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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  August 3, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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the streets of oakland involves plig and a man armed with a rifle. . this happening near the bart station. an officer and gunman were both hit and the suspect has died. bob redell joins us live from the scene. what can you tell us? >> reporter: good morning, sam. this happened around 1:30 this morning. as you can see, the scene is about a block or two fl where we're standing. you're looking down martin luther king boulevard here. the officers were trying to make contact with a suspect in a sexual assault. this was a sexual assault that took place earlier in the evening as they made contact the suspect opened the door and had a a rifle shooting one of the officers possibly in the thigh. the officer was shot along with his partner, returned fire shooting and killing that suspect. the suspect and the officer both taken to the hospital. the suspect was pronounced dead at the hospital while the officer in the past hour was taken out of surgery and
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fortunately is in stable condition. there's going to be a news conference around 7:30 this morning with the chief of police to give us more day details. the suspect was wanted in a sexual assault. you can see behind me that we're at mcarthur and mlk. it's not clear how long this section of the road will be shut down. reporting live, bob redell, today in the bay. california on fire. no end in sight for thousands of firefighters on the front lines battling massive flames. the biggest is the rocky fire burning north of the bay area. it charred 54,000 acres, twice the size of san francisco. >> it's not only the rocky fire either. firefighters are climbing an uphill battle working to put out 21 wildfires chewing through dry land all across the state of
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california. kris sanchez is tracking the story. are crewing making any progress? >> it's hard to say they are making progress because as soon as they have containment, the fire grows bigger. they are kind of chasing after this fire and now more than 12,000 people are out of their homes and with friends and family. some of them now know they have nothing to return to. 26 homes were destroyed along with as many other structures like sheds and barns. the fire just exploded in size overnight. you can see from the flames there's plenty of fuel for fire. cal fire says all of this vegetation is dry to the core creating fire conditions that are in their words very dangerous, very extreme. it is only 5% contained and a fire that started on wednesday. by friday it was 15,000 acres and it doubled in size every day since. at last update it was up to 54,000 acres, the equivalent of
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84 square miles. people were forced from campgrounds there. the residents were forced from their homes as well. e we talked with a woman who is just one of 12,000 people who were ordered to get out when the winds shifted with little more than an hour to grab what she could. >> finally smoking us out and we have to get out of here. >> and with that blast right there, that's a firefighter setting a controlled burn, one of the ways they are trying to get the upper hand. they are creating a fire break burning the fuel before the fire can get to it. we know the success of the fire fight depends on the weather conditions and hopefully they are looking up today, but it was a difficult weekend. >> it's still breezy, but at least the humidity is working in their favor. the wind forecast is 10 to 15 miles per hour. gusts will pick up to 20 miles per hour. and the humidity this morning up
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to 98% with fog and low clouds. during the daytime, the humidity drops back to 29%. temperatures in the 60s this morning climbing into the lower 80s. so with the low clouds and the fog, conditions are looking a little bit better. even into tomorrow, high humidity and the breeze z si wind with the cooler marine air rolling into even the hills just to the north of our area. so hopefully conditions will be little better for crews to get that under control. >> we have our own crews along the front fire lines as well. we're going to check in to see how the conditions are shaping up this morning. we'll have a live report this from near the fire line in lake county coming up at 6:45. for updated wildfire coverage any time, you can download our bay area app. we'll be updating information there as well as our social
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media platforms. new this morning, an international mystery that started this weekend in southern california and ended here in the bay area. a special olympics athlete who disappeared saturday night in los angeles turned up in hayward. police launched the search saturday night for a 44-year-old athlete from albania. that man walked into a hayward police station at 2:00 this morning and don't know how he got there. further more, his speech impediment made it hard for officers to figure out who he was, but he does appear to be okay. special olympics organizers are now on their way to the bay area. >> he traveled 350 miles north. happening now, the u.s. honor flag is in the bay area this morning as part of a national tribute for fallen pli sergeant scott lunger. the flag will fly for 15 hours today at police department headquarters signifying one year
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of each year of his service. he was shot and killed last month during a traffic stop. . the honor flag has traveled to over a thousand events and services for fallen heroes all over the country. the flag was also flown at ground zero after 9/11. a follow up on the search for a wanted parolee. he's back in police custody thanks to the help of moeshl media. he's a suspect for robbery and assault. he was arrested yesterday afternoon in walnut creek. police spotted his car and say he was trying to take a photo of a woman. the travel detour is over this morning. good news here, ridership on the ferry nearly doubled over the weekend because of bart's closure. despite the packed buss and ferries, leaders say it was basically smooth sailing. crews finished all the work they set out to do, though the entire project is not quite finished.
