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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  July 1, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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hope. firefighters came out to rescue her again today, damian? >> reporter: amelia gomez told me she dropped off her oldest daughter at school when her apartment caught on fire with her two children inside. she recounted those traumatic moments. as soon as a neighbor kicked the door down she ran in hysterically looking for her children but they already made a courageous escape dropping from a second floor window. she says the trauma still haunts her children 12-year-old abigail and 10-year-old julio. julio remains in intensive care at valley medical now facing surgeries in the coming years after suffering second and third degree burns on his body. she is a single mom and lost everything in the fire. >> so we're here to support you
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with whatever you need. >> reporter: today the san jose firefighters burn foundation surprised her at the hospital with a check for $2,000. firefighters say fires like these take a toll on them as well, so helping victims is therapy for them. >> it helps us out with our recovery as well. the firefighters -- it takes a toll on all these calls we go on seeing children that are injured. we take that home with us. [ speaking in spanish ] >> reporter: amelia says she always thought all firefighters did was put out fires, she didn't imagine they also provide provided emotional support like this. and today more therapy from another mom whose child was also badly burned seven years ago. margarita hernandez says she
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came to tell amelia she will not be alone, that there is a network of people who will be at her side now and in the difficult years ahead. and there are two fund-raising efforts under way. firefighters set up the amelia gomez fire relief fund at the premier one credit union and a go fund me site that has $4,500 in pledges. both of those should appear on your screen. the cause of this fire is still under investigation here in san jose, but investigators are asking a lot of questions of the landlord. we're live in san jose. i'm damian trujillo. >> any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks damian. we'll take you outside now, a live look at one of the hottest spots in the bay area today. the temperatures hovering around 100 degrees again. let's bring in rob. to me it's a couple degrees cooler. >> we're starting to see the temperatures drop off after
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reaching 105 in livermore and gilroy 101 degrees before some light rain drops came through. 76 around the mission. san francisco cooling down. 76 degrees. light showers earlier and check out sunol. a few light showers around the hill tops. 87 degrees starting off with nothing but sunshine and then the tropical clouds coming in from the east moving from left to right across the screen and notice there a few showers. some of that not quite reaching the ground. as it evaporates it cools the atmosphere off. notice out to livermore, 580, a few of these showers coming in from your east moving from east to west across the bay area. we have scattered showers but temperatures still hot enough to keep the heat advisory especially for the south bay and east bay valleys. the temperatures still despite the cloud cover, despite the humidity still running in the mid-90s inland around livermore and out to concord and walnut
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creek and that's where christie smith joins us live with a look at how folks are dealing with the heat plus with the drought now more issues for east bay water customers. >> reporter: yeah that's right. we're talking about a temperature surcharge, up to 25%. i had a chance to speak with some customers. look, i've already tried to cut back, tried to cut back more and watch those bills, but it's a challenge in this heat. the park in antioch has visitors from all over the bay area. add scorching hot temperatures and the swim lagoon gets even busier about 750 people today. >> this is my third time here and i've never seen it so crowded. i think because the record breaking heat is bringing everybody out. >> reporter: marlene and tera wilson drove in from tracey to let the kids cool off. >> let them run off some energy and enjoy the day. >> reporter: these hot temperatures during the drought come at a time when water
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demands are typically very high in the bay area. >> this is the time of year people use the most water, so their bills are going to be the highest. >> reporter: an 8% rate increase and temporary 25% drought surcharge starts today. >> our average customer using about 250 gallons a day in their home will probably see their bill increase from $48 a month to $60 a month when you combine the regular rate increase with the temporary drought surcharge. >> reporter: they say the less water used, the less a bill would be impacted. some customers believe they've already made the cuts that they can. >> i don't like it at all. you should do as much as you can to conserve but, i mean, to be jabbed that much of a surcharge is a lot. >> reporter: now excessive use penalties will be taking effect for customers using more than four times the average amount. those penalties will be assessed in september.
