate silver is the numbers cruncher who started 538. he says this warriors team currently ranks as the fourth best team in nba history. the 1996 bulls, by the way rank number one. we'll see if the warriors can advance to the finals. if they win tomorrow night, necessity advance to the finals for the first time in 40 years. >> i have my fingers crossed. i'm ready. i am completely ready. >> fingers crossed, toes crossed. >> no injuries tomorrow. that's what we're going for, right? let's turn things over to meteorologist jeff ranieri. jeff, you got to give them good weather for tomorrow. >> i'm working on it. the buildup at least to the playoffs has been game after game. so tomorrow night again it's going to be the big deal. we're going to see what we can do on the forecast. you'll see as we start off for tomorrow morning, another beginning here with low clouds. also areas of isolated drizzle throughout the bay area. that goes from santa rosa
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towards san jose. we'll have the clouds clear out from the interior valleys but we'll be socked in from point reyes to santa cruz. if you're heading to the beaches, it will be a chilly one. here's how the temperatures will spread out for tomorrow. 73 for the south bay and mainly sunny skies. for the peninsula 70. sunniest weather in the tri-valley with 74 degrees. it will remain cool in san francisco with an average of 62. we are expecting hotter weather again this week with in region of high pressure. the problem is as that moves in with the hot air, we do not get rid of that cold wind at the immediate coastline. so check this out. a 30-degree temperature spread expected over a 45-mile radius as we head through thursday and friday. so here's a look. as we look at the south bay, sunny skies, temperatures in the 70s all the way through friday and then by saturday, we'll get into the low 80s. for the peninsula, we're looking at 80 possible by saturday and in san francisco no way, no how we'll jump into the 70s in this
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forecast. for the north bay, east shore and tri-valley, we'll dip into the 80s by friday and also on saturday. but that's just about it. doesn't look too hot. not going to be too cold. it's going to be just right. all right. thank you very much, jeff. coming up it is pouring in texas. not right there. floodwaters rising across the lonestar state. who the president is calling in to bring some aid. governor brown more popular than ever? the results of an exclusive field poll that shows even republicans are giving him a thumbs up. california has a stroong budget.
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a san pablo police commander was arrested over the holiday weekend and he's been suspended. >> he was arrested sunday for misdemeanor dui. he was off duty. this happened in lake county. san pablo's police chief launched an internal investigation. a woman from gilroy faces charges of scamming people who
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entrusted her to wire money to family and friends in mexico. police say she ran a money transfer service. santa clara county prosecutors claim sandoval stole more than $250,000 during the past six months. they also say she set up phony investment schemes. gonzalez sandoval is in jail. her bail set at a million dollars. police believe there may be more victims who haven't come forward yet. despite the drought, cutbacks california voters are giving high marks to governor brown. the latest nbc bay area field poll finds his approval numbers near a record high. nearly 6 in 10 voters approve of the job he's doing as governor. only 26% disapprove. that's despite the sharp split among voters on whether california is on the right track. 40% of voters say california is moving in the right direction. 40% believe the state is seriously off track. i'm jodi hernandez in
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larkspur where a foreign exchange student disappeared 33 years ago. tonight there's a big development. the case is not cold any longer. details coming up. and just ahead, hundreds dead in india as a heat wave bears down on this country. why the problems may just be starting. also a jurn fri sigh gone to silicon valley. vicky nguyen tracks down the people who made it possible. the emotional story of her family's immigration here to the united states. >> it's been 35 years.
