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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  June 25, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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breaking news: children rushed to the hospital -- as flames force them to jump out a window of their second- . right now at 11:00, breaking news, children rushed to the hospital as flames force them to jump out of a window of their second story apartment. good morning and thanks for joining us. i'm kris sanchez. >> i'm scott mcgrew. we'll have live coverage of that. fire crews in the south bay keeping an eye on this one. hot spots from an early morning brush fire on the border between san jose and los gatos the scorching temperatures are increasing the fire danger. >> a look outside san francisco, blue skies. sunol looking very parched there and san jose off to a warm start as well. we are expecting triple digit
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heat in some areas. we have team coverage on the heat. bob redell live with fire crews who expect to be busy today. we begin with meteorologist kerry. >> humidity is low, temperatures going way up. temperatures arising quickly. now it's already 83 degrees in the east bay and peninsula, 75 degrees. 78 degrees noud in the south bay, and it's not going to be done here as the temperatures continue to rise into the 90s. of course one of the hot spots will be in the tri-valley today reaching 104 degrees, sizzling out there. a lot of people riding with the windows up ac on and you want to keep that blasting all day. let me take you to the east bay, especially in the tri-valley where temperatures are now already in the mid to upper 80s. once again temperatures will continue to climb as we go through the rest of the day. the wildfire forecast is a pretty high threat of that because the humidity will continue to go down the next couple of days.
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even though temperatures will be dropping in time for the weekend, right now we have a light northerly wind and into next couple days there will be a chance of some high heat and temperatures reaching anywhere from 90 to 100 degrees and afternoon humidity levels will be very low. so we'll continue to keep you up to date with that and i'll show you the weekend forecast which looks so much better. it's coming up in just a few minutes. >> relief in the distance. as fire season continues to heat up, sometimes it has an impact on your commute or where you live. stay with us for up to date information when we're not on the air, or download our free mobile app. an enormous decision this morning from the u.s. supreme court, not the ruling on gay marriage which should come within gays, but on the affordable health care act. >> it is considered a big victory for president obama. nbc's tracie potts explains what the court said and what it means for you.
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>> reporter: six justices led by chief justice roberts agreed it doesn't matter if people buy health insurance through a state exchange or the federal government. everyone who is low income can get money from washington to help pay their premiums. that's 8.5 million americans, like sheila rogers. >> i think it's better than having people desperate or having people go to emergency rooms or even, god forbid get worse or even die. >> the case centered around whether the words established by the state literally meant no subsidies for people who bought insurance through health care pin gov. >> this is a big sign ofh of relief for millions across the country that were uninsured. >> justice scalia said we should call this lotus care referring to the court. >> obamacare has produced millions of victims on its own.
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>> people whose premiums have already shot up. at the white house president obama reacted to today's decision. >> this morning the court upheld a critical part of this law, the part that's made it easier for americans to afford health insurance regardless of where you live. >> this is the court's second major decision supporting the affordable care act. tracie potts nbc news at the u.s. supreme court. >> and now to our breaking news story we started with off the top of children rushed to the hospital after jumping out of the second story window of their apartment. >> this fire broke out around 8:00 this morning on story road near the intersection of 101 and 680. children jumping out. are they okay? >> they are okay. and it's pretty amazing when you hear this story. these are school age children. neighbors say 12 13 years old, a boy and a girl. they suffered second degree burns mostly and some third degree burns, but they felt so
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scared that they actually jumped outside of their window, two stories down. if you look at the video you see a window. at the bottom you can see hand prints there. that's where they lowered themselves before dropping to the ground. and inside the apartment complex we took a look around. you see windows that are shattered. that's thanks to neighbors who ran to help when they heard screaming and cries of fire, described heavy smoke and flames around the kitchen. two of them said they didn't think twice, all they could think about was saving the kids they knew lived inside. they were talking about -- i can describe what they said. they heard screaming and wanted to make sure the girl and the boy were okay. the kids did get to jump out and they were fine but they used their hands to break through the glass and get inside. they have to get stitches -- one of them has to get stitches but otherwise feels fine.
