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tv   Late Night With Seth Meyers  NBC  July 15, 2015 12:37am-1:39am PDT

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[ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> announcer: from 30 rockefeller plaza in new york, it's "late night with seth meyers." tonight -- ben kingsley. from "trainwreck", comedian and actor, mike birbiglia. republican presidential candidate, senator lindsey graham. featuring the 8g band. and now, here he is, seth meyers! ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: good evening, everybody. i'm seth meyers. this is "late night." how's everybody doin' tonight?
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[ cheers and applause ] good to hear. big news today. i don't know if you saw it. i don't know if you read it. the u.s. and iran signed or they've agreed to a deal that will limit the nuclear capabilities of iran and it's good news, you know? some think it is good news. according to the new poll, 55% of americans do not trust that iran will abide by the terms of the nuclear deal. 55%. it's the same 55% who are running for the republican nomination. [ laughter ] a lot of people -- a lot of people running adds up to 55% really fast. according to new nationwide polls, donald trump -- [ light laughter ] donald trump now leads all other republican presidential candidates. but come on, if we elect him, you know he's just going to leave us for a younger country. [ laughter ] that's how it happens. [ cheers and applause ] i want you to meet slovakia.
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she's very beautiful, 23. you're gonna love her. [ light laughter ] very beautiful country. this is exciting. there's a new survey, we get very excited about new surveys here. a new survey shows 30% of americans believe legalizing marijuana will make driving less safe. though marijuana users believe that legalization will make driving less likely. [ laughter ] no, you come here, man. i know, i know. no, i know i said i'd come over, but now, you come here. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] a new survey -- another new survey. what a day for surveys. it's survey tuesday here at "late night." a new survey shows that 52% of parents believe they check their smart phones too frequently. said one parent who took the survey, "timmy?"
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[ light laughter ] just text him. where you at? research suggests that smart phone apps tracking how much you drink could curb binge drinking and reduce alcoholism rates. when asked if it worked, users said "i just got a new high score." yes. [ laughter ] [ applause ] over the last few weeks, hundreds of dildos -- [ laughter ] this is a true story. over the through two weeks, hundreds of dildos have been discovered dangling from telephone lines throughout portland. police are encouraging anyone with information to call even if it's just a tip. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ]
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and i will tell you, in the writers room today, we spent a lot of time saying, "how do you get a dildo to hang from a telephone pole? [ laughter ] you tie two together like nunchucks?" [ laughter ] if you have any ideas, tweet it to @latenightwithsethmeyers. we'd love your thoughts of how to get a dildo on a telephone wire. and finally, tomorrow, july 15th is a rare day where no professional sporting events will take place in the u.s. causing millions of fathers everywhere to ask, why can't your dance recital be today? ladies and gentlemen, this is the 8g band. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> seth: oh, very exciting. i should note, very exciting,
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hundreds of dildos also going to be our musical guest next week. [ light laughter ] they're a great new band. how you doing, 8g band? great to see you guys. everybody good? we mentioned yesterday, we just came back from a two-week hiatus. yesterday was our first -- first night back. i talked about how i went to italy last week. i was also very lucky, i got to go to comic-con in san diego, which is one of my favorite places on earth. comic-con is a great place to go. surrounded -- full of people who are just enthusiastic fans of things. and i am also a fan of a lot of those things. i got to moderate. i had the honor of moderating the "game of thrones" panel at comic-con. any "game of thrones" fans here? [ cheers and applause ] it's a great show. and it's a lot of fun because there are about 10 cast members from the show, "game of thrones." and we had about an hour in a room. it's called hall h and it's 6,000 people. many of whom are dressed like characters from "game of thrones." and you ask questions, then you open it up to questions from the audience.
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and it's really fun, because you don't know who's gonna walk up to the microphone. we ended up having about seven different daenerys targaryens come up with different questions. [ light laughter ] and the fun thing about the questions is that i feel like a lot of "game of thrones" fans -- there's a little bit of a disconnect between the actors on the show "game of thrones" and the characters on the show "game of thrones." and they asked a lot of questions that were questions for the actual fictional characters and not actors who just show up and do those parts. and some of the questions are so confusing that you could just tell that none of the people on the panel even knew how to begin to answer them. like someone would come up and very nervously on their phones say, "uh, i have a question and this is for anyone on the panel. this year, we saw drogon the dragon escape from captivity, and there are still two other dragons, rhaegar and viserys. do you think in the upcoming season, the three dragons will ever reunite? i will wait for your answer."
