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tv   Early Today  NBC  June 19, 2015 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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it's friday, june 19th. coming up on "early today," we are learning more about those gunned down in the charleston church massacre. questions about the suspected trigger man. was this an act of domestic terrorism because of race? the fbi is investigating it as a hate crime. >> we know hatred acrosskroscross races and faiths poses a particular threat to our democracy and our ideals. >> and then a friend of the alleged shooter described him. >> he wanted segregation and white with white and black with black and that he didn't -- he didn't believe in what the black race was doing to the white race. plus, flooding from texas up to missouri as a state of emergency is declared. and are we witnessing the end of
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a once stratospheric career? "early today" starts right now. for the families of those nine innocent people killed in cold blood, nothing could bring them back. right now the suspect is in his cell back in south carolina. and later today, he will appear for a bond hearing at 2:00 p.m. eastern. we know he's had run ins with the law before. a felony charge of illegally possessing a prescription nor cot tick at a mall and a month later, a misdemeanor trespassing charge. the mayor called it pure concentrated evil. the community reacted. >> we woke up today and the heart and soul of south carolina was broken. >> reporter: have you allowed yourself time to thing about what you have lost?
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>> yeah but i still haven't digested it. one moment i'm fine. >> reporter: it's hard. >> yeah. >> and we want to go to abc's dave wagner, he's in charleston right now. how did they end up catching this guy? >> reporter: it was a combination of solid police work and stips from the public. people are relieved here as they continue to grieve. the pain is palatable less than 24 hours since nine family members were told their family was gunned down. >> she was my sister. >> reporter: for melvin graham reflection and retribution are competing emotions. >> obviously, god forgives but i want to expedite the meeting between him and god.
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>> reporter: according the investigators dylann roof went to the church an hour before the shootings, asked to join the bible study, then opened fire. eight would die inside the church, and a 9th died at the hospital. after an all out man hunt, he was found in shelby north carolina. an alert citizen called police after recognizing the suspect. >> the subject is now in custody. >> reporter: president obama said now is the time for healing but also called for meaningful change when it came to american's access to guns. >> at some point, we, as a country, will have to recognize that this type of mas violence doesn't happen in other countries. >> we've been here before whether it's in a movie theater, a classroom or a church, gun violence raised its ugly head again.
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zblrmt as -- >> reporter: as families grieve the city of charleston joins them. the suspect a 21-year-old man in court today to face charges. this is an old city a very old city. 345 years old. but perhaps this is the darkest chapter they have ever seen. that is the latest. >> and shifting that focus to the victims and their families. the post and courier said the unspeakable happened in our city, with the faces of the dead lined up top. and more on the three men and six women. >> reporter: charleston is a city in mourning. nine are dead six women and three men. among those killed, the church's pastor, clementa pinckney who's preached there since he was a teenager. >> god, we welcome and invite
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you into this place, your house. we thank you for the spirit that dwells here. >> reporter: and he was a long time member of the state senate where a black cloth was draped in his memory. >> he was a giant. he was the moral compass of the assembly. >> several people who worked at the church are among the dead including depayne middleton-doctor. and she was a mother of four. sharonda coleman-singleton, who was a reverend at the church and mother of three. tywanza sanders, a barber who had recently graduated from university. krint -- cynthia hurd. her brother says the last 24 hours have been devastating. >> we all were agonizing and not
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hearing from her for so many hours. >> also confirmed dead -- a community is coming together to remember nine lives tragically taken in their place of worship. jtsds . >> people around the country are joining their sadness. we understand that president obama had a personal connection to the shooting. >> yeah he did. the reverend pinckney who was killed was a very early supporter of the president obama. he says he and michelle obama connected with reverend pinckney in 2007.
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they had a fairically close relationship the president speaking out now about this tragically in light of gun control on capitol hill. it's not at all clear that anything will get done this time. vigils are being held all over the country demand washington where democrats and republicans paused to play together. >> anyone who would do something so unspeakable is pure evil. >> pleased that the justice department will be treating it as what it is a hate crime. >> visibly frustrated president obama and democrats said this tragedy should renew the debate on gun control. >> it is under our control to do something about it. >> how many people do we need to see cut down before we act? >> somebody's crazy or a felon -- i'm sorry, i should say a criminal.
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they shouldn't be able to buy a gun. >> defend the right to live out their faith, at home at work or in their business. >> there's something terribly wrong, but it isn't going to be fixed by your government. >> solidarity on the streets, but washington still divided. >> president obama they say has done everything he can on his own by executive order. a couple of years ago he issued a number of executive orders. but this is a second amendment constitutional issue, which means if something's going to get done nationwide congress will have to act at some point. >> now to a scary situation in richmond virginia as police respond to someone threatening church goers.
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>> according to the pastor the man came up to the door of the church holding a sharp object and shouting you're all going to get killed tonight. he's been taken to the hospital for observation. >> your father's day forecast please tell us it's going to be a lovely weekend. >> tropical depression bill still over arkansas this morning. we had aerial pictures pretty impressive from texas. water everywhere you look. this was in the dallas fort worth area. they picked up three to six inches of rainfall. but on top of extremely saturated soil there was water ponding and standing. here's where the storm is now. as we go throughout the next couple of days it will be drifting and heading through the ohio valley.
