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tv   Today  NBC  June 30, 2015 7:00am-11:01am PDT

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t effect the flow because it's all electronic tolls. >> that is what's habit "today in the bay." we will be back with you live in a hour hour with local news. >> we will leave you with a shot of the bay bridge. good morning. total loss. at least 24 homes now consumed by a wind-driven wildfire in washington state. thousands evacuated. it was really scary. nightmare. >> and new fears this morning that conditions could make matters even worse. coming clean. david sweat talking to authorities. what he's revealing about his prison break with richard matt and their botched plan to kill joyce mitchell's husband and flee to mexico. number 14. new jersey governor chris christie set to become the newest face in the crowded republican presidential race today. can the one-time gop front runner get back the mojo he once had?
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and bad bet? reports tying golf superstar phil mickelson to an illegal gambling operation. what prosecutors say happened to nearly $3 million of his money. today, tuesday, june 30th, 2015. good morning, every. welcome to "today" on a tuesday morning. pretty powerful images out of washington this morning. >> if you want to get your head around what the people there are dealing with, there's a before picture of the neighborhood. here is the after picture. after that wildfire swept through. this is what people are waking up to this morning. >> and the fire is still burning this morning. it's our top story. let's go right to joe fryer who is there for us. good morning to you. >> good morning. you can see this fire here in downtown is still burning out, in addition to the 24 homes that were lost, four businesses
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including this one, were destroyed. sparked by embers that came from a neighborhood fire about a mile away. it's a reminder just how unpredictable these fires can be. as far as fires go, this one moved at the pace of a cheetah, quickly devouring at least two dozen houses. >> hit me harder in a few days when i realize i don't have anything. >> shirley lived here 45 years. >> there's nothing left. >> she narrowly escaped the flames because a neighbor pounded on her door. the home was not so lucky. >> no point in crying. it's gone, it's gone. and they were saying they want life. >> on a single block, 13 consecutive homes were destroyed. >> this would have been the basement, boys' room. >> families are beginning to assess what was lost. they could grab little before evacuating. >> it was really scary. it was a nightmare. >> because it looked like rivers of fire were flowing rapidly in
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their direction. >> it chased us. it was like it was chasing us. >> hot embers also sparked a few warehouse fires about a mielgle away. one even caused anemone yeah leak forcing neighbors to stay inside for a brief period of time. the fires settled down after rain. >> has the fire settled down a bit? >> we have. we have concerned with the winds and lightning they're predicting coming in. we're really watching that. >> another fire 50 miles away is a reminder the risk here remains high with whipping winds and record breaking temps. >> what are you going to do? >> and no shortage of victims who now know how quickly a fire can strike. >> this fire has now burned about 3,000 acres, and is now 10% contained. the cause of this fire at this point is under evac -- under an einvestigation. many evacuations have been lifted. >> thank you very much. >> in the meantime, former
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fugitive daft sweat is now talking to authorities, talking a lot about his prison escape with richard matt and the getaway plan in the end failed. miguel, good morning. >> matt, good morning. as david sweat's condition improve improves, it's gone from critical to serious. the governor said he is answering lingering questions after more tha three weeks on the run. >> shot twice then rushed to the hospital by those who had been hunting him down, cop killer david sweat says after his prison break with richard matt, the dangerous duo planned to go to mexico. that, according to the governor, who says the convicts wanted to kill lyle mitchell, his wife joyce mitchell was to be their alleged getaway driver. >> the plan was to head to mexico on the theory that mitchell was in love with one or both of them and then they would go live happily ever after. >> after mitchell never showed, matt and sweat started moving towards the canadian border.
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on the run 23 days, the pair had broken into at least three cabins including this one roughly 30 miles from the prison. last friday, matt had been hiding out in this trailer before he was gunned down. two days later, sweat was shot just three miles from the border. the govern said he said he had bag with maps, tools, bug repellent and pop-tarts. cuomo said the pair split last week. >> sweat felt matt was slowing him down. >> with joyce mitchell accused of smuggling tools into the prison, corrections officer gene palmer was back in court monday after pleading not guilty to charges including promoting prison contraband and tampering with evidence. the d.a. said sweat has only implicated joyce mitchell. >> he told investigators it was just mitchell, he, and matt. >> lyle mitchell told matt lauer last week he still loves his wife. >> he still wants her to, well, he wants her to come home at
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some point in time. >> david sweat is expected to spend several more days here at the hospital. during that time, investigators say they'll have more questions and for now, he is talking. matt, savannah. >> miguel, thank you so much. lisa bloom is today's legal analyst. david sweat is spilling the beans. this isn't one of those situations where you talk to investigators and hope to get a reduced sentence. he's going to jail forever. how can he help himself by talking to authorities and cooperating? >> you're right, he's already serving a life sentence. even with the additional charges, he's still serving a life sentence. it's all about the privileges. gone are the television, the hot plate, those privileges. if he wants to get any of those back, if he wants to get out of administrative segregation, solitary confinement, he has a little bit to work with. >> how long can they keep a prisoner in solitary confinement? >> prosecutors say they want to keep him there up to five years. most other countries would
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consider that torture, but we keep them in for long periods of time here. >> if you're an investigator, what kind of information are you hoping to get out of him? >> what other prison authorities, if any, are implicated in the plot. was it really just joyce mitchell and one other person who says he was unaware that he was helping? or were there more? i think that's the most important question. >> you mentioned privileges, the honor block. seemed like he had a sweet deal inside that prison before this all happened. i mean, is there a chance he could see the inside of that kind of thing again, an honor block? you're a prior escapee. could that happen. >> >> it seems very unlikely. maybe a decade, two decades from now, because prison authorities have to have something to work with. they have to insentvise people. to people who say this was a country club, what else can they use to get people to behave behind bars. >> matt, over to you. >> now to the financial crisis in greece and its impact on your bottom line. the images out of athens are
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somewhat reminiscent of the great depression in this country. long lines at banks. strict limits on withdrawals now in place. the country heading toward a default on a massive debt payment due today with a key national vote set for this weekend on a bailout plan. on monday, it added up to the worst day of the year for u.s. stocks. jim cramer is host of mad money. good morning to you. >> good to see you. >> the greeks are deeply in debt. they owe a ton of many, $1.5 billion plan due today. if they can't make the payment, what's the immediate impact? >> we saw the european market down, ours down 2%. people don't know what's going to happen. anytime unknowns are going to drive the markets lower. >> can you explain why the dow drops 350 points because of the problems in greece? seems like a world away. what is the connection? >> 27 out of 30 stocks in the dow jones average have business in europe. europe will slow down because of this. >> you expect it to go down further?
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because there's a huge vote coming up in greece, whether they accept the bailout conditions of the three central banks or whether they say, hey, we're out of the eurozone. we're going on our own. >> good riddance if they do that because if they can't pay the money, they don't belong in the union. what i care about is that the market go down a little bit, so we can buy. everybody says pull back. when you get the pull back, you don't say i'm scared. >> you make a real point of this. you say when you see a drop like the one we saw yesterday, you would view it as an opportunity for the average investor. >> if it were here, if the problem were pennsylvania, new jersey, new mexico, texas, we would be saying, whoa, but it's greece. >> so you tee me up beautifully. let's come cloisser to home. governor of puerto rico said on sunday that that island could not afford to pay some $72 billion in debt. how's that going to pay out? >> that's a problem because a ow lot of your mutual funds if
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you're in municipal bonds are getting hit. i think puerto rico is going to have to cut its debt dramatically. you're in a world of hurt for years. >> as the stock market here taken that into consideration or is that still to come? >> not enough. that's why i'm hoping for 1.5 to 2% pullback, and then you put your 401(k) back. i'm in cash. that doesn't do anything. >> thanks very much. and you can catch him on cnbc's "mad money" at 6:00 eastern on cnbc. >> we'll move to politics. new jersey governor chris christie launching his campaign later this morning and he'll enter the race in what would have been unexpected a couple years zs ago. he's an underdog. kelly is there for the big announcement. good morning toyou. >> good morning, savannah. he's one of the most well known republican governors in the country, but now with a much narrower path to victory in the gop nomination. today, the chris christie logo
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is up here in the livingston high school gym. they're setting up the round stage he will use. no teleprompter, no prepared remarks. he'll talk to longtime friends and supporters in the high school gym where he was a student in 1980. this will be a campaign about chris christie. his personality, his modest background, and it won't be so much about ideology. it will be the force of chris christie. like him or don't like him. and advisers do acknowledge it's been harder to raise money. he has suffered poll ratings that have tumbled in the wake of the bridge lane closure scandal. they think he can be a more interesting and compelling candidate in this race. more interesting than some other republicans in the field. he will go right from here to new jersey to new hampshire where they say his ability to take voters' questions and to weather the national media spotlight will serve him well in new hampshire, a place where that will count. despite his diminished standing,
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his formidable personal skills will make it work for chris christie and make him a part of the race or a force in the race, at least to start out. >> kelly o'donnell. he's hoping to get on the debate stage. could change his fortunes. you're headed to livingston, new jersey today. >> i'm going to spend time with governor christie just before he takes the stage, and then after his announcement, i'll sit down with him again for his post announcement interview, his first post announcement interview. you can see that tonight on nbc nightly news with lester holt and we'll have it tomorrow morning. >> we have breaking news on a plane crash. >> a residential plane crash, a military plane that crashed in a residential area in indonesia. part of the wreckage slammed into a hotel in the country's third larblgest city. the transport plane was carrying dozens of people and crashed just two minutes after it took off from an airport base in indonesia air force officer said the pilot had radioed he was
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returning to land because of engine trouble. >> breaking news out of afghanistan this morning where suicide attackers targeted a convoy today near the u.s. embassy in kabul. at least one person was killed. the taliban has claimed reonsibility. military officials tell nbc news no u.s. or nato coalition troops were killed or wounded in that attack. today, the state department plans to release another set of hillary clinton's e-mails from her tenure as secretary of state. clinton has come under scrutiny for using a personal e-mail rather than a government e-mail while serving in that role. many of her e-mails were deleted as a result of the scandal, the state department planned to release all of her e-mails to the public about 55,000 pages in total. big news on the job front. about 5 million more u.s. workers may soon be eligible for overtime pay. this week, the obama administration will propose requiring overtime pay for workers who earn nearly $1,000
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per week. that's nearly double the current amount. right now, salaried employees who are paid more than $455 a week can be exempted from overtime pay if their employer deems them to be managers. >> a historic baseball stadium in eugene, oregon, went up in flames on monday. this is a stadium built back in 1938. one of only about 12 wooden ballparks left in the u.s., according to the city's website. hundreds of people lined the streets to get one last glimpse. one witness said people were crying and singing "take me out to the ball game." the cause of that fire now under investigation. very sad there. and this was not a scene from dukes of hazzard but surveillance video out of florida. an suv jumping a draw bridge as it was going up. turns out the driver happened to be looking at his gps, didn't seem to be paying attention and didn't see the bridge arms coming down. luckily, he did make it across, but he was cited for reckless
7:15 am
driving. and pro football star j.j. watt has his first tackle of the season. this happened at a zack brown band concert. a fan jumped on the stage, midsong, started dancing. watt comes running out from stage right and tackled the man. we do have to point out, this was likely staged. the dancing fan wearing a alabama t-shirt. the crimson tide happened to be playing watt's alma mater, wisconsin, in the season opener. that explains it all. needless to say, good tackle, though. >> and it gets him on the "today" show. >> kind of off to the side. >> lighter, hair and makeup, all that stuff. >> go for it. >> go big or go home. >> the camera is off to the side. >> lighting, hair and makeup. >> go big or go home. >> al is off today. dylan in with a check of the weather. >> wild hail across several parts of the country. in prescott, arizona, look at this. it looks like snow on the ground. we had crazy thunderstorms out
7:16 am
there yesterday. we've seen dust storms and now we're seeing the opposite of that with hail slowing traffic down on the roads. in minneapolis-st. paul, two rounds of hail last night. one during rush hour and one later in the evening slowing down traffic as well. so chunks of ice just falling to the ground with these storms. a series of cold fronts will move through the midwest and east coast today. you'll see some sun. you'll feel the humidity. you'll see the sun heat up the ground and thunderstorms will pop up. it's that situation where you need to keep an eye to the sky because this entire area in yellow including 60 million people, you could see those pop-up thunderstorms. hail is a big threat but also keep in mind torrential downpours and dangerous cloud to ground lightning is a possibility as well. there's a look at the national forecast. your local forecast is coming up in just 30 seconds. what happened to your hair? i got it. walgreens has all you need to keep it all under control. from a little touch-up...
