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tv   Today  NBC  July 22, 2015 7:00am-11:01am PDT

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ready to go for that press conference happening at hayward police in a few moments. we'll bring you the latest in 20 minutes. good morning, breaking news, a massive five-alarm fire in new jersey overnight. the smoke and flames seen for miles and still smoldering. new laser strike, united airlines flight targeted during final approach to new york area airport. >> laser from our 10 clock position. >> is it xekted to 12 incidents at the same airport less than a week ago? lion on the loose? a large cat caught on camera prowling the streets of milwaukee. the entire city on edge bumtt the
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zoo says no animals are missing. calling out nicki minaj over her tweets. are there artists tweeting into the fray? today, wednesday, july 22nd, 2015. >> live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> good morning, everyone, welcome on a wednesday morning. >> let's ask the guys in the control room to put the images up of a massive warehouse complex fire in north brunswick, 40 miles from manhattan. it has grown to five alarms. we'll have much more on that story coming up. but on this wednesday morning, let's start with another breaking story overnight. a united airlines crew reported being the target of lasers at a new york area airport. this after a dozen similar incidents there last week. nbc's tom costello covers aviation. what can you tell us?
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>> this problem has been growing worse over the past few years. laser pointers start out with a small light but as the distance grows, that beam of light grows bigger and bigger. so big it can light up a cockpit and blind the pilots. >> this morning, the police and faa once again investigating an incident at newark liberty airport after a green laser was pointed in the cockpit of united airlines flight as it was landing last night. >> we just got lasered from our 10 clock position. >> no injuries reported on the flight that took off from houston landing at newark just before midnight. it comes after a string of similar incidents one night last week when 12 different planes were lit up, delta, american, jetblue and united and porter airlines. >> american 1472, we have a green laser shooting at us right off the wing. >> the problem is growing.
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in 2010 more 2800 reports. last year nearly 3900. a high priority for the faa and the fbi. >> it's got hundreds of people on board and instead of focusing on the landing of the plane, that pilot is instead focusing on getting hit by a laser. >> while police often try to follow the people behind the laser, catching them can be a challenge. the penalty for targeting an aircraft, up to a quarter million dollar fine and 20 years in prison. >> the fbi says it's hard to profile who targets an aircraft but it's very often a young man who is bored or simply fooling around with a new laser. while 3900 laser attacks is a lot, the nation's airlines point out it's a fraction of the 27,000 flights they have every single day across the country. back to you. >> tom, it's a very reckless act. thanks for your report. we're getting our first look at dash cam video from the arrest of a woman in texas days later found dead in her jail cell. authorities say she took her own
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life but her family disputes that. john yang has the latest on this story. >> reporter: good morning, savannah, the department of public safety is denying social media claims that that 52 minute dash cam video was edited before they released it. they say it was a technical problem when they posted it and they are now working on reposting it. i should point out those glitches do not appear in the 14 minute section that shows sandra bland's arrest or in the sections that we're about to show you now. >> i'm in my car, why do i have to put out my cigarette? >> you can step on out. >> i don't have to -- >> step out of the car. >> reporter: a traffic stop turns into a shouting match between a texas state trooper and sandra bland. >> i'm going to yank you out of here. >> you're going to yank me out of my car? all right. >> the confrontation lasted 15 minutes and captured on state
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police dash cam he hadedited in part. >> i will light you up! get out of the car! >> the officer's arrest report says a handcuffed bland kicked my right leg. authorities are investigating the trooper's behavior and placed him on desk duty. bland was charged with assaulting a police officer three days later she was found dead in jail. this is cell 95, where officials say sandra bland's body was found. it's been virtually untouched since that morning. including her unopened meal from the night before. on a bunk a bible ininspirational booklet. the sheriff says it's suicide. the family isn't buying it. sandra bland's family has returned to chicago with sandra's remains. they say they are preparing to fwur bury her at a funeral on saturday in chicago. matt and savannah? >> thank you. let's turn to politics. donald trump remains the talk of the presidential race with new
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antics on the campaign trail. it's making it hard for any of the 15 other republicans to get any attention unless of course they are the target of a trump rant. nbc national correspondent peter alexander is at the white house with more on that. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, lindsey graham proudly joking he's in the market for a new cell phone after donald trump's latest move that almost felt like a scene out of aplayground prank giving his private number to a national tv audience. with trump stealing all of the oxygen here it's become impossible for any of the opponents to spark momentum of their own. >> after seven years, is that the advice that you then be queej to future president trump? >> president obama joking on tuesday night. >> well, i'm sure the republicans are enjoying mr. trump's current dominance --
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>> anything that makes them look less crazy. >> reporter: the republican front-runner released an unrepented. >> i'm a little too strong. they don't like it. >> reporter: donald trump's unorthodox campaign shaking up an already unpredictable race. >> we're going to turn it around. >> reporter: it sounded like a roast of his republican rivals mocking rick perry's glasses. >> he put glasses on so people would think he's smart. it just doesn't work. >> reporter: and calling out south carolina's senior senator lindsey graham in his own state. >> what a stiff. >> reporter: the latest in a round of name calling. >> you don't have to run for president and be the world's biggest jackass. >> i watch lindsey graham calling me a jackass -- >> reporter: even reading off graham cell phone number on live tv. [ bleep ] so i don't know, give it a shot. >> reporter: while graham tweeted probably getting a new phone.
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the aides hit back, saying his ridiculous campaign is taking focus off real issues like iran and national security. >> he is someone not bound by same rules that other candidates abide by and that's why he's so dangerous. >> reporter: tuesday's sparring overshadowed the latest to announce, john kasich, the 16th republican in the race. >> we're going to take the lessons of the heartland and straighten out washington, d.c. and fix our country. >> reporter: the break through had to force candidates to get creative, like rand paul torching the tax code as the republican race heats up. here's why all this matters. there's an added urgency for republicans this time around because only the top ten of them are going to earn a spot in the first prime time republican debate that's now barely two weeks away.
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matt and savannah, back to you. ten participants will be based on an average of the latest five national polls. so, for example, if it were held today that would put trump on stage with bush, walker huckabee and christie and perry and senators rubio paul and cruise and ben carson. that leaves out carly fiore ranny and graham and kasich, who just entered the race on tuesday. national security, it's always a hot button issue in the race for white house. british authorities uncovered a plot to kill u.s. servicemen. prosecutors say a man was allegedly going to stage a car crash at a u.s. military base in britain before attacking a u.s. military member with a knife and then detonating a suicide vest. the suspect is also accused of planning to join isis in syria, along with another man. that other man has arrest been arrested. >> we'll continue to follow that. naltly is covering this massive fire in new jersey.
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pictures are incredible. >> we want to go back to that image. emergency crews on scene fighting this massive warehouse fire in new jersey and take a look there. the five alarm blaze broke out early in north brunswick. the building is used for auto body repair and store cars for a nearby dealership. six nearby residential buildings were evacuated as precaution and major highway shut down because of thick black smoke which can be seen from 15 miles away. no word yet on how the fire started or if anyone was injured in it. >> defense secretary ash carter arrived in saudi arabia today to sell the iran nuclear deal to top officials there. saudi arabia publicly has given a cautious welcome to the deal, however in private the main u.s. arab ally is skeptical fearing the agreement will give the regional enemy too much power. here in the u.s., congress has less than 60 days to decide or reject the accord. now to dramatic surveillance
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video showing an out of control truck trash into an auto dealership. a speeding truck hits a telephone pole and flips over several times. this happened in massachusetts. no one there was hurt. at least six cars at the dealership were damaged and the driver is facing drunk driving charges. two brothers being credited this morning for helping save an injured shark. the dramatic scene played out on a crowded florida beach. marcus and logan spotted a hammerhead shark in shallow waters with something hanging from its mouth. logan decided to pull it onto the beach and with the help of several others remove two steel hooks from the shark's mouth. logan says the shark did not appear to have other injuries when it swam back into the water. get the shark far off the shore though. a florida man uses his head after he accidentally got off the bus at the wrong stop. take a look at the surveillance video. not the smart thing to do -- so the man apparently ran full speed into the bus door.
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smashing his head into the glass, breaking it -- >> why? >> first he -- because he missed his stop or got off at the wrong stop. he appears to black out for a few seconds. the story is, he aparntly missed the stop and wanted to get back on and the bus driver told him he would need to pay another $2, needless to say, he didn't keep a cool head about it. >> no. >> not very smart. >> head butt a bus? >> trying to get back in. that will show us. >> that worked well. >> could have been thrown under the bus but running into it -- >> mr. roker good news in the northeast but temperatures have broken a little bit not so much down south. >> take a look what's going on in california also. this is donner pass, 3 inches of hail. my gosh, party of four. i'm sorry. it slowed up traffic for a long, long time and finally did melt. i-80 was a mess. let's show you what's going on. look at this.
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yesterday morning, it felt like 84 degrees in new york and in philadelphia and washington, d.c. felt like 90. the front moved through and cooler drier air comes in and boom, right now it feels like it's 70 outside. it's 71 in philly and 73 in washington, d.c. and today's highs only getting up in the mid-80s with lower humidity. much more comfortable. 70s in buffalo and syracuse, yesterday everybody for the highs we're in the high 90s and into the 100s and today, no real relief from louisiana to florida, temperatures will feel like 100 to 115 with heat advisories in effect. that's what's going on around the country. we'll get to your local forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds. it's okay. we're still here for you
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and we'll be happy to have you back on a reliable network. come home to verizon and get $300. verizon. come home to a better network. good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. low clouds are clearing out across the bay. and it's now in the lower 60s for most of us as you head out to the door. reaching 64 in san francisco. north bay 83 degrees. and 72 in the east bay. tri-valley will see highs in the lower 80s as well as peninsula 880 degrees. 81 in the south bay. overall comfortable with low humidity a nice breeze throughout the afternoon. that's your latest weather. savann that's your latest weather. >> thank you so much. now to the growing worries for an american imprisoned in iran. it has been one year since the "washington post" bureau chief there was arrested. he's still being held and with a spotlight on the nuclear deal with iran, the president is
7:15 am
under fire for not doing enough to free him. nbc's chief foreign correspondent richard engel spoke with reporter's family. good morning. >> good morning, savannah, on the one year anniversary, family members are calling for the immediate release of "washington post" reporter saying he lost a lot of weight in captivity and been denied medical care and due process. >> jason razion has been held in the harshest prison for a year with almost no access his brother says to a lawyer. >> he wants to join the community of nations and broader community of nations. they can't do things like this. >> reporter: although he grew up in the states, jason started going to iran over a decade ago to make a documentary about the country where his father was born. >> getting to iran was the hardest part. >> reporter: he became well connected, a guide for foreign
7:16 am
visitors like cnn's anthony bore dain. things were going well, he landed the job of a lifetime and married an iranian woman. then came the knock on the door. >> they took their computers, their cell phones and their cameras and and paperwork and took them away. >> reporter: authorities put jason in solitary confinement for five months. his brother says there have been constant interrogations. >> i know that they ask him a lot about e-mails and people he knew and friends he had and everybody who came to dinner at his house. >> jason's wife was released on bail but not him. >> he's being accused of what exactly, espionage? >> they have several charges, one of which is he isespionage and propaganda. >> the "washington post" is standing by him. >> not one shred of evidence has been produced. he was just a reporter doing his
7:17 am
job and doing his job well and fairly. >> reporter: when the administration made a nuclear deal with iran, without securing the release of jason and three other americans presumed held in iran, critics said president obama betrayed them. on monday, he made a promise. >> we're not going to relent until we bring home our americans unjustly detained in iran. >> reporter: do you think this administration, the people negotiating from the american side of this deal did enough to work for your brother's release? >> i don't think that anybody has done enough until he's out. >> an iranian official today confirmed that jason's status was brought up on the sidelines of those nuclear negotiations and suggested if the nuclear deal is passed, it could pave the way for more discussions on a case by case basis. back to all of you. >> richard, thank you very much. coming up, what appears to be a lion caught on camera roaming through a milwaukee neighborhood.
7:18 am
where did that lion come from? >> the zoos say no animals are missing. also a new hacking concern. could someone actually take control of your car remotely and literally drive you off the road? we have the eye opening demonstration but first, this is "today" on nbc.
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i'm ... our breaking news: a hayward police officer shot and injured early this good wednesday morning. 7:26. i'm sam brock. breaking news hayward police officer shot and injured this morning during a traffic stop. that much confirmed during a short news conference that ended a few moments ago of the hayward police department. we fine bob redell live. what other information did lieutenant provide. >> reporter: the word of the lieutenant with the hayward police department used to describe this morning's officer-involved shooting was devastating. as he confirmed one of his colleagues was shot and injured this morning during a traffic stop around 3:15 in lion and myrtle. a neighbor heard someone doing doughnuts with the car followed by sound of police sirens and counted seven gunshots.
7:27 am
police will not update us on the condition of their colleague but we know several members of the law enforcement community are gathered outside eden medical center where this officer was taken for treatment. >> very difficult, no officer comes to work wanting to be involved in something like that so they're very difficult and they're difficult for those involved. difficult for the family. difficult for the community. >> reporter: hayward police also told us this morning they are looking into whether the suspect was driving this white pickup truck found in oakland with at least three bullet holes in the side. no person found in that vehicle but an officer found that vehicle. looking to reports of the license plate matched the suspect license plate. another news conference scheduled for 10:00 outside hayward city hall. reporting live bob redell nbc bay area news. >> active investigation there, thank you very much bob. a quick check of the weather with kari hall. >> today cool and comfortable
7:28 am
with highs in the 60s in the city and 80s across the bay. low humidity afternoon sunshine all across the bay. let's get a look at roads now with mike. >> overall, no big surprises for the bay. palo alto we did have a crash or some sort of activity in lanes south 101 and university. lane's clear. northbound building for silicon vally. southbound 880 slowing as traffic heads across san mateo and dumbarton bridges. back to the "today" show.