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[ laughter ] as if anyone on the panel would say, "oh, i think i can take this one." but it was very exciting. one of the great things about the show is this year, of course, there was that great scene at the end of, i guess, the ninth episode this year, where, you know, it was in the fighting pits and all of a sudden they cut to the crowd and there were those sons of the harpies wearing, like, the gold masks. and this was -- all of a sudden it cut to a woman answering a question. and i thought this was just such a great costume to have, there's the son of the harpy just lurking right there. [ laughter ] it's kind of terrifying. they also told me before i went up, the stage manager told me, don't worry, we -- the microphone where people ask questions, if they say anything inappropriate, we just cut the sound. and i just love the idea of someone coming up and saying something inappropriate enough to cut the sound. mostly if what they would say is, "none of you are fit to rule the iron throne!" [ laughter ] "why is the sound out?" [ laughter ]
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[ cheers and applause ] it was fun, i had a great time. thank you, "game of thrones" for having me. we have such a great show for you tonight. one of my favorite anchor -- favorite actors of all time, i'm so happy he's here. he's on the new show "tut" on spike tv, ben kingsley is going to be here tonight. [ cheers and applause ] what an honor to have ben kingsley here. also, he is a good friend of mine. he is a great comedian. he is in the new film "trainwreck," mike birbiglia is back on the show. [ cheers and applause ] and very exciting as well, he is a republican presidential candidate, senator lindsey graham from south carolina is joining us. [ cheers and applause ] cannot wait to talk to him. we will be right back with more "late night" after this. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ you know when you book a fabulous vacation
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[ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> seth: welcome back, everybody. you know, i watch a lot of tv. i'm a huge fan of tv. but when i watch a tv show, i watch it all the way to the end. because i want to see the closing credits. i want to see who worked on the show. now we all know that every show has actors, writers, and a director, but if you look a bit closer some shows have other credits that you may have never noticed. we're gonna take a look at some of them now in a segment we call
12:50 am
"hidden credits." ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: okay, let's get started. first, "the walking dead." it's a massive hit show. couldn't be more popular, and it wouldn't be nearly as popular without the work of one special person. there it is, pit stain designer, mariah wilson. [ laughter ] "guy's big bite" has been airing on the food network since 2006. it stars guy fieri. but the real star is this guy, there it is, donkey saucer eric reynolds. [ laughter ] i don't know, you guys. here is a show i watch a lot of, sportscenter. and yet, i was still pretty surprised when i saw this. da da da'er -- dwight krueger. so this is pretty cool. you know, i just thought da da da was like a track they played, but we actually have some footage of voice actor dwight krueger live at work behind the scenes at sportscenter sound booth. let's take a look.
12:51 am
♪ >> i think that's the one. i think we got it. >> seth: love your work, dwight. [ cheers and applause ] love your work, buddy. here's a classic hidden credit from the 1990s version of the game show "hollywood squares", hosted by tom bergeron, executive producer whoopi goldberg, and most importantly, bruce vilanch's personal trainer, cake. [ laughter ] personal trainer was cake. [ laughter ] cake. [ laughter ] "true detective" season two airing right now on hbo, i was very surprised to see this. here we go, laugh track remover, kelly delong. so this is 100% true. [ laughter ] what i'm about to tell you is 100% true. apparently, season two of "true detective" was originally conceived as a 1980s style sitcom, and they shot it in
12:52 am
front of a live studio audience. but it didn't work, so they had to then go in and hire someone to take out the laugh track. let's see what that would have sounded like. >> ten thousand. do not contest the custody. [ laughter ] >> you think you can buy my son? [ laughter ] >> no. just go, okay? [ audience oohs ] [ laughter ] >> seth: wimbledon was this weekend. if you watched the women's final this weekend, you heard the work of this man, right there. grunt softener jeff farnsworth. [ laughter ] you're probably thinking "grunt softener?" well yeah, listen to what the match sounded like before jeff went in and did his job. [ grunting ] [ laughter ] [ applause ] great work, jeff. you're a hero.
