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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 430  NBC  June 14, 2015 4:30pm-5:01pm PDT

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nbc bay area news starts now. right now at 4:30 oh ready for game five. warriors are hungry for an nba title. it's been a long time since they've had one. fans are hungry too. live with more of the challenges standing in the way. good evening i'm terry m mcswainy. >> i'm peggy bunker. we are very excited for this game, less than 30 minutes away from now, tip-off. the golden state warriors and cleveland cavaliers battle it out in game five of the nba finals. >> you can hear it. >> you can. the anticipation is palpable. that's right. it seems the entire bay area cannot get enough of the warriors. >> tonight we have team coverage. let's go it christie smith with
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what fans are saying going into this game tonight. christie, i've got butter flies. >> reporter: yeah absolutely. and i have to tell you, the atmosphere is absolutely electric outside. and the game hasn't even started yet. fans feeling very confident, warriors fans going into game five. we did have a chance to go in the team store, and i have to tell you, people are dropping $300 $400 $500 no problem. they're ready for a battle. outside oracle arena, warriors fans arrived hours before the game started. >> i think we come out strong and we fight. we fight and grind it out. >> reporter: as the warriors face the cavaliers back in oakland. percy dill land says he came back to game one and is back at game five. >> fans go crazy and the warriors are going to win. >> reporter: the series tied 2-2. long-time fans say they feel the momentum shifting. >> like james brown says we feel good. of ♪ da, da, da ♪
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we've got to feel good. they have been off and then they won one, they won two, and now they'll play on all five cylinders. >> reporter: outside, a long line and upbeat atmosphere. some cavs' fans mixed in. >> easy! try to be civil! >> reporter: this man had an arm full of gear. >> how much is that going to cost you? >> give me 50. >> reporter: why do you need so many? >> grandkids, nephews, nieces. >> reporter: and again, the atmosphere absolutely electric out here. we did try to stop a few cavs' fans. they are feeling confident too, maybe a little bit more low-key, though. of game time again in about 30 minutes. reporting live outside oracle arena, christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> all right, christie thanks very much. a ton of fans going in there. well, today definitely not the last game between the warriors and the cavs. and no matter what happens tonight, there will be a game six. that's coming up up tuesday at can 6:00 p.m. that game is in cleveland.
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if the warriors or cavs don't win tonight and tuesday, there will be a game seven. that game at oracle. friday at 6:00 p.m. by the way, game six broadcast live very inexpensive, considering the team won't be there, they'll be on the big screen. our coverage continues now. comcast sports net also at oracle. jerod, do we know if they're going with the small starting lineup that worked so well in game four? >> reporter: i'm sure they're going to. it was a huge adjustment and obviously worked. with the series tied 2-2 shifted back here, no doubt, momentum is squarely on the side of the warriors. now, in game four as we were just recently talking about, the warriors decided to go small. and they ran the cavaliers into the ground. lebron james admitted the gassing out with zero points in the fourth quarter as the cavs lost by 21 at home. the warriors now believe they have found the winning formula for the rest of the series. >> one thing about our team we always battle.
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and whether we got down early in the 7-0, could have been easy for us to kind of you know throw it in and say look small lineup not working, big lineup not working, what do we do but we stayed with it fought and are battling back. >> know the adjustments and things you need to do. and i think we've made that adjustment. >> reporter: all right. coming up later in sports day baseball from the giants and the a's. and we will also have tonight at 11:00, all your post game from oracle. for now, reporting live outside oracle jerod mont cure a. >> to stay on top all of things warriors any time download our nbc bay area app. we'll constantly update our coverage there, as well as on facebook twitter and instagram. of course, things are going to be hot at oracle arena. but this weekend is ending up on a cooler note. let's take a look at a time lapse. this is from mt. hamilton as the sun rises, you can see that fog start to roll in. also a little bit of smoke drifting over from a wildfire
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that's burning about 200 miles north of here in shasta trinity national forest. let's check in with ron may yada. we are getting a break with temperatures. >> they cooled off. yesterday mid 90s. today here's sunol, one of the areas in the 209s yesterday. and you saw smoke from the view from mt. hamilton blowing by at the top of the screen coming from north to south. the winds higher up closer to 20,000 feet. strong sea breeze. temperatures 4:00 only upper 70s around sunol today and 62 now in san francisco. so the 24-hour temperature change quite extreme for the north bay. of and around the tri valley we're seeing inland temperatures another 5 to 10 degrees cooler than yesterday. right now, the culprit, san francisco showing some warriors pride at the flag going 64 degrees, bouncing around like quite a bit there as the winds have gusted up close to 25 miles per hour. and you see the wind speeds now, strongly on shore. that will ensure once again headed into tomorrow morning, low clouds drizzle and mist