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there's another tube closure over labor day weekend. >> mike tweeted a moment ago that everything was back up and running. >> everything is great. it looks like all that work went smoothly over the weekend making it smoother through the tube. that next closure is labor day weekend. we have metering liel ining lig. one more thing. the ferry depending on oakland or alameda, the first one has been cancelled. the next one available is 6:30/6:40. just one ferry, not the entire morning cruise. that's good stuff. the rest of the bay moves smoothly. we do have an earlier crash at south 880 but nothing dramatic. we have an easy drive are from 101. sun is coming up. what do you see, kari?
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>> a lot of clouds across the bay. also some spots with patchy fog. otherwise mild temperatures and a great way to start out the new week. as we go into the afternoon, a mix of sun and clouds. the peninsula will top out at 78 degrees in the south bay and north bay. east bay, 73 degrees. highs reaching 84 and san francisco a high of 68 degrees. cooler than average temperatures today, but then we'll start a gradual warming trend through the week. more on that in a few minutes. >> thank you, kari. still ahead, hitch bot beaten down. why the robot never made it to its final destination of san francisco. plus a mystery along the coastline. a third dead whale washing ashore in pacifica in recent months. the president to make a huge challenge to american america today, but california is already
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ahead. we'll take a look coming up in business and tech. northern california weather, it's going to be cooler this week. we're going to check the forecast coming up.
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no presidential election this year, but come this november you can still be a a part of history. san mateo is poised to become the first county to hold an election with no. physical polling places. it's part of a pilot program signed into law.
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they hope it's going to increase voter participation while saving the county around $1 million. the high gas price stories we have been running lately, those are now expected to evaporate in a big way. barring something unforeseen gas price may tumble to under $2 a gallon by the end of the year in some parts of the nation. as for california, two weeks ago regular unleaded averaged $4.25 a gallon. right now it's $3.75. and by the end of the year, they are thinking perhaps $2.40 a gallon in. the golden state. hitch bot ran out of fuel and it was through no fault of her own. the hitchhiking robot that went through canada and europe met its demise in america. the city of brotherly love does not extend to robots. vandals destroyed the robot on friday night damaging it beyond
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repair. the robot was relying on the kindness of strangers to make it across the country with a destination of san francisco. >> i didn't expect it to happen that so many were talking about it. that's wonderful. >> its creators received a photo of the vandalized robot. they can't track it because hitch bot's battery is dead as is the dream. the stock market in athens is back open this morning. >> is that a good thing? scott mcgrew were shouting a lot of sell orders this morning. >> i'm not sure how to interpret. the accent but there was a lot of yelling today. the greek stock market, one of three issues the world is facing this morning. sort of the wheel of misery this morning. markets in athens fell 25%. that's basically the equivalent of the dow falling about 4,000 points. the chinese market fell again
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erasing billions of dollars of wealth for the middle class. and puerto rico will default on its debt today. it missed a payment on $72 billion in debt. we get the july jobs report on friday. something the fed's will be watching carefully as well. the fed looking for evidence to support an interest rate hike. the economy is growing, maybe not as quickly as we'd like, but it's growing. the man in charge of the bitcoin depositories was arrested in japan. he was taken into custody for transferring a million dollars worth of bitcoins into a personal account. his organization lost millions more last year. he has done more to remove the credibility of bitcoin than anyone. else alive. the president will call for huge reductions in carbon emissions from power plants. this depends on where you live. if your state mines coal, you
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are not favorable to this idea. the target is for the u.s. to cut e emissions by 30% in the next couple years. in california we're actually way ahead. our own state plan is to cut emissions by 40%. so we have already started. the california board says we could be the 25% within 10 years. we have few coal plants. northern california is natural gas. there's coal in southern california. the problem is hydroelectric. we were making clean energy there for a long time. the problem with hydroelectric in a drought is there's no hydro. >> exactly. >> a crucial component there. those standards are the northeast aggressive in the world. they match europe. >> and we have already started so we will be on our way if president obama can get this through. >> california leads the way