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♪ 7:30 on this wednesday morning. the 22nd of july, 2015. matt, they're playing our song. "honey, i'm good." in about 48 hours we'll all be good when andy grammer takes over the plaza and plays that super awesome song. >> it's a catchy song gets in your head, no question. let's look at the headlines on a wednesday morning. firefighters in north brunswick, new jersey, battling a huge warehouse fire southwest of manhattan. the flames are so intense that the nearby buildings have been evacuated. the smoke can be seen for miles. >> another airline crew is reporting a laser was pointed at them as they were landing at newark airport last night.
7:31 am
12 similar reports were made by flight crews wednesday at that very same airport. and texas officials have released dash cam video of the traffic stop and arrest of 28-year-old sandra bland who later died in a jail cell. you can hear the officer threaten her with a taser. bland's death initially ruled a suicide is being investigated by the texas rangers and the fbi. in the meantime we'll start this half hour with video out of milwaukee. it's got a lot of people in that city on edge with good reason. this appears to be a lion on the loose. willie is here with more on that good morning. good morning. police are treating this alleged lion on the prowl credible and taking the threat seriously. on tuesday a woman in a milwaukee neighborhood captured video of what looked like a lion on the loose in the nearby yard. >> everybody looked at it and said, i think this is a lion. then your heart skips a beat.
7:32 am
you think, oh, my goodness, this could be serious. >> neighbors first spotted the big cat monday afternoon. officers from the wisconsin department of natural resources and milwaukee police checked the area for several hours monday, but didn't find anything. authorities continued to investigate on tuesday after a second sighting but still no sign of a lion and no indication of where the animal may have come from. the milwaukee zoo reported all its cats were accounted for tweeting we are not sure what's running around the city but all of our lions are safe and sound. although the animal roaming the city has evaded capture it's been spotted all over social media. in photo shopped pictures, t-shirts, its own twitter account. but residents remain on high alert. >> the carden told me i probably would be safe it's moved on. >> police aren't taking any chances patrolling the streets as the suspected lion remains at large. authorities are warning residents not to approach or try
7:33 am
to capture the lion themselves. >> you don't have to tell me twice. >> here, kitty, kitty. >> it is possible the animal people have seen could be a cougar puma or mountain lion down from the northern part of wisconsin. cougars have been spotted there as recently as a couple of years ago. >> they were going out with younger guys. >> this whole piece was a set-up for that gig. >> exactly. >> good one. >> al, thank you. we have another video. it might startle you. hackers are seizing control of a jeep on a highway. this is just a demonstration, but it is really raising concerns for both drivers and carmakers, too. nbc's halle jackson has the story. >> reporter: it's like something out of a "fast and furious" movie. someone else controlling your car while you're behind the wheel. but this is real life. hackers cut off this driver's
7:34 am
brakes, transmission. >> hold on a second. hold on. >> reporter: even in a demo, still scary. to access the steering wheel or engine hackers don't have to be in the car. they don't even have to be in the neighborhood. they can take control from thousands of miles away. and you can do it by hacking the uconnect containment console estimated to be in as many as 400,000 chrysler vehicles. hackers have only prove it works in the 2014 jeep cherokee. they showed us what it is like. charlie miller at the mercy of chris in pittsburgh. >> i'm not driving 0 miles an hour. >> reporter: going public not to scare people but to warn what could happen as cars get more connected via wi-fi and cell. >> people want them in the car.
7:35 am
the manufacturers will put them there. >> we have no idea how good cars are as far as security. >> reporter: they have been sharing research with chrysler which released a patch last week saying in a statement it regularly tests information systems to get rid of vulnerabilities. they point out it takes time and expertise to hack a car. >> it's so hard. at the same time i don't think cars should be vulnerable. >> reporter: congress is looking at a bill requiring connected cars include protection to stop a hack in its tracks. so drivers watching risks on the road can avoid potential danger from the dash. for "today," hallie jackson, nbc news, los angeles. >> al said as soon as they come out with a patch or a fix for that, then the hackers try to break into it and figure that out. >> that's the price of technology which we love but it's scary. let's get a check of the weather. >> announcer: today's weather is brought to you by nexium. available without a prescription. so the frontal system has brought the cool air into new england and now it's becoming a stationary front.
7:36 am
showers and thunderstorms from oklahoma city all the way to memphis and later into atlanta. during the day we'll watch the systems fire up from oklahoma city to the southeastern atlantic coast into florida. rainfall amounts over the next few days are fairly decent. some areas locally could pick up from four it will be a great day across the bay. good morning, i'm meteorologist kari hall. temperatures now in the lower 60s as the clouds are clearing out. we will have sunshine going throughout the day although clouds will hang around for a little while longer in san francisco through at least midmorning. high of only 64 there east bay 72. 83 degrees in the north bay. look for highs around 81 in the south bay and peninsula today reaching 80 degrees a lot of sunshine and nice breeze all afternoon. >> that's your latest weather. matt? >> all right, al. thanks so much. coming up are these two for real? one couple's unique way of
7:37 am
dealing with all those shark attacks off the coast of north carolina. >> that's not going to work. and next up an eye-opening "rossen reports." >> reporter: hi good morning. i'm jeff rossen. two more dramatic rescues this week of children stuck inside of hot cars. so i've come into a hot car to show you how fast this happens. plus if you walk by a car and you see a child stuck inside the easy way to break in and break the glass to rescue that child with everyday items you probably have in your bag right now, coming up. new smucker's fruit fulls. it's a delicious snack, made with fruit and whole grains like oats and chia! no preservatives no artificial flavors. it's like having your own personal orchard any time, anywhere. with a name like smucker's, it has to be good. are you still getting heartburn flare-ups? time for a new routine. try nexium® 24hr.
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back now with a new rossen report tied to the summer heat. tuesday we showed you video of strangerers racing in to rescue children locked in hot cars. you can see a woman was having a hard time breaking in. this morning national investigative correspondent jeff rossen is in miami to show you what to do. good morning. >> reporter: good morning from miami. normally sweltering in the summer but not at this hour of the morning. that's the common mistake we paycheckment it's not that hot out. my child can't be hurt. but morning afternoon,er night, even when the sun goes down uh your child can suffer heat stroke because it is always much hotter inside the car than outside. already this year matt ten children have died from being stuck in hot cars. this porning i'm going inside to show you how hot it gets and how fast. plus if you are walking through a parking lot and you spot a child stuck in a hot car, how do
7:42 am
you smash the glass? where you hit it will make a big difference. just days ago this woman desperately hammering on the back window of a stranger's car. inside a 2-year-old girl left in her car seat. the temperatures inside soaring well over 100 degrees. thankfully the baby was pulled to safety. monday it happened again. >> it's 95 degrees. >> reporter: this time two children locked inside. rescued just in time. how hot does it get? i'm climbing inside this car with miami dade fire rescue. i'm wearing wires so you can monitor my health. >> absolutely. >> reporter: right away i i'm feeling it. we are already over 100 degrees inside the car. out's only been three minutes. now imagine a baby in here. >> kids get hot hoerer faster than adults do. >> reporter: as hot as i am now
7:43 am
a child would be in more danger. >> at least twice. >> reporter: just ten minutes in my body temperature is spiking. >> 101. now you are in the danger zone. >> reporter: a few minutes later he takes my temperature again. >> temperature is getting almost the to 104. i want to end it. it's too dangerous for you. >> reporter: he called it off. look at this. my body temperature got too hot. i'm already at 104. look. a child can't open a door like i just did. that's what sticks with me. what if you spot a child in a hot car? uh how do you break in? it's not easy. firefighters showing us how to do it. my first instinct is to the punch or elbow the window. >> give it a try. hurts, doesn't it? >> reporter: it won't break. >> it hurts you, won't break the window. we don't want to break this window or glass goes on your child. use the other side sthrks if your child is here go to the other side. how do i i break it? >> everyday objects.
7:44 am
go to the trunk. grab a tire iron or a lug wrench. we change tires with that. it has a sharp end. grab are the handle. >> reporter: you're telling me this is the weakest part. >> don't use the center. that's the strongest part. in the corner get the point in the corner pull back with and go in. >> reporter: wow. >> another option. get a window breaker at any big box, auto store, something cheap. $10 to $15. keep it in the car. sharp point. anybody can use it. strike the same spot as i did on the other side right here. >> reporter: i'm going to try. wow. >> nice and easy. >> reporter: then do this. >> don't use your hand. start at the top, work your way down. >> reporter: that's it. >> just that simple you can save a life. >> reporter: i was amazed how easy it is. anybody can do it. that's something you can buy now. experts say to keep it in uh your bag, in your car.
7:45 am
we talk about children. the most important pets are important, too. pets are just as are vulnerable maybe more than kids. i have already seen it this summer. you probably have. people leave pets in the car and crack the window. experts say this isn't enough to ventilate the car for pets. >> jeff we were having a question here. i think people at home might question it. you were in the car, drenched in sweat yet the guy next to you seemed cooler. what was the deal there? >> he wasn't cooler. he's wearing a white shirt. you can't see the sweat popping through. trust me. the sweat was dripping off his face. the camera won't show it. he was with me the whole type and he wanted out, too. he was sweating through just like me. >> good demonstration, jeff. thank you very much. >> coming up next, is this there bad blood between taylor swift and nicki minaj? carson will break down the headline-making twitter feud right after this.
7:46 am
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7:49 am
we are back. carson has the story of a big old twitter feud.
7:50 am
>> it's like bad blood is the theme song for this. tuesday, mtv announced nominations for the vma. right after a twitter battle broke out between taylor swift and nicki minaj over the video of the year category. taylor got a nod for "bad blood." nicki minaj didn't get the nod for "anaconda." nicki minaj starts out with if your video celebrates whip with slim bodies you will be nominated for video of the year. taylor's video has an impressive line-up of oh models and swift and beyonce are the only women. taylor swift took that personally. she fired back saying nicki minaj, i have done nothing but love and support youment it's unlike you to pit women against each other. maybe one of the men took your
7:51 am
slot. nicki minaj provides several responses. in one she said she was addressing a bigger issue of black women not being rewarded for work. here's the tweet. nothing i said had to do with taylor. so what jabs? white media and their tactics. so sad. that's what they want. swift eventually after more tweeting and retweeting tried to oh smooth things over with if i win, please come up with me. you are invited to any stage i'm on. bruno mars and ed shee ran had fun. mars calling the vmas the few wwf retweeting a mock-up image a fan put up they thought was funny. at the end of the day this will make for an interesting night at the vmas next month. your host is miley cyrus. add that to the mix and it will be crazy >> she passed me a note in homerun and i said and she was
7:52 am
all and -- >> we should get in a twitter feud. >> you're remarkably good at that. >> we i was 13 once. >> "she was all"? okay. >> and then i go and you're all -- >> just ahead, we have a warning for parents on popular furniture and the risk of it apparently toppling over. what a major retailer is asking you to do. we'll have the story and more of
7:53 am
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7:56 am
i'm ... our breaking news: a hayward police officer shot-anju good wednesday morning. 7:after. sam brock. hayward police officer shot and injured during early morning traffic stop that much we know. "today in the bay's" bob redell live in hayward to tell us what the department is saying so far about the incident. >> reporter: within the past hour hayward police have confirmed to us one of officers was shot and hurt during the exchange of gunfire early this morning. the live pictures over eden medical center where you can see members of law enforcement have gathered outside while colleague has been treated inside. hayward police will not update us on this person's condition. >> -- know that as we go through this incident which is devastating to the officer involved and the community, that you give us a time to investigate and report back as briskly as we can. >> reporter: the shooting took place around 3:15 this morning as two officers tried to pull
7:57 am
over a person driving irraderratic erratically doing doughnuts. a neighbor heard six or seven gunshot. we can learn more at 10:00 at hayward city hall. reporting live here in hayward, bob redell, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. we will provide updates on this story. let's get a quick collect of weather meet kari hall. >> today nice and comfortable after low clouds clear. sunshine in the peninsula, reaching 77. south bay 81. north bay high of 83 degrees in the tri-valley nice and warm with high of 84. san francisco with low clouds only reach 64 degrees. let's go get a look at traffic with mike. >> slow through palo alto but this is the lane shift side southbound, expect slowing more spectator slowing approaching university through altamont toward san mateo. the red don't, northbound rude through san jose 280, lanes
7:58 am
clowe slowing.
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ it's 8:00 on "today." coming scare. the warning for parents from one of the country's most popular chains. what you need to know. plus, the does sex really sell? >> you're amazing. >> new findings that could have advertisers thinking twice about running racy ads. and the sweet tooth truth. the science behind why some people crave sweets while others don't. today wednesday, july 22nd, 2015. 2015. >> we left the kids at work to tomorrow to today. >> we're from minnesota.
8:01 am
>> three generations strong from oklahoma, arkansas and illinois. >> it's our ninth birthday today on "today. " ". >> we're from california. >> i was named after carson daly. >> flower power hour. >> from shanghai to see al. we are back now 8:00 on a wednesday morning, it's the 22nd day of july, 2015. what's the first thing you notice when you step outside today? >> weather? >> it's really gotten nice. yesterday at this time it was hot and muggy, today it's actually delightful out here. >> i put my order in with al yesterday. >> way to go. >> here we are. by the way, just ahead in our next half hour need new luggage for your next trip, maybe shades?