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come on, guys! to finding that perfect finishing touch... to making memories at the touch of a button. all without missing a beat. walgreens. at the corner of happy and healthy. i'm meteorologist kari hall. we start out with some mild temperatures but it will be a hot day. here is where we're headed this afternoon. 102 it degrees for the tri-valley. 86 degrees for the peninsula and the south bay reaching 95 degrees, san francisco we'll see a high of 77 degrees and 95 degrees for the north bay. we do still have a few low clouds in spots but it will clear out and will get even hotter tomorrow. and that's your latest forecast. >> dylan, thank you very much. great phil mickelson is in the
7:18 am
headline this is rn monthmorning for a gambling case. willie is here for that. >> one of the pga's most wealthiest and popular players. an investigation reportedly involving some of his money is raising questions about the man they call lefty. >> according to documents reviewed by espn "outside the line" but not verified by nbc news golfer phil mick ellison was allegedly involved in the transfer of $3 million that went to intermediary that was part of a gambling operation that placed bets on sporting events. a 56-year-old former sports handicapper working for an offshore investigation. last week he pleaded guilty to money laundering of funds from
7:19 am
gambling client between 2010 and 2013. two sources told "outside the lines" that clietn is mickelson. mickelson has not been charged with a crime and is not under investigation. >> gambling businesses can be charged. they focus on those that operate the gambling business and not those who are customers and for that reason mickelson escapes any charges on what we know so far. >> mickelson has long been a fan favorite on the course and a family man above all else even suspending his play schedule after his wife amy was diagnosed with breast cancer. according to "forbes," mickelson made $77 million on the pga tour and rakes in nearly $4 million a year on endorsements. >> this is not mickelson's first alleged involvement in illegal
7:20 am
money dealings. last year his name came up in federal insider trading investigation. he was cleared of alleged involvement in that case. as you heard the legal analyst say there, this is a federal case unwhich the operator can be prosecuted but the client which mickelson is alleged to be is not prosecuted. >> complicated. >> not the ed line you want if you're phil mickelson. >> thanks very much. coming up from the board room to courtroom. how donald trump is firing back after being dumped by nbc. and uncover, ronan looks at gun observe ownership in america. tamron? >> apple music is finally here. we'll look at the plan and how it may change the way we look at
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is where the road begins. the camry. toyota. let's go places. i'm ... ==topvo== a last minute deal for sa good morning to you. it is 7:26. i'm kris sanchez. in a last minute deal for santa clara county workers means the strike scheduled to start today won't happen after all. thousands of county workers had voted to walk off the job today if a had new quarter agreement could not be reached, but thanks to talk that went down to the wire there is a deal. workers now will have to vote on the deal in the coming days. new this morning, police are investigating a hit and run in san jose which happened around 5:45 near north 1st street and commercial avenue. police say a man was getting out of his truck when he was struck by a passing car. fortunately the man suffered only minor injuries. weeks before a huge soccer game berkeley is getting the
7:27 am
boot in favor of san jose. manchester united is facing the earthquakes in a friendly on july 21st. it had been scheduled for cal memorial stadium but now it's being rachd over to avia stadium reportedly to accommodate travel logistics logistics. anyone who bought a ticket will have to get a refund being buying a new ticket. meteorologist kari hall is here with the forecast that you might want to know about because it's going to be hot. >> it will be hot today and tomorrow. we start out this morning with a live look at tiburon and you see the sunshine and just a few low clouds across the city. now it is in the lower 60s for most of the south bay, but look at livermore this morning, 68 degrees and santa rosa starts out at 55 degrees as you walk out the door. gilroy today will top out of 103 degrees, palo alto 91 degrees and the mission district at 77 degrees. napa 98 degrees and livermore
7:28 am
and walnut creek will top out over 100 degrees. now let's check in with mike. the meteorologist scared to say those numbers you know they're hot. looking over to the south bay a slower drive northbound rounds a little added complication west 237 at the lawrence caribbean off ramp a crashed cleared to the shoulder a brus of traffic toward the merge at 101. that's complicating the south bay. the rest of your bay a pretty typical pattern for the dunbar ton. >> we have more local news coming up in just a half hour.
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7:30 am
7:30 now on a tuesday morning. the 30th and last day of june 2015. july here we come. here's a look at what's making headlines. it's a scene of devastation in central washington state where a wildfire has now destroyed dozens of homes. crews are struggling to contain the flames. they say more than 100 homes and other buildings are still in danger. new jersey governor chris christie is adding his name to the 2016 presidential field. he'll make that long awaited announcement later this morning at an event at his old high school and matt will interview him for tomorrow's show. something a lot of us are interested around here. the final four women's world cup kicks off tonight with team usa taking on germany, the world's
7:31 am
top ranked team. >> she believes she will win. >> we believe they will win. we'll begin with donald trump. he's blasting this network after nbcuniversal ended its business relationship with him over controversial comments he made about mexican immigrants. national correspondent peter alexander is following this one for us. peter, good morning. >> good morning. donald trump long known for one of the sharpest tongues in television is now taking on nbc universal calling the company weak and foolish threatening that his next scene with nbc may not be in the boardroom but in the courtroom. turning trump's catch phrase back on the tycoon. nbcuniversal in its own boardroom decision cutting ties with donald trump. true to form trump isn't backing down. >> with my statements on
7:32 am
immigration which happen to be correct, they are going to take a different stance and that's okay. >> trump's presidential announcement overshadowed by these controversial comments about undocumented immigrants from mexico. >> they're bringing drugs. they're bringing crime. they're rapists and some i assume are good people. >> facing growing pressure from hispanic groups including a petition with more than 200,000 signatures nbcuniversal called trump's statements derogatory and calling off plans to air any of trump's programs. >> who will win? >> earlier in the day trump said he opted out of the "celebrity apprentice" because of his presidential bid. nbc's decision came four days after spanish language univision backed out of plans to air the pageant. >> i'll be suing univision.
7:33 am
maybe i'll sue nbc too. >> he banned all employees from his miami golf course and as for mexico? >> there's no apology. what i said is right. >> donald loves attention. when he gets into a fight with a person organization network, he milks it for all that he can. >> the miss usa pageant will take place on july 12th. the organization is building on a foundation of inclusion. among this year's contestants, six latinos, four of them of mexican descent. let's go to dylan in for al. >> there's no relief from the heat out west. this area of my pressure will hold strong for several more days all week long. this is part of the reason why we see the fires so prevalent out west because the ground is very dry and temperatures are extremely high. medford, oregon 17 degrees above average. we're looking at scattered areas
7:34 am
with excessive heat warnings with temperatures 15 to 20 degrees above average. las vegas in the southwest is normal hot for this time of year. desert after all. as we go through this week medford will get closer to 110 degrees. we're looking at those temps to stay in upper 90s to lower 100s all week long with again no relief in sight. elsewhere across the country, a couple cold fronts will trigger storms especially during the afternoon and evening. we could see hail damaging wind gusts and dangerous l good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. just hot today. we start out at 68 degrees in the tri-valley and 56 degrees in san francisco. north bay though at 55 degrees but as we go into the afternoon expect highs to reach 102 degrees today in the tri-valley. san francisco, 77 degrees. in the north bay 95 a degrees. also, 95 degrees for the south
7:35 am
bay and the peninsula reaching 86 degrees it. the heat continues to go up into the day tomorrow. stay cool out there. >> and that's your latest forecast. this one will get you talking and trending. a mom who said she sacrificed having another child so she could afford a luxury home. how people are responding to that. up next the new face of gun ownership in this country. what people want you to know about their love of firearms. if you have moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. isn't it time to let the real you shine through? introducing otezla apremilast. otezla is not an injection or a cream. it's a pill that treats plaque psoriasis differently. some people who took otezla saw 75% clearer skin after 4 months. and otezla's prescribing information has no requirement for routine lab monitoring. don't take otezla if you are allergic to any of its ingredients. otezla may increase the risk of depression.
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7:39 with a new series called "under covered" where you tell us about stories you feel are not being covered. a tragic mass shooting in charleston has renewed questions about gun control and gun culture in this country so we sent msnbc ronan farrow out to meet the new face of gun ownership. interested to hear about this. good morning. >> good to be here. it's interesting, matt. here's the thing. the past few weeks have reminded us again and again of the devastating toll of gun violence for so many around this country. it's not entirely surprising that for this first installment of "under covered" a lot of you had questions about guns. gun owners are predominantly white, male and over the age of 55. what about the next generation of gun owners coming up? well, i went and talked to them. houston, texas, on a friday
7:41 am
night. what brought you guys here tonight? >> a date night. >> come here and you meet people and you talk and it's better than going out and having a drink on a friday night. >> exit 755 just off the i-10. the athena gun club mistaken initially for an apple store. all kinds of young people line up to shoot. obliterating targets in video game style simulators and blowing holes in stereotypes about what a gun owner looks like. >> from my cold dead hands. >> what's your message to the person who is out there who thinks it's just old white guys. >> it's not. look at me. it's not. >> some call it guns 2.0. a new generation, young, diverse and flourishing on facebook and youtube. >> top gun tori. >> it's everything millennials claim they want.
7:42 am
>> and colion noir. host of his own show. and kristen weiss. >> got it. >> according to one survey, gun ownership is on decline among the young. only one in 14 say they own one. >> i can say specifically for my channel, my range of ages, my demographics is between 18 and 35. that's my main group. >> the gun culture is thriving. the data is skewing or we're moving to metropolitan areas. where it is less practical to own a weapon, but the desire is still there. >> i met up with a group of young owners at the best of the west.
7:43 am
a popular shooting range outside austin where the sound of gunfire rarely lets up. >> the older generation are introduced out of necessity but for us it's something we found out on our own watching a youtube video or playing a video game. >> i love video games and i love shooter games but what really interested me wasn't necessarily hitting a target. it was figuring out how they work. >> when you hit a target, it's almost like a video game response. you see something happen. i think that's exciting. >> it's a generation shaped by headlines about mass shooting but not in the ways you might expect. >> it really underscored in my mind that shooting is actually a martial art and with any martial art it can be an art form teach focus and discipline but on the other side it can be used for evil in the wrong hands. >> what do you say to people who say karate can't wipe out a whole school of children? >> karate may not save a school full of children but a responsible person with a gun could save the school. >> not everyone agrees but before you judge, get to know them.
7:44 am
>> we're passionate. we're connected. we're welcoming. and you're welcome to come to the range with us and just shoot. let's try it. >> these young people acknowledge the dangers of gun violence but they are passionate about their beliefs and their generation is overlooked a lot. >> when you talk about passionate about beliefs, are they looking at it from the constitutional side or coolness side? >> what makes it interesting is many don't think of this in political terms to the extent you would expect but the thing is with the amount of gun violence in this country, it's inevitably political. they have issues to contend with even they though have the hobbies. >> we said the idea behind this series is to let people tell us what stories they want to see covered more often. what do we have next? >> the power of the crowd. viewers gave us a ton of suggestions. we narrowed it down to three favorites. rooftoppers is one you suggested. urban instagramers who compete
7:45 am
dangerously to take photos from extreme perspectives and another run, abandoned malls and the way communities give them new life around the country and this one was interested. redshirting. parents holding their children back in school to give them an advantage over other kids. tweet us at home which one you want to see. we have #undercovered. >> i say we combine them and have a 14-year-old kindergartner take pictures of a mall. how did a small child manage to power up that helicopter? and next, tamron on why apple is facing the music today. that's right after this. ng the music today ♪ me and you, ♪ ♪ and you and me. ♪ ♪ no matter how they tossed the dice. ♪ ♪ it had to be. ♪ ♪ the only one for me is you. ♪ ♪ and you for me. ♪
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7:50 am
hey, tamron. >> a big day for apple and everyone who loves music. apple is launching that long awaited music streaming service today at 11:00 eastern. mark it on your apple watch. users will see a software update giving them access to apple music. so what can we expect? apple music offers similar starting fee as the other competition out there. looking at 9.99 for a lot of songs there. and they are pushing the 24/7 radio station. it's called beats one. it's popular deejay kicking off the station. he had his firest interview with eminem. another post that's getting a lot of attention is this beat boxing collaboration. this rumored to be part of the launch. i'll let you listen. so pharrell will release it today and some artists confirmed
7:51 am
to have their own stations. dr. dre', drake. and elton john. a big day for apple, but big day for music lovers. i'm a streaming hoarder. i have spotify songs and pandora and apple. a new condition out there. streaming hoarder. brittany thought of the name. >> where do you find the time? >> apparently i want to be a deejay in another life. i don't listen to it. streaming hoarding. it's a problem. >> thank you for sharing. >> there's a couch in there. >> tamron, thank you very much. brittany, thank you. coming up, from "mad men" to "minions." jon hamm will stop by. that's right after your local news. hi i'm andy allen, and i've partnered with visa checkout and williams-sonoma to save you time to throw the perfect east coast clambake. with visa checkout you can get what you need online in fewer clicks so that you can spend less time stressing and more time
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♪i'm ... ==topvo== san jose
7:56 am
police this morning are investigating a late night good morning to you. 7:56. i'm kris sanchez. san jose police this morning are investigating a shooting that happened late last night. around 10:30 last night near the almaden expressway and highway 85 interchange and now investigators don't know whether that have victim was auk walking when he was shot or if he was in a car when it happened. still no update on that person's condition. police so far saying very little about this investigation. spotify and pandora have some competition this morning straight out of the bay area. apple today begins its new apple music service, a subscription gets you access to some 30 million songs, but you get to access your own i tune libraries also and the first three months are free for new users. that's after that $9.99 a month. we take a look at our forecast with meteorologist kari hall. >> good morning. it will be very hot this
7:57 am
afternoon, get ready for a hot day today and tomorrow. as we get a live look at the sunol hills we see bright sunshine and temperatures starting out already at 70 degrees in livermore, san francisco at 56 degrees, today san jose reaches 95 it degrees and berlg game 83 degrees. ocean beach at 68 degrees and 98 degrees for napa while the tri-valley today reaches over 100 degrees. now let's get a look at traffic with mike. i've got the camera looking over at the bay bridge it's slower across the span. word of a motorcycle down, very close to treasure island. we do see a slower drive. we had three lanes blocked, now just the left lane blocked. this is jamming up traffic from oakland over towards treasure island. on the san francisco decline things are clearer. the east shore freeway that many complicate things and ripple back towards the maze. walnut creek slows down toward 24 northbound 101 jams up here a couple of crash, one at
7:58 am
greater america just cleared. more local news for you in just a half hour. leave early go roam sleep in sleep out star gaze dream big wander more care less beat sunrise chase sunset do it all. on us. get your first month's payment plus five years wear and tear coverage. make the most of summer... with volvo.