12:53 am
you're a hero. up next, we've got "downton abbey." i was very surprised to see this at the end of an episode, story editor, a glacier. pick up the pace, "downton abbey." stuff has to happen. [ laughter ] throwing down the gauntlet. [ laughter ] finally, we've got "late night with seth meyers." there are dozens of hardworking people on our staff, but no one works harder than this woman, my dimple stapler, monica whitesides. don't believe me, this is what i look like before monica staples on my dimples. [ laughter ] thank you, monica. that was "hidden credits." we'll be right back with ben kingsley. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ throughout ♪
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♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: welcome back, everybody. our first guest is an academy award winner who you know from films like "gandhi", "schindler's list" and "hugo." his new movie "selfless" is in theaters now. and starting sunday, can you see him in spike's three night event series, "tut." let's take a look. >> what do you see? >> what do you see? >> father. >> common blood. do not preach to me of what is deserved. we are given nothing, we deserve nothing.
12:59 am
we are owed nothing. we are exposed to what all men find for themselves for what they seek out, for what they desire, or they anticipate. do you know that one thing is, son? opportunity, opportunity. opportunity. >> seth: please welcome ben kingsley. ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: so wonderful to have you here. >> isn't it? >> seth: isn't it. [ laughter ] right off the bat. right off the bat, it's very exciting. now, you have played a lot of very good people in your career. people like gandhi. your character in schindler's list, and yet you also have been, you've played a lot of great villains. are you drawn to those roles? do those roles find you?
1:00 am
>> can i tell you my "sexy beast" story? >> seth: yes, well now, i'm so glad you brought up "sexy beast." >> have you seen the movie "sexy beast"? >> seth: "sexy beast." [ cheers and applause ] >> so, seth hasn't heard the story before. >> seth: i'm very excited to hear it. >> yeah. [ light laughter ] i think it'll appeal to you. i was at a screening of "sexy beast." and i was at the q & a afterwards. and i was waiting outside of the crash doors, to come, sort of through the audience. and they opened prematurely. and a young student was face-to-face with me who'd just seen "sexy beast." and i couldn't resist it. i said, what the [ bleep ] are you looking at? [ laughter ] and he fell back into the auditorium. [ laughter ] i couldn't resist it. >> seth: that's absolutely wonderful. and that, don logan, one of the great villains of all time. >> yeah. >> seth: when you play a sociopath like that, can you -- is it fun or too dark to still
1:01 am
be fun? >> you know, i cared for him, because i realized that in his youth, in his childhood, he was definitely an abused child. and i think the worst -- the worst thing can you do to the future is to abuse a child. because you will unleash a weapon into the world that, if that child remains uncured, will create chaos and damage. not because of how he is, but because he or she knows no other way. so i served him -- i realize that don was an unloved, abused child. and that gave me an engine to bark and bark and bark and bark like an unloved dog. >> seth: it was, you saying dog makes so much sense. it was almost as though your research was less almost human than it was like -- >> well, when i was with jonathan glazer, when i met him,
1:02 am
i had this image of, and i don't like dogs. i have a scar on my hand when i was bitten as a child by a dog. >> seth: see? so, even if a dog abuses a child, it can also affect. [ light laughter ] >> i was trying to feed the dog. it was chewing some food, some bones. and i found this bone, i was very little, about three, and i offered the bone to the dog, and of course the dog just savaged my hand. now, you talk about abuse, and i'm sorry to say, seth, that the people who should have protected me from that dog, who should have said, "don't do that darling," were my parents. >> seth: no. >> and they didn't. >> seth: did you ever forgive them? >> well it's very hard if you feel that level of neglect as a child. aren't you pleased that there's a comedian and a senator are following me when i leave the stage? [ laughter ] >> seth: i'm not.
1:03 am
because you know what? [ scattered applause ] >> he's looking rather distressed. >> seth: i'm not distressed. i was hoping you'd forgiven your parents. i was setting you up to say like, "aw no, i was three." but now i've got the feeling. >> you know, i'm not so sure about forgiveness. >> seth: really? >> as a --as an f-word. >> seth: really, you don't think -- >> i'm not so sure. i think that forgiveness is only in a very tiny gift for those who have been at the receiving end of whatever it was that may or may not be forgivable. outside of that, you can't. nobody can say, oh, we must forgive and forget unless you are at the center of that pain that is either forgivable or not forgivable. >> seth: i forgive, i never forget. that's my thing. i say, look, i forgive you but, i don't really forgive you. >> good for you. >> seth: but i like to be the thing that makes me look like the better person. >> you're one of my tribe. absolutely. >> seth: you play another sort of villain here. a little bit more subtle than don logan. tell us about tut. >> he's a survivor. ay is a great political animal.
