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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  June 29, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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ring ring connect 38400 one of several stories we're following this morning. good morning everyone. thank you for joining us i'm scott mcgrew. >> and i'm kris sanchez. we also have new details about the three former uc berkeley students who are suing the uc board of regents. they're talking about why. the lawsuit accuses the uc system and cal leaders of failing to protect victims of sexual assault. >> nbc's stephanie truong is live in emeryville where the young women are holding a news conference. you got to talk to them beforehand. >> i did, scott and kris.
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and first the board of regents is named because it owns and oversees the universities. but to be clear this is all about uc-berkeley. the three young women, two former one a current student, said this is about administrators not just failing to protect them but also encouraging in some cases, encouraging students not to even report these cases of sexual assault. again according to these three plaintiffs. these three young women actually involved in a group of students who filed federal complaints back in 2013 and again in 2014 against cal, hoping to launch a u.s. department of education investigation, title ix into how the university handles sexual assault, violence and harassment reports. the students say it hasn't been enough to change the culture at school so they want to hit berkeley's bottom line with a civil lawsuit. aerial butler just graduated in may. she says she was sexually assaulted twice by a faculty program during a summer program affiliated with berkeley and after approaching different program and university
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administrators she said she got absolutely no response. she said she was told, when i reported this they said he's just really affectionate and told by university administrators, well how many times did you say no? and if you didn't say no how was he supposed to know what he did was wrong. that's according to aerial. the department of education this morning tells us it opened its investigation into cal for title ix violations in march 2014 but cannot provide any other details. a spokesman says sexual violence investigations like the one at cal tend to be quote, highly complex and involve systemic issues end quote. federal investigators did visit the campus back in february to conduct interviews, and collect data in person. cal mean time says it is fully cooperating. last year the university announced two new positions. one was an advocate supposed to help guide victims through the reporting process. and also someone to focus on investigating these reports, and cases of sexual assault and/or harassment. cal also hosted this national
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conference on campus of sexual assault and violence in february. the school saying it's doing what it can. clearly not enough for at least three students, two former one current. they're in there right now in a press conference. we have a crew in there. we'll have more tonight at 5:00 and 6:00. live in emeryville nbc bay area news. >> stephanie, the young woman who says she was assaulted by a faculty member why is this not the problem of the district attorney? i mean why isn't this fellow in jail if that's the case? >> yeah that's a good question scott. according to these three women two of them did not file police reports. and they were saying it's because there's this sort of air of discouragement. they felt that the university didn't listen to them didn't believe them, and that the process of law enforcement going to the d.a.'s office is more daunting and that's why they felt they didn't want to do that. i will say one of the plaintiffs did file a police report. and she says nine months after that happened the accused assailant was convicted but did
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not serve any time rather he was given 1,000 hours of community service, was suspended from school but is after a couple years, he can go back as early as this august. so overall still discouraging and that's why, again, they're approaching it through the civil lawsuit, hoping that maybe money will talk. scott? all right. thank you very much. >> new video this morning of a big mess on i-5 in stanislaus county. a big rig overturned in the southbound lane shutting down that side of the highway. at one point traffic backed up for six miles. now to make it worse, the truck was carrying nails. >> oh. >> crews reopened the highway about an hour ago. it's not clear if anyone was hurt in that crash. >> that makes for a lot of flat tires. a busy morning in fremont, as well where police used k-9s to track a robbery suspect on the run. officers closed down mallory avenue on-ramp to 80 as part of their chase. this morning they were tracking down a man accused of robbing someone at a nearby safeway
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store. police chased him until he crashed his car near the on ramp, and that's when a police k-9 moved in and officers waited to arrest the suspect. a brief chase followed. police say the man crashed his car near the on ramp. but again they let up on the pursuit because they did not want to endanger the public. minor accident turned deadly last night on 880. this started around midnight when one career ended another on northbound 880 just north of the montague expressway. the driver got out of his car, ran across the freeway to make sure the other driver was okay. but as he was headed back to his car, another car struck and killed him. the crash shut down the northbound lanes for about 2 1/2 hours while officers investigated and cleared debris. police remind you if you cannot drive to the next exit stay in your car with your seat belt fastened until help arrives. a lot of questions remain this morning about the death of a young man who was found shot to death at a popular east bay park. his body was found early
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yesterday morning in the bushes just yards away from the exit to coyote hills regional park in fremont. investigat man had one gunshot wound to the chest. it is unclear whether the shootings happened at the park or whether that young man was killed and then moved there. his name and exact age have not been released and we don't have any official word on suspects. today we could find out the name of a teenager shot and killed over the weekend in san jose. there's new video of a memorial set up for the 17-year-old. his body found friday night near the corner of pensacola drive and carolyn avenue. investigators say he was shot at least once but the coroner hasn't finished the autopsy yet. there was another deadly shooting just hours later in downtown san jose. those are the ninth and tenth homicides this year in san jose. this time last year there were 19. the manhunt for two escaped killers in new york is now over. but the investigation continues with the focus now on the prison where they escaped. 23 days ago.