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there. something you don't want to be leading the way in but this is turning into an all too familiar sight. another dead whale washed ashore in pacifica. authorities are trying to figure out what to do with it. it's the third dead whale to pop up there in several months. the 33-foot young male was first discovered yesterday morning. now neighbors not only concerned with the stench but why they keep washing ashore at their beaches. >> these are not relate d. in the last two weeks there have been lots of sightings of live humpback whales and blue whales feeding out in the hundreds. we know they are here. >> the city is working on a plan to remove the whale as quickly as possible. we're going to get a look at your forecast right now at 6:16. a live check outside right now at the sprawling bay bridge and a clear start out there in san francisco. >> which is a great way to start our workweek.
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>> it's looking great. especially today with the temperatures well below average for this time of year in many spots. we see those low clouds this it morning. temperatures starting o out in the 60s. a live look at san jose. and come on over and look at the seven-day forecast. we start out the week with temperatures in the 70s across most of the bay. and then it starts on a gradual warming trend into the middle of the week. right now as we look at those current temperatures in napa, it's 61 degrees. hayward at 63 degrees. san francisco right now at 64. let me take you hour by hour. we see the low clouds during the morning. it clears out mid-morning and lunchtime it should be nice and sunny. 68 degrees, stay in the upper 60s for a couple hours and then the clouds move back in by 7:00. if you're heading over towards oakland, a great day to enjoy. 68 degrees for the first pitch. and by the end of the game, it
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will be 65 degrees. bring a a light jacket just in case you need it. 85 degrees in. morgan hill. 70 in pacifica. and some peeks of sunshine today. 78 degrees in napa. tops out at 82 degrees, nice temperatures there. we start out the next couple of mornings with the clouds and then some afternoon sunshine. but once again, our temperatures especially in the valleys will be cooler than average. it will be warming up as we go through the week. the normal high in livermore was 88 degrees. we start to get there, 89 degrees by thursday. here's a look at that weekend forecast across the bay. it's only monday, but why not look ahead to the weekend. looks like saturday will be the cooler day of the two days this weekend. by sunday we can see it jumping up a few more degrees in the
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tri-valley. let's check on traffic with mike. >> sometimes you have to look at the weekend just to get through you the monday. no problem getting through. a little breeze kicking up the flag. nice fanfare for the morning commute. as we look at your map, no delays for 880 coming down here. 680 through fremont. just a little build from 101. this one starting to build toward the airport. as we look at the rest of the bay, a smooth flow of traffic around the eastern side of the bridge. the earlier crash still reported on the books. but no. major slowing there. the toll plaza has metering lights on. the earlier crash cleared. a quick look at san ra fell shows a little build. nothing dramatic here. 6:19, new this morning an international mystery involving a special olympics athlete ended early this morning in the bay
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area. now it started over the weekend when this man disappeared in southern california. now he's at a hayward police station where there are still a lot of unanswered questions. stephanie chuang is live this morning. we're hearing he's okay this morning, good news. >> reporter: yeah, it's a long ways from l.a. we're told that he walked here into the hayward police department around 2:00 this morning. this is 24 hours so he was able to walk inside and contact sunshi someone. the question is why is he here. a lot of questions, as you mentioned. we know that he's a special olympian from albaniaen. he was missing saturday night. he was at a festival when he disappeared to go to the bathroom. at bed check is when the coaches realized he was missing. again, walking here into the
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hayward police department about 34 hours later, 350 miles north o of where he was last seen. there was difficulties in communication because he has a speech impediment. he responds to his name. police had difficulties in communicating with him and a lot of worry that he was not going to be okay on his own because of that. police are working with special olympics to get him back to where he he needs to be. we're also o told he was hungry and police fed him, but otherwise was in good condition. we have calls into the police department to see if they can tell us how he is now and what the status is. we'll bring you the updates when we get them. stephanie chuang, today in the bay. >> thank you very much. transportation leaders are going to gather later today to discuss relieving some of the transit crunch. apple is planning to expand its
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presence. that has the city looking at alternative options. experts will discuss innovative transit models and that will be tonight at community hall. still ahead, a burglar caught on camera. who san francisco police are looking for, coming up.