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8:00 am
i's 8:00 on "today." coming up, should vaccines be mandatory. >> this is not a parenting decision that affects your child exclusive exclusively. it affects the lives of every child and person your child comes in kach with. >> inside, the controversial new plan that has parents taking side sides. then, wrangler's road trip. we follow our puppy as he hits the road for the first time. from "mad men"." >> you don't have to work for us. you have to work. >> the minions. >> you guys are crazy and way yellow. i get that.
8:01 am
>> the one and only jon hamm. june 30th, 2015. 3 c3 norte. >> we're from indianapolis, indiana. >> we're from houston. >> good morning, kansas city. >> bringing arizona sunshine to new york city! >> hi, dad and jojo. welcome to "today's" show. >> welcome back to "today." it's 8:00 on a tuesday morning. the 30th of june, 2015. july is almost here. summer is over. just kidding. >> that's what my mom used to say. >> my brother used to say. >> july 4th, you'll be back in school in no time.
8:02 am
anyway, big fans of music here? you will love this. we have two big concerts this week. if you loved the '80s, run don't walk to the plaza on thursday. that guy right there, boy george, will be here thursday performing some of his biggest hits. then, talk about changing the mood on friday. flo rida will be on our convert stage. he'll have you dancing to the long holiday weekend. >> sounds pretty good. let's go inside to natalie for the top stories of the morning. snow hey. good morning. people in washington are trying to recover this morning from a devastating wildfire that burned four square miles of the city destroy inging four dozen homes on a single block and it sparked new fires miles away and the area in washington is struggling with severe drought as is much of the
8:03 am
west. tragedy in indonesia where a plane crashed into a neighborhood and dozens of people had been killed and the plane had just taken off from a nearby air force base and the pilot reported engine trouble and trying to go back to the base. now that escaped killer, david sweat, is back in custody, we're athletic more about three weeks on the run, hospitalized in albany, new york, sweat is speaking with investigators. he reportedly said the plan was to flee to mexico along with fellow escapee, richard matt. matt and sweat also wanted to kill lyle mitchell, the husband of joyce mitchell, the woman accused of helping them escape. the two escapee ss split up last week when sweat felt matt was slowing him down and matt was shot and killed by officer last friday. desperate search under way for an arizona couple missing more than a week. the only clue, their abandoned car.
8:04 am
nbc's janet chamblee reports their children are pleading for help. >> reporter: the search intensifying this morning for meek and tina. the arizona couple seemingly vanish vanished, last seen at their home on father's day. >> we don't want answers, we want them home safe. >> 342008 honda aiccord was found the next day less than a quarter mile away. no key ss and no idea what happened. snow we're not sure there was a crime that was committed. we have to know the couple is not missing by their own accord. >> family members feel certain the couple didn't walk away. in the vast desert by home 7s by air and friends are using atvs on the ground. snow i feel like i've seen everybody i've ever known but more so strangers. they've been working from sun-up to sundown. >> reporter: the caruccas were high school sweethearts. they reconnected and married
8:05 am
last year blending their families, five chirp now pleading for help. snow just please come forward and tell us. i'm begging you. snow family clinging to hope amid a mystery with few clues. for today, janet cham plea, nbc news. the worsening financial crisis may be reaching a tipping point in greece. today, the european part of a beg international bailout expires and the greek government says it will not repay more than a billion dollars due today to the international monetary fund, a move that would move greece toward a messy default. back, in that country still closed and people rushing to atms but can only take out about 67$67 a day. anxious moments of the weekend at an air show in minnesota when a child about 6 years old climbed into that mayo clinic helicopter and started it up. the whirring rotor blades knock knocked over a big sun shield nearby slightly injuring two people.
8:06 am
a member of the mayo clinic's transport team rushed on board and hutshould shut the engine down and got the boy out and the boy went trying crying to his father and told him everything would be okay. >> i'm not sure you should be able to just do that if you walk into a helicopter. ? you have to watch them every second. ? see what you have to look forward to? >> thank you. there is a new wrinkle in the vaccine debate, something a lot of people will be talking about. a controversial bill just passed in california. it would impose some of the toughest school vaccination rules in the nation. here's halle jackson. >> measles has hit a chicago area. >> more cases of the measles outbreak. >> this outbreak has spread to at least 122 people. >> for a week, it dominated national news. the measles outbreak that started in california and filled facebook feeds with fierce debates about vaccinations. now, it's back in the headlines
8:07 am
again, all because of california's controversial plan for mandatory vac tins. >> please call the roll. >> the bill on governor jerry brown's desk would require kids at daycares and schools to be vaccinated unless there's a serious medical reason why they shouldn't be. a personal or regulationligious exemption won't cut it. if parent don't like, they can home school. only two other states, mississippi and west virginia have rules this cut. ? i think this could move from west to east up pretty quickly i would hope. >> reporter: it's not done deal yet. the governor has time to decide what to do. furious parents have been protesting for months and demand a veto. >> what goes into your child's body, if you don't have any other right in the world, you should have the right to determine what is injected in their bodies. >> this year, 12 states have looked at new rules a reaction
8:08 am
to the measles outbreak linked to disneyland where this child caught the incredibly contagious virus when he was just 12 month old. his parents now strong support supporters of vaccine. >> we're not talking paper diapers or breast mec versus formula. this does not affect your child exclusive exclusively, affects the lives of every other child in person your child comes in contact with. >> is this a tipping point for the rest of the country? >> i hope so. >> a tough new rule could set a new standard for all. for "today," i'm halle jackson, nbc news, los angeles. >> you want to start a heated conversation at a school meeting bring this subject up. >> and what california does has an impact on other states watch watching this very closely. up next, agony for the sake of art, a dangerous new way people are using their own bodies.
8:09 am
the secrets of sugar, how your brain respond to it and why some of us more than others are really drawn to the sweets. >> tam ran. i'm with jon and he's in love with wrangler and we're going to get a lesson in minion minionees. >> we will try. >> we will be right back after this, go get your pet in. proof of less joint pain. and clearer skin. this is my body of proof that i can fight psoriatic arthritis from the inside out ...with humira. humira works by targeting and helping to block a specific source of inflammation that contributes to both joint and skin symptoms. it's proven to help relieve pain stop further joint damage and clear skin in many adults. doctors have been prescribing humira for nearly 10 years. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis serious,sometimes fatal infections and cancers, including lymphoma, have happened, as have blood, liver and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions
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shopping for a used car is so intimidating. i mean, you feel like you have to be this expert negotiator to get a fair deal. i hate to haggle. when you go to a restaurant you don't haggle over the chicken parmesan. why can't car-buying be like that? ♪ ♪ as long as people drive cars carmax will be the best way to buy them. we're back it's 8:12. time for what's tremding otherwise known as we read the internet so you don't have to. >> right. you want the good news or the the bad news? >> i guess the good news. >> t the order. tonight you're going to get more sleep. okay. bad news it's one second. that is because of something
8:13 am
called leap second. have you heard of this? scientists added every so often to keep our atomic clock in sync with the earth's rotation which apparently is slowing. so here's what's going to happen tonight. your clock is going to read 11:59:59. but instead of midnight you'll see 11:59:60 then it will be midnight. >> stay up till midnight. >> you're going to be so well rested tomorrow. 3 c3 entonces, serían las 4 de la second hand. that reads 4:00 right now. >> 4:20 for a long time. >> time to change the battery. >> why does this happen? >> it's complicated but in standard time there's 86,400 seconds in a day. the earth spins 86,400 that second catches up to you. >> you know it aggravates me you
8:14 am
knew that. >> very interesting. >> i love it when you get your nerd on. >> there is an article trending for all of the wrong reins. written by a stay at home mom. here it is. here essay is called i made a huge sacrifice to buy my dream home. what was that sacrifice? she says it was not having a third child. she says that she and her husband chose to build a luxury dream home but can now only afford to have two children. then she goes on to say they're uterus literally aches for a third child. she says the family would have had to move to a smaller home. any one surprised to hear the the response has not been positive. >> one commenter said go cry me an expletive river. >> you think she posted to get her name out there? you got to know where you're going. >> ask trolling? >> it's one thing to make that
8:15 am
choice. it's another to write and complain about it. >> people make that choice but not necessarily for a dream. that they can't afford. >> they probably would share that with their spouse and not thousands online. >> okay. there is nothing else i can say about this next one except don't try this at home. getting excited for the fourth of july weekend we're constantly reminded during the summer and all the time about sun safety. this the trend is not even close to safe. this is called sun burn art. these shocking photos have gone viral, some people risking their safety and using the sun to burn their skin into patterns and designs. >> i can't even look at that. >> it's awful. it's awful. >> we've all done dumb things with the sun, like in the 80s, a little baby oil. >> that happened to me
8:16 am
accidentally. in high school i had a hand print. tavl r tavl. >> was it your hand? >> yes. >> my high school years weren't as exciting as yours. now to lorne michaels. why the #what you going to wear. >> that is chris farley and it's hard to believe the "snl" star passed away nearly 20 years ago. now a new documentary takes a look at what made him so unique. >> make like an egg and beat it. >> isinfectious and kind and a puppy dog. >> this boy that wanted to do good but then there was this other side of him. so his whole life was this constant battle. >> success in the show business does not always create the best version of people. >> thinking that you have the physical capacity tond hale it it you may think. >> same old chris.
8:17 am
>> so got one guy paying tribute. i am chris farley hits july 31. captain wait to see that. it's going to be good. there is a queen of instagram this morning. this had been the most liked photo. this is kim and kanye's wedding photo. kim's upstaged by her little sis they're, this photo of kendall jenner posted 2.6 million likes and counting taking the title from kym. take that kimye. very artistic. >> it beats sunburn art. >> hair art. it hurts less. finally the frenzy around the new all-female ghost busters movie. we've seen photos on set. and now the director gives up a look at the costumes.
8:18 am
he tweeted this with the #what you gonna wear. the movie is out july 26. i love the promotional campaign. little things here and there. >> a year to go. >> we're going to explode. >> thanks. up next your brain on sugar. an interesting way to look at why it's so hard to control your sweet tooth. first, dylan, a check of the weather. >> yes. i have to focus on some of the fires out west. the conditions have been so brutal in that area. in alaska alone it's compared to june 2004 when they had 216 fires in june that burned more than 1.1 million acres of land. now right now we have 399 fires this june. it's burned 1.6 million acres, and unfortunately conditions are still such that the ground is dry and the temperatures are hot. we also have the wanatchee fire forecast for today where we could see gusts up to 23 miles
8:19 am
per hour it's also going to stay very hot in the upper 90s and low 100s. there are fires in the northwest, also in the southwest, most of these triggered by thunderstorms that produced the lightning without the rain. that's why we get -- the lightning triggering some of the fires and combine with extreme drought conditions and that unfortunately is the recipe for thes . good morning. i'm meteorologist carrie hall. it will be heating up across the bay today. we're already at 70 degrees in the tri-valley. san francisco nice and cool at 59 degrees and the south bay at 64 degrees this afternoon. highs will be reaching 95 degrees in the south bay. the peninsula, 86 degrees. and 102 degrees in the tri-valley. even breezy and warm in san francisco as we see the highs reaching 77 degrees and the north bay today expect a high of 95. tomorrow will be even hotter than today.
8:20 am
forecast. dylan, thank you. this morning on our summer of secrets series we're talking about your brain on sugar. >> with some of us recently committed to attending detox to see the effects of life away from sugar. today a closer look how refined shugars affect our bodies sometimes in unexpected way. kate snow has been looking into it. >> i don't have to tell you guy this is is a theme right now, people are jumping on this bandwagon giving up sugar. i know it was really -- you didn't even try. you didn't even try. i know it was hard for savannah. but we sought out some of the top scientists to try to figure out what the real skinny is on sugar. it's no secret america has a serious sweet tooth and too much of a good thing isn't just bad, some studies show it could lead to serious health problems. >> you are increased risk for cardiovascular disease, cancer and almost every other bad thing you think of. pretty much all of the chronic
8:21 am
disease ills that plague modern society, excess of sugar and excess of calories are contributing. >> why can't we walk away? turns out we're biologically drawn to sugar. >> it's about survivealsurvival. >> most foods in nature that are stweet are not toxic. most toxins are bitter and the first food that mammals are exposed to is slightly sweet, that's their mother's milk. >> problem is a large portion of our food supply is no longer from nature and a lot of processed foods have a lot of sugar. so how much is too much? the american heart association says we should be eating between 3 and 9 teaspoons of added sugar a day. but the average american is eating 22 teaspoons of added sugar every day, roughly three times the recommendation. it's easy to see how. one single 12 ounce can of soda contains 10 teaspoons of sugar, more than the total daily recommendation. >> this is going to deliver all
8:22 am
of the tastes. >> 13-year-old emma was about to experience something unusual at yale university. >> feeling okay? all right. >> researchers there took mri images of her brain. >> here is your next. >> a milk shake. >> what's going on in her brain when she drinks that? >> her brain is lighting up excited about having it. >> how much someone's brain lights up could be an indicator of a bigger problem. >> we've think the greater response in these regions might be a risk factor for overeating. >> researchers at the university of michigan are taking that one step further. as part of their research on food addiction they are looking at sugar. >> you'll be in the fast food mode. >> in a lab to look like a fast food place. they are testing what happens when people have a choice between three milk shakes. >> this is the first. >> it's chocolatey.