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>> nbc's jay gray is outside clinton correctional facility now with more on the dramatic capture of one of the men, and what comes next. >> reporter: after three long weeks the manhunt ended in just seconds. >> just bang bang. >> reporter: two shots dropping escaped killer david sweat. fired by new york state police sergeant jay cook who was on patrol alone, outside the search area when he saw sweat along the road just a mile or two from the canadian border. >> at that point, sweat took off running, sergeant cook immediately engaged in a foot pursuit of some duration. and repeatedly commanded him to stop which he did not comply, and prior to entering a wood line near the border sergeant cook used the appropriate means to apprehend him. >> reporter: he was captured 16 miles from the area where his partner in the escape richard matt, was shot and killed by a border patrol agent two days earlier. investigators still aren't sure when or if the men separated but did identify sweat's dna not far from where matt was killed. >> it was picnic-style, pepper
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shakers, and we believe that possibly these two males were using pepper to throw the scent off for the dogs who were tracking them. >> reporter: with the manhunt now over investigators are waiting for their opportunity to talk with sweat. >> if he will speak to us, how this escape occurred. who was involved? and how many people if any, more than joyce mitchell were involved directly with the escape. >> reporter: as the investigation continues here. jay gray nbc news, dannemora, new york. back with that breaking news that we started you off with this hour. that fire in san francisco. the flames started about two hours ago on plymouth avenue near ocean avenue right in the ingleside neighborhood. >> we're live there now. bob a couple people hurt in this fire? >> fortunately just minor injuries. the fire is out. but a couple of unusual challenges for the san francisco fire department.
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you can see as you look down plymouth what i'm talking about on the sidewalk, all that stuff. this house was partially packed with junk which made entry very difficult. and then also several pit bulls in the backyard. but again back to those injuries, both minor, one a passerby who slipped over a hose line, and the other as can you see in the video right here an elderly man who lives inside the home, taken to the hospital for an unknown reason. again, expected to be okay. this fire started around 9:00 this morning in the downstairs area of a two story home here on plymouth in what appears to be an in-law unit. three people who lived here at the time when the fire department arrived they heard that all three might be trapped. so the firefighters had to make entry into this structure. that was already heavily involved. they tried the garage but there was so much material junk, if you will that the firefighters had to find another way in. apparently the property so crammed with stuff that the fire department had to run one of their hose lines through a neighbor's house.
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>> the conditions inside the building were extremely bad for the crews that were in there working it. so they just made the job especially in these conditions. >> bad how? >> bad, it was -- there was just thick, black smoke, and a lot of fire in the rear. >> turns out all three people had already gotten out of the home before the fire department arrived. firefighters getting one surprise while on property. six pit bulls in the backyard. none of them attacked. i guess they were all pretty frightened according to fire department and all rescued alive. one firefighter was treated on the scene for exhaustion. already back at work. the fire department had to call for a third alarm because of concerns that the fire might spread to the houses next door. yes, those neighbors' houses suffered some damage but nothing major. the fire department did keep most of the fire contained and again that fire is out. you can see that the fire department is doing some of their mopup if you will and they will also begin an investigation to try to figure
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out what caused this. live at ingleside district of san francisco, nbc bay area news. >> luckily everybody did make it out without injuries. >> up next at 11:00. greece is the word on wall street. the risky moves in a strange game of financial chicken. >> plus no turning back now. the most treacherous part of an historic flight, now under way. i'm meteorologist carrie hall. a live look at belvedere. we see bright sunshine and temperatures will be heating up over the next couple of days. i'll show you just how hot it gets coming up in the microclimate forecast.