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reporting live in walnut creek, christie smith nbc bay area news. the heat is apparently to blame for light rail disruptions happening now. there is no service right now between the blossom hill station nor the chenoweth line. service is down at the 880 station. they believe the power lines are contracting in the heat likely causing this interruption along with power outages. and coming up in ten minutes fireworks are up for sale in gilroy. with the dry and high conditions, is the danger just too high? the warning firefighters and county leaders have for people thinking about setting them off. and for the weather in your neighborhood download our nbc bay area app free for iphones and android devices. >> lots of questions after a horrific crash at the airport this morning. one person is dead and five others injured including an infant. that accident unfolding at 10:30 on the road just outside of
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baggage claim. michelle roberts joins us live from terminal "b" where investigators are trying to figure out what happened. michelle, we're hearing speed may have been a factor in the accident. >> reporter: that's right. they're not saying exactly how fast the driver was going. they're looking into that. she was on the other side of this divider and drivers in that lane are either exiting the airport or going into the parking lot and the suv hit was actually about ready to turn into the parking lot when it was struck. >> that just breaks my heart, something like that. >> reporter: travelers arriving at the airport today stopped to see the heartbreaking scene outside baggage claim at terminal "b." just after 10:30 this morning witnesses say they heard a loud crash. >> i can't imagine how this happened. i can't imagine how someone could have had that much speed up. >> reporter: police say a 25-year-old woman was behind the door of the red two-door pontiac announced dead at the scene. tonight police are investigating how fast she was going when she
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struck this silver suv with five people inside. >> apparent to the investigators at this time the car was going at a pretty fast rate of speed. >> reporter: officer morals says the audi was stopped and about to turn left into the parking garage when it was hit. all five people inside including an infant were taken to the hospital with nonlife threatening injuries. the impact was so intense it spun around and landed on the curb. the pontiac hit a light pole head-on shattering debris all over the road. peterson works at the airport, was on a break when she heard the boom of the crash. she calls the tragic accident a horrible thing. and while investigators try to figure out exactly what happened the mangled wreckage of the fatal crash has left many wondering how could something like that happen in a 25-mile-an-hour speed zone with pedestrians nearby? >> i don't know how that happened like that. >> reporter: police are not
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releasing the name of the victim killed today and those five people are expected to survive. reporting live in san jose michelle roberts, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, michelle. quick work by firefighters after a blaze broke out in san leandro this afternoon around 1:00 at the fairmont palms apartment complex. firefighters say it started in a corner unit where a family of four lives. everyone got out okay but one person was hurt. fire crews knocked the fire down in 15 minutes. it was accidentally started while someone was cooking. fremont police believe they know who did it. an act of vandalism that cost the county 50 million gallons of water. the suspects caught on camera take a look at them. investigators believe the three men punctured a rubber dam at the alameda creek near fremont on may 21 inside a no trespassing area. the water lost was enough for 500 families to use for an entire year. i want to show you the
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surveillance video once again. police are offering a $10,000 reward for information about who these men are. if you know call fremont police. i'm scott budman. more of us are buying more of our things with our smart phones. coming up why that may be the safest way to shop. also the secrets of the rock. the new sign of alcatraz that's been open to the public. plus good news for drivers this holiday weekend. why they will be paying less to fill up at the pumps.
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the south bay because so-called "safe and sane fireworks" went on sale tod. excitement and some apprehension in the south bay because of the so-called safe and sane fireworks. they generate big money for nonprofit groups but are sparking concerns among firefighters and police. robert honda joins us from
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gilroy to show us why there's mixed feelings. in gilroy they had that fire yesterday. it was small and people really felt the effects. >> reporter: that's right, jessica. you can understand why it's kind of a day of conflicting emotions when the fireworks stands go up. the gilroy fire department and the fire marshal have been flooding residents with all sorts of information and warnings about the proper use of fireworks, and they say hopefully it will pay off. sales got under way today at the fireworks stand throughout gilroy for the next four days residents cannot only buy so-called safe and sane fireworks but also set them off in designated areas such as driveways. they are well aware of the potential dangers. >> we don't want to burn our house down or someone else's house down. that would be the totally wrong thing to do. >> reporter: the chief fire investigator dennis johnson is concerned many people don't know the difference between safe and sane fireworks and other dangerous, illegal, more
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explosive fireworks. >> even the safe and sane there's always a danger they'll malfunction. they do have flash powder in them like everything else. they just don't have as much. i think a lot of people believe these are just fireworks, but they're really not. everything dangerous to explosives is completely against the law anywhere in the state. in california these are explosive devices. they have enough powder to meet that criteria for the state law. they go boom. >> reporter: and surrounding police agencies like san jose are on the lookout for anybody bringing in any type of fireworks. >> we are discouraging anybody from possessing or using fireworks on their own whether they be considered illegal or safe and sane. >> we want to have fun but we don't want to blow nobody's house up. we're all trying to be safe and just have fun out there. it's fourth of july. you have to celebrate, family barbecue, that's it. >> that was really cute.