8:02 am
you do not want to miss jill's special travel ready steals and deals. she has screaming bargains all kinds of things for your trip. >> i will be handling steals and deals today. i have no idea how that happened. but first let's go inside, natalie has a check of all the headlines. >> good morning. once again investigators want to know who is aiming powerful hand-held lasers at jet liners handed at new jersey's newark airport. it happened again last night this time to a united flight from houston. no one was injured. more than a dozen passenger aircraft were hit by lasers last week. lasers behind inside a cockpit can blind 350i lots endangering en wun on board. >> new details with the traffic stop that led to the arrest of sandra bland. later found dead in her jail cell. we be cam captured the arrest after bland was pulled over for not is signaling a lane change. she refused to get out of had
8:03 am
her car, the officer pulled his stun gun. officials say bland hanged herself three days later, the family disputes that it was a suicide. republican candidates for president are having trouble grabbing the pot slight shining on fellow candidate donald trump. tuesday trump fired back at criticism by senator lindsay graham by disclosing graham's cell phone number on live tv. that then prompted graham to tweet out probably getting a new phone. this follows trump's comments questioning whether arizona senator john mccain was really a war hero and calling some mexican immigrants rapists and criminals. bill cosby is fighting back in a new court tiling lawyers for the comedian are seeking to block further release of a ten-year-old deposition which they claim is being used to smear cosby. sfef me gosk has the latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. bill cosby's lawyers are lashing out at the media and one of cosby's alleged victims who
8:04 am
accuses the comedian of drugging and sexually assaulting harry reid. in a court motion filed on tuesday the attorneys claim the woman is, quote, making a mockery of a 2006 confidentiality agreement she agreed to in exchange for money. at the center of the controversy is a deposition given by bill cosby in 2005. partially released by a judge earlier this month. in it cosby admits he obtained quaaludes in the 1970s to give to women he wanted to have sex with, but in court documents filed tuesday his lawyers say the media immediately bounced and cavalierly misinterpreted his words suggesting cosby admitted to rape. cosby has never been charged with any crime and his attorneys vigorously deny accusations that he drugged and sexually assaulted more than two dozen women. over the weekend "the new york times" obtained the entire deposition. cosby's attorneys say the alleged victim's lawyer never told a court reporter that the
8:05 am
document was sealed, pleading to a violation of of the decade old confidentiality agreement. >> what it case boils down is to is silence. should someone be able to buy silence. bill cosby's attorneys paid for a confidentiality agreement. >> reporter: in the full deposition cosby denied assaulting women while giving detailed descriptions of his sexual relationships. the revelation adding fuel to criticism including this by judd apatow. >> there was something in the paper and i didn't want my five wooif to read the paper. >> reporter: we reached out to the plaintiff's lawyer for response but is it not hear back. cosby's lawyers are asking that the alleged victim be sanctioned by violating the confidentiality agreement but what those sanctions would be is unclear. there is a suggestion that she should have to give back the unspecified amount of money she received nearly ten years ago. natalie. >> all right, stephanie gosk, thanks so much. more proof now of the power of
8:06 am
the internet. on tuesday a georgia shelter posted this photo of puppy pals, cala and k echlt ichlt ra on facebook saying they were just told they were next to be put down if they weren't rescued by the end of the day. that post went viral and two hours 6 six later the adorable pair were adopted about i a veterinarian. so we're haeb to here -- it's a happy end tg to that story. >> absolutely. we have a major safety announcement to tell you about this morning and it's coming from one of the country's most popular furniture chains. >> ike i can't is urging anyone who has bought certain tressers and chests to take immediate steps to anchor the furniture to the wall. the concern is too much chests and dressers are falling over on top of children. tom costello has more on that. tom, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. this is a nationwide action involving 27 million pieces of furniture with three, four, seasoned is six traurs. some of these pieces may have been bought ten years ago or even longer.
8:07 am
the consumer products safety commission says they are unstable if not anchored posing a serious risk to children. it's one of the nation's biggest furniture retailers, this morning ike i can't is urging customers to anchor many of its tressers and chests of drawers om falling on it to children causing injuries, even death. elliott kay heads the consumer products safety commission. >> children see something that they're trying to get that's been left on, they start to climb, the unit falls over. >> the whole thing comes right over. >> we're talking deaths. we have been two children tie from these units into in addition to those two deaths three more since 1989. this had video shows how easily a dresser can topple over on to a child. it's not just ikea furniture that poses a risk. every 24 minutes a child is injured from furniture toppling over and every two weeks a
8:08 am
children dice. megan weighed only 30 pounds when her dresser not paid by ikea came crashing down. >> i saw my beautiful little girl not breathing, not moving. she looked like she had been bruised. >> it's not just tall dressers, smaller chests of drawers can also topple over. a simple anchor can keep furniture in place. for some parents who live in a rental home they may not be allowed to anchor something to the wall. >> if you cannot anchor this do not use it. >> period? >> period. >> had morning ikea is offering free wall anchoring kits for much of it children and adult if your honor tour that the company says can tip over if not attached to the wall using the hardware provided. we are committed to helping raise the awareness of the serious home safety issue and to continue to provide krpss with the tools and knowledge they need to prevent these accidents. kimberly amato says she and her husband considered anchoring megan ago news' furniture to the
8:09 am
wall but never did. >> i have to live without my beautiful daughter for the rest of my life because i didn't want to put holes in my wall or in my furn tour and the reality is that $5 is $5 and 15 minutes could have saved her life. >> again, ikea is offering the anchor kit for me free and the cpsc is urmging other furniture makers to commit themselves to making furn tour that won't tip over. guys, by the way, this happened to me. i caught a piece of ikea furniture just as it was toppling over on to my daughter, thankfully it missed her but it was a close call and i immediately anchored it to the wall. back to you. >> tom, thank you very much. >> hit home for a lot of people today. coming up next, check out this video, a couple using, yes, homemade shark cages so that they can enjoy their time at the beach in north carolina, but wait until you hear what a lifeguard did about that.
8:10 am
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8:13. let's get to trending. we are kicking off on waends morning with favorite treats. what do you have? >> brownie sundae dark chocolate. >> all right. >> where are's your treat? >> they didn't have key lime pie. >> or apple cobbler. >> apparently there is a reason why some people have a sweet tooth and others don't. basically you can blame your genes. researchers say some people are
8:14 am
born with an inability to process sweets normally. so they need more than others to satisfy their urge. scale of 1 to 10, 10 being sweet addicts, 1 not so much where do you fall? >> carson? >> i think a 5. sometimes just a piece of chocolate. i want a little sweet at the end of the day. but i'm not a huge sweets guy. >> i'm more like bread, carbs person. i'm a 4. >> 10 or 11. i love sweets. >> really? >> if i could eat sweets after every meal i would. this this and this would be fine. >> probably 8 or 9. sweets plus fat. a sweet cake with a little fat. >> beautiful combination. >> yeah. >> sweet and fat. >> love it. >> you, matt? >> 5. i like certain things but i'm not craving them. >> you love key lime pie. >> what is it? >> the sour. >> that doesn't even feel like a
8:15 am
sweet to me. >> it has whipped cream on it. it's good. >> there is no real segue herement we have talked about the recent shark attacks in south carolina. one couple wanted to enjoy the beaches, be safe and perhaps get some attention, too. here is the solution. personal shark cages. >> oh my gosh. >> marching into the water in kill devil hills. the cages appear to be made of pvc pipe. this stunt is going viral. the life guard stopped them before they could get in the there and test them out. >> anything you can hold above your head for that long that's that light, not going to stop a great white shark. >> your arms and legs are are are free. >> i think he was going to lower it in himself when he got in the water. >> your arms go through the holes. >> carson says all the time sex sells. it doesn't always according to a new study. the american psychological association dug into this. it looked at advertisements and
8:16 am
the group found pr often than not ads load ed with sex and violence as well actually distracts customers. sometimes the ads even backfire because people forget what's being advertised. we'll test you on this. we'll show you three sexy ads. let's see if you can remember what the ads were for. first one. cindy crawford. >> pepsi. >> coke. >> diet coke. >> pepsi. >> diet coke. >> pepsi is right. savannah. 1 for 1. sex does sell with savannah. the second one. david beckham. >> underwear. >> h & m. >> under armour. >> underwear. >> carson. men's apparel. >> h & m. >> natalie. >> i remember when that came out. i bought some for my husband. >> that's her screen saver. last one. here we go.
8:17 am
it's kim kardashian. >> i don't remember that. no idea. >> i don't remember this. >> skechers? >>er very good. >> just in the nick of time. >> you guys did well. >> humor works more than sex, i think. >> violence never works. >> let the next one be a lesson to husbands everywhere. don't lie to your wife especially if google street view is in the neighborhood. here's what happenedment. a husband promised his wife he quit smoke ing. she didn't believe it. he stormed out. that same day google street view camera are happened to take photos of the neighborhood. >> at the white house? >> oh! >> that could have happened. later the wife went and look what she finds. there's hubby caught smoking.
8:18 am
red handed. >> the smoke obscured his face. >> does google street view say the date of the shot? he could have said that was a year ago. >> i guess if she she's been firing it up for a while she would know. >> my dad came to visit me at trl. we bump ed in on the kids screaming and my dad was smoking a cigarette. my mom said what are you doing? you said you're quitting! >> now to a new look at james bond back in action. adam le vine's sweet surprise for his wife. carson? >> great news for fans of bond james bond. we have a new trailerer for "specter" and in this clip james finally tracks down his enemy. >> welcome, james. you came across me so many types but you never saw me. what took you so long? >> this is so exciting. the villain played by christoph
8:19 am
wolf and it hits theaters in december. >> bond film? >> i don't know. i just read -- i don't know. >> daniel craig. et's if a little box, so i know it. if it's outside the camera no idea. no idea. >> don't ask him for context. >> come on. i would be at e if i knew what i was talking about. >> whoa! >> entertainment, 24/7. >> oh man. >> 50 cent. he just declared bankruptcy. >> chapter 7 or oh 11? >> re-org. >> okay. >> he's known for living large with the luxurier cars endorsement deals, bling, pictures all over instagram. but it's all fake apparently. he borrows it all. that's what he told court.
8:20 am
he's fight inging paying $5 million. he said i take the jewelry and cars back to the stores is. >> and the tattoos. >> and his vita water deal. he netted after taxeses $75 million to $100 million. estimates. >> my nape is 50 cent. whatter part of that don't you understand. >> you doubt he's broke? >> sure. he's claiming he gets ten cents a record. only made less than $4 million on the records. >> he's not broke. >> no. my buddy adam levine made a special dinner for people down in mexico. he had a nice sweet serenade to his wife. take a look are. ♪ ♪ and i want to get it on ♪ ♪ you don't have oh to worry ♪ >> a little marvin gaye. if that were an ad what would it be for?
8:21 am
>> i don't know. >> te kwiquila maybe? >> that comes from jessica agui are re in the bay area. she said that's the same hotel where they got married. >> that's nice. >> marvin gaye is hot now. >> absolutely. >> always. >> carson thank you. mr. roker, a check of the weather. >> a few shours and thunderstorms pushing their way through the mid section of the country. memphis looking at showers and thunderstorms pushing through. by the afternoon you will see showers and heavier thunderstorms on the way hope. afternoon highs nice and cool. great lakes to the northeast. the heat continues through the south. we do look for wet weather from the central plains into the southeast. also up into the cascades. sunshine along the west coast. yes, sunshine today. good morning, i'm meteorologist
8:22 am
karrie hall. in the mid-60s. 62 degrees in san francisco. not much of a change but after the skies clear through the rest of the bay, our temperatures warming into the 70s and 80s. south bay, 81 degree ls. east bay, 72 degrees. in the tri-valley expect a high of 84 degrees a warm and breezy day with winds picking up to 5 to 10 miles an hour, especially this afternoon. tha our latest weather. matt? >> thanks so much. popular diet trends. that's the focus of this week's summer of secrets. >> we are shining a light on the paleo and mediterranean diets and with a you need to know before following them. the paleo and mediterranean diets, millions of followers strong. fans rumored to include jennifer garner matthew mcconaughey and penelope cruz. olympians apollo ono and grant hill. amid the promises of a better and healthier life does anybody know what's behind the diet?
8:23 am
>> do i noah the paleo diet is? >> isn't it meat and greens? >> the paleo diet is based on foods of our ancestors like meat nuts and berries. the mediterranean diet has fewer restrictions. >> with the mediterranean diet we are talking about primarily plant-based foods. olive oil instead of butterer. limit your red meat to a few times a month and regularly enjoy fish. the paleo diet is more restrictive. it cuts out grains beans, dairy, added sugars and processed toods. >> reporter: the dietary guidelines for americans describe a healthy diet as one that emphasizes fruits and vegetables whole grains and low fat dairy, includes poultry, fish lean meat and nuts and is low in saturated fats, cholesterol, salts and added sugars. how do the two diets measure up? >> there is a lot of research behind the heart health benefits
8:24 am
of the mediterranean diet and a reduced risk of cancer parkinson's and alzheimer's. >> reporter: the diet is flavorful, incorporates basics of he will think eating and includes wine but with limited information on how to eat and cook on a day the to day basis it is easy to go over on calories and gain. >> with paleo there is no calorie counting or portion control. because it has a cult-like following there is a lot of online support. >> reporter: the restrictive nature of the diet makes it easy for followers to start off strong but soon after lose interest. >> one limitation of the paleo diet is the omission of oh dairy. calcium is important for bone health and prevention of osteoporosis. >> i wouldn't want to live without sugar. >> beer. wine. >> reporter:er for some when thinking about your health as ale whole, finding a diet or meal plan you can stick with may mean figuring out what you are willing to live without. we want to know what diet you're
8:25 am
trying if if i. you can use the hashtag # diet secrets. >> and counting calories with the fitness trackers. what you need to consider before crunching the numbers they give you. carson? >> coming up jill's steals and deals. this is awesome. you have a scarf. bargain. $200 for the scarf, it will be a great deal. first, your local news and
8:26 am
i'm ... our breaking news - a hayward police officer shot-and- injured early this morning. good wednesday morning. it's 8:26. i'm zak i'm zach bronk. we are flying over the hospital where the police officer was transported. we have seen large groups of police officers firefighters and first emergency responders congregating outside on the scene. just after 7:00, hayward police held a brief news conference where lieutenant eric crem confirmed the officer was conducting a traffic stop on myrtle and lion streets. and at least a half dozen gunshots are exchanged. so far police are saying little
8:27 am
about the officer injured or the investigation. they are holding another news conference where we'll expect to learn more information at 10:00. for those hitting the roadways now it's a tough go on 101. >> good morning, sam. it's been a slow drive northbound from 680. we'll show you this map from san jose to palo all to. the earlier crash on university and woodside has cleared. 280 recovering after the earlier crash at the 880 interchange. overall, the south bay has the slowest drive and the toll plaza where your meter lights are still on. we'll get you right back to the "today" show.
