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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  July 13, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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dial another number. joining us. i'm sam brock. =laura/2shot= and i'm laura garcia cannon. ==laura/vo== back open - but looking a little different. this morning, for the first time, drivers are experiencing the new and improved doyle drive. crews finished up work - eight hours ahead of schedule. ==sam/boxes== today in the bay's stephanie chaung is live in san francisco. and steph - how does it look? stephanie/live tunnels two . >> reporter: you can see the traffic. tunnels here, two brand new
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ones. take a look from inside this tunnel where you this straight from covers the lanes are wider. crews worked fast and safely. >> even. >> reporter: construction crews worked nonstop. drivers listened to workers.
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coming up in in just a few minutes. ==laura/anim== but first, a developing story overseas: ==laura/vo== 23 people are dead and 19 others are injured after the ceiling of a military barracks collapsed in siberia early this morning. after hours of searching - rescuers recovered the bodies of russian airborn troops trapped under the debris. this happened at a training center in omsk. a defense ministry spokesman said the building was renovated back in 2013. ==sam/anim== new this morning: ==sam/cu== we have a deal. overnight, greece and the european union reached an agreement - that keeps the troubled country in the euro. ==boxes== scott mcgrew - wall streeseems vy excited by this news.
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==scott at tech== and that's our skin in this game, right? unless you're travelling to greece.. you want to know where your 401k is. the american markets are still negative for the year. vo so the european commission.. led by this man.. the former prime minister of poland.. has agreed to lend greece more money and get the banks there back open again.. but in exchange for huge concessions by greece. greece will raise taxes.. it will cut pensions.. it will even hand over some of its private property as essentially collateral. oncam many of the exact same things greece said "no" to just last week. the deal.. reached overnight.. keeps greece in the euro. there's a lot to this story.. sam and laura. the european union was set up to keep the peace.. but is this too much bullying? we'll take a deeper look coming up in jsut a bit. ==scott at tech== =laura/cu= escaped - again. this morning: an international manhunt is underway for one of the world's most powerful drug lords. the man known as "el chapo"
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escaped from a maximum security prison in mexico. ==laura/anim== for more on this developing story: ==laura/boxes== let's bring in today in the bay's bob redell... and bob - this man physically tunnelled his way out. bob/plasma a former leader in the dea believes that if joaquin "el chapo" guzman isn't caughtby night's end: he'll be able to re gain control of the sinaloa drug cartel: one that is believed to supply the united states with 70 percent of its supply of narcotics. take vo this is guzman's second escape from prison in 14 years. mexican police arrested him this past february after he broke out of jail in 2001. and placed him in that country's maximum security prison located just outside mexico city. but on saturday night he entered a shower stall: slipped out of the range of the security camera and down a 20 by 20 inch hole. down a ladder. into a tunnel that ran under the prison. a very elaborate tunnel: one that was supported by wood and pvc pipe. it had its own ventilation system. a small motorbike for guzman to ride on. it popped up
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in a half built house in a farm field about a mile away. mexican authorites are questioning dozens of prison workers take sot dea supervisor "they have no cartels that orate in thecountrf justice and inrceration intheir trafficking and organized crime charges in several cities. bob/plasma ==sam/anim== happening now... ==sam/ots== in case of an emergency- don't call 9-1-1. at least, for thousands of people in the north bay-- where the service isn't working. ==vo== there's a problem with the system. and the napa county sheriff is warning people to call a different number. ==late banner== people with the prefix of 9-6-6 are told to call (707) 253-0911 to report emergencies. the cause of the problem is under investigation. no word when
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9-1-1 will be back up and running. ==laura/cu== it's a vote that could affect hundreds of thousands of people in the south bay. santa clara's largest union is set to vote on a new contract next week. and if they vote no, garbage workers and even 9-1-1 operators may go on strike. ==vo== union representatives tenatively agreed to a deal two weeks ago. but, some union members rejected that deal friday. we're now learning those members are going to take another vote-- because some people didn't understand the new terms offered. county leaders says if the deal is rejected again, they're willing to continue negotiations. ==sam/cu== no if's, and's, or butts: one peninsula city is serious about a wider crackdown on smoking. ==vo== san carlos city council members tonight will consider beefing up their ban. it would extend to all city- maintained parks and outdoor facilities. a 2004 law banned smoking on athletic fields and near playgrounds. but the city is apparently
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getting complaints from people near smaller parks immune from the current ban. =laura/cu= investigators are trying to figure out what caused a destructive fire in san jose yesterday. it ripped through three homes and damaged two others. ==vo== the fire started shortly after four o'clock near a backyard fence on snow drive.. once neighbors noticed the flames-- they quickly evacuated. ==sot== ==cont.vo== more than sixty san jose firefighters battled e we got our on malls handout and they started hosing do you know the house. . =sam/omni= time to check the microclimate forecast ... =livepix= ... as we give you a live look outside - san jose.