8:23 am
>> taste this. >> a computer game lets them earn more of their favorite. >> you're working for milk shakes not money. >> like most i went for the high sugar, high fat milk shake. >> thank you. this is my favorite. >> people especially at risk for obesity they are willing to work harder to get those jufrpgy sugarer processed foods. >> the lead researcher says if there is such a thing as addictive food sugar is a likely culprit. >> is there a comparison between sugar and drugs? >> sugar does seem activate areas of the brain. do we know enough to say sugar is addictive? we absolutely don't know that yet. but really makes you say we need to research this more. >> the sugar association says the scientific evidence doesn't indicate that sugar or any nutrient is attictive.
8:24 am
it adds targeting of all natural sugar is -- calories from sugar the industry argues don't contribute to obesity than calories from other sources. on one point the experts agree, moderation is key. >> the best way to improve the quality of the diet is to learn to love foods that love you back. actually rehabilitate your taste buds and your palate so that you prefer better foods and one of the properties is less sweet. >> the doctor and others say sugar is not evil it's not poison we're built to need some amount in our diet so don't go cold turkey on every bit of sugar. don't deny yourself or you'll only want it more looking at you. but watch out for hidden sugars they say which i know you learned. they are everywhere. cereal even like spaghetti sauce and barbecue sauce and
8:25 am
places you wouldn't expect. i find myselfing whoing at the labels. >> feels like the more you eat the more you want. that's the slippery slope thing. how did it work for you? >> i go through cycles where i want ice cream every day and then i'll go through three months i won't think about it. i think what sells happening with your diet and stress. >> the more fibers and fruits and vegetables you don't have room. >> the whole experiment was to start conversation and open eyes. i think we did that. >> thank you. coming up jon hamm on mixing it up with minions. and also wrangler's first road trip. first your local news.
8:26 am
i'm ... ==anim== new details this morning =vo= on that deadly balcony collapse earlier this mongh that good morning. 8:26. i'm kris sanchez. new details on the deadly balcony collapse earlier this month that killed six people. newly released documents indicate that the balcony passed an inspection less than one year ago. the inspector marked it as being in good condition last august. but the report does not indicate how deep that analysis was. investigators discovered dry rot in a support beam after the collapse. 13 people were on that balcony twh it collapsed. most were students from ireland. let's take a look at your traffic picture. how it's shaping up. good morning. >> a slow morning for the freeway. look at the south bay. 280 and 87 and 85 all slowing
8:27 am
down. the merge and 237. a series of crashes in santa clara and sunnyvale caused this. now into palo alto. both directions slow. university and embarcadero. a slower drive toward another crash at industrial parkway. southbound actually starting to simmer down. better for a tuesday through that section. 580 approaching that 24 maze and slow through oakland, downtown and the bay bridge of course. fog at the golden gate. enjoy it while it lasts. we'll see you in 30 minutes for more local news.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
>> it's 8:30 on a tuesday morning. the 30th day of june 2015. it's a short workweek for a lot of people. we have the fourth of july holiday coming up. friday into the weekend. >> can't wait. coming up we'll have fun with jon hamm. one of our favorites getting ready to tangle with those cute minions in his new movie. like it or not, it's swimsuit season. if you haven't found the perfect swimsuit yet for your body type
8:31 am
you're in luck. this morning we're weeding through the hottest styles to find the right fit for you and your body. >> and then nascar comes to rockefeller plaza. racing great dale earnhardt, jr., is here. and he's going to put up to the pit crew challenge. what are you doing in this contest? >> i'm moderating this challenge. the idea here is we're going to see which team can change a race car tire fastest. >> real tires. >> my dad is a mechanic. i feel like i have a slight advantage. >> she knows her way around a power wrench. >> we know the number to aaa. >> first before we get to that let's bring in wrangler and his puppy trainer. wrangler reached an important
8:32 am
milestone. first overnight road trip. i'm going to do most of the questions to you. where was this trip? what was the purpose? >> we went to boston so he could do socialization. it's important that he socialize to everything the world has to offer. even though he gets a lot of socialization here it was important to get new experiences and learn to be adaptable which is an important skill for a guide dog. >> he rode public transportation? >> he did. he did great. even though it was new and loud and bumpy. he was totalsly relaxed and connected which is what we would want to see from him. >> he also did quincy market. >> he's had so much great experience with crowds here that it was a breeze for him. he did really well. even though there were new distractions and new smells he did awesome. he stay connected and focused and able to walk on a loose leash. he attended puppy class with other future guide dogs he never met before.
8:33 am
they are volunteer puppy raisers. it was a challenge because it was a new location with a bunch of dogs he never met before. a lot of dog distraction. it was good for him. >> did anyone recognize wrangler? did he give any autographs? >> a few people did recognize him. a pugh people said that dog looks like wrangler. >> he likes the leg lotion. >> the little boy is all grown up. all right. thank you. wrangle wrangler thank you. >> let's get a check of the weather. >> what will the weather be like headed into this weekend? for friday july 3rd, a lot of fireworks going off. most of the country is looking okay. big blob of rain is pop-up showers. temperatures comfortable in lower 80s in the northeast. out west thunderstorms around
8:34 am
and hot. on the fourth of july scattered showers and storms for barbecues and fireworks, just keep an eye to the sky and keep in mind that once you see those dark clouds you may want to run inside. temperatures still look nice across the country. on saturday 80s through the i'm meteorologist kari hall. we're getting ready for a hot day. we're already at 70 degrees in the tri-valley. there the temperatures top out at 102 degrees. try to stay cool today. san francisco reaching 77 degrees. the north bay 95 degrees. also 95 degrees in the south bay and the peninsula this afternoon. reaching 86 degrees with breezy conditions. and we'll have even more hot weather tomorrow. >> that's your latest forecast. matt? >> jon hamm captivated audiences
8:35 am
on "mad men" as a 1960s ad executive and he's going back to the '60s in a brand new movie, goofier, groovier and he made some little yellow friends. >> meet my husband, herb. inventor and super genius. herb these are the new recruits. kevin, stewart and that cute little one is bob. >> right on. you guys are crazy, little and way yellow and i dig that. sweet, man. >> jon, welcome back. >> thank you. >> do you recognize your voice immediately? if you were walking by and you heard that voice would you say that's me? >> no i don't. i had vocal injury when i was doing it for this. i had surgery right after i finished this movie. >> do we want to identify the
8:36 am
voice behind your wife in that scene? >> sandra bullock. >> i wouldn't get that either. >> do you pay attention to popular culture? >> i think it's that you have to sit there -- if i know the name i go in theater and i get it. if i just walk in and don't know it takes the entire movie to figure it out. >> some think that's better. you can immerse yourself. this is an origin story. it explores how minions got to be minions with the "despicable me" world. as this movie progresses they always wanted to attach themselves to whoever was biggest, meanest, baddest boss in the world. t-rex was one of them. napoleon was another one. and now you can see dracula didn't end well. >> did you find yourself being
8:37 am
as big of a fan of "despicable me" as i was. if i'm browsing around and i see that movie, i love that. >> it's fun. it's fun and funny and you can just -- i watch it on the plane all the time. we have a history of watching things together. >> not the movie you were watching when i was on the plane with you? >> yes, it was. it's fun. and the humor is funny for adults and kids. >> i love "despicable me" until people online said the older i get, the more i look like one. you should disagree. you like to dive into a role. the minions don't actually speak english. >> it's minionese. a mixture of several languages. >> did you do an immersion class? what did you do? >> the director of the film is french and speaks french as his first language and speaks
8:38 am
italian and greek and that's what minions speak. he picks out the funniest word in whatever language he speaks and that's what minions will speak. >> let me just play something and translate for me. what are they saying? what does that mean? >> hello, first of all. you look as beautiful as a papaya. i believe he's talking to a fire hydrant. >> meanwhile, not only a great actor, but you've also taught acting and drama in your old high school. can i bring out one of your former students? >> only if it's a certain one.
8:39 am
>> was he great teacher? >> this is great. the student has become the teacher. i'm kidding. never. jon hamm has been a good sport about me exploiting his name as my teacher for many years now. thank you. >> it's funny. whenever ellie and i get together you can hear her st. louis accent. >> was she a good student? >> the best. she and her sister were incredibly diligent students and very very talented and the proof is in the pudding. they're both working in the industry. >> that's very nice of you. not sure it's true but very kind. he is the prince of st. louis. fantastic teacher. i think you taught for a year right? >> one and done. >> and still sucking up to the teacher. >> i don't know when the report card is coming out. >> jon, ellie, see you in the next hour. always good to have you. >> thank you. >> i love this movie.
8:40 am
"minions" opens on july 12th. up next we're taking the hassle out of shopping for a new swimsuit. this is "today" on nbc.
8:41 am
8:42 am
♪ ♪ swimsuit season is upon us and a ton of tricky new trends. how do you find a cut that makes you feel stylish and confident? our style expert and editor went shopping so we didn't have to. good to see you. >> good to see you, too. >> did i hear modesty is in? i like that. >> modesty is a huge
8:43 am
meredith. it's only $32 from forever 21. one-piece style. it has a cool zipper in the front to decide how conserveative or sexy to be. and then a two piece. this is really cool. you can throw it over any bikini you have in your wardrobe. it gives you coverage and support and it's a razorback so full range of mobility. >> is it hot? >> it's not hot. very very cool. it dries really quickly. in and out of the beach with your kids your dry. >> okay. thank you so much. we'll bring our next models out. we call this trend party in the back. >> i love this. party in the back. it's about back details. we saw this over the runway.
8:44 am
so here we have the gorgeous one piece on trend. this is only 29.99 from tj max. it has flutter detail. flattering with that gorgeous deep cut in the back and then here on madison a great strappy back. it's only 14.99 from kohl' contrast, color, fun pattern. gorgeous on her. >> exciting tan lines. >> that's one thing you have to think about. >> thank you so much. all right. return of retro. i have been seeing this everywhere. tell me about this look. >> taylor swift is a fan. beyonce is a huge fan. this suit is on jordan. this one is a retro one piece. if you are doing higher waist, you want more coverage on top. feminine. and then a sporty inspired retro piece.
8:45 am
it's only $55. this one has netting at the neckline but more coverage and more support for the more active girl. she's over 50 and rocking a two piece. i love that about her. >> is there a pick body type you think works well with this retro style? >> if you want more coverage on the back and more pear shaped this would look fantastic on you. >> all right. last but not least we have the one piece. >> this is not your mother's one piece. updated for the season. one of the hottest trends with the shear panels. look for one that crisscrosses. it swims slims the body. notice the contrast panelling. that helps give the illusion of an hour glass figure. >> let's bring our models out here.
8:46 am
modesty is best. no tiny bikinis. that's a good thing. >> amazing prices. everything under $100. >> models you did a great job. to find out more about these swimsuit trends, go to next up dale earnhardt, jr., puts the women of "today" to a tire changing contest. first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:47 am
8:48 am
welcome back. after a long wait nascar finally back on nbc as we enter the second half of the racing season. here to rev up our coverage is nascar great dale earnhardt, jr., and nbc sports analyst steve latarte. what are you going to do for an encore?
8:49 am
>> hopefully win a championship. >> do you think it's within your reach? >> we have a team to do it. you had to come up with a new crew chief because this guy abandoned you to come to the broadcasting side of things. >> this is going to be his debut weekend in daytona with nbc. i'm excited to see what kind of broadcaster he is. >> i'm excited as well. >> how are you enjoying the transition from being at the track to being in the box? >> it's a new challenge. i love the sport. i know a lot about the start but television is an interesting way to cover it. i had to learn tricks of the trade. we'll give it a test this sunday night. >> a big weekend for you both. you're unveiling a new look. a new skin? >> a stars and stripes paint scheme for the nationwide car this weekend. you see it being wrapped in the shop. it's a bit of a tribute to all of our active and retired and veterans in armed forces. we kind of do this every july 4th weekend at daytona. everybody brings out their
8:50 am
patriotic paint schemes. this is nationwide's idea and i had a bit of an influence on the paint scheme so i'm happy with it. >> we'll have fun here guys. are you ready? just normally speaking during a big race how long does it take for a pit crew to change four tires? >> you would like it to happen inside 12 seconds. >> over 12 seconds is not good. >> how long do you think it would take our teams of savannah and dylan versus natalie and tamron to change one tire? >> i'm hoping 20ish. >> 20 seconds. >> we can do 20. >> i would going to say inside of ten or maybe eight. >> you're crazy. they have to take four of the nuts off, okay five using the power wrench here and take the tire off and put it back on. not going to happen. you're going to coach team dylan and savannah.