8:28 am
8:29 am
e a bow and arrow ♪ ♪ a broken guitar ♪ ♪ while the rainwater washes away ♪ ♪ who you are ♪ ♪ we go over the mountains ♪ ♪ and under the stars ♪ ♪ we go over the mountains ♪ ♪ and under the stars ♪ [♪]
8:30 am
8:30 now on this wednesday morning. it is the july 22 2015. now they are playing matt's song. what is this song is this? "deep purple"? "smoke on the water." they will be here tomorrow for a throw back thursday. >> i'm almost 100% sure they have not. absolutely.
8:31 am
coming up luggage for your next trip at a steep discount. a designer watch for less than $40. don't miss steals & deals jim has for summer travel. >> also more of the veggie challenge. a way to sneak zucchini in your kids' diet. >> i tried the fries. amazing. >> she's making zucchini pizza. >> and chocolate cake. >> you can make zucchini everything. check out my recipe for zu the can i any noodles with pesto sauce. there is a guy who said he has a song he wrote for me. >> really? let's hear it. >> good? what's your fame? >> reynoldo. >> give us a little bit.
8:32 am
[ singing in foreign language ] ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> that's very good. >> he can really sing! >> you can. >> and beautiful eyes. >> you should audition for "the voice". >> got a song for carson? [ singing in foreign language ] [ laughter ] >> all right. i don't know how you follow that. >> let's show you what's going on now. wet weather from the southeast making its way into the mid plains. also in the intermountain regions and the northern plains. beautiful day in the pacific northwest and california. tomorrow a slight risk of strong storms. northern plains.
8:33 am
we have sunny skies through the southwest. look for wet weather mid mississippi river valley into the southeast. good morning, i'm meteorologist kari hall. clouds will roll out of here giving us an afternoon that feels like sunshine and very pleasant. by lunchtime expect temperatures in san francisco at 62 degrees. tri-valley, 76 degrees. and 74 degrees in the north bay. highs reaching 81 degrees in the south bay. while the north bay makes it up to 83 degrees. and the tri-valley 84 while the east bay sees a high of 70 degrees. have a great day. get the weather any time you need it on the weather channel on cable, online. >> all right, al. thank you very much. here's something you don't see often. i'm doing steals & deals. we have a special summer edition now. everything you need for summer travel at very deep discounts
8:34 am
today. jill let us go okay? >> i'm happy you're here. >> i'm happy to be here. >> what's your travel uniform is this. >> jean shirt and jacket. >> it's hard to find your uniform and what the to the bring. this is helping everyone out, men and women. >> still a lot of time for vacations. >> really fun color. travel pro luggage. 320 to 400. >> you don't have to tilt these. you can wheel them straight up. >> it's not as heavy. they are at macy's dillard's an you see the three sizes, 21-inch, 25-inch and obviously 29-inch. the retail $320 to $400 the deal, $79 to $99, 75% off. >> choice of different colors and different sizes? >> seven different colors on >> great bargain. scarves. why are they a summer travel
8:35 am
must? >> so you bring this on the plane not only as a scarf but then when you get to yoururour location, you could wear it as a sarong. not you, me. then use it as a blanket when you're cold on the plane. it's like a five for one. they give you instructions how to tie it. >> are they expensive? >> the retail actually is $198. the deal is $39. it's 80% off. >> wow! >> and these are tie dye, very cool for right now. feel how soft. >> they're beautiful. very nice. $39. jill, thanks very much. everybody needs sunglasses especially because this time of the year you've probably lost your third pair already. so you need to replace them. >> do you lose sunglasses? >> i do every once in a while. >> i feel like you don't lose things. >> sunglasses are hard. >> these are for women. retail $139. 12 styles. go to they all have uv protective lenses. you see all the styles and colors. there's something for everyone. at this price, the retail $139.
8:36 am
the deal $39. that's 72% off. >> $100 off? that's fantastic. >> and sarah jessica parker lady gaga gwyneth paltrow, all fans. >> talk to me about these watches. >> okay. this, look. good for golfing because it's rubber. and you can't miss the time because it's very large. >> is it waterproof? water resistant? >> water resistant. the retail $350 to $550 women's and men's. i like to wear men's watches. i like a bigger watch. go online. it's adjustable. so it's easy. it comes boxed. the retail $350 to $550 the deal, $59. up to 89% off. >> nice job. nice job. all right. what are these, just little pouches? >> yeah jesse & company leather pouches. this is great to throw in your bigger bag which traveling and take out when you get to your location if you're going shopping, to the beach. they have different initials. so when you go online, make sure you check for your initial. >> nice gift. >> yeah i was just going to say, it's a cool gift and a
8:37 am
great housewarming gift. i can't see anything. the retail $98. $26. 73% off. >> made by who, again? >> that is by jessie & company. >> okay. >> i made you a pina colada. >> thank you very much. with or without? >> with. >> these are with in this? okay. >> it's already 8:37. these are from from linium home beach towels. the retail $98. 100% genuine turkish cotton towel. for you, when you lay them out, can you use them as a towel or you can use them if you get chilly. or you could throw it on a couch or you could wear it as a hat. >> or you can make a boat out of it. i like those better than the scarves. >> well for you because this is more versatile for you. >> it's very nice. what was the price on those? >> so retail $98. the deal $22. that's 78% off. >> jill you've outdone yourself. let me go over the products one more time.
8:38 am
again, we had the luggage from travel pro. the scarves from leigh & luca, sunglass sunglasses, watches, pouches and linium home beach towels. you can find more information on steals & deals home page at thank you very much. >> i don't think there's anything in here. >> no? it's without, then. up next, something else for your next road trip. family-friendly crafts that you can bring along. but first, this is "today" on nbc. "today" on nbc. ♪ ♪ ♪ you're only young once. unless you have a subaru. (announcer) the subaru xv crosstrek. symmetrical all-wheel drive plus 34 mpg. love.
8:39 am
it's what makes a subaru a subaru.
8:40 am
♪ we are back with the final day the of our special series summer diy, in out and about. we have quick and easy family crafts and projects for when you are on the call. erica is the founder of p.s. i made this. good morning. >> good morning.
8:41 am
i'm snacking. >> very cute. we are on the road trip with alexis and add son. >> you're going on a road trip what do you do for hours in the car? you need a snack. we combined it with an activity and our favorite i treats. this is something anybody can do on the road. it's snack time activity time all in one. we call it our snackcessory. >> a little bit of a sugar rush. put some cheerios on there. >> anything with some type of opening. >> it's great. >> who doesn't like a candy necklace? >> right. let's move over to this next table. >> all right. don't take the wheel. let's talk about this great work of art you can do as well on the road. we have to have a mother and daughter who are doing a road trip now. you came from michigan? >> they did. >> on a road trip. this is a perfect project for if them. >> we are on a road trip.
8:42 am
they started in michigan and will end in florida. you can print a map off the internet if you can't find one. take oath or hole punch and punch your route through the map and use embroidery thread. i i like a contrasting color and stitch. after the trip it's great to put it in a frame to keep it for later like we have done here. this looks great. >> i like it. >> thank you. >> awesome. >> you could keep adding to it over the years. >> it's a fun family project. i love it. >> let's move to the beach. we have games at the beach with seashells. tell me about it. >> the beach is always my favorite vacation place to go for summer. this is a great thing to do. everybody loves a game. you can bring it anywhere by using a napkin and making your own game board. >> checkers, chess.
8:43 am
>> exactly. checkers and chess. you can do tic-tac-toe. for this project you need a cloth napkin. and basic ingredients and fabric paints. paint brushes, scissors ruler and tape. once you have your checker board, you just paint the squares. let it dry and you're good. this is great because you can roll et up throw it in the beach bag. and you can use the shells. >> perfect for at the beach. i love with a you're wearing. jewelry using seashells. >> i always like to bring a bag with me. you never know what you will find. after the beach, you have an old cuff or find one online. you can use them put it on and if you want a separate extra pizzazz wrap it up with gold, wire. today make great gifts and they are a fun memory from your vacation.
8:44 am
>> it looks store bought. >> it does. >> i would never know. >> it takes ten minutes to make. >> let's move over here and have fun with a picnic in the park. >> we have folks crafting here. >> hi guys. >> amazing. >> you're making a bag. >> this is a great one to take to the park. >> it takes ten minutes to make. taking a t-shirt herement flip it inside out, fringe the neck and arms. you can turn it into a tank. >> no sewing. >> that's the best part. >> double knot the fringe. inside out and then that's the back. how are you is this. >> let me see. >> very cute. you can add pins t-shirts. >> everything. >> you can do it at the park. re purpose summer t-shirts with a stain.
8:45 am
if you have time lawn scrabble. >> we are running out of time now but we'll put it on the website. great to see you. you can find projects at erica's pinterest take over on coming up next can you get your kids to love zucchini? we have more of the food veggie challenge. first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:46 am
8:47 am
♪ we are back at 8:47 with today food. we are halfway through the vegetable challenge week. if your family is fighting you on eating their vegetables we have delicious dishes to make them ask askfor more. pamela is a cooking instructor and health counselor. good morning. >> good morningment. >> i like the ideas. we'll talk about zucchini today. it gets a bad rap. a lot of people don't like it.
8:48 am
i think it is delicious. >> it is delicious. what's great about zucchini is it's kind of bland which is why some people don't like it. it's what makes its versatile. >> you can add a lot to it. we are making zucchini boat pizza. before that let's look at the ingredients. they are simple. put them on the board there. zucchini ol oh live oil, salt pepper onion, pel pepper tomato. we have cheeses as well. how do we do it? >> start with the zucchiniment get ones that are small to medium. they are a little bit more tender and less bitter. take off the top if you want to. i generally take off the little bottom here. slice it down the middle to create a hollowed out boat. >> you will scoop it out? >> yeah. you can try it yourself. we have two spoons here. this is usually the best one. just scrape it. keep it on the cutting board as opposed to holding it in your
8:49 am
hand. if you hold it you can bend the zucchini and it breaks and ef a halved zucchini. >> what if it breaks? >> good question. you can put it together like that stuff it and that one's for the cook. >> is that enough? >> good enougher for now. save the flesh. nothing goes to waste. we'll take the zucchini flesh here and we have chopped up onions bell pepper and we'll add garlic and the idea here is -- >> salt? >>er salt for sure. get the onions to be tender and transluscent. that's what creates a ton of flavor in the onions. some people might be tempted to say, oh it will go in the oven anyway. let's throw the raw onion in there. >> how do you cook this the right amount of time so it doesn't become mush? >> you have to use your eyes. generally speaking you will cook it for six to eight minutes.
8:50 am
again, your cue is tender and transluscent onions. >> you have corn and mushroom ares. alternates? >> what if you don't like bell pepper? throw in chopped up mushrooms, corn which is in season thousand. say you have grilled eggplant. throw that in there as well. >> magic of television. we'll pretend the this is done. this is what it looks like. >> this is perfect. tender and trance lucent. we'll add grated cheese. feel free to omit it if you are allergic or can't use it. fresh basil. nice and light and summery. all the flavors you love in pizza. we'll mush it together. here are are finished boats. >> you brushed it with something. >> we are brushing this with olive oil and sprinkled salt and pepper in here we want to give it flavor. >> can we check in with the testers? >> so good. >> we have natalie, carson and
8:51 am
al. zucchini fan sths. >> i love it. >> it has all the flavor you crave in a pizza without being pizza. >> >> you can customize it a little bit, too. if your kids want pepperoni, throw it on top. or if anybody wants to get involved in the kitchen. >> is there a way to make this at all crispy? can you put bread crumbs on it or something? >> i think once you add the cheese which we'll do now and this is trying to make it more of a pizza. spread your sauce. you can use your favorite bottled marinara. this is basically topping a pizza. what happens with the cheese is it gets crispy. >> you can hit it under the broilerer for a minute and that would crisp it up a little bit. >> if it didn't get crispy
8:52 am
baking it for sure broiler. >> taste good, guys? >> we have other ideas. >> these are baked. frying food is really not that healthiment it's pro inflammatory. these zucchini fries have been cut to look like fries and we have rolled them around in a bread crumb mixture with cheese and seasonings. >> so good. >> i will grab this. what's that? >> these are zucchini brownies. >> i'm not tasting zucchini at all. >> you can't see it which is amazing for kids. it's grain-free. almond butterer map syrup. it's a healthy treat. >> these are are really good. delicious. thank you so much. >> glad you like them. >> these recipes and more. you can find them on this is "today" on nbc.
8:53 am
(scal): good day, m'lady! i am sir-can-a-lot, here to save you from another breakfast bore. wake up those eggs with glorious spam! see what spam can! do... at a new season brings a new look. a chance to try something different. this summer, challenge your preconceptions and experience a cadillac for yourself.