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once again, close to san francisco. partly cloudy skies. tri valley also waking up to low clouds. we'll talk more about cooler changes to your monday forecast and the latest now on tropical storm carlos. winds down to 70 miles per hour. will any of this moisture make a run at the bay area like last week? a full look in the forecast in a few minutes. back to you. >> thank you, rob. a desperate search is over in the south bay. an 18-month-old toddler taken from his home is safe this afternoon. the search started in sunnyvale yesterday about 4:00. it ended late last night in newark. police say the 18-month-old trinnian gonzalez was taken from his grandmother by his mother. she does not have custody of the child and apparently did not know he needed potentially life-saving medicine twice a day. police tracked down the boy's mother in newark in a red cadillac, arrested the mother. the child was not injured but taken to the hospital as a precaution. as we mentioned before she lost custody of the boy. it's unclear why 20-year-old
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christina rodriguez, the boy's mother, came to take him. a go pro may be partially to blame for a motorcycle crash that injured two bikers this afternoon. it happened on the expressway in santa clara. we are told about 45 riders were out on a birthday ride having a great time. one of the motorcyclist's bikes stalled so he had to slow down. at the same time a required behind him turned around to get a shot of the group on a helmet-mounted go-pro. that's when that rider collided with the biker who stalled. both in the hospital this evening. we have all been waiting for it. tomorrow it is expected to be official. jeb bush is expected to officially announce his run for the white house. today on twitter, jeb bush posted this image. this is supposed to be his official campaign logo. jen 2016. hillary clinton is already one step ahead of him campaigning in iowa. >> hillary clinton! >> with her campaign officially launched, hillary clinton hit
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iowa to win over a state that shunned her in 2008. >> i may not be the youngest candidate in this race. but with your help i will be the youngest woman president in the history of the united states! >> reporter: as de facto democratic front runner and a clinton -- >> i've been listening -- >> reporter: -- she's an easy target for republicans. >> mrs. clinton doesn't hear from anybody, she doesn't talk to anybody, she doesn't take questions from anybody. how would she know what real americans are really concerned about? >> reporter: while new jersey's governor has jumped into a race that's already crowded, former florida governor jeb bush is primed for a campaign kickoff. >> this is what leadership is about. it's not just about yapping about things. >> reporter: his preannouncement videos focused on past accomplishments and future goals. >> america's best days are in front of us. >> reporter: but the bush family name conspicuously missing from his logo. for hillary clinton, her name is a blessing. >> my husband -- >> reporter: but it's also a
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potential burden for a candidate trying to reintroduce herself. hillary clinton took a jab at president obama in his failed bill saying he should work with and listen to democrats here on capitol hill. brian mooar, nbc news washington. well the bay will be getting a candidate visiting this week. hillary clinton is planning a stop here on saturday. we'll have more on what she's expected to be doing, and also the traffic problems associated with that. that is coming up in the next half hour. tomorrow california state legislators will send governor jerry brown a budget that appears balanced. that's because of an $8 billion surplus over this past fiscal year. but it may not be cause for celebration. nbc bay area political analyst larry gerston says while state leaders deserve credit for managing responsibly, the surplus could be wiped out by a measure due to sunset in 2019. proposition 30 temporarily raised taxes on the wealthy and bumped up california's sales tax. the problem, gerston says
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california has too few sources of income leaving it vulnerable. >> sin taxes, alcohol and cigarettes, way above the national average. proposition 13. maybe oil extraction tax. there could be many different ways to come up with other funds, but the idea is to spread the wealth spread the sources so that the state doesn't get pinched in one vital area income taxes. >> close to 70% of california's general fund comes from the personal income tax. coming up a story you've got to hear. airline passengers stranded for 20 hours kept in the cold while they waited. we're going to show you what happened here and how the airline is now responding. then thousands of may flies swarm some motorcyclists and drop dead. what's to blame for this really bizarre situation.