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fire investigators have been on scene and have figure out if it's arson. so far it doesn't point to anything suspicious but they have to conduct a full investigation. the building is safe. the san jose fire department had to call a second alarm because of the injuries involved. the two kids who suffered the critical burns were taken to a burn center. luckily they didn't suffer any injuries because of the fall itself. so that's pretty amazing. add as for the good samaritans, the fire captain saying it's great what they did putting their lives on the line but it's still a big risk. the fire captain says he's been here for 20 years and seen it go either way, rescuers becoming victims, too. go with your gut and err on the side of safety is the message. you will hear what the firefighters are calling good samaritans in our next half hour. live in san jose stephanie truong nbc bay area news. new at 11:00, the clock is
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ticking. 9,000 santa clara employees are ready and willing to go on strike next tuesday after voting to approve their union to walk off the job. service employees union 521 represents workers from the 911 dispatchers that answer your calls to health care workers in county hospitals and centers. their contract with the county expired on sunday and there are no new talks schedule. the dispute centers they say more than just money. >> with such short staffing in key areas like 911 dispatchers, where positions are so low that 35% for the public is not served. >> some jail workers were among the 97% of union members who voted to strike. county officials have not returned our calls for comments just yet. >> heads up this morning for b.a.r.t. riders. we now know when the transbay tube will close for repairs.
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b.a.r.t. said it needed to close a section of track that runs under the water between san francisco and oakland, specifically to put in equipment that will allow the trains to switch tracks. this closure will happen over two weekends august 1 sd and 2nd. b.a.r.t. tells everybody to expect significant delays. the heat is make it very hard on firefighters. here is one brush fire that started this week near los gatos, scorched about 5 acres and it's something we could be seeing a lot of this summer. >> nbc bay area's bob redell is live in antioch where another fire broke out last night. bob, we're looking long and tough for a long fire season here. >> scott and chris, one veteran firefighter tells me this morning this is the driest he's seen contra costa county in the 27 years we've been fighting fire even though this large
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fire in antioch is out, he's stim keeping his crews out here well into the evening because the risk is so great that it could flare back up again. >> the fire conditions are already extreme compared to normal rainfall. >> reporter: with temperatures expected to hit triple digits along with the possibility of afternoon winds, chief jim huncey spt taking chances. he's ordering for the rest of the day, six units patrol the 533 acres that burned in the regional park because what he witnessed yesterday alarmed him. >> it ranked up there with the faster moving vjation fires i've been on with the erratic wind directions, the fire was burning in about four different directions. you put the wind on it. as you can see behind us we had several homes threatened. >> yesterday's fire came so close it burned up against some fence lines and forced the evacuation of 100 homes.
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>> thank god for the firefighters, they saved us saved our homes. >> it took seven air tankers, three choppers and 180 firefighters to keep this fire at bay so residents like jennifer newton could return to her home with her family photos and paintings she grabbed on the escape out yesterday. >> i learned you have to be grateful for every little thing you have. as long as you have your loved ones, that's all you need. >> reporter: the contra costa county fire battalion chiefs says they'll have investigators out here to try to figure out the origin and cause of yesterday's 500-plus fire yesterday. so far he tells us nothing seems suspicious. live in antioch, bob redell nbc bay area news. up next at 11:00, whole foods in a whole lot of trouble. how the popular grocery store chain is accused of running its customers. a kangaroo doesn't always
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mean australia. why the beer you may open this afternoon may not be from where you think it is.