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there will also be some severe storms. a cold front is coming down from the north. isolated supercells possible. on saturday anywhere from milwaukee to des moines to chicago could see severe storms. today's forecast soaking rain for missouri and arkansas. another blistering hot day in the desert southwest. yesterday was 115 in phoenix. we should do that again in saturday. for the us open in the northwest, the weather weather as we go throughout this upcoming weekend. desert southwest just looks like the peak of summer. so the golf fans will enjoy it. >> it will give them a reason to stay inside.
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when you had kids? family isn't defined by who you love, but how. tylenol®. a new development in that new york prison break. david sweat and richard matt are now on the u.s. 15 most wanted list of fugitives. the pair have been on the run for 14 days. . in los angeles, a woman has been charged with using canned food to beat and kill her boyfriend. they charge linda jackson claiming she used separate cans of carrots, peas and chicken brauth to blujen him to death. if convicted she faces life in prison. >> in germany the worst break up ever. a man cut everything he owned with his ex-wife in half.
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he posted his work on youtube and put everything on ebay. the couple was married for 12 years. and in florida this -- that's brucer the bear. he loves a good dip in the pool. almost seems human from his reactions. he lives with his owner in a wild animal education sanctuary. the obama administration plans to unveil new fuel standards today. the reports say it's for all types of trucks. they're expected to reduce fuel efficiency by 2027. >> and walmarts had moved greeters elsewhere a few years ago to help with other tasks.
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walmart is also adding workers to spot check customer receipts before they leave. and mcdonald's is expanding its test of all daybreak fast to a few more markets. customers can get biscuit sandwiches hot cakes hash browns and oatmeal. mcdonald's isn't sure if the test will go nationwide. >> we have some updates about announcements the nbc news group announced thursday afternoon. lester holt will be the permanent anchor of nbc nightly news. top anchor. he became the full time anchor of weekend nightly news in 1997 and he co anchors "today." and brian williams also will join msnbc as anchor of breaking
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time now for all your friday sports headlines. >> good morning. the us open is underway in washington. it is the first time the us open is being played in the pacific northwest. and tiger woods didn't have a great opening round. he posted his worst score ever at the us open at 80. he loses his grip right there of his club during that shot. tiger shot a career worst 85 just two weeks ago. justin johnson finding himself in a pretty difficult situation on the 9th. he hits it out of the rough. it rolls on down the hill momentum carrying it just 15 feet short of the hole. he would finish five under for the day. twins taking on the cardinals now. kenny vargas knocks down deep
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his fourth home run of the year. twins struggling and pick up their third win in the last ten games. pablo sandoval served a one game suspension yesterday for using instagram during that game. he was using the bathroom when he liked two photos and a blogger noticed. sandoval apologized for his actions as he knew that cell phone use is a violation of team and mlb rules. the team announced that they will not fine him. no word from the league. 15-year-old ryan mcguire played 100 holes of golf in one day all in honor of his friend danny who he lost to cancer in april. danny captured the hearts of many around the world when he asked for cards on his birthday and received more than 750,000 cards and packages.
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>> the massacre in charleston is a painful reminder of the troubling state of race rehaitianre relations in this country. the type of sanctuary that so often become a target over the generations -- nbc harry smith reports. >> reporter: if you're old enough to remember when four young girls were killed on a sunday morning in birmingham alabama. if you remember the batons and beatings on a bridge in selma, alabama, then you knew you had witnessed evil. >> free at last. free at last. thank god all mighty, we're free at last. >> a martyr fell and laws were changed and some hearts too.
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but whatever happened to that affirmation of equality? perhaps the virus of racism never died. it just laid dormant only to flair up again in new ways. a man dies in police custody in baltimore, pushing people to the streets. in lots of places in our land, there is unease, distrust. aren't all men created equal? steven adams is a student at the citadel. >> i think it's a common occurrence in our society and people are becoming more and more numb to those things. >> numb to the value of another person's life. what harms our neighbor harms us. why is that so hard to understand? and now to something to brighten up your friday on a day the whole country is in mourning. someone took the time to share this video to show people are good at heart. someone posted a sign simple
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stating give what you can, take what you need. people posted and took money all day. and the last dollar remained on the board until that board was taken down. pretty amazing. >> it's a great concept. i love stories like that where no one ruins it and just takes everything. >> right. and actually more people gave than took. that's a testament to the goodness of people right? i think so. now we're going to take time for a look ahead. president obama travels to san francisco to address the u.s. conference of mayors. nearly 300 leaders will be in attendance. afterwards the president will take place in two events for the democratic party. singer paula abdul is 53. she'll always be 25 in my mind. all that dancing.
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keep it right here for more news weather and sports.
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it's time to celebrate! the nba champion warriors parade preps are almost complete, we'll show you the routes, the best place to watch the nba champion warriors almost complete we're going to show you the routes best place to watch and everything to get you you warriors ready. and he's not coming for the parade, but to address the country's mayors president obama arriving in the bay area later today, how his visit will affect you. the 21-year-old behind the deadly church shooting in charleston south carolina -- kari hall as we start out this morning we are in the lower 50s in san francisco and heading into the afternoon. warms up quite a bit. more on that coming up in the full microclimate forecast.


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