8:54 am
♪ the 2015 cadillac srx. lease this from around $339 per month, or purchase with 0% apr financing. time for birthday wishes from our friend willard scott. >> new york what a wonderful town. you guys are the best morning show on television. i watch it all the type. sisterer anne francis young from brooklyn new york is 100 today. she's been in the order for 82 years. ina and nina are twins. happens on the show once a year.
8:55 am
always a pleasure. er charlotte, north carolina. they love all sorts of things. the biggest thing is they love to play bingo. here is robert lee cox. handsome fellow from maryland. he's 100 years old today. his big thing in life is gospel music. lester thompson from kennewick in washington. 100 years old today. been a farmer all his life. still loves it and always will. that's it. from farming back to good old prairie land in new york city where they love to have fun and the gang is waiting for the cue back. here it is. new york. >> thank you very much. coming up next hour you have one of my favorite actors on. david hyde pierce. >> great new netflix series. we'll talk about that. >> wet, hot american summer. we have matt wolf and john green here. can we say a quick
8:56 am
congratulations? bobby thomas. just had marian born on tuesday. seven pounds five ounces. 20 1/2 inches. adorable. so sweet. >> wonderful. >> that's great news. >> music coming up. >> cool. lots tonews - a hayward police officer shot-and-injured early this morning. ==topvo== here's a live look from our pe we continue to follow breaking news. a police officer is shopt this morning. numerous police officers are congregating outside and they are also wrapping around the building. emergency crews transported that officer to eden medical center earlier this morning. police say the officer was in the middle of conducting a traffic stop on myrtle street at
8:57 am
lion. at least a half dozen gunshots were exchanged a short time later a truck with bullet holes matching the description of the one involved in the shooting was spotted. so far police are saying little about the injured officer or the investigation. they have a news conference planned for 10:00 a.m. that we are going to stream live. we'll have another update for you in 25 minutes. now back to the "today" show.
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
this morning on "today's take," multiple emmy winner david hyde pierce returns for "wet hot, american summer" and a lip synch battle with my man andy cohen. and the twitter feud trending around the world between taylor swift and if i can imaginenicki minaj. that and more coming up. >> announcer: this is kwoez take with willie geist natalie morales, al roker and tamron hall, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> we have a lot to talk about. good morning. welcome to "today" this wednesday, july 22 2015. >> we are all giggling. >> going to be good. >> i'm willie. >> she's trying to convince us
9:01 am
she put all the dots on the dress. >> al said it looks like it was dotted at home. i said i did it at home. >> looks can be deceiving. >> like the lion on the loose. >> lion. >> you don't think it's a lion? >> it is. it's a mountain lion. >> let the viewers decide. people in milwaukee surrounding areas asking whether there is a lion on the loose in their city. there have been sightings of a mystery big cat. the first on monday afternoon. on tuesday, here is the video. a local woman took video of what appears to be a big cat. look at that. >> what is that? tam tamron said it's a chow-chow. >> if you have ever seen them they're really big like that. >> no. it's moving its haunches like a cat. >> if i allow myself to believe that's a lion those poor people in the neighborhood.
9:02 am
run. >> i hope it's not. >> we haven't verified the video to tell you if it's a lion. the wisconsin department of natural resources and milwaukee police conducted searches on monday and yesterday. they have taken it seriously. they haven't found anything. the milwaukee zoo the first place to look. they say all of our lions are safe and sound. the milwaukee lion now has its own twitter account. you knew it was coming. it's an online sensation. photo shopped on a bus. milwaukee city bus. it has its own merchandise including t-shirts. >> already? >> i survived. >> this is my favorite part of the story. >> the t-shirt? >> no. go ahead. >> authorities are warnings are dents if ss ss -- residents not to capture the lion yourself. as if that was a problem. >> here, kitty, kitty.
9:03 am
nice kitty. i have catnip for you. >> have the go pro or camera rolling. we want to see it. >> they have a picture. this is what i think it is. take a look. breaking news. see? >> what's wrong with you? >> i have been dotting my dress. >> what's wrong with you? >> doesn't it look like a lion? >> it doesn't. >> it doesn't? [ roaring ] >> if anything, maybe a weird bear. >> okay. i'm just saying. >> they have had cower gars sugars and mountain lions in the area. >> people purchase exotic animals and we have seen scary situations where animals escaped a zoo after a tragedy at a family-run zoo. there is a seriousness to it. it is possible. if i live in the neighborhood, can't we group --
9:04 am
>> no, no. don't round up a posse to look for the lion. >> pitch forks? >> like frankenstein. >> no. can't we come up with a fund to hire jack hanna? there are experts who could paw track it. >> take a paw print and it looks like a lion. >> >> there is -- i would think there is a little bit of a time crunch here. i don't think we have time to take up a collection to get somebody in. >> there is a twitter account. >> that's quick. >> keep your pets indoor thes. >> and your kids just in case. >> what are are the odds there would be a lion. >> funny you say that. what are the odds that you at home could be struck by lightning during your lifetime? do you know the odds? right there. 1 in 12,000. that's according to the national weather service.
9:05 am
1 in 12000. i thought you were going to make an ashly madison joke. >> no, no. >> okay. but there is a gentle man who not only was struck by lightning. he's won the lottery. so that's a one in 2.6 tr trillion odds that could happen to you, at least in canada. we know this happen to one guy. peter said he survived a lightning strike as a teenager. i love we said he says it because there is no video. he was struck by lightning. now he has his share of a 1 million dollar lottery. he's splitting it with his co-worker diana miller. >> she was attacked by a shark. >> he actually owns the store. he gets a cut as the store owner. and he gets a cut as winning it and he was struck by lightning. >> there is a lot going on. >> things are slow.
9:06 am
>> i'm happy. glad he's alive. >> his daughter was struck by lightning, too. >> everybody's okay. >> his daughter. >> a million bucks. they're going to buy this show. >> we have video that we just have to see apparently. okay? so this is an exclusive first look of willie's performance. tomorrow fight's lip synch battle. you get to see it here first. ♪ ♪ folks like me on the job from 9 to 5 ♪ ♪ working 9 to 5 ♪ ♪ what a way to make a living ♪ ♪ and it's getting by ♪
9:07 am
♪ it's all taking and no giving ♪ ♪ you just use your mind and they never give you credit ♪ ♪ it's enough to drive you crazy if you let it ♪ >> shaking that money headachemakerer. that's me doing a dolly song. >> i thought you would unbutton a button. >> wait for the second performance. me and andy cohen. it goes down. >> and will recollect l cool j. >> we have a graphic. that's willie in costume as l.l. cool j with l.l. cool j present. >> he's the host of the show. that's ale roll of the dice. he could give it to meer or not. >> andy cohen. >> backup dancers, mullets leather pants. >> that's normalle for andy. >> walking around with a mullet. >> okay. >> he's a tough competitor.
9:08 am
>> going back to dolly parton. did you rehearse? how do you get the moves? >> shaking your money maker. >> when you do it in your living room every night it becomes second nature. >> you have to dance for christine ma. >> it's like magic mike at home? >> a little bit. we get the kids to bed. karaoke time. >> that's a visual. >> i don't want to know. >> spike tv 10:00/9:00 central. >> live tweet willie using the hashtag # todays take. >> # shake your money maker. >> they have a dollar bill emoji. >> andy's tough. that's all i will say. >> let's talk about your latest recipe. >> we have done zucchini the today. i make a delicious zucchini pasta. no pasta involved. it's all zucchini the and a spiralizer. make it at home.
9:09 am
it has pesto sauce. i also top it with beans and chicken. >> we have some. i don't think we have forks. here we goment. >> we have to go get it. >> try it. >> we have a lot going on. >> there is no meat in this? >> hearty and healthy. >> italian chicken sausage. good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. today expect highs it will be cooler than yesterday. a lot of sunshine and mostly going to see some upper 80s in parts of the south bay like gilroy. but 79 degrees in san jose. ocean beach only at 61 degrees today. 80 in napa. and 66 in tiburon. union city 69 degrees.
9:10 am
and san ramon expect a high of 83 degrees. overall a beautiful day across the bay. so good. >> mm. >> for natalie's delicious pasta. up next "wet hot american summer" has been rebooted into a netflix series. the star studded cast is amy poe i already feel like we're the most connected but i think this solo date will seal the deal. sure! i offer multi-car, safe driver, and so many other discounts that people think i'm a big deal. and boy, are they right. ladies, i can share hundreds in savings with all of you! just visit today. but right now, it's choosing time. ooh! we have a winner. all: what? [chuckles] he's supposed to pick one of us.
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ok, let's try this online snacking thing again. ugh! rough around the edges. ugh... greasy... oh! dan n. oikos tasty and healthy. and if i don't love it, it's free? could be the perfect snack! dannon oikos greek nonfat yogurt is creamy and delicious and has 12g of protein and 0 fat. i think i found the perfect snack! seriously, you'll love snacking on dannon oikos or it's free! ♪ dannon ♪ david hyde pierce best known as dr. niles crane on "frasier". >> a different category of fans know him from "wet, hot american summer" that built a huge cult following in the year since the
9:14 am
release. david and the cast of dysfunctional characters are are back in a prequel series "wet hot american summer, first day of camp" where we get a glimpse of oh each character's back store. >> i'm not good at playing the game. maybe because science isn't a game to me. i don't care who [ bleep ] next to who in the faculty lounge last week. i'm a damn good astro physicist and i won't let anyone take it away from me. especially not you you back slapping booze swilling glad handing [ bleep ] butt. >> get out! >> it wasser very hard to get a clip that was morning show appropriate. >> that's the first i have seen it. it's terrifying. >> so much fun getting the gang back together, right? it's been 15 years later. but you guys don't age. >> yeah.
9:15 am
i don't know. they all didn't age. i didn't get the memo. i aged and it was too late to go back. it was amazing. a lot of us didn't see each other on the shoot. so many people who were starting out are now superstars. they were doing movies and broadway and everything. they scheduled it so everyone could get in, do scenes. it was a blast. >> were you surprised you were able to get so many of the original cast? you have amy poehler, bradley cooperer paul rudd. everybody came back. >> every single person in the original cast came back. i was surprised but not shocked. it was impossible to do and the original movie was impossible to do. we had no money, space lab dropping from the sky. so they set their sights very high and low. >> it's such a cult hit over the last 15 years but it didn'ten do
9:16 am
well the first time. >> i had forgotten. it was a huge disaster. no one went. the critics hated it. then like a plague it started spreading. and you know so many people come up to me now. as many as talk about frasier and say oh wet hot. >> really? >> it's a different generation. >> our producer judges friends on whether or not you have seen "wet hot." if not, she doesn't want you. >> worry about our producer. >> we love you. >> exquisite film taste. >> when working on the movie, looking at the cast were some of the kids you said, they've got it. >> almost every one of them. i thought they would never work again. i'm kidding. they're great. the fact that -- i think part of the reason the movie is successful is the bench is deep. the talent of these people that david and michael put together. >> they were really not that
9:17 am
well known at the time. i think the one person who still doesn't seem to age at all is paul rudd. >> paul doesn't look like he's aged at all. if you look at j areaneane, she looks the same. occasionally people's sizes have transformed over the years. it is amazing how many of them look not that different. >> right there. look at that. >> oh, yeah. well. i've had a hard life. >> that's kind of a porn stache. >> definitely an '80s -- >> didn't see that coming. >> are you directing on broadway as well? >> yes. i have a musical. "should have been you." our final weeks, closes august 9. >> go see it now. >> are great run. amazing cast. >> fun to direct? >> it was a blast. such a glorious time. we finished yesterday mastering the cast album which will be out in a few weeks. >> come back and do morer for
9:18 am
broadway. we need you >> i'll be back. >> the entire season of "wet hot american summer, first day of camp" available on netflix july 31. coming nicki minaj and taylor swift on twitter with a war of words after this. the answer to treating your dog's fleas and ticks is staring you right in the face. nexgard, from the makers of frontline® plus. it's the only soft beef-flavored chew that kills both fleas and ticks. vets recommend it. and dogs, well they're begging for it. nexgard is for dogs only. and hasn't been evaluated for use in pregnant, breeding or lactating dogs. reported side effects include vomiting, dry flaky skin diarrhea, lethargy and lack of appetite. use with caution in dogs with a history of seizures. recommended by vets. loved by dogs. from the makers of frontline plus. yoplait greek 100. the protein-packed need something filling, taste bud loving, deliciously fruity, grab-and-go, take on the world with 100 calories, snack. yoplait greek 100. there are hundreds of reasons to snack on it.
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9:22 am
have our pop. >> yeah we do. >> pop picks. >> vacation. all right. well i come back strong. here is what we've got. starting thing off, this breaks my heart, blake shelton miranda lambert split. the boys voice coach write just got off the treadmill this calls for a drink b. he even joked that he looked like one of those messing with sass kwach commercials. according to multiple reports the country crooner removed a marie clair bag cover of his ex from his profile picture. mean while miranda updated her twitter profile photo to a poster of an upcoming performance. otherwise me has remained silent on twitter. it's so sad. we love them both and obviously they are doing what they believe is right for them.