8:51 am
dale you coach team natalie and tamron. get ready, guys. you have to put that down. reset. >> i like where you're at. it's over. >> everybody ready. on your mark get set, go. >> you have to go faster. >> that one. that one. >> push it in. push the button. >> set it down. >> it's over. >> 20 seconds. >> we didn't have enough air pressure over here. >> we had no air pressure.
8:52 am
>> dale says there wasn't enough air pressure. plenty of hot air on this side though. the winners are -- we'll check the system to see what happened there. >> i'm exhausted. >> 20.83 seconds. this one ended eded in 20 seconds. you both lost the race. good luck dale. welcome to nbc, steve. catch nascar's big return to nbc this weekend at daytona. that just sounds great with the xfinity series airing on saturday at 6:30 eastern. sprint cup series sunday night at 7:00 eastern. we're back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc.
8:53 am
8:54 am
>> the teams changed sides and in a moment we'll have a rematch. first, special birthday wishes from our friend willard scott. >> the most exciting show in new york city and i'm part of it. so proud. lucy oliver from richmond virginia. 100 years old today. such a happy lady. she lives in the same neighborhood where she was born. ruth goldberg cherry hill new jersey. one of the best italian dinners ever in cherry hill new jersey. 100 years old today. we wish her the best of everything. she learned to e-mail and skype when she was 98 years old. how about that? and peter roman.
8:55 am
we love you. from mountain top, pennsylvania. 100 years old today. his favorite hobby is eating onion sandwiches. that's why he lives on a mountain top. had to throw that in there. and willie washington from brooklyn new york. pride of the yankees. brooklyn new york. 100 years old. he makes homemade barbecue sauce envy of everyone in town. that's it. that's all. back to the greatest city in the world, new york where everyone makes a lot of money. >> thank you very much. dale earnhardt, jr., and his fiance and we've got steve letarte over here. you claim equipment was fultaulty. so teams are ready. ladies three, two, one, go.
8:56 am
>> can i just say not only did they repeat but they shaved four seconds off their time. >> thank you. >> congratulations. good luck this weekend.i'm ... ==topvo== federal investigators are heading out to sfo today - following yesterday's crash it is 8:56. i'm scott mcgrew. federal investigators heading out to sfo following yesterday's crash involving a coast guard helicopter. it was hovering about ten feet in the air when it slammed suddenly into the ground ending up on its side. fortunately both people on board are okay. flights at sfo were not affected. california's vaccine bill in the hands of the governor. if he decides to sign it
8:57 am
vaccinations would be required for all schoolchildren. the state senate voted yesterday to end so-called personal belief exemptions. brown has less than two weeks to decide whether to sign. it will be one of the strongest laws in the country. more local news in a half an hour.
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
>> this morning on "today's take" a love song. and victor garber will talk about his new film and a special homecoming when tamron hall returns to texas coming up now. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today's take" ". live from studio 1-a in rockefeller plaza. >> welcome to "today" on another beautiful morning. it's tuesday, june 30th, 2015. that was just the scene of a terrible crime against nascar out there. >> we learn why they call it pit
9:01 am
crew. we're sweaty. >> after all that smack talk we did out there, we got beat pretty bad. dale earnhardt jr., as our pit man. >> pit master. >> ellie is still with us. that's an actual tire. that's heavy lifting. >> so we believe according to dale earnhardt jr., someone bent our hose. >> stepping on the hose. one of the camera guys. >> someone did it. >> second time we don't know what happened. we don't dig into that. >> i was getting primped and missed all of this. you have been through a lot already. >> yes. i love the fact that dale earnhardt, jr. nicest guy ever, but a true competitor. after we lost the second time,
9:02 am
he said we're going to figure out a way to do this a third time. best out of three. straight faced intensity. >> that's a competitor. that's why he's good at what he does. >> let's get that time under 12 seconds kids. let's go. >> love that intensity. ellie is here with us. yesterday was an interesting day for you i feel like. >> it was very interesting. >> we were doing a story about being a bridesmaid so difficult someone stealing focus from the bride. >> i had a strong reaction. i may or may not have said that i would not want anyone beautiful stealing the spotlight from me on my wedding day. that's a picture there. i don't want someone upstaging me on my wedding day. i got angry calls from bridesmaids and my gorgeous sister was my maid of honor.
9:03 am
i want to right this wrong and show a picture of my own bridal party to prove how beautiful they all are. that's me, gorgeous. very busty. >> that looks like al roker on the side. >> he was a dear friend of ours growing up. it wouldn't be complete -- >> you wanted to make sure you were the prettiest. >> your one friend looks a lot like kate upton. >> you thought al roker game in with a wig?
9:04 am
>> we had a nice moment earlier in the show with you and mr. jon ham one-time acting teacher. >> he taught me when i was in ninth grade. there it is. he had come back to teach. i feel sorry for jon hamm. i'm his cross to bear. he taught me in high school and i always talk about it. he taught a year of theater class in st. louis. >> what was he like as a drama teacher? >> very focused. i was a little scared of him. but why? >> look at the gaze. st. louis is a cradle of greatness. jon hamm ellie kemper, joe rhodes. we can go down the list. >> nelly. >> what a range. >> speaking of sophia, her
9:05 am
fiance -- can i announce that joe mchottie is more appropriate. he's promoting "magic mike xxl." his character is a closet back street boys fan. he said i'm obsessed with the idea that no matter how tough you think you are as a man, i want it that way comes on the radio and you roll that window up and sing at the top of your lungs. you're the sixth member of the group harmonizing. ♪ tell me why i never want to hear you say because i want it that way ♪ >> good. >> we started thinking about
9:06 am
what our favorite songs are to sing on a road trip? >> i went family friendly. we have backspin on and it gets a little hard. my kids love luke bryant. we were on spring break a couple months ago. he's got one song called "my old bronco" lucy and george love. i used to drive a bronco. >> this is a great road trip song. >> i thought your song was "drunk on a plane." loves that, too. >> that would be family appropriate. >> she knows every word. >> i have another one i love. this was just playing last hour a lot. every time i hear it it just peps me up. ♪ i got a honey at home ♪ >> i don't know the words. >> you're never supposed to know the words. that's the point of having the window down. >> ellie is coming up.
9:07 am
>> do you even need to guess? beyonce. try and rival a build like this. >> it's a crank. >> it doesn't wander far from the sprinkler. >> you will have me crying in the car singing that. that's a tear jerker. person next to you is looking at you like is everything okay? >> i'll take over the wheel. >> my song is "i've been everywhere, man." you make up towns as you're driving. do we have it? it's coming. the deejay is changing the 8-track. >> you know the song. >> here we go. ♪ i've been everywhere, man ♪
9:08 am
>> there's no way. >> you make it up and kids chime in different cities. you're not staying true to johnny cash but he would appreciate the effort. >> if you have a song share it with us. hashtag today's take. we'll keep singing in the commercial breaks your songs. >> we can compete with apple streaming. >> we send you our version of your song. better yet we'll wake you up at 4:00 in the morning singing your song to you. >> that's great. >> i'm not doing those wake-up calls. you guys know that i'm big on adventure. i would try most anything. now see if you guys would go
9:09 am
along with this. take a look at this. if you're planning a vacation, it may be a spot for you if you're an adventurer. you have to climb up there. this is in peru. guests will be sleeping in that. it's a transparent glass pod on the side of that 400-foot cliff in peru's sacred valley. it's not easy to get to. you have to trek to it first and then zip lines take you down to the ground. costs $314. >> do you pay for that? >> a room with a view. you wouldn't do it? >> i would not do that. awful. >> how fast is the climb up? >> 400 feet. it looks like they have a way to get you there to a certain base point. >> do they have room service? >> that's the question. who changes the sheets in there?
9:10 am
>> what about concierge service? >> you need snacks and champagne and strawberries. >> there's only one reason to go up there. >> for the view. the mile high club. >> in a pod on a mountain. >> maybe a third of a mile. >> i didn't see that coming. >> that's all i saw. >> difference between guys and girls. >> room service. the sheets. >> i saw curtains. that's all i'm saying. should we do a check of the weather? dylan is waiting patiently. >> dylan would do it? >> do which part? sure. yes. the weather across the country is looking all right. we've got scattered showers and storms. a little bit. it's that suit when we won the contest outside. the thunderstorms are starting to move through the northeast
9:11 am
and buffalo seeing a couple spotty showers and in atlanta also expecting more storms later on today. these storms will fire up producing heavier downpours and we could see some hail up to around an inch in diameter. the wind gusts will be the biggest concern in a huge area from mississippi to pennsylvania especially this good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. sizzling hot today. and gets even hotter tomorrow. we'll top out at 103 degrees today in gilroy. and 83 degrees, and 68 degrees, nice and cool there. ocean beach. well, you'll see some 90s for most of the north bay. oakland today, 79 degrees, 95 for moraga and pleasanton reaching 100 degrees. a lot of heat today and tomorrow. stay cool. >> there's your latest forecast. guys? >> ellie is like what about the
9:12 am
liability? >> there's too many concerns. we can't go through with it. >> i'm on board. >> coming up next, it's about to get country in here. we get a chance to sit down and talk with the country music sensation right after this. this moment is perfect in every way. just like my kid. gooey. flakey. happy. toaster strudel
9:13 am
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9:15 am
>> country star easton corbin has been all over the charts the past six years with a string of hits. >> now it's about to get real. we'll talk to easton in a moment. let's look at his road to the top. ♪ i'm a little more country than that ♪ >> easton corbin entered the music scene in 2009 with two number one singles. "a little more country than that" and "roll with it." one year later billboard named easton the top new country artist. he went all over the road touring with country heavy hitters like rascal flatts brad paisley and blake shelton. his third studio album "about to get real" drops today with "baby be my love song" already
9:16 am
climbing the charts. easton corbin, good morning. >> how are you doing? >> great. >> we're talking about your song that you'll play later. one of the great sing along songs going right now. >> do you have a road trip song? >> there's a lot of good ones. "sweet home alabama." >> we are talking about your influences. you appreciate and respect the history of country music. george jones. >> absolutely. the foundation of country music. >> what i love is your influence on our accents. >> my bad. >> vanderbilt came out. >> country spirit from the music to just that southern love if i can call it. it's been an influence and you stay true to that. >> it's about the common every day guy out there and especially making music, you have to make music you believe in and speaks to you. i think that your fans out there if you do that, you know, they
9:17 am
see that and they know when it's real. >> it's your third album. working on it for well over a year. what can fans expect beyond the single they heard already? >> this record is one of the best records i made i feel like. it took a year to make this record. we were already done with it. we actually went back in and found a couple more songs to put on this record we thought would make it better. i think it's a fresh, young sound. still has traditional country roots running through it. >> we love country roots. we'll jam with you coming up. easton will be back to sing his "baby be my love song." it's our next half hour. next, he starred in two academy award winning pictures, "titanic" and "arguo" and in some of your favorite tv shows. we'll catch dave's been working on his game... morning double bogey. hey, three putt. and starting each day with a delicious
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the thing is people think boys are loud and immature and don't care about feelings. but they're wrong. thanks. kleenex. someone needs one. actor victor garber appeared in a long line of hollywood blockbusters including "sleepless in seattle" and oscar winning "titanic." >> he played a law professor in "legally blonde" and also an ambassador in "argo." his new thriller is called
9:22 am
"selfless." his business partner uses a scientific procedure to take over someone else's body. >> good to see you, sir. >> i'm exhausted. >> you can go home. >> a tribute to victor garber. >> we were talking the premise of this building which person from history would you preserve to bring back or extend their life. explain more about the premise of this movie. >> he's dying off cancer and gets involved in this shady operation where he can become someone else and he becomes ryan reynolds. i would just become ryan reynolds. >> not a bad choice. >> if you're going to die and come back. >> it's good to be ryan reynolds, wouldn't you think? >> there are a lot of people. it's the idea that one could look like this and just walk
9:23 am
around. >> a provocative premise here is science behind this and possibility of extending life and if you could perhaps some day bring somebody back. >> how close are we to that and what choice would you make if that was an option for you? it's an interesting premise and really creepy. it gets creepy and music guests twists and turns and ryan is fantastic and i'm okay. it does just draw you in and very provocative. >> i watched it last night. i could not turn it out. your character really nice guy, but you have your own issue that you're dealing with. your family. >> do you think? i don't know what you mean. i have issues. it's kind of a surprise what comes out and we don't want to give that away. that's why i took the role. it was interesting. not just a nice guy.
