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tv   NBC Bay Area News  NBC  June 6, 2015 7:00pm-7:31pm PDT

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blackhawks in the game. it is through and it hits it will it get there before keith? 12 seconds to go. duncan keith looks. throws the long pass. directed right back in by teravainen. chased by stralman. 5 seconds left. they battle to the corners. reaching in is paquette. the series is going to be even! the kids from oofa gets his first stanley cup victory in relief and tonight he had a save percentage of 100.
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time now for our three stars of the game brought to you by usaa. they are the winning goal scorer jason garrison who also had an assist. two assists for victor hedman. a team high 25:51 and teuvo teravainen, another sparkling game for him. he had one of the blackhawks three goals. moments ago pierre mcguire caught up with cedric paquette who had the first goal of the game. >> you were on the ice at the tail end of that game. what was the emotion like? >> it was unbelievable. get the assignment today. i think the first goal give us momentum. >> you scored the first goal. take us through what it was like. >> we made a great play. i tried to shut it through the guy. puck came back. >> one of the real stories here cedric, is the fact that you're
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playing head to head against jonathan toews. take us into that match-up and what it's like. >> i mean, i enjoy it. it's a big challenge for me. i enjoy challenge like that. i think doing a good job. >> what's the whole story coming into this game? because your backs were against the wall. what was said to get you to another level? >> i'm up at 2 this morning. all the sports lines, get moving in the offensive zone. that's what we did tonight. i think the goal is huge. >> congratulations. we'll see you in chicago monday night for game 3. >> thank you. >> i think what pierre said was very good. i don't know what tvs but it was very good. final score of the game 4-3. you're watching the stanley cup final presented by geico. part of nbc sports championship season. monday on "today" meet the team behind american pharoah, the first triple crown winner in 37
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years. monday it's game three of the stanley cup final live from chicago. our coverage begins with "nhl live" at 6:30 p.m. eastern and 5:30 p.m. central. right now for those watching in the chicago area coverage continues with blackhawks post game live on comcast sportsnet. for pierre mcguire liam mchue mike milbury and keith jones, mike emerick saying good night from tampa, florida. nbc sports thanks you for watching this presentation of the stanley cup final.
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on his quest, jack searched the globe for a flavorful spice coveted by kings and sultans.
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at last, he found it. exotic black pepper. jack knew what he had to do. trade his most beloved possession. and that's how far jack went to bring you the black pepper cheeseburger. black pepper cheese and peppercorn mayo. the black pepper cheeseburger. taste it before it's gone. >>. right now an nbc bay area news questions being raised avenue oakland police shoot and kill a suspect in a parked car. >> the warriors are gearing up for game two the nba finals we'll take you inside the practice. >> and american pharaoh does
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what no other racehorse has done in decades. we'll show you the big moment on the track. >> good evening, we're on at this special time because of the hockey game. >> oakland's first deadly police shooting in years. critics say the police did not need to use deadly force. >> the shooting happened around 7:30 this morning. you see behind me the lake shore avenue off ramp. over here you can see near lake park avenue where some protestors gathered. firefighters saw the driver of a silver bmw asleep behind the wheel, his car in traffic. there was a handgun seen near
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the suspect. after more than an hour trying to wake up the driver with blowhorns and beanbags the driver finally woke up. >> on the last attempt to do that officers approached the car. the person at that point was awake. a confrontation ensued. one officer deployed a taser, another deployed a firearm. >> the guy was alert and talking with the police officers. he refused to get out of the car. at that point he was tasered and shot. the witnesses say at no point did they see him raise a gun or point a gun at the officers. >> the oakland mayor released a statement saying i am actively making sure that the protocols
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and supervision we've worked hard for to butt in place. the victim's name has not been released depending a hold on that information requested by oakland police. >> chuck, thank you so much. an international spotlight is on oakland this weekend for the nba finals. last night protestors did not back away from new rules about nighttime marches and rallies. this is the first friday street festival. we are keeping tabs on the protests. >> up with down three to go. warriors and their fans on a big high after the w's win against the cleveland cavaliers. but it didn't come easy and they're not taking anything for granted. >> leigh nvp steph curry is
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saying he won't repeat this shot that he made today. after a tough battle, the warriors clinched game one. >> we know being in the finals is a huge accomplishment but we have to leave it out there to get four more wins. it will be tough. >> the arena was empty today, but tomorrow a sold out crowd will pay prices around $700 and climbing towards $2500. and there will be lots of opportunities for buying warriors wear. even one of his fiercest competitors love playing here. >> it's a great fan base here.
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>> warriors faps say they're hoping their team will embrace the home court advantage and win game two of the finals. >> i'm liking that dancing i saw. >> our warriors coverage continues on our digital platforms. go to nbc bay >> the warriors have not won a championship in 40 years. today a nearly 40-year-old record was broken. >> american pharaoh is finally the one. american pharaoh has won the triple crown. >> a 37-year-old wait indeed. he won by five horse lengths.