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good morning, mild temperatures starting out our day as we take a live look at the bay bridge this morning. 6:25, new this morning, the search is on for a renter who burglarized a san francisco home she was staying in. it was all caught on surveillance camera. police say this woman stole more than $35,000 worth of merchandise from the home on 27th avenue in the sunset district. anyone with information is asked to call police. the honest company may not be living up to its name. the company is under fire this morning. many folks are complaining that the sunscreen, quote, honestly doesn't work at all. customers took to twitter to
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express concerns. some even posted pictures of sunburn. s. the honest company issued a statement saying it stands by the safety of its sunscreen and their product meets all fda standards. in the midst of a drought, a golf course has a solution to keep its greens from turning brown. their golf course plan to spend up to $10 million to build their own mini sewage plant. the plant would deliver up to half a million gallons of recycled water per day. many other courses in california also use recycled water, but most get it delivered in public pipes. building a presidential campaign. up next at 6:26, vice president joe biden considering a run for the white house. we go live to washington, d.c. for the latest. plus an update to breaking news. a shootout leaves a suspect dead and a police officer hurt. and a live look outside right now from san jose.
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a little bit of clouds out there and humidity is up a tick as well. we'll have a welcome at your forecast after this.
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with sleep number, now there's an adjustment for that. only at a sleep number store. right now, save up to $1000 on select mattress and adjustable base sets. know better sleep with sleep number. good morning, cooler than average temperatures to start the week. more on that and when it warms upcoming up in your forecast. a little gray at the metering lights, but they are moving. so is the bart system. we'll talk about what else is going on for the morning
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commute. american markets getting pressure worldwide as we take you to there this morning. now over to the nasdaq. we get the jobs number coming on friday. today is monday, august 3rd. start your monday, good morning, i'm sam brock. >> and aisle laura garcia-cannon. a busy monday morning with an update to break news. a deadly shootout involving police and a man armed with a rifle. it happened near the mcarthur bart station. an officer and gunman were both hit. the suspect was killed. the officer underwent surgery and is expected to survive. bob redell will have an update with more on the officer's latest condition. here's a look at today's top stories. firefighters face an e enormous
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uphill battle with the rocky fire. it doubled in size once again overnight and now stands at 60,000 acres. that fire only 12% contained. a traveling honor for fallen heroes for sergeant scott lunger, who was shot and killed two weeks ago. it will fly for 15 hours at the police department, one hour for each year of his service. and a special olympics athlete from albania turns up in hayward 300 miles from where he was last seen in southern california. he disappeared over the weekend in los angeles where the special olympics games just wrapped up. police say he appears to be okay. now to decision 2016. vice president joe biden may seriously be thinking about taking on hillary clinton. advisers say he may be considering a run. tracie potts has more on that and results of a new poll.
