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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  June 23, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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our nbc bay area chopper, fire crews cutting holes into that roof to access the fire. the smoke is visible from 880. around the 98th avenue exit. we continue to follow this firefight and bring you updates online and more updates here on the tv side. it's been a busy day for firefighters across the area. crews are monitoring hot spots after a fire burned dangerously close to homes in fairfield. you can see those flames peeking over the rooftops. the fire started around 1:00 this afternoon. from our chop e you can see how quickly the flames spread and charred those 15 acres right behind that community. this happened at the end of vista grand near i-80 in fairfield. neighbors sigh chp officers had just told them to get ready to evacuate. however, firefighters were able to get the upper hand. >> the fire department hit it really hard. a tanker actually dropped some stuff in behind their house and then the helicopter showed up. they did a great job. >> this fire was sparked by a contractor mowing dry grass.
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thankfully no one was hurt. other developing news this is a fire near lake tahoe which has charred nearly 17,000 acres. 500 firefighters are on site trying to contain that wildfire. it actually started last friday. the steep terrain, the wind and the drought making it tough for crews to knock it down. the firefight is happening some 30 miles south of the lake near markleville. s crews say this fire was sparked by lightning. jodi hernandezrn jeff ranieri, how do the conditions look? >> not very good. i do not think they're going to get containment of this within the next three to four-day period based on the conditions we're seeing. right now, winds out of the south-southwest. the humidity at 24%. firefighters are doing all they can to keep the flames away from
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markleeville. the embers from this could be flying near that city. not good news when it comes to the temperatures and humidity. likely see them range as high as 94 degrees for the temperatures. humidity is in the 20% to 30% range and winds out of the southwest, 15 to 30 miles per hour. here is the other thing we're tracking by friday. the possibility of thunderstorms will be returning. this fire as we mentioned, got started by lightning. that lightning this friday and saturday could spark more wildfires. we're tracking that in your full forecast in 15 minutes. >> thank you very much jeff. we are keeping a close eye on the fire season. we'll be constantly updating our digital platform. so you can check it out on our nbc bay area app and on twitter and facebook. it starts today, an urgent ordinance passed a few hours ago cracking down on illegal fireworks in santa clara county. light even just a sparkler on your property and you could face
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big fines this fourth of july. nbc bay area's marianne favro joins us with a look at how the lawmakers are getting tough and how homeowners may pay the price if you allow it to happen on your property. >> reporter: it's a steep price. up to $1,000. the crackdown is designed to get people to forget about setting off their own fireworks at home and instead come see a professional show like the one held here at discovery meadows in downtown san jose. this summer the coincident to fourth of july may feel more like a crackdown on illegal fireworks. fireworks are already illegal everywhere in santa clara county except the city of gilroy. and today the santa clara supervisors approved an urgency ordinance that holds homeowners accountable. when fireworks are discharged on their property initially they'll get a warning. but if it happens again, the homeowner may be slapped with a fine starting at $350. >> my hope is yes, it does help stem the tide against illegal fireworks.
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i know it's been a big complaint throughout the county. >> reporter: as the county cracks down san jose city council is also considering a plan to allow park rangers, community service officers and code enforcement staff to issue citations to people using illegal fireworks. >> we can have a community service officer or code enforcement officer or park ranger be able to issue citations just like a parking ticket is issued. that way, everyone's got a very certain and swift deterrent for the use of fireworks and we're not hoping that the police officers will have the time to enforce because we know they're stretched. >> reporter: the goal is to respond quickly. >> these fireworks are not like fireworks when we were kids either. they're large, explosive devices. they are potentially deadly to people. people have had their hands blown off and people seriously injured. they're a fire potential in this time of great drought. >> reporter: city leaders hope the crackdown will convince more people to head to a professional show like the one offered here at almaden lake.