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this just in -- a hotly contested bill requiring nearly all public schoolchildren to be vaccinated cleared a major hurdle before heading to the governor's desk. the california assembly passed . a hotly contested bill requiring nearly all public schoolchildren to be vaccinated cleared a major hurdle. the california assembly passed the measure just a few moments ago. it's a decision that follows weeks of local opposition with thousands of parents protesting at the capital. this is after a measles outbreak linked to disney land back in december. the bill goes back to the senate for them to approve amendments. the governor has not yet said whether he will sign that measure. scott? >> taking a look at the markets this morning, yet another first offering of stock from transunion on the nyse. it's been quite the month for
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ipos. markets mildly higher. violence in paris today after a protest by taxi drivers got out of hand. the taxi drivers got out of hand to protest uber and blocked roads to one of the airports in paris. then they started setting tires on fire as well. there were reports of people, one assumed taxi driver attacking uber cars as well. one of the people allegedly attacked was musician courtney love saying they ambushed our cars beating the cars with metal bats. this is france? i'm safer in bagdad. she later tweeted she was drif venn to safety on the back of a motorcycle. we will kwont to monitor that. back at home the controversy over bottled water companies bottling up our water. the international bottled water association is defending itself this morning. it says bottled water companies use less than .002% of
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california's water. it points out it's used for drinkings. california don't drink most of our water. we use it on our lawns and industry. to the drink we really care about, beer. a federal judge approved a settlement earlier in week in a class action lawsuit that could result in you getting money back if you kept your beer receipt, i suppose. it turns out the beer you thought was imported really wasn't wasn't. beck's which originates in germany is actually brewed in st. louis. foster's australia's most famous beer is actually made in texas. they also said made in the u.s. somewhere on the can, but this marketing, especially right there, leads you to believe otherwise. >> it tastes good and if that's what you like that's what you like. >> understand it's not an import. >> then it should be a domestic price, too, the next time you order it. >> good point. are you going out of town
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for the 4th of july weekend? you have lots of wonderful company on the roadways. long lines at security as well. aaa expects nearly 42 million people to travel at least 50 miles from home this coming independence day which is the most since 2007. don't worry. there is good news. gas prices for this time of year are expected to be at their lowest level in at least five years. how about accusations against whole foods this morning of not providing the whole truth. investigators say whole foods routinely overstated the weights of pre packaged foods. now the grocery store chain is vigorously defending itself. nbc's craig melvin has the story. >> reporter: some shoppers have become as customed to sometimes paying higher prices for upscale markets like whole foods. perhaps no one was expecting this when the new york city department of consumer affairs tested 80 different types of pre
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packaged food at whole foods, finding many customers were over charged. >> sometimes it was $2 or $3 sometimes $6. it's significant sums that add up over time. >> reporter: the u.s. department of commerce allows some wiggle room. according to investigators, 9% of the whole foods packages tested failed to meet that standard. >> i think that's wrong. >> i feel cheated. >> very disappointed. >> it makes me think twice about shopping at whole foods. >> reporter: it spt the first time whole foods has come under fire for overcharging. a 2012 investigation found pricing ir real larts that resulted in a lawsuit. whole foods wound up paying close to $800,000 in penalties. whole foods issued a statement saying we disagreed with the dca's overreaching allegations and we're vigorously defending ourselves. we cooperated fully from the beginning until we disagreed with their grocery excessive
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monetary demands. despite our requests to the dca, they have not provided evidence to back up their demands. instead, they have taken this to the media to coerce us. an attorney for the company says mistakes may happen but they're not intentional. >> a lot of times those errors are in favor of the customer rather than whole foods market. for them to say we've done some systematic cli over charging customers is inaccurate. >> reporter: whole foods saying they're trying to strong arm the grosser into paying a hefty fine. >> we're here to make sure our customers know our team members wake hard day in and day out to get the most accurate pricing available. >> relief may soon be on the way for b.a.r.t. riders forced the hold it in. tonight the transit agency is looking to reopen the closed west rooms in its underground stations. they were locked up after the september 11th terrorist attacks for security reasons. as our drought worsens, some
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people are switching out their lawns for fake grass. at least 12 bay area water districts offer cash repeats. one decided not to citing environmental concerns over the plastic. we have been talking about the hot temperatures. meteorologist kari hall has been watching the forecast and listening to the complaining already, too. >> but all the complaining will subside this weekend once the temperatures come back down as we get a live look at san francisco, suddenly the low clouds have rolled in to the top of the golden gate bridge. it's all clear as temperatures rise very quickly. yes, this is the hottest day of the week. as we start out during the lunchtime at 83 degrees, walking out for lunch is going to start to feel very uncomfortable in the tri-valley 90 degrees within the next hour, 95 in the south bay while the south bay makes it up to 98 degrees this afternoon and the tri-valley reaching 104 degrees.