9:23 am
the mtv video music award no, ma'am operations are out and one of the categories causing bad blood. you've got beyoncé ed sheeran, taylor swift mark bronson, kendrick moore. nicki minaj not happy that her an con da video was shut out. nicki writing is f. your video celebrates women with slim bodies you will be nominated for individual of the year. taylor swift and beyoncé are the only two in the category. taylor swift saying she's only loved and supported nicki adding it was unlike her to pit women against one another. nicki explained she was tired of black women not the being rewarded for their influence on black culture. telling taylor she never mentioned her by name. taylor then invited nicki on stage if she wins the award. nicki then told her 9.8 million followers that she was never
9:24 am
throwing barbs at taylor. she was nominated for beth female and hip hop video. we reached out to both ladies no comment. >> she was nominated. >> she was but not this that category. i love both of them. nicki minaj has been on this show taylor swift is adorable. i to think she makes a great point. she didn't name taylor by name. beyoncé didn't respond, she could have been mentioning -- >> beyoncé was in the category. >> two women this that category tailor and beyoncé. >> but the bad blood video features super models and skinny models. >> beyoncé is skinny too. it's just the thing not by name. i just like them both and hopefully they will do a duet together and it will be ep which can. khloe kardashian has a talk show and her ex are officially divorced. we've got to get, that's it. fresh off the success of the film "the fault in our stars" comes the if you young adult movie paper town based on the novel by john green. we will talk to the author and the film's star nat wolf after
9:25 am
your local news. this guy first roamed the earth over 65 million years ago. like our van. yeah. we need to sell it. hi. need an appraisal? yeah. we do. vo: when selling your car, start with a written offer no strings attached. carmax. start here. you wouldn't do half of your daily routine. so why treat your mouth any differently? complete the job with listerine®. kill up to 99 percent of germs. and prevent plaque, early gum disease and bad breath.
9:26 am
sfx: ahhh listerine®. power to your mouth™! i'm ... our breaking news - hayward police now confirming one of good morning to you. it's 9:26. i'm kris sanchez. on breaking sad news out of hayward where hayward police are now confirming that in fact one of their officers was shot and killed by a suspect early this morning. just a few moments ago we learned that the officer who was killed is sergeant scott lunger. he died when shots were fired during a traffic stop around 3:00 this morning. looking live from our chopper this morning fliering over eden medical center where he was taken, you can see a heavy police officer and law enforcement contingency there offering their support at the hospital. police say sergeant lunger was conducting a traffic stop in hayward on myrtle streech at lion. according to witnesses at least a half dozen gunshots were
9:27 am
exchanged. hayward police lieutenant said this morning that it has been a very tough day for the department. >> officer-involved shootings are very difficult. no officer comes to work wanting to be involved in something like that. so they're very difficult. and they're difficult for those involved. they're difficult for the family. they're difficult for the community. >> police in east oakland this morning discovered this truck with bullet holes that investigators now believe is the one involved in the shooting. police are also saying that there is a person of interest but that that person has not been arrested. another news conference is scheduled for 10:00 this morning which we here at nbc bay area will stream live. our thoughts to the family and the department. a look at weather and traffic coming up after the break.
9:28 am
good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. we're in the mid-60s right now across most of the bay. and the clouds are slowly clearing out with the exception of parts of the north bay in san
9:29 am
francisco. highs today reaching 64 degrees in s.f. north bay expect a high of 83. mostly 70s and 80s elsewhere across the bay. let's see how traffic is moving with mike. slowly kari. mostly in the south bay south of the dumbarton bridge. look at that stretch we had an earlier crash south of mission. that cleared about 20 minutes but still have congestion here as well as northbound 101. 280 recovered nicely back down to a slowdown around 17 and 880 for the south bay. palo alto not so bad after a tougher morning. all crashes have clear. and you're approaching the bay bridge we have metering lights still on. slow through berkeley to east shore freeway. back to "today."
9:30 am
headlines, congress is hoping to prevent internet connected cars from getting hacked. officials now want new federal standards to protect vehicles and drivers after hackers were able to take control of some cars. cyber security experts in pittsburgh were able to hack into the you expect console of a 2014 jeep cherokee in st. louis taking control of the car from thousands of piles away. last week chrysler released a software patch aimed at making almost half a million cars less vulnerable to hack attacks. the faa is investigating an unusual drone shown flying over connecticut, it was video posted on line shows a gun attached to the drone firing several times in midair was built by an 18-year-old mechanical engineering student who calls
9:31 am
the video flying gun on you tube. authorities say so far it does not appear that any laws were broken. it was flowing on private property. still one former fbi official called it reckless. there has been a dramatic jump in the use of the morning after pill among teenagers. according to new survey more than one in five sexually active teen girls have used the morning after pill that's up from 1 in 12 a decade ago. starting in 2006 teens 18 and older have been able to buy it over the counter. mcdonald's may start off offering all day breakfast this fall. it has been testing the idea for a few months in some markets and the results are said to be encouraging. the company has sent a memo to franchisees telling them that they need to be ready for the potential launch of an all day breakfast as soon as october. right now mcdonald's only serves like that until 10:30 in the morning. caught on camera some dramatic moments playing out on a crowded florida beach, two brothers in
9:32 am
texas shotted a hammer head shark in shallow weights so they pulled it on to the beach and with the help of several others they removed two steel hooks from the shark's mouth. had he say he did not appear to have any other injuries when he swam back out into the water. let's get a check of the weather with mr. roker. into brave kids. thank you. let's show you what we've good today. beautiful day here in the northeast, the ohio river valley sunshine lower humidity comfortable temperatures. wet weather back through the inter mountain region into the northern rockies. sunshine along the west coast. tomorrow, again, our friends down south don't get any break. heat and humidity remains, wet weather southeastern atlantic states into the mid-mississippi river valley. western third of the country looking good. great lakes all the way to the northeast of new england another spectacular day. good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. a beautiful day across the bay with highs mostly in the 70s and even some 60s.
9:33 am
like nob hill a high of 64 degrees. san jose 74. gilroy warming up to 87 degrees and also 87 in pittsburg. tiburon 66 after morning low clouds. get some sunshine and a lot of sun in the tri-valley and san ramon a high of 83 degrees. and oakland today expect a high of 70 degrees. have a great day. that's your latest weather. >> al thanks a lot. it's a huge hitter for movie goers. "the fault in our stars" based on the novel by john greene. isaac the best friend of the ill fated couple. >> now he's taking the lead in "paper towns," based on a john greene book. he plays quintin, a young man obsessed with finding his neighbor after she disappears and leaves a mysterious map. >> what's a paper town? >> a fake city map makers would
9:34 am
put on a map so if they were copied they would know. >> agloe, new york. >> is she's in agloe. >> you have to go. >> i can't go to new york. >> what's stopping you? >> like 1200 miles. >> do you love her? >> yeah i do. >> there you go. >> good to see you guys. so exciting. for folks who haven't read the book give us a synopsis. >> it's about q who is played by nat who's been in love with his neighbor since he can remember. after this kra are city night out together she disappears. it falls to nat and his friends to figure out what became of her. there is a big road trip. i saw it last night. i was thrilled. >> is that the first time you saw it? >> the second time. the first time with an audience. that's the most fun i have had
9:35 am
in my life. >> you're like a rock star. i'm a huge fan of your books. >> thank you. >> you are as well. before even getting to know john gre8çujuváp fan of the books? >> a huge fan. when i was on the set of "the fault in our stars" i had time while hazel and gus were falling in love. so i read "paperer towns." it was my favorite. they called and asked if i wanted to be part of it. i said, yes. >> you have a relationship there. there it is. the story goes you immediately recommended nat for "paper towns". >> i kept leaning toward the producers and being like, you guys should make a movie of "paper towns." nat should play q. i never thought i would get my wish. nat and i are close friends independent of this stuff. but it's really fun to share this together.
9:36 am
i'm so proud of him and how great he is in the movie. >> now this is like 16 candles, movies we share with the next generation. that's what you keeted on paper and with these films. magic in a bottle. >> i feel really grateful to have such victoria tif readerers and to have such amazing people in the movies. what makes the movie special is the performances. nat and cara who plays margo. everyone is so great. i think they make the movie wonderful. i would like to take credit. but i don't think i can. >> nat, you have a new movie come coming out with robert de niro. he pranked you? >> ,qdaxyeahment. i'm in about as much of the movie as i niemi the trailer. >> you killed it in the trailer.
9:37 am
>> basically you have seen me in the movie. it's called "the intern." >> there you are. >> i was chewing gum on set. he said, are you going to -- am i on camera? he was like, are you going to chew that in the scene ? i said no i will probably spit it out. he said, you should put it under the take. he said, i can't believe you put it on the set. he called nancy and said,er this kid is ruining the set. >> thanks, robert de niro. >> nice guy. >> nat john, thank you. >> he made me feel comfortable. >> whatever amount of time you were in the movie. thanks so much. "paper towns" hits theet ers on friday. >> thank you. >> coming up next is it healthier to take a week long vacation or a few days here and there? we talked about it. >> the answer when we play this or that, travel edition. ampbls. i've been the same shade of red for many years.
9:38 am
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9:42 am
enough time for one more vacation. >> we have travel tips and a game of thisser or that. joyce change chang, good morning. >> good morning. we have the balls, ready to play. >> i have the power. i'm holding the cards today. >> go ahead. >> which is better this taking a break from exercising on vacation or, that, keeping up your routine. >> that. >> you're both right. it's about keeping it up, mixing up the routine. vacations in time to re charge not only your mind but your body as well. when you try different things you work different muscles and shift your energy level. it's a perfect opportunity to pick up tennis, get outside, swim, bike. try something new. if you're on a training program for a parthon or a race -- marathon or race if they say five days, shift to three and focus on the longer runs.
9:43 am
>> next. >> if you have to catch an early flight which is better -- this, staying up all night and going straight to the airporter or, that, napping for two to three hours before you need to get up? >> that. >> you're both right again. that. double that. you know taking a little cat nap is better than trying to power through all night. ak ctually it will worsen your jet lag and mess up your body clock. a coup hours get to the airport and sleep on the plane. >> perfect. >> which is better -- taking a week-long vacation or that, taking a few days here and there? >> double this. exactly. you're correct again. you can tell your bosses that self magazine and the "today" show said to take a longer vacation. it takes a couple of days to unwind, acclimate to your new
9:44 am
environment. if you are only taking a long weekend it's time to go hope already. thorder to really recharge and get the benefits of vacation, you need a few more days. which is better, this, lemonade or that, a smoothie. >> this is a trick. i will say that. >> that. >> the answer is this. but only because there are less calories in a lemonade and it depends on the ingredients of the smoothie. lemonade is really only 80 to 120 calories. a smoothie if you use full fat yogurt or sher bert which isbet, which is often the case it can be upwards of 300 calories. if you want hydration, refreshment, lemonade is the way to go. >> thank you joyce. great minds think alike. we were tied. up next their number one song "renegade" has been used for tv commercials, a show and a
9:45 am
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i hate cleaning the gutters. have you touched the stuff? it's evil. and ladders. sfx: [screams] they have all those warnings on 'em. might as well say... 'you're gonna die, jeff.' you hired someone to clean the gutters. not just someone. angie's list helped me find a highly rated service provider to do the work at a fair price. ♪ everyone can shop, but members get more with reviews, live customer support, and better pricing. come see what the new angie's list can do for you. >> announcer: the toyota concert series on today brought to you by toyota. >> their song "renegade" has been number one on the charts for six weeks now. >> today the x ambassadors are are here. sam, casey noah and adam with
9:49 am
us. good morning. >> so cool to have you here system cool to be here. this song has been number one for six weeks. "renegade." if you have seen the video you know the message. if not, talk about it. >> the song is about people who defy the odds who kind of are unafraid of being different. it's a celebration of that really. >> it's a beautiful song. cool song. we'll hear it now from the x ambassadors. >> take it away. >> here we go. ♪ ♪ lost souls and revelry ♪
9:50 am
♪ just two kids, you and me. ♪ ♪ i said hey hey ♪ ♪ living like we're renegades ♪ ♪ hey, hey, hey ♪ ♪ living like we're renegades ♪ ♪ renegades ♪ ♪ renegades ♪ ♪ long live the pioneers ♪ ♪ rebels and mutineers ♪ ♪ go forth and have no fear ♪ ♪ come close and lendlgèt an ear ♪ ♪ and i say hey, hey, hey ♪
9:51 am
♪ living like we're renegades ♪ ♪ hey, hey, hey ♪ ♪ hey, hey hey ♪ ♪ living like we're renegades ♪ ♪ renegades ♪ ♪ renegades ♪ ♪d-
9:52 am
♪ renegades ♪ ♪ renegades ♪ ♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> so awesome. >> x ambassadors. >> that's the way to start the morning. >> so good. >> they are the x ambassadors. check out the album.
9:53 am
we're back the in a moment. first, this is "today" on nbc.
9:54 am
9:55 am
guess who's with us. take a guess. >> jane krakowski. >> who else? >> roma downey. >> and doing less for less. >> we have big news. if everybody hasn't heard it yet. >> what? [ laughter ] >> you could go do something else now. >>
9:56 am
i'm ... our breaking news - hayward police now confirming one o good morning. it's 9:56 right now. i'm kris sanchez. and we continue our coverage of breaking news in hayward where police are now confirming that one of their officers died in a gun battle early this morning after a traffic stop. hayward police say that sergeant
9:57 am
scott lunger was shot and killed during a traffic stop. it happened on hayward and myrtle streets at lion. and according to witnesses at least a half dozen gunshots were exchanged. hayward police lieutenant eric krimm said this morning it's been a tough and devastating day for this department. >> officer-involved shootings are very difficult. no officer comes to work wanting to be involved in something like that. so they're very difficult. and they're difficult for those involved. they're difficult for the family. they're difficult for the community. >> now just not too long after that happened police in east oakland discovered this truck with bullet holes. it matches the description of the one that investigators say was involved in the shooting. police now say there is a person of interest however that person has not been arrested. another news conference is scheduled to start in about three or four minutes. we will stream it live here on
9:58 am
nbc bay area on air and we will stream it online as well. now let's take a look at the forecast. good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. the clouds will be clearing out giving us a very pleasant afternoon with lots of sunshine. by lunchtime expect temperatures mostly in the 60s and 70s across the bay. the east bay at 65 degrees and the north bay at 74 degrees. but the highs will be a few degrees warmer reaching 81 in the south bay. north bay 83 degrees. and in the tri-valley look for a high of 84 degrees. san francisco only makes it up to 64 degrees with only a few peeks of sunshine through those clouds. here's mike with traffic. cash lanes backed up at the bay bridge and recovery after crash on san mateo. that's about it. south dumbo, northbound routes can't to recover over the next few minutes. lighter traffic through fremont. back to "today."