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why? well greece has a major loan payment due tomorrow and as we have known for a long time greece cannot pay it. that would lead to among other things the collapse of greek banks. so greece has closed its banks for a week. citizens are limited to the equivalent of $66 a day from atms. and the greek government has called for a special referendum asking, do we agree to the eu's terms, which involve more cuts in services and pensions. or do we give up and go our own way, likely exiting the euro? greece will almost certainly decide to vote their way to default, because they've suffered through years of austerity following europe's rule. but there is another way of thinking about this decision for a vote. it's really a game of chicken, and greece just removed the steering wheel. the vote is to come sunday. and now between now and then greece has the upper hand in negotiations. watch the smirk.
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>> that leaves open the possibility of negotiations through the night, and the day, and the night, and the day ahead of us that would improve the proposal. >> greece is at least in the driver's seat for a couple more days. then, they could be collapsed. back here at home san francisco's air bnb just got another $40 million from investors giving the company $25 billion, that's billion with a "b." marriott the hotel is only worth $20 billion. starwood westin and "w" hotels worth $14 billion. airbnb which has no hotel rooms is the most powerful. >> they get to keep more because they don't have to pay for renovations. they don't have to employ for -- >> employees. bed spreads. nothing. >> cookies. mini bar theft? all right.
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so, the largest union is still on the verge of a massive strike. it's a union that includes 9,000 workers. these are folks who are 911 dispatchers, public health nurses janitors any kind of worker you can think of. the union voted to strike if they can't reach a contract agreement with the county by tomorrow. the union has complained of unfair labor practices and worker shortages. the county says it is taking those concerns seriously, and is close to making a deal. spokesperson for the union says if they strike the county will shut down but the county says that even if the 911 workers walk off the job, 911 service will not be interrupted. stay tuned on that one. happening now, battle brewing over the proposed new warriors arena in san francisco. and ucsf nurses are now getting into the fray. they are protesting that new site. the owners want to build the arena in mission bay but that's right next to one of ucsf's medical centers.
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health care workers say the site will cause traffic delaying patients from getting to the hospital in an emergency. city leaders and warriors officials say it won't be an issue. the team says that while there will be increased traffic in the area, it is taking effective measures to improve access for ucsf employees. google has degreed to help -- the federal railroad administration asked google to include several visual and audible warnings in its maps app as drivers approach the track. the effort comes as deaths from train collisions increased from 2013 and to the year 2014. federal regulators also reached out to apple, tomtom mapquest and garmin to participate. a couple of key decisions from the supreme court this morning. justices have upheld the use of a controversial drug used in several botched executions. they ruled the sedative can be used in executions without
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violating the eighth amendment ban on crucial and unusual punishment. the drug was used in executions in arizona, ohio, and oklahoma last year. those executions took longer than usual and raised concerns it did not put into a coma-like sleep. the supreme court also upheld arizona's congressional districts drawn by an independent commission. the outcome preserved efforts in 13 states including california to limit partisan influence in redistricting. as early as today a new bill requiring vaccines for nearly all public schoolchildren may be awaiting the governor's signature. state senators today plan to take their final vet on a controversial bill requiring vaccines for all schoolchildren except for those with serious health issues. gone are the exemptions for personal belief or religious affiliation. governor brown has not said whether he will sign that bill. california would join mississippi and west virginia as the only states with such a law. happening now the solar