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right now it is 61 degrees. 59 in the peninsula. and the north bay at 54 degrees. nice and cool, sprk especially in the north bay. 86 a the after the clouds here clout. this is where temperatures reach to the 90s. full traffic maps
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this is a tougher drive from san rafa rafael. to the rest of the bay, a smooths drive. palo alto. as you notice, a subtle change. this may present a different flow. that would a shift after last week. iew today and won't reopen until sunday.
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take a look at this map. the one-mile closure runs from the mountain view station to whisman. ==vo== there will be a bus bridge to get riders through the area, but those riders should be prepared for delays. this is all to add a second light rail track to the area. =sam/2shot= time is now: up next: an unusual disruption - forces europe's biggest airport - to cancel several flights. =laura/vo= plus: sticker shock at the pump. gas prices - soar - and it could get worse - before it gets any better. =sam/livepix= adlib =omni sot= =take break=
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let's take on the world with 100 calories, snack yoplait greek 100. there are hundreds of reasons to snack on it. good monday morning. we're getting a look at the sunrise from mt. hamilton. that's the san mateo bridge. we'll talk about what's going going on forth and put having south and east. >>s seeing some gas stations in san francisco charging more than four dollars a gallon for regular unleaded. that's compared to the national average of just under 3-dollars
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a gallon. two forces are driving the increase, special blends required by the state.... and refinery issues. analysts predict prices will continue to rise over the next week or so before stabilizing. ==sam/vidbox== we looked around for the cheapest gas prices in the bay area. according to gas buddy-dot- com, in san jose the lowest price is 3-13 a gallon. ==reveal== in oakland, it's 3-19. ==reveal== and in san francisco, the lowest price we found was 3.25 a gallon. ==laura/anim== new this morning: ==laura/cu== london's heathrow airport is warning passengers to expect delays and cancellations... ==vo== this - after protesters hopped a fence and chained themselves together on a runway overnight. the protesters are upset about the airport's plan to build a third runway. a recent three-year study - says a new runway isn't good for air quality... and will speed up the effects of climate change. sam/2shot american stock markets are very enthusiastic about a deal for greece this morning. laura/omni scott mcgrew - not the deal anyone
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expected. scott this is so very strange. care..'s start with why we the dow jumped 200-points friday and we expect another good day on the american markets this morning after vo greece reached that deal with the european commission. here you see hollande of france and merkel of germany.. they're really running this deal. there's the prime minister of greece. let's talk about him. alex-is tsipras. scott/plas we just have to go back a few months to his election.. where he was ected o of not caving into the european commission. he stood'll remmember.. when the european commission said "take it or leave it" a couple of weeks ago to a new deal.. he put it to a vote of his people.. they said "leave it." they said no deal with creditors. scott/cg plas so here's where things get very strange. the greeks said "no" to the european deal. and so the greek government wrote their own deal.. which.. after hours of negotiation.. is in many ways much tougher than the original. the average greek person is
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confused an angry this morning. how can i say no to this.. only to get this? the drama.. continues. scott/vo full back here at home democratic presidental candidate hillary clinton will make a major economic address today. explaining many of her economic strategies. reports say she will lash out at the contractor economy.. the ubers and the lyfts and the task rabbits.. ==boxes== ==sam/anim== happening now: ==sam/vo== almost 50-million this has been tact debated in dourts and the political field, s as well.
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> ing are wreaking havoc on the morning commute in chicago. a severe thunderstorm watch is in place for parts of illinois, indiana and wisconsin. =laura/omni= time to check the microclimate forecast ... =livepix= ... as we give you a live look outside - sunol. =laura/3shot= adlib toss kari wx/cu >> i was talking to my mom in kentucky and she said they are so tired of the rain and storms every day. such a big contrast. nice and mild and not a drop to be seen anywhere across the bay. take a look at this gorgeous shot.