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there are eight professional fireworks shows offered in santa clara county this july 4th. on july 1st you can purchase safe fireworks in gilroy but you will only be able to set them off in the city of gilroy. reporting live in san jose, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> fourth of july right around the corner thank you. it's been one week since the deadly balcony collapse in berkeley. today two major developments. the balcony had significant dry rot according to investigators and moving forward, city officials are recommending major changes for balcony safety. nbc bay area's michelle roberts is in berkeley with the latest this evening. >> reporter: one of the big proposed changes is more inspection. so apartment complexes like these would have to hire an engineer to make sure it's safe and make sure there isn't any dry rot like this building had. in addition new buildings would need better ventilation. a memorial for the six students killed in last week's balcony
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collapse in berkeley continues to grow tonight. today berkeley city leaders announced a new proposal aimed at making apartment buildings safer. >> what our observations were is there was severe deterioration of the wooden structural members, the most likely cause of that deterioration was dry rot. >> reporter: inspectors spent the week reviewing records and inspecting 2020 kittredge street. in the city memo dry rot was the only possible contributing factor listed as a potential cause for the balcony collapse. >> we don't know and we're not going to know or determine how the moisture got into the assembly. >> reporter: berkeley planning director eric engstat says the building was supposed to handle the load and passed city standards. those standards may changed and mandate that new balconies be built with more water-resistant materials like steel or naturally durable wood. >> based on his analysis these are the measures that would be
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most likely to minimize the chance of this happening again. >> reporter: if passed the new regulations would require multifamily buildings to be inspected within six months and then every five years. the building owner would be responsible for the cost of the inspection and possible repairs. the city admits the goal is to prevent another tragic accident. the proposal will likely be presented to the city council next month and it could go into effect immediately. i'm michelle roberts reporting live in berkeley tonight, nbc bay area news. there is some relief for one of the seven survivors of this tragedy. 21-year-old sean fahey has been released from the hospital. he's expected to travel home back to ireland. this is according to the irish times newspaper. he was reportedly treated at eden medical center in castro valley. an apartment fire in oakland left a man dead. flames broke out before 11:00 this morning. you're looking at the aftermath of that. this is just blocks from franklin elementary school. fire investigators say the 58-year-old man died of smoke
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inhalation. in fact the flames didn't spread to any other apartments but the cause of that blaze is still under investigation. can they save a local community? a pool of money is growing to help save a palo alto mobile home park. today santa clara county supervisors voted to add another $6.5 million to try to keep the buy nabuena vista mobile home park intact. the owner is planning to sell the land displacing the park's residents. the county wants to buy the land to preserve affordable housing for those families. right now the polls are open for a special election but only residents who live in district 4, the northeast section of the city, are casting votes. they're selecting a new city council member to fill the vacancy of kansen chu. the polls are open until 8:00
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tonight and the ballots should all be counted before midnight. disturbing new information tonight about how the color of your skin may impact the amount of time you spend in jail. a new report out shows african-americans are more likely to be convicted of crimes and ended up serving more time than criminals who are white. nbc bay area's mark matthews is outside the hall of justice in san francisco. some city leaders you talked to say race isn't the only factor that comes into play here. >> reporter: that's right. we spoke with the chief of police and we also talked with an ex-con and they had pretty different opinions. and from the public defender who launched this report this morning at a press conference. the public defender calls the report shocking. >> it shows that african-americans are more likely to be kept in custody, to be subject to higher bails. >> reporter: and he adds san francisco's numbers are the worst of any big city in the state. >> you have a system which
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consistently discriminates against people of color and yet fails to acknowledge that fails to recognize it. >> reporter: joshua harris has done three terms behind bars. but he doesn't feel it was racism that caused him to get convicted and serve more time. >> i'm not saying that it's a racial thing because it wasn't the issue. the racial bigotry is the ignorance. >> reporter: harris says people in poor neighborhoods don't have the same educational or economical advantages and don't see the world the same way. and those neighborhoods are often communities of color. >> property crime is our problem. property crime comes with descriptions and/or known suspects and those are the people that we're going and contacting. >> reporter: the numbers the chief has show that 40% of the time victims of property crimes are describing african-americans as the suspects. about the same percentage that
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are arrested. he pointed to homicide stats that show while african-americans are just 6% of the city's population they make up 50%, half, of the city's murder victims. >> economic opportunity and educational success both equal hope. and i think that that's what needs to be placed in these communities. and that's really what we've been trying to be about doing. >> reporter: the chief says the department's summertime jobs program is already well under way. the majority of kids enrolled are either black or latino. reporting from outside the hall of justice, mark matthews nbc bay area news. >> mark thank you. still ahead here at 6:00 cut off, the big announcement a big oil company just made in the wake of that oil spill off the coast of santa barbara. plus -- >> i'm live in richmond. police are trying to figure out how a police dog attacked an officer. details coming up. and move over walmart.