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but it will be a little better for tomorrow. still looking hot, though. let me take you to the south bay where temperatures continue to warm. in gilroy it's 81 degrees. we're seeing mostly low 80s all across the south bay and in the north bay it's 80 degrees while san francisco is now is at 69 degrees. the onshore flow is so weak it's not helping to push this heat off. it continues to roll in from the west -- from the east rather and into the next couple of days. the onshore flow will become a little bit stronger even by this afternoon. the winds at about 10 to 15 miles an hour which is not as breezy as we normally see during that time of day. there will be a big contrast from temperatures at ocean beach to the financial district. on the beach it will be about 71 degrees. this weekend i think you'll want to make beach plans. today probably the best day to head out to the beach because
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temperatures will be the warmest. bodega bay reaching 80 degrees. saturday it drops back to 65. we can see the comparison between today and saturday. it will be much cooler all along the coast. the heat does break down. high pressure is high overhead right now. it weakens the onshore flow and allows it to creep into the east. into the next couple days high pressure moves to the east and does allow for a little bit more wind to come in off the ocean and cool off our temperatures, and there may be even enough lift to bring in some of that monsoonal moisture and could fire up a couple of storms for the sierra, but stays away from most of the bay. the temperature trend is once again peaking today and going down this weekend by sunday 84 degrees which is still above average. this weekend's forecast the hot day on friday again in peninsula at 87 degrees. san francisco 72 degrees and then we see the temperatures a little closer to average for
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this time of year in the tri-valley reaching 90 and then 85 degrees on sunday while the north bay drops back to 79 degrees for the end of the weekend. i'll have another look at weather coming up right now. back to you, scott and chris. >> thank you, kari. up next at 11:00, a face-off caught on camera. we'll show you what happens when a house cat takes on that big cat.
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as journalists -- we know anything can happen. but one pennsylvania news crew never expected for journalists, particularly those that head out into the field, we know anything can happen at any given time. one pennsylvania news crew probably did not expect this. they were five minutes from their live report when they had to step in to help this man. he was having a drug overdose behind the wheel. the cameras kept rolling during the dramatic rescue as the reporter called 911 and the photographer called the man from the suv and began doing cpr. paramedics got there quickly and took over and saved that man's life. a quick thinking 10-year-old in south erch california saved her self-and her sister from a car jacker. this surveillance video shows a man getting into a car. there was a 10-year-old, a 2-year-old in there. their mother was inside paying. as he begins to drive off, the 10-year-old grabs her sister
11:26 am
jumped out of the car. the girls were banged up. the car jacker got away. here is a picture from a previous arrest. in like a lion out like a lamb. video shows a house cat in colorado staring down a mountain lion. the house cat was behind a glass door. the homeowner watched in shock as the mountain lion pawed at the glass. listen to what the man behind the camera had to say to his wife. >> where are the kids? >> they're out back. >> are you kidding me? >> you're going to scare the cat. they're still in bed. >> they're still in bed. tommy, not going to bed tonight t. mountain lion offered up a weak hiss and shrunk away. >> if there were a mountain lion at the patio door i wouldn't run screaming. i wouldn't videotape it. i would be locked in the bathroom. >> there's a glass sliding door.
11:27 am
up next at 11:00, a powerful state regulator left office in a cloud of controversy. the new boss faces tough questions from our investigative unit.
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updating our top story: two grade-school kids are recovering this morning after they jumped out of their updating our top story. we told you about the two grade school kids recovering this morning after jumping out of the window thaf sir second story apartment. >> you can see hand prints on the bottom of the window frame before they lowered before dropping to the ground from an apartment complex. the windows were shattered thanks to neighbors who ran to help when they heard screaming and cries of fire. they described heavy smoke and flames around the kitchen. two neighbors said they didn't think twice, all they could do was save the kids who lived inside. >> we heard them screaming. i screamed out the girl's name but they already jumped the window from the back. i heard the kid that got burned on the chest. the girl jumped safely.