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as we look if he seven-day forecast. we look at the view from the north bay. thin clouds, a mild start. slightly warmer today. still comfortable. sunset at 7 8:28. 64 in santa theresa. we do see some chloe clouds and fog. extreme western part of the san francisco and visibility better as we go through the morning and the fog retreats .
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8 2 in napa. the next seven days, the hoot the meet had had heat is who peeking. i'll have a look at the weekend forecast coming. these folks are waiting for the cal train. you cannot take the train from the wisconsinman.
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man. as we look at the golden gate bridge, an easy drive. the new doyle drive, a nice distra distra distract shun. r his clothing in layers. as in 12 layers. including two jackets. but emergency crews say it nearly cost him dearly. mid-flight from london to glasgow - he started throwing up. then he collapsed from heat exhaustion and needed oxygen. he's now recovered - but says - pretty much from the
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get-go - he regretted his decision. (brings new meaning to the phrase 12-layer dip!) =sam/2shot= the time is 6: how much is that doggy in the window? =sam/2shot= the time is 6: how much is that doggy in the window? =sam/vo= apparently - a lot. the shocking amount of money americans will spend on their four-legged friends this year. =laura/live= adlib year. =laura/live= adlib and it was closed over the weekend, but now it is open and new. reform into their own hands... a
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state bill allowing california work permits for undocumented farm workers faces an uncertain future. ==vo== the pilot program would give california the authority to allow farm workers to live in california without the threat of deportation. it would grant temporary work visas to unauthorized foreign workers living in california. the assembly passed it last month but there is more opposition to the idea in the state senate. ==sam/cu== in the midst of california's historic droht-a pf los gatos, is being accused of stealing water. today, the camps owners-- will answer to felony charges. ==take vo== the owners of "lupin lodge" are accused of diverting water from nearby "hendry's creek." lodge owners say the creek runs through the property, and the water rights are grandfathered in. the county says taking water out of any stream, without
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the rights, is considered theft. price love..a new repor- t a says aricans willpend more than 60-billion dollars this year - on their pets. ==vo== that's up 25-percent from 5- years ago. the "american pet products association" say it's not just because of the higher costs - it's also because people want to spend more money on their pets. we're talking about upscale dining, luxurious hotel stays and pet-tech products. dogs tend to be the most expensive domestic pet. ==sam/cu== a man and his dog who were stranded at sea for three days are back on dry ground this morning after a dramitic rescue. ==take vo== the u-s coast guard says the man, who was sailing from new orleans to tampa was on a boat that had been disabled for three days. but it wasn't until that boat caught fire 70 miles off the florida coast that the sailor called for help. rescuers say when they found the man, he was floating on the boat's dinghy, clinging to his
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chihuahua. ==take sot== "one of our concerns going out there was how g is e dog, is it gog to ba problemis it going tfreak very sma dog"@:10 ==vocontinuese but it was a very small dog. >> both the man and dog were treated for smoke inhalation and released. angeles. the torch will be in santa rosa about 3:45. then its on to petaluma at about 5:40. the 2015 world games start in l-a on july 25th. =laura/2shot= the time is 6: if you're just joining us - doyle drive - is back open... we'll have an update - next. =sam/vo= plus: an already crowded field - gets even more company. the familiar face - who just announced - a run for the white house. =laura/vo= and: it's deadline day - again...
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we'll tell you if the u-s is any closer to reaching a nuclear deal - with iran. =sam/livepix= adlib we'll be right back with youg r your weather forecast after this.
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we start the out with sunshine and more. >> and we're atlanticing changes
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which your among commute. we'll show who's going ton. pause for open =laura/2shot= good morning, i'm laura garcia- cannon. =sam/2shot= and i'm sam brock. =sam/vobox= here are today's top stories: so far a smooth commute on the new and improved doyle drive. crews reopened the main connector to the golden gate bridge well ahead of this morning's deadline. =laura/vo= people in the north bay are being told their 9-1-1 service is not working. the problem impacts the 966- prefix in the 707 area code - covering an area around lake berryessa. another number is being used instead. =sam/vo= the notorious mexican drug lord known as el chapo has escaped from prison. prison officials say he got out
6:31 am
through an elaborate tunnel connected to the prison shower. they're also pretty confident he had help. ==laura/anim== now to decision ==laura/anim== now to decision 20-16: ==laura/vo== the field - gets even more crowded. just a few hours ago - wisconsin governor scott walker announced on twitter - he's running for president. that brings the number of republican candidates to 15. ==boxes== today in the bay's tracie potts is live in washington d-c this morning.... and tracie - a lot of eyes on donald trump... but walker hopes to shift the focus. this is such a large field, it's getti getti getting difficult to track who is out there.