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new evidence that facebook is one of the highest valued companies on the planet. and good evening, i'm meteorologist jeff ranieri. the uv index will surge to an 11 tomorrow. how hot the temperatures will get coming up in that microclimate forecast.
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no drilling ... at least for no drilling, at least for now. exxonmobil announcing today it's temporarily ceased oil production on three platforms off the coast of santa barbara. the move is connected to the shutdown of that pipeline that spilled more than 100,000 gallons of oil last month. exxonmobil used that pipeline to transport crude to its refinery. the company cut its drilling when the county rejected an emergency application to instead transport oil by truck. a police dog shot a police officer injured in a bizarre run-in at the police department.
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nbc bay area's chuck coppola joins us with all the questions in between. >> reporter: it is a police mystery here at richmond. the handler who left his patrol car with a dog in it is being investigated for whether he followed procedures properly. and officer who was bit and subsequently wounded the dog is being investigated for how he handled the situation. police investigators plan to scrutinize the system of extra locks and remote controls packed into their patrol cars for police dogs. the police dog that bit an officer escaped from this one this morning. >> the locks on the vehicle that was stowed away is going to be examined. >> there's different mechanisms to all the k-9 vehicles in place to provide security in and outside of the car.
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so that car is going to be gone over with a fine-tooth comb. >> reporter: the attack happened when a police dog's handler left his car with the dog in it to go inside the police station for a meeting. the dog got out of the car and bit another police officer who was wearing civilian clothes and coming in to work shortly before 7:30 this morning. >> we're trying to figure out what transpired between that time and when the officer was confronted by the k-9. >> reporter: the officer who was attacked a four-year veteran of the department fired his handgun once, critically injuring the dog. police rushed the dog to berkeley's pets referral center where the dog was stabilized and then transferred to veterinarians at uc davis. has this animal had any problems with officers before so far as you know? >> nothing to my knowledge. >> reporter: these are the initial breed brought in.
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officers use them for tracking felony suspects and searching for evidence and narcotics. the officer bit on the hand may require surgery. the police dog is expected to recover. reporting live in richmond i'm chuck coppola, nbc bay area news. this is video of a berkeley man being escorted off a plane in belfast, ireland. united airlines say he disrupted sunday's rome to chicago flight by repeatedly demanding snacks from the flight attendants. the flight was diverted to ireland where he is still in conduct. united then had to refund airfare for nearly 300 of his fellow passengers. a bizarre and deadly accident in san francisco when a man fell through a skylight. it happened about 4:30 in the morning at a building at 14th in
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the mission district. police say the man was drinking with friends on the roof when he crashed through the skylight landed in the garage below and was pronounced dead. his identity hasn't been released at this point. no word on the exact cause of a fire in vallejo at a house that seriously injured one man overnight. the fire started in the garage just after midnight east of broadway. firefighters say two people were home when that blaze started. one of them suffered second and third-degree burns. but the other person got out safely. investigators say it may have started from a spark from a welding torch. the saga of a brand-new stadium for the raiders continues. today the team was a no-show at a town hall meeting near l.a. the city of carson wants to build a stadium for the raiders and chargers, a shared stadium. this is what that $1.7 billion facility would look like. last night, city leaders in carson invited the raiders and chargers to update neighbors
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about this new stadium proposal. but the raiders didn't send a representative. meanwhile back here at home, some live pictures of the coliseum here. oakland is moving forward with plans of building a new stadium for the raiders at the current coliseum site. an unlikely shift in the financial world as facebook overtakes walmart in terms of its stock value. walmart for decades has been the world's biggest retailer. it was founded in 1962. by comparison 11-year-old facebook is still an upstart yet it's worth more. facebook has not knocked walmart from the standard & poor's list of the top ten highly valued companies. let's bring in our chief meteorologist jeff ranieri as we head toward midweek. beautiful day out there. >> definitely is. the only thing we're tracking right now across our weather underground camera throughout mt. hamilton are hazy conditions throughout the south bay. that's a function of high pressure beginning to move in and that area of high pressure will be producing much hotter weather. let's take you outside the sky
