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tv   Today  NBC  August 25, 2015 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. photono ♪ take me home >> it's a miracle, i like that. that's cash something? >> cash cash. >> i like cash cash. >> you know what it is besides boozeday tuesday, besides august 25? it's regis's 84th birthday. >> happy birthday, reeg. >> we love that you're a special
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contributo contributor. he said "what do i have to contribute?" welcome to our special best of home show. >> this is one of the topics everyone loves and people love redoing their homes so you can't talk about that without talking about the property brothers drew and jonathan scott. they'll tell you how to update one of the most important in the house. >> and real altman -- >> i know josh well. >> he's going to tell us which home improvements are more attractive to buyers. >> and you never know when our good friend and your special pal barbara corcoran stops by. >> i like barbara, she just hate misguts. >> you guys will go to battle again. may the best woman women. >> yes. all right. >> we have a question for you. how old is your mattress? think about the last time you replaced your mattress. >> and if it horrifies you that you can't remember, it's time to change it. >> there's a new poll in the uk that discovered tens of thousands of people are sleeping on mattresses that are more than
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40 years old. 4-0. i wonder why. >> money. mattresses are not cheap. and you get cozy, you know? you know what you know. it's like remember the time we had my pillow and i didn't want to get rid of. >> it because it had mites in it. >> and the fecal pellets of mites at that. no, mine didn't, it was good. it has a special thing over it but i loved it, i missed it. thanks a lot, joanne. >> experts say you should change your mattress every seven to eight years. >> not just for the cleanliness aspect, the support. it breaks down. you also might want to because experts say -- >> you won't believe this stat. >> i'll say it. the average eight-year-old mattress contains more than ten pounds of -- dead skin. that's the weight of a small dog. bambino only weighs six or eight. are you working from home? >> they say 30 million people
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work home and that number is expected to go hope by 2018. do you work well. if you have something to get done, do you work well in your house? >> i do. i'm blessed. there's places you can go in my house to disappear. >> where's your special place? >> most of the work i do is writing so i love to do writing from 4:00 in the morning to 7:00 a.m. >> where do you wake up? >> depends on the weather, any time it's a beautiful werth, i'm off our house or at the lookout. i love the morning sounds. i love to be up before dawn and i love to -- i love -- sun rises and sun sets are the best moments of the day. they just are for me. >> and the mornings are great, too, because no one can bug you. your kids are asleep. these are tips to help you focus if you work from home. they want you to get out a can of paint and paint your walls blue. >> create more work. >> because it makes you calm.
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>> i love it, like a periwinkle blue. i love that. i went through a periwinkle phase where we were periwinkled up the wazoo. but then you change. they say if you want to be creative paint your walls yellow. i went through that phase as well. they say avoid white or beige decor. my whole house is white and beige. it's so soothing. i want the outdoors to come in. >> and you can have splashes of color where you like to have them. this is something i disagree with. >> me, too. >> open keep the temperature between 70 and 73. >> too hot. >> what? freezing! too cold. >> 73 is too cold? are you sure you're pre-menopausal? >> i like the temp in the house at 74 or 57. >> this is not egypt, all right? >> i like it! it's freezing inside. wherever i -- i have this weird thing and joel is adjusting. >> joel. joel is the nicest guy. you are so blessed. does he get anything out of this relationship? does he ever get what he wants?
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wow, hoda. crank it down a little for him. the man's sweating up a storm. >> this is what else you should do. listen to music 15 to 30 minutes before you start work. they say it improves your concentration. >> depends on what kind of music. they have to think these things through. >> i can concentrate. when there's a lot going on around, i can zero in and concentrate because of working in newsrooms for all those years you hear scanners and police and people talking and tvs and you have to write your script. >> i don't like that. and i never could -- it's generational. we didn't have those things when i was growing up. my parents wouldn't let me keep the tv on or stereo. it was home work you go do your home work. >> here's a profession you may not have heard of we're about to talk about. that there's a person on youtube, you may have heard from her, she's called the gentle whisperer. her name is maria. >> of course it is. >> she's making money whispering on youtube. >> no joke.