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some answers about the decades-old disappearance of a swedish foreign exchange student. that's the student there. her name is elizabeth martin son. she vanished 33 years ago. investigators have matched her dental records to human remains found in the east bay. nbc bay area's jodi hernandez is live in larkspur where she was last seen three decades ago, jodi. >> reporter: that's right. the student was last seen shopping here in larkspur landing, the owner of this shoe store remembers her well. besides a few hold-ups her disappearance was the scariest thing to happen here. tonight those touched by the case finally have some answers. >> i remember her. she was beautiful girl. blond. >> the owner of lark shoes has
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always wondered what happened to swedish foreign exchange student elizabeth martinson who disappeared after shopping in larkspur landing 33 years ago. he recalls the 21-year-old came into the shop looking for dressy boots. >> she bought the boots and she came and showed me. then she left. that i remember. >> now more than three decades later, investigators confirm the skeletal remains found in morrison canyon back in 2010 are indeed those of the missing student. >> we owe it to ms. martinson and her family to bring some closure. >> but investigators still don't know how she died or who is responsible. they're looking for this man. 65-year-old henry coleman. he served time for car theft after police found him in oklahoma driving the very car martinson had taken shopping. >> detectives are in the process of trying to locate this individual and determine if he's
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even still alive. >> shouldn't get away with the crimes like that. >> he hopes detectives find whoever is behind her death. he can't imagine what her family has gone through all these years. >> it will be comfort for the parents. at least they know that they found her remains. >> now, sadly, martinson had only been in the bay area for a couple of months when she disappeared. we're told that her three surviving brothers in sweden are very relieved. they'll finally be able to bring her home. her remains will be sent back to sweden soon. reporting live in larkspur jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> jodi, thank you. now to the developing story in the southwest. the death toll spiked to 18 people today after more heavy rain. the pictures are incredible. texas is getting hit the hardest. take a look. crews have carried out more than 500 high water rescues in the
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past 24 hours. houston is the latest city to be inundated with rain. streets are now rivers. hundreds of cars as you see are stranded in high water. president obama is promising federal help. >> we will expedite those requests make sure that both search and rescue operations where necessary, but also recovery operations occur as efficiently and as quickly as possible. in wimberley, texas, the search continues for a dozen people missing since saturday when the blanco river overflowed its banks, sweeping homes right off their foundations with people still inside. the rain is expected to continue for a few more days. we should note the warriors rocket series could return to houston later this week. in the midst of this turmoil in texas, 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick is apologizeing for an insensitive tweet.
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kaepernick wears number seven. a few minutes later he took down the post and tweeted, no disrespect intended. prayers up. that didn't stop the backlash on social media. late this afternoon, he posted a full apology saying this. "i didn't fully understand how many people are struggling in houston right now. and i feel horrible. my prayers are with everyone there." let's take you overseas where extreme heat in india has killed many people. the death toll topped 1,000, most hi construction workers, the elderly and the homeless. relief not coming any time soon. may and june are usually the hottest months of the year in india. well may is asian pacific american heritage month. we're happy to spotlight an important part of our community. one of our colleagues reflected on her family's journey. >> this is the first of a three-part series.
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vicky nguyen tracks down the people who sponsored her family to come from vietnam 35 years ago. >> how are you doing? >> more and more schools are doing it. >> a successful life can be measured in many ways. >> it's really a good cause. >> good thing for kids. put their names in. >> for don, and -- >> yummy. >> there is only one. >> a life lived for yourself is not of value. a life lived for other people is of value. put an empty one here. >> today it's the weekly lunch pack to feed hungry kids in brownsville. a rural town in oregon where children only attend school four days a week so they can help on the family farm. >> volunteer work in this community is really a big thing. we have a lot of people that do things for others. >> she's a retired nurse and don is both the editor of the newspaper and the mayor in a town so idyllic, they used it as
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the backdrop for the movie, "stand by me." we have a lot of history because of the movie. >> long before it was popular, the wares adopted children from other countries two from korea and one from vietnam. >> they were helped by holt international children's services, an adoption agency in eugene oregon. >> nerp the first people to do international adoption. >> by 1980 they had a packed house raising five children on a modest income. that's when she received a letter that would change my family's life. >> evacuated. >> after the fall of sigh gone to the communist north jeet that mees army, in 1975. roughly 2 million vietnamese linked to the u.s. remained. many living in fear on the losing side of the war. among them my parents.
6:36 pm
he had served as a medic for the south vietnamese army. she worked for holt in sigh gone. they helped babies and children many of them orphans evacuate vietnam at the end of the war in what would later be called operation baby lift. it would be four more years between the two could plan their own escape by boat. >> we know that sooner or later, they going to plan an escape. >> why was it unbearable to live under the communist rule? >> you have your neighbor watching you and you don't know who is your friend, who is your enemy. and at night -- >> it was april 3rd 1979 and i was a bald-headed baby. >> how do we do something like that with an 8-month-old baby?
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>> we carry and you as much as possible. make sure you don't get wet. >> we fled with my two uncles and a great aunt. a family friend, a fisherman with a boat tapped in the voyage with 68 souls on board including 18 children. >> this was scary. i think about it now, if it were to make the decision maybe i would just scared to do it. >> we were stopped by police on our way to the ocean. >> they stop us in the middle of the night. >> they robbed us but we avoided being jailed for trying to escape vietnam. once on the open water, another danger, pirates praying on refugee boats. >> 15 minutes, when the captain turn around and they pull out a gun. they shoot it in the air. after two hours, they turn around and left.