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camera network. 75 on the peninsula. we have some fog out here in woodside. but it's very compressed down, also a result of that region of high pressure moving across. the north bay still holding on to an average of 85 degrees. to tomorrow's forecast as we have been mentioning wednesday we're going to begin to see these numbers continuing to go up. let's go ahead and get a preview of what we can expect. we'll average 88 for the north bay. for the south bay, 85 degrees. about 5 to 7 degrees warmer for much of the bay area. now it is going to be getting hotter and you'll be able to see that on the trend. for the south bay, hottest day will be on thursday with 95 degrees. when you get a 95-degree day in the south bay, it's going to feel like 100 out in that full sun. but it's not going to last too long. temperatures will cool by saturday with 85. for the peninsula, 93 on thursday down to 82 on saturday. and san francisco, yes, will get in on the 70s. a drier north wind should pump
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us up to 77 on thursday and then back to reality saturday with 66 degrees. north bay and also for the tri-valley will be our hottest locations. 98 on thursday in the north bay and 102 degrees in the tri-valley as well. so as many of you know with temperatures this hot, i keep stressing that fire danger. we will see some breezy conditions in the hills above 1,000 feet. but it should not surpass about 20 miles per hour for those sustained winds. humidity will be low, though. 20% to 30%. overall, i think the worst fire danger if you have any outdoor activities planned would be on thursday. that's when we have the hottest weather and also the lowest humidity levels. we're tracking more on this full forecast and we'll have details in 25 minutes. >> see you later in the newscast, jeff. uber is setting its sights on the san jose international airport. the decision today about whether uber can pick up travelers. plus check it out, do these look familiar? they are throwback license plates and they're making a
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comeback but they're not exactly the same. we'll tell you why. hall. and it will fly after all, the new development in the flag debate at san jose's city hall, next.
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for san jose veterans. as we've been reporting , they a partial victory today for san jose veterans. they want city hall to fly the p.o.w. flag permanently and not just on special occasions. this is the flag. it's dedicated to prisoners of war and those missing in action. the veterans say the state of california flies that flag on a permanent basis and that san jose should as well. today city council members approved flying the flag during the week of the fourth of july. >> we want to move forward on what we can do today to make sure that we're flying the flag and then come back in august and continue to work on the 365-day. but let's get something done today and make sure it's flying during the fourth of july holiday. >> veterans have even some ideas
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about where the flag should fly, on the same pole as the u.s. flag just below old glory. take you outside, live pictures from the port of oakland. the port is going high tech to help speed up the flow of cargo. as we speak, bluetooth sensors are being installed along the outer harbor area. it's the same technology used along major freeways to give drivers estimated rush hour commute times. the sensors would allow cargo truckers to check wait times on their mobile devices helping them avoid peak hours. the bluetooth pilot program will last several months. for 50 bucks you and your car can go retro, old-timers will recognize these plates. california's 1960s era black and gold license plates. beginning today, drivers can order the plates in personalized or random versions. there is one change though, from the original. current law mandates these plates be reflective unlike
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their '60s predecessors. coming up taking back a scathing e-mail that you shouldn't have sent. google unveils a new feature that he will that will help keep you out of trouble. plus -- >> reporter: the fight over the confederate flag has gone online. i'm scott budman. coming up why ebay and amazon say they'll take it down. i'm live at san jose city hall. right now, the city council is trying to decide how to let ride-sharing companies such as uber operate at the airport without hurting taxi companies. that story coming up.