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she was named one of the most fascinating people on the internet by "cosmopolitan" magazine, who should know but them? and also featured in the "washington post." >> she goes by the name gentle whispering. she's a 28-year-old russian expat so her videos have been viewed more than 137 million times. >> she must do something right. >> this is her video introduction. take a look. >> we haven't seen this yet. >> my name is maria, i'm hear to tell you about anonymous sensory response. it's a pleasant tingling feeling that you experience when you hear unique soft voices or hear certain soothing sounds. [ laughter ] >> i'm sure she's a lovely woman but that drives me crazy. >> it made me tired a little.
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maybe it makes you fall asleep? >> it made me feel like i've totally lost my hearing. [ laughter ] i don't want to have to work so hard to hear somebody. >> okay, wait. it's called -- she called it the autonomous sensory meridian response. >> even that's too hard. >> in other videos, this is what else she does. she folds towels and napkins. >> can we hear audio. >> audio please. >> press. >> we have australia right here and asia. [ laughter ] >> she's got lovely hands and i think it might be that. you're just watching her hands and she doesn't sound russian to me at all. >> it is kind of -- >> do you hear a russian accent? >> i have to tell you, it does feel like kind of relaxing in a weird way because you can't hear half of what she's saying and it's like mumbling.
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>> who's got time to watch this stuff. >> she says the sensation is like warm sand being poured all over you. >> no, it's not. >> she says it's not meant to be sexual, just soothing and maybe just put you to sleep. so maybe you play the youtube video and fall asleep. >> you know what? there's no scientific research about asmr but a research at yale compared it to migraine headaches saying we know it exists because so many people report the same symptoms. so is it calming or creepy? >> i find it calming. i do. i think it's weird but -- >> because you play that crap music all the time. the of course it's calming. >> that's what i play. so there's a new hair trend, speaking of trends, have you guys heard of something called heart bangs? women in south korea are starting this beauty trend because they know those bangs, the guys are lining up in droves. >> too much like a unibrow to me. >> well, we wanted to try it here with one of our "today"
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show employees. kristin has decided to try the smart shape -- >> i'm sorry, you look like cindy lou who -- cindy how will who -- who cares. what was it? >> you don't think the boys are going to like it. >> who whoville? >> do you feel like cindy how will who? >> maybe. i don't know if the boys will come -- >> but be careful of running your fingers through your hair. >> can i touch it? >> of course, it's shellacked down. >> that's one of the single most attractive things we've ever seen. but we love you, kristen. >> i love you, too. >> go out in public and let us know what people say. you know what's bert than a gorgeous guy working on your house? >> two gorgeous guys working on your house. >> and we have them, the property brothers up. >> right after this.
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you can't talk about home renovations without the rock stars of real estate, the property brothers. >> remember when drew and jonathan scott told us we don't need to move, just improve. >> and they had great ideas for the most requested home renovation project of all, the bathroom. >> the most important thing in the bathroom is the splash radius. no, that's not what it is.
10:14 am
you have expensive fixtures like the tub and the toilet. so instead of pulling out a tub which is incredibly expensive, if you have dull tubs, you can build an apron on the 23r07b9 a -- front and make it really elegant. >> just build a nice frame, get bead board behind and if you use pvc it's waterproof so it's something you can have around the tub and it can dress up the space. doesn't that look nicer than just having a plain tub? >> so that's the outside? we couldn't afford a tub to show people? >> well, we thought we would but we spent the rest of the budget earlier. >> we just got in the tub. >> where's my rubber ducky. >> we're moving on. other solutions, too, if you're looking at stuff like in the bathroom people have a big mirror but the mirror isn't in bad shape, just dull. we suggest people frame it out. frame out the mirror here, paint it, this is the same mirror that was on the wall before. >> costs almost nothing.