6:38 pm
so we was so relieved. we pray that we don't encounter any other groups. >> it's unknown how many vietnamese died on those journeys some from the elements, others killed by pirates lost at sea. >> you have to say that we were so lucky. >> after two days and nights on the ocean, we arrived here a refugee camp in malaysia. 50,000 refugees crowded that tiny island the size of a football field. for nine months we waited for a sponsor to america. >> tomorrow night we're going to show you the letter that mobilized a community. >> there's a letter and we need to do something. that just moved us. >> that letter led to a reunion 35 years in the making.
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we'll have part two of vicky nguyen's story tomorrow night at 6:00 here on nbc bay area. coming up uber and espanol, how the ride sharing company is making it easier for people who don't speak english to catch a ride. i'm sam brock. governor brown says you got to touch your water usage -- cut your water usage this summer. what if i told you there's one simple thing to do to accomplish that goal right off the bat? that's coming up in this edition of reality check.
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it's uber this in espanol. users can request a spanish speaking driver. new service is available in southern california, chicago, phoenix and tucson. no word yet when the program or
6:42 pm
if the program will expand here to the bay area. >> how about this? the periscope party is getting bigger. android users can finally join in. the live streaming app, which is owned by twitter is available for nearly all smartphones. initially, you can only get it on apple devices. it allows viewers to send ee moej i hearts while watching a live stream. twitter will not say if it plans to develop periscope to work on windows phones. >> the black pepper flavoring in your taco will now come from real black pepper. taco bell dropping artificial flavoring from some of its meals. they want to appeal to customers more health conscious. pizza huts operated by the same parent company will also be making the switch. >> deciding to go there for dinner? >> taco bell. >> fresh pepper for everyone.
6:43 pm
>> oh, my gosh i have one burning question here. i wonder if the packets they have, is it real or fake? >> like from the cooking area. let's kb ahead and go outside right now. the skies have been salt and pepper today. a little bit of that pepper coming in the form of darker clouds and the salt in the form of some sunshine. back to the east bay. we're tracking the fog and how much hotter it will get in a few minutes.
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what's your plan? governor brown announced new water restrictions which go into effect next monday. >> how can you cut back and which of your household appliances are wasting the most water? >> nbc bay area sam brach with tonight's reality check.
6:46 pm
>> what's your worst water wasting habit? washing dishes with the tap running? taking long showers? it turns out the answer might be a bit more private than you'd think. >> that's right. your household's biggest water waster is the toilet. according to data from the environmental protection agency. when it comes to in-home water use, 27% of household water is consumed by toilets. followed by washing machines showers, faucets and leaks. that is a lot of water lost down your drain. now, the average old school toilets are about 5 gallons per flush, which is essentially the equivalent of your entire water cooler at work. there's an option get a whole new toilet which epa standards dictate has to be 1.28 gallons per flush. that's 28% of your water usage
6:47 pm
there. it will cost a couple hundred dollars for the toilet, plus installation. if you can't afford it up front, there are other things you can do to make a difference. >> most of our showerheads have the standard of a pause. in case you want to lather and not have the water during that, you can pause the water and start it. there's a lot of water effective faucets, motion sensitive. >> cutting back on water in the home is top of mind since governor brown announced major plans for reducing residential water use this april. >> things are changing and we need to change. this drought is the catalyst for that. >> the plan a 25% reduction in california of 2013 levels by early 2016 will take effect starting in june. but experts say reaching that goal could be easy. once people learn where they're wasting and how to conserve. saving water and money. >> swapping out an older toilet for an epa approved water sense label could shave $100 bucks off
6:48 pm
the annual water bill and use 60% less water too. the upgrades do carry a price tag but many rebates are offered to offset the cost. i'm sam brock, that's this edition of reality check. >> we've been doing a lot of talking about toilets. >> yellow is mellow. >> lot of talking about toilets. >> jeff ranieri is talking about the midweek forecast. >> hey good news when it comes to the drought. we're looking at mabel anyone yoe extending into next winter which could spell good news for the rainfall. we'll have more on that in the next couple of months as we continue to get the el nino updates. across oakland hills, we have the stratus making it over from san francisco. beautiful shot and still blue skies this hour. you'll see back here across the north bay, gives us a great vantage points, how extensive the low clouds are and it's pretty extensive here. stretching down to san francisco. so we've been talking about it.
