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tv   Today  NBC  June 15, 2015 7:00am-11:01am PDT

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local news update. >> you can join us for nbc bay area news at 11:00. we hope you have a great day. we will see you then. good morning. danger in the water. two separate shark attacks just hours apart off the coast of north carolina. two teenagers suffer vicious bites, each losing a limb. this morning, why is that beach still open? what was her plan? joyce mitchell faces a judge again today. those two escaped killers nowhere to be found as questions swirl about what the three may have been planning. ready for launch. jeb bush ready to announce his run for the white house this afternoon. is he still the one to beat? and taking a bite out of the box office. >> one, two, three -- >> reporter: a huge opening
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weekend for "jurassic world" making more than a half billion dollars, officially the biggest worldwide open ever. today, monday, june 15, 2015. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. [ cheers and applause ] >> and good morning, everyone, and welcome to "today" on a monday morning. that's the crowd outside and they are here for one reason and one reason only. james taylor is here. this is a live picture. he's giving the crowd a little rehearsal before he gets started. >> not great weather here on the east coast this morning. that didn't stop fans of james taylor who lined up early for a glimpse of him. we're excited he'll perform songs. according to the numbers, james taylor and you, everybody but us went to see "jurassic world."
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biggest opening ever for a film. >> half a billion dollars. something tells me, we'll see "jurassic world 2" three, four, lots more sequels for sure. the big story in entertainment. but the bigger story are shark attacks that happened miles away from one another on a stretch of beach in north carolina. two teens are recovering in the hospital. this morning, the beaches are open but authorities are on high alert. gabe gutierrez has the story. >> reporter: this morning, two teenagers are out of surgery and in stable condition after a pair of terrifying close calls owned on the beaches of north carolina. the first around 4:00 in the afternoon. a teenage girl losing part of her arm and possibly her leg from a shark attack in oak island, just south of wilmington. an hour later, another call. this time a teenage boy losing his arm in another attack, just a few miles from the first. both near ocean isle beach where a shark bit a 13-year-old girl
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on thursday. today, the beaches are open, but authorities are on control. >> we'll continue to monitor and maybe be a little bit more beach-oriented tomorrow in the water until we can get a handle on the situation. >> reporter: for the last century in north carolina, there were just 90 shark attacks. >> this is highly unusual. >> reporter: last thursday's was the first reported in the state this season. with others turning up in florida and hawaii already this year, beachgoers this summer are on high alert. for "today," gabe gutierrez, nbc news. >> get more on this now with chris anselmo, the oak island fire chief. good morning. >> good morning. >> what can you are tell us about the condition of the two teenagers who suffered shark bites over the weekend? >> what i can tell you is about 4:20 yesterday afternoon, we did receive a call for a possible shark attack right about where
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we are standing. about an hour and a half later at 5:40, we received another call about two miles down the road from here, down the beach. this one here involved a 13-year-old girl and down the beach involved a 16-year-old male. >> and i guess a lot of people are probably wondering this morning, you have the first attack, and 90 minutes later, another attack. was there thought to closing the beaches or closing the water? >> at this time, they are not closing the beach. they did go out last night in the few hours that we had left of daylight and warn people to try to stay out of the water at that time. this is an isolated incident. i have been here for 16 years. i have been the chief for three. but i have been on this island in the fire department for 16 years. and we have never had this incident not just on this beach but on the other beaches in this county. >> well, let me ask you about that. you say it is an isolated
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incident. it sounds like it's pretty rare. but there was an attack thursday and two yesterday. can you really guarantee, can you really say the waters are are safe right now? >> well, we can't guarantee anything. i mean, you know, these are ocean waters. so, i mean, you know, there is a lot of fish and sharks that live out in the ocean. there is nothing we can do to control that. we can only educate people to be careful this the water. and from 4:00 on, i would stay out of the water. that would be my thoughts. >> all right, chief anselmo. i know you are working hard with the other authorities to make sure the beaches are safe. thank you for your time, sir. we really appreciate it. >> okay. thank you. and now to the other big story we have been following. the search for escaped prisoners from upstate new york this morning. joyce mitchell, the woman accused of helping them break
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free, goes before a judge for the second time as the hunt for the men enters its tenth day and authorities appear no closer to catching them. miguel almaguer is in new york. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this is where joyce mitchell will make her second court appearance in full jail garb. she's pled not guilty. investigators say she tried to help the inmates escape and they say she planned a life with them on the run. she's the prison employee now behind bars. the district attorney says over the last 18 months, joyce mitchell had an unusual relationship with convicted killers david sweat and richard matt. >> individuals such as matt and sweat can become very manipulative. >> reporter: while at the prison, multiple sources familiar with the case say mitchell was investigated for a sexual relationship with sweat. then matt charmed her, so much so, she thought she was in love. after learning plans of their
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escape, this criminal complaint says mitchell smuggled hacksaw blades, chisels, a punch and a screwdriver bit into the prison. sources say after they squeezed, shimmied and crawled their way out, sweat and matt left behind not one but a trail of post-it notes like this one. the d.a. says mitchell agreed to be the getaway driver, meeting the dangerous duo at this power plant for a midnight rendezvous. was her thought process to help them escape and go on the run with them? >> it appears that way. it appears that way, based on her statements and i think at the last moment, she bailed out. >> reporter: the district attorney said mitchell was told the three would drive seven hours toward an unknown location where they would meet an off-road vehicle. mitchell never showed, getting cold feet, says the d.a. because she didn't want to hurt her husband, also a prison employee.
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>> to the extent any state employee was involved in facilitating the escape, that's a crime in and of itself. and that will be fully prosecuted. >> reporter: this morning, 800 officers are desperately searching for two dangerous men, gone ten days now. convicted killers who could be anywhere while their alleged accomplice is behind bars. the district attorney believes the inmates stole tools from contractors to help dig their way out of jail -- prison, excuse me and used them overnight from midnight to 5:00 a.m. and replaced them every morning so they would not notice they were missing. the d.a. is investigating joyce mitchell and what she planned to do after she was to be their getaway driver. carson? >> bernard kerik was the corrections commissioner before
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being police commissioner. served three years in federal prison. good morning. >> thank you. >> day ten and governor cuomo is saying we don't know if they are in the immediate area or in mexico by now. time for a new game plan? >> one thing i think of is these guys were looking at life, locked in a 12 x 8 cell. they have a plan, a good plan. took weeks to months to come to fruition. i don't know if she was the key to the escape. these guys, you know, you have one shot at this. you have one shot. you make a plan. they knew where they were going. i think she could have been a decoy. >> let's put up google maps to get an idea where it is. they have a two-hour drive to vermont. montreal is an hour and 20 minutes away. >> they could have had a secondary plan. she thought she was supposed to be the pickup. they had to have cell phones, communications. they could have contacted somebody on the outside. >> she couldn't have been the only person to help out on the inside. tell me about it.
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>> well, there are security issues. there are hourly checks, half hourly checks at night. keep in mind last time they were seen at night was 10:30. they were discovered missing at 5:30 in the morning. that's probably 14 different checks within the cell that should have been made, obviously wasn't. they had a long time before anybody realized they were gone. you know, seven hours. >> most prisons are on the outskirts of cities. clinton seems to be in the middle. there is a car dealership across the street, a school bus picking up kids. these are criminals. one escaped from prisons before. are you surprised at the freedoms they had inside? >> as a corrections commissioner, i want to know who created the honor dorm to put somebody that killed a cop and an escape artist already convicted of escape, who put them in an honor dorm? who gave them certain freedoms who gave them certain freedoms i don't think they should have had? >> do you think they slipped through or is it a matter of time? >> it's a matter of time.
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they will get caught eventually. >> back to you, savannah. >> carson, thank you. turn to politics and the race for the white house. two familiar names kick the campaign into high gear today. jeb bush will announce he's running in miami and hillary clinton is trying to woo voters in iowa after her announcement and relaunch over the weekend. nbc senior white house correspondent chris jansing is in miami where governor bush will announce today. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, savannah. this is where it starts for jeb bush in the state where he twice served as governor. he spent the weekend relaxing with his family. today, his job is to deliver a speech to regain lost momentum and set up a battle of political heavy-hitters. the stage is set, swathed in red, white and blue and the introductory videos are now rolling. >> proud we could make a difference, to change lives. >> reporter: after six months of planning and pressing the flesh, jeb goes after the office once held by his father and brother. >> it's an exciting time.
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>> reporter: it's not the campaign he expected it to b. there was a staff shakeup and policy stumbles on iraq that made donors nervous. bush faces a crowded field that even the competition calls impressive. >> they have a lot of youth, energy, significant diversity. and they are no dummies. >> reporter: of course, that's not all jeb bush is facing. after her weekend campaign kickoff, hillary clinton is back in the state she lost in 2008 for an iowa house party, simulcast to 650 other watch parties around the country. and at a rally, she called on her old boss to negotiate a better trade deal. >> the president should listen to and work with his allies in congress, starting with nancy pelosi. >> reporter: that comment an example of the challenge for both members of america's
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political dynasties, how to liberate themselves from the past and at 62 and 67, embody the future. >> i don't have to disassociate from my fan. i love them. i know that for me to be successful, i have to the show my heart, tell my story. >> reporter: the campaign showed off its new logo, no sign of the family name. voters don't know that much about jeb bush. he'll talk about his record as governor. he'll talk about leadership and about washington dysfunction. kind of a jab at the four republican senators running for president. then, like hillary clinton, he'll hit the road to the early primary states. savannah, carson? >> and we're off. thank you very much. now to the weather as tens of millions face storms and flooding this this week. al, what are they dealing with? >> it's interesting. this system doesn't have to be named to cause massive problems and devastating flooding. this is san antonio. they got several inches of rain yesterday.
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this is before the big system even comes on shore. this is amazing. odessa, texas, overnight. they had about three inches of rain, causing massive flooding, big problems. flooded roads and a lot of businesses and homes getting flooded as well. they had to have some evacuations. here's what we are watching. right now, there is what's called an invest area. 91-l. right now, they are investigating. they have hurricane hunters in this thing now. it's 430 miles southeast of houston. 40 miles per hour winds with an open circulation. not a closed circulation yet. we expect it will be named bill the in the next 48 hours. high pressure is locked in place. that's the steering mechanism bringing all this moisture on shore. even if it doesn't get named, all of the moisture gets pumped up into texas where they have already had at least ten to 12 inches of rain. so, we have widespread flooding
7:15 am
in this area. look at some of these rainfall amounts through thursday morning. we are talking about seven to eight inches of rain. some areas locally could be a foot or more of rain already in a generally saturated year. as the system comes on shore, guys, usually they weaken because there is so much moisture in the ground. as the moisture evaporated, it brings out energy. this thing can strengthen as it moves inland. texas, oklahoma, missouri. we're going to be talking about it all week. >> turn to natalie now. in libya, the u.s. military was targeting the leader of an al qaeda affiliate in libya. belmokhtar was killed in an attack along with other
7:16 am
militants, but they are looking at the operation and cannot confirm the death. the pentagon says he's responsible that killed 38 people, including three americans. a louisville police officer is on administrative leave after shooting a man who charged at him with a flagpole. saturday's incident was caught by a surveillance cameras. one of the officers confronted the suspect. he grabbed a flagpole and swung it at the officer. the suspect died at the hospital. a full investigation is now under way. a natural gas pipeline ruptured in south texas overnight sparking a massive fire. it happened about 85 miles southeast of san antonio. the ball of flames could be seen from 20 miles away. and there were no reports of injuries, fortunately. but seven homes were evacuated. the fire is now out. the golden state warriors, now just one win away from an nba championship after beating the cleveland cavaliers sunday
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night in game five of the nba finals. lebron james had 40 points for the cavs, but that wasn't enough. steph curry led the warriors with 37 points. they win it 104-91. golden state now leading the series 3-2. game six tomorrow night back in cleveland. that would be heartbreaking for cleveland if the golden state warriors win. don't forget, game six of the stanley cup final. the blackhawks and the lightning. chicago with a 3-2 lead. you can see that right here on nbc tonight, 8:00 eastern/5:00 pacific time. exciting sports. >> two good series there. >> excellent. >> got to keep it all straight. >> especially hockey because it's on nbc. >> exactly. kiss up to the boss today. >> ding, ding, ding! >> do you have a shiny apple as well? >> it's monday. we'll get to your local forecast after a message from our sponsor, shell.