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>> the new poll results on donald trump and who is not supporting him. but first joe biden and the democrats. this was his son's death bed wish is to have him run for president. now we're hearing the vice president may seriously be considering that. "the new york times" reports joe biden is quietly testing the waters and could decide whether to run for president by september. >> if he run, he runs. >>. donald trump says he's not worried about that or thursday's debate. >> i'd like to discuss the issues. i'm not looking to take anybody our or be nasty to anybody. >> reporter: including rick perry. they have been going at it it. trump tops the latest "wall street journal" poll with 19% followed by scott walker and jeb bush. in the latest national average, perry is just outside the top ten. he's fighting for the last two spots with john kasich and chris
6:33 am
christie. >> we'll swee what happens. i'd like to be there. >> i was at 1% in the national polls four years ago and won 11 states. >> reporter: only the top 10 will be on stage thursday night. >> what happens to the bottom seven who don't qualify? there's going. to be a separate debate for them earlier in the day on thursday. >> thank you very much. also happening today, a senate snowdown for planned parenthood. lawmakers will vote to stop the money flow and redirect it to other health care providers. republicans argue other providers could cover the group's displaced clients. planned parenthood says it serves low income women that don't have any other choices. a series of videos focused attention on the group's little known practice of providing fetal tissue to researchers. also happening today,
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president obama will unveil his clean power plan. it's expect ed to jump start a new generation of clean energy sources. it will also dramatically cut power plant pollution. the obama administration promises the plan will create jobs, route energy bills and save lives. but not everyone thinks it's as good as it sounds. republicans and other critics are fighting the initiative saying it's irresponsible and overreaching. look at this it. it's really grown, but it's straight to the east of us now. >> that's a sight that will terrify you. it's a huge twister wriping through western iowa. that tornado touching down near adams county last night. the tornado picked up debris and reportedly destroyed a few barns. so far there are no reports of any injuries. nothing like that in our neck of the woods. let's take a live look outside. we now how dry it is in
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california. at least we're getting cooler temperatures. hopefully to help out some of the fires burning. >> that we have the breezy winds today. so that also causing a few more problems there. but at least the humidity is higher and temperatures are cooler. now we're in the lower 60s across most of the bay area. temperatures cooler than average for the inland valleys. 78 degrees in a peninsula for the high. 73 degrees in the east bay. san francisco will be at 68 degrees. 83 in the north and south bay. today in the tri-valley expect 84 degrees. warm, comfortable weather and also a cool breeze with the morning low clouds to start the day. then e we will start to warm up as we go through each day this week. i'll detail that and what to expect as we head into the weekend. that's coming up in a few minutes. right now let's get a look at traffic with mike. >> look over to the toll plaza for the start of our report. a nice shot of traffic before i show you the better news. there's the flow of traffic at the bay bridge and even fast
6:36 am
track lanes are moving. the spider is on the screen. no problems on the maps. a smooth drive just a little slowing for westbound 80. that's it as we widen out the view. highway 4, not so bad, but slowing through concorde. the north bay towards the point, 680 and 880 to the tri-valley. a typical commute. and in the south bay a smooth flow of traffic, just your general build toward the airport. fremont, a live look past the truck scales. a nice drive for 880. bart came back on time and we haven't had any problems aside from a little track inspection that cleared up quickly. >> all systems go, thank you,
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mi mike. still ahead and then there were two. first a dentist and now a doctor. zimbabwe officials looking for a second american accused of killing a lion illegally. trading is under way this morning. what's happening in china and increasing looking at greece, we'll have a look at what's coming up.