9:24 am
he does some stuff. >> he does some stuff. >> we found stuff online about you. >> great. my favorite thing. >> we didn't google images. i'm curious since this is an intriguing film, things that caught our eye about you. we have this game called word on the web. if you can verify if this is true or not, we would appreciate that. here we go. it says victor garber officiated jennifer garner's wedding with ben affleck. is that true? >> yes. >> it gets worse. >> i'm another life in a reverend. they call me reverend vic. >> you have been acting since you were nine years old. is that true? >> yes, that's also true. i hate this game. >> that's the end of the game. we'll put you out of your
9:25 am
misery. >> really cool movie. it opens on july 10th. great to see you. we'll be back after y you drop 40 grand on a new set of wheels, then... wham! a minivan t-bones you. guess what: your insurance company will only give you 37-thousand to replace it. "depreciation" they claim. "how can my car depreciate before it's first oil change?" you ask. maybe the better question is why do you have that insurance company? with liberty mutual new car replacement, we'll replace the full value of your car. see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. ♪ ♪ you got a masterpiece...yeah ♪ we start with fresh milk from us dairy farms so you can make something amazing kraft natural cheese ♪ dove wants you to unleash the beauty of your curls. that's why we created new dove quench absolute. this system deeply nourishes curls,
9:26 am
to quench dryness for four times more defined natural curls. new dove quench absolute. and a good tuesday morning. it's 9:26. i'm sam brock. a last-minute deal for santa clara county workers, that means that strike scheduled to start today at 6:00 a.m. is not going to happen after all. thousands of county workers voted to walk off the job today if a new contract agreement could not be reached. thanks to talks that went down all the way to the wire, a deal did get done. workers will now have to vote in the coming days to ratify the deal. also, new this morning, police are investigating a hit-and-run in san jose that happened around 5:45 in the morning near north 1st street and commercial avenue. police say a man was getting out of his truck when he was struck by a passing car. fortunately, he suffered only minor injuries. and weeks before a huge
9:27 am
soccer game berkeley is getting the boot in favor of san jose. manchester united is facing the earthquakes in a friendly on july 21st. it had been scheduled for the memorial stadium. but now a switch of venue. apparently to accommodate the travel logistics. anyone who bought tickets will have to get a refund before buying them again for the new venue. will the temperatures be friendly for you? a look at weather and traffic after this break.
9:28 am
traffic ck traffic maps good morning. i'm kari hall. temperatures are starting to heat up out there in the east bay, it's 76 degrees, san francisco, 63 degrees, and the north bay at 65 degrees. as we take a closer look at it is east bay, the tri-valley is where we will see those highs reaching into the triple digits. we're already in the mid-70s. i don't know about that reading in pittsburgh right now. 91 degrees, but we will see some very hot temperatures as we go through the day and tomorrow, as well.
9:29 am
let's get a look at traffic with mike. >> all right, well, we're looking over here to a tough drive, continuing for north 101. all the way from 680 up past the airport and in toward palo alto where there's a jam and a car blocking the left lane. that jams up 237, back in toward the slowdown. that's the ripple effect we talk about. a smoother drive as you head over to the castro valley y. someone slammed on the brakes, caused a big backup. it's taken about five minutes to clear up. the big backup. i think you're on to something, mike. okay. we will be back in 25 minutes with another local news update. until then, back to the "today" show.
9:30 am
taking a look at the headlines, some 5 million additional u.s. workers may soon be eligible for overtime pay. the obama administration will propose requireing overtime pay for workers who earn up to 50,000$50,000 a year nearly double the current amount. right now, salaryied employees were paid more than 23,000$23,000 a year can be exempted from overtime play if their employer deems them to be managers. with the financial crisis worsening in greece some are wondering what that might mean for u.s. int rates. according to the "wall street journal," the turbulence might change the fed's plans to raise interest rates unless what's happening overseas starts to affect the economy here.
9:31 am
new reminder of sugary drinks the consumption of sugary drinks could be linked to deaths this year and most are related to obesity related cardiovascular disease and too much citrus could be linked to increase in melanoma. they found those who consumed orange juice or ate whole grap consume orange juice 1.5 times a day had a greater risk of skin cancer than those that consumed less than twice a week. something in citrus makes skin more sensitive to sunlight and people should not avoid citrus fruits but more study is needed. a fascinating story out of australia this morning where an orphaned tree kangaroo has been
9:32 am
saved. he was just five weeks old when his mother died. keeper successfully fostered him into the pouch of a surrogate mother and it's a first. let's get a check of the weather right now. dylan is in for al. >> quickest look at your fourth of july forecast. here you go. most of the country is looking all good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. temperatures starting to heat up all across the bay. and in the tri-valley we're at 76 degrees. expect the high today of 102 degrees. take it easy in these spots. they heat up. 95 degrees in the south bay and the north bay. san francisco, nice and comfortable, 77 degrees and the peninsula today reaching 86 degrees. stay cool. >> that's your latest forecast.
9:33 am
guys? >> thank you, dylan. my tuesday trend this morning is about celebrating home and little festivals and parade around the country including my tiny hometown in texas. our annual -- it's called the watermelon. take a look. >> welcome to luling, texas. every year the last full weekend in june my tiny hometown grows to nearly 40000 people all because of one juicy fruit. welcome to the watermelon thump steam in tradition and a slice of americana. >> due to nature that you select a melon, one child came up with the name watermelon thump. >> 62 years and counting. an entire weekend committed to
9:34 am
farmers that raise this fat chunk of the sweet life. >> it brings the community together. >> luling native ms. tamron hall. >> families line the streets as i did as a child sitting on the curb hoping to get a wave from the parade queen. >> i spent a lot of days at her house just being loved. others were new. after the parade the mayor hosted a luncheon for me and my family and to my surprise i was given a proclamation and the key to the town my grandfather settled in to raise his family in 1944. cue the water works as this was a dream. >> i don't take anything for granted related to this
9:35 am
beautiful town. thank you so much. after a quick change, it was time to get to what we call thumping from the mechanical bull to the messiest food eating contest in the world. there's no shortage of good family fun. now if you visit the luling watermelon thump. here's a bit of advice. bring your salt. a few other can't miss moments. 15 watermelons were auctioned off for over $100,000 to help farmers and for a scholarship fund for students. and we can't forget the seed spitting contest. a world record set in 1989 spitting his seed 69 feet 9 1/8 inches. >> i pick the smallest seed i can find. real flat. just blow it. >> you heard that.
9:36 am
>> wow. >> it's not spitting. it's blowing. pick your seed. get a flat one. smaller the better. you don't spit. you blow the seed. here we go. one at a time. ellie go. you're our guest. >> not good. >> okay. natalie you win. >> i got gifts for you. >> you didn't do it. >> i'm the hometown favorite. a watermelon cookbook and i showed pearl. pearl made me some sweet texas
9:37 am
teacakes. happy birthday to pearl. she's about to be 88 years old. she is baking. you know you visit family when you come back with a ziplock. >> i want to go to the thump next year. >> you asked he had how hot. it was 95 degrees last year. it was 107. thank you to my mama and my whole family being there. make sure to look for these festivals and parades in towns near you. sometimes it's better than a fancy vacation. up next, some important information about your health right after this. women talking about activia. when i feel bloated and my stomach is rumbling in the morning, it takes me forever to get dressed. i just like wearing a lot of black. i don't have the time to be gassy and uncomfortable, when i'm trying to get out of the house. those are the days you wear sweatpants. i love activia. that is so good. i eat activia every day. enjoying activia twice a day for 4
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9:42 am
disease every day. they turned to the alzheimer's association for help and shared their stories with us. >> i was on my way to the doctor's office. a route i had taken many times before. i got lost. i panicked. i moved to the side of the road. i called my wife. she calmed me down and gave me information to put into my gps. i was only a half mile away from my doctor's office. after going through the tests i was diagnosed with early onset alzheimer's. i was devastated. i thought of what i would miss. grandchildren. walking my daughter down the aisle. missing my son's graduation. missing the years to come with my wife. my pity party didn't last long. i knew i would do whatever i could for as long as i could to stay healthy in mind and body and today i advocate for greater awareness of the disease. i still have my pity parties every now and then but i don't allow them to last long. instead i just repeat to
9:43 am
myself, i have alzheimer's but it doesn't have me. >> i was 52 years old when i was diagnosed with early onset alzheimer's. two years prior i had suffered a number of seizures during a weekend ski trip and over the next month i noticed a gradual decline in my ability to remember every-day things. when i was finally diagnosed, i was scared and unsure of what life would look like in the future. i often forget names of longtime friends and have trouble finding things around the house and i had to retire as a physical therapist. i want to tell my stories to let others know suffering from the disease they are not alone. >> those are just a couple of stories from estimated 5.3 million americans who are battling alzheimer's disease. a number expected to reach nearly 14 million by the year
9:44 am
2050. >> here with important warning signs and tips to keep your brain healthy is dr. natalie. as we saw in brian and nancy's story, so often we think of it as an older persons interest. i lost my mother-in-law. she was diagnosed at 53 years old. we lost her after a 17-year battle with alzheimer's. this can happen to younger people, too. >> the majority of people diagnosed are over the age of 65. the 5% can affect younger people in 40s and 50s. the changes in the brain can start happening 20 years before the earliest symptoms. it's a disease that does and can afflict younger people. >> can we look to some of the warning signs? these come from alzheimer's association starting with memory loss that disrupts your daily life. >> memory loss is one of the most common and frequent early symptoms. this is not something really
9:45 am
important to remember it's recent memory. so what characteristically people will say is they can remember very vivid details from their childhood but it's that recent memory. that short-term memory they have difficult with. they'll be repeating themselves often asking for help and relying on devices to remember things they normally wouldn't have divvyfficultvvyfficultdifficulty with. >> he got lost going home. >> doing things that you're used to. driving to a place you have gone to many years and you get lost. a classic symptom. >> if we look at things we can do to prevent. talk about loving your brain. what are some of those? >> i think two words to think about are be strategic and give your brain something challenging. we're talking about jigsaw puzzles and doing art.
9:46 am
keeping yourself engaged with other people. doing things to stimulate the brain constantly. there's this idea that people with higher education perhaps have a lower instance of dementia and i think this is important to get out to middle-aged people. go back to school. it doesn't correlate with how far you got when you were in your early 20s. try to be engaging and learning and rewiring your brain. your brain is an active muscle. if you don't use it you can lose it. i should say this. these are all things that can help to to allay the symptoms but we don't have evidence it would slow down or prevent the disease. >> great information. we have more information on our website. head to alzheimer's association is great resource as well. easton corbin performs his we live in a pick and choose world. choose choose choose. but at bedtime? ...why settle for this?
9:47 am
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9:51 am
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9:52 am
♪ babe i'm all in ♪ ♪ and when it's over just play it again ♪ ♪ baby be my love song ♪ ♪ baby be my all night long ♪ ♪ be the buzz in my dixie cup ♪ ♪ my steady rockin' until the sun comes up ♪ ♪ you know i really love to watch you dance ♪ ♪ baby be my oh hell yeah ♪ ♪ i feel a little sing along sing along coming on ♪ ♪ baby be my love song ♪ ♪ baby be my melody ♪ ♪ my little feel good that gets to mow ♪ ♪ don't be shy, baby, set it free ♪ ♪ krapg it up ♪ ♪ met me way down deep ♪ ♪ baby be my love song ♪ ♪ baby be my all night long ♪
9:53 am
♪ be the buzz in my dixie cup ♪ ♪ my steady rocking until the sun comes up ♪ ♪ you know i really love to watch you dance ♪ ♪ baby bemy oh hell yeah ♪ ♪ i feel a little sing along sing along coming on ♪ ♪ baby be my love song ♪ ♪ baby be my love song ♪ ♪ baby be my love song ♪ ♪ baby be my love song ♪ >> easton corbin, thank you. the album is
9:54 am
9:55 am
9:56 am
i'm ... ==topvo== san jose police this morning are investigating a late night good morning, everyone, scott mcgrew. san jose police investigating a late night shooting. happened around 10:30 last night. the busiest intersection in san jose.
9:57 am
investigators are not sure if the victim was walking in the area or perhaps was in a car at the time and then got out. and there's no update on his condition. police actually know very little about what happened. spotify and pandora have competition. apple began the new apple music service. it's available for download now. a subscription gets you access to 30 million songs. first three months is free then it's $9.99 for a single user. we'll check your free traffic and weather coming up. good morning, i'm meteorologist kari hall. prepare for a hot day across the bay. reaching into the 90s even triple digits in a few spots. palo alto expect a high of 91 degrees. and financial district today, 75 degrees. but we do see some 90s for the north bay, 98 degrees for napa. oakland today, 79 degrees and danville reaching 90 while livermore sees a high of 102
9:58 am
degrees. now, let's check in with mike. >> 102, red on that thermometer, but red on the road. look at that tough, tough morning for highway 101. 680, 280 up to palo alto and the off ramp. a tough drive. that crash having difficulty clearing that slow lane. and that ripples back on to 237, as well. still slow approaching the bay bridge. and down the east shore freeway and out of the maze. we'll show you the bay bridge span. there was a crash reported at treasure island westbound. looks like traffic's been flowing smoothly for the last few minutes. backup here at the toll plaza, once you get through that you're okay toward san francisco. back to you. >> thanks. we'll have another local update in half an hour. hope to see you then.
9:59 am
10:00 am
>> narrator: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. that's "talk about you" by mika. it's boozeday tuesday, june 30. last day of upand it's like may hasn't even started yet. what is going on? >> we were having beautiful weather yesterday. outstanding. >> you were in the park, central park. >> we're going to talk all about that. >> we have a great show. the always hilarious rachel harris is here. you've seen her in everything from "the daily show" to "the
10:01 am
hangover". >> she's great. and madeline is here to help you make smart decisions to your barbecues will -- i don't know, be even more delicious. thank you madeline. >> probably knowing madeline they'll be health yir. and you know how every time you do a load of laundry you use at least one sock? well, jill is here with inventive ways to use extras along with other life hacks. what does that mean? >> i don't know. but look at these auction winners. they are lurking. they're hanging. >> we have them everywhere. welcome, ladies. yesterday we went from the show immediately -- my favorite thing was one of my little twitter followers, we've become friends, her name is jabjotnabjot holly.