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good monday morning i'm meteorologist kari hall. low clouds and temperatures in the 50s across the bay. it will be a beautiful afternoon with a lot of sunshine the south bay today reaching 83 degrees. east bay 70 degrees and checking out the tri-valley, making it up to 86 degrees today. so it will be warm this spots, but still nice and cool in san francisco, a bit breezy later on today and mostly sunny skies for the north bay reaching 77 degrees. have an awesome day. and that's your latest
7:19 am
weather. savannah? >> thank you very much. what a story overseas. there are an undetermined fubnumber of animals on the loose after flooding sent them into the streets. kier simmons is here. good to see you. >> you, too. imagine how terrifying it would be. your house is flooded. you are trying to escape and you are face to face with some of the most vicious animals. stunning pictures as rescuers search for 20 missing people and an undetermined number of potentially dangerous animal. on one of the main streets of this major city, a hip popotamushippopotamus loose for hours before being tranquilized and herded out of a city of a million people. 30 animals escaped. lions, rare white tigers a crocodile which was captured. a bear trying to climb up and away from the wet and wild
7:20 am
scenes. devastating floods left at least 12 people deadment rescuers working while watching out for the dangerous animals. vehicles were smashed. 4 million dollars of daniel was done according to one report. look at these heartbreaking images. many of the escaped zoo animals were shot dead. >> it was necessary unfortunately to shoot animals because they could harm people. >> reporter: there was also some relief. these bear cubs rescued miles from the zoo. today has been declared a day of mourning. isn't it often the case these traumatic events bring out the best in people is this in this case rescuing some animals. >> terrifying story. >> thank you so much. coming up the naacp, the leader accused of lying about being african-american cancels a public meeting today. what's next for her? we'll talk to her parent s live. >> plus a new warning from
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the enamel in your teeth. it allows me to continue to drink my coffee and to eat healthier and it was a real easy switch to make. i'm ... =anim= new this morning - =vo= in about an hour-and-a-half - the man it's 7:26 i'm sam brock. new this morning in about an hour and a half the man accused of torch four chevy volts is novato is going to make his first court appearance. this is video of john bixler setting those cars on fire. each one is worth $40,000. two of them completely destroyed, two damaged. san francisco police officers says he was forced to open fire after a dog suddenly went on at attack, biting him several times. where he had evening police received a 911 call from a home on oakdale avenue in the city's bay view neighborhood. officers say as had he approached the house a dog attacked one of no he is officers and the officer hot and killed the dog. the officer was taken to the hospital to be treated for several is bites. and happening today, san
7:27 am
jose international airport is going to welcome its first nonto.flight there china, the inaugural flight from beijing is due to get in at 11:30 this morning. the nonstop flight is one of three new routes that they are running, the other ones are going to seattle and boston. so are conditions right for flying today or anything else for that matter? let's check in with kari hall. >> we start out with low clouds as we get a view of ocean beach, you can see the clouds. we will get some sunshine this afternoon as we check out the south bay, the high today reaching 83 degrees in san jose redwood city 78 degrees and at&t park for the giants game seeing a high of 67 degrees, santa rows ra 77 degrees and east bay reaching 70. warming up for the tri-valley where we could see 90s and temperatures continue to go up from there the rest of the week. today most likely the coolest day of the week.
7:28 am
we're looking at the slowest drive, the westbound highway, commute direction a crash still working at bailey. that is jammed all the way in toward bay point making conk cord a little easier as far as that drive toward 242. the bay bridge metering lights are on and slowing for north bay typical pattern. south bay nothing dramatic northbound routes starting to slow. right here on the peninsula the live look shows the pally jam, you slow down right around university. we will be back in 25 minutes with another update.
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♪ no one can tell me that i ♪ ♪ doing wrong today ♪ ♪ no one can tell me that i ♪ ♪ doing wrong today ♪ >> 7:30 on monday morning the 15th of june 2015. whenever we hear that smiling face, we have to the smile ourselves, especially when james taylor is here live. he's going to to play some classics and a brand-new song we really like around this show. >> so good. >> it's called "today, today, today." >> his first album of original music in 13 years, which is exciting. we look forward to that. first, a look at the headlines this morning. two teenagers are in the hospital after separate shark attacks in north carolina. the 13-year-old and 16-year-old were attacked about two miles
7:31 am
apart off oak island. both teens lost limbs in the attacks. >> more than 800 officers involved in the search for those prison escapees, richard matt and david sweat. joyce mitchell, the prison employee police say helped them escape, will be in court. and jeb bush will announce he's running for president this afternoon. he'll launch his bid during a campaign event in florida. coming up, as the search for the two escaped killers go on, officials warn they could be getting more desperate and dangerous. jeff rossen looks at how to protect yourself and your family from a terrifying home invasion, including what to have on your nightstand and how to escape a carjacking alive. we are going to start with a controversy swirling around a civil rights leader in washington state accused about lying about her race.
7:32 am
rachel dolazal was supposed to make a statement tonight, but that's been cancelled. we'll talk to her parents. first, the latest from hallie jackson. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. many folks here in spokane just want to know why rachael dolezal did what she did. she's been expected to talk about it tonight before the abrupt change of plans less than 24 hours ago. we have learned local naacp leaders may still meet even without dolezal as fallout from the controversy intensifies. >> i was wondering if your dad really is an african-american man. >> that's a very -- i don't know what you're implying. >> reporter: this morning, more questions about when rachael dolezal may talk about why she's apparently been pretending to be black. >> i think she was only trying to match how she felt on the inside.
7:33 am
>> reporter: angela works with dolezal in eastern washington university's africana studies program. >> if she feels there is injustice, boom, she'll be on it. if people perceive her as an angry black woman she finds that empowering. >> if you are living in an all-black community, you understand. >> reporter: dolezal's lectured on topics like african-american women and hair and mentored members of the black student union. >> i don't think it matters what your ethnicity is. it was a gift what she taught us. >> reporter: others feel betrayed. we are learning more about dolezal's complicated family history. >> she told me not to blow her cover about what she was doing over there in spokane with her new identity. >> reporter: her brother says they last spoke in 2012. >> she's done some good. she could have done so much better if she would have just stayed honest about everything. >> reporter: dolezal is estranged from her parents, saying she's caucasian by birth, prompting this viral exchange with a reporter. >> are you african-american? >> i don't understand -- i don't
7:34 am
understand the question. >> reporter: dolezal's reported being the victim of more than half a dozen possible hate crimes in a decade in mostly white areas of washington and idaho. investigators say they have found nothing to substantiate the allegations, though the fallout is far from over. we could know as early as this week the results of an investigation by the city of spokane into whether dolezal lied about her race on a government application. meantime, the naacp released a statement backing dolezal's advocacy record pointing out you don't have to be black to be a leader within the organization. >> thank you so much. larry and ruthanne dolezal are rachel's parents. good morning to you. >> good morning, savannah. >> good morning. >> i think a lot of people look at the story and scratch their heads. it's one thing to identify with a culture, care about it, advocate for it. you are suggesting she's lying about her background. you know her better than anybody, presumably. why would she do that?
7:35 am
>> we are puzzled. we're not sure. >> she may have felt that she had some advantage in her activism by being portrayed as a black woman. >> okay. but some of the claims she's reportedly made over the years are pretty dramatic, that she was born in a teepee, had to use bows and arrows to hunt for food as a child, lived in south africa. what's the motive for making such claims, assuming those aren't true? >> those are all false claims. i think rachel has tried to damage her biological family and those kind of claims, as false as they were, seem to serve her purposes in her mind. >> have you ever confronted her about this? >> no, we have not, because rachel has not wanted to talk to us. she's distanced herself from us. made it very clear she doesn't
7:36 am
want us around or in communication with her. >> let me ask you, one of the other surprising aspects of this story for a lot of people is this all became public when you, her parents, revealed what her true heritage is. and i guess the question is why did you feel you needed to go public with it? >> well, we had never been asked to be involved. we had never been questioned before. but just short of a week ago, we were contacted by the coeur d'aline press. i guess it was part of some investigative reporting being done. somehow, they got wind of us as her parents as a possibility. and so they contacted us to see if we were, in fact, her parents. and we taught our children, as we raised all six of them, tell the truth. always be honest. so we weren't going to lie.
7:37 am
we told the truth. rachel is our birth daughter. >> you mentioned that you haven't talked to her in several years. it sounds like you are estranged and there are obviously some complicated family dynamics here. she's even made a claim of physical abuse in your home. do you have anything to say about that? >> yes. she knows we were not abusive parents. people who know us also know that. before rachel tried to change her identity, she was proud of us as her parents, wanted to introduce us to her friends. it's a dramatic change. >> before i let you go, what do you want to happen here? what do you hope the outcome is and what would you say to her if you had a chance to speak to her? >> well, i will comment on the first question. we still hold out hope that we'll be able to be reconciled some day. >> and we hope rachel will get the help she needs to deal with
7:38 am
her identity issues. of course, we love her, and hope that she will come to a place where where she knows and believes and speaks the truth. >> and we are always ready, as parents, to forgive and move on. >> larry and ruthanne dolezal, i appreciate your time this morning. thank you. >> thank you, savannah. let's get a check on the weather now from al. >> announcer: today's weather is brought to you by royal caribbean international. no one knows the caribbean like royal caribbean. >> we have wet weather move through the northeast. getting more showers and thunderstorms passing just through philadelphia and just to the south. we are looking for rain today through thursday from the northeast, about an inch. as you get into the midwest, the tropical moisture that will hit texas.
7:39 am
eventually, you see some areas picking up five to seven inches of rain from st. louis to springfield. we've got a ring of fire, the big ridge of high pressure bringing in all the moisture. it's also funneling in cures. 90 in philly. 102 in raleigh. tallahassee will feel like 99. no relief for the next three days. days. good monday morning i'm meteorologist kari hall. we walk out the door to some low clouds and fog this morning and some low to mid 50s as we go into the afternoon the sun is breaks out it will be a beautiful day. reaching 70 degrees in the east bay, peninsula 75 degrees, east bay -- or south bay, rather 83 degrees and the tri-valley will be one of the hot spots today, reaching 86 degrees. we'll also see some upper 70s for the north bay, while san francisco stays in the mid 60s. get the wet wither any time you need it on the weather channel on cable, online. savannah? >> thanks al. coming up on trending has this ever happened to you? the woman up staged by the
7:40 am
floor. oh my goodness. her dress matches the floor and that pick cure is going viral. >> up next on ros aren reports, protecting yourself and your family in dangerous situations. >> i'm jeff rossen. coming up the new warning from police. with escaped inmates on the loose they may be more desperate and more dangerous, even trying to walk up and steal your car to summers heating up with royal caribbean's wow sale. our biggest sale of the summer is going on now. get a 50% reduced deposit. plus up to $200 onboard spending money. and up to 30% off your cruise.
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hi, i'm monica seles. when i binged, i wasn't in control. i never felt satisfied no matter what the quantity was. afterwards i felt so upset with myself. to learn more about b.e.d. go to and talk with your doctor. we are back now at 7:44. this morning on rossen reports, the new fear with the escaped inmates on the loose, police say as we ent another week the killers are armed and dangerous. jeff rossen has tips on how to get away alive. >> reporter: good morning. police just put out a new warning over the weekend telling nbc news the longerer this manhunt goes the more quote, desperate and dangerous the inmates get.
7:45 am
by now, day ten on the road they need money, food clothing a place to hide. cops say this is when the car jacking and home invasions could start. if these killers, if any attacker showed up at your doorstep would you know what to do? this morning we are about to show you. the escaped inmates are probably on foot. no getawayer car. with police searching the woods and every road in between officials fear they will try to steal someone's wheels. car jackings happen fast and they are often violent. in fact, escaped inmates have done it in the past. from detroit to virginia. >> we have a car jacking. >> reporter: preying on innocent drivers to get away. >> there are things you can do to prevent an attack. >> reporter: john peek is a self-defense expert with 15 years' experience. today he's playing the attackerer showing me how to get away alive.
7:46 am
he says you need to be ready the moment a criminal approaches like this. >> get out of the car! >> hit the horn hit the gas, get out of there. >> here's another tip. if you can't drive away run away. they threw you out of the car, run, run run. >> reporter: the key is to get away. the most car jackerers don't want you, just the car. >> most want the car but with the prison break in new york they may want your car, money, clothes, home to hide out. if they are shoving you in the car and you can't run, do whatever you have to do to crawl out the other door. >> reporter: get out this way. >> don't let them take you. >> reporter: get out at all costs. >> get away. if you find a gun in your face -- >> reporter: i would be panicked and do what they say. >> if you allow them to take you hostage the likelihood of you being killed goes up greatly. >> reporter: what do i do? >> push the gun to the dash accelerate and drive off. >> reporter: now i have the gun.
7:47 am
perhaps more scary the inmates breaking into your home as you sleep, holding your family hostage as they try to hide. some of the invaders caught on video, kicking this in doors. getting violent. even attacking victims in their own beds. so how can you get your family out alive is? wallace signs was an nypd detective and 22-year hostage negotiator. i hear what noise, what do i do? >> a lot of people don't have alarms. they are expensive. put your car keys on the night table. hear a noise, hit the red button. built in alarm. >> reporter: he says there is something else you feed in the bed room. >> buy a can of wasp spray in the hardware store or the supermarket. this is potent. more powerful than police mace.
7:48 am
if you spray it it goes 20 25 feet. >> reporter: you could be in the corner of the room. if someone gets to to your bed roop room -- >> spray them. they are temporarily blind. >> reporter: check your state and local laws. sleep with your bedroom doors open. you want the kids to hear what's going on. then you go to them. the key is to get the family together all this one place and get out. >> exactly. as quickly as you can. >> reporter: one other tip. we love giving you tips. this seems obvious. experts say lock your doors and windows at night. a lot of us forget especially now during the summer when it's nice outside. same goes for cars. when you are driving around they say to keep the windows up. it is nice out. definitely keep your doors locked while driving. they will try to grab the handle. if you have an extra second when you feel someone trying to get in and can nail the gas, that's the difference. >> i look in the back seat to see if anyone is hiding in the
7:49 am
car. >> they do that too. >> now we have to buy wasp spray. >> i'm buying that today. >> thanks for that jeff. >> still to come in trending should you stop giving books to your kids? why my school reunion's coming fast. could be bad. could be a blast. can't find a single thing to wear. will they be looking at my hair? won't be the same without you bro. when it's go, go to the new the site with the right room, rewards and savings up to 20% when you book direct. now at chili's new top shelf ranchero chicken tacos. stop in for lunch and tap, swipe, and go. chili's. fresh is happening now.
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m .. a very good morning to you, it is 7:56 i'm laura garcia-cannon. new this morning pleasanton police worked quickly to catch a crook suspected of robbing a chevron gas station, the robbery happened at 2:00 this norng morning, the chevron in pleasant pleasanton pleasanton, police say 22-year-old trechb ellsworth walked in in and handed a note to the clerk demanding money but the clerk was able to talk him out of it and he stole a pack of gum and ran off. officers found ellsworth hiding i behind a hotel. he confessed to the crime. police say he is a homeless man with a last known address in indiana joe only one game stands between the warriors and an nba championship. after last night's win warriors will have a chance to take it all tomorrow. game six is in cleveland at 6:00. let's check that forecast with kari hall.