1:04 am
the extraordinary thing about "tut," is that it is absolutely timeless. although it's set in ancient egypt, the three forces vying for power behind that young throne -- the military, clergy and the politicians. nothing's changed. absolutely nothing's changed. so that the audience will have a chance to see something set in 2000 bc or 1000 bc. but it is absolutely to do with them. our political struggles, our aspirations, our hopes, our fears. interrupt me. >> seth: i was going to say, one thing that's changed is way less eyeliner. it seems like you -- >> i tried it in the dressing room. but your producer, very pretty -- >> seth: oh, very happy. >> your very pretty producer said -- >> seth: no. how long did it take to you get in your eyeliner for this? does it take a long time? because it's very deep and dark. >> well, you know, it's a political statement. i know you are trying to turn it into something campy. yes, you are.
1:05 am
>> seth: no. i want it to be about politics. >> okay, it is a political statement. >> seth: in egypt, it was a political statement. >> because the more eye makeup you had and the more refined your eye makeup was, the more traditional you were. eyes of the old school, the tradition, old egypt, the lineage, the hierarchy. >> seth: got it. >> he is a pragmatist, he's a survivor. he's around today. loads of them today, the modern politician. >> seth: we'll have one on later, and i'm gonna ask him if he does the eyeliner thing. [ laughter ] >> we have spoken. >> seth: oh, good. very good. >> we have exchanged words. >> seth: now, fingers crossed that he comes out with it. now, one thing i was very impressed with, this is obviously a television series. the scope, the scale of this show is so impressive. it feels very big. were you surprised doing a television show? >> i was very pleasantly surprised. but i think honestly, that tv is now the home for great historic drama. and the shows that are on now are absolutely beautiful. and magnificent. and i saw the first hour on a
1:06 am
big screen. it looked wonderful. >> seth: now you have two sons, is it? >> i have three. >> seth: three sons, two of them are actors or three? >> yes. >> seth: okay, now, two of them, the actors, did you warn them against acting? are you excited that they're actors? >> no. i'll tell what you happened. i saw them in a shakespeare play when they were very young. they mastered the language beautifully. they were brought up in stratford upon avon, which is shakespeare's town. and something in me, after a few seconds, seth, immediately relaxed. i thought, you know, you can really do it. so given that seed of such promise in them, i thought, don't interrupt it. i think that honestly, to strike another serious note about childhood, i think one of the worst things can you do when you see a child's thoughts emerging beautifully is to interrupt it. i see it happen so often. and so i decided, don't interrupt, just to let it flower. and they're both very, very good actors. >> seth: when they come off stage, are you an effusive
1:07 am
parent? are you as quiet -- like, what happens after a show? >> they could go to casualty with cracked ribs. >> seth: oh, wow. so you really get in there and hug them up. >> i really get in there. yeah, yeah. >> seth: okay, that's good. well, i'm glad to hear it. [ light laughter ] and i hope you keep them away from dogs. >> well, they had a lovely labrador, and i did actually get quite fond of their big labrador. >> seth: all right, good. so you forgave dogs. >> no, no, no, no, no. >> seth: all right. ben kingsley, everybody. "tut" premieres sunday night on spike. we'll be right back with mike birbiglia. [ cheers and applause ] ♪
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♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: welcome back, everybody. our next guest is a very funny comedian who won acclaim for his 2012 film "sleep walk with me" and his one man comedy show, "my boyfriend's girlfriend." you can see him next in the eagerly anticipated movie "trainwreck", which opens in theaters friday. let's take a look. >> oh, i like tom's sweater. he's doing like the "to catch a predator" look. >> amy. >> what? >> amy, what's up? >> hey, looking sharp. looking sharp, man. >> thanks. >> nice to see you. >> good to see you. >> i was reading your article about how to talk your girlfriend into a three- way. >> you read that one? >> yeah. >> wow.
