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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  August 22, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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heros tonight. one of the members jumps straight into action stopping a terror attack on a train in france. >> good evening, everyone. >> thank you for joining us. the three men from california risked their lives to stop a man from opening fire on a train full of people. this new video just released shows this trio taken by motorcade under heavy protection, to the u.s. ambassador's residence in paris. they are scheduled to meet with the french president monday morning. anthony sadler, spencer stone and alex skarlatos are from the bay area. sadler also lived in the pittsburgh area for a while. chuck, i understand these three are now speaking publicly about what happened. >> that's right. what we are learning from them is the ability to recognize what was happening and then react immediately and forcefully. it is something that you hope from people, especially young men in a military in a
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life-threatening situation. >> family of the young men hailed heroes can't wait to see them. >> i'm so proud of him. he is such a good kid. >> the hay speed train could have been a massacre. the three young men grew up together in carmichael. saw a man later described as an islamic radical known to authorities, armed with an assault rifle running down the aisle. >> i looked over at spencer and said, let's go. go! >> i ducked down on my feet, and alex looked at what was happening. spencer looked at what was happening. alex said to spencer, go get him. >> 23-year-old spencer stone, air force airman first class tackled the gunman. alex, 22-year-old national guardsman wrestled the gun away. the three beat the gunman with
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his weapon until he was unconscious. >> i came it see my friends on our first trip to europe and we stopped a tourist. crazy. >> no one did anything to help even after they subdued the guy. he said it was frustrating that they attacked the guy, get him to the ground and subdue them and then help the other guy and no one else was really helping except for another british guy. >> the british businessman helped tie up the suspect. >> what else is there? you sit down and you die or you get up and die. we've seen enough of these attacks to understand that they would kill everybody once they get started. >> all three of the young americans received a phone call from president obama including spencer stone who is still in the hospital recovering from cuts inflicted by a box cutter that the gunman had. president thanking all three of them for courage and heroism. in the san francisco newsroom, nbc bay area news. >> three incredible men there.
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thank you so much. tonight we are learning more details about the gunman accused of trying to pull off the train attack. french counterterrorism police are questioning kazani. he was armed with an automatic rifle, handgun and knife. they say he's been on their radar for more than a year and belongs it a radical islamist movement. >> man hit by a car and left to guy in the street. tonight san jose police are looking fot driver who did it. the 911 call came in at about 6:00 this morning. police found a man in his 60s dead in the roadway. injuries suspect he was hit bay car. the crash happened some time overnight. in the area of king and story roads. san jose police asking anyone with information to give them a call. a nationwide protest of planned parenthood. today groups across the country are gathering in front of the centers including in new york city, washington, d.c., and right here in san jose. these protests come after videos surfaced showing planned
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parenthood handling fetus tissue and where it was offered for sale. more than a hundred people showed up at planned parenthood. marianne? >> as you enmentioned this sidewalk was packed with dozens of people. holding signs and speaking out against the clinic. how organizers say that today's rally is part after protest against abortion performed at this clinic and other planned parenthood clinics across the nation. they say the peaceful grass roots demonstration is a response to video release by the center for medical progress. showing planned parenthood employees harvesting body parts of aborted fetuses apparently to sell. they are calling to an end to funding for planned parenthood clinic. >> every year the government gives planned parenthood half a billion dollars. from our taxes, that you and i pay, that gez toward the services of basically selling the organs of the babies.
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>> attacking planned parenthood which provides so much good to so many people is such a misguided choice even if you are a person who is opposed to abortion is anti-choice. there are so many positive things can you do with that stance to be helpful in our culture as opposed to attacking and hurting people. >> some people who saw the protesters pulled over to stop and donate money to the clinic but others joined in the rally calling for a criminal investigation into planned parenthood practices. planned parenthood released this statement saying in part, at several our health centers we help patients who want to donate tissue for scientific research. and we do this just like every other high quality health care provider does with full appropriate consent and under the highest ethical and legal standards. but some of the people at today's rally said that after looking at the video they do feel that planned parenthood is breaking the law and they are calling for a full criminal
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investigation. reporting live if san jose, mary an f marianne favro, nbc, bay area news. >> the question is, where is the money? dozens of workers rallied demanding justice for victims of wage theft. it is especially prevalent in the care giving industry. they say even courts demand employers to pay up no one can force companies to hand over that cash. >> either they don't pay overtime or have them work off the clock, don't give them meal periods. it is a spiral downward wab race to the bottom. >> protesters hope to raise awareness of wage theft and maybe get something it change in san jose. >> thousands are expected to attend a public memorial for an 8-year-old girl who was kidnapped and killed in her own apartment complex in santa cruz last month. the teenager accused of killing
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maddy is facing charges in the case. the memorial will be at kieser permanent ta arena beginning at 3:00 p.m. >> more than 30 sightings or close calls with drones and planes in the bay area and that of the is just over the past nine months. the faa released the figures. the majority of the incidents are happening around san jose. we counted at least 14 instances where pilot or passengers spotted drones while in flight. in livermore a pilot reported colliding with a drone. the pilot found damage on his plane once on the ground. also a scary close call in palo alto last month. the drone was in the flight path after pilot teaching a student how to fly. the pilot had to change course to avoid collision. >> employees are looking for better benefits. workers for google express