10:15 am
>> and painting the cabinets, too. big difference. it's easy to do. if you're in a bathroom, you still need to have paint that can resist moisture but if you want to add detailing, it costs next to nothing. pop it on with a nail gun, you're good to go. >> and changing these make a big difference. >> what are those called? >> knobs. >> yes. and if you're going to have a limit budget, spend it on countertop material. i almost always save the vanity when i can and paint it out. >> what did you with this? >> well, this you can get a laminate paint. if you have laminate counters you can paint it any color you want. this is a quick fix for something with -- this whole makeover cost me 30 bucks. >> it was $many 34 because he put two jars here. >> if you don't want to spend on thes of money, this is smart. >> a lot of people can't afford to do massive renovation bus you don't have. to i'm all about storm, i'm an
10:16 am
efficiency freak. >> you're the one in the tie. >> exactly. slap a couple pieces of mdf together. >> what's mdf? >> a kind of wood. then put a face on it like this. >> if you're too frugal to spend $40 at ikea to buy this shelf you would have to assemble it. value your time. >> and sluxs like this. you can pick this up at the store. it pops out. you have little storage pieces that pop out here so you can separate. >> and where would you put that? >> right up on the shelf there. you can use it to have shampoo, conditioner. >> if you want to replace a sink or something, is that pricey? >> it can be. i love using companies like habitat for humanity. it's all stuff that builders have donated, extra materials and you can get it. some of it is used, some brand new but that goes to supporting habitat for humanity. >> on property brothers we try to donate as much as we can and they have great stuff. if you're looking far whole kitchen of cabinets it can be tough but one sink, one countertop, it's good. >> is there anything you can do on the floor?
10:17 am
>> there's a tile there, there's a million things you can do. you can have tile professionally reglazed or a lot of times it's the grout. scrape the grout out and redo it. >> you can't put it over. you have to get the grout out. >> you can stain the grout. so maybe if it's a yellowy stained grout -- >> i don't know why you would have that in the bathroom. >> it fades. but you can clean it, clean it and restain it gray or something. >> keep in mind a bathroom is a smaller space so sometimes it's not that expensive to get new tiles to freshen up. at the big box stores you can get big discounts. you can get 16 inch tiles for a couple bucks. >> what else do you have up here? >> all storage solutions, the bathroom because it's usually the smallest place in the house, it's about creative storage solutions, finding ways you can get things off the counter. so even just these acrylic trays, things like that. it's easy to have access, you can stick in the the shelves. >> if you never keep it this clean, that's why i like a solution like, this hide your messy stuff in here, pop this on top. >> more importantly, what have you always wanted to know about
10:18 am
my bathroom habits. nothing. awkward silence right there. >> nothing. i don't want about anybody's bathroom habits. now if only drew and jonathan had advice for dealing with annoying neighbors, hoda. >> they don't but you know who does? mr. manners. he'll help you handle those awkward situations coming up. >> he's a sweetheart. right after this. at hillshire farm, spice is the spice of life. that's why our craftsmen season every sausage perfectly. so you can coax out great flavor effortlessly.
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squlab do you when that one annoying neighbor lets his lawn get unruly? >> or let the dog do his business on your lawn. >> we got got advice from the founder of what manners most, tom mat p. farley. >> kimberly writes "my husband and i take great pride in our lawn and landscaping. we've mowed five times and our neighbor habit written once. i've written her several years asking her to treat the creeping charlie that's going from her yard into mine. they go unacknowledged. how do we get this neighbor to mow her lawn every now and then?" >> better a creeping charlie and that an creepy charlie. everyone has his or her own standard when it comes to lawn height. if it's excessive it can be a health hazard. i checked with the town. fairfax county says no higher than 12 inches for the grass. other places no more than eight. >> and let them deal with it? >> let the town deal with it. the town gets to be the bad guy. >> they'll know you called,
10:23 am
though, won't they? >> it could be any neighbor and they have town inspectors. >> well, she has history here. >> it's better -- let the town play the part because otherwise it will cause future conflicts. >> you know what i recommend she do? plantar boar vie tae and don't look at her yard. >> or put up a stone wall. >> elizabeth says "we have two neighbors that allow their dogs to use our front lawn to do their business. we asked both neighbors to clean up the mess as we have small children. we even put up a funny sign saying "kids at play, keep pop away." this has been going on for years and we are ready to start slinging the pop. help. >> that will do it. >> don't start slinging. that sign is adorable. they've tried to do the right thing. they're using humor to defuse a bad situation. they need to step it up. i would have one last conversation and say look, this is a health hazard, something that's dangerous for our children. if you can't take care of it, we need to approach the town.