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>> reporter: yes, but again, it also means four days of buying and using fireworks so there will be ongoing concern. and county chief investigator dennis johnson also pointed out there has been a resurgence of the more explosive illegal fireworks. he says that's because the internet has made them much easier to find and buy. live in gilroy robert honda, nbc bay area news. okay thank you, robert. good news for everyone hitting the road for the fourth of july. let's give you a live look at two bay area freeways 880 in oakland. pretty clear, both of them. now beginning today the tax on gas is dropping. it'll go from 36 cents per gallon to 30 cents a gallon. gas prices overall have declined down approximately 65 cents from this time last year. beware if you're on the road this weekend. the national safety council forecast said more than 400 americans will be killed on the road during this july 4th weekend. in addition nearly 50,000 people will be hurt in car accidents. if those predictions prove
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accurate it would be the deadliest fourth of july weekend since 2008. on average there are 37% more highway fatalities on july 4th than the average july day. apple pay is the latest way to shop, quick, easy but is it safe? in a story only on nbc bay area our business and tech reporter scott budman is live among the shoppers in santa clara with an exclusive look at the future of shopping and, scott, it appears apple pay is working well so far. >> reporter: so far, janelle. this is how we're doing it shopping with our phones our watches, and you may be surprised to hear with more security. people do it every day. from the skate shop -- >> it's been here a long time. >> reporter: -- to the corner deli. they pay for things with their phones or watches, services like apple pay and paypal giving us a
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safer way to buy food clothing and coffee with the swipe of a mobile device. >> one of my favorite clothing scores. >> reporter: we went shopping with jennifer bailey vp of apple pay, who talked about how merchants from the big to the small are gradually making it possible for us to pay without reaching for our wallet. >> it's just an education and an awareness process particularly as we go later through the summer. we expect more and more merchants will have it and will continue to have customers have more and more places to pay. >> it's like clock work and smooth. i don't have to touch anyone's credit card. my employees don't have to touch anyone's credit card which is very secure. >> reporter: and it is more secure because when you pay with a phone or a watch, you're actually paying with an encrypted code so the merchants at no time actually has your credit card number. reporting live scott budman nbc bay area news. >> staying with apple for a
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moment the faster iphone may be on the way. the next generation 6s will reportedly appear identical to the current lineup of phones at least on the outside. the major difference will be on the inside. according to the website 9 to 5 mac apple plans to include a new chip in the phone making it capable of delivering speeds twice as fast as the current iphone 6. the new processor is said to be more power efficient meaning the phone's battery may last you longer. the kill switch law goes into effect today. the law requires that all new smart phones sold in california come with preequipped kill switch technology to protect people from smartphone theft. it lets users lock their phones remotely when it's lost or stolen. smartphone thefts are declining. they were down between 2013 and 2014. now to the latest on our drought. when it comes to saving water californians are doing better than expected. in may water use fell by 29%.