9:59 am
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>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. ♪ nobody loves you ♪ >> that's golden summertime by matt nathanson. it's already winesday wednesday day, that's the good news. the bad news is it's july 22. >> the summer is sliding boy. jane krakowski just gotten a)í6 emmy nomination for her role in "the unbreakable kimmy schmidt." and she's going to be on
10:01 am
broadway. >> and she's got a new movie. we have a lot to talk to her about. she has a lot of explaining to do. >> she does. roma downey is here. if you believe in miracles or you just want to believe, just wait until you hear the unbelievable life story she's going to share. she has a new series called answered prayers. >> it's great. >> we looked at it this morning. it'sóññu moving. >> like when you think that everything is going terribly and it turns around. the summer has been tough on your skin? we have solutions for everything from bug bites to heat rash. >> and it's winesday lilliana is here with luxe for less. >> oh, look at you. >> even her toes are pretty if you're wondering. >> oh, my gosh, thank you! >> everything's annoyingly adorable about you. what are our luxe looks for lest. >> this week you requested specific things. hoda you wanted long maxi coverups for the beach and pool.
10:02 am
>> why, off fabulous body? >> that's what i thought too. i'll take a few in size plus. >> and you requested a sheik -- chic all white look. everything is under there 50. we have news we've been waiting for for a long time around here even though natalie already ruined it. >> it's a big big, big movement because guess who had her baby. bobbie thomas and her husband michael! congratulations to the little baby boy. >> they named him miles and yesterday at almost 5:00 4:59 they welcomed him into the world. miles thomas marion. he was a good-sized little boy, seven pounds five ounces. 20.5 inches long. >> look at the grip on the baby. and bobbie is firing up a few
10:03 am
e-mails. she sent one that said she was so happy we were on the journey with her. >> she's had a very long and tough journey, she and michael. some people get pregnant without any problem they have -- an effortless pregnancy and then the baby pops out and it's like -- bobbie had ivf from the beginning. >> you can tell how awesome they are. and when i was thinking of words of wisdom, i was thinking of bobbie. bobbie, this is for you and michael and miles. the littlest feet make the biggest footprints in our hearts. from anonymous. >> anonymous is still my favorite. >> i love that bobbie had that baby. aren't you so happy for her. >> she was ready about two months ago to have that baby. we're so pleased. just in time, and bobbie doesn't need it but she'll be thrilled a new trend in botox. we are nbc news, we want to bring it to you. >> here's the thing. picture this, your hair looks
10:04 am
good but -- >> you just had it blown out. >> and it looks great. you want to go to the gym and work out and you're like but i don't want to mess my hair up. how many times have you not worked out because you don't want to miss up your hair? >> never. >> are you kidding? that plays into everything i do. like, i won't -- if i have an event at night i won't work out. >> okay, i see what you mean. >> but there's something they say is the solution to all of that. >> you could work out and still your hair won't be ruined and it's called a blowtox. it's botox -- you know botox has been used to treat excessive sweat in underarms and other areas. >> they're suggesting what they can do is put botox injections in your hairline. >> and in your scalp. >> so that the sweat doesn't come out so that your hair stays with that fresh look.
10:05 am
>> experts say it works but loses its effects after four to eight months like regular botox. and it can cost you. >> it can cost two grand. >> however, the average cost of a blowout is $35 and a lot more in new york. >> so do the math. >> so that's 60 blow dries. i would do a lot of things for my hair and you know i have. i put a pound of gel and a hammer i've done keratin, i've done everything and anything -- >> hoda doesn't care what's in keratin. >> don't even tell me, if i know -- i'm always afraid of going by a lit candle that i'll explode explode. i would not do that. i would not do the blotox. there's something about -- >> would you ever do botox? >> i don't know, maybe. but i would never do it to stop sweating because i think that's a natural part of your body. >> that's a natural part of air conditioning in your whole body of course. >> i wouldn't like that but i would do, like, underground. >> wait until a wrinkle that looks like the nile river is going right down your forehead,
10:06 am
then you'll do. >> it maybe i would. well the fda hasn't even approved blotox so i don't know why we're talking about that. >> i didn't realize that. well, somebody will make you mad because she looks so fantastic is miss paula abdul. >> do you guys remember -- if you love the '80s you'll remember this video called "opposites attracts." let's look for a second. ♪ it's a natural fact ♪ -- >> so that was the 1988 video. get this, last night, paula and james corden recreated that video. corden played the role of emcee the scat cat and here's how the two of them played this out. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ we go together cause opposites attract ♪ and we know it's just natural fact ♪ we go together cause opposites attract ♪ >> so cute!
10:07 am
so cute! >> she's 53. can you believe how awesome she looks. >> people forget she started out as a dancer. remember, she was a choreographer for the lakers girls and everything. >> her body with that outfit. that's right, she was a laker girl. >> she's kept in greatbreaking news i'm sam brock. ==kris//2 shot== i'm kris sanchez. an officer killed in the line of duty. we go straight to a press good morning, i'm sam brock alongside criss sanchez. we're following a press conference following the announcement that one of its officers guyed this morning in a gun battle. we'll listen in as officers give a few details act what happened when that officer was shot unprovoked this morning. >> we have no other person that we are looking for at this time at being responsible for this incident. scott longer is a 15-year veteran of our police department. he was promoted to sergeant in 2009. he is a close friend of mine a very well-respected and
10:08 am
accomplished police sergeant. he was a member of our s.w.a.t. team. a member of our gang unit. and was an ideal police officer. scott loved his job. he did it eagerly. it is a tragedy that this has happened, that someone has done this but we are pulling together as an organization. the department is devastated. but we are pulling together and we will get through this. i want to thank all of our allied agencies the community, who have come up and been in complete support of our organization during this difficult time. the outpouring is overwhelming. we are dealing with this loss as an organization right now, and again, we will work through this. if there's any questions that you may have i will -- >> when you say that [ inaudible ] but not in custody, where is he? >> we are not ready to divulge that information at this time.
10:09 am
this is at the beginning stages of a very crucial point in our investigation and those details will be released at a later time. >> why is he being called a person of interest and not a suspect at this time? >> as i said this investigation is in its crucial and beginning stages right now and for the sake of the investigation itself, we are withholding some of the information that we have at this time. we will provide that information at a later time. was the vehicle shot as well and the officer -- >> the second officer was not shot and the condition of the suspect or the person of interest we are not releasing that information at this time. >> was the vehicle registered to -- >> we are not releasing that information at this time. >> [ inaudible ] -- going to the hospital? >> the -- right now, at this point, we're not going to release that information. but that will be forthcoming. >> if someone were in the
10:10 am
hospital, they could be quote/unquote secure there, so they might not necessarily be in custody? >> theoretically, that is secure. >> can we read into that? >> i cannot confirm nor deny that at this time. >> was the sergeant pronounced dead at the hospital or at the scene? >> at the hospital. >> and how many months -- >> i can't release that information at this time. >> [ inaudible ]. >> he is 48 years old. he is a father two of daughters. he is a resident of one of the neighboring agencies but we're not going to put that information out right now. the family has been notified but i would please ask you to respect their privacy and try not to reach out to them at this time while they grieve and have enough time to process what has taken place, because as i said it has been very very devastating to everybody involved. needless to say, how devastating it is to his family.
10:11 am
>> -- the original call -- >> at this time, he was stopping a vehicle for erratic driving behavior. >> -- doing donuts or any kind of activity? >> the specific i don't have at this time. >> is there a reason why your person of interest would run or -- >> i can't -- like i said i'm not going to release that information right now, based on the beginning stages and how crucial this investigation is right now and i'm sure you can all appreciate that the beginning of this investigation is the most crucial time and i don't want to release any information prematurely that would jeopardize the investigation. yes, i did, know him personally. >> can you describe him as a person? >> he was a very well-liked very well-respected sergeant police officer. he loved his job, he was always out there, eager to get involved. he was engaged in the community, from the start.
10:12 am
and again, he was a very good friend of mine. and this is a tremendous loss to myself and to our organization and to our community. i'm sorry, i need to go back to the police department right now, so that'll be the end of this conference. but we will notify you when we're prepared to release additional information. >> where can we be on standby? >> we'll let you know if we're going to hold a next press conference or if we're going to release it -- >> that is acting police chief, mark koehler there, discussing some more details, limited details about the death of one of its own sergeants, the department sergeant scott longer. >> a bit of an abrupt ending as the acting chief got information he needed to head back to the police department right away. as you might of heard at the beginning of that press conference, there is a person of interest that is identified
10:13 am
likely associated with that vehicle that was taken into evidence in west oakland this morning. they're not saying who that person is and whether or not that person was struck by the second officer on the scene, who returned fire. but hopefully we will hear more about that later today. >> and chief koehler also adding this is a crucial part in the beginning stages of their investigation. so as you say, kris we're going to hopefully get more pieces of information as the day goes along. one very quick thing to add, he mentioned at the very start of this, not sure if we caught it or not, that when sergeant longer approached the car, it was without warning and without provocation that he was fired at. that was a bit of detail we hadn't received earlier. >> and we don't happen to know all of the specifics of how this killing happened this morning, to know that it is a huge blow to the hayward police department and certainly our thoughts go out to the hayward police department, along with the family, the two daughters, sergeant lunger as they start to think about what life is going to be like without their father. we'll have all the details coming up in our 11:00 newscast
10:14 am
and another update in about 10 minutes. dull and boring hair? change it. gloss it! nutrigloss. l'oreal's new glossing shampoo system. with glycosilk it's tailor-made for dull hair. helps seal in nutrition. acts like a glossing treatment with every use. nutrigloss. new from l'oreal advanced haircare. why weigh yourself down? try new aveeno® sheer hydration. its active naturals® oat formula... ...goes on feather light. absorbs in seconds... ...keeps skin healthy looking... ...and soft. aveeno®. naturally beautiful results.
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10:16 am
what's the most important thing your parents do for you? they buy me food. they make sure i'm never lost. well... they pay my allowance. encourage me. ♪ they sing us a lullaby at night... a lullaby at night. ♪ oh! now i remember... why does it matter that cigna covers preventive care? because the next most important thing you can do for them is take care of yourself. cigna. together, all the way. she's known for playing sassy and somewhat sauszcy characters and her latest tv role earned jane krakowski not her second or third or fourth nomination but her fifth nomination. >> she plays the hilarious new york city housewife with tons of money to waste on the netflix series "the unbreakable kimmy schmidt." >> with our own ellie. but on the big screen she stars
10:17 am
in "peckixels." she plays the first lady whose husband must save the world by fighting off giant '80s video game icons from outer space. >> sounds good. >> it's a stretch but, look. >> oh big man, settle down over that butterscotch frosting. >> what, too much? you won't like what i do with the rainbow sprinkles. come on now. >> will! [ laughter ] >> mr. president? >> yes, generaler? >> the next battle is on at sundown tomorrow. 5130.29 latitude. >> where is that? >> you're the first lady? >> wait, i would like to thank tina fey personal trainer hair and makeup. oh wait i didn't win this? >> you just jinxed it, baby. >> i'm getting ready to lose my fifth emmy. [ laughter ] >> are you starting to feel like the susan lucci of comedy?
10:18 am
>> that's the closest i'll get to feel one of those. >> you're in a tough field. >> my money is on jane. come on come on. >> we'll go back to reality. >> nice skin. >> i want to feel it. >> you get one side i'll get the other. >> it's winesday wednesday isn't snits. >> i saw your tony award winning pictures of "nine." >> there's not enough pictures around of me today. when did we start? oh honey. >> how long sflubhave you been in the business? >> a long time. >> you play the first lady naturally. >> quel surprise. that's french for what a surprise. i do oddly, but kevin james is the president of the united states so you understand the state america is in at the time this movie -- >> this is an adam sandler movie. >> it is. it's so4gc wonderful and chris columbus who's made the great movies of our time -- >> tell us about the concept of
10:19 am
this thing. >> well, we are the first lady and president of the united states and the united states -- the aliens -- go with it -- the aliens get a mixed message and start fighting with us 80s video games so if you loved pack man or galaga -- >> or even knew them. >> you'll be newly introduced them. >> did you ever play them as kids? >> i did. but i lost a lot of quarters. even having it at your house. >> you what? you had -- can you imagine -- you have a son, he's what, four years old now? >> yes. >> tell everybody what happened when you found out you won the emmy nomination. >> when i won the emmy, yeah. let's go with that theory. when i imaginarily won the emmy. i -- we were together and on vacation alone together and he was home and i hung up the phone, i thought i was being
10:20 am
punked because i was so shocked and surprised. we'd just gotten so much love for kimmy and i never expected it then i hung up the phone and said "bennett mommy's been nominated for an emmy." and he looked at me entirely blank and said "okay, with k we play now." >> puts everything in perspective perspective. >> he's still your greatest production. >> that's absolutely right. >> you're in the movie "pixels." we are going to picksxelate your favorite co-stars and you can tell me who they are. >> okay. >> here's the first one. oh, please. >> tina fey. >> that's embarrassing. next. >> these are not hard! >> kevin james. i'm doing very well. >> this is the one i see. oh, i don't know who that is that's that's calista flockhart. >> you went to rutgers together?