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airplane making its way around on the world trip took off from japan last night. it's on its way to hawaii. it's now far enough out. it cannot turn around. it's either hawaii or crash into the ocean. one person is aboard. he's already been airborne for more than 20 hours. the airplane did take off at night. it will have to fly through night again several times using batteries charged on solar. >> maybe he should turn off some of those lights on the wings. >> might be a good idea. >> here's to hoping it all works out okay. meteorologists terry hall probably not a good day to fly into -- no it's all clear behind you. >> earlier today we had the low clouds and you couldn't see anything. we'll have the same thing tomorrow. so those early flights, you might want to check on that. as we start out right now if you're just now heading out it's 65 degrees in san francisco. but warming up in the east bay now 76 degrees and 67 in the peninsula. we do still have some low clouds in spots and 66 degrees now in the south bay. now as we go into the rest of
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the day our temperatures will be jumping up here quickly. and we could still see those mid 90s in parts of the north bay as temperatures will be hotter today than we had over the weekend. it was such a great weekend. well now we're getting ready for those temperatures to go up. so let me take you hour by hour in san jose. we'll be at 80 degrees and then reaching close to near 90 degrees, and then we'll have all of that sunshine with clouds moving back in later this evening dropping back into the mid 70s. it will be a great evening to go to the oakland a's game that first pitch will be at 68 degrees and then a few clouds by the end of the game and 65 degrees. our winds today have been relatively calm but will start to pick up as we go into the afternoon. here we are at noon. we have the winds coming in from the northwest, very light at about 5 to 10 miles an hour. into the rest of the day, our winds pick up to maybe 10 to 15 miles an hour. but not that much of a breezy day, and the onshore flow will be weakening, as high pressure builds overhead. so our temperatures will be
11:21 am
going way up these next couple of days. in to the day on wednesday and thursday we'll see the peak of the heat and then it starts to go back down just a bit in time for the weekend. so what happens here we will have, once again, high pressure giving us the sinking air, the clear skies, and it weakens the onshore flow. it also keeps any rain away. although we are looking at the possibility of a few showers in the sierra but that could also mean some thunderstorms there, too. and with conditions very dry, that could spark off a few wildfires. we'll be monitoring that into wednesday, we do still see those showers there. but not a lot of clouds here. but we will start to see those clouds moving back in to the bay area by the end of the week. and hopefully we can get a little bit of some rain as it draws in a little bit of some monsoonal moisture. we'll keep you up to date with that. a slight chance of rain by the end of the week. but the heat surges over the next few days. we could be seeing -- we could see 90s across the next few days in the south bay, and even
11:22 am
reaching the triple digits in the east bay valleys. more on the weather coming up in a few minutes. right now let's send it back to scott and kris. >> all right. thank you very much. well it is never too early to start thinking about fourth of july right? >> right. absolutely. we'll have where you can watch the big fireworks coming up next. >> coming up after nbc bay area news at 11:00, access hollywood live followed by days of our lives at 1:00 p.m.
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peninsula, as the fourth of july approaches. shooting off fireworks is not ly a warning from police anywhere you go as the fourth of july approaches shooting off fireworks not only illegal but a very bad idea especially during the drought. with all the dry grass and brush around a stray spark with easily set off a wildfire. >> caution people especially during the dry times right now, to avoid setting off fireworks themselves, let the professionals do it. go out and enjoy yourselves with the professional displays up and down the bay. >> fireworks are also dangerous. this week alone the consumer products safety commission gave their demonstration of what can happen around home fireworks. >> i don't like seeing that. nationwide last year 11 people died in fireworks accidents. another 10,000 were injured. by the way, even sparklers, which might seem harmless with temperatures of up to 2,000 degrees. one of the best places in the country to celebrate the fourth of july this year may be
11:26 am
right here in the bay area. san francisco is ranked as one of the top five places for independence day events. the company looked at festivals, fireworks shows and even weather to come up with the 100 cities in the ranking. other cities to earn top spots were minneapolis, seattle, and portland. if you're looking for a place to celebrate we have you covered. go to click on our fourth of july events guide and you'll find all kinds of events in san francisco, east bay or silicon valley. >> it is super thorough and it's getting a lot of traction. up next at 11:00 a rise in shark attacks off the carolina coastline. we'll show you what's driving them so close to shore.