6:32 am
brand-new this morning, scott walker's first campaign ad. today walker becomes republican number 15, trying to grab the spotlight from donald trump and immigration. early this morning, provocative tweet. >> i think he's a wreak wrecking ball. >> reporter: trump may be controversial but popular. he's tied for first place with
6:33 am
almost 16% support. but some say they would never vote for him. we are following all the republicans out there but also keeping an eye on the democrats. hillary clinton has a speech happening in new york today. >> that is something that affect so many people. economic policy. we'll see what hillary clinton has to say. ey may be overwhelmed by something else come election day: ballot initiatives. ==take vo== state law makes it very easy for proposals to ballot. for thstatewide sponsors only need to pay 200 dollars and collect signatures from 365-thousand people. experts say about two dozen initiatives will likely qualify
6:34 am
for the 2016 ballot. that has critics pointing fingers at the legislature, and calling for change. ==take sot== "the legislature often says why should we handle a tougissue when can turn initiative proce has acally members off e hook." ru=:13 ==nt vo== polital analyst larry gerston says the way to navigate through the flood of campaign commercials and flyers to come, is to ignore them. instead, he suggests relying on independent research. ==laura/cu== a nuclear deal with iran may happen within hours. ==vo== the deadline is today and after 16 days of talks in vienna-- world leaders say they're optimistic. announcement will be made g an later today. if a deal is reached, iran would get hundreds of billions of dollars in sanctions relief-- in exchange for scaling back its nuclear program. one thing holding leaders
6:35 am
up is when iran's nuclear research can resume. =sam/omni= time to check the microclimate forecast ... =livepix= ... as we give you a live look outside - san francisco it's just the right combo to start a monday morning. >> i think the fog is mia. you can see this clear start to the day and traffic flowing smoothly as doyle drive is open. 61 degrees -- 63 in san francisco. 73 in the east bay peninsula 86 degrees in the south bay. one of the warmer spots in the
6:36 am
tri valley. as we go through the week, we are expecting a warmup. i'll show you just how warm it gets coming up in a a few minutes. dryly. i want to shoutout to the upper east shore freeway. i do some additional slowing. i will give that thumbs up for doyle drive but may be distracted from the north bay. a nice scenic route.
6:37 am
we'll end with our shot over here at mountain view light rail. remember, if you take cal train and expect to take the light ra rail, you have to take a bus bridge. it will mean some delays. >> once again, that's the stocks moving upwards. the dow mog
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==sam/vo== police rescued 18 people - who dow. trapped inside a pa all new this morning, police arrested 18 people trapped by armed gunmen. several stormed a discount store. it's unclear if they were held hostage or just hiding. a fiery volcano erupts in mexico. nephew been told to leave because of a larger eruption. so far, at least 70 people from the area have chaeblgd checked
6:41 am
into local shelters. authorities closed the air airport. trial of "james holmes" are expected in colorado. ==vo== holmes pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity for opening fire in a movie theater three years ago, killing 12 and wounding 70. this week the jury begins deliberations. defense attorneys admit holmes carried out the attack but argue he was legally insane and should be locked up in a mental hospital. if convicted, holmes could face the death penalty. =laura/cu= san francisco has come under fire recently for its "sanctuary city" status - after a woman was shot to death on the embarcadero - reportedly by a suspect who was released from jail, despite being wanted by immigration officials. but a new report released this morning shows - he's hardly an exception to the rule. =vo= the report found more than 18-hundred immigrants that the federal government wanted to deport - were released from local jails - and later re-arrested for various crimes. more than 250 cities and counties have stopped
6:42 am
honoring immigration detainers - saying they can't hold suspects without probably cause. =sam/2shot= the time is 6:. coming up ... a court case today: could determine how california handles frozen embryos. =laura/vo= back open - and well ahead of schedule. we'll take you across the new and improved - doyle drive. =sam/vo= plus: one of the world's most dangerous criminals - back on the streets - following an unthinkable escape from prison. and now: an international manhunt is underway. =laura/livepix= and a live look outside. we're back with 15 minutes of non-stop news, traffic and weather after the break.
