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tv   Early Today  NBC  July 28, 2015 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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it's tuesday, july 28th. coming up on "early today," day four of the desperate search for two teen age boys lost at sea off the florida coast. their parents remain hopeful. >> i just want him home. i know he's coming home. republican presidential candidate mike huckabee refuses to back down from comments he made. comparing the iran nuclear deal to the holocaust. plus the father who took the rap for his son's hit-and-run. a treasure trove discovered 0 off the coast of florida. that and much more starts on "early today." it was a gut-wrenching estimate. four or five days that's how long a coast guard official says a person could survive floating in the open florida water.
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not what families want to hear as the search for two missing 14-year-old boys enters day four. >> reporter: in the desperate search for two missing teens, their capsized boat but no sign of the boys. >> it's terrifying to know that your child is out there without you and that if they need help that you can't reach out your hand and give them the help they need. >> the teen set out friday with 28 gallons of fuel, believed to be headed to the bahamas, only 44 miles away. but this squall capture ed on another boater's cell phone may have caught the young mariners off guard. >> i call hick my mcgyver he can make something out of anything. >> reporter: it was caught in
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the gulf stream a constant current that flows four to six mile-per-hour this time of year. >> and when a person is in the water, you're basically looking for the chest up. it's a relatively small object. >> reporter: the boys mothers say it was unlikely they wore their life jackets. that's because most boaters in florida, while they have the safety gear on the boat they rarely wear it because it's so uncomfortable in the florida heat. the boys' family and friends walked the beach urging those in georgia doing the same and among those, football great joe nameth. who has offered $100,000 reward for information. >> we just keep on look until we get an answer. >> that was nbc's kerry sanders reporting. there's been out rage and back lash following mike huckabee's comments regarding the iran nuclear deal.
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>> mr. huckabee was referring to president obama when he made that comment over the weekend. on monday it drew sharp criticism from democrats and republicans. >> comments like these are offensive and they have no place in our political dialogue. >> the use of that kind of language and just wrong. >> the particular comments of mr. huckabee -- are i think part of just a general pattern that we've seen that is would be considered ridiculous if it weren't so sad. >> despite all the criticism, he made it clear that he's not backing down or apologizing for his comments. >> three times i've been to auschwitz, when i talked about the oven door, i have stood at
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that oven door. i know exactly what it looks like. 1.1 million people killed. i will not apologize and i will not recant. >> he will be sitting down with matt lauer this morning. a major change for of america's more storied its constitutions, the boy scouts of america is ending their national ban on openly gay troop leaders. as part of the new policy local scouting units, 70% sponsored by religious organizations, can continue to choose adult leaders whose believes consistent of their own. the mormon church said it might leave. and in the parched west, more than 25 wild fires are burning out of control in five states and fire season is just getting underway. in northern li holmquist mohammad abdulazeez mohammad youssuf abdulazeez. torched 9,000 acres and are
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threatening homes. one suspect is in custody after multiple counts of arson after sparking a grass fire. fire officials say the browning fire has burned 450 acres and destroyed a number of homes. a bold new plan to take on isis and save innocent lives. the u.s. could soon team up with turkey. it would involve air strikes to carve out a 68-mile safe haven for what could be millions of syrians fleeing to turkey. turkish war planes began maddy. he tells me he dropped out of college to join isis, a group that cuts off people's heads,
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throws people from buildings, rapes women. >> how could you join them? they told us when we behead people, we instill fear and the women are adulterers. amir talks about home. he said i've been a bad son. and then something unexpected, this isis fighter begins to cry. >> that was nbc's keir simmons reporting from syria. back at home, a wild police chase ends in a dramatic arrest. police from new jersey tried to box in this white van with an armed robbery suspect inside. the driver hit the gas and fled on to i-95. later on the suspect tried to veer off on to an exit ramp but the officer used a maneuver to flip the van over and it wound up landing right side up and the suspect crawled out and surrendered. check out this mass ive