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being shot by police near the former fugitive david sweat is in a new york hospital in critical condition after he was shot by a police officer near the canadian border. >> his partner the other escapee already dead. now sweat's capture brings to an
11:29 am
end the massive 23-day search. nbc's stephanie gosk has the latest. >> david sweat is hospitalized in protective custody in albany this morning after being shot and arrested sunday afternoon. just a mile from the canadian border and 30 miles from the prison he escaped. according to authorities, shortly after 3:00 p.m. new york state police sergeant jay cook saw a suspicious man jogging down a road. when confronted sweat ran across an open field, and cook opened fire to prevent him from reaching a heavily wooded area. >> just bang bang. >> he ended the manhunt, coming close to michael doyle's window. >> i've never seen 40 50 cop cars and i've never seen 300, 400 guys show up with guns. >> reporter: sweat was struck twice in the torso and treated on scene before being transported to an area hospital. 16 miles south and two days earlier, sweat's partner in the escape richard matt was shot and killed by police. autopsy results released sunday say matt died of three gunshots to the head.
11:30 am
it's not known when or where the pair split up but according to police, sweat's dna was found on an object not far from where matt was killed. >> it was picnic-style pepper shakers, and we believe that possibly these two males were using pepper to throw the scent off for the dogs who were tracking them. >> reporter: relief and celebration was evident as governor andrew cuomo spoke publicly sunday night. >> the escapees have been dealt with. you couldn't have a better ending. >> and that was stephanie gosk reporting. now authorities had hoped to catch sweat alive, because they want details on how he and matt escaped from prison and they want to know who helped them. we continue to watch that developing situation in greece as we mentioned people there rushing to atms. the banks have been shut tight. >> nbc's kerry sanders reports from athens. >> reporter: the euro crisis fear in greece has set off a worldwide chain reaction.
11:31 am
overseas markets reacted this morning. the nikkei and japan fell 3%. the london stock market is down 2%. the u.s. market has little financial exposure to the euro crisis, but experts say it's often hard to predict how emotions will impact trading. after five years of dramatic and often painful cutbacks on government services an attempt to have greek residents actually pay their taxes, the country remains deeply indebted and now cannot make an immediate loan payment of more than $1.5 billion. the long lines at atms to cash are not just hitting greece. those here on vacation are caught up at the financial crisis. at the acropolis this senior class from california say they're mostly out of euros and they still have a full day to spend here before flying home. >> i'm completely out of euros right now. and i can't get any more. >> reporter: while street protests in athens are so far calm some folks here on vacation
11:32 am
say were they would have known about this think would have gone elsewhere on vacation. tour operators say they have been getting some worried calls. mean time russia's vladimir putin could step in and actually help greece. if that happens it would likely draw in the united states, because it would shift from a financial crisis which is mostly a european problem to a political problem that likely would require the attention of the united states. in athens, kerry sanders, nbc news. >> what do you think, putting money on that one? >> these guys were in ukraine and shouldn't be and to come to greece -- i'm not advocating just sounds like this actions. >> that would be interesting. well it is happening again. north carolina beaches on high alert after shark bites. more shark bites in recent days. >> that makes six total shark attacks in north carolina just this month. nbc's gabe gutierrez reports. >> reporter: this youtube video appears to show a 7-foot shark
11:33 am
being reeled in by three fishermen friday on a crowded beach on north carolina's outer banks. >> oh, my gosh! look at the teeth on that thing! the >> reporter: woman who shot the video tells nbc news it all happened about an hour's drive from where a shark viciously attacked a 47-year-old man the same day. >> subject is on the beach now, respond for a shark bite. >> reporter: he spotted the shark while swimming and was frantically trying to warn others. >> on the beach, oceanside, caller's saying someone's been bitten by a shark. >> reporter: the very next day an 18-year-old nearly died after another shark attack. this morning, he's improving. doctors have upgraded his condition from critical to serious. on average, there are four or five shark bites a year off north carolina but just this month there have been six. 8-year-old braden noyes survived with minor injuries but 12-year-old kerstin lost an arm so did 16-year-old hunter. >> i didn't see it coming.