11:30 am
>> i was standing by my store and i saw the mom coming screaming, my kids, my kids. that's when me and him run to the apartment. and then he -- i tried to break down the door kick the door like four times. >> they're heroes. the neighbors assisted getting into the front door. they use add fire extinguisher to help the adult person outside the front door. they really did assist us. >> juan carlos who had blood all over him showed us his injured hand, said he had to get stitches but otherwise feels fine. nothing so far to point to arson but the investigation is on going. the two kids age 10 and 13 suffered critical burns, mostly second degree some third degree and were treated here but then taken to a burn center. luckily they did not suffer critical injuries from the fall itself.
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>> we'll keep watching that story. in the meantime the california public utilities commission controls our power, our water, our phone bills, but is it dysfunctional? >> a former high ranking member of the puc speaks exclusively to tony kovaleski. >> you probably agree the past several months this commission has been in the middle of a whole lot of controversy. >> i think what's probably more important is we are all disappointed in ourselves. >> he's the new chief in charge. >> so when people say the puc needs top-to-bottom reform how do you take that criticism? >> i agree with them. that's one of the reasons i was here. >> reporter: michael picker now sits in the president's seat, every placing michael peavy, the polarizing former president. >> i surrender. don't shoot. i surrender. >> reporter: peavy walked out in the middle of a scandal and
11:32 am
under a cloud of controversy. e-mails between peavy, puc staffers and pg&e executives exposed what insiders call a cozy and potentially unethical relationship. the state's attorney general and the u.s. attorney are now investigating. >> i was fed up. >> speaking for the first time on camera richard clark held one of the puc's most critical positions. for more than a decade, he served as director of consumer protection and safety enforcement. >> did you find that e-mail to be inappropriate? >> yes. >> reporter: he's talking about this internal e-mail requesting what he says is inappropriate access at the time the puc was considering a multimillion dollar penalty against pg&e for this 2008 fatal pipe explosion. it's written by former executive brian cherry and includes i would like to chat with just you today before tomorrow's meeting. clark responded a few minutes
11:33 am
later. >> my message was i don't meet with utility reps one-on-one. i'm not negotiating. >> reporter: clark says his decision contradicted the culture of influence by other power brokers at the puc. clark is reacting to another example of pg ande flexing its muscle and the puc giving in. this centers on pg&e attempting to remove clark from testifying before the united states senate a couple weeks after the deadly san bruno explosion. it's written by brian sherry this time to executive director paul clen anyone? >> can we chat sometime. just got a call worried that richard clark may blind side chris. >> reporter: referring to pg&e's president. >> mr. paul clen none executive director -- >> reporter: in removing richard clark as a witness from that
11:34 am
senate hearing. i was surprised that that happened and now to know that it was because pg&e asked for me to be replaced that i was replaced to testify before the senate. it's disgusting. >> reporter: what does that say about pg&e's power and influence in the puc? >> apparently they get what they ask. >> reporter: the internal e-mails also reveal more about the ones secret culture between pg&e and the puc. >> 4:26 p.m. on september 28th. >> reporter: clark is reading this e-mail that followed the senate hearing from pg&e's cherry to the puc's executive director. >> fyi, missed your performance but my wife loved it. his response then i'm planning a tore rid affair with her. brian cherry's response, me, too. disgusting behavior.