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different. this morning, for the first ti, driversre new and improved doyle drive. crews finished up work - eight hours ahead of schedule. ==sam/boxes== today in the bay's stephanie chaung is live in san francisco. and steph - how does it look? instead of construction cranes, another view of the bay of the. >> reporter: absolute. good news, especially welcome on a monday morning. right now drivers coming off 101 here after years years of
6:46 am
construction. you've got additions like the four tunnels. new from each direction. the southbound tunnel, you head straight instead of the temporary bypass. you can see the palace of fine arts. and also seismic safety upgrades and a median. >> i got tears in my eyes, actually, watching the first cars come off through the tunnels and down the intersections. a lot of work went into this. >> reporter: 71 hours. not even a first aid case.
6:47 am
sweeping views. i understand we have live shots to show you that it is very beautiful, very open. see the new layout and different for drivers. an official ribbon cutting at 10:00 this morning. construction will continue for at least another year, and a lot of landscaping. stephanie chuang. today in the bay. >> mike, any time you talk about changes, people see it. >> i'll give the thumbs up. we're looking at this approach. things move well. we see slowing.
6:48 am
i think thissen these sensors. you see a crash west 880. extra sloegs slowing there of 101, a stall, we'll track that. and a quick look at palo alto. now a shift going toward the left. see it a bunching. =laura/3shot= adlib toss kari wx/cu =wx cam shot= if you want some warmer air,
6:49 am
we'll get that toward the end t week and make it a beach or pool day. a live look from san jose, low clouds and sun peeking through. but a great way to get started. the heat peeking through. a few clouds this morning. and slightly warmer. sunset at 8:28. 55 as you head out. let's get a closer look at the east bay. temperatures in the 50s to 60s. a closer look at san francisco.
6:50 am
here we are at 11:00 this morning. we haven't seen much from the start the day. a look at all of the microclimates. 87 in los gatos. t thesca castro. and we see mid 90s toward the d end t week. right now, back to you. barracks collapsed in siberia early this morning. after hours of searching - rescuers recovered the bodies of russian airborn troops trapped under the debris. ==laura/cu== a defense ministry spokesman said the building was renovated back in 2013. ==sam/anim== also developing this morning: ==sam/vo== he's escaped,
6:51 am
again. right now: an international manhunt is underway for this man. he's a mexican drug lord known as "el chapo." ==boxes== today in the bay's bob redell joins us now. and bob - this man is considered one of, if not the most powerful drug lord in the world... and this isn't the first time he's busted out of prison. bob/plasma mexican authorites are questioning dozens of prison workers to see what role they might've had. take vo in helping one of the world's most notorious drug kingpins be one of the at is supposed to hardest prisons to break out of in mexico. joaquin "el chapo" guzman used this tunnel seen here in this nbc news animation to escape saturday night. it starts in the prison showers out of range of the security cameras. and with the help of a motorbike: allowed guzman to travel underneath the prison walls to a half built house located on a farm property about a mile away. the tunnel supported with wood and pvc pipe has its own ventilation system. clearly took months to build. this is the second time
6:52 am
guzman has escaped a mexican prison. the last time in 2001. before his recapture earlier this year. a former supervisor of the drug enforcement agency believes that this escape shows that mexico has no control over its drug cartels. nor over its criminal justice system. the thought is that if guzman isn't caught by tonight: he'll regain control of the sinaloa drug cartel: one that is believed to supply the united states with 70 percent of its supply of narcotics. live bob/plasma =laura/anim= new this morning: =laura/2shot= we have a deal. a marathon round of talks - saved greece from collapse... for now. =sam/box= so scott mcgrew ... what's next? =scott/tech= all kinds of people have to vote on it.. which ing the greek parliment.. will have to consider vo the will of the greek people. they are angry and confused this morning. it s onweek and one day ago they were celebrating their "no"
6:53 am
vote. "no" they would not agree to tough cutbacks in exchange for another bailout. but that's exactly what their prime minister agreed to last night. scott/vo san francisco based "reddit" will start this business week without its interim ceo ellen pao. she left the company after huge pressure from users to get rid of her.. as reddit tries to figure out its future. one of the founders is stepping in as ceo. scott/vo hillary clinton will give an address this morning laying out some of her economic policies.. were she to become president. reports say she will blast the contractor economy.. the ubers and lyfts and task rabbits.. where workers aren't considered actual employees of the companies they work for. scott the question over whether employees should be.. employees.. is also going to be a major court case starting later this month. many san francisco startups are dependent on the idea contractors are not employees. scott/vo sam and laura.. considering how early we get up.. this is on way after my bedtime.. but last night on jon oliver's show