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but uber.. they don't have nothing. they don't pay nothing. so that's not fair, you know?" outcue:not fair, younowuns: 03 we didn't have nothing. that's not fair. >> pay to play. right now, san jose trying to decide whether to allow uber and lyft to pick up passengers at the airport. and that would mean ride-sharing companies would be competing with taxicabs. >> it's a hot debate. right now, uber and lyft aren't allowed to pick up those passengers at sjc. robert handa joins us with the details. >> reporter: if that one-year experiment is approved, it could be quite a change. people might be surprised how many times the airport says it has fined ride-sharing companies
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for operating illegally. now those same drivers could face the same restrictions as cabbies. taxi service is easy to see at san jose international airport. >> obviously you want to stay up with the times. and the ooubersubers and the lyfts and the sidecars are something that the public is desiring. we would love to be able to accommodate them. >> reporter: city officials say it would lose hundreds of thousands of dollars by not accommodating. uber alone has been issued over 1,200 citations for unauthorized pick-ups and about $213,000 in fines and fees. >> they don't pay nothing here. we pay for airport fee, for pick-up, drop-off. we pay for police. we have permits and licenses. but uber doesn't have nothing.
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they don't pay nothing, it's not fair. >> reporter: under the program, the city would require ride-sharing drivers to meet virtually the same requirements as taxi drivers. >> i don't know how you would go about that. but it seems fair to me that they'd have to pay as well the same fees that the regular cab companies have to pay. >> reporter: and again that debate is raging on inside city hall right now with numerous uber and lyft drivers asking the council to go back to the drawing board. live in san jose robert handa, nbc bay area news. it's no surprise that bay area rents continue to skyrocket. but you might be surprised we're not on the top of the list for fastest rising rents in terms of what city. a report from zillow found rental prices increasing nationwide, the city where rents are rising the fastest? jackson, mississippi, renlt prices are up almost 25% this past year. portland, maine, comes in at 17%.
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their rents might be rising but it's still nowhere near ours when it comes to overall price. continuing coverage now on the fight over the confederate flag. the push to ban that symbol of the old south from the capital of south carolina to silicon valley today. we begin with nbc bay area's business and tech reporter scott budman who's live outside ebay headquarters. that's one of the companies that says it's on board with banning that flag. >> reporter: you're philly right. ebay along with other retailers saying it will no longer sell the confederate flag on its website. the company says the flag violates its business policies. the web has also spoken and the confederate flag will soon be gone from online retailers ebay and san jose-based ebay released a statement saying quote, we have decided to prohibit confederate
6:33 pm
flags and many items containing this image because we believe it has become a contemporary symbol of divisiveness and racism. >> because they paid attention. >> reporter: at the tv of tomorrow conference focusing on social media the talk was about how big business is listening to its customers more closely online. >> there's this rising expectation particularly among your younger consumers where they expect businesses to be very responsive on these tools. >> reporter: which if you check twitter lately meant seeing how many people are demanding that businesses also take down the flag. and the marketing experts say those businesses are taking note. >> they are actively monitoring social media and sensing and responding so quickly. and it's really important to them. they'll change everything about how they're doing business very quickly. >> reporter: paying attention via technology and taking action.
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although to be fair not everybody is done with the confederate flag. amazon says sales of the flag were up 2,000% over the last 24 hours. reporting live in san jose, scott budman nbc bay area news. >> scott, thanks. it's a decades-old debate. now south carolina lawmakers could be lowering that flag. nbc's chris clackum continues our coverage from columbia, south carolina. >> reporter: at the foot of the south carolina state capitol, a call to remove the confederate battle flag from its grounds. >> we just want this flag down. >> reporter: a growing push gaining momentum. >> our job is to make them never forget what they promised. and we did come to take it down. >> roll call is required. >> reporter: inside the capitol, state lawmakers who will ultimately vote on whether to remove the flag debated the issue. while outside arguments flared. >> the american flag has killed more people than the confederate flag.