11:35 am
ten days days after eight people died in san bruno, all that damage that was done. absolutely disgusting. >> reporter: a year later richard clark was removed from his director's position. >> were you forced out? >> i was forced out of my position as director of consumer protection and safety division absolutely. >> reporter: after accepting a less problem meant position at the puc he eventually decided to retire. >> i read the e-mails and the stories. >> we brought the e-mails and controversy to washington, d.c. and shared the issues with a recognized expert on public utilities and regulatory commissions. >> there's ample reason for the public to insist before it pays another dollar that the culture is turning around. >> reporter: scott hem pling has closely watched the unraveling of power and the investigations that have followed. >> i've never seen this type of
11:36 am
intimacy where personal relations and policy decisions have come together. >> reporter: we also asked him to review this e-mail, a complaint raised by a confidential insider and sent to nbc bay area. the e-mail included, instead of disciplining employees who have committed serious ethical violations the cpuc promotes them to new positions and excuses their behavior. >> it disgusts me. it has to be rooted out. >> reporter: the e-mail from the confidential insider pointed to several questionable new assignments and promotions of puc staffers in the wake of the e-mail scandal. >> is it president picker's job to regain the public trust? >> it's his job and the other four commissioners as well as the top staff and the entire staff, yes, and utilities as well. there's trust to be gained. >> reporter: a loss of trust, a question of credibility that michael picker knows he must now fix, a responsibility that came with taking over this seat the
11:37 am
most powerful position inside the powerful public utilities commission. >> i want to see us actually be able to follow through on those kinds of core values here at the puc in a way that people can see it, they can feel it, they can taste it they can hear it and they can smell it. >> tony repeatedly reached out to brian cherry the former pg&e exec. our calls were not returned. we should point out michael picker sat down with tony for more than an hour to answer questions. his predecessor, michael peavy, avoided several similar requests. if you have a tip for our investigative unit, call 888-996-tips or sent an e-mail more twists in the braze prison escape. >> the convicted killers still on the run. nbc's stephanie gosk has the
11:38 am
status. >> reporter: 57-year-old gene palmer faces multiple charges, prison contraband tampering with evidence and official misconduct. according to the criminal complaint calmer is charged with accept ag number of pat tinges from the prisoners in exchange for providing them with tools on four separate occasions going back to november 2014. earlier this week the da told nbc news palmer didn't know there were tools stuck inside hamburger meat he passed along to david sweat and richard matt. >> hae had no knowledge they were planning on escaping he passed the polygraph test. >> reporter: the d.a. says joyce mitchell put the tools in the meat. >> this is all unraveling in front of all of us at the same time. we're all hearing information. there's allegations she's conned multiple people. in my mind she's just as manipulative as the two escapees
11:39 am
are. >> reporter: mitchell sits behind bars waiting for her trial. as the search continues, there are no concerns the escapees may be armed with rifles. at a press conference wednesday, the state police admitted weapons might be missing. >> a number of people cycle through these cabins and they don't have a definitive number of weapons. >> reporter: he believes other prison workers knowingly helped the convicts. >> there's something more they're not telling us. so many unanswered questions for me that i don't know. >> reporter: even more questions will be asked about the honor block where palmer worked and sweat and matt were housed. working there is considered a privilege. >> that's a plum job, you get it with seniority. the reason it's a good job is because prisoners who go there don't make trouble, supposedly. >> up next at 11:00, a pbs show put on hold what actor ben
11:40 am
affleck had to do with it. plus looking for the perfect pair of sunglasses for summer. we'll show you the hottest trends. you need the sunglasses today. it's already 87 degrees in sunol with all the sunshine. this weekend, though cooling off. more in the micro climate forecast coming up.