7:57 am
>> we start out with low clouds and temperatures in the 50s as with you walk out the door but this afternoon will be a gorgeous day, reaching 70 degrees in the east bay, peninsula 75 degrees, and north bay will be warm as well reaching 77. as we take a look now at the east bay, flipping it over to get a view of the tri-valley today, reaching 86 degrees, so there will still be some warm spots, but really cranking up the heat later on this week. had let's check in with mike. we're looking over here towards the east bay, highway 4 has had had 5 15 minutes of recovery for the westbound direction. very quick recovery. folks making tlar way over toward kopg cord there's the east shore freeway and build up at the bay bridge. we will pipes around 880, there was a traffic break, they cleared and lighter slow town through that area. smooth throw of traffic for west 237, crash north 101 causing a bit of a slow down.
7:58 am
>> thank you. another update in half an hour. we'll see you then. ♪ ♪ ♪
7:59 am
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♪ ♪ it's 8:00 on "today." coming up george steals the show from the buckingham to the polo field of big weekend. we'll have all the adorable details. then a father's day surprise. >> my right leg took all the shrapnel. i thought, will i ever see my son, again. that is my biggest fear not being able to say good-bye to him. >> a former navy s.e.a.l. who lost his leg on the battlefield in afghanistan gets the surprise of a lifetime to share with his family. ♪ ♪ how sweet it is to be loved by you ♪ and how sweet it is. the great james taylor hits our summer concert stage today, monday, june 15th, 2015.
8:01 am
>> hey, james taylor we love your smiling face! >> we came all the way from massachusetts just to see james taylor on "today." >> celebrating my 30th birthday with james taylor. >> celebrating my 50th birthday all the way from pittsburgh! ♪ >> been friends for 40 years ss -- >> here to see james taylor! >> we got four hours of sleep to see james taylor! good morning, everyone. welcome back to "today" 8:00 june 15th 2015. matt has the morning off, but the rest of the gang is here. >> give it up for james taylor! not quite yet, everybody. been waiting for 13 years. quick programming note tomorrow here on "today" we are kicking
8:02 am
off a ten-day sugar detox. did you know ethe american heart association recommends 16 spoonfuls of sugar and the american sugar. we know candy, desserts things like that. there's ketchup and flavored yogurts. >> and alcohol. >> yes. why would you bring that up? i don't know. we're going to see how we feel after it's over and what we learn. we love you to join us we're going to have all of the details coming up tomorrow on "today." >> got the shakes already. i don't know if the . . >> let's get a check of the morning's top stories. nat, good morning to you. >> good morning to you. news of two terrifying shark attacks have officials watching
8:03 am
the waters off of south carolina this morning. on sunday two teens were seriously hurt in separate shark attacks. both happened off oak island. a 12-year-old girl lost part of her arm and suffered lower leg tissue damage. just over an hour later, a 16-year-old boy was attacked. the shark taking part of his left arm. oaks isles fire chief spoke earlier today. >> nothing we can do to control that. we can only educate people to be careful in the water and really the main, you know what i would say, 4:00, you know, from 4:00 on. i would, i would stay out of the water. >> there had also been a third attack last thursday. neither beach has been closed at this point, but helicopters will be back up looking for any more activity. this morning as we search for two escaped killers in upstate new york expands, the woman charged with helping them makes her second court appearance. police are moving teams a little further east in the hunt for richard matt and david sweat, but they admit no new leads.
8:04 am
the d.a. is getting more details from joyce mitchell, the prison employee who is said to have told authorities that the three d int planned to drive to a get away raging river after a water main break, the location seven hours from the prison. philly sent the flooding in west philly 12 million sent more than 12 million roaring through gallons roaring through homes, submerging cars and submerging cars and forcing some eevacuations. luckily there were no injuries acuations. there were no and crews were able to stop the crews were able to stop the flow in a few flow of water in just a few hours.hours. there is a new star this britain's royal family. morning in britain's royal family. on the young royal who is katie has more on the young royal who is stealing hearts as he stole the show. he stole the show. the wave and >> reporter: with a wave and a grin little cheeky grin, little prince history on the george made history on the palace bucking hm palace balcony this balcony inweekend as the a past weekend as the almost -old joine 2-year-old joined mom, dad and d the rest of the royal gang to celebrate the rest of the royal gang to great grand ma green elizabeth's 89th birthday. >> he didn't look celebrate great grandma queen elizabethe generally seemed to take it elizabeth 89th birthday. in.
8:05 am
>> reporter: four monarchs one current and three >> genuinely taking it all out. future watc >> reporter: four monarchs, one hefly-by and george took u current and three future watched duties without a hitch appearing on prince william's arms in the same the fly by and george took up his royal duties without a hitch. h worn on his first balcony the same blue outfit his dad had worn on his first balcony kate out in appearance.public for making a splash kate out in the time since public for the first time since princess introducing the world to looking sleek and relaxed. a day princess charlotte six weeks ago looking sleek and relaxed. from formal mom to normal mom as she played in the grass with george during the match. george made it his own. delighting in changing the rules of play. and enjoying having mom all to himself before his neckt formal appearance at the christening of his little sister charlotte early next month. nbc news, london. >> so cute. it is 8:05 right now. only one baby matches cuteness in that category and that would be baby vale, savannah.
8:06 am
>> thank you for saying that. i'm totally objective and i agree. meantime, kate snow here. talking about a lot of families getting ready to head out this summer and a new law passed this month in connecticut that is designed to make the watt arlittle safer for them. this is thank to one family's work after a tragic accident took their daughter's life. >> good morning, savannah. emily was just 16 years old when she died in a tubing accident last august and now just ten months after her death, emily's family has helped pass emily law, hoping to prevent another tragedy from happening again. >> emily was a beautiful girl. she always, always smiled. >> she's missed because her personality and her smile, you just knew they were there. now we know they're not. >> reporter: 16-year-old emily grew up on the water, so her mom didn't worry when emily said she
8:07 am
was headed out tubing last august with three friends. emily's best friend a licensed 16-year-old was driving the boat. >> just an unimaginable feeling. disbelief. this is not happening. >> reporter: despite their grief, joe and pam fidorco decided to honor emily by calling for stricter guidelines for towing people on boats. just ten months after emily's death, a new law, emily's law was signed in connecticut on june 4th. >> we felt like emily was really a driving force in really making this happen. >> you think her spirit was around this? >> i really truly feel in my heart and i think you do, too, that she was a definite driving force and a part of this. >> reporter: in 2014, there were more than 4,000 boating
8:08 am
accidents in the u.s. the top three contributing factors, operator inattention, improper lookout and operator inexperience. to address some of these risks, emily's law raises the legal age to tow another person on a boat in connecticut from 13 to 16. the law also calls for more education about towing people on boats. >> you don't allow our children to drive until they're 16 and 17 in a lot of states. how is it that you allow them to drive a boat and tube. >> as we enter the summer and everybody is thinking about getting on the water and going tubing, what would you say to other parents? >> i would say don't be afraid to ask questions. encourage having fun, but encourage making good choices and being safe. >> pam says she hasn't been out on the water yet since emily died, but joe has. did you feel any connection to her when you were out there?
8:09 am
>> well, if you mean talking to her with full conversations, yeah, i have. i think she's ever where. >> there have been signs, joe says, like a heart shape sand bar in front of the family's beach house that first appeared the night of emily's wake. >> i think that is really what got us through that week. that particular was her way of telling us, you know, i'm here with you. >> she's okay. >> so, they're hoping that other states adopt laws like emily's law and they have a foundation now and they've been given out these tool kits and one thing in here says turn it off for emily. put around the ignition switch. just a simple reminder to turn off the engine if somebody falls off the tube and you're coming back around to help them out. >> this happened just ten months agoe. they're trying to find a purchase purpose in all their sadness. we'll send it over to carson.
8:10 am
>> thank you, savannah. a special edition of make your "today" for dads. wait until you see the surprises in store for a wounded navy s.e.a.l. who was building a new home with his dad and 7-year-old son. plus, how sweet it is. one of the greatest sing singer/songwriters of all time is here with us today. first, these messages. you forgot the milk! that's lactaid®. right. 100% real milk just without the lactose. so, no discomfort? exactly. try some... mmm, it is real milk. lactaid®.
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8:15 am
and realized when it's dark enough... can see the stars. one bold choice leads to another. toyota. lets go places. are you doing the cabbage patch? >> are we on camera? >> do the running man. >> that's all the kids are doing now. >> 8:15. natalie is excited to start trending. we'll kick off not just with the cabbage patch but the new study every parent should hear and babies should as well. infants should be given tablets as soon as they are born. that's according to researchers at the university of london. >> how do they hold it? >> hold it over baby's head? >> put their fingerer on it.
8:16 am
>> the research says ipads, tablets are better than books saying children will learn faster with them and the lead-off says it's shocking how fast babies learn to do things like scroll text, fasterer than adults. you should see them on candy crush. >> and they learn to be anti-social quickly. >> i have to say i spend three quarters of my time trying to keep the phone and ipad away from vail. i feel like she'll break it. >> we gave in. this makes me feel better. i'm waiting for my kid to get on the bus. >> but for london? she's a baby. >> you can never take it away. you opt in early. >> remember the video we showed you of the 2-year-old pinching the magazine trying -- >> they don't have the dexterity. >> they learn how to click. it's amazing. >> i will wait for further are research research. >> the hov lanes, you have to have at least one passenger in
8:17 am
your car. a lone driver decided to put a minnesota quinn mannequin. she thought she might get away with it. got pulled over by a state trooper when he noticed the unusual passenger. he gave her a citation but said at least it was a seahawks fan. >> she got pulled over for speeding. not the mannequin. >> curb your enthusiasm did that. >> that was different. >> i i'll google it. >> one thing when you show up at an event wearing the same outfit but what if you were wearing the same thing as the floor? it happens to people. this lady walked into a room realized her dress matched the floor. so she decided what else? >> i see blue and gold. >> she's lying on top of it not because shh's covering her face. she didn't know if she should smile so went with the safe option. >> that's amazing.
8:18 am
>> who pointed it out? >> when you walk? . >> sound like she realized it herself. >> we mentioned a dyno-mite weekend. get it? and a teen rocker burned on stage. carson? commence popstart. >> it shall start here. we're starting with the opening weekend from "jurassic world" from universal. the sequel grabbed the biggest debut in history. more than $500 million. and chris pratt confirmed he's on board for another sequel. >> he's not crazy, is he? >> amazing. >> you saw it? love it? >> we waited 20-plus years to see the park finally open. >> to spoilno spoilers. >> they show the park open in the teaser. >> january stamos is okay after he was arrested in beverly hills for driving under the influence. he tweeted thanks to everyone
8:19 am
for their love and support. i'm home and well very appreciative for their care. due in court in december. nice touch tweeting a thanks to the cops. >> and the hospital. >> that helps. the guitarist from five seconds of summer is recover inging after a scary mishap overseas on saturday. that's michael clifford. he catches fire while playing next to a shoot ing flame in london on just the second night of the tour. fans have been flooding social media with well wishes. michael instagramed this photo saying hello world. i'm doing okay. thanks for worrying. >> scary. that looks bad. >> like when michael jackson caught fire in the pepsi commercial. >> there is you are your popstart. coming up we'll kick off a week of surprises for deserving dads the navy s.e.a.l. gets help building his home. al a check of the weather. >> we are watching the moisture
8:20 am
streaming up from this invest area. invest 9 # 1-l. in the meantime we have wet weather making its way into corpus christi. but look at the sunrise. that's gorgeous. rain and showers develop right through the day with temperatures getting into the 80s. we've got flood watches in effect already. they will probably spread as the moisture starts to make its way in. look at this. by thursday morning a widespread area between houston and dallas of up to eight inches of rain. there could be locally 12 inches of rain possible by thursday morning. the showers and thunderstorms extend into the northeast but not as heavy as in texas and later oklahoma missouri and arkansas. beautiful weather along the west coast. morning fog in southern california. be nice to get a little bit of that rain. good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. we start out with low clouds and temperatures in the mid to upper
8:21 am
50s as you walk out the door. today will be a gorgeous day with mostly sunny skies. the east bay reaching 70 degrees. san francisco, 65. and the north bay, 77 degrees. it will be warming up in spots like the tri-valley where you get up to 86 degrees with a lot of sunshine. the peninsula today, 75 and 83 degrees today in the south bay. that's your latest weather system we are kicking off the series make your today dads where we are surprising deserving fatherers in time for father's day. >> "today" national correspondent craig melvin starts things off. >> good morning. bo served his country and is now building a home in montana with his dad and son landon. he did it all with some surprise help. >> tell me about bo. >> he's an awesome kid. he played sports since he was 4 years old. got him into hockey .
8:22 am
>> reporter: bo riche nback married his high school sweetheart lacy and he trained to be a navy s.e.a.l. he became part of the military's elite. how proud are you? >> couldn't be prouder. he's the best of the best. >> reporter: he was deployed to afghanistan in 2012. while on patrol in one moment his life changed. >> take me back to that day. >> july 17 2012. walking back and when i stepped on it i set it off. i immediately lost my left leg. my right leg took all the shrapnel. i thought would i ever see my son again? that was my fear is not being able to say good-bye or see him again. >> i got a phone call said he lost his leg. they said we are tying to save the other. i went down on one knee. it just rips your heart out.