6:54 am
on hbo.. he sermonized against cities paying for stadiums. he mentioned the raiders. why do i bring this up? because jon oliver has suddenly become a very powerful voice in american politics. time magazine calls it the jon oliver effect. oncam his discussion of net neutrality led to changes in the rules - the f-c-c acknowledges he was an influence. new york city relaxed its bail requirements after oliver did a segment on bail.. and eric holder announced restrictions over civil forfiture.. after a jon oliver tirade. =scott/tech= =box= thanks, scott. thanks, scott. ==sam/anim==ap a lot of people understood after net neutrality. of. >> maybe we don't lose the raiders after noul. 911 is not working for thousands of people in the north bay. there is a problem with the
6:55 am
system. the people with the prefix of 966 in the 707 area code are told to call 707- 25 - 20911. a vote that could affect hundreds of thousands in the south bay. if they vote no, 911 operators may go on strike. union representatives teblt actively active active agreed to a deal. an disputes over frozen embryos. ==take vo== according to the mercury news, married couple mimi lee and stephen findley decided to freeze lee's embryos back in
6:56 am
2010. their decision was made after lee was diagnosed with a cancer which was likely to leave her infertile. now, findley wants those embryos destroyed-- against lee's desire to preserve them. their divorce trial-- marks the first time a state court will address the issue directly. ==laura/cu== the search for a missing baby from shasta county is now in its 13th day. this morning, police say the father, a person of interest in the case, has been spotted. ==vo== matthew graham is a convicted felon-- who disappeared when he was named as a person of interest. surveillance video shows he was the last person to be seen with the 6 month old. police say he was spotted in the city of shasta lake, but still no word on the whereabouts of baby ember graham. search teams did find a critial clue in the small town of ono, about 15 miles from where the baby was last seen. ==sot== 05 to 10 we did find a pacifier that police think was of baby grah. that pacier is testing. outcu dna testga runs:10 contvo== th morning,he baby'sather is
6:57 am
still on the loose. officers believe he's armed and dangerous. if you spot "matthew graham", call 9-1-1. ==sam/cu== an elderly woman-- missing in the east bay--- has been found safe. it comes after three days of intensive searching-- by rescue teams from five different counties. ==anim== we have new video this morning: ==vo== 74-year-old valentina maty- u-shina was found around ten-thirty last night-- near an open space area in walnut creek. she'd been missing since friday-- when she was seen leaving her downtown walnut creek apartment. in this video, you can see her being taken by ambulance to a hospital-- as a precaution. crews were concerned because she only speaks russian and needs her medication. ==laura/cu== this morning: police in the east bay need help - tracking down thsuspectwanted for trying to run an officer down with his car. ==vo== layafette police are looking for 28-year-old "alexander william anderson." police say he also uses the name "efron curiel." he allegedly rammed the police car on thursday. anderson is also wanted in
6:58 am
connection with several home burglaries in the east bay. police warn people to stay away from anderson... and call 9-1-1 immediately if he's spotted. ==laura/cu== no if's, and's, or butts: one peninsula city is onrious about a wider crackdown smoking. ==vo== san carlos city council members tonight will consider beefing up their ban. it would extend to all city- maintained parks and outdoor facilities. a 2004 law banned smoking on athletic fields and near playgrounds. but the city is apparently getting complaints from people near smaller parks immune from the current ban. =laura/4shot= adlib toss kari wsi full we'll have that again today. kind of the weather over the weekend. let's look ahead to this weekend. getting warmer through the week and stats to come back down. 87 on saturday.
6:59 am
sunday, 84. and the tri valley also looking nice. >> good stat includes a monday morning commute. >> guadalupe parkway, a stall. chp hasn't ginn given details. traffic toward 101. a crash involving four vehicles. san francisco, doyle drive open again of. quick look at palo alto.
7:00 am
there you go of the. of good morning. the tunnel bui to escape a maximum security prison. can the u.s. track him down? 15 and counting. wisconsin governor scott walkering jumping into the presidential race today as donald trump makes headlines once again with controversial new comments about the border. which fellow candidate is now accusing him of hijacking the republican party? barrelling east. a storm system on the moveer


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