11:34 am
i felt it on my leg and then i saw it had attacked my arm because it was out of the water a little bit. >> the equation is shark plus human equals attack. >> experts like george burgess of the university of florida say warmer water and more vacationers play a role. but now we're seeing more cell phone cameras on the beach, recording every heartstopping encounter. >> the reality is that we're not under siege by sharks. and what we have, of course is a change in perception as opposed to a change in reality. >> good point. experts at nasa mean while and spacex trying to understand how yet another cargo ship headed for the international space station blew up after liftoff from cape canaveral. this is the third time in eight months that an unmanned resupply mission has failed. >> it is certainly a concern to nasa the space station crew and the plans to turn these missions over to the private sector. here's nbc's tom costello. >> reporter: this morning the investigation into how the
11:35 am
seemingly picture perfect rocket launch suddenly went so wrong. a massive explosion as the unmanned spacex falcon 9 seemed to vaporize over the florida coast. >> appears to have had a launch vehicle failure. >> reporter: it's the third time in eight months a cargo ship destined for the space station has been lost. last october another private company's rocket blew up on liftoff. then in april a russian cargo ship with three tons of supplies was lost in orbit. on board the space station astronaut scott kelly tweeted, dragon failed. he called his twin former astronaut mark kelly now a spacex and nbc news consultant. >> three of these cargo ships had stuff, personal stuff, clothing, food sut also supplies for some of the experiments and for upgrading the space station. >> reporter: also lost water supplies a replacement space suit and parts for a water
11:36 am
filtration system but nasa insists the space station crew has enough food and water to last until the fall. >> they've done a tremendous job of balancing all the consumables on orbit. >> reporter: but for these high school students their science experiments were gone again after first being lost in the october blast. >> this is real science and it's to be expected sometimes catastrophic ones but we not going to let this deter us. >> spacex looking at the cause as a possible overpressurized vapor in the upper liquid oxygen tank. meanwhile nasa is asking people who live along florida's atlantic coast to be on the lookout for any debris and if they find any call the police to have it picked up. >> wow. luckily it was unmanned. this week millions of workers will soon no longer have to worry about losing work and pay, because starting on wednesday the california paid sick leave law goes into effect. that new legislation will allow full-time and part-time employees who have worked at least 30 days three paid sick
11:37 am
days a year. now they have to have been on their jobs for at least 90 days before they use that sick day. >> the nanny, the baby-sitter, the housekeeper who comes once a month, senior care even a pet sitter is eligible as long as she's working, he or she is working 30 days in the calendar year for that family. >> that 6.5 million workers across the state will be eligible under the new sick leave law. well the award winning program for teenagers called youth radio established during a period of what the program called heightened youth violence. gives kids an outlet to ses their experiences. >> because of their innovative ayouth radio is a grand prize recipient of nbc bay area's 21st century solutions grant program. we went to oakland studios to see how the program works. >> edward r. murrow award, a peabody award to some of the many accolades they've received at youth radio even the voice of the youth heard throughout the nation.
11:38 am
isn't your typical after-school program it's a 21st century approach. >> we expanded from just radio journalism to web and training and all different types of media >> reporter: youth radio has been around for more than 20 years. it was designed as a program to give a voice to at-risk youth and low-income youth from the inner cities. there are shelves in the heart of downtown oakland stacked with national awards. and this is their next step. using their grassroots ideas, and implementing silicon valley know-how here in their innovation lab. >> we are taking our story-telling to the next level by incorporating programming, and design to make interactive storytelling and mobile apps. >> it was cool because like i just got an android you know you're a young person you just get a phone you're able to actually use it on your own time, bring it to school and now you want to be able to play
11:39 am
games. but now, i can create the games to show my friends. >> you get to know -- >> they're even developing an app on the california drought. it's one of the many reasons youth radio was last year's $50,000 grand prize winner in nbc bay area's 21st centuries grant program. >> this grant really helped us start combining our app lab and our app interest and technology interest with our newsroom. >> this 21st century journalism and youth radio is helping lead the way. >> the deadline for this year's grant is july 3rd. the grand prize winner receives $50,000. two runners-up receive $25,000 grants each. we're in oakland. >> if you'd like to apply click on 21st isn'try solutions and we'll walk you through it. >> all right well up next at 11:00 an amazing mother/daughter story of survival in northern
11:40 am
california survives giving birth by herself, in the forest. >> and without the soil and natural sun light, the growing trend in a place that might surprise you. >> and it is all clear as we get a live look at ocean beach and that's where you'll want to head once these temperatures start to heat up over the next couple of days. more on that is coming up in the microclimate forecast. incredible story
11:41 am
nbc bay area is helping local nonprofits build stronger communities. we're launching 21st century solutions our annual grand challenge for new and innovative programs to earn up to $50,000. visit to apply.