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11:42 am
earlier this year, ben affleck admitted that he asked producers on the pbs program, earlier this year ben affleck admitted that he asked producers on that pbs program
11:43 am
"finding your roots" to omit evidence that his distance relatives owned slaves and now the show did. >> the public broadcaster promised an investigation and pbs is postponing season three of the program as well. here is nbc's tamron hall with more. ben after next's ancestors left isn'try's worth of documents. >> this is the episode of finding your roots that pbs pulled after determining co-producers including henry lewis gates, junior the show's host, violated standards by failing to shield the editorial process from influence. >> is there anything in particular that you've auld wondered about. >> reporter: hollywood superstar admitted asking them not to include that one of his ancestors ond slaves. >> that is amazing. >> reporter: the scandal first surfaced after private e-mails between gates and sony
11:44 am
entertainment ceo michael linton were made public after being hacked. gates writing, with unof our guests has asked us to edit out something about one of his ancestors, the fact he owned slaves he's a mega star, what do we do? when news went viral, he quickly addressed the controversy on facebook. i he get the initial thoughts that the issue of slavery not be included in the story. we deserve neither credit or blame for our ancestors. >> the pbs brand is built on integrity and insight. there's really no way they can violent their audiences or risk that violation any further. >> now with pbs postponing the latest season the show about the past has an uncertain future. >> bat kid is at it again. he stole hearts in the bay area in 2013 now playing to a bigger audience in "bat kid be agains" premiered in san francisco last night, a documentary about when the people of san francisco, as
11:45 am
you well remember teamed up with make a wish to fulfill the dreams of 5-year-old miles scott. the cancer survivor wanted to be bad man. make a wish figured it would take 200 volunteers to make it come true. tens of thousands of people showed up. people who showed up say the documentary movie brings back all the emotions. >> everyone was living vicariously through him. you can just see it in the little kids and adults with them. >> the make a wish volunteers who made it happen rolled up to yesterday's premier in lamborghinis. miles couldn't make it. we're told he's still in remission remission. he just finished first grade. i'm definitely seeing this over the weekend. >> he still thinks he's batman i hear. >> why not. >> there are a lot of choices when it comes to looking cool. >> mike wilbur takes a look. >> reporter: this summer there's
11:46 am
lots of cool choices when it comes to sunglasses. >> these are translucent frames. what's wonderful is they have just a hint of color, giving just a little bit of pop while not taking away all the attention from your outfit. >> reporter: round frames are a friend. >> really great to balance out a scare-shaped face. they bring a sweetness and nostalgic look from the '60s and '70s. next up funky frames these are so much fun. they've got tons of artistic detail. so you want to balance the rest of your look so that this is really the standout. >> make a bold statement with printed frames. >> last up, these are printed frames, one of my absolute favorites these are so cool. they've got this subtle floral print all the way around and deep red. it's really beautiful, really sexy. if you're a little scared to go full print on the front, a good
11:47 am
option is something like this which just has it on the side. >> reporter: mike wilbur, nbc news. >> glad the big bug eyed ones are gone. kari hall is here. you say you'll need sunglasses, ice water and is sunscreen too. >> you're packing a duffle bag of all the stuff you need today as temperatures continue to heat up. already 83 degrees in the east bay, san francisco, 69 degrees. the north bay is at 80 degrees. as we go into the afternoon, in the 90s, widespread 90s across the bay area. san francisco reaching 78 degrees and the north bay 98 degrees. the tri-valley today, expect a high of 104 degrees, sizzling temperatures, and we can see i'm sure if you're out there driving, you can see the waves radiating off the pavement. this weekend temperatures will be coming back down and the pride parade will be in san
11:48 am
francisco on sunday. by the time it starts this is even refreshing to look forward to. 59 degrees starting out the day and in the mid 60s as we go into the afternoon. the weekend, we see those temperatures coming back down to the 60s. there's a lot going on including the giants today. if you're on your way out to at&t park prepare for some warm weather. 77 degrees at first pitch, and by the end of the game temperatures dropping back to 73 degrees. in san francisco, there will be a large spread of those temperatures from ocean beach to the financial district where we see anywhere from 71 degrees to 78 degrees. that's going to be pretty much what we can expect all across the bay. anywhere close to the coast is going to be much cooler. weekend it will be great for heading out to the beach and comparing those temperatures from today and into the weekend it does turn much cool are. if you're hoping for warmer weather, better get out there today or tomorrow. into the planner as we go from mountain view, we see the temperatures at lunchtime at 83
11:49 am
degrees, up to 91 degrees during the commute home. this evening as we settle back into temperatures in the 60s, may see those low clouds moving in once again. the heat will be breaking down over the next couple of days as high pressure flies off to the east u keeps the storm track well to the north of us. as that moves to the east this ridge of high pressure keeping the rain and all of the hot weather over our area it will bring a chance of monsoonal moisture, may increase the chance of showers and maybe some thunderstorms for the sierra. once again it stays away from the bay. the temperature trend over the next few days going from 104 degrees today in the tri-valley to 96 degrees on friday. saturday it gets even better and looking much more comfortable on sunday reaching 84 degrees. the weekend forecast all across the bay area san francisco starts at 72 degrees on friday and then the mid 60s for the
11:50 am
weekend. peninsula 87 degrees and in the upper 70s by sunday. we'll be watching out for the possibility of a pop-up shower or storm mainly well to the east of us. if you will be heading over to the sierra, you may have to deal with that for the weekend outdoor plans. >> looking pretty hot today, but once again improving in time for the weekend. scott and chris. celebrities putting smile on those who need it most. chellie the tore toys up next.