1:13 am
>> would you do that? >> nope. >> no? >> that got it off the table quick. >> yeah. >> let him do what he wants. you guys should make a sex tape. >> i would. i did high school theater, i think i'd be pretty good. [ laughter ] >> please welcome back to the show, my good friend mike birbiglia. ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: welcome back, my friend. >> thanks, thanks a lot. >> seth: it's so good to see you. i think, we had a lunch since, but we also -- the time before that i saw you, was at a dinner party. >> a dinner party you know organized. >> i apologize. i want to apologize, because i invited to you my house. and then, i decided, because it was going to be you and your wife alexi, me and my wife, jen. and our neighbors, mari and jorma, who you know. jorma from "snl." and then i just decided, their house is better. >> seth: yeah.
1:14 am
[ light laughter ] >> so i just invited you to their house. >> seth: yes. [ laughter ] >> you called and said, hey, that party i invited you to has moved a door over. >> seth: right. >> then i didn't show up. >> seth: yep. >> and the reason is this. i was on "orange is the new black." which is in season 3 right now. check it out. [ cheers ] >> seth: yeah, check it out. >> yeah, it's great. and they were shooting long, so i ended up being two hours late. because i'm the lowest person on the totem pole on that show, there's like big stars. and so i showed up two hours late, and then the sad thing was is alexi really likes "orange is the new black" and she was like, what character do you play. and i said, "i can't tell you." >> seth: right. it was a secret. >> it was just so disappointing. >> seth: so you invited us to a dinner party, changed locations, didn't show up, and then you finally did, and the one thing you could give us was a nugget about what you had done all night. and you wouldn't even do that. >> that's right. so, i was thinking, for the next time we socialize. do you have a neighbor? >> seth: do i have a neighbor? i mean, yeah, we all have neighbors.
1:15 am
>> do you think that we can go to their house -- >> seth: oh, yeah. sure. and then i just won't show. >> and have dinner and then you just don't show? >> seth: i guess that's a good way of doing it. >> i apologize. were you mad? >> seth: no, i wasn't mad. >> i didn't ask at the time if you were mad. >> seth: well, that would have been worse, i think, if you'd of shown up. you know, when people screw something up and they show up and are like, are you guys mad? then you shift it on to the people there. no, we're super happy. this is great. [ laughter ] you shouldn't feel that. >> seth: so this is really exciting, "trainwreck" is such a fun movie. >> good movie, right? >> seth: you did not even have to audition for this, which is every actor's dream. >> i feel so lucky to be in this movie. because amy is so brilliant in it. you know, judd did a great job, and i met judd just coincidentally on the show "girls." i was on an episode of "girls" that was called "vagina panic." >> seth: okay. [ light laughter ] that was the title of the episode, "vagina -- >> usually you don't know the name of the episode. but i get checks in the mail. [ laughter ]
1:16 am
you're all laughing, but it is a serious thing. >> seth: sure. it's your living. >> i get checks in the mail for diminishing amounts from the actors guild. and they say "vagina panic." and i have to take them to the bank. [ laughter ] like last week, i took a check to the bank for like 13 cents. >> seth: right. [ light laughter ] >> and i said, pennies please. and then the guy looked at it and he goes, what do you do? and i don't like to tell people i'm an actor, so i just said, "i make vagina band-aids. [ laughter ] pre-tampon technology." >> seth: got ya. >> it never caught on, but there's a niche market for it. >> seth: and every now and then you get 13 cents? >> yeah. [ laughter ] if you want a few, i can give you some. he didn't take me up on it. so that's how i met judd apatow. >> seth: got it.