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at 6:39, this is the tragic story that so many people are talking about. a young baseball fan dead after a tragic accident at the world series game. 9-year-old keizer carlisle was on the field to pick up a bat
6:40 am
when he got too close to a player doing practice swings. that's when e he was accidentally hit by the bat. carlisle was wearing a helmet when the bat hit him, but it wasn't enough to protect his head. he was rushed to the hospital where sadly he later died. >> you never hear about anything like that, so shocking. cecil the lion may be the most famous to die at the hands of an american trophy hunter, but he's not the first. they say a pennsylvania doctor killed another african lion in april. the doctor is accused of shooting the lion with a bow and arrow without a permit. zimbabwe is denying rumors that a companion of cecil is dead. one of the leading lawmakers continues his mission to end human trafficking. congressman mike honda is speaking today in san jose about his efforts to protect human
6:41 am
trafficking victims. he authored a bill, which president obama signed into law earlier in the year. . he will talk about the bill at the sheriffs auditorium on younger avenue. it's 6:41. coming up, an update to breaking ne news. a suspect shot by police in oakland, but officers say he fired first. and a fire fight of a different kind in northern california. thousands of firefighters working to save homes in the path of a raging wildfire. there are more e evacuations this morning. we're live at the scene, next. also live to check your weather this morning. cooler temperatures. we're back with 15 minutes of news, traffic and weather after the break. involving police and a
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an update to break news and a deadly shootout in oakland involving police and a man armed with a rifle. this happening near the mcarthur bart station. the officer and gunman were hit and the suspect is dead. bob redell is live on the scene. the police officer needed to be take on to hospital for treatment. >> reporter: but we got word about an hour ago that that officer is now out of surgery and in stable condition. we expect to learn more at a news conference that the chief of police will be holding at 7:30. what went down here on martin luther king way, this happened around 1:30 this morning a couple blocks from where we're standing. that officer was shot and his partner were trying to make contact at an address down there with a man suspected of sexual
6:45 am
assault. this is a sexual assault that took place earlier in the evening. >> when officers arrived, what we know at this time is that suspect presented himself with a rifle, shot at the officers. one of the officers was struck by gunfire. both returned fire. >> the suspect and officer taken to the hospital. the suspect was pronounced dead. as far as the officer is concerned, we believe he might have been shot in the thigh. but as i mentioned earlier, he's out of surgery and in stable condition. we hope to learn more at a news conference scheduled for 45 minutes from now with the oakland chief of police. bob redell, today in the bay. >> bob, thank you. also breaking this morning, firefighters on scene of a suspicious apartment fire in hayward right now. investigators say they had to deal with three fires in one building. one started in the laundry room.
6:46 am
two others started in separate stairwells. dozens of folks who were evacuated are not being allowed back inside. that's because the fires are suspicious and an investigation is ongoing. developing by the minute, a massive wildfire burning north of the bay area is twice the size of san francisco and growing. moments ago we learned the fire grew to 60,000 acres up 6,000 from last night. and it's not the only one burning. the rocky fire thousands of firefighters climbing an uphill bat. l there working to put out some 21 wildfires chewing through dry land across the state. we have team coverage this it morning. we begin with kris sanchez. >> the fire is 12% contained, but it's also bigger this morning in just the last half hour we got notice we're getting more ammo for the fire fight. two air force reserves are
6:47 am
deploying to northern california. according to the associated press they can drop 3,000 gallons of water in 5 seconds and even better they can refill in less than 12 minutes. the rocky fire is a fire that started just wednesday. by friday it was 15,000 acres and it doubled in size every weekend day. overnight it was up to 54,000 acres, but now as you said, it's 60,000 acres. joe fryer has been on the fire lines, but we can also tell you that there are massive evacuations in place. 12,000 people have been forced from their homes. joe is there. what can you tell us about the fire fight? good news that the c-130s are coming in. >> reporter: the growth of the fire has been described as unprecede unprecedented. it tripled in size over the course of the weekend.
6:48 am
now 60,000 acres burned, but flames are largely burning in a more remote area away from homes, but with these hot, dry conditions they know things can change in an instant. the winds have been especially une predictable over the past few days. already two dozen homes have burned in this fire and thousands more are threatened prompt i prompting a number of evacuations. about 12,000 evacuations across california. 21 wildfires are burning right now. that prompted the governor to declare a state of emergency. that brings in more resources including the helicopters and the air tankers that you mentioned. total right now in california about 9,000 firefighters are on the ground. 2,000 of them are here at the rocky fire. temperatures are supposed to be cooler today. they are hoping that will help them make progress with some of these stubborn fires. >> it's so hard juggling all the
6:49 am
resourc resources. we know that those resources are needed all the way up and down the state. thank you so much. stay safe out there. >> the evacuations were under way. 12,000 were evacuated from their homes. some were forced from campgrounds. they left behind what they couldn't pack quickly. one woman talked with us who said she was ordered to get out when the winds shifted. >> finally smoking us out and we have to get out of here. >> with that is setting a contr controlled burn. one of the ways cal fire is trying to get the upper hand to give the fire no place to go. they are creating a fire break burning the fuel before the fire can get to it. now joe fryer is out there as wl and we're continuing to watch for those details. good news this morning, there's better containment. the bad news is the fire continues to grow at 6,000 acres bigger as we mentioned at the top.