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that exceeds the mandatory conservation of 25% set by governor brown. it's the biggest savings since the state started tracking conservation last year. people have really stepped up over the months. in marichalchmarch, californians cut in march and april. >> it's finally sinking in that we're in a very long-term drought. let's take things over to meteorologist rob mayeda. the heat is not helping at all. >> typically the driest time of a typical year -- we're in the fourth year of our drought. any chances of rain drops especially as we start off july very unusual. we have a little bit of that outside. not so much in san francisco where you have the fog machine on. look at the clouds racing across the bay cooling down to 64 degrees. in san jose down to 76 degrees and look at the clouds going by. we've had a few light rain
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showers at times. so the sea breeze picking up and the brief chances of seeing showers as it evaporates in the atmosphere, both help to cool things off a little bit. the 24-hour temperature change for parts of the bay area you see that 10% across the valleys. with the numbers still in the mid-90s, the heat advisory continuing through 9:00 for the tri-valley and south bay valley. temperatures staying warm right now. sunol 87 degrees. some showers passing by there and check out the radar view as we don't often get to do this as we look at temperatures in the 80s and 90s and showers moving across the bay area. close to dublin and pleasanton a few more to san francisco, maybe a few brief sprinkles. but where this is coming from there's more to it. it continues to spill in from the east and crossing the bay area. as we head into tonight and tomorrow brief showers possible, replace the heat with the humidity and in the mountain tops we could see a slight chance of some thunder especially out to the sierra.
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the same ridge of high pressure providing the heat sending the moisture our way probably through about friday afternoon. so we're going to see some cooler temperatures with extra clouds at times all day tomorrow. look how they're coming up out of the southeast and at times a few spotty showers will be possible. look at the temperatures. i know it will be hughmid but not near 100 degrees for a change. 86 degrees in san jose. 60s to low 70s around san francisco and for the north bay temperatures in the low 80s and low 90s still around the tri-valley. as we head to fourth of july weekend we will continue to see our temperatures cooling down. we'll talk more about that fourth of july forecast and show you the latest look on radar as we track rare summer showers moving through the bay area. back to you. >> okay thank you, rob. the 49ers may not have won a super bowl in the south bay yet but helped the county win a new title. and some new polish on the rock. it's alcatraz like you've never seen it before.
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in santa clara county is now worth. $409 billion, that's how much all the property in santa clara county is now worth and it's a new record. according to numbers released today this year's tax boost came courtesy of levi stadium, the first time the assessed value has included the stadium which is worth $1.4 billion. with a 1% county property tax, the stadium brought in a lot of money for the county. a dubious distinction for san francisco tonight. it costs more on average to rent a hotel room in san francisco more than anywhere else in the country. the bloomberg business report shows the average price for a san francisco hotel room now goes for $400 a night. that's an 88% increase over last year. chicago and miami tie for the second priciest u.s. cities with bookings at about $240 a night. l.a. a few bucks behind. the skyrocketing prices are
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driven by business employees and tourists looking for a lavish experience in a unique city. a new look inside alcatraz. the public can get a peek at parts of the prison that have been off limits for years. the national park service today pulled down a large tarp over an entryway long been blocked by a boathouse. now visitors can take in sweeping views of san francisco bay. the upgrade part of a $3 million restoration project on the rock. crews also completed major stabilization under the house referred to as the dungeon by the public. >> it gives us a chance to glimpse into the past to see what life was like here in the past what were the issues of the day? >> the project included stabilizing, reroofing and repainting the guard house, the library and school house. >> reporter: i'm mark matthews outside the federal courthouse
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where leyland ye pled guilty to a felony charge that could put him away for decades. we'll have the story coming up. and some changes inside the white house. we'll let you know what you'll now be allowed to do for the first time in 40 years.