10:21 am
>> no, but we were friends since general in what about this one? >> donkey kong. >> that's insane! >> i got that? my ray of sunshine ellie kemper and the "today" show's ellie kemper." >> that was so fast girls. i'll hang out here who else is coming on. >>? >> roma downey you're welcome to stay. >> she's lovely. >> bring the emmy back. >> thank you for having me. >> "pixel" is in theaters this friday. >> visualize this. >> it's one of hoda's and mine's. only kidding. how to soothe your summer skin irritation. >> plus people whose lives were when people say i'm lucky to have this hair, i thank them. but then i really thank preference. to me, nothing compares to preference. preference is luminous. fade-defying color that lasts. there's so many different subtleties to the tone... ...golden and warm and luminescent.
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seconds after carving, we not only seal every slice, we double seal it. the results are something to savor. hillshire farm. because it's worth doing right. it takes two to tango and today it will take two to play "who knew." >> here's a question of famous duos. what is the off camera relationship status of mickey
10:25 am
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only that we find ways big and small, to milk every last second of it. to use a little imagination and make a whole lot of memories. low prices. every day. on everything you need to get away from it all. walmart. welcome to fort green sheets. welcome to castle bravestorm. it's full of cool stuff, like... my trusty bow. and free of stuff i don't like. we only eat chex cereal. no artificial flavors, and it's gluten-free. mom, brian threw a ball in the house! i'm kris sanchez. our breaking news - hayward police now confirming one of their officersdied in a 10:26. we continue our breaking news out of hayward, where a press conference wrapped up just a few moments ago. police now confirming that one of their officers died in a gun battle early this morning. hayward police say sergeant scott lunger was shot and killed
10:27 am
during a traffic stop. this is video of the motorcade leaving the hospital with his body. this shooting happened early this morning in hayward. the officer died at the hospital. according to witnesses, there were at least a half dozen gunshots exchanged and hayward police lieutenant eric krim said the this morning it's been a very tough day for the department. >> officer-involved shootings are very difficult. no officer comes to work wanting to be involved in something like that. so they're very difficult. and they're difficult for those involved. they're difficult for the family they're difficult for the community. police in east oakland this morning recovered this truck with bullet holes that investigators ss believe is the one involved in the shooting. police also say there is a person of interest, but that person is not under arrest. they would not disclose that person's condition. however, they say, there is no imminent threat to the public. nbc bay area is covering all angles of this story. make sure you watch our newscast at 11:00 for complete coverage. a look at your forecast and
10:28 am
traffic coming up right after this break.
10:29 am
good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. a lot of sunshine today after those clouds roll out of here. and in half moon bay, expect a high of 65 degrees. saratoga, 81 degrees. diamond heights, 63 degrees. and napa a high of 80 degrees. 70 in oakland, and alamo, expect a high of 84 degrees. we're going to have some comfortable weather, all across the bay and a lot of sunshine later this afternoon. let's get a look at traffic now
10:30 am
with mike. >> take a look out here. we do have a slower -- >> we'll continue to cover that breaking news out of hayward. the officer killed in the line of duty. please join us at 11:00. we're back on winesday wednesday and we're having fun with famous dynamic duos. kathie lee is across the street at the nbc experience store and will handout a hundred bucks to anybody who gets the questions right. those who don't get one of her very popular cds. and since we're all about two, we're having two people pair up to answer each question. here to help me out is a friend of the show and a host of fandango's weekend ticket, dave carter. we asked the question about mickey and mini. we said what's the off camera relationship status, are they married, engaged or just friends? >> they are married. walt disney said this in an
10:31 am
interview four years after they first appeared together in a short film. however we've never seen them get married on screen. but they are married. >> so we're trusting they are. >> i think their relationship is going well. >> kath over to you. >> i'm with friends who are from different parts of the world. you're there connecticut and orlando. before good will hunting matt damon and ben affleck starred as extras in this film. field of dreams, 16 candles or say anything. >> field of dreams? [ bell ringing ] [ cheers and applause ] >> first of all, what? they were in "field of dreams." >> they were extras, you can't see them. they were among thousands of people. don't look closely you won't find them but it's a fenway park scene. what i love about this is the director of "field of dreams," 13 years thisjf@ej starred in another one of his movies and ben said "great to be
10:32 am
working with you again." and the guy had no idea what he was talking about. >> mother caught thor from southern maryland. finish the lyrics to this sonny and cher hit. you'll know. mom will know. ♪ they say we're young and we don't know won't find out until we grow ♪ got it? you don't have a clue, do you? [ laughter ] ♪ well i don't know if all that's true -- >> ♪ babe i got you. i got you babe ♪ >> i think that's good enough. ♪ you got me and baby i got you ♪ >> 1965 i can't believe it was that long ago. yeah and it was their first big hit sonny and cher. it went all the way to number one. how many other times did they have a number one song? zero. but cher did it four times on her own. >> kathie lee over to you. >> sisters from boston. in the 1989 film "when harry met sally" where does harry first meet sally?
10:33 am
at laguardia airport, in washington square park or the university of chicago? >> um -- >> i'm going say b. [ buzzer sounding ] oh! >> one of you gets party animals and the other one gets everyone a story. where did they seat in. >> at the university of chicago. that was hard because it's such a story you think they met in new york. they met when they were graduating from the university of chicago. shi gives him a ride to new york, it takes 18 hours, they talk the whole way. they don't see each other for five more years. >> kathie lee we have another one. >> george clooney famously played the caped crusader in "batman and robin." who was his robin? brendan fraser, chris o'donnell or ethan hawke? >> i think chris o'donnell. >> i think you're right. >> that's the movie george clooney would prefer to forget.
10:34 am
they've all gone on to great careers. george clooney has done very well chris o'donnell is on "ncis: l.a." even the guy wrote this movie won an oscar four years later for "a beautiful mind." >> dave, come back and see us, will you? itchy and scratchy. how to relieve skin irritations that come along with fun in the sun. and roma downey with incredible stories of people whose prayers were answered at just the right ♪ this isn't just the start of school this is the new year. find the styles and brands they'll love for every big moment. where? famous footwear.
10:35 am
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start the interview with a firm handshake. ay,no! don't do that! try head & shoulders instant relief. it cools on contact, and also keeps you 100% flake free. try head & shoulders instant relief. for cooling relief in a snap. actress roma downey has been bringing stories of spirituality to the big and small screen for over 20 years. >> her latest project is no exception. in tlc's "answered prayers" roma shares modern-day miracles. stories of people in life-threatening situations who survived after experiencing incredible moments of hope just when they needed it most. >> she's the host and executive
10:39 am
producer of the series and she's with us here today. she always dresses like sunshine, too. i love this series i know hoda does too, we just got a chance to look at it today. and the fact that it's real life stories, this is not fiction and all of this has been vetted and all of these things actually happened. >> yes, they're all real stories. you know we're all just so heartbroken seeing the news each day from home and around the world and mark and i thought wouldn't it be great to show -- have something where we could see good news stories. where we could see people in distress, awful things have happened in their lives but inexplicably when they've reached out in prayer answers occur and it's the hand of god all over it. >> it's so moving because you actually see the real people being interviewed as well as kind of these recreations that show what they've been through. a saw a bunch of clips and i
10:40 am
couldn't believe i was so moved in such a short period of time. >> and there's so much drama in these stories. we reached out across the country to churches and communities asking for people to send us the stories. we had an overwhelming response. it's amazing how many of these kinds of stories exist but in the first episode alone we tell the story of a family trapped in a tornado. the mother hears a voice, a still voice within her, the voice of, you know, intuition that tells her to go and get her children and thank god she does. >> because that was beautiful day at the time. >> a beautiful day and suddenly this storm rolled in, she puts bicycle helmets on them, they hunker down in the closet. >> every blanket in the house around them. >> and the storm picks up their house and violently throws it down the street. just amazing any of them walked away from us. then a couple came and found them because they were trapped and this grandfather and his grandson just felt a call to go down this particular street.
10:41 am
>> and a tree had fallen -- >> well to watch. all the stories are different but the answer is the same. >> yes. it's a little bit like the x files for a faith audience. >> that's great. >> because if you came to this without faith as a more cynical person you're still going to be left scratching your head because there's no logical explanation for how people have gotten out of these situations and if you come to this with a heart of faith then you know that it could only be god. >> can we talk about your other projects? you're a very busy lady "ben-hur" coming up in february. >> that niece her spare time. amazing. >> the last time we were on the show with my husband mark we were just leaving north korea go to italy. >> here's a couple shots. >> here we are on the set. this is on the set for the galley ship, the ship ben-hur gets taken off as a prisoner.
10:42 am
here we are, you can see somebody's holding the horses. we were not about to get on those. those are prime racehorses. this chariot scene will blow your mind. >> a lot of people for a brand new generation don't remember the original film so this is great to bring ben-hur back for a new audience. >> absolutely. >> i love that movie. have you seen it? >> yes, i can't wait to see yours. >> when we told our kids we were doing it, we said "we're making ben-hur." and they were like "ben who?" >> we love you, our love to mark and we can not more highly recommend this. "answered prayers" previews july 26. >> my husband shaved his beard! >> he did? thank the lord. >> oh, wait a second let's look here for a minute. [ laughter ] >> praise god. >> the doctor is in to soothe your summer skin after this. >> you're right. >> yes, you were not liking it. >> (music plays)
10:43 am
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hopefully you've been getting your vitamin "d" by catching ray this is summer -- >> but not too much. >> and along with that comes heat rash bug bites you name it. it. >> lucky for us we have dr. natalie to help us out. we're starting with bug bite mosquito bites. >> so irritating. >> it can spoil a whole evening. >> it can, so let's talk about bee stings first. if you can, you want to get the stinger out as quickly as possible, the earlier you do. the last intense the sting will be. you can pull it out usually you can tweeze it out as well. in terms of treatment, just a cop cal cold compress, you can use an anti-histamine or a topical -- >> like a benadryl? >> or topical steroid. with mosquito bites a similar thing. one thing you can't find in the literature but did you ever put
10:49 am
saliva on a mosquito bite. >> spit on it? >> yes. well some people think it's -- the salty content of the saliva can neutralize the sting a bit. >> don't you love her? >> i do it to my children and it works but you won't find science to support it. topical steroid that kind of things it will ease it. >> sun burns can be a pain. what do you do? >> sun burns as you would imagine you do a cold compress, a cool shower, definitely using any lotions that contain aloe or menthol or cam forcan help and a trick that is useful is that if you put the lotion in the refrigerator -- >> oh, that's a good idea. >> it's more soothing. >> what about vinegar? someone said vinegar works. >> there's a lot of things you can find. cold tea leaves and things like that. honestly, if you look on the internet you can see a million home remedies. probably as long as it's not dangerous on an open blister or
10:50 am
something try and see what works. >> vinegar is a perfect thing for everything. >> and baking soda and things like that. >> sometimes you get physical burns from campfires or barbecues or something. >> what's interesting is that is what's the difference in managing sun burns and grill burns? there are similarities in that to a fire burn you wouldn't want to apply a cold compress. but importantly never put ice on a burn because that can stick to the skin and if there's any concern you've got on the a second degree or third degree burn with open blisters you don't want to put lotion on it. but for a first degree burn what -- is first degree? red, maybe swollen and tender, a little aloe and a cold compress. but don't play around with burns. >> the chlorine, you think it's something that turns your hair bad colors. what else can it do? >> a lot of people say they have a chlorine allergy. the thing is the american academy[] of allergy and
10:51 am
immunologists would say it's not an allergy but a sensitivity. >> i couldn't put my head under without paying for it for the rest of the day. >> typically the chlorine causes dermatitis. so you can get that itchy skin but in terms of it bag true allergy that can cause an flak sis, maybe not. but people who have asthma or exercised induced asthma will feel wheezy. >> what should they do? >> it's a funny suggestion but you might want to go to a -- you can find out the chlorine content of the pool and go to one that has less. but then i worry about bacteria. >> you know the minute you put your head under, i had breathing problems. >> heat rash. >> prickly heat. so why do you get this? you get this when it's hot and you're sweating and it's humid. it blocks the sweat glands. >> we were talking about with the blotox. >> so that can cause it. which is why you tend to find heat rash on covered surfaces.
10:52 am
the people who get this mostly are infants who are mottled and have too much clothing on. >> all right. darn, we didn't make it. >> wasn't it fun while we were here? >> to go fast? >> you were awesome. >> so fun. >> we give lilliana a $50 limit, but was she up for the challenge? >> find out if she got us cute summer looks for less. first, this is today on nbc.
10:53 am
10:54 am
10:55 am
if our friend lilliana vazquez is here, it's time for luxe for dress. >> hoda and i asked her to find a couple things for us for under $50. >> i asked for a beach coverup and kathie lee asked for a chic summer dress with white print. >> well, let's stewart the chic cover up. under $50.
10:56 am
if you go over to this one, this is under $25. >> this is darling, i like this one. it's here is. >> old navy. then we have this one under $40 from gypsy bohemian. >> see i thought this was the dolce & gabbana or roberto a valley thing. >> we did a whole look for you head to toe. >> i got three! >> this top is a valley inspired but the white background, tropical print under $50 for the top, under $20 for the white skirt with this texture and we finished the outfit for you here. we did a bag, shoes -- >> things are looking up. >> you're styled head to toe. how great is that? >> beautiful job, sweetheart. >> if you have a challenge for lillianna, tweet us with the look you want us to find using the hashtag #luxeforless.
10:57 am
>> and tomorrow we have. ♪ blue, who has a name that rimes with -- ♪ well, tune in tomorrow. >> and comedian jimmy pa
10:58 am
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nbc bay area news begins with breaking news. >> she was a very well liked, very well respected sergeant police officers, loved his job. >> shock and sadness across the bay area laws enforcement community, an officer shot and killed in the line of duty. good morning, thank for you joining us. >> sergeant scott lunger pulled over a pickup truck for driving erratically this morning and then without warning the driver of the truck opened up fire shooting and killing sergeant lunger. the shooting happened just after 3:00 this morning around myrtle and lions street in hayward, not far from 880. >> a little more tha


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