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just into the newsroom. nbc has just announced it is ending it's business relations with donald trump. ==kris/sh jst into our newsroom nbc has announced it is ending its business relationships with donald trump. >> the billionaire and presidential candidate has come under fire for controversial comments he made recently about immigrants coming over the border from mexico. nbc says they will no longer carry the trump produced miss usa and miss universe pageants on their air and trump will not return to the long-running reality show "the apprentice" or celebrity apprentice as host. >> in a statement nbc said quote, respect and dignity for all people are cornerstones of our values. due to the recent derogatory statements made by donald trump regarding immigrants nbc universal is ending its relationship with mr. trump. nbc bay area and nbc universal
11:44 am
by the way are both owned by comcast. a northern california woman went into labor after taking a shortcut and becoming lost in a national forest north of sacramento. >> she had no choice but to deliver her own baby. even worse, afterwards she was stranded for days with her newborn. anthony peters from our sister station has the story. >> reporter: when amber started going into labor, she not only found herself fighting for her life but the life of her daughter. >> i was just thinking oh, my gosh, you know i didn't think we were actually going to get out of there. >> reporter: she began having contractions and decided to go up oro quincy highway and take a connecting road to her parents' house off highway 70. >> i was on this back road and people had shown it to me a few times but i'd never driven it by myself. >> reporter: as she continued down creek road she found herself low on gas and out of cell service. >> there was no cell phone
11:45 am
service. there was like no -- there was nothing. the car was out of gas. >> reporter: at approximately 5:00 a.m. amber gave birth to daughter marissa, on her own and with the nearest help miles away. low on water and with only four apples for the next three days amber fought off bees and mosquitoes. >> they were trying to get the placenta and i got stung trying to keep them away from the baby but they were wanting the placenta. >> reporter: on saturday she was able to start a signal fire that was discovered by a u.s. forestry fire detection system. >> the fire just went whew and the whole side of the mountain caught on fire and i was looking at issa, i named my daughter marissa, and i was like i think mommy just started a forest fire. >> within a couple hours a cal fire helicopter discovered the pair and sent rescue team. >> i was crying. i was just so happy because i thought we were going to die. like i was just so glad that someone finally seen us and like
11:46 am
you're going to be okay. >> reporter: amber and marissa were admitted to the hospital on saturday and marissa was taken to uc davis on sunday for further evaluation. >> wow. >> i just -- you know don't take the short cut through the woods if you're about to have a baby. >> or ever. >> yeah. new technology being tested in new jersey could be the next big thing. >> nbc's morgan brennan shows us how. >> reporter: this is a research lab of aero farm. a 10-year-old start-up developing the world's largest vertical farm in a former steel mill in newark new jersey. the $39 million project backed by the state goldman sachs and prudential financial expects to yield 2 million pounds of kale arugula and salad greens without soil or natural sun light. the concept converting urban buildings into high tech grow houses that use artificial lighting hydroponic and climate control to increase crop
11:47 am
productivity to 70 times greater than a field farmer's. >> on average we're growing in 16 days what otherwise takes 30 days in a field. using 95% less water, about 50% less fertilizer and zero pesticides herbicides fungicides. >> and there are other benefits as well. it cuts down on transportation costs and spoilage. these companies supply local stores and restaurants. take green sense farm a 2-year-old vertical farm that supplies whole foods and other retailers in the chicago area. >> by being able to get food to your customers quicker, it's more nutritious. and more importantly, we can grow year round. >> but there are drawbacks. vertical farms are limited in what they can grow since space is constrained. the concept has been around for years but because it's capital intensive and energy costs can be very high it was never economically viable. two things are now changing that consumers increasingly seek out locally sourced
11:48 am