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decided to unionize and join a local teamsters chapter. the tech giant delivery app and website, reportedly complained about the lack of ventilation, low wages and poor benefit packages. the chapter joined represents shuttle drivers for facebook, apple and yahoo!. google express launched two years ago to compete with amazon. >> san jose state will be smoke free when students head back it class. a smoking ban went into effect to all university of california campuses in 2014. it doesn't address tobacco products like e-cigarettes. san jose students decided to implement the ban. >> an approach to stop a growing graffiti problem, suing vandals in order to pay for the
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clean-up. in the case of vandalizing 28 cities buses and other property, the clean-up and repairs will cost about $64,000. expensive. >> coming up, raging wildfires across the west. long distance summer traveling to help contain those flames. >> and also stay away from the water, a very serious warning for people who want to head to this very popular river this weekend. >> plus, a big day for animal lovers. you want to say ooh or ahhh, peggy? >> ahhh. >> the surprising welcome at the zoo in the nation's capital. >> you have misty skies, 69 hints at the weather as we head towards tomorrow morning. low clouds and fog for tomorrow morning but we're tracking showers. a rare chances of rain for summer may be coming up in the seven-day forecast. tell you about it when we come right back. dawatingotspotanmakg se tntned
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a fire in livermore is about 85% contained. it is has burned about 75,000 acres. now they are trying to make sure it doesn't get any larger. there are at least 15 active fires burning in the state of california right now. >> let's take a look at this
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massive wildfires raging across the west continuing to destroy homes, businesses and thousands of acres of land. this video showing first person perspective of what firefighters are seeing from rare. the federal government claimed a federal emergency in washington state. >> reporter: after days of brutal winds forcing evacuation and threatening hundreds of homes there's cautious optimism. >> today everybody is breathing a little bit easier. >> temperatures are down and wind gusting up to 60 miles an hour now died allowing fire fighters to begin a new phase in the fight. >> there are able to be more agregressive and less defensive and good right up closer to the fire lines. >> reporter: a dozen large wildfires in washington state are one of the hundreds burning out of control, stretching resources.
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among the shortages, mid level managers. those who direct front line teams. but help is on the way. fireman jers from australia and new zealand will arrive this weekend. more heavy equipment and 80 military firefighters are also coming to washington, the state where fires have been determined the highest priority. evacuation orders remain in effect for thousands of people. anxious times for those whose homes may be in the fire's path. >> it's tough standing back and watching. i'm 81 years old. i can't rebuild. >> an extraordinary fight in this fire season. >> new at 6:00, when you can get sick, warnings of a possibly toxic algae. you should not drink the water
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from the river or swim. it could cause a variety of symptoms from irritated skin to seizures and difficulty breathing. >> we are back to our summertime pattern. you can go inland or for cooler near the coast. >> we have been watching closely and we have the micro climate forecast. >> inland it start the weekend but this morning lots of clouds breaking out sunshine. 80 for the afternoon after drizzle to start and right now, in tiburon, clouds rolling in. misty clouds. you can see clouds over the golden gate bridge. cameras are bouncing around thanks to the breeze. 79 degrees in pleasanton and livermore and san jose comfortable at 74 degrees. you can see here w, the wind, a
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inland valleys out towards tri-valleys. and marine layer 3,000 feet tall. you saw on the coast, santa cruz cloudy there too, but over the weekend, more clearing along the coast. lots of low clouds and drizzle to start for tomorrow morning. cloudy skies even inland. and then during the afternoon you can see late day clearing there south of half moon bay and down the to santa cruz. you can see temperatures warming more for your sunday. but the morning will look like a complete repeat of this morning. 50s and 60s. misty skies and around noon we will see numbers in mid to upper 70s inland. upper 60s closer to 70 in san francisco and high temperatures tomorrow. low 80s close to downtown san jose. should see numbers in mid to upper 80s. and the game coming up at levi
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stadium. winds about 10 to 15 miles an hour. into san francisco, upper 60s and low 70s. comfortable finish over the weekend. highs in low 80s. mid to upper 80s towards the tri-valley. one thing it watch as we head towards the middle part of the week. could see a slight taste of monsoon moisture and bringing in more clouds for the middle part of the week and slight chance of showers out towards sierra. towards the middle part of the week, clouds rarely bringing temperatures down. slow steady warm-up for places like san jose, into the mid 80s towards the week. and same story for the tri-valley. you see temperatures climbing into the 90s. as we head towards wednesday and thursday. even at the high clouds may be more interesting though for friday and saturday as we see a system here, little unusual for this time of year. working towards the pacific northwest as we get warm temperatures thursday into friday. and this system here approaching the coast on friday. beginning it push clouds away. and you saw that, slight chance
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of showers into the north bay. that's next saturday. something it watch as we go through the week. temperatures climbing on up. and staying warm and hot inland through thursday and friday. but saturday in the north bay, stay tuned, could see early showers there. or maybe rare summer showers or early fall showers. take your pick. could come in next saturday. something we're watching in the extended forecast. back to you. >> whatever they are, hope they get here. >> i do, too. thanks. >> coming up, fresh crop of freshman arriving on campus. remember those days? >> it's been a while, but yes. some students move away from home for the very first time. colle. takvo=tod isthfir
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i'm sure many of you remember leaving home, heading off to college.