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right now at 6:30: just weeks before he was to stand trial, former state senator "leland yee" is pleading guilty to a lo right now it's 6:30. weeks before he was to stand trial former state senator leyland ye is pleading guilty to a felony charge that could put
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him in prison for 20 years. it's a story nbc bay area broke a year ago and today the legal wrangling over the fbi case against him ended abruptly. he and three others each pled guilty. mark matthews is live outside the federal courthouse in san francisco with more. though there's a plea deal it still comes with hefty prison time. >> reporter: it could very well. a plea deal to a racketeering charge could carry a maximum of 20 years. now leyland ye will have to wade for judge breyer to decide what will be an appropriate sentence on october 21. in each of the other three cases, however, the defendants were given a range of between four and ten years in federal prison. former state senator leyland ye was escorted out of the courthouse and jumped into a waiting car refusing to talk with reporters in spite of his repeated assurances that he would talk publicly when his case was settled. today in court he settled on
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pleading guilty to a racketeering account that includes money laundering and, according to the complaint, ye talked with undercover fbi agents about running guns from the philippines. he agreed to plead guilty without a promise of a shortened prison sentence while his co-defendant former fund-raiser keith jackson got a range of six to ten years for pleading guilty to the same count. >> i don't think i can tell you how badly he feels about this. >> reporter: today jackson's attorneys said he helped facilitate campaign contributions for those political favors. >> eventually it led to a promise if you contribute then i will help you more. that's basically what happened. >> reporter: jackson's son brandon jackson also pled guilty but his racketeering count included conspiring. also pleading guilty san francisco sports agent sullivan.
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>> and that he associated and helped in the transfer of guns the attempted purchase of ten kilos of cocaine and conspiracy to commit murder. >> reporter: attorneys for jackson and sullivan stressed the cocaine, gun running and murder for hire schemes were initiated by undercover fbi agents but their clients went along. >> but in the end they wanted to do a cocaine deal and they're going to go to prison for it. he recognizes that and he messed up. >> reporter: now the case against raymond chow and other alleged members of the tong are still pending. the attorneys for him and the others have long said that their case had nothing to do with the case against leyland ye and tonight they don't. the cases have been severed. leyland ye keith jackson, and the others due to be sentenced october 21 10:00 a.m. reporting from federal court, mark matthews nbc bay area news. >> thank you mark. with a heat advisory in effect for a second day, people
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across the bay area are attempting to do anything to stay cool this evening. we'll show you a live look at sonoma. temperatures neared 100 today. it is still hot outside but in some places also overcast. is that a sign that things are going to change a bit? >> yeah we hit our high temperatures around 1:00 and we've been cooling ever since but still 105 degrees. gilroy and livermore, down to cupertino, temperatures near 100 degrees. san francisco mid 70s. we had those temperatures quickly ramp up. this morning you can see from sunol the very dramatic skies. this tropical moisture sweeping into the bay area dropping some showers so as that moisture drops through the atmosphere and evaporates that leads to cooling and the sea breeze is picking up which is helping out. look at the radar view. over to san ramone and hayward, seeing some brief showers as this moisture very interesting goes from east to west the system here moving up out of the
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south, tossing a few showers our way. even the temperatures are warm 80s to low 90s inland out to the interior portions of the east bay valley. for that reason at this hour at least for another hour or so this heat advisory up the last day of it as we have the clouds coming in. temperatures still toasty inland. but tomorrow more of that humidity and an increasing chance of showers and even thundershowers could be popping up overnight tonight. we'll talk more about that in a few minutes. >> we'll see you then. we had an alert for the second day today. the heat driving up the demand for energy. the manager of the state's power grid is urging people to conserve until 9:00 tonight. we have about two and a half hours. they want to reduce the strain on the system which means you need to turn off all unnecessary lights and adjust your hc to 78 degrees or higher. the orange line represents the current power supply and the blue line represents the demand. you can see the demand grew
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through the afternoon. there hasn't been a alert since 2013 before yesterday. several new laws kicked in at the stroke of midnight. the legal age to buy tobacco products is now from 18 to 21. it's the first city in california to hike the age limit. the goal is to cut teen smoking. santa clara passed an ordinance to boost it to 21 starting january 1. also starting today most california employees will be able to take paid sick leave days a. new law guarantees up to three days of paid sick leave for anyone who works at least 30 days a year. this applies to both part time and full-time employees. they can start taking the paid leave after 90 days on the job with the same employer. a rough landing at hayward airport this morning where a small plane, a twin-engine commander had to land without a landing gear. it happened shortly before 11:00. the pilot the only person
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onboard thankfully walked away without injuries. the faa is looking into the accident. are they playing with the numbers? a federal probe digging into the possibility airlines are conspiring to keep airfares high. the department of justice is accusing top carriers of illegally working together to limit capacity. the agency won't say which airlines may be involved but both united and american confirm they've received a letter from the doj calling for specific documents. both say they're cooperating with the investigation. now in a statement today the largest u.s. airline trade group says it is confident the justice department will find that its members compete vigorously every day and that the traveling public has been the beneficiary. well you can destress if you're flying through sfo. some cute and cuddly canines will be hanging out providing extra comfort to passengers. united airlines the peninsula humane society and spca partnered for united paws