1:17 am
>> and then judd was telling me about his movie over dinner one night. and i swear he e-mailed me next night and said, "hey, do you want to do a part in this movie?" and i was like, sure. and i swear i thought "oh, it must be one of the small judd apatow movies." like it must be one of the art house french new wave, black and white, out of town movies. which don't exist. no, it's this massive movie now. >> seth: and it's a great cast. obviously amy, bill hader, colin quinn. lebron james is in the film. lebron james is really funny in the film. >> and he's great. he's great. >> seth: isn't it kind of nuts that he's great? it's unfair how good he is. >> it's a little disconcerting. because i am not great at basketball. [ laughter ] >> seth: out of courtesy. >> how are you? >> seth: i am very bad at basketball. >> how do you feel about that. >> seth: those guys, lebron, like, blake griffin is really funny. >> is that right? >> seth: it does, it really bums me out. they're like funny on twitter, you're like, hey, hey. i'm not --
1:18 am
[ laughter ] >> this is our area. >> seth: i'm not jamming and shooting. i'm not doing any of that. >> and you could! >> seth: i could! >> oh, you could do it. >> seth: that's out of professional respect. >> we're all trying to -- everybody's got to respect, stay in your own lane. >> both: like kevin hart says, "stay in your lane." >> i'm always quoting kevin hart. >> seth: yeah, you are. >> yeah, so you got to stay in your lane. but, lebron was in this movie. i was on set that day, i didn't go up and say hi. >> seth: you didn't say hi to him? >> i was too intimidated. >> seth: yeah, okay. >> like we said, he is so good. but there were some other sports stars in the film. >> seth: yeah. >> and chris evert. i hope it's not a spoiler, but chris evert was there on set that day. maybe she's in the movie, and maybe not. [ laughter ] >> seth: she could have been just stopping by. >> she was hanging out, she was chilling. and then we went to lunch, me and judd and chris evert and a few other people. and i said to chris evert, i get nervous around celebrities, there is a reason i'm not going to talk to ben kingsley. >> seth: right. [ laughter ] >> and the reason i will talk to lindsey graham. >> seth: yeah. [ laughter and applause ]
1:19 am
>> sheep! sheep! but i was nervous, so i said to her over lunch -- >> seth: you said to chris evert. >> i said, i play tennis also. [ laughter ] i said, i play tennis, also. i was trying to come up with some common ground. >> seth: yeah, yeah. good one. of the ones you could come up with, that's great. >> seth: what do you think she'd say? like, how do you do it? [ laughter ] >> yeah, yeah, what's that like? so weird saying to someone, who's won 16 grand slams, like, i do that too. [ laughter ] i felt so dumb. >> seth: yeah. >> but it was -- no, it's great. there was an akron, ohio premiere of "trainwreck" this week, because of lebron. >> seth: lebron's home town. >> i got snubbed, no invitation.
1:20 am
i'm actually, usually on the akron premiere guest list. >> seth: yeah. and nothing? >> nothing. >> seth: akron film society lost your email. >> completely snubbed. >> seth: you have some very exciting news though. before we run out of time, i want to congratulate you. you had a baby. congratulations. >> i had a baby, thank you very much. [ cheers and applause ] oona malay. oona malay birbiglia. i want to show you some photos. because i haven't shown you photos yet. do you have them here cued up? >> seth: i have some right here. i have them on the cards and but i'm not -- i don't think these are great baby pictures. i'm going to be honest. >> oh, you saw the baby pictures? >> seth: i just looked at them. so explain what's going on there. >> ok. that's my cat, mazzy. [ laughter ] it's an over the shoulder of mazzy. and then that's oona, and that's my wife, jen. and that's just mostly, mostly mazzy. she's in the foreground there. then i'm, i'm in the back. i am shirtless. with oona. and i have my hand over my face. >> seth: okay. >> and then that's just mazzy. >> seth: yeah. [ laughter ] >> that one's basically -- >> seth: these are not good baby pictures.