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it happened again. late summer, the first of two move-in days at uc berkeley here. that was the students choosing to live in the residents hall on campus there. remember? it's still there. that's where i hung out. >> i brut a skateboard. some pillows. flag. t-shirts. pants. >> i never forgot my rolling stones posters. always had mick jagger with me. classes start on wednesday. >> good look to all of the incoming freshman. also happening now, two things that don't normally go together. marathons and beer. the beer mile classic has been going on all day in treasure island. this is a marathon with a twist. runners chug a beer before running a mile, then do it three more times. this is how it goes. >> it sounded like a good idea when we rej registered. >> we talked to a bunch of
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experienced beer milers. they said how horrible it is, terrible. then five minutes later, you feel great. which of course is the beer. >> it is not all about the beer. there is lots of specialty music that people not joy and most people say it is a real experience. people need the beer to keep going. >> or chocolate covered bacon. >> they also serve that. >> let's check in with kelly. were you involved in the beer mile? >> no, i was not. chocolate covered bacon sounds disgusting. and tiger woods in the hunt all week. but is he headed to sunday with a lead at windham? plus, giants with a great pitching performance with leak only to watch them blow it. hey terry stop! they have a special!
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gifinally good news for giants, angel pagan expected to start rehabbing tomorrow. meanwhile, giants and pirates mike leak found himself in a pitcher's dual with soon to be brandon's brother-in-law. there is brandon crawford drilling one to left. but the leaping catch at the wall robbing brandon of the home run. and cole appreciates that. going yard, taking hunter strickland out of the building. second home run of the day. and pirates take a 2-1 lead. so top of the eighth, new giants, byrd trying to make something happen with a runner on third. wild pitch gets away. duffey comes in to score. that works. ties the game back up to 2. on to the ninth inning, george
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conto steps into the game. serves one up and just crushes it. pirates walk off with the win, 3-2 the final. pittsburgh taking the game in dramatic fashion. >> since i've been here we've been in one-run ball games. quite a few of them. so we're the type of team that is always in it. it sucks when i have to walk off like that. but i mean, since i've gotten here i felt like we've been in every game and guys fight like we are. >> so close to having a real good trip. and you know, it's tough when you lose like this because they played well. we did a lot of good things. ran the bases well. stole bases. like i said, you know, comes done to getting a timely hit. and that's the difference you know, we couldn't get it. we are facing a tough pitcher
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today. and made pitches when he had to. and they played good. played hard. and they just came up a little short today. >> third round in the windham championship. tiger woods coming in. hasn't won a pga event in two years. today on 5, birdie opportunity. gets it to go. tiger rolling early. on to the 16th hole. at 13 under. tee shot for woods is an absolute beauty. 11 feet from the pin. clans for another birdie and he sinks it. third bird on the day. tiger's two shots back of the lead. heading into sunday. earthquakes taking on dc united. two-goal game wednesday. united trying to clear. chris gets the loose ball. side nighting and 1-nil, san jose. 12th of the year. beautiful.
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on to the second half, same score, quakes, now on the attack. salinas. got find the net. quincy with the assist. and that's all they need. san jose wins 2-nil. finally from golfing with the president to rapping on stage, steph curry got turned up with rapper la kra thursday night in oakland joining grammy award winning artist during his hit song i'm turned. i think we know where little miss riley gets her dance moves. clearly the warriors star and slash brother loves a big stage. from mvp to nba champion. life is good for steph curry. more after the break. cheetod athe tiol zoin shiton-cs
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baby cub hours ago. you can see them on panda cam. >> just tiny as a little stick of butter. >> and by the sounds it is making, it is in good health. we will have more details of the cub's gender and name. won't be named until it is a hundred hundred days old. >> announcer: immigration. sophia: i felt that they would kill us, everybody. announcer: the voices of immigration. families, children fleeing violence in their home countries, seeking refuge here in the us.
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male: was it worth it to come here? announcer: but can the system in this country handle it? stephen stock: would you agree this system's broken? juan osuna: i would. announcer: we investigate the reality behind immigration policy in the us. ben daniel: i don't want to be the kind of human being that would send someone back to die. announcer: the legal issues and the debate from the border all the way to the bay area. from women and children fleeing violence to undocumented immigrants committing violence here. gabriela saucedo mercer: and they are breaking the law. [speaking foreign language] juan: the immigration court system is under incredible stress. announcer: hear senior investigator stephen stock. stephen: good evening and thank you for joining us for this special edition of "we investigate." for the next 30 minutes, we dig deeper into an issue that has sparked national debate, an issue that impacts us here in california daily. we're talking about immigration. but despite what side of the issue you may sit


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