6:35 pm
>> reporter: one flag meaning different things to different people. for some it's about honoring ancestors who fought in the civil war. >> that flag he fought for, he thought enough after it so i'm fighting for it. it's my heritage. >> reporter: for others, it represents a painful past. >> that confederate battle flag that flies in front of the statehouse is certainly a racist symbol. >> reporter: the issue ignited after pictures surfaced showing the man accused of killing nine people last week in charleston's emanuel ame church posing with the flag. >> we are asking, lord that they bring the flag down. we are asking that nine lives will not have been lost in vain. >> reporter: as the state grapples with an issue that's raged since the flag was first raised on the capitol grounds more than 50 years ago. opponents are optimistic that the confederate flag will be removed from the state ground properties here by august at the very latest.
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live in columbia south carolina, i'm chris clackum for nbc bay area news. back to you. >> chris, thank you. we'll keep a close eye on this confederate flag debate. we'll be constantly updating our digital platforms. you can check us out on our nbc bay area app and on facebook and twitter. a powerful symbol of america's gay rights movement today was granted government protection. the stonewall inn located in new york city's greenwich village became a landmark. stonewall became famous when patrons of the gay bar fought back during a police raid. just ahead, tacos, burritos and booze, the local tack boo bell that has something on tap. and how skinny jeans landed one woman in the hospital. and -- >> there are so many thoughts running through my mind. do i still love her? yes. am i mad? yes.
6:37 pm
>> the husband of the woman accused of helping two killers escape from prison speaks exclusively to nbc news. i'm janelle wang. lyle mitchell says his wife confessed including the plot to kill him. why she didn't go through with it, that story next.
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jamie wanted a taste of the real new orleans and we just couldn't say no to that face. then we wanted more of that local flavor so betty says... oh yeah, that's betty. you're going to want to do this alligator thing. and betty didn't lead us wrong. a little later we passed some dancing. and who doesn't like dancing? especially when it's followed by fireworks everyone's nola is different. follow yours.
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you might soon be seeing a new kind of taco bell. it's an upscale version of the fast-food restaurant and it will offer wine and beer. taco bell's plan to open more urban friendly restaurants in major cities, this location is among the first. there will be exposed brick walls and earthy wood surfaces. the menu will offer all your old
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favorites and a new line of appetizers and that beer and wine. ever sent an e-mail you wish you can take back? now you can if you have a g-mail account. google's officially added an undo send feature. once you enable it in your settings, you can cancel any e-mail within five to 30 seconds. you have to act quick after you've sent it. there's a warning going out tonight about skinny jeans. an australian woman landed in the hospital for four days after suffering muscle damage and a nerve blockage in her legs. doctors say it happened after she was squatting for several hours while wearing very tight-fitting skinny jeans. she'd been emptying cupboards while helping a friend move. >> she wasn't able to move her ankles at all. >> the woman has recovered. doctors say when she was admitted the swelling in her legs was so bad, doctors had to cut the jeans off with scissors.
6:41 pm
>> no more skinny jeans. how about that. >> maybe too skinny. jeff ranieri is with us now. the heat-up is coming up in the next 48 hours? >> yeah we noticed it a little bit today. tomorrow even hotter. and then by thursday's forecast, triple digits coming our way. no skinny jeans in those triple digits. you see live on the sky cam, the sun is setting now. we'll talk about the heat and who goes the hottest in just a few minutes. prison. an exlusive interview with plus, his wife is accused of helping those two convicted killers escape from prison. an exclusive interview with lyle mitchell next.