8:23 am
>> reporter: bo had over 30 surgeries in two years while at walter reed medical center. his dad by his side through his recovery. how hard was it for you as a father? >> it's tough. to see your son, amazing athlete. your first thought is boy, that's all taken away from him. there were times i sat there with tears in my eyes. i said i wish i could trade places with you. >> reporter: bo's fan is in the construction businessment when he came back to montana he and his dad wanted to build a home together. the home depot foundation along with the with tunnel to towers foundation stepped in to help fund a smarthome for bo. >> it's difficult doing different things being a double amputee. you find a new way to do et it. i love working with my dad. he's been probably one of the biggest parts of my recovery. building this house . it's making a dream for me come true. >> reporter: why was it so important for you and him
8:24 am
building the house together ? >> i want to show him that he can do all those things that he used to. as his father i will tell him there is nothing that can stop you. you can go out there and achieve anything you want to. >> reporter: you seem to have an amazing outlook on all of this considering all that's happened. >> i get to wake up to my wife and my son, my family that cares. it's about living for them living a full happy life for my family and being able to do everything with then. >> reporter: these are our friends from home depot. >> there were surprises for bo. >> surprise! >> reporter: home depot fully stocked all the tools for bo's new workshop. what do you think? >> wow. this is crazy. >> we've got everything for you, man. we're excited for you guys to call this a home. we thank everyone for everything you guys have done. >> another surprise. >> tunnel to towers donated a
8:25 am
custom designed utv. want to hop in and take it for a spin? >> yeah. >> that's all right. >> bo hopes to have are the house completed by his alive day, the day he lost his legs july 17th. it will be a special day for him, his son and his dad. his gland father was also there. thanks to the home depot foundation and the tunnels to tower foundation. they have been raising tens of millions of dollars over the past few years to build homes for veterans. >> what a story. >> great story. spaesh with father's day coming up up. >> and the story of he is father. >> the four-wheel drive comes with a seat belt. that's a good one. we'll be celebrating dads all week leading to father's day on make your today. now outside to dylan. >> thanks carson.
8:26 am
coming up we have james taylor live on the plaza performing some of his biggest hits. that's all cominggood morning, it's 8-26... i'm ... =vo= a bridge damaged by la good monday morning. it's 8:26. i'm sam brock. a bridge damaged by last month's earthquake in napa is coming down today. it's been shut down since it was first damaged in may during that 4.1 quake centered in yountville. and workers hit the road in oakland today hoping to fix thousands of potholes in just a matter of weeks. the project will last seven weeks and oakland one of the worst pothole perpetrator. and over in palo alto, what's going on over there. >> they're working over this bridge that goes over a creek, the construction and roadwork is
8:27 am
going on between university and embarcadero. that's causing the slowing. we'll look at the map. you see the slow drive for 101 in both directions heading to palo alto. 101 and 280 had earlier crashes. they've both cleared. there's your south bay. no major drama toward the bay bridge where the metering lights are still on. the crash in san rafael has cleared as well. we'll be back in 25 minutes with another local news update. for now, we return you to the "today" show.
8:28 am
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♪ how sweet it is ♪ ♪ to be loved by you ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> that's the shot. 8:30 on a monday morning. no not friday. your eyes do not deceive you. we have a monday concert from james taylor that man right here about to take our stage. we have a great crowd. can't wait to hear from him. >> one of the best singerer-songwriters of all type. he's got a new record out. it's been 13 years since he's put out an album of original
8:31 am
songs. he'll do songs including our new theme song "today today, today". >> i hope for "shed a little light," my favorite. >> so beautiful. >> i love "mention xico". >> maybe he can stay until monday and do a rokerthon of music. >> anybody up for tennis? that's not the new part but it's not the game we are used to. there is a few way to play the game called pop tennis. a sport where anyone can play at any anyone. jump in. this is your sport. >> i have to check it out. >> let's check on the weather. >> great idea. let's start with today. we are looking for wet weather starting in the gulf coast, texas to louisiana. makes its way to oklahoma . we have hot weather in the pacific northwest. 84 in seattle. 90 in portland. heat continues through the southeast. tomorrow a risk of strong storms. texas. back through the mid mississippi
8:32 am
river valley into the northeast to new england. a slight risk in the western plains. along the west coast, gorgeous weather. plenty of sun good monday morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. we have some low 50s for san francisco, mid-50s for the north bay right now. and then as we go into the afternoon, we see things warming up especially in the south bay, reaching 83 degrees. 77 degrees for the north bay and then as we go into the tri-valley, that will be one of the hot spots, reaching 86 degrees this afternoon. into the forecast we will have a climb in those temperatures over the next few days. so today may be the coolest day of the week. and that's your latest weather. don't forget. get the weather any time you need it on the weather channel on cable, online. now let's head back inside. >> all right, al. thank you very much. let me fix my tie. all right. >> looks great. >> a new form of tennis gaining
8:33 am
in popularity called pop tennis. it's a new take on a classic sport. jenna wolf is here to tell us about it. >> good morning. natalie said it's for you. >> yeah? >> it's for all of us. if tennis is too big, big racket big court, small expense and ping-pong is too small let me show you the perfect mid size game. it's pop tennis. as you will see, very appropriately named. if ever a sport was defined by the sound -- [ popping ] -- it's pop tennis with an emphasis on pop. >> pop ten fis like pop art, pop entertainment, pop culture. the ball pops off the racket paychecks a popping sound. >> meet the king of pop. ♪ >> reporter: pop tennis. kenny is by day agent to a few familiar faces. by nights and weekends he's the president of the u.s. pop tennis association. if it looks like tennis it is.
8:34 am
he wanted to pluck his favorite sport from the well of similar games. racquetball, whiffle ball pickle ball. the result is pop tennis. >> we want to rebrand it to make it a national and international sport. >> reporter: what's the appeal? think tennis only smaller. smaller court, smaller racket and on the day we visited, smaller people. this is avatar, 9 years old and already turning heads in the sport. >> then i will be a great player. >> reporter: same scoring rules but you serve under hand here instead of over hand and the ball is punctured to slow it down. the result a broad appeal. a 5-year-old can play? >> absolutely. >> reporter: a 6 zbreerld . >> a 92-year-old. >> reporter: can a 7-year-old play? 11-year-old? the personality, courtesy of one half of the twins, scott and
8:35 am
austin. former top collegiate tennis players. now the current number one pop tennis doubles team in the country. >> the more noise the better. there is music, bikes going past. look at the colors. to white wimbledon here. that's the appeal for us. >> reporter: for others looking for tennis lite i love itment it's competitive. i put my skills to test against the best of the best because why not? >> she's ripping it. >> first impression, the short hoer game made it easier to play. as for the shorter tips. >> don't step over the line. it's a foot fault. >> you and your fancy rules. not so much. i'm sorry. i'm sorry. >> come on! let's go. >> you're good. >> really good. >> really good. >> with a does the future of pop ten fis look like? just like the current pop tennis but in the future.
8:36 am
>> you set up your own joke and give the punch line? it's fantastic. >> it's two-thirds the size of a regular court. >> you missed it. >> you can have more in schools,er more in parks. and the goal is to eventually -- >> so you're gnashly ranked now? >> yes. >> you looked good out there. >> you did. >> this is the racket. they describe it as buttery. it's a soft middle. there is a great pop sound. anyone can pick it up. young, old. >> ease stairway find? >> it helps your tennis game a lot. if you can get good at this this is the way to go. >> it seems leek a fast game. >> it's a fast game but you have an opportunity to move around since it is a smaller court. >> same rules? >> except for serving underhand instead of overhand. >> do they have it here ? >> they're on their way. >> thank you. we'll check out your stand-up routine later. >> okay. >> coming up the moment is
8:37 am
almost here. james taylor live on the plaza. first, this is "today" on nbc. ♪
8:38 am
(scal): good day, m'lady! i am sir-can-a-lot, here to save you from another breakfast bore. wake up those eggs with glorious spam! see what spam can! do... at
8:39 am
♪ >> announcer: the toyota concert series on "today" brought to you by toyota. >> james taylor this morning. we are exciteded to see him with us this morning. first let's not wait anymore. ladies and gentlemen, here is james taylor. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪ whenever i see your smiling face ♪ ♪ i have to smile myself
8:40 am
because i love you ♪ ♪ and when you give me that pretty little pout ♪ ♪ it turns me inside out ♪ ♪ there's something about you, baby ♪ ♪ i don't know ♪ ♪ isn't it amazing a man leekike me could feel this way ♪ ♪ tell me how much longer ♪ ♪ it can grow stronger every day ♪ ♪ oh ♪ ♪ thought i was in love a couple of times before with the girl next door ♪ ♪ but that was long before i met you ♪ ♪ now i'm sure that i won't forget you ♪ ♪ and i thank my lucky stars ♪ ♪ that you are who you are ♪ ♪ break my heart ♪ ♪ isn't it amazing a man like me ♪
8:41 am
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8:42 am
♪ la, la, la ♪ ♪ nobody going turn me round ♪ ♪ nobody going to put me down ♪ ♪ nobody going to put me around ♪ ♪ whenever i see you smile no one can tell me that i'm doing wrong today ♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> james taylor is just getting started! more music from the toyota summer concert stage in a few minutes. first, this is "today" on nbc. grass fed? mhmm. i'm super into health. bottled tap water? well all bottled water is the same right? you need crystal geyser alpine spring
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water. made by nature, not by man. crystal geyser alpine spring water. bottled at the mountain source.
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8:45 am
♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> we are on stage now with a pichblg myself moment. >> it is. for nearly 50 years, five-time grammy award winner james taylor as been touring the word. his fans are incredible. they showed up early. he's with us now. >> so happy to have are him. for the first time in over a decade he has a new album full of original songs called "before this world." great to have you here. >> thank you, savannah and carson. >> first original music this 13 years. el i would say what took you so long. >> i can't imagine what i could have been thinking. i guess i was trying to catch up with my correspondence or something. >> mr. taylor you have been writing great music since you were a teenager. has the writing process changed from then to now? >> a little bit.
8:46 am
it's like life is full now. i have to sort of hide myself away for about a week at a time to get anything done. but it was great to get back to the well you know. >> you have been touring pretty much nonstop. >> pretty much. >> how do you keep the energy going? >> i don't know. it's these people that do iter for me. >> yeah. [ cheers ] >> we should mention the new single is "today today, today" which is a perfect song for us here. >> we like it is. >> how did that inspire you? >> i don't know. it's a song about beginning work again. it's appropriate, i think, for "today." >> you will sing it for us now. >> absolutely. >> james taylor. "today today, today." take it away. ♪
8:47 am
♪ today, today, today ♪ ♪ i'm finally on my way ♪ ♪ the time has come to say ♪ ♪ good-bye good-bye, good-bye ♪ ♪ the bird is on the way ♪ ♪ and the bell is about to ring ring ♪ ♪ the girl is about to sing ♪
8:48 am
♪ today, today, today ♪ ♪ and the world will open wide ♪ ♪ and i'm running with the tide ♪ ♪ time for me to cut this tie ♪ ♪
8:49 am
♪ somehow i haven't died ♪ ♪ and i feel the same inside ♪ ♪ as when i caught this ride ♪ ♪ when first i sold my pride ♪ ♪ the way ahead is clear ♪ ♪ my heart is fear from fear ♪ ♪ i'll plant my flag right hoar ♪ ♪ right about here ♪ ♪ today, today, today ♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause ]
8:50 am
>> that is the great james taylor. he isn't done yet. we'll be treated to oner more song in a moment. first, this is "today" on nbc. ♪ [ cheers and applause ]
8:51 am
♪ >> one more time here is james taylor with his all-star band to
8:52 am
"shed a little light." james, take it away. ♪ ♪ o let us turn our thoughts today to martin luther king ♪ ♪ and recognize that there are ties between us ♪ ♪ oh men and women ♪ ♪ living on the earth ♪ ♪ ties of hope and love ♪ ♪ sisserte r and brotherhood ♪ ♪ and we are bound together ♪ ♪ in our desire to see the world become a place in which our children can grow free and strong ♪ ♪ and we are bound together ♪
8:53 am
♪ by the -- that stands before us ♪ ♪ and the road that lies ahead ♪ ♪ we are bound ♪ ♪ we are bound ♪ ♪ there is a beating like invention ♪ ♪ there is a hunger in the sent of my chest ♪ ♪ there is a passage through the darkness and the mist ♪ ♪ and though the body sleeps ♪ ♪ the heart will never rest ♪ ♪ shed a little light ♪ ♪ shed a little light, oh lord ♪ ♪ so we can see ♪ ♪ help my lord ♪ ♪ just a little light ♪ ♪ just a little light ♪ ♪ lord ♪ ♪ stand it on up ♪ ♪ stand on up ♪
8:54 am
♪ walk it on down ♪ ♪ shed a little light ♪ ♪ shine your light on the government ♪ ♪ i don't see a light from no dollar bill ♪ ♪ no light from a tv screen ♪ ♪ to no ♪ ♪ you know what i mean ♪ ♪ shed a little light ♪ ♪ shed a little light ♪ ♪ so we can see ♪ ♪ just a little light ♪ ♪ shed a little light ♪ ♪ stand it on up ♪ ♪ walk it on down ♪ ♪ shed a little light ♪
8:55 am
♪ there is a beating like the clenching of a fist ♪ ♪ there is a hunger in the center of my chest ♪ ♪ it is a passage through the darkness ♪ ♪ yes, and the mist ♪ ♪ until the body sleeps ♪ ♪ the heart will never rest ♪ ♪ oh let us turn our thoughts today to par tin luther king ♪ ♪ and recognize that there are ties between us ♪ ♪ oh men and women ♪ ♪ living on the earth ♪ ♪ ties of hope and love ♪ ♪ sister and brotherhood ♪
8:56 am
[ cheers and applause ] >> sounding better than ever. that's james taylor. thank you i'm ... =anim= happening today a very good monday morning to you. i'm laura garcia-cannon. a man accused of sexually assaulting a san jose girl in her own home could answer to charges in court. this is surveillance video of last month's brazen attack. police say the man followed the 13-year-old home forced his way inside and then attacked her. he's also accused of trying to sexually assault a woman in a grocery store restroom back in
8:57 am
april. sources tell nbc bay area that he confessed to both crimes but the d.a. has not confirmed that. we'll have another local news update for you in half an hour. hope you get a chance to enjoy your monday morning.