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twister in canada. witnesses say the tornado ways so strong that it lifted the pavement from a highway. meteorologist bill karins has the forecast. >> that has happened before that's like a powerful vacuum. lifting it straight up. well the opposite end of that the severe weather is the cold weather. that moved through areas of the northern rockies. this is big sky resort this is lone peak. one of the highest peaks you can ski at in the lower 48. up to about 11,000 feet and there was snow yesterday. and in jackson hole wyoming. we had some snow so kind of like a fall-like storm system that moved through. the cold rain this morning from great falls to glascow. severe weather out ahead of the storm system. not too bad, but about 90 reports of wind damage from minneapolis south, where the line is now. this line of storms could regenerate later on this afternoon. bring some severe weather to this location. probably about maybe another
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line around 3:00 to 4:00 p.m. pushing towards wisconsin. i'm not too worried about tornadoes tonight. that brings us to the heat wave. which in the days ahead, it has shifted from the west to the middle of the country now it's going to break into two pieces. the dome of high pressure is going to slide towards the four corners region and the heat will build. wooefl see very hot conditions in boston new york and d.c. the middle of the country gets a cooldown from the air in montana. kansas city goes down into the 0s, now the heat begins to build back in the northwest area. portland ack into the west. fresno up to 103 with your friends in sacramento. we mention how hot it was all spring in the west and they had a little bit of a mid-summer
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does your makeup remover take it all off? every kiss-proof cry-proof, stay-proof look? neutrogena® makeup remover does. it erases 99% of your most stubborn makeup with one towelette. need any more proof than that? neutrogena. welcome back everybody. stories making news this morning, in the new york times, the nsa will not be allowed to keep old phone records. according to the obama administration, after november 29th the national security agency will no longer be able to search the database holding five years' worth of domestic call records. the n.s.a. plans to purge the data. boston's hope of hosting the 2024 u.s. summer games is over. after the city's mayor said he wouldn't charge taxpayer force additional costs of hosting the olympic games. and in florida, one family struck gold literally, they
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found a million dollars worth of sunken spanish treasure back from 1715. among the items found off the coast of fort pierce were 40 feet of gold chain and 51 gold coins, including one extremely rare royal coin. that some say is worth half a million dollars. a milwaukee father is set to be released from prison after he was put away for a crime he did not commit. authorities say his son is the person responsible for a deadly hit-and-run. this dark family secret has a lot of people talking about how far parents will go to protect their children. >> reporter: juan silva chose to serve time for a hit and run his son's crime, for a hit-and-run outside a milwaukee tavern, that killed a father of three and injured a woman. >> never seen anything like it before. >> but that conviction was thrown out. the 2013 accident was picked up by security video.
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it shows the impact and a white van leaving the scene. the father turned himself in, saying he was behind the wheel. he was sentenced to five years in prison trying to keep his son out of jail. silva's lawyer said the father turned on his son, who was getting into trouble while he sat in jail. >> he was very disappointed that his son wasn't using this opportunity to clean up his act. >> the man who would not appear on camera but identified hisself as wannajuan silva's senior's older brother said he was only doing what he thought was best for his family. the woman who survived the accident, lashed out at silva. a parent is supposed to teach a child right from wrong and not encourage lies and deception. juan silva junior will appear in court next week, facing three
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felonies. he will also have to face his father. let's get down to business with cnbc's morgan brennan. >> the market is looking to snap a five-day losing streak today. stocks fell monday after china's market suffered the biggest one-day decline since 2007. that sparked worries about the world's second largest economy. china is down again, but european and other asian markets are shrugging that off. oil prices continue to drop as well with u.s. oil prices trading around $47 a barrel. meanwhile, volkswagen outsells toyota in the first half of the year. the first time the german automaker has come out on top in global sales. gm which held the crown for decades before being unseated by toyota in 2008 reports figures on thursday. and ebay is ending its one-hour delivery program. the pilot service launched in san francisco in 2012 expanded to the rest of the area new
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york chicago and dallas. after that couriers used cars and bikes to deliver items from stores such as best buy and macy's. melissa, back to you. thank you. and just ahead, the nfl team that just hired a female coach, plus new video of a moment a racing boat flipped on to its side as sailors desperately held on. sports is next. hid smelly objects all over each villa and plugged in febreze. then real people were asked to stay for a long weekend. would they smell anything? the room itself was like [sniff] ahhh. feels like someone has pumped fresh oxygen into the room. on the last day we revealed everything. oooooohwoww. we were sitting right on it. febreze is stunningly effective. continuously eliminate odors for up to 45 days break out the febreze you plug in [inhale + exhale mnemonic] and breathe happy.