all-natural foods and new technology that's lowering costs dramatically. l.e.d. lighting one of the largest expenses has become more efficient. green sense for example works with phillips lighting which created a division just for this concept. green sense and other farms use lots of blue and red die odds two colors that optimize photosynthesis and require less energy than standard yellow lights. >> the energy use is low. >> vertical gardening. >> vertical gardening. any kind would be a start. let's check in and see if it's a good time to be out in the sun? >> i think you can get out there this afternoon and the next couple of days it will be too hot to be in the garden. as we take a look at mt. tam we see the clear blue skies. earlier today we had a deck of some clouds and fog rolling across the mountain so now all of that has cleared. it is 73 degrees in the east bay and south bay. it is 66 degree as we take a
11:49 am
closer look at the south bay, we see it is 79 degrees, 73 degrees in ever green, and downtown san jose is at 70 degrees. so it's nice and comfortable now. as we go hour by hour in san francisco, 69 degrees. and still a few clouds dotting the sky, and by 6:00 66 degrees as our temperatures start to come back down. we get that onshore flow and it helps make those temperatures feel a little bit cooler and the clouds moving back in. taking you all of the microclimates today and napa reaching 95 degrees. there will still be some spots. it gets pretty warm out there, 90 degrees in walnut creek and pleasanton tapping out at over 90 degrees. we've been talking about the heat building. and it really reaches the peak on wednesday. into the forecast we are in to the day tomorrow. we see some 90s for the inland valleys. 80s, as well for the south bay, and the north bay. and still some 70s along the coast.
11:50 am
but as that heat starts to creep in from the central valleys, we could be hitting some triple digits throughout the day. on wednesday, and then it gets a little bit better on thursday but not by much. and here's why, we start to see some of that moisture moving into the sierra. and possibility of some showers and thunderstorms popping up but it looks like it could be dry at least initially. too dry for much of that rain to develop. and there could be some thunderstorms there, and just some dry lightning in to the rest of the week we see the clouds starting to move back in and maybe a slight chance of rain for the bay area by the end of the week we are on thursday night and it's showing that slight possibility for a little bit of some rain moving through. the temperature trend over the next couple of days still keeps it hot. well above average. this is for the tri-valley and i wouldn't be surprised if we hit 105 degrees on wednesday. it will stay very uncomfortable
11:51 am
through the next three days and then it starts to get a little bit better especially for the south bay, reaching into the mid 80s on thursday and friday. but still looks pretty hot for the tri-valley and the rest of the bay area with those temperatures staying at least in the 90s into the weekend. the rest of the area though will be a little bit better especially by friday for san francisco. only seeing those highs in the 70s, scott and kris. >> all right. thanks. next at 11:00 the threat to this year's -- >> coming up access hollywood live followed by days of our lives.
11:52 am
11:53 am
a man has a brawl on his hands. tens of thousands of people head to nevada's black rock desert for the week long arts and cultural festival. this year the bureau of land management which issues the permits for the festival is
11:54 am
reportedly demanding a vip compound. cording to the reno gazette journal the bureau wants flushing toilets, washers and dreyer's and even ice creams for the staff and visiting dignitaries and threatening to block the event from happening if the burning man organization doesn't comply. the festival spokesperson said the cost of such demands would be $5 million. >> that's a lot of money. we'll be back in just a minute.
11:55 am
11:56 am
scott/vo it was making it's way near
11:57 am
migrating humpback whale is finally getting a taste of freedom. >> making his way near sydney when whale watchers spotted it dragging three buoys. authorities were able to cut the ropes away just in time. one of the rescuers said the whale would have died had it not been freed from the trap. that's been a very common problem. >> we just saw one in monterey bay, too. they're looking for it. hopefully they'll have the same luck. thanks for joining us. our next cast is tonight at 5:00. get out there and enjoy the temperatures before get a little hotter. >> enjoy all the latest information, including weather cast at have a wonderful day.
11:58 am
11:59 am
12:00 pm
today on "access hollywood live," from new york city rainy. >> it is rainy. which family member was surprised by a "vanity fair" cover. >> and susan lucci join us to talk about the delicious diva she's playing in primetime. and joining us bryce. >> hello! approximately six feet away. how are you? and he's been a bad, bad boy on former chief of staff "house of cards." ooh, emmy buzz. >> so handsome. >> he's good. "access hollywood live" starts right now. stand by, billy and kit.


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