10:02 am
we took them to lunch. hoda, you were so dear to come by. they adopted nabjot and they are just precious precious people. they -- she has always worked with special needs children. he travels quite a bit and they have taken care of another child for 19 years and lost that child and then they -- these are the people, the unsung heroes in the world. and she's the happiest isn't she? >> by the way, they are the most joyful couple. you know all the things we complain and moan about this? this couple is so happy you want to be them. >> she doesn't even -- she didn't say a word because she's not capable of it but the joy in her demeanor and her eyes. >> she understands everything going on. >> and boy does she like cheesecake. >> yes, she does. >> and last night you went -- >> joel and i went to see a concert in central park. and if you ever come to new york and you can see an outdoor special, go. >> it's special. >> ingrid michaelson who is a fantastic singer was singing at the summer stage last night.
10:03 am
she sings this song. any bay anyway, 5,000 plus people the night was gorgeous, the moon was out, the people were singing. i took a video, let's see how it turned out. not great, i'm sure. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> somebody had a vip seat. >> i was on the side! but you mow what was so great too? she gave a shoutout to her dad who was sitting on the side. she goes "dad doesn't even know the words to any of these songs." i took a photo with him. he's such a sweet man. it was such a family affair. >> she recently lost her mom. >> she's raising money for the staten island museum. so hats off to her. it was a fun, fun, night. >> oh, good, good. the annual "forbes" celebrity 100 list is out and we're not on
10:04 am
it. guess no is on the cover. the number-one earner last year. katy perry. poor baby, she only made $135 million. >> oh, my gosh, that's so sad. if you wondered who was number one and number, two both boxers. floyd mayweather earned $3 million and manny pacquiao. and one direction has to divi up $130 million. >> they have to split i but only three not four. >> tied for eight was taylor swift and robert downey jr., both made $80 million. >> and taeylor next year will be on top because she's on tour again. we always wait for this moment. especially on tuesday because what's better than bachelorette in a nutnutshell. amanda? what happened? >> the doozy last night. so i'm calling it the show was
10:05 am
all about wining and crying. there was no fun, nothing right. >> not our kind of wining. like whining. >> right. so there's nine guys left but the show is about these two guy, nick and sean, a love triangle. so let's talk about nick first. nick cried. >> why? >> he's the one that got intimate with kaitlin. he's worried kaitlin regrets that night and she keeps saying "don't tell the guys about it, don't tell the guys about it." there was a breakdown. >> wait a minute, he's really -- do you see tears? are you sure? >> i rewound. there was tears. >> they're friends. >> but when you love someone and they're crying, you get emotional. >> how can they love someone? >> i'm saying she doesn't -- he wiped it. >> and look at her. dead pan. >> so anyway, there's also sean. sean's been the front runner from the beginning. >> i like sean. >> i like sean. he looks like ryan gosling, the fans like him.
10:06 am
he's having difficulties because it seems last week kaitlin pulled him aside and said he was the one. he believes it. there's nine guys left. he's having some difficulty believing he's the one when she's making out with everybody. >> i wonder why. >> he confronted herb last eded her last night. take a look at the confrontation. >> i'm worried that sean knows what's happened with nick and i don't know what's going to happen but i'm just mentally preparing myself for anything. i feel awful right now. >> when you looked me in the eyes and you say "i think you're the one" it's tough. what's wrong? you all right? you need a hug?
10:07 am
>> part of me is so relieved when i realized that sean's not here to talk about nick that he's here to talk about us and what happened between us in san antonio. but i really made a mess of things. >> yes, dear you did. >> so he doesn't even know she slept with him. and when he does -- >> please talk about one more bit of crying. very important. >> at the end of the show she let go of this guy chris a.k.a. cupcake is what they call him don't ask why. >> i can tell why. >> she ditched him on a hill in ireland. it did not go well. take a look. >> it was a cliff. >> yeah a cliff. >> it's okay. [ sobbing ] i didn't think i was going to cry. [ laughter ] >> that's the guy you want to spend the rest of your life with. >> i told you a lot of crying. poor chris. i think chris is a sincere guy
10:08 am
but she's already getting intimate with other people. like -- >> wait, what just happened on that clip? that was horrifying. >> he might as well just jump. there's obviously no life he can possibly have that would be as meaningful as a relationship with her. [ laughter ] >> amanda -- >> i love you and i love that you like believe this stuff. i love that about younchts it's real. 100% real. >> we are a doomed civilization if it's real. >> oh, my god, the apology is already rolling. >> don't apologize for me. take that down. no, no. >> run it run it. >> it's not a sincere one. >> exactly. >> this is fascinating. >> there's a controversy in a magazine. this was title "i made a huge sacrifice to buy any dream home." it doesn't sound controversial until you hear what she means.
10:09 am
>> she's a mother of two. he said she sacrificed having her third child so she and her family could buy their fully loaded luxury dream home. the article starts with this "we built a luxury dream home but can only afford to have two children. most people don't once this statement." in order to have a third child, she'd have to return to work and they'd have to give up their timeshare but she said her uterus aches for a third child so she's basically saying that financially they would not be able to live -- they could probably afford it, they just couldn't live the life they're currently living. it upset readers. one reader wrote "you and your husband made conscious choice to put material well-being first. but don't act like it was an incredible sacrifice." another wrote "it's a poor little me story that smacks of utter selfishness spare the thought for the women who can't have children." >> i think those are separate issues. i think what -- first of all,
10:10 am
they have choice, the right to make whatever choices they want. and if she's going to write an article like this that does touch sender places in people she's going to get this reaction. but a poor choice of words, sacrifice. they had -- they're blessed is what they are. the one good thing about it hoda that i would say is that a lot of people don't realize before they have children how expensive they are and if you can't afford and you're in a position to choose or not choose to have children i think it's smart to make your priorities in all of that. it does come off like "we have all of this but it's not enough." and not knowing the people -- we don't know the spirit in which she wrote it but i can see why it touched off some people. >> and most people who grew up in homes that weren't very prosperous people talk about a beautiful, wonderful childhood. they didn't have the stuff but they had a great life and if their parents had waited -- you end up making due. >> does that upset you? >> yeah it did. you know why? number one she wrote about it as a big sacrifice in a magazine.
10:11 am
>> wrong word. >> so you go "oh, my gosh this is something she feels strongly about." and i think it does hit that nerve with people when you say "i have a vacation home timeshare, our home and now i can't take vacations" it's like -- >> and a lot of people can barely put bread on the table. we have a couple shoutouts. yesterday we were talking about everyone has a story. i don't know if you know, but every month david freedman and i write a new story based on letters that come to us and then we bring you to new york. so if you have a story that's uplifting or inspiring i want more to cloozhoose from. go to and click the button entitled iehas. >> and college kids,dom the plaza and bring your college idea. you're not in school, you're not
10:12 am
doing anything. >> it has to be a legitimate one? >> it has to be one that has not expired. >> that wasn't my question. >> comedian and actress rachel harris just got married. >> and remember we want to give it away so go online. we'll catch up with rachel in just a moment. brandon thinks best foods is heaven in a jar. come to think of it, brandon there is a little slice of heaven in every jar. that's because our ingredients come from places like... pleasantville, iowa! and farmers committed to responsibly sourced oils... blended with ingredients like cage-free eggs. we're talkin' real ingredients.
10:13 am
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10:15 am
the very funny, very busy rachel harris has started in everything from "the hangover"
10:16 am
as the serious fiance melissa to the mom of three in all three "diary of a wimpy kid" film. >> or maybe you know her from the network drama "seuss" or perhaps her correspondent on a series we like to call "the daily show." >> now rachel and some of cher celebrity friends are fighting to keep the world's water clean through comedy. for's keep it clean campaign. take a look. >> i'm not even going to -- well, i might need my driver. >> i don't have a car. >> i can't shower less than i am right now. >> that's true. >> yeah. >> wow. or shave less. >> i'm doing -- this is for a thing i'm doing. >> oh, yeah what is it? >> it's a thing about a guy who had a tv show and just doesn't care anymore. [ laughter ] >> nice to see you! welcome. >> thanks, nice to see you ladies. >> we'll talk about your excellent charity but congratulations, married lady. why don't you show that?
10:17 am
when did you get married? >> we eloped on april 30 in new york city. >> so today is your two-month anniversary? >> it is. >> happy anniversary! >> he's here and adorable. >> he is a musician. >> what kind of music does he play or sing. >> he's a violinist. >> oh, he actually knows music, can read it and stuff. >> yeah he was recently on tour with josh groban. >> so it's all that lush beautiful symphonic stuff that makes your heart melt. >> why did you elope and not have a full-on wedding. >> it was the second marriage for both of us and we thought let's just keep it simple, have a couple of people -- >> cash. >> honestly, that's the truth. we were like let's spend that money at bed bath & beyond. so we thought it would be nice to do something little and small. and we're going to have later this month a party for our immediate family. >> with all the money you saved. >> exactly. >> that's so smart. >> now this organization, by the way, it's fun to have comedians
10:18 am
because it draws people in. tell us why you got involved with this. >> the reason i got involved is because -- and i want other people to know about it. it was because of my work with water keeper alliance. and what that means is -- water keeper alliance makes sure our waterways are clean so we can do fun things like this july 4, go surfing, swimming, have drinkable, fishable water, right? and so that topic can get heavy sometime, right? oh, oh, and you're like -- cell phone. >> keep it down, everybody. >> so it can get heavy. >> but does it have to do with everything happening in l.a. with the terrible drought and all that? >> yeah. we want to bring awareness about all of that which is that if we don't clean water we have nothing. so water keeper alliance does that for us. so you know, like i said it can get heavy so we wanted to have people come in that were friends of mine. we had great producers from kids at play that produced all the
10:19 am
segments for us and we wanted people to laugh and think. because i turn on the fuse at night and i get very -- >> depressed. >> it's hard to watch. so i thought why not make people laugh and understand that we want to have clean water. there's tarren and bobby rapping. >> that's unfortunate. [ laughter ] >> you have a lot of stuff going on. on fox you're playing a therapist. >> yeah. >> to lucifer? >> lucifer is having an existential crisis and -- >> he doesn't want to be the bad guy anymore? >> he doesn't want to be the bad guy anymore and what i like about it is that it is sort of redundant. even lucifer can figure it out. like he can -- >> you're like, oh we're getting deep here. it's weird. >> let's play a quick game. we're going play a game. glasses -- >> the why are we holding hands? i like. >> it guess the glasses.
10:20 am
go. >> where am i looking? >> any monitor. oh, behind you. whose glasses are those? i know those? >> dem i moore? >> tina fey. >> oh how could i not -- did they tell you in advance? ooh ooh, i was going to say like -- ooh. >> al roker. >> who is it? >> oh, close, spike lee. >> d'uh. spike lee. >> brad pitt -- >> no it's -- >> oh, my god, you got it right! that's awesome. i literally thought -- >> oh, robert downey, jr. robert downey, jr. >> no, johnny depp. >> you don't know anything. >> i don't know anything. >> she never claimed to be an expert on people who wear glasses. >> oh, sarah palin. how dare you. how dare you.
10:21 am
>> oh, that's it. you win a prize. >> oh, you guys! >> we went all out. >> i'm so excited. halloween is done. >> if you want more information. >> you're so fun. >> thank you for coming to see us. >> it's >> i love you so much. >> me, too. >> coming up next, we'll go next door with mad madeline on her way to the food challenge to keep your waistlines intact over the weekend. >> after this it's easy to gain a bunch of w at tracfone, we believe that you should keep what you buy. that's why your unused talk, text and data never expires with active service. some major carriers say you can keep your data. but when you read the fine print, your data does expire. makes you wonder what else you're losing. but tracfone has unlimited carryover, so you get to keep your unused talk, text and data. 90-day plans with unlimited carryover start as low as $20. unbeatable nationwide coverage. no contract.
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10:25 am
what am i? what did softer, smoother skin after just one shower? dove body wash with a breakthrough formula. just one shower gives you softer, smoother skin. my skin is really silky smooth. dove body wash. softer, smoother skin after just one shower. behold the power of protein in new birds eye protein blends. ok. they're delicious side dishes with the protein of beans, whole grains... ...and veggies! mmm good. my work here is dooooone! new bird's eye protein blends... so veggie good.
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i just ran a couple of sweaty miles with these guys, and now i'm going to get them to smell my shirt. smells good yesterday i washed my clothes in new downy fresh protect. it's like deodorant, for your clothes. you just throw it in with your detergent it neutralizes odors on the spot new downy fresh protect good morning, it's 10-26... i'm ... scott mcgrew. good morning. 10:26. i'm scott mcgrew. santa clara workers are working. they will not strike. that was called off very early this morning after negotiations between the union and the county ended with an agreement two hours before the deadline.
10:27 am
this is video from about 4:30 in the morning. the agreement still has to be hammered out and approved by all county employees. wall street managing to stay positive at this hour following monday's drubbing. the dow industrials fell after it became pretty clear greece had no choice but to default. greece has a lone payment due today. doesn't have the money to pay it. in fact, it just asked for a new loan from the european bailout fund to pay the international monetary fund. basically, greece wants a loan to pay its loan. we'll take a look at weather and traffic after the break.