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this morning on "today," we hear a lot about kids bullying other kids, what about them bullying parents. jenna bush hager takes look at parents who are on the receiving end of aggressive behavior. now let's get caught up on sports with our sports headlines with my colleague, betty nguyen. >> good morning, melissa. >> yankees slugger alex rodriguez celebrating his birthday and became the fourth player in mlb history to homer as a team and in his 40s. he finished the game three for four with four rbis and they beat the rangers 6-2. rockies, cubs, bottom of the 9th. and a walk-off home run, first career walk off for bryant. cubs win it 9-8. the arizona cardinals are making history, by hiring what's believed to be the first female
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coach in nfl history. walter played linebacker for 14 seasons in the women's football alliance where she helped win 14 championships and was also the first woman to play in a non-kicking position in the men's professional league in 2014. the nfl is finalizing new rules for inspecting footballs. the changes stem from tom brady's use of underinflated footballs in the afc championship game. brady was given a four-game suspension and appealed and is still waiting for roger goodell's ruling. the nfl would like to see a suspension while the player's association would prefer a fine. and scary moments during the germany sailing tour. a denmark team was hit by a large wind gust causing the boat to capsize. fortunately they were able to hang on and no one was injured. the crew was able to recover and
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they came back sunday to finish third overall. >> "early today" is brought to you by -- vagisil. quite a recovery for the denmark team back to you. just ahead, after near ly three decades, playing the same character on tv, they're calling it quits. and the epic "night show" moment that has you saying, if jimmy fallon should co-star in a "top gun" sequel. so what i'm saying is, people like options. when you take geico, you can call them anytime you feel like saving money. it don't matter, day or night. use your computer, your smartphone, your tablet, whatever. the point is you have options. oh, how convenient.
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now to entertainment, bobby brown has made a statement following the death of his daughter bobbi kristina. on running wild with bear grylls kate winslet decided to reenact one of her hollywood moments. >> i feel like i'm flying! >> thank goodness it looks like she's wired in. after 28 years of playing luke spencer on "general hospital" tony geary took his final bow yesterday. it was the most-watched moment in daytime tv history. geary is the winner of a record
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eight best actor emmys, he said he felt it was the right time to leave. jimmy fallon lip-synced with tom cruise last night. one moment had jimmy sweating a little bit. >> that wouldn't be fair would it? after lip sinking "paradise" cruise decided to help out jimmy with one last song. >> ♪ i get down on my knees for you baby, baby baby bring back that loving feeling now it's ♪ ♪ gone gone oh whoa ♪ you are watching "early today."
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leading the news in the "washington post," scientists have sinynthesized a new compound that mimics exercise. it tricks cells into thinking they've run out energy and that leads to increased metabolism. they hope it could lead to a treatment or pill for obesity or type ii diabetes or laziness. and in the new york daily news, vladimir putin says fifa president deserve as nobel prize. he said i think they deserve special recognition. if there's anyone who deserves the nobel prize, it's those people. and in june u.s. and swiss
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authorities uncovered a massive bribery scandal involving fifa officials, sepp blatter has agreed to step down as president. and a new gallup poll shows how many people drink depending on their income. 75,000 or more, 78% drink. and with an income of 30,000 and $75,000, 67%. of people who make less than $30,000, only 45% drink. and in florida, a police officer was caught on tape throwing food at a homeless man. if he were an animal. the video shows the man with his hands cuffed. he tries to catch the food in his mouth. when it misses he goes onto the floor to pick it up with his mouth. the police officer was suspended after the investigation. in china, the only surviving panda triplets are turning one.
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they are going to have a birthday party on their birthday, which is tomorrow. they'll have a video documenting their every-day lives. >> i know they grow fast. >> even at one year they still kind of look cuddly and like they couldn't kill a cat. >> i think full grown they're cute. and joyce mitchell accused of helping two murderers escape from a prison in new york state. is expected to be arraigned. she allegedly hit hacksaws and other tools in frozen meat that she brought to the taylor shop. she could get up to seven years in prison for her role in the escape plot but could get less than that if the judge accepted the plea. quick happy birthday to lori laughlin, and sally struthers. and jim davis, the creator of "garfield" turns 70. i'm melissa rayberger, he have a
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great tuesday.
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the worst possible ending to a search for a missing santa cruz girl-- as police and the worst possible ending to a search for a missing santa cruz girl as police and the fbi now begin a death investigation. and will he be spared his life or not? the man just convicted of killing a vallejo police officer now looking at a mistrial. right before the penalty phase. and today it will be all about this heat as temperatures soar into the triple digits in some arts of the bay area. i'm sam brock. w >> and i'm laura garcia-cannon. thanks for joining us. lots tonl o this morning. first let's check that forecast with this meteorologist kari hall. >> you will need


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