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the country of georgia, south of deadly flooding in the country of georgia, south of
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russia today. at least 12 people are dead, two dozen more missing after raging waters hit the nation's capital city. the flooding destroyed roads, vehicles and homes. rescuers are now going door to door, checking inside homes to make sure no one is trapped inside. and check this out. a bunch of zoo animals got loose, including this hippo over here, kind of making a run for it, all because of the flooding. the water destroyed some of the zoo's enclosures. the hippo was cornered in one of the city's main squares. other animals have also been recaptured but some may still be on the loose. tragically zookeepers are back at the zoo today, cleaning up the muddy mess left behind. however, three colleagues were killed in the flash floods. at 5:00 more of the devastating aftermath, and what's being done to rescue those still trapped in the floodwaters. united airlines passengers are outraged after a 20-hour delay and less than pleasant accommodations during their stay. passengers on a flight from chicago to london were diverted
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to canada yesterday when their plane suffered some sort of malfunction. some passengers say they were forced to sleep in barracks. really, really cold barracks. >> we froze through the night, because there wasn't any heat. there is a heater there, but it wasn't on. the boiler wasn't running. like i said we had to share a bathroom. in the middle of the night, i got up to go to the bathroom i opened the door and the door to the other bathroom is open and asleep in the bed. she goes what are you doing? she didn't realize we had to share a bathroom. >> hotel space was not available. the airline provided meals and will refund the cost of the ticket. this gives new meaning to the phrase dropping like flies. hundreds of thousands of swarming mayflies -- there they are. they're now dead after causing some crashes in southeastern pennsylvania. they got in people's vision. they couldn't see where they were going and crashed. police even had to close down a bridge. apparently the mayflies hang around bodies of water to mate and then they die immediately
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afterwards. >> wow. that's a lot. >> and with a smile on their face. you don't need much to give back. coming up -- >> it was a dream i had when i was a little kid. i wanted to have the baddest bikes in the world. >> well he may not have a permanent home but one bay area man is still helping a lot of others by building bikes. his story, coming up.
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an interesting question for you. what does happiness look like? is it diamonds money, fancy cars? >> well, nbc bay area's joe resistanceotto consider caught up with an oakland man proving real happiness comes with two wheels. >> make it fit. >> reporter: there is no bicycle more memorable than your first. paul browne remembers his.
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it was a christmas gift from his mom. >> she stayed up all year long. i went downstairs in the basement and i took the bike all apart. >> reporter: as a child, brown dreamed of bike chains and fancy rims. >> i always said to myself i wanted to have the baddest bike in the world. >> reporter: nearly six decades later, at least that part of brown's life is still the same. >> i just love bikes, man, working on them. i don't like regular. >> reporter: there is nothing regular or understated by the bicycles brown builds. >> one of my favorite colors is gold. i love gold, i don't know why. i used to have some gold teeth. >> reporter: in early days when brown wasn't behind the handlebars he was behind the wheel, 20 years driving trucks and greyhound buses. >> one day i was coming from new york. i got back down here and i was like i don't want to do this anymore. >> reporter: those bikes shine with flashes of gold and jewels. brown now leads a much humbler life, living in a beatup rv.
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>> i live day by day. >> reporter: brown known as tall paul survives by recycling. >> i walk to emeryville in the morning. i collect cardboard. >> reporter: sometimes neighbors bring him leftovers to sell for scrap. >> whenever i can help him out, i try to. >> reporter: mostly the profits go right back into the bicycle. >> i need some paint supplies. that's the main thing. single speed. when i go somewhere, i always go on this bike right here. >> reporter: tall paul's bikes are legendary around the neighborhood. >> people stop and take pictures. >> that's the number one question how do you get on and off that bicycle. >> reporter: these days brown has become known for something else. >> i'm trying to get a bike together. >> reporter: a while back he styled a pair of bikes for kids who showed him good report cards. so instead of making bikes for himself, brown shifted gears. now he makes his bikes to inspire other students. >> any little kid, black, white,
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spanish, chinese, it doesn't matter what the can kid is. if a kid has three as or more from their report from school i pimp their bike for free. >> some families may not have money to buy a new bike but who needs new when paul can can make it better than new. >> the excitement on their face when i pimp their bikes out. wow, man. >> reporter: in brown's world, everything that glitters is gold. >> you would think i don't have too much. but, man, i've got everything i need, and that's happiness. i've got that. >> reporter: and maybe now he may finally even have -- >> spray painting my chains gold. >> reporter: joe rizatto jr., nbc bay area news. >> i made that bike for president obama. >> that is cool. what a character. what a great guy, too. giving so much joy. >> and he was getting so emotional there, talking about what he does for all of the kids when he does his thing. >> that is happiness, that's for sure. meteorologist rob mayeda is here with the micro climate forecast