6:50 am
>> thank you so much. it seems to be contained in some cases and then the fires just take off. 60,000 acres right now. if you'd like to continue following our coverage of this, it will continue throughout the morning both on air and online. joe fryer will have a full report on "today" in just a few minutes at 7:00 this morning. you can also find the latest updates on evacuation orders and acreage on our nbc bay area app. >> it will be interesting to see what the firefighters will be up against when it comes to humidity and some of the winds out there, kari. >> i have been keeping an eye on that as temperatures have been around 60 degrees in that area. but today it will be climbing into the lower 80s. the humidity up to 98% this morning and not much of a wind. but the wind forecast brings it up to 20 miles an hour. the good news is that the wind also comes from the same direction as yesterday. so no shifts in that to change the course of those wildfires. we can even see the smoke on the
6:51 am
satellite imagery and also the clouds and the showers farther off to the east over the sierra. the low clouds are helping during the morning hours. we'll see that returning into tomorrow as well. the cooler marine air, areas below 2500 feet are getting low clouds and fog and temperatures are cool starting out in the mid-60s. santa rosa is at 59 degrees and san francisco temperatures in the lower 60s. we also have a breezy on shore flow that stays with us throughout the day. the winds will be picking up to 20 miles per hour. especially for the north bay. you'll have a nice little ocean breeze. the low cloud with us the next c couple days, but unfortunately no rain in that forecast. as we go sba the week, the temperature trend will be going up with our temperatures well below average by thursday we're seeing the temperatures jumping up to 89 degrees.
6:52 am
this weekend if you're starting to make the plans, it will be in the 70s and 80s a across most of the bay. the warmer day will be on sunday. maybe saturday is the best day to get outdoors. we'll have more on the weather conditions and what we can expect through the week in a few minutes. >> we'll give yo a live look at oakland. your commute not looking so bad. southbound just about the same. a little gray over here. visibility fine as we look at the map. it's southbound where we have the build. typical for hayward and west across that san mateo bridge. southbound 680, a little slow build as the volume increases there, but no big surprises. an easy flow for highway 4. a crash west 880 issen o the shoulder. no major delays, just your typical build. looking at the peninsula, same thing for the south bay.
6:53 am
we mentioned that will take a live look and show you the volume light right now. here's northbound coming toward me. southbound a little slowing toward university and clearing by the time you get to mountain view. 6:53, new this morning, an international mystery involving a special olympics athlete ended early this morning in the bay area. started over the weekend when a man disappeared in southern california. now he's at the hayward police station where there's a lot of unansw unanswered questions. stephanie chuang join us live this morning from hayward. we're hearing he's okay. >> reporter: he's okay and that's really the good news. the police department is open 24 hours so he was able to walk inside and get ahold of a dispatcher and able to get him help from some police officers here. he had i.d. on him. he also had his birth
6:54 am
certificate on him wearing the same clothes he was last seen in at 8:30 saturday night on the usc campus where there was a festival going op. it was critical to find him because of a speech impediment and his accent, it was difficult to speak english and unfamiliar with the area. his family finally got the news z this morning that he is okay. >> his mother called in this morning and through a a translater we were able to let her know we found him and she's pleased and excited to be e reunited with him. >> again, the best news you could get. his special olympic sport is bowling and was supposed to fly home with his team yesterday. police have been working since this morning with special olympics delegates to see how to get him back to l.a. and of course, back home to albania. he was okay when he showed up
6:55 am