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
this morning on today's take, one word who, shot her. he boldly goes where he's gone beforer for a new role. and you know him as papa pope from can zal. and we are counting down to father's day with lessons learned from our dad. that and more coming up now. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is today's take with al roker, natalie morales are, willie geist and tamron hall. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> welcome to "today." it's monday morning, june 15, 2015ment mr. james taylor giving a couple of free songs to the crowd. the toyota concert series. i could listen to james taylor
9:01 am
all day. i'm willie with al natalie and tamron. good weekend? >> great are times. >> not a good weekend for airline passengers. 176 passengers were flying they thought from chicago to london. three hours the in they were diverted to canada because of a maintenance issue. passengers after they landed were put up not in hotels but in army barracks overnight. >> oops. >> one passenger took a photo of the flight crew and said they slept in a nearby hotel. here's what passengers had to say. >> no united representative ever reached out to anybody. no phone call, no human being, nothing. >> our biggest complaint was nobody came around to give us any information. >> we froze through the night because there wasn't heat. >> the issue boils down to the way they handled us once we got down. we didn't know what was going on. we were treated in a very
9:02 am
inhumanein mu inhumane mannerer. >> that's not good. >> this was friday night. they landed in goose bay, canada. temperatures reaching near freezing. they were given a few blankets while the flight crew went to a nearby ho tell . >> eight. >> it was more than 20 hours. a are placement aircraft arrived and flew them to newark where they took oth plane to london. united said hotel space wasn't available so we accommodated our kpers at a local military base and provided peels. the airline said the tickets will be refunded. >> that's it? just a refund? >> additional compensation as well. >> okay. >> it's the absence of information that would have driven me crazy. tell me what's going on . if it's beyond your control no one wants to be on a malfunctioning plane. the tell me. gosh. >> guessing, united probably doesn't have anybody there. so it's left to the crew to try
9:03 am
to the explain and they are probably just as much in the dark. >> the pilot is the senior representative of the airline. maybe through him, you know, the spoke s person says tell the passengers this. explain why they are in a cold barracks. there is no hotel or whatever. for safety reasons that's why they put up the pilot and crew. >> they have to have a certain amount of rest and go on. >> united tweeted in order for the flight crew to continue on they have to be well rested. you guys can sleep on the plane which doesn't exactly help ease the tension with passengers. >> i want the crew rest ed all that. just let us know what's going on. >> you would think maybe the hotel could have rented out the lobby, done something. it's -- goosei'm sure they could have accommodated people better. >> the airline said they did the best they could under the circumstances. >> they said they will learn from it and do better. >> who saw kwoezer"jurassic world"
9:04 am
this weekend? am i the only one is this so, so good. two thups s thumbs up. second biggest opening ever bringing in $204.6 million. mega block buster. they are saying it could surpass "the avengers." >> natalie started to spoil it for me earlier. >> i'm sorry. i won't give away the plot. but the velociraptors are involved. and there is a cool new genetically engineered dinosaur. >> we knew that. >> indominant rex. cool name. >> how big is chris pratt? >> huge. we knew after "guardians of the galaxy." break out star. comparisons made to harrison ford. there is talk of him rebooting
9:05 am
the indiana jones franchise as well. >> you better believe they will boot this one hr time. >> he already said yes. what a shock. >> half a billion globally. >> he's the it guy. you were saying it after "guardians of the galaxy." >> the soundtrack movie, everything. even tv as well. >> and the le go movie. i remember his voice. it was like, the guy is funny. who is this. googling him and learning about chris pratt during the lego movie. he was amazing. >> i like his twitter handle, pratt pratt. >> our sister company is nbc universal. >> win-win! >> and the minions are coming up. >> your kid wills love it. >> they should mash up the minions and "jurassic park"." >> a gently engineered minion
9:06 am
that's half dinosaur. >> that was the plot of the last despicable me. genetically engineered minions. >> the deepest concentration known to man. >> there are never any girls. >> they dress like girls. >> where do the -- more -- where do minions come from? are they created? >> i love their language. you will see it in the move vi. cute. >> there is a new york times story that says aspirational rsvp saying yes when you mean no. aspirational rsvp is when somebody replies yes to an invitation though they know the odds are they are not going. but they want people to feel good. >> who does that? >> i do that. >> i don't. if i know i can't go. if there is a chance i can go i
9:07 am
let them know i may be there. we get invited to stuff. >> debra can does it all the time. i don't want to disappoint them. but you are going to when you don't show up. >> i hold out open that maybe. >> that means there is a portion of your mind that says -- might. >> just say no. the power of no. if i'm throwing a party i would much rather know you're not coming than think you're coming and at the last minute you don't show up. what am i going to do with all these pigs in a blanket? eat them. more for me! >> you're the guy who hates -- >> i like the old fashioned snail mail invitation. >> you don't like e-vites? >> no. it's not like you don't get other e-mail. they get lost. you don't open hem. >> they have reminders. you can decorate them now. >> annoying.
9:08 am
>> i like putting an invitation up on a bulletin board. >> they get lost in the mail all the time. people say, did you get my e-vite. >> you can send a remind. just reminding you, natalie, i'm having a cookout. >> maybe. >> and people -- >> yes or no. >> don't maybe me. >> i didn't get your e-vite. >> mail. >> odds are when was the last time you didn't get something in the mail? >> i get junk mail because i niemi 'm in 2015 and i don't carry a brick cell phone:. i can't believe you don't like e-vites. >> classic. >> this is a strange story from georgia. the country of georgia. dozens of zoo animals. lions, tigers and bears escaped after a devastating flood. i believe around 12 people died. >> including three of the zoo
9:09 am
keepers. not from animals but from flooding. 20 people are missing. >> the animals were in highly populated areas. in some cases they died. they were forced to take them down. this hippo was wandering in a parking lot. they tranquilized it and were able to move it to a place of safety. is this area known for flash floods? >> not this kind of flooding. no, no. this is a 500-year storm that hit. if you look at the other devastation in the area, it's just unbelievable. >> i was on twitterer when this happened. i saw that still image of a hippopotamus in the street. >> scary. >> another scary thing is we have flooding maybe not that bad on tap. but we have horrific rain coming for friends this texas, oklahoma, missouri. they have already been hard hit . it will happen. we have a developing tropical disturbance. it's called invest 91-l.
9:10 am
430 miles southeast of houston. hurricane hunters are there now. 40 miles per hour winds. an invest doesn't have a closed circulationment it is not a tropical system. it's a step before. in all likelihood it will be named bill. what we've got now is the high pressure that's locked in place. with that it is pumping up a lot of moisture. a lot of moisture is coming in here. even if it doesn't become a tropical system it's still going to dump a ton of rain into this area. just pumpeded into the plains. it will be devastating. rainfall amounts are going to be really widespread. we are talking about anywhere from 9 to 12 inches of rain. rainfall through thursday. houston, 4 to 6. dallas, 3 to 5 inches of rain. you go to indianapolis. 2 to 3 inches. 3 to 4 in st. louis. this isn't just in texas. here's where we are looking at.
9:11 am
we are talking 5 to 7 inches in a wide swath. up to a foot of rain possible between houston and dallas. this will be devastating and it will continue to move up into the central plains. good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. staying all dry here as we start out in the mid-50s walking out the door. we still have these low clouds, but starting to break up now. as we go into the rest of the day it will be bright sunny and beautiful reaching 83 degrees in the south bay. 70 degrees in the east bay. warm though in the tri-valley where we warm up to 86 degrees. san francisco will be a nice comfortable 65 degrees. and reaching into the upper 70s for the north bay. that's your latest weather. >> thank you very much, al. coming up the one, the only william shatner returning to the final frontier for something
9:12 am
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there's a bazillion ways to top your kids' rice krispies. what's yours? ♪ a dash of fruit ♪ in their favorite color. ♪ a bunch of pineapple ♪ ♪ 'cause hey - it's summer! ♪ ♪ bananas and berries ♪ ♪ 'cause the letter b rocks. ♪ ♪ a little bit of yogurt? ♪ ♪ sure! why not? ♪ the fun never stops! how will your kids top their snap, crackle and pop? if you can't put a feeling into words, why try? at 62,000 brush movements per minute philips sonicare leaves your mouth with a level of clean like you've never felt before. innovation and you. philips sonicare. he's not just an actor and recording artist. william shatner is famous for his role as captain james t. kirk in the original "star trek" series and is returning to outerer space. >> he's narrateing a classic children's show about a family of pink long nosed creatures who
9:15 am
live on a distant planet. sound familiar? william shatner is with us. good morning. >> good morning. there's the clanger. it is a popular show this england for 25 years. generations grew up with it. we are bringing it to the sprout network which is doing an americanized version of it. i'm the narrator interpreting what the little whistles are and telling the story and trying to keep the attention of a 3 to 5-year-old child which any of you -- there you go. any of you having children know it's difficult to do. we think we have a good hold on it. >> you never ran into the clangers during the "star trek" thing. >> though. >> tribbles.
9:16 am
>> it's a wonderful children's program on a wonderful children's network. >> sprout is great stuff. you get locked on sprout and leave it on. they will love your voice. what did you think when you got the phone call is this children's show stop motion animation. >> i looked at it carefully. and it was beautiful. i was -- i have my own children and grandchildren. renowned as a story teller. in the family. grandpa grandpa's going to tell you a story. even before that i was a counselor at many camps when i was a teenager. i would be called up to tell -- and i would tell edgar allen poe stories to 12-year-olds in the middle of the night. >> no one's sleeping tonight. >> scared a generation of
9:17 am
canadians. they are frightened of everything . >> you're worried. you will be on a three wheeled futuristic motorcycle. >> and next week rivet will tell you everything. the motorcycle is unique. >> that's like a batmobile. >> i helped design it. american wrench made and designed it. we are setting out, filming it and setting out next tuesday a week from tuesday. today is what, monday? a week from tomorrow. we set out from chicago to los angeles. i'm listening to you talk about 12 inches of rain. i'm wondering -- >> well, look. it's happening this week. hopefully -- >> it is this week? so the front will move in. >> the system moves up. just behind -- >> behind that front we set out in the clear blue skies. our first stop is st. louis. 12 inches of rain they will have
9:18 am
had. >> hopefully -- >> keep al on speed dial from your futuristic car. >> i will text you. >> call al. >> call al. >> every hour on the hour. >> you can call me al. paul simon might do a song like that. >> you made him laugh. >> everything makes me laugh. >> you have a cool project coming up better late than never. >> in the fall. >> george foreman henry winkler. >> terry bradshaw. we are going to asia. six cities. none of us are have ever been to asia before. at least i though i haven't and henry hasn't. so we are going to live the tourist thing with these four idiots blundering around asia taking in the sites and filming it, calling it better late than never. >> it crosses off your bucket list. >> i'm okay with late.
9:19 am
it's the never. >> by the way, we should mention that you were paid by rivet motors. >> dot com. >> getting their money's worth. >> clangourers airs on our sister network sprout. >> and the one who pulls the strings on olivia's dad on nexxus introduces a new movement in hair. ♪ ♪ a beautiful fluidity. restoring strength and flexibility ♪ ♪ so it moves and responds the way you do. ♪ ♪ new improved nexxus with concentrated elastin protein and precious ingredients. for hair that lives to move.
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9:22 am
joe morton has more than 70 roles under his belt. fans know him for his work on the hit show "scandal" as the calculating dad of a washington crisis manager. >> now joe stars in "proof" playing a hospital administrator trying to raise money while handling a rebellious doctor. good morning. >> good morningment. >> fist for the scandal fans like me, what's the deal? papa pope's in jail. he won't stay for long, right is this. >> whether or not knows?
9:23 am
we are talking about chanda so who knows what will end up on the page. you would think being in jail for embezzlement sounds easy to get out of. we'll see. i'm sure she has something wonderful. >> no chance you won't be back though, right? >> who knows? i can't tell you one way or another. i would guess i am coming back. >> what do you like about the character? >> what do i like? >> we were talking about the films we love. al reenacted a scene from "speed." what is it about the character in the show that just really gets to you? >> i'm not usually playing bad guys. for most of the career i have played good guys. i thought if i played a bad guy would have to have a reason. he has reasons for what he does. one is to protect the united states and the other is to protect his daughter. two things people identify with. to help the country and your family. >> noble. >> most villains believe
9:24 am
themselves to be noble. i think -- well, as an actor you have to play a positive, not a negative. most villains believe they are making their world or the world this general a better place to live. >> talk about "proof." fascinating concept coming up. >> it's about proving whether or not there is life after death which is a question we are asked all the time. it's pitting science against belief. the story line is that matthew modine plays a wealthy, ill man who manages to talk jennifer beals, an opinionated heart surgeon into following files he's accumulated over the years about near death experiences. she gets hooked because she's just lost her son. she's also had a near death experience. i play a brain surgeon who is in charge of the surgical wing of the hospital. her boss. jennifer's boss. i know nothing about their
9:25 am
quote/unquote independent research. >> we had matthew on a couple of weeks ago. it was the deepest segment ever about the afterlife. such a fascinating premise. >> it is. when i went in to interview for the part i told them a story i will try to tell you quick willy. >> it has to wait. we have eight seconds. but in the after life you can tell us. >> i will. i will come back does all greek yogurt have to be thick? does it all have to be the same? not with new light and fluffy yoplait greek 100 whips! let's whip up the
9:26 am
rules of greek!i'm ... =anim= new this morning - =vo= in about an good monday morning. it's 9:26. i'm sam brock. new this morning in about an hour and a half the man accused of torching four chevy volts in nevada is going to make his first court appearance. investigators say this is video of john bixler setting those cars on fire. each one is worth about $40,000. two of the cars were completely destroyed, too damaged. san francisco police officer says he was forced to open fire after a dog suddenly went on the attack biting him several times. yesterday evening police received a 911 call from a home on oakdale avenue in the city's bayview neighborhood. officers say as they approached that house a dog attacked one of the officers. that officer shot and killed the animal. the officer was taken to the hospital to be treated for several bites. happening today, san jose
9:27 am
international airport is going to welcome its first nonstop flight from china. the inaugural flight from beijing, china to sjc is due to arrive some time around 11:po this morning. that not stop flight is one of three new routes running. the other ones go to seattle and boston. right after this a look at your weather and traffic. be right back.