1:21 am
this is like you tricking people into looking at cat pictures. people don't like that. >> no, it's not. this is also mazzy. you gotta remember, oona loves mazzy. >> seth: yeah. okay, but still, i don't, you know. >> that's a mazzy action shot, right there. she's a wonderful cat. >> seth: yeah but still, i think. see, now that -- [ audience aws ] >> and then that's oona. >> seth: you notice how the noise was different? [ laughter ] >> that was for lindsey graham. >> seth: oh, okay gotcha. congratulations. >> thank you. >> seth: and thank you so much for being here. >> i love it here. >> seth: mike birbiglia, everybody. "trainwreck" opens in theaters friday. we'll be right back with senator lindsey graham. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ hesitation without any doubt from the very beginning you're the one your baby trusts most so it's comforting to know you can wrap them
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1:27 am
>> seth: thank you so much for being here. >> biggest crowd i've had in like two weeks. >> seth: well that's good. that's good. [ laughter ] i'll take advantage. you got to take advantage. >> anybody from iowa or new hampshire? [ laughter ] if not, have a good night. >> seth: all right. yeah, you don't need them right now. >> no, not now. >> seth: now, i will -- i want to give you a compliment, because i feel like amongst the republican field -- >> i'll take it. [ laughter ] >> seth: you use the word compromise, and i think you believe that compromise is a positive word more than anyone else. i feel like -- >> we say common ground, because people hate compromise. >> seth: they don't even like the word. >> no, they hate that word. >> seth: you say common ground. do you feel that your affection for common ground sometimes makes it hard for you to attract yourself to the base? >> among some. but among most americans, they think washington is broken because we yell and fight all the time. and i'm going to make a bet that if you want to fix problems, you might get elected president. who knows? what the hell? try something new, right? [ laughter ] >> seth: try something new.
1:28 am
you might as well. one other thing, you know, it's a big field. a lot of you are running. >> well 15 is not that big. >> seth: 15's not that big. the only problem about 15 -- [ laughter ] >> it's three basketball teams. >> seth: exactly. the only downside -- >> i'm the little short white guy. you can't miss me. >> seth: on, height, you might be like the 14th or 15th i pick. now, there's only 10 allowed. right now they're saying there's a limit of only 10 at the first debate. your current polling might have you on the outside of that 10. you've been critical of that -- >> this is what happens when you're at 1%, you show up at 12:30 on television. >> seth: thank you very much. we're the one percenters here. [ laughter ] >> no, this is the middle of the day in iowa. i think this will help me. >> seth: this will be very helpful. what do you feel about this rule that they might only have the 10. >> i think it is really dumb. let me tell you why. whether i make it or not, i think i've got a voice that should be heard on national security, immigration, this compromise thing. i think john kasich, the governor of ohio, was at 1%. it would be pretty dumb for the republican party not let the governor of ohio in to debate in ohio. >> seth: yes.
1:29 am
>> since we need to win ohio. >> seth: yes. >> national polling at this point, brad pitt would be in the debate. you would be in the debate. >> seth: thank you very much. that would be great. and i have a lot of things to say. and i would like it very much. >> i think it's a bad idea early on. >> seth: now, one of the people who of course, based on polling right now would be at the debate is donald trump. you have been critical of the trump campaign so far. do you feel -- are you surprised he's running? are you surprised he is doing so well and getting this kind of traction with the republican voters? >> well my initial impression that insulting a whole class of people is a bad vote. but apparently not. [ laughter ] >> seth: no, yeah. >> at the end of the day, he's gonna be in the debate. all i can say is that, from my point of view, i'm running to be president of the united states. i don't think anybody who wants to be president of the united states should say that most of the 11 million legal immigrants are rapists and drug dealers, when they're not. >> seth: now, i think that's very true. [ cheers and applause ] you have been in the senate. you have worked on immigration bills that have passed with this
1:30 am
common ground. >> i'm called lindsey grahamnesty. >> seth: there you go. lindsey grahamnesty. >> lindsey gomez of some. for the gomez's, i apologize if i screw up the family name. [ laughter ] >> seth: so, but you have had this problem and that you pass these bills when they've gone to the house of the republicans that have blocked it. do you think in some degrees, the republicans are responsible for the fact that donald trump can now run on this rhetoric because, over the years you haven't passed an immigration bill? >> here's what i think. that president obama promised immigration reform when he first ran. he failed miserably in 2009, he didn't lift a finger to pass immigration reform. nor did hillary clinton. but enough about them, about us. our party has dug a hole with hispanics. every time we pass a bill in the house, excuse me, the senate, goes to the house to die. at the end of the day, i think we've gone from 44% of the hispanic vote to 27, because of the way we talked about this issue. because of the way we've handled this issue.