10:24 am
>> he's so nice about it. >> jackie from new york writes "i have neighbors that are an older couple and they're only here every other month. their son in his early 30s is staying at their apartment while his is being renovated. he's constantly smoking something that emits a strong odor. sounds like weed." >> marijuana. >> and the smell is wafting out of the apartment into the hallway. what do you do for that? >> i would approach the son and say "you're probably not aware of this but the ventilation in this building is very bad." if he doesn't take the hint, i'd go to the parents and if the parents don't want to do anything speak to the management. >> hoda, you live in new york. you know what the most common neighbor complaints are? in this city. >> no. >> noise. >> well, that is true. guess who's coming up after the break? >> barbara corcoran. always such a joy when she loves to visit with us. i love her! >> they're like that! >> after your local news.
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good tuesday morning. 10:26. i'm sam brock. san francisco's former archbishop accused of driving under the influence. he is a former senior ranking clergyman in the catholic church. police reportedly pulled him over and arrested him last week
10:27 am
during a vacation on hawaii's big island. he's out on bail. due back in court later in the month. b.a.r.t. is braced for another tube closure. three days over labor day, the last closure was only two days. later today, b.a.r.t. and caltrans will reveal more details about their plan including the new rail being installed during that shutdown. no trains will run between san francisco and oakland but there will be buses instead. coming up after this, a look at your weather and traffic. =x ack=ck tffim
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good tuesday morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. our temperatures making it up to 84 degrees in san jose with some bright sunshine. 83 in palo alto and the embarcadero at 72 degrees. in the north bay, 81 in novato and oakland up to 77 degrees. in the tri-valley, expect highs in the upper 80s to lower 90s. and it gets even warmer as we head through the middle of the week. let's get a look at traffic with mike. >> it was a tough tuesday for a lot of commuters. things calming down but a back-up at the bay bridge. we'll zoom into this portion. castro valley, slow southbound 880. the crash has cleared from the freeway. eastbound, 580, just past eden canyon road, there's a crash there blocking 3 of your 4 lanes. and south bay, cleared up except for northbound 17 coming up where it goes into 880 at the
10:30 am
280 interchange. >> a little bit of slow going on a tuesday. see you in 25 minutes for our 11:00 newscast. we're back with our best of home show on this boozeday tuesday. we never know what to expect when she drops by. >> we're talking about barbara corcoran we asked you if your house was in need of home appeal and send us a photo so kathie lee and barbara could go head to head in the showdown. >> we did it. >> house two was sent in by charlotte from cleveland, tennessee. she wants her home to have a warm and welcoming feel. barbara? >> the roof is in charge of this house. boom, we are the roofs. we have one, two, three, four -- ♪ we are the roofs >> so i gave the windows a shot. i simply enlarged them. there were so many angles in the
10:31 am
house. that's a great testament to how effective a wavy path is. without that wavy path, it would still be too straight but the wavy path in in my opinion makes that house. >> i like the windows. >> let's see what kathie lee did. >> that's the before, here's the after. >> you don't remember? >> i did these forever ago. i don't know what i've did. i put a tree in the front. >> you didn't do anything. that's what you didn't do. >> i thought that house had nice appeal. i thought what you did with the oval over the front door, i again try to save money and make it -- >> so yours was more costly, barbara? >> who said that? mine cost $89. >> oh, please, just putting in those bays. >> come on, i win! >> money is an issue. >> clearly i won. let's go. >> number two by roseanne from cranford, new jersey. she's looking to update her color. >> she needs more than color. this house looks like it's hanging on its last legs.
10:32 am
i gave it the happiness. it's crying out for it. hit it with a happy stick. put on a white picket fence. >> do munchkins live there? >> no but it looks like you could ride up in your car and get an ice cream cone for free. maybe the stripes are a little much but she had stripes on her old dusty canopy so i kept with that theme and i think it's a pretty little house. one that looks happy. >> okay, kathy -- kath? >> i hadded white and navy