9:28 am
good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. it will be warming up today in the south bay reaching 85 degrees in morgan hill redwood city 78 degrees. and at&t park 68 degrees. if you're heading to the giants game we'll start out about 63 degrees, but you still need a jacket. it will be cooling off as we go into the rest of the game. and in the upper 50s by the end. 75 degrees for the north bay. and some low to mid-70s for parts of the east bay, the tri-valley, that's where it heats up today. in the low 90s with a lot of sunshine. and the trend is for it to
9:29 am
continue to go up this week. let's check in with mike. all right. we're looking toward a little bit of gray at the bay bridge toll plaza. backup for the cash lane metering lights are still on. look at your map still a slow drooi down the east shore freeway. not so bad 880 through oakland past the coliseum and 580 looking like you're at speed. the commute is tapering off. still slow on the peninsula as more folks make their way over dom b.a.r.t.on. rest of the south bay clearing. crash just north of 280. back to you. mostly good news there. thank you very much mike. another update in just 25 minutes. for now we return you to the "today" show.
9:30 am
taking a look at the headlines. two young swimmers are out of surgery this morning after they were haimmaimed in shark attacks on sunday. a 12-year-old girl lost part of her arm and a leg was badly injured while she was swimming off oak island north carolina. an hour later a couple of miles away a teenage boy lost his arm. both attacks took place in waist deep water near the same beach where a shark bit a girl last thursday. the beaches are open today with extra patrols. the prison sewing teacher accused of helping two inmates escape in upstate new york will appear in court. investigators say joyce mitchell planned to go on the
9:31 am
run with the fugitives taking a 7-hour drive to an unknown location. she backed out last minute. the ten-day man hunt remained centered many the rural area near the prison. lawmakers in many states are rushing to predict powderered alcohol which hit it is market this summerer. one pact of so called palcohol is mixed with liquid to create an instant cocktail. a dozen states have banned it hr already with bills under creation in a dozen more. a poll from the university of michigan finds the top concern is that powdered alcohol will be abused by under aged drinkers. ikea is expanding the house call program with the goal of visiting 1,000 american homes this year. they are trying to pump up u.s. sales by making the stores better reflect local tastes and needs. a team of ikea employees will visit each home to observe how people spend their time, prepare meals and are where they store pots and pans. you can sign up on ikea's
9:32 am
youtube page. a florida man snapped the photo of a lifetime while watching alligators with his family. he said his son startled a racoon causing the animal to jump on a gayer tor's back. looks like the racoon is gator surfing. did it happen and who are we to judge? it's a great shot. let's get a check on the weather from mr. roker. hopefully the racoon ended up okay on the other side. >> that's cool. thanks so much. let's see what we have for today. wet weather stretching from the northeast into texas. also the central great lakes and back into the southwest and central rockies. pacific northwest hot and sunny. 90 in portland. 79 thisin los angeles. morning fog. the june gloom will be burning off through san diego. more wet weather through texas, oklahoma arkansas, missouri. we have a risk of strong storms from eastern missouri into the northeast and a slight risk of
9:33 am
strong storms, isolated tornadoes through the western plains. the heat continues. phoenix tomorrow to 112. good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. in the low 60s right now for the south bay. starting to warm up now, but we're getting some breaks in the clouds. and today highs will be warming up to about 75 degrees for the peninsula. some of the hot spots like the south bay 83 degrees. and the north bay 77 but as we check out the tri-valley today reaching 86 degrees. but mid-60s for san francisco. and a little bit breezy this afternoon. overall a beautiful day across the bay. that's your latest weather. >> all right. father's day is coming up on sunday. we are kicking off the series called lessons learned from dad where we each sar an important lesson our fathers taught us. natalie is kicking things off. >> you will get a lesson this morning. that's the chalk board be.
9:34 am
one of the amazing things my father taught me to appreciate was a love for travel and speaking other languages. it saped me into the person i am today. my dad is an amazing man. he served in the military. he served our country for over 24 years. he is the strongest person i though, one of the smartest people i know. he can make friends with anyone. he talks to everyone and it doesn't matter if they don't speak his language. he figures out a way to communicate. be ing a military brat having lived in different places my father taught me to really appreciate everything that was around me. you know, living the in brazil i learned portuguese. pi mom is brazilian. it was important for us to speak her language. we moved to spain i was 12 to 17 years old. that's where i learned spanish. wherever we went my parents instilled in us the belief that you need to be part of the culture part of the military up bringing. learning languages as opened so
9:35 am
many doors for me. i have covered the chilean miner rescue. >> this is an unbelievable scene here. it's impossible to have a dry eye. >> i have covered stories honduras. being able to talk to people in different languages really opens up the world to opportunities to tell the story. i i got to see the world at a young age because of my dad. it really opened my eyes. it's the reason are i am who i am today. i have the same sense of adventure. in spanish -- [ speaking in a foreign language ] in portuguese -- [ speaking in a foreign language ] and, of course happy father's day! never too late to learn. we'll get a lesson. first the benefits of being bilingual. great for your brain, obviously. they say it helps with the plasticity of the brain. the brain is more nimble. you can resolve conflicts, solve
9:36 am
puzzles and you are more resistant to the on set of dementia and alzheimer's. it's never too late to our rs today. i love the pointer system you do. >> so you behave. >> whoa, whoa. >> let's start with rolling the r ares. can you do it? [ rolling rs ] >> you can all do it. that's good. say -- [ speaking in a foreign language ] >> come back. you guys are good. >> we have a great teach er. >> you speak a little bit of spanish. [ speaking spanish ] >> you're bilingual. >> i interrupted. >> if you put le in front of everything it's french. >> for a real challenge we'll tease now. >> oh. >> i will get you to --
9:37 am
>> we have more time? we have more time. ready? this one is a long one. >> okay. you each get a speaking part here. tamron, let's start with you. >> that's not what i was told. ♪ cuando ♪ [ speaking in a foreign language ] >> bueno! >> taking over in the kitchen. you will teach us your dad's favorite recipe coming up. >> mucho this guy first roamed the earth over 65 million years ago. like our van. yeah. we need to sell it.
9:38 am
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9:42 am
this morning on our series hope to it an organization helping to cheer up children through the magic of movies is. >> movies delivered to hundreds of hospitals helping to make a child's stay as painless as possible. >> want snow white? >> yeah. >> reporter: a red wagon full of donated dvds delivered to ucla's children's hospital for these patients to watch during their stay. >> you feel like it's fun and you don't worry that you're in the hospital that much. >> reporter: that's the premise of the this nonprofit organization created by sisters after a family childhood friend was battling leukemia. >> she watched a lot of movies while she was there. she would december tract herself
9:43 am
and pass the time. we thought if we had a lot of movies lying around our house that our family and friends must also have a lot of movies. we got over a hundred movies within the first week. >> reporter: 13 years later they have donated more than 90,000 movies to almost 900 hospitals across the country. >> gets my mind off the problems and all the surgeries and bad things. on the bright side you're watching movies laughing and having fun. >> when i was in the hospital if i didn't err music or anything. when i got out of the hospital i the didn't know any songs. it's good to have movies so you know what your sisters or brothers or your family is singing or seeing. >> i thinker for our kids when you watch a movie it takes you to a place that's outside of the hospital. >> reporter: these dvds do more than just entertain. >> we use them in radiology procedures for mri. it helps them focus on something else while on their way to the
9:44 am
operating room arement it helps with coping relieve stress. it is a great tool. >> reporter: 11-year-old noah watches movies for her own reasons. >> i like watching while the doctors are doing something to me so i don't have to, like, look at what they are doing because that can be kind of -- i don't know -- uncomfortable to watch. so the movies kind of help relax you. so you're not as scared. >> we can't help with whatever medical situation they are dealing with. i think it's empowering for us and for people who donate too to feel they are helping people going through such a difficult situation. >> reporter: difficult situations distracted by pictures on the big screen. such a great idea. kid flicks accepts movies that are g, pg and pg-13. if you have movies to donate go to for more information. >> we were saying we need to do
9:45 am
it. we all have the movies. >> we have a bunch. >> we'll be donating. >> up next, we continue to honor our dads for father's day. i learned a lot from mine including a recipe i promise will have you coming back for more. >> never led us wrong before. what do a nascar® driver... a comedian... and a professional golfer have in common? we talked to our doctors about treatment with xarelto®. xarelto® is proven to treat and help reduce the risk of dvt and pe blood clots. xarelto® has also been proven to reduce the risk of stroke in people with afib, not caused by a heart valve problem. for people with afib currently well managed on warfarin, there is limited information on how xarelto® and warfarin compare in reducing the risk of stroke. i tried warfarin before, but the blood testing routine and dietary restrictions had me off my game. not this time. not with xarelto®. i'll have another arnold palmer. make mine a kevin nealon. really, brian? hey, safety first. like all blood thinners, don't stop taking xarelto® without talking to your doctor as this may increase your risk of a blood clot or stroke. while taking, you may bruise more ea sily
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women talking about activia. when i feel bloated and my stomach is rumbling in the morning, it takes me forever to get dressed. i just like wearing a lot of black. i don't have the time to be gassy and uncomfortable, when i'm trying to get out of the house. those are the days you wear sweatpants.
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i love activia. that is so good. i eat activia every day. enjoying activia twice a day for 4 weeks may help reduce the frequency of minor digestive issues. feeling good, looking good. activiaaaa. my husband has been singing that to me for two weeks. . this is amazing. >> the smell in the hall is amazing. >> so we have a cameo. >> it's like the "love boat." just pops up. >> in honorer of father's day we are sharing our favorite recipes from our dads. willie leads off with bill's gonzo chili. >> this sits on the stove all day and people come back for more. full confession. i have never made it myself. i have eaten drums of it. my dad says no patter what you throw in it always turns out great. >> so good. >> a lot of the stuff you probably already have in the cabinet. you have to get some of the
9:50 am
fresh ingredients like ground sirloin. fair to say it's a hot chili? >> delicious. >> it's the hall ees's jalapeno that i i added. >> you cook it and leave it on the stove all day if the fall and winterer. people come back. >> in a crock pot? >> one of these guys. first we have grilled sirloin, chopped onion cooking in the pan. >> mm-hmm. >> this is the heart and soul. we have chopped peppers. you can use canned tomatoes. a lot of the stuff you find right inside the cabinet. my dad says to put in a whole beer. >> yes! put in a couple. >> why argue? >> beer makes everything better. >> pour in a full beer. waterment. >> you don't know how to open a beer? >> want me to do it the way i do
9:51 am
it? >> that was great. >> now you squeeze a full -- >> delicious. >> come in, hoda. >> what are you eating? >> willie's dad's chili. >> oh. >> this is red wine vinaigrette, sugar, chili powder, worcestersire cumin. >> look at that. >> so good. >> it's a party. >> how long do you cook it down? >> two hours. it sits in there for two hours. now we'll fast forward as we do sometimes on tv. this is what it will look like. you will see beans in here if you can get a shot. after twoer hours of this cooking here you dump beans this inner for another 30 minutes. all told it's on the stove for two and a half hours. beans, too. my dad puts it over macaroni. >> even better is. >> cincinnati. >> hoda have that. >> can i get in there?
9:52 am
>> and put whatever you like. there is sour cream. >> whatever you want. >> cheese. >> jalapeno. crunch it up with tor till la chips. tamron likes fritos. >> that's awesome. >> it's something we do in the fall or winter. it's good. >> bill geist has never led us wrong. >> he's so willing to share the les pea. recipe . >> i asked for the secret. he said you can't put enough chili powder in it. >> the recipe is at we'll be right back in a moment. this is "today" on on nbc.
9:53 am
9:54 am
all right. ladies willie needs a do-over. >> this is a weird opener.
9:55 am
it's weird. this way? >> there we go. [ applause ] >> your frat brothers are proud. >> this chili is amazing. so good! >> gosh tank you big, big bill. >> big bill. there you go . >> what's coming up? >> we are talking celeb stuff john stamos made headlines this weekend and other stuff. >> and two people lost 400 pounds combined. and father's day gadgets and we'll be eating chili. >> we have a wonderful make a wish story you will love. >> first, your local
9:56 am
i'm ... =anim= new this morning - =fiber19= police in good morning everyone. 9:56. i'm scott mcgrew. kind of a sad and bizarre story out of pleasanton this morning. police working fast to catch a cook suspected of robbing a gas station. this happened around 2:00 this morning. a 22-year-old walked in handed the clerk a note demanding
9:57 am
money. but the clerk talked him out of it. instead the man just walked off with a pack of gum. clerk called 911, officers found the man hiding behind a hotel presumably with the gum. he confessed to the crime and was arrested. police say he's a homeless man with a last known address in indiana. well turning to basketball only one game stands between the warriors and an nba championship after last night's win. the warriors will have a chance to take it all tomorrow game six in cleveland at 6:00. let's check your weather with kari. good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. we start out with some low clouds and patches of fog, but warm afternoon sunshine. to help you plan out the day by lunchtime in the peninsula we're at 68 degrees. san francisco 63 degrees. in the tri-valley 74 degrees. by the evening we have temperatures reaching 75 degrees for the ride home. 4:00 we're at 75 degrees there. south bay 83 degrees. warming up in spots.