1:31 am
if i get to be president of the united states, we're gonna fix the problem and i will make my party step up to the plate. you believe in climate change? you believe it's caused by man? are you surprised that no one else, and so many of your party refuse to accept it. >> well i'm not a scientist. >> seth: which is what everyone says. >> and do you know why i can say that? because i'm not. there you go. i made a d in science. you know why i made a d? >> seth: why? >> my teacher said she's never given an "f." [ laughter ] >> seth: very nice. that's southern charm right there. southern hospitality. >> and it's actually true, too. the bottom line, i know i'm not a scientist, but here's the problem i've got with some people in my party. when you ask the scientists what's going on, why don't you believe them? >> seth: right. >> if i went to 10 doctors and nine said, hey you're gonna die, and one says you're fine, why would i believe the one guy? >> seth: well there you go. >> so there you go. >> seth: now, we talked about compromise, talked about common ground. one compromise you don't agree
1:32 am
with this iran deal that was passed today or agreed upon today, i should say. you were very critical. you said this deal is -- could be a death sentence for israel. which is obviously -- >> yeah, that's pretty critical. >> seth: that's very critical. it's very strong wording. now why -- why are you so upset about the terms of this deal? because it seems to me that based on what we are hearing, iran is very close to having the ability to create a nuclear bomb. this puts that off for 15 years. this brings in more inspectors, things that, it seems to me, are good things as far as keeping it away from them. why such strong words? >> well, when the iranians say this is a win/win, it probably is not. so the bottom line, the goal was to dismantle their program, which is a good goal. to avoid a war, which is a great goal, to find a diplomatic solution to nuclear ambitions. instead of dismantling the program, we have ensured they will become a nuclear nation. we are giving them $18 billion, and they haven't changed their behavior at all and there's no requirement to do it. we're lifting the arms embargo on the most radical regime in the region. other than that, this is a good
1:33 am
deal. >> seth: now, a lot of criticism in this negotiation is that there was this is what america wanted when they sat done at the table and they didn't get all of it. part of negotiation obviously, is finding this middle ground we're talking about. you have to give in a little bit. it seems to me, are you saying that because there's nothing to negotiation or did you expect to sit down and have iran say, you know what, all your terms, we're good with? >> here is what i wanted to have happen. i wanted a deal that would not make the arabs feel like they need to get a nuclear weapon. now you've locked in an industrial size iranian enrichment program that can become a nuclear program by the sheer passage of time. you are giving them billions of dollars without requiring them to change their behavior. you're lifting an arms embargo to the most destructive regime in the region. you're going to, in the name of trying to find common ground, which we talked about me, create a nuclear arms race in the mideast. i wish it were a good deal. at the end of the day, if i were
1:34 am
president, i'd tell the iranians the following. you're not gonna get a penny until you stop destabilizing the mideast. wreaking havoc on your neighbors. you're never gonna get the arms embargo lifted until you change your behavior, renounce terrorism, and when it comes to a nuclear program, you can have a peaceful power program, peaceful nuclear power program. but if you want a weapon, you're not going to get it. if you want a war you're going to lose it. >> seth: here is the thing. i think if we make them wait 15 years, that in 15 years there's just gonna be like an app on your iphone to stop nuclear bombs. >> well, i hope so. i hadn't thought about that but, maybe you're right. >> seth: all right, well thank you so much for being here. >> thank you. >> seth: and i really hope you get on stage. [ cheers and applause ] it'd be nice to see you at the debate. >> thank you. >> seth: senator lindsey graham, everyone. we'll be right back. [ cheers and applause ] ♪
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[ cheers and applause ] >> seth: my thanks to ben kingsley, mike birbiglia, senator lindsey graham, and of course, the 8g band. stay tuned for "carson daly." we'll see you tomorrow. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪
1:38 am
>> carson: well hello there. you are watching "last call" on nbc. i'm your host carson daly. thank you so much for being here. we're coming to you from the home of 91.7 amp radio where i do a morning show all week long. we're in southern california, this is a great spot and thanks for watching. now all week long we're going to feature oscar nominees on "last call." we're going to kick things off with the oscar nominated director behind "the imitation game" morton tyldum. also on the show tijuana panthers are going to make their tv debut from the troubadour. and right now we're going to start things off with our buddy david cross and put him in the spotlight. you know david as an actor and comedian who's appeared in over 100 projects, but tonight he's here to talk about "hits." this marks his directorial debut. from acabar, take a look. ♪ >> is there something that you take to making a feature that you can directly tie back to working on short sketches? or are they too -- apples and oranges? >> well they -- they're apples and oranges but then you can, there's nothing saying you can't


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