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6:43 pm
might you testify against your wife? >> right now, i do not know. i don't know. >> the story gets more fascinating by the day. speaking publicly for the first time and only to nbc news the husband of the woman accused of helping two convicts escape from
6:44 pm
a new york prison talks candidly about his wife and her alleged plot to have him killed. janelle wang has the details. >> lyle mitchell did not hold back saying his wife confessed about the plan to have him killed but chickened out because she got scared and realized she still loves him. >> there are so many thoughts running through my head. do i still love her? yes. am i mad? yes. >> reporter: lyle mitchell speaks exclusively to matt lauer of the "today" show about his wife, joyce mitchell. the prison worker is accused of helping convicted killers escape from an upstate new york prison more than two weeks. >> i said, how could you do this? she said, it just got out of hand. >> reporter: authorities say joyce mitchell gave tools to the two men to help them break out of prison. she told her husband she was also going to be their getaway driver and the inmates would kill him before they all ran away together. but joyce mitchell didn't show up at the pick-up spot, instead
6:45 pm
checking herself into the hospital for a panic attack. >> when you stop and think about it now, isn't i very likely had she shown up in that getaway car that both of you would be dead right now? >> absolutely 100%. she would have been dead within half an hour. they were going to kill her. >> reporter: mitchell says his wife denies there was a sexual relationship with either inmate but said that richard matt gave her attention. the search for the two killers centers in a small community about 20 miles west of the prison. that's where dna tests linked both men to a burglarized cabin. >> if they're here, we're going to get them. i'm confident of that. >> when asked if he supports his wife, lyle mitchell couldn't answer that. he said his main concerns are trying to keep his job at the prison and taking care of their kids. we're learning more about how joyce mitchell allegedly snuck those tools to those two inmates. officials say he hit them in
6:46 pm
hamburger meat. severe storms ripped through the midwest today. the storms packing high wind and rain moving through a large area from south dakota to wisconsin. as many as 12 tornadoes touched down. the homes pulled right off their foundations. you can see it right there, toppled over. several people hurt. want to show you what the storms did to a mall about 100 or so miles west of chicago. you can see it's completely dilapidated. strong winds took out walls and part of roof. and more severe weather is expected sometime later this week. several states are under the severe weather alert. let's bring in our chief meteorologist jeff ranieri with more. jeff? >> our blocking pattern, this ridge of high pressure is helping defend a lot of that severe weather right throughout the midwest. another couple of rough days coming their way. as we take a look outside, we have beautiful weather still at 6:46. 77 in the south bay. east bay at 81 degrees. while it's not extremely hot, we're still finding low humidity
6:47 pm
near mt. diablo. and not only clear skies back in the east bay but check it out in the north bay, looking towards the golden gate bridge, no fog in place for tonight. and that's going to bode better in the weather at least as we head throughout tomorrow's forecast for the morning. let's get a look at that commute. we'll start at 54 in the south bay, the east bay at 56. and for the north bay, 51. i think the biggest difference we'll have in the forecast as we head throughout wednesday is a 5 to 8-degree warm-up. you're going to begin to feel the heat. in the south bay, slightly above average in san jose with 85 degrees. 92 in morgan hill. possibly close to mid-90s in gilroy. for the peninsula, we have 83 and sunny skies in palo alto. pacifica stays cool for one more day. most of san francisco will be in the 60s. but that hotter air on the way is right here 72 degrees for tomorrow. hotter in the north bay as we
6:48 pm
get a look at the wednesday forecast. 92 in santa rosa. farthest away from that ocean influence. napa to 88. east bay 73 in oakland and lafayette jumping up to 90. cooler in fremont with 86. hottest weather will be danville, expecting 94 degrees. this of course is the last thing we need with our drought. high pressure sitting over california. that's going to bring us three days of this heat. looks like the heat is really going to top out as we head through thursday's forecast. that's when we'll hit 77 in san francisco. and the tri-valley at 102. i know a lot of you are saying yes, it does get to triple digits in the tri-valley. but keep in mind the average is still in the low 80s this time of the year. now, once we go from this hot weather on thursday, we're going to see another abrupt change. this area of high pressure will begin to fade allowing this upper level low pressure to move in off the california coastline pulling the monsoonal moisture for thursday and friday and bring the possibility of
6:49 pm
thunderstorms to the sierra for the bay area it's only a 15% risk. so not expecting too much in the way of thunderstorms in the bay area. if you're headed to lake tahoe, that is going to be a concern. as we take you to the forecast, cooling here. that hot weather is not going to last too long. south bay, 91 on friday. down to 82 on sunday. for the peninsula, going from 87 to 79. san francisco back into the 60s this upcoming weekend. for the north bay, we'll drop from 91 on friday to 79 degrees on sunday. if you're going on a road trip this week we have you covered on that extended forecast. biggest disruptions would be lake tahoe with those possible thunderstorms. san diego looking good with low 70s coming our way for friday and saturday. >> nice, thank you, jeff. up next a lot going on with san mateo product tom brady. ten hours of his appeal hearing today trying to clean up his image just a bit. we'll tell you what's going on in new york.