9:58 am
tri-valley the warmest spot of all reaching 86 degrees. now let's check in with mike. so the sun is coming out a bit. and we're starting to see a little more easing right here at university southbound and 101 mark here. look at your map still slowing coming into the area out of redwood city down toward where that camera was right around here slowing between university and embarcadero. worst for the peninsula, 237 moving smoothly 85 slow coming up through cupertino. in fact metering lights have been turned off at the bay bridge so now little slowing. if you have a past track, you flow smoothly through at 25 miles per hour into san francisco. scott, there's a game tonight 7:15. prepare for post-work traffic. fair enough, mike. coming up the big adventure in san francisco. stick around and watch that. see you later.
9:59 am
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>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. hi, everybody we hope you had a lovely weekend. it's june 15. we have an awesome show for you today including the latest on john stamos' arrest over the weekend. i hate to see that happen. we love him. remember the little boy whose make-a-wish dreams to become bat kid came true and they turn sfd into a mini gotham? they're turning that story into a documentary and it's going to be a great one. we've got a little surprise for
10:01 am
another young boy today. >> plus two people who lost 400 pounds but found each other and fell in love. they're our newest story. >> i love a love story. can we say happy birthday to a cute five-year-old? >> of course. >> a cute little five-year-old girl named ella. she's so adorable. >> ella, the birthday girl. she's a cute little thing and i want to wish her a happy, happy birthday. >> you had a very big weekend. you were out with rugby players. >> i was. by the way, rugby players are very beef cakey, as you pointed out. >> yes, they are. >> joel had a rugby banquet so we went to celebrate guys getting inducted to the hall of fame. we went to manhattan beach -- i'm on snapchat. by the way, that takes ten seconds. >> thank the lord. >> but it's cool. beautiful place, fun group and nice people and just one last little thing -- i waited patiently for five weeks, i
10:02 am
think. my dog has been gone at boot camp and he's coming back tomorrow. for behavioral issues. >> i wonder why. phenomenon i wonder how you looked the day that was taken. [ laughter ] well, nothing like the picture of a cute dog except if it's a cute picture of little royal babies. they're at a polo match. look at george. look at that he's in the same little thing, right? >> they do look so similar that's one of our favorite all time. >> we throw this in because it's so precious. but he did kind of steal the show at great grandma's birthday. >> of course he did. >> you know the old saying it doesn't matter who wears the abouts in the family, the one who wears the diapers calls the shots. now it's charlotte. so what else will we talk about? do you want to talk about --
10:03 am
>> we have to. >> okay. some days are better than others for the headlines as we know. you know about this story about these inmates who escaped the prison in upstate and it was an inside job and this love sick woman allegedly, although they're saying she has confessed. >> i think she has -- no i think she plead not guilty to the whole situation but they said when they were questioning her she did talk about how there was some kind of a romantic deal between two. okay, so she apparently, according to what police believe, she aided and abetted. she helped them escape and she was supposed to be the getaway driver, she didn't show up, she got cold feet and in a lot of the papers and things they're talking about how another layer to this was one of those guys was supposed to whack her husband and they'd all live happily ever after. >> her first husband was on the air a few days ago talking about
10:04 am
how his wife was a vulnerable kind of country girl and she's susceptible to people convincing her of things and maybe that's what happened. but our takeaway was when you open up the papers in morning and look at the headlines, i'm sorry, no one has funnier headlines. >> the "daily news" says "not tonight, i have a killer headache." >> and the "new york post" went "whack job" which is clever but not kind. conned planned hits on hubby. that was hoda's personal favorite. she pled not guilty to a felony charge of promoting prison contraband and nbc news is reporting that mitchell was investigated for having some kind of a sexual ins twenty the escapee david sweat. >> it happens. [ laughter ] >> you know, it's so crazy how that goes down, you know what i mean? >> that's -- i've never watched but i guess you can't write this stuff, it's like "orange is the new black" is this unbelievable
10:05 am
stuff that goes on. >> but when you think about how -- you know look -- and i think her husband this woman's husband lyle worked for the prison too, doing something else. everybody's there. anyway -- >> who said prison is boring? >> where are these guys, snow. >> that's the sad part. people are living in fear. all right, based on that story, do you trust women who don't have girlfriends? >> so think about your friends or the people out there, the women you know. so if you're -- the friends who have fewer female friends, think about them. there are some women who get along better with men. there are some women -- >> or they're just more comfortable with them. anyway, this woman wrote an essay basically that says she doesn't trust girls with no female friends. i get it. i get. that i think it's a little -- i think if you can't bond with
10:06 am
other women and you only bond with men i think there's something that's a little off about that to me. >> what if you have been, like, abandoned by friends or women or somebody and you have an abandonment issue or intimacy issue, you're afraid to be close to people because you've been hurt in the past. that might explain it as well. >> that i get. but i also think if you have trouble making female friends, it might be you you know what i mean? >> you have to look at it. you have to ask yourself the question. >> hoda won't give up on. >> this okay. there's an article in the paper and it's about chris rock getting a divorce. but there's a picture here of a girl who looks exactly like somebody else. >> sean roth. >> it's not the case. speaking of that, there's something about the length of a man's fingers. [ laughter ] just letted that sink in for a
10:07 am
minute. apparently if the index finger is shorter than the ring finger which -- yeah. it could hint -- everything from your personality to your sbi tloekt your facial a attractiveness unless you have had an accident with a -- >> weed whacker. >> okay, if your index finger is shorter than your ring finger apparently you will make more effort to impress women. >> okay, so if your index finger is shorter than your ring finger. davie? you want to brung it over here? oh yours is longer. your index fing -- okay hold on. if your index finger is shorter -- >> yours is! >> you're more likely to want to impress women and give us romantic gifts and dinners and you care for your appearance more. >> wait a minute, that's his right hand. >> it doesn't matter.
10:08 am
[ laughter ] >> it's supposed to be your ring finger. >> they're the same. >> no -- >> yes, it is. >> they're not the same. this is still longer. >> so there's an aberration on his right hand. >> no they're the same! >> they're both on my body. >> i know they're both on your body. the pointer is shorter, see? the pointer is shorter! thank you, davie, for all you do. >> we love you, sweetie. >> the study was by montreal university's business school. why are they studying things like that? >> because it matters. look at the guys who look at their hands. look at jerry putting his hands in his pocket. our guys are smart, they're really smart. for father's day, we want to do a little special something. we want too ambush some deserving dads. if your guy can be in new york thursday morning early and in desperate need of a shave and hair cut and new outfit, we want
10:09 am
to hear about him. >> go to and hit the connect button. tell us about your man. we'd like too see a photo as well. all right, there is a "50 shades" celebration so if you happen to be in town and you're huge fans of "fifty shades"dom the plaza at 7:00 a.m. because you're get yourself a "fifty shades" surprise. >> yeah. >> it happens to also be christian gray's birthday. >> christian gray is not real! >> yes, he is in our minds, he is. don't worry you didn't miss it, our favorite things are coming up later. >> wait, i wanted to talk about mine. i'm going to be in greenwich with gretchen carlson with a fantastic new book called "getting real." i'll tell you at the end of the show. we'll be there from 6:30 to 9:00. i'll be interviewing her. >> plus weekend wedding news th it's so shiny. i know, mommy, but it's time to let the new kitchen get some sleep. if you want beautiful results,
10:10 am
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10:13 am
all right, we can't kick off the week without filling you in on the hot hollywood headlines you missed over the weekend. here to keep us in the loop is host of vh-1's "the gossip table" rob. how are you? >> really good? >> serious news, john stamos arrested? >> took everybody by surprise. one of the nicest guys in show business. he's never ever in trouble. we never see him outside clubs or being naughty. this weekend he was spotted in beverly hills driving erratically. so much so, several people called 911. >> oh, that kind of thing. >> the cops turned up, breath liesed him. it was during the day. he's such a charming chap when he got out of hospital, he thanked the police department of beverly hills for taking good care of him. >> why was he hospitalized? >> they haven't said but we're hearing he's under tremendous pressure. this seems to be a one off for
10:14 am
him. he's a great guy. but he's bringing "full house" back to television. >> but he's been in this business all of his life. that's -- comes with the territory. >> it will become clear, i guess as days go on. they don't think he's keeping this one a secret. i think once he's ready to tell us -- >> we wish him the best. we love him. >> we do love him. taylor swift has been a busy busy busy young lady. >> she's so good to her fans. >> that's really what the story was about. her biggest fan in the world got married just outside of philadelphia and then tweeted everybody this photograph. it went viral and she tagged taylor swift on this. >> so this is where her concert is going on? >> just outside the concert they got married. she said one of the reasons she fell in love with her adorable husband is he knows every lyric to every taylor swift song. so mommy swift who's her manager and runs that machine saw that this couple saw the photograph
10:15 am
on twitter dragged them backstage after the concert. >> that's what she does. remember my best friend's daughter? >> taylor swift signed stuff for them. they said it was the best wedding ever. and a soldout show. >> so also -- there that's a great shot! >> the wedding dress, their best dreams come true. last night there she is on twitter thanking taylor. also too at the concert the next night mariska hargitay, one of taylor's things in her whole life is her cat named after mariska's character on her tv show. there she is backstage. olivia meet's livia. >> awesome! how did it go down? >> it went very, very well. mariska was thrilled to meet the cat. what i love about this is that taylor swift takes her cat on tour with her. >> i'm so confused now. [ laughter ] which one was mariska?
10:16 am
[ laughter ] never mind! >> they both got along. that's the take away for that. >> all right. sofia vergara, one year since meeting her fiance. >> she put up a lovely picture of the two of them saying what a fantastic year it was. this caused controversy because we didn't find out they were engaged until july when he was on the cover of people's sexiest bachelors. he wasn't a bachelor at the time, remember that? so people were concerned, we'll give him a pass, he's a great guy. >> he's awesome. but they got engaged in december right? >> got engaged in december but met a year ago and started dating at the white house correspondent's dinner. rumors on the wedding, she said it's going to be very very soon. we know this is going to be a big wedding. she says she has a huge family and what she counts as a good wedding? lots of singing and booze. >> like it. so quick, there was a scary photograph that when you saw the picture you won't "oh, my god."
10:17 am
>> it's like a new one direction, they did a concert at weller bely, one of the young singers ran into the pyrotechnics. his hair caught on fire. there he is at the bottom of the scream. he ran off stage. it looks really dangerous. >> it's like the michael jackson pepsi thing. >> he took to twitter to say his face will be fine. it doesn't look fine there but he says he'll be just fine so thankfully -- >> and "jurassic world." whoa! >> biggest movie in the history of movies. i love this. >> it's amazing. >> even my fancy friends who don't like these sorts of movies loved it. i was rooting for dinosaurs, though. >> well, they've been through so much. >> every time they ate somebody i cheered? >> that's the real rob. a little boy's real life adventure of becoming bat kid
10:18 am
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10:21 am
for $38. backed by a 12-month replacement guarantee. save money. live better walmart. mom! remember the sweet little boy whose make a wish dream was to become bat kid in the city of san francisco? his name was myles scott. >> thankfully myles' cancer has been in recession for two years now and like any super hero worth his salt, myles' story is hitting the big screen in a new documentary called "bat kid begins." >> myles scott was a normal toddler until he was diagnosed with leukemia at 18 months old. he loved dressing up as batman as he battled his own villain. when they asked what he wished for, myles wanted one thing --
10:22 am
to be batman. with the help of the make-a-wish foundation five-year-old myles' dream to transform into bat kid came true on november fifth, 2013. the adventure began with bat kid and his mentor eric johnston who heard myles' story and jumped into the batman suit to help save a damsel in distress. put the riddler behind bars. >> good job bat kid. >> even rescue the san francisco giants mascot lieu seal from the evil grasp of the penguin. but the excitement didn't end there. bat kid received a key to gotham city for his heroic efforts. and bat kid captured the haar the hearts of people around the world. thousands of volunteers and spectators rallied together to
10:23 am
cheer myles on. even president obama joined the cause. >> way to go myles, way to save gotham. now the new documentary "bat kid begins" chronicles the journey of myles scott. >> we're so happy! we have the director and writer and producer of the documentary "bat kid begins". >> and patricia wilson is the executive director and ceo of make-a-wish for the greater bay area. congratulations. what a great idea to turn this into a documentary. it started off -- you were expecting hundreds of people to show up in the streets and this thing exploded, didn't it? >> yeah, it was absolutely amazing. just all these people skipped out of work that day in san francisco and decided to come cheer on a little boy. and close to two billion people followed it online. >> are you kidding? that brings out the best in people, a story like this. >> it does. >> how did that start? you wanted to grant a wish for a wonderful little kid and then it
10:24 am
exploded. >> it did. so we thought 200 people sounded like a good crowd to cheer him on and to provide a safe haven. it is the city. and to make him feel like a superhero. but it took off like wildfire and before you know it, i put up ans are an rsvp site to talk about how many people were coming and it was adding a thousand people everyday. crowd estimates were at 25,000. >> how the story must have transformed you as a documentary filmmaker as well, i bet. >> it was amazing. my kids have been begging me "could you please do a movie we would like?" which i found offensive. [ laughter ] but my movies before this were serious so it was fun to talk to the most inspirational people around and then talking about it and watch it. i watched it, like 70 times finished. >> well this is serious and joyful. it's a serious subject a sick little boy. and we want to point out, right that make-a-wish is not for
10:25 am
terminally ill children. it's children with life threatening illnesses. >> sometimes we come to them when they need us most. >> ♪ take me in, into your darkest hour ♪ ♪ and i'll never desert you ♪ ♪ i'll stand by you ♪ yeah! yeah. so, that's our loyalty program. you're automatically enrolled. and the longer you stay, the more rewards you get. great. oh! ♪ i'll stand by you ♪ ♪ won't let nobody hurt you ♪ isn't there a simpler way to explain the loyalty program? yes. standing by you from day one. now, that's progressive. ladies we need to talk... ... about haircolor. it's garnier nutrisse nourishing color creme. rich, radiant... ravishing color! nutrisse nourishes while it colors. plus it has avocado, olive, and shea oils. garnier nutrisse. nourished hair, better color my budget was always second guessing me when i'd buy stuff for the family. fingerhut. fingerhut. fingerhut. (door hinges creaking)
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10:27 am
police say muhammad ka lick can i followed the 13-year-old home forced his way inside and attacked herr. a bridge damaged by last month's quake in napa is going to come down today. it's been shut down since may's 4.1 magnitude quake. the hope is to have a new bridge open by new year's day. we'll take a look at weather and traffic coming up after the break.