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certified therapy dogs walking through the terminals offering free stress relief friday through sunday. if you have the rare opportunity to visit the white house, good news. you can now capture your tour on camera. for the first time in more than 40 years, the ban on photos and social media has been lifted. first lady michelle obama announced the change through a video on her instagram account. many visitors are already post posting pictures with the #white house tour. video recording, flash photography and selfie sticks are still banned. >> you can't take yourselfy stick? >> no. they could be dangerous. security tighter today. sharp metal points were installed on top of the white house fence. the feature was designed by the secret service. this comes after several recent security breaches in recent months including a fence jumper who made it all the way inside the white house. today's installation is just a
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temporary fix. the more permanent solution is expected some time next year. a unique glimpse at san francisco's newest neighborhood. we talked to the first person who moved to what's being called the shipyard development, the challenge he's dealing with as the first person there. and trump dumped again. which department store says it has had enough of the donald and his clothes?
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teenagers? livermore police released these surveillance pictures of three young men who allegedly take a good look. do you recognize these teenagers? livermore police released these photos of three young men who allegedly ran out of bloomingdale's with stolen clothing. this happened at the livermore outlets off 5 0.
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if you recognize any of them please call livermore police. trump dumped again. this time by macy's. the retailer is the latest to cut ties with donald trump. this comes on the heels of his presidential announcement where he made controversial comments about mexicans. macy's says it has no tolerance for discrimination in any form and it's pulling its donald trump brand from its stores. trump says he fired macy's that it was his decision to split from macy's because he's upset many of the products sold in their stores are made in china. an iconic part of the skyline has a new name now. the iconic building at 30 rock is officially the comcast building. the sign was switched for the first time a couple of hours ago. comcast is the parent company of nbc bay area. the skyscraper houses nbc's east coast headquarters. >> it's nice to sea the peacock along the skyline. it is beautiful. let's get a check of our
6:41 pm
forecast. finally some cooling on the way. >> counting the minutes of the heat advisory expiring. the humidity is going up. the uncomfortable factor going up around the bay area. a live look at at&t park. the cloudy skies there and some clouds actually bringing some summer showers to the bay area. we'll have a look at that and the forecast when we come back.
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parking in downtown san mateo easier and more convenient. starting today city officials say parking in downtown san mateo should be less of a nightmare thanks in part to color coded parking areas. the green area will be for those who work in downtown or need more time to park. it will cost a dollar an hour for three hours max. the orange area will cost 50 cents an hour and require a little less walking. parking is still free after 6:00
6:44 pm
in the evenings and all day on sundays. >> well bayview hunters point shipyard was once known as a bustling maritime naval base and now some people are calling it something else. home. it's san francisco's newest neighborhood. the story of the first person to move in. i just thought to myself it's time to explore. >> reporter: it takes a sharp eye and a bold spirit to be a pioneer. >> i do in a way. >> reporter: and while dean may not consider himself a fearless explorer -- >> i didn't have any friend living out here. >> reporter: he sort of is. >> a lot of people did tell me why would you want to come and live out here. >> reporter: out here is san francisco's bayview hunters point shipyard the gritty former maritime enclave on the southeastern tip. carved in is the city's newest neighborhood. >> i didn't even know it exists. >> reporter: is its first
6:45 pm
neighborhood. two months ago he became the first home buyer to move into what's called the shipyard development. >> so this is the second bedroom and i'ming it as an office. >> reporter: as the first resident he has most of the place to himself. >> it's like being in a resort. >> reporter: well maybe a resort under construction. >> it's white noise now. we look straight into the neighbor's but that's city living in a way, right? >> reporter: plans for developing this former navy base have been moving forward for years. they are still cleaning up toxic soil but he feels his new hilltop neighborhood is safe. >> i don't think it's a risk in a sense of it impacting me directly. >> reporter: with the city's exploding real estate buyers people are seeking out new frontiers. >> some agents asked me why would you bring your clients out there? >> reporter: he says you need
6:46 pm
look no further than the view. >> i look back and i can't believe that water view is incredible. i actually go out there every monday morning and take a picture of the construction. >> reporter: as the shipyard's first and proudest neighbor he is also collecting art from artists working in the shipyard's old building. >> i got my artwork from the open studios here. >> reporter: watching as the neighborhood rises around him. >> i do see the vision. i do see the future new residents moving in families, kids. >> reporter: a nearby grocery store and other services are a ways off, he understands that's the price of a pioneer. >> blue sky. >> reporter: nbc bay area news. >> gray skies over san francisco now. it's cooling down quite a bit. let's get a check of our forecast. so it takes to break out after heat advisory down to 64. the camera bouncing around thanks to the sea breeze dropping the temperatures off.