11:51 am
11:52 am
reptiles may be cold blooded, but one very special tortoise is bringing nothing but warmth and smiles to reptiles may be cold blooded, one special tortoise is bringing nothing but warmth and smielsz to patients. >> samantha reid introduces us to chellie the friendly tortoise. >> reporter: residents here sometimes have a hard time coming out of their shell. for the last two years, an african tortoise named shelly
11:53 am
has helped patients cope with their injuries and capabilities. >> they will come and befriend shelly, greet shelly every day and make that part of their routine where they wouldn't have come out before. >> reporter: this long-term patient planted a garden in the center's courtroom where shelly lives filled with all the tortoise' favorite foods. >> she loves green beans. >> reporter: having a land living tortoise as a roommate is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. >> i get emotional, happy because i've never been around turtles i've been around lions and tigers and bears, but i've never been around a turtle before. >> reporter: this african tortoise can live to be up to 1 100 years old. she's 20 and ways 80 pounds. she has a unique love for the color red. >> if you have your toe nails painted red, he will sniff your
11:54 am
toes. he likes ladies with red purses. >> reporter: the rehabilitation facility hosts 42 vets and patients going through knee and hip replacement therapy are held to a high stan considered. >> we jokingly said you have to be able to out run shelly to graduate and go home. >> reporter: not all the residents have an opportunity to go home, so to them shelly is family. >> we're just blessed to have something like that and be able to see it and let it be one of our friends. >> my kids wanted a tortoise once they found out colin kaepernick had one. this is going to make it worse. we'll be right back.
11:55 am
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now that there's foster farms simply raised, it's tougher than ever to be a foster farms chicken. but foster farms simply raised chicken is 100 percent natural with no antibiotics. well you're an herbalist. help us to be natural. will those herbs do it? those? one grows hair, the other increases energy. gasp! do i look natural herb man? can i call you herb man? i'm trying to look natural. call me natural. you look like a steve. can i call you steve? hi steve. i'm natural. say something. why aren't you guys saying anything? introducing new simply raised chicken with no antibiotics. from foster farms. simply better.
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a nack for sinking three's. but so does his wife. we all know seth curry has a knack for sinking threes apparently so does his wife. >> and she can do it nine months pregnant. she posted this to her instagram account yesterday. she hit that one. that wasn't the only one. she did back-to-back shots from behind the arc and said she was trying to make her hub by proud. baby number two due any day now. kari, i don't know how agile you were like that, but that was not me. >> absolutely not. i think we have another baby prodigy on the way. >> a cute one for sure. thanks for joining us. our next newscast is at 5:00.
11:58 am
11:59 am
12:00 pm
ah today on "access hollywood live," i am so excited. nina parker is with me today. we're on the back lot of universal. we also have holly madison joining us. >> i'm excited. the book is juicy. breaking the code of silence on what went down at the playboy mansion. >> and read all about that. >> and a treat for the ladies today. >> learn how he got his name twit from "magic mike." he is here and hot moves. >> he does. and if the other boys hazed him at the movie, and tnt's hit show "the last ship" is here. "access hollywood live" starts right now. stand by, billy and kit. stand by camera two.


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