10:28 am
good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. today will be warm, but not too
10:29 am
hot. reaching 87 degrees in lascodas today. burlggame 86. a nice breeze this afternoon. in the north bay, napa 75 degrees. oakland, 70. pleasanton reaching 93 degrees this afternoon. there will be some spots that get pretty warm in the tri valley. we have milder air warming up as we go through the rest of the week. now let's see what's happening on the roads with mike. >> kari, still looking to palo alto, we have this slowdown. this is your approaching university on the southbound side. especially slow right now. you've got to merge with folks joining in from university avenue as well as a shift and from the lanes basically adding and dropping at the same time right through that same stretch. look at the map. there's a slower drive on the north side heading out of redwood city. the rest of the south looks great. the rest of the bay looks great. bay bridge meetering lights looks great. giants game so it will be
10:30 am
crowded around the park as it should be. >> go giants. make sure you see us at our 11:00 newscast coming up. see you then.miy/e we're back with a deserving little boy who has a special wish. >> it's been rough going for six-year-old corey. he was born with a severe case of sickle cell anemia, he lost his spleen at age two, had four strokes by age four and after monthly transfusions his only hope was a bone marrow transplant. >> so his older sister was tested and she was a match. she donated her bone marrow last august. the transplant went fine, corey no longer has sickle cell but after his immune system woke up, the-cells in his body began to attack his stomach and liver. >> but his mom prayed and corey rallied and lorraine and corey are here along with their big sister nickessa.
10:31 am
you guys have had a tough time, new how are you doing? >> i'm good, i'm blessed? >> and how is yory doing? he's tired today? >> he is. >> tell us how he's doing day to day. >> he's getting better day by day. he's doing good with his physical therapy. they've cut back his chemo meds from twice a week to once a week. >> and nickessa, you're the houn of -- heroine of the story. how is your little brother doing? >> great. >> so when they asked you to help out your little brother, what did you think nickessa? >> i thought that it would be awesome to help out my little brother. >> mom, did you have any reservations about how this was going to happen? >> no. i trust god completely and i knew that he could make a way. >> well, one of the great things about your beautiful, wonderful
10:32 am
little son is that he loves firemen. we heard a rumor. describe to us how much and why he loves firemen so much. >> my father was a firefighter and a first responder ems and when they were little coming up i used to tell them stories about how i used to go with my dad. but he's also had a fascination with fire trucks and he decided one day when he grew up he wanted to be a firefighter. >> that's a noble profession. >> corey, we might have a little surprise for you. we're going to have to -- we're going to open up our back window right here and spin you around. look what's out there. >> look what's out there, corey! >> there is a big fire truck i think it's just for you. i think it is. >> i think it's your own fire truck. and corey here come the guys. look who's here. who's that guy? >> now he's waking up. these are the mascots from the
10:33 am
fdny. hi, guys. oh, look! now he's happy. >> do you like these guys? yeah? >> and we'd like to also bring out -- oh here they come. we've got our commissioner daniel nigro and chief of the department james leonard are here. >> hello and welcome. welcome. some of new york's finest firemen. >> why don't we spin corey back around a little bit. >> hey, corey! good morning, corey. >> can you say hi? >> look all your guys are here! you have a little presentation for our wonderful little boy. >> we certainly do. good morning, corey, welcome to new york city. and we're all here today to swear you in as a firefighter. >> what? stop it! wow! so if you can answer three simple questions all you have to do is say yes -- >> or give a thumb's up.
10:34 am
you'll be a new york city firefighter. so let's start. we'll make it official, the chief will hold -- raise your right hand. put your hand here. >> oh, wow. >> do you promise to be safe and never play with matches or fire and always listen to your mom? >> yes! >> do you promise to help your fellow firefighters? >> yes! >> do you promise to help others and always do the right thing? of course you do! well here's your new badge. >> oh, my gosh! >> and welcome to the new york city fire department. you are now an new york city firefighter. [ applause ] oh, wait, you got other stuff, too? >> we've got other things for you. >> what? wow! what's that a senate. >> a little helmet here.
10:35 am
wow. he's a lot happier than he was a few minutes ago when he came in. >> we've got shirts and hats. >> is that okay? >> we we put this sweatshirt on for him? >> we'll put it on a little later. >> oh, look, it's got your name on it, corey! this is awesome! >> you guy, that was beautiful. thank you, guys. >> all righty, how to -- new members of the joy fit will be with us in a little bit to tell us their story and how it changed their lives. >> coming up right after this.
10:36 am
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palette new from maybelline new york 12 shadows in rosy gold tones create infinite looks... from bolder blush... to risqué rose. all blushed. never hushed. new the blushed nudes palette maybe it's maybelline! all right. he's the guy who gave you piggy back rides and cheered you up when you were feeling down. >> on father's day it's your turn to treat dad to something
10:40 am
special. our gadget guys steve greenberg. still have a little time. >> this is a no tie zone. dads don't want ties. no ties. first up if dad likes to fish, this is a really neat idea. it's a remote controlled boat that actually has a fishing line set up to it. you can use it take it out to a lake or something. you can go fishing. >> no you can't. >> we have a fake fish there caught. but it's designed to go out and catch a fish. >> has it ever really caught one? >> two-pound fish. >> then you can bring it into the shore. >> i'm pretty sure that is not the kind of fishing. not for everybody. >> $69. >> novelty. >> novelty. >> okay next. this is for every trunk of the car. this is an automatic cordless pump. the only one out there i could find. this is really cool. bicycle tire and do basketball or you can do your car tire as
10:41 am
well. plug it in. set the pressure thing, push the button and, of course we don't charge it. oh of course. but it works. i actually used this myself and it works terrific. >> charge it up and then you punch in the amount of pressure you want and it fills it up to that pressure and it's done. >> genius. >> and plug it into your cigarette lighter. definitely a must-have. $89. >> what's next isn't. >> big on garage and mom and pops who come up with really cool ideas. steven crane worked on this for 15 years. this is etape 16. we have a tight shot over here. it does a digital read out when you're measuring and then it will remember how far, you know it will give you the memory of the thing, why is that with live television you always have problems with that. >> hit the button. >> it gives you digital readout. >> we believe you.
10:42 am
>> but also on top, you can do the interior of the thing. >> 3 1/4. >> it gives you the halfway point and sentcentimeters, inches. next we'll give you am drawsome drawing here. kathie are you going to be our drawer. >> you already squiggled on it. >> all right. paper is a free app right here and this pen, the stylus is called pencil from a company called 53 and not only can you draw but you can use the shade of it. i drew that one over there. while you guys are playing, this is the one i drew right over here. with no talent, i did this. with talent you can do stuff like this or that. real people. that's real drawings that were done with that. see all the shading. you can do all that shading with the stylus. >> that is shocking. if you're a real artist this is
10:43 am
a really great tool. what is it called again? >> it's called pencil by 53 and the app, there we go. on the side unfortunately, but we get the idea. >> that's fun. i like that. >> $39 the starting price. >> popcorn. >> dads love popcorn. this is the chef in popcorn. this is a silicon thing. you put the colonels inkernels and we have video of it exploding open and going up. next these are turntables. usb turntables. dad has records around the house, he can listen to the records and comes with a software so you can make it into digital. take your old records and put it on tape. >> that's so smart. >> only $69 from >> so smart. >> it's really cool. >> next go for a barbecue. briefcase barbecue. >> how cute is that. >> great for two folks. you know like a barbecue for two. >> take it to the park it's perfect.
10:44 am
>> these are the keep cool cups. put your ice in the bottom compartment right there. and then your drinks don't get diluted. this one says dad on it which is very cute. >> all good stuff. >> >> you did it. >> don't miss our favorite things. >> you don't want to miss the reveal of our joy fit club who combined lost 400 pounds. >> right after this. you used to sleep like a champ. then boom... what happened? stress, fun, bad habits kids, now what? let's build a new, smarter bed using the dualair chambers to sense your movement, heartbeat, breathing. introducing the sleep number bed with sleepiqtm technology. it tracks your sleep and tells you how to adjust for a good, better and an awesome night. the difference? try adjusting up or down. you'll know cuz sleep iq™ tells you. only at a sleep number store where you'll find the best buy rated mattress with sleepiq technology. know better sleep with sleep number. ♪
10:45 am
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10:47 am
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10:48 am
10:49 am
time to neat two members of the joy fit club who lost a combined 401 pounds. >> but it's what they gained that makes their story truly special. here to introduce us is the leader of the joy fit pack, joy bauer. hi sweetheart. >> this is really cool. it's a uniquely special joy fit club because not only did they lose an extraordinary amount of weight, but while they were each
10:50 am
on their own weight loss journey they found each other and they're dating! >> that's our favorite story. who's first? >> we'll start with 31-year-old josh steel from wabash, indiana. you know, just from college life by the age of 25 he weighed 579 pounds. >> oh, dear, not healthy. >> he was out in the working world he was depressed, everything ached, his feet were swollen and he felt like he was unworthy of happiness. he submitted his story to a bunch of the weight loss television shows and you know what? when he was rejected he decided he was going do this on his own. >> good for him. >> this guy cleaned up his food, he started regularly exercising and if you can believe in just two months he lost 100 pounds. >> what? >> that's how much this weight wanted off his body. he was not restrictive. it just fell off. he then started sharing his story on a facebook page, on
10:51 am
instagram. this guy's going to walk out here, he is the 300 pounds lighter and he is a successful personal trainer. >> i can't take it. >> oh my god. >> here is josh's before picture. come on josh join the joy fit club. oh, my gosh! yeah, baby! hello! >> hello. >> how are you? >> you look great, congratulations. >> now you guys are going to meet his other half. this is 25-year-old christine strange. she's from columbus, ohio. and by 13 she was 190 pounds and that's when the yo-yo dieting started. in her teens she hit her heaviest 231 pounds. her mother who just wanted to do everything for her daughter saw how unhappy she was, she suggested the weight loss surgery. christine said not a chance but thank you for caring so much. she did it on her own just like josh, started posting her success stories on instagram. josh saw her transformation -- >> of course he did. >> -- fell in love.
10:52 am
she's 101 pounds thinner and she is josh's stunning girlfriend. come on out, christine! [ cheers and applause ] >> wow! >> oh, my god! [ laughter ] >> i love this. >> oh my gosh you guys. >> how long have you been dating now? >> five months. >> oh, my gosh. the smiles on your faces. >> and it was all through social media, instagram. >> did you know when he started texting you or facebooking or whatever he did you thought there might be something here? >> i had no idea. pretty clueless. i mean, we were friends and then it just blossomed from there. >> careful with that friend thing! >> i called instaflirting. >> if we wanted to give a visual on what 400 pounds looks like so we weren't sure how to do it, joy had an idea. >> this is what 400 pounds of cantaloupes look like. are you ready? >> 400 pounds of cantaloupes?
10:53 am
wow. and thanks this cool display, we'll be donating this to city harvest. >> if you can carry a couple of them they're heavy. you guys, congratulations on everything. >> you win a cantaloupe. >> our favorite things next but first, this is "today" on nbc.
10:54 am
now that there's foster farms simply raised, it's tougher than ever to be a foster farms chicken. but foster farms simply raised chicken is 100 percent natural with no antibiotics. well you're an herbalist. help us to be natural. will those herbs do it? those? one grows hair, the other increases energy. gasp! do i look natural herb man? can i call you herb man?
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time to share our favorite things. time to share the flip-flop pouch to carry your flip-flops wherever you go. look how cute it is. this little beaded tote. >> i like that. >> it's $45. >> and speaking of flip, mine is called flip board. it compiles your news sources in one. it's an app. you flip up and it gives you --
10:57 am
it's such a great thing. you can follow diets and it all comes up. it's such an awesome -- it's like my favorite app. flip board get it. >> i'm going to be with gretchen carlson tonight at the first presbyterian church in greenwich connecticut from 6:30 to 9:00 and get her great book. it is an incredible story of accomplishment. >> and tomorrow you know him as mcsteamy from grey's anatomy. eric dane is year? and ashley tisdale. >> and we are kicking off our new sugar detox. >> plus lillianna takes you from beach to chic in
10:58 am
10:59 am
11:00 am
right not at 11:00, warriors fans so close they can taste it. the first -- how nice is that to say? thanks no joining us. i'm kris sanchez. >> and i'm scott mcgrew. the golden stair warriors embark for a hopefully successful mission in cleveland. >> their mission, win in game 6, and wrap this baby up. stephanie is at the airport where the team's plane departed. we were watching on periscope as the players were getting on and wondering if they had anything


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