10:28 am
10:29 am
good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. the next three days will be very hot. but the heat peaks tomorrow. 95 degrees in the south bay. and peninsula seeing a high of 86 degrees. san francisco, expect a high of 75 degrees. there will be some spots reaching over 100 degrees, like the tri-valley today and tomorrow. the east bay reaching 78 degrees today and 80 degrees on wednesday. and the north bay also sizzling too. here's a look at traffic with mike. >> still looking at that big stretch of red, the jam from 880 all the way past the airport. the crash at embarcadero has cleared but it's causing 237 that slowdown. much better toward the bay bridge. but we have slowing through oakland north of coliseum.
10:30 am
back to you. >> make sure to join us at 11:00 for our next newscast. hope to see you then. it's boozeday tuesday and before we -- the break, we give away this riddle. "throw away the outside, cook the inside. then teet outside and throw away the inside." what am i? so we came to the conclusion we have no idea. >> that's right. we hope you did. the answer is corn on the cob. look at it again. throw away the outside -- oh yeah that's smart. >> did you know it? >> no, i didn't. >> oh, good. and madeline knows everything. speaking of something you may eat at a barbecue this weekend, nbc news health and nutrition editor madeline fehrnstrom is about to open the door to healthy food choices. >> so what we deal is talk about
10:31 am
a summer barbecue. we're only talking about calories and i'll give you a choice when we have different visitors about which one is going to have fewer calories. you'll have a choice of two foods. so let's welcome our first guest. who's here? ding-dong -- oh it's knock knock. oh it's aunt barbara who's come with her favorite salads. a half cup of macaroni salad or half cup of potato salad. lower calories? potato salad or macaroni. >> i'm going to go with potato. >> you would be right. >> why? >> pasta is more dense. potatoes take up more space. >> and usually it's just boiled potatoes. >> and the starchy side dish. let's see who's next. who is it? oh, it's uncle bob with your grilled favorites. he's gotten a all beef hot dog, regular sized hot dog on a bun. and that's sauerkraut.
10:32 am
then we have a grilled chicken sandwich with lettuce which is lower in calories? >> hot dog. >> live a little have a hot dog. >> if if you don't have the bun it's still delicious. >> that's right. the chicken is higher quality protein but live a it will. >> did you hear what she said? live a little. who's at the door? >> oh! >> it's our neighbor amy who loves meat so here she's got six ounces of flank steak and three barbecued ribs h. one is lower in calories? >> i'm going with ribs. >> flank steak. >> kathie lee would be right. the ribs are great, too. >> there's so much sauce. >> six ounces of flank stank, look for lean if you're a volume eater. who is it? >> it's cousin jimmy who's brought along some drinks. which one of these will have
10:33 am
fewer calories. a 12 ounce bottle of beer or five ounces of rose. which is lower in calories? >> rose. >> hoda would be right. >> i didn't even get a chance to answer but good. i don't know what i was going to say. what about light beer? >> it was it was light it would be the same if you like the taste. it's not for everyone. who's next? >> who is it? >> oh it's our friend with favorite desserts. we have a piece of cherry pie and a medium-sized brownie. which has fewer calories? >> definitely the pie. >> the brownie. >> definitely the pie would be right. the pie has fewer. it seems like it would be more. >> because it's fruit? [ laughter ] >> they're both high. one is going to be 325 and one is 450. cut in the half. >> we should point out you have four and i have two. no, you have two and i have four. >> no! now we have little blake bringing two cute desserts. blake has one of those rocket
10:34 am
pops that and a regular sized -- >> this might be a trick question hoda. >> i'm going with the rocket pop. >> i'll go with the rocket pop, too. >> you would be right even though it's sugary. 09 calories versus 130. zbl( so who wins? >> she doesn't win! >> of course i do. >> i thought i had more. >> i think kathie lee won. >> and i'm a terrible mathematician. >> i can't get this on. >> here's the thing -- >> put it on your head. >> coming up next, more time to enjoy your summer. >> internet star jill joins us right after this. >> cute hody. >> thank you. when the day arrives a little earlier and lingers a little later you can be sure it's summer. and for this bounty, so little is expected in return. only that we find ways big and small, to milk every last second of it.
10:35 am
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♪ ♪ on july 4th, 1776 we declared that we are all created equal. and have the right to: life liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. america's army made it so. celebrate your american independence! brought to you then and every year since. by the united states army. . sometimes the easiest way to save money and time involves getting creative with the items you've already got sitting around your house or on your floor like cody.
10:39 am
>> jill is a blogger and author of "one good life" and is here to share some unique tips for simple and frugal living. >> welcome. >> why do we call them hacks? >> i wish i knew. >> if someone knows, let us know why they're known as hacks. >> simple tips. >> this happens to a lot of us. throw two socks in the dryer and one comes out. >> why did the other one go? we don't know it's a mystery. if you have an orphan don't throw it away. you can put it on the end of your floor cleaner and use it over and over. >> until the other one gets lost. >> you've got one already done? >> yeah. >> okay. >> stretches all the way over. it really does. i promise. and then you can take the other sock and put it on the end, and use it to clean under your refrigerator where it's hard to reach or up in the could corners. >> okay. >> very smart. >> and then you just run out of socks completely. >> yeah. you'll never have stray socks
10:40 am
again. i like to make makeshift dryer balls. take a sock roll it up like that. put your favorite type of essential oil on it. >> lavender or something. >> put it in the dryer. >> you've got a dryer ball. helps with static gets rid of wrinkles. >> smart. >> yeah. >> now -- >> what are you doing here? >> going to teach you a new cooking technique. cut out the toe, on the edge and you have a nice sock you can use as a rag instead of paper towels. >> oh. >> eco friendly. >> by the way, these are the ones they sell in the airport, the cozy socks. >> awesome. >> we all love our ugg boots. >> but they can get rank. >> and they look sad and tired. >> easy way to clean at home. all you need is a little brush, suede brush and eraser. >> what do you mean like a pencil eraser? >> it is. but it's white. you don't want a colored one. so the brush -- brush off the dirt.
10:41 am
get the scuff marks off always on the side. and then you just take a rag with some water and you're going to get it all wet. you want to get the whole thing wet. not soaking wet. you want it all wet because you don't want discoloration. extra stains that aren't going to work or can't get out, a little bit of vinegar. and then you work on the stains. >> you don't erase the actual boot just on the sides. okay. >> good to know. >> don't put them by a heater or by sunshine. >> let them dry naturally. >> this is another ugg. >> look how nice that is. >> and sometimes they get smelly. a couple teaspoons of corn starch baking soda give a little shake. where do you leave that? >> overnight, dump it out. >> that's so great. >> is this the one i love? >> this is the one you love. this is the one you've got to
10:42 am
tell your friends about. >> we should tee this up. if you have of a beautiful white shirt and accidentally throw it in the washing machine and you take it out and it's teeny -- >> or your significant other puts it in the trier. >> absolutely. >> usually you get rid of things like that. but you say don't. >> don't. put it in a sinkful or bowlful of warm water with a capful of baby shampoo. some people use conditioner. either will work. this will relax the fibers. let it soak. then gently -- >> how long? >> five minutes. just want to get it worked through well. you don't rinse it. leave it in. that relaxes the fibers. put it out on a dry towel like this. and stretch it back into -- actually first of all -- first of all, this is what i -- roll it up. >> then stretch it. >> stretch it to its regular size let it driveway like that. >> and it works? >> it works.
10:43 am
>> we have donna-adorable. >> this is chapstick, great for plenty of things. >> lip balm it will help with stray eyebrows. >> on your nail bed. >> a little bit of mascara under your eye is easier to smudge away without ruining your makeup. and if you ever get shoes that are too tight and painful, it will help prevent blisters. and the last thing, if you want your feet to be sandal-ready one cup of vinegar, one cup of antiseptic mouthful. ten to 15 minutes, get your foot file and they will be smooth and beautiful. >> see donna -- good as baby foot? ever tried that? >> i haven't tried that. >> oh. don't get her started. >> thank you. up next. you want to know which wine goes with your best 4th of july barbecues? >> we know. >> of course we do.
10:44 am
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♪ ♪
10:49 am
time for today food and summer celebrations. it's not easy to pair the right foods with the right type of wine unless you're me, of course. so we ordered up some help. >> andy is the director of food and beverage and the head familiar of blackberry farms in tennessee. he's got great tasting wides for under $25. >> and the things he would pair them with. >> hi nice to see you. >> we hear great things about your spot. >> it's a farm a resort and foothills of tennessee and today we brought things to try with win. >> so for salty thing, buttery popcorn and cheese. >> we focused on the dairy
10:50 am
component here, the movie night easy things to eat and grab. hot buttered popcorn with a lot of butter, the way it's supposed to be. >> by the way, delicious. >> some great cheeses with some creaminess and chardonnay. the grape we chose here, you know it's a creamy buttery -- i know you say you may not love that. >> no i like it. >> some people don't love oaky. >> this looks lighter than normal. >> this is. this is from the colt 41. we have raymond chardonnay. both are well made chardonnays that have a slight butteriness to go with the cheese and butter. it makes tons of sense. >> on its own you can also drink it. >> this is so good. i don't want to leave the table st. that bad? what's this one? >> that is the raymond chardonnay over there from map pa. >> i like this one better. >> we have one from washington, one from napa. >> so let's move over. >> if i could take this whole table and roll it to my dressing room, zblild there's a few carbs in there. >> when you come to blackberry
10:51 am
farms, and i know you will, we'll send you on sunday when you leave with a fried chicken box lunch. everyone there will be jealous. >> i'm going to turn in my popcorn for some chicken. >> tell us what goes best. >> fried chicken with french fries, bubbly wine. sometimes champagne sometimes not. here we have an american sparkling wine from iron horse winery. also a spanish sparkling wine from northeastern spain cava. and the cava is a blanc. then we have iron horse. the iron horse has a lot of pinot noir. >> and what is this? >> that's raventos blanc. made from grapes you wouldn't see out of spain. really dry and refreshing. >> we have to move on. >> so in the summer you're grilling out, you're barbecuing in the backyard and everybody's sort of drinking beer or cocktails or something out of a plastic cup but i would rather
10:52 am
put something worth drinking in my glass. rosset wine is the most manly thing you can drink is rose wine. >> it's growing in popularity. a lot of people are drinking it year round. >> we're not talking about that sweet white zinfandel. >> i'll take a couple zips. you only a few left. >> take your chicken. bring it over to this. >> that corn looks amazing. look how beautiful. >> fried fish, cucumber salad, sort of our answer to clambake. we're a lam locked edlandlocked state so we use fish. we use a couple from the region on the ocean in spain. albarino. >> by the way, delicious. and look at this corn. >> this is a rub so it's sort of a -- a mayonnaise-based rub here. >> oh, no wonder! >> thank you so much we want to
10:53 am
see you. >> everything was great. >> for more on these wines, check out >> we're back with your fun photo bus first this is "today" on nbc. now that there's foster farms simply raised, it's tougher than ever to be a foster farms chicken. but foster farms simply raised chicken is 100 percent natural with no antibiotics. well you're an herbalist. help us to be natural. will those herbs do it? those? one grows hair, the other increases energy. gasp! do i look natural herb man? can i call you herb man? i'm trying to look natural. call me
10:54 am
natural. you look like a steve. can i call you steve? hi steve. i'm natural. say something. why aren't you guys saying anything? introducing new simply raised chicken with no antibiotics. from foster farms. simply better.
10:55 am
10:56 am
hoda and i agree that's the best chicken we've ever had. time to shine our fan spotlights. we asked you to share photos in honor of national cam pra day. >> kim lombard shared this picture of her dog getting a bath. >> he's terrified zblnchtsd. >> our friend cindy hatfield showed us what shopping with her husband looks like. i'm sure a lot of people could relate. >> jared moore celebrated national camera day on the appalachian trail at sunrise. oh, my gosh. >> how gorgeous that? >> that him? >> well how did he take the picture this? >> something seems not correct about that. >> and last but not least, nicole horn gerald shared this precious picture with the caption "dreaming of --" oh, how
10:57 am
precious. >> oh, so cute! >> we love what makes seeing you guys smile so if you have pictures you'd like to share head to our facebook page, >> and you have to enter once a week so if you didn't win last week, you have to enter again. for complete rules and regulations go to and hit the "connect" button. >> connect with everything that's on there. that does it for us. tomorrow is winesday wednesday and we'll celebrate it -- >> we'll be joined by the amazing jada pinkett smith. >> here to talk about a little movie you might have heard about called "magic mike xxl." >> plus barenaked ladies will be here. we've got a show, okay? >> bye, everybody.
10:58 am
10:59 am
11:00 am
governor brown wastes no time -- and signs a contentious bill to impose one of the strictest school breaking news governor brown wasting no time signing a contentious bill to impose one of the strictest school vaccination laws in the entire country. good morning and thank you for joining us. >> governor brown signed the bill into law less than two hours ago. news that's going to affect robert millions of schoolkids in california. >> vaccinations will be mandatory for every child who attends school. it ends the so called personal belief exemptions only school children with a medical waiver would be able to skip


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