here, but he was hungry and thirsty. police took care of that. we are awaiting to see the latest update to see how he's been doing and answer how did he get up here in the first place. stephanie chuang, today in the bay. happening now, the u.s. honor flag is in the bay area as part of a tribute for fallen hayward police sergeant scott lunger. the flag will fly for 15 hours today, one hour for each year of his service. lunger was shot and killed last month during a traffic stop. the honor flag has traveled to over 1,000 events and services for fallen heroes across the country. it was flown at ground zero after 9/11 and on the space shuttle atlantis. new this morning, an inmate found dead at a northern california jail. now investigators trying to figure out how this happened. the 56-year-old woman was found unconscious in a holding cell
6:56 am
during a routine check yesterday at the lake county jail. medical personnel started life-saving efforts but could not survive her. . her name has not yet been released. a former south bay elementary schoolteacher is expected to plead guilty to molesting four students. police arrested him on charges o of molesting one child. since then three more victims have come forward and investigators say there are likely more. he was a teacher at paradise valley in morgan hill. he also worked as a ymca youth le leader in the south bay. lloyd is facing 40 years in prison. from a car wash to a crash, they are trying to figure out how a car in neutral rolled out of a car wash across 11 lanes of traffic. this is looking at the starting point. officers say a worker at the lucky car wash told them he had
6:57 am
the car in neutral but when he moved it forward, the van leapt into drive. . he hit the brakes, but the van sped out of the car wash, over the sidewalk and across the highway. the van then crossed northbound 101, jumped the median and stop ed in the middle lanes of southbound 101. the worker was not hurt and the van only had minor injuries. 6:57, all too familiar sight in the bay area. another dead whale washing ashore on a beach in pacifica. authorities trying to figure out what to do with it. this marks the third dead whale to pop up in several months. the 33-foot long male was discovered yesterday morning. neighbors are not only concerned with the stench but why they keep washing ashore. the city is work on a plan to remove the whale as quickly as possible. history in greece. the country's stock market opened up after weeks of closure. scott mcgrew, cause for
6:58 am
celebration. >> you'd think they return a sense to normalcy, but all they did was take their money out of the stock market. we can find one guy who sort of marked the occasion here by taking a picture with his cell phone. that's about it. the stock market fell 23% today. it's the equivalent of our dow falling 4,000 points. back here at home, we get the july numbers on friday. the fed looking for reasons to raise interest rates. our economy is growing, though not very quickly. people working in the car industry, we have number from car sales. very strong particularly suvs thanks to lower gas prices. and business insider says apple is working on a voice mail transcription service. somebody leaves you a voice mail and you get a text message where you can read what they said. nobody likes listening to voice mails. google did this a few years ago. it was kind of before it's time
6:59 am
technologically. i would much rather read my voice mail. >> i saved some from my dad because they are nice. >> those don't count. >> sometimes you have me read your voice mail to you. >> who is on her filter system? looking into it. we're start iing out on a posite note here. >> great weather today. temperatures cooler than average. san jose, 76 degrees. san francisco, 68 degrees. 78 in napa. oakland, 72. pleasantton, 78 degrees. >> you're leaving us a message about traffic. >> let's look at the maps. folks who can see a smooth drive and a little build through san jose will move quickly. no problems on the map. the live shot slowing on the east shore freeway. that's why you have to slow down here. the toll plaza, the backup because the metering lights are on. bottom of the screen, a little
7:00 am
baby spider. >> we'll be back in 25 minutes with a live update. good morning. breaking news. exploding. the wildfire raging in northern california nearly triples in size. more than 12,000 people now under mandatory evacuation orders. >> this is alarming, yes. it's a little surreal and just kind of keeps u on your toes. >> we're there live. biden for president? how real is the speculation that vice president wants to jump into the race? can he take on hillary clinton or is it too late? and as the countdown is on to the republican debate, our new polls, big numbers for donald trump. in the cross hairs, another american accused of illegally killing a lion in africa while a woman from idaho proudly posts


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