6:47 pm
cooling on the other side of the bay now down 70. as we get you to san jose 76 degrees. not too bad, a few light showers passing by earlier just before 5:00. and the few in sunol pretty interesting. 84 degrees. we've had some showers cross over 680 and moving into the east bay hill tops. notice the temperatures around the east bay still some 90s inland. it's very unusual to have 80s and 90s. need the radar for the scattered showers which are coming through. a lot of this heat cooked in before the clouds arrived earlier but still some low 90s inland around pittsburgh and brentwood. but from here on out, things will begin to cool down. this is the way the day started in sunol. you get the high-level clouds and then lowering cloud decks as mid level clouds started to come in and you can see the rain drops out there, not all of it reaching the ground but at times the radar is picking up a little something out there closer to san ramone right now in dublin. a few brief, light showers
6:48 pm
moving from east to west and back towards san francisco looks like we're going to have a little bit of light rain coming in going from east to west across the screen as this moisture coming in which is adding to the humidity very interesting that it is coming in from central california. this upper level system tapped into tropical moisture so you can see off to the east briefly out to fresno some lightning strikes, too. so as this moisture crosses the bay area we will see the chance of brief showers and there is a slight chance we might see an isolated thundershower. you see a flash of light in the skies. could be an isolated thundershower. that high pressure which brought the high temperatures right around western flank of it as the airflow moves clockwise around high pressure you can see it's pulling up that moisture out of the deserts, towards the bay area and then from now through probably friday we have the chance of seeing scattered showers in the forecast in addition to the humidity. so some showers possible heading into tomorrow and one of the other headlines, too, the cooling temperatures for thursday to friday but you can
6:49 pm
see scattered showers and intense thundershowers likely in the sierra from tomorrow all the way to the start of the holiday weekend. highs tomorrow in the 80s around san jose. 60s to low 70s. closer to san francisco for the north bay highs in the 80s and upper 80s to low 90s around the tri-valley and the cooling trend kicks in as we get to the weekend. notice the slight chance of seeing a few scattered showers into friday and then the temperatures cool down for the weekend. inland numbers that were this the 90s and just above 100 degrees now in the mid-80s as we get into the weekend. the same story for the north bay and tri-valley things beginning to cool off. as we lose the chance of showers, a very significant drop in those temperatures just time for sunday. so as that high breaks down and the sea breeze really picks up midway through the, that's going to bring our temperatures down. and if you have fourth of july plans around san francisco right now looks like that fog could be sweeping in towards the evening there on saturday. 59 degrees in san francisco, but notice your outdoor events in san jose not that bad. instead of seeing 90s and
6:50 pm
100-degree temperatures looks like mid-80s around san jose for the fourth of july. low 70s around fireworks time and around the bay area temperatures much more comfortable outside. mid-80s around concord and north bay temperatures right in line with some 70s and 80s inland. a big drop in temperatures as our heat advisory comes to an end later on this evening. back to you. >> thank you very much rob. all right. let's a deal or not. talks cool down between the warriors and draymond green. the details next in sports.