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as we wrap-up a nice weekend. >> a cooler finish to the weekend. nice for a bike ride around the bay area although chilly now if you're around san bruno mountain or san francisco, where the fog is blowing in once again. right now in oakland, 64 degrees outside oracle arena. camera bouncing due to the breeze. 71 in san jose quite comfortable this evening. and there's a view of the warriors flag atop downtown san francisco. 64 degrees. and as we show those low clouds racing by the camera, there's the hilltops. and you've got mist on the camera lens and that marine layer super sized once again. that's 2,500 feet. so no trouble spilling over the coastal hilltops and cooling down our inland valleys today. the satellite radar shows a very healthy marine layer, lots of clouds, and late-day sunshine down closer to santa cruz. but now those low clouds surging inland with drizzle and mist likely for tomorrow morning. even around hayward or perhaps out towards the pleasanton and dublin. this afternoon, similar to today, clouds west of the golden
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gate through pillar point and pacifica with more sunshine around santa cruz. and maybe a little hint of some north winds dropping into the north bay. might see temperatures climbing up just a little bit there. but this overall trend of cooling temperatures which got started today, especially towards the tri valley that's going to carry over into tomorrow. so the morning starting off, a repeat performance of what we saw today, lots of low clouds all the way inland. even as far inland as sacramento. mid 50s outside with misty skies. lunch time temperatures today in the upper 70s and noon. look at temperatures tomorrow if this is correct, monday at noon, low 7 ohs around livermore and san jose. this should be probably the coolest day of the next seven. you can see the seven-day forecast. temperatures are going to be ramping up towards the militants part of the week and next weekend beginning to see a few changes. so high temperatures tomorrow upper 70s around san jose. mid 80s towards los gatos. 60s once again closer to san francisco into the north bay.
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numbers, upper 60s to near 70 around san rafael. upper 7 ohs closer to santa rosa. some rather big changes coming up this time next weekend. the short termout look notice the south bay, upper 70s to lower 80s tomorrow and climbing back into the mid 80s towards wednesday. san francisco, also warming towards wednesday temperatures near 70. and the north bay, mid 80s. tri valley back into the 90s briefly, and then things heat up as we head towards the weekend. now, the latest on tropical storm carlos to our south is a storm that may briefly strengthen as it approaches puerto vallarta from a category 1 hurricane to a tropical storm as it hits the mountain ranges. notice the path across mexico not expecting any moisture making it this for narth. instead, pumping up a ridge of high pressure into sunday we're going to see warming temperatures as we head towards
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next weekend. so here's your first look at the first weekend of summer. at least officially summer as we get into sunday. and look at that. temperatures climbing now trend into the mid 90s. by next sunday for the south bay, tri valley san francisco, low to mid 70s. next weekend, a little cooler start. but the weekend ahead heating up again. mid 90s towards next sunday. back to you. >> i look forward to it. rob, thank you very much. coming up emergency on the water. a bay area woman attempting a very brave feat across the pacific, forced to abandon her boat. what happened and what she told us before she ever left on this dangerous journey. also coming up a festive approach to the drought. is that possible? the story behind this patriotic display in one south bay neighborhood.
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on his quest, jack searched the globe for a flavorful spice coveted by kings and sultans. at last, he found it. exotic black pepper. jack knew what he had to do. trade his most beloved possession. and that's how far jack went to bring you the black pepper cheeseburger. black pepper cheese and peppercorn mayo. the black pepper cheeseburger. taste it before it's gone. nationwide, gas prices are still on the rise, but at nationwide, gas prices are still on the rise. but at a slower pace. here in california they are dropping. the national average for a gallon of regular gas now $2.87.
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of course here in the bay area they're much higher n. san francisco, the average price of a gallon of regular now, $3.61. that's the average. you can find it at less than $3.50 at a number of places. in oakland, the average is $3.46. in san jose $3.44. price expected to remain relatively stable over the next few weeks or maybe drop a little bit. and how about this. a san jose couple found a way to be patriotic and also save water at the same time. dan and claudia decker are like a lot of homeowners now, dealing with the drought, let their lawn go brown to conserve water. so they did this they paymentsedpaymentsinted the american flag in honor of flag day. they're looking into what they can do in the future. >> of i hope everybody enjoys it and maybe the next holiday coming up we'll think of another thing to paint. st. paddy's day, maybe a
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shamrock or two. maybe the drought will be over by then. >> they say the flag is getting a lot of attention. not only are neighbors stopping by but so are strangers wanting to know how to do it to their own lawn. >> to everyone including the deckers, happy flag day. coming up next a country reeling from catastrophe. >> more on the floods hitting georgia in russia and zoo animals running loose. what they're doing to save them. and the daring adventure a girl trying to pull off didn't quite make it. this caused an emergency situation. we'll have details. i'm chuck copy la along highway 101. traffic flowing smoothly now, but next weekend, may be a different story. details, coming up.
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