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the last horse to complete the triple crown since affirmed in 1978. the owner gets $800,000 for the win, the horse is valued at more than $20 million. automatic assault rivals were surrendered today as part of the gun buy back program. they set it up the s.w.a.t. team and gun range masters were on hand to inspect the weapons and make sure every handoff was safe. it is anonymous. we do not worry about who is bringing in the weapons. we run the numbers. we try to get ahold of those victims and return the guns to them. >> after their researched and ruled out for being stolen or
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involved in crimes they're destroyed. about 10:45 this morning there was several people injured. they say this white suv was turned into a driveway when a pickup truck that was behind the suv tried to pass hitting the car. there was 6 people in the truck. two young children were flown to a children's hospital in oakland. the truck driver of the truck and another passenger were taken to the hospital in walnut creek. >> the search for a missing boy with autism came to a tragic end today. he was last seen at his home in needles on the border of california and arizona. within a few hours, his body was found next to train tracks near yucca, arizona. police believe he got on an eastbound train near his house
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and something happened. a close call this morning at bob hope airport in burbank. one of the planes was pushing back from the gate when it struck a stationary plane. that prompted the immediate closure of both fwaets.gates. passengers had to return to the terminal and get rebooked. >> they did a nice job keeping everyone calm and cool. >> it was a convenience, but i'm glad it was on the ground and not in the air. >> her glass is half full. >> anthony, i have been seeing a lot of tweets from the sierras, some very very rough weather up there. even this evening, we have more thunderstorms erupting across
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the sierra. it's all associated with the same storm system that is bringing showers and thunderstorms to the upper mississippi valley and down to the four corners region and we have a very powerful hurricane in the pacific. a category 3 is expected to make land fall by monday just northwest of cabo. it will weaken tomorrow down to a category 1 hurricane and then will make landful mid peninsula. will any of this impact us? and gray skies in san francisco all day long. we have a big warm up coming. up next the first pictures of princess charlotte and her brother prince george. an embezzlement scheme from a church. protestors target sea world.
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how the park responded.
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president obama became a moving euology at the funeral of beau biden today. >> more than 1,000 mourners filled the church in wilmington delaware. heart felt goodbyes to beau biden, the son of joe biden. he one served in iraq. >> his character was genuine. he had a natural charisma that few people express. surviving the car crash that
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killed his mother and baby sister, and standing in the shadow of his father's success and forging a career of his own. >> he made you want to be a better dad, a better son or a better brother or sister. better at your job. better soldier. he made you want to be a better person. >> biden died at the age of 46. he survived by a wife children and his sister ashley. >> he was my first love and what a beautiful example of love he provided. >> while the vice president did not speak, he and the president shared an emotional hug. the service ending with chris martin of cold play a favorite band of beau biden, singing "to kingdom come."
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>> a heart felt tribute to a family man left too soon. a criminal case in a south bay has a church caught up in embezzlement and money laundering scheme. two of their employees allegedly used the churches bingo games to launder cash. a woman allegedly forged checks from the dental office and they cashed them to play bingo at the church. >> it is a lot of money. it's a nonprofit. i'm sure that they reported their welcome from the bingo proceeds and now they have to be backed out of the account. >> if convicted the suspects could face up to five years in
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prison. >> protestors are calling on sea world to end their marine mammal activity. they gathered outside of the san diego park today saying the orcas belong in the ocean and not locked up. park leaders say the treatment of their animals meets or exceeds the highest standard of welfare from any zoollogical institution. >> as a child i grew up thinking that the trainers are cruel to the animals and they love them but ever since i have seen "black fish," all i learned is the trainers are cruel to these animals. >> protestors are saying the weekend's demonstration is a larger wider demonstration
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expected to take place in 60 cities. >> still ahead, how the drought is putting a major damper on recreation at several lakes.
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one of the south bay's favorite hangouts for kids celebrating a big milestone today. >> a big happy birthday to the children's discovery museum that opened their doors in san jose about 25 years ago. all of the visitors today got in for free. they had face painting, arts and crafts and hourly confetti blasts that everybody seemed to enjoy. >> all right, along the california coast, the lake will soon close to the public because it's not really there any more. lake san antonio is being closed
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to all public use indefinitely starting july 1st. you can see there is really not much there. at full capacity the lake is 16 miles long an 100 miles of shoreline. closures are expected to take a significant pull on the local economy. lake san antonio is a popular spot for fishing and boating. >> we all know the drought is incredibly serious -- >> i wonder if they sell drought insurance. >> we would need it around here. anthony slaughter searching the skies for rain. >> yes, in the past three days they had rain that mounted up to about two inches. the bay area is dry once again but temperatures are warm. san jose 79 and sunsetting right now you can see that from our sky camera. this is what it has been like all day long. gray skies and drizzle from time
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to time. now tomorrow san francisco, you can see more sunshine and temperatures in the 70s. if you look at the doppler radar, you can see sacramento and lightning strikes across the sierra. even that tornado in hawthorne, nevada. starting to see that coastal fog. tomorrow night we will wake up to patchy fog, but i think the inland valleys will start off nice and bright. temperatures up to 84 in the south bay, the peninsula up to 79 and you will see sunshine less fog and cloud cover and the temperature up to 74 degrees. in ut big picture of things we have that area of low pressure out across the rockies. here at home we still have showers and thunderstorms making their way over the rockies and
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into the sierra. the winds will shift off shore. tomorrow right at the surface and that will push all of the fog out to sea. we'll see a nice bright day tomorrow and the showers and thunderstorms will not be as wide. as we go to monday tuesday, and wednesday, tropical moisture will start to move into the sierra. the showers and thunderstorms across the sierra are not done yet. tomorrow the south bay will be close to 90 degrees. more sunshine tomorrow, 63 for pacifica. up against the coastline, not overly warm. in the north bay temperatures warm up to 82. the east bay up to 74. oakland, but the trivalley tomorrow, the heat will be on. temperatures towards 90. it will be nice and warm in the next couple


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