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the city of lights officially has olympic dreams. paris officially announced its bid to host the 2024 summer city of lights officially has olympic dreams. paris has cast its bid to enter
6:53 pm
the 2024 games. paris was narrowly edged out by london to host the 2012 olympics. the hosting budget would be just under $7 billion. the international olympic committee is expected to narrow down the final list for the 2024 games next year and there's also boston in play which could potentially put in a bid. but that's still a little up in the air. guess who's with us tonight? you ready for koz? >> i see the koz right there. jim, good to see you. >> i should reintroduce myself. we haven't spoken in a long time. >> i could step away for a little while. raj can you give us a moment to reacquaint ourselves? i have sports to discuss. san mateo's own tom brady is in the news. he is attempting to restore his reputation and appeal his four-game suspension resulting from a deflategate debacle and
6:54 pm
it all began this morning at the nfl headquarters in new york. it was 9:00 a.m. and the patriots' quarterback testified under oath. reportedly brady is trying to be as forthcoming as possible. but it's uncertain if brady has handed over his phone records to the league. commissioner roger goodell will have to determine if brady is more credible now than when he answered questions for the wells report. let's talk baseball. a's trying to mess with the texas rangers. this is what happened. josh phegley couldn't handle this delivery. it's a passed ball. andrus scores. third inning, eric sogard bloops one into short left. seminen scores. they're in the sixth. texas leads 5-2. giants are hosting the
6:55 pm
padres tonight. they open a homestand at at&t park. they're averaging two fewer runs per game on offense than they score on the road. go out and score some runs, giants. that was poor writing on my part. not helping meters aoki is scratched from the lineup with a hurt leg. he was drilled saturday. he said earlier today he was okay but apparently something didn't feel right at batting practice. so blanco plays left field. giants try to muster run support for madison bumgarner. >> as an offense, we have to put together good at-bats and we'll do okay. i think we'll be good tonight. how about earthquakes' star
6:56 pm
forward is named to the gold cup roster. he has eight gold cup rings. steph curry, his fifth appearance on a regional cover of the magazine his third during the warriors' championship season including his back-to-back appearances during the playoffs. this edition going out to subscribers from arizona to alaska. i'm part of that group. i'll have one of those. and that's great for steph. but they got the wrong curry on the cover. how long before riley curry catches up to dad. when she starts showing up on magazine covers that is a cover i would pay to see. >> agreed. >> we have giants highlights tonight, i promise. >> and our friend jessica was at one of the finals games. she was cheering so much they
6:57 pm
put her on the jumbotron. >> that is celebrity status. raj and i got no invite to come join you. were you with ranieri? >> don't get him mad. >> you've woken up a sleeping giant. >> don't poke the bear. >> for more local sports coverage watch sportsnet central with jim kozimor at 10:30. and tonight at 11:00, a bold new claim on the effectiveness of medical marijuana. reaction from experts tonight at 11:00 after "i can do that". >> he should have a chance to defend himself, jeff ranieri. >> you are still invited. >> right, right. i'm all about all of us going, for sure. >> koz is taking us next season. >> thanks for joining us at 6:00. have a great evening. >> bye-bye.
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>> what really happened behind closed doors? did diddy assault his son's football coach with a kettle bell? >> now on "extra." new video from diddy's arrest for assault with a deadly weapon. the burning question, what pushed him over the edge? we got his lawyer today. >> fight the charges? >> new details about the coach's scandalous past. >> i'm sal alosi. >> then "extra's" first on the new york set of the "nbc nightly news" with lester holt. >> it feels different. >> taking over at 30 rock and opening up about his rock. wife of 33 years carol. >> what is the secret? >> you know it's just --


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