6:51 pm
6:52 pm
the south bay. these cars are called 'quarter nascar was in the bay area
6:53 pm
last week. this week some young racers are tearing up the south bay. these cars are called quarter midgets and they're racing in san jose. nearly 100 kids ranging in ages from 5 to 16 are putting the pedal to the metal and they come from all over the country. >> definitely being one of the only girls out here is tough. i put it on the track and show them what it is on the track. >> it feels like you're floating on a cloud. >> now the cars can go up to 100 miles an hour. the main race is friday. admission is free. nascar superstar jeff gordon used to race quarter midgets at this track when he was a young boy growing up. >> future racing star possibly. >> there we go. let's go to sports. i want to talk about the warriors and one of the fan favorites, draymond green. >> show him the money! >> he's being heavily wooed. >> i see you're his agents.
6:54 pm
the latest on the nba free agency that began last night at 9:00 p.m. the warriors met with their star restricted free agent draymond green. many expected an agreement. that's not the case. talks between the warriors and green have broken down. the warriors had the first shot to sign green without another team talking to the forward. league sources say the pistons, hawks, and rockets have all shown interest in the michigan state product. the ws can still match any offer he gets. but there was a signing involving a warriors player today. forward harrison barnes was at the team store, market street san francisco, not signing a contract extension but signing autographs for the kids. we asked harrison how important it was to keep draymond in the w's future. >> draymond is a great teammate. to lock him up for a bunch more years coming up in the future would be great.
6:55 pm
>> now time for some baseball highlights. giants/marlins and we've got could the violence. these could be characters from monsters universities. buster posey, watch what happens to him. he takes a foul ball right off the kisser. right in the facemask direct hit. posey would leave the game. game at 3-3, brandon crawford solo shot. home run number 11. breaks the tie. if that guy doesn't go to the all-star game i ain't going to watch it. giants lead. the ninth inning in miami. rubber match, a's/rockies and get this everybody, it was big game night. no score, drives one to left. he tries to knock over the chevron sign. butler with his first triple since 2012 scores on a sac fly. single to right. billy come on down.
6:56 pm
he scores 2-0. redick gives and gives the double guns in honor of big game hunters everywhere. bases loaded the a's go on to win, 4-1. a beautiful game. not so beautiful finish for england. women's cup semifinal, japan and england. the winner faces the u.s. in the final. the 40th minute england down 1-0. the penalty kick for england shot it in the corner tie game. now we get to something called stoppage time. 92nd minute. a mistouch off the crossbar. that's an own goal. a tough way to lose in the world cup for england. japan wins 2-1. it's a rematch in the 2011 world cup. and for the marlins we have a quick update on the giants/marlins game. michael morse has hit a walk-off home run for the marlins. and they beat the giants by a final of 6-5. that's not how i want to finish
6:57 pm
the sports cast. >> why would you even share that at the end? >> i know. that was awful of me. i was having so much fun with the highlights and they lose the game. >> you ruined it. you do have the up-to-the-minute up to the second sports cast. >> we'll see you at 11:00 and see what other bummer news you can bring us. >> well, not a bummer our weather is getting better. >> this is better news. we're seeing cooling changes happening now. the sea breeze picks up. we've had to dust off the radar for scattered showers. that's a possibility tonight. there's even a chance of an isolated thundershower possible with all the tropical moisture coming up. notice the temperatures tomorrow not as hot. close to 70 in san francisco. mid to upper 80s inland. we will be tracking the subtropical showers around the bay area possibly all the way to friday. >> out of the finds, out of the triple digits. >> with some humidity. >> thanks rob. that's going to do it for us. we hope to see you at 11:00.
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breaking news details on ben and jen's $150 million divorce. was ben's gambling the final straw? >> now on extra. ben and jen, the time line to divorce. jen alone with the kids on mother's day, ben's gambling weekends in vegas. >> i'm going to be the first guy busted out here. >> from their island wedding day to secret couple's therapy, the giant warning sign and why ben's not moving out just yet. then mansions cars the affleck garner empire by the numbers. is there


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