6:49 pm
likely will have delays at sfo if you're doing any traveling tonight or tomorrow morning. that also goes for oakland and san jose. you'll see on the morning forecast, again, all areas will begin gray with 53 in the south bay. 54 in the peninsula and also 50 in the north bay and also have to watch out for areas of patchy drizzle. like the past couple of days, once we hit the noon hour we should build in sunshine. even in so ma for san francisco. 63 degrees for tomorrow for the peninsula. cold at the immediate coastline again. you know when the fog is in place, we won't budge above 60 in pacifica. for the south bay, looks like some of the best weather on your wednesday forecast will be down here. sunny skies in los gatos. san jose austin bay you have to watch out for the pollen. we do have grass and also olive going to moderate, close to the high category. that will be the major irritant, at least in the weather through
6:50 pm
the next couple of days. >> let's go to the tri-valley. great weather in napa with 73 degrees. oakland, 64. that westerly wind stays strong. not really going to heat up at all. back to lafayette, 70 degrees for tomorrow and across the tri-valley, 75 expected in livermore and 73 in pleasanton. warm weather still on the way as you've seen on the scrolling seven-day forecast. it's not going to be hot for everyone. we have this warm air moving in from the desert southwest. that's going to warm up the interior valley. the cold foggy wind at the immediate coastline is going to stay put. we get the micro climate extremes setting up. namely throughout friday and saturday's forecast. the areas that heat up, we're going to have an issue with increased fire danger. namely, throughout the east bay and the diablo range. you want to watch out for that throughout contra costa and alameda county. the forecast, low 80s. not hot forever everyone. san francisco remains in the
6:51 pm
60s. but this time of the year that's where you typically should be. nothing too out of whack. for the tri-valley 81 on friday and saturday 83 degrees. raj and jess, i am watching on the forecast models it's trying to throw in possibility of showers by next monday and tuesday. we haven't changed that in the forecast just yet. we'll have that update coming up tonight at 11:00. we'll let you know the latest regarding stephen curry and the injury. ahmed fareed is with us. next.
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6:54 pm
jessica thinks the warriors wrap it up tomorrow sniet. >> i thought they would wrap it up last night. that didn't happen. i'll agree with you. tomorrow it looks like they'll be full strength. the warriors guys had a couple things on their minds today. one was the rockets, dwight howard. he threw an elbow at andrew bogut. there was a chance the league would upgrade it to a flagrant two. >> no dice though.
6:55 pm
the league says the flagrant one will stand. howard will play tomorrow in oakland. steph curry expected to play also. that was after that flip in the second quarter last night. for those who thought the warriors may be reckless in the second half gm bob myers said today the team doctors ran him through the concussion protocols not once but twice to make sure he was fit to return. so he has not succumbed to the sports illustrated curse. that's a good thing. he's on the cover again this week. he's the first athlete to grace the cover in back-to-back weeks since palo alto's jeremy lin in 2012 at the height of lin-sanity. let's go to giants baseball. there's an injured star. matt cain throwing a simulated inning in milwaukee. he threw all the pitches from the stretch and the wind-up. he faced several batters. he could go on a rehab assignment next week. he's missed the whole season with a forearm injury.
6:56 pm
giants currently in action taking on the brewers in milwaukee. game 2 of 3 at miller park. hunter pence gets the party started. home run number 2 on the year. that one, no doubt about it san francisco up 1-0. top 3. joe panik. this stays in the park. madison bumgarner, get on your horse. you can run. >> score 5-1. giants up in the 6th inning in milwaukee. all right. the a's also getting some of their players back. infielder ben zoe bris joe doolittle off the dl. he played april 24th before having surgery on his knee. doolittle hasn't played the season because of a rotator cuff injury. >> it definitely helps. when you have guys injured that are key cogs of your team. it definitely hurts. pun intended. now we have a key component back in the bull pen who is an all-star last year. any time you can add that to the bull pen, it's a huge help.
6:57 pm
hopefully, he'll come out here and do his thing. >> a's taking on the tigers. the a's currently on a three-game winning streak. the longest so far this year. highlights at 11:00. jessica wants to go to the a's game at the coliseum in the afternoon and stick around for the warriors game at night. >> i don't think i can come to work. >> there it is. >> you just have to skip work. you can do that. >> there's too much to do. >> thanks. coming up tonight at 11:00 using ecstasy as a medical treatment. we'll speak to a local doctor who is testing this idea. that's tonight at 11:00 after the show "i can do that". >> jeff can tell us how the weather will be. >> yes, i can. also areas of fog in the morning. we'll clear out to partly cloudy and mostly sunny skies. low 70s tomorrow and hotter we we are by friday and saturday. >> have a great evening. >> bye bye.
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
7:00 pm
the first video of josh duggar under siege as his sex scandal explodes. >> do you have any comment on the allegations? >> now on "extra." josh duggar hammered with questions about abusing young girls. >> no comment, josh? >> the family's reality show yanked off the air. the famous tv mom calling for a permanent cancelation. plus, why josh once joked with us about jill. >> that's the nice thing about prison. victory for kelly rutherford rutherford. how she finally won custody. >> every day you are not with your child is a long day. >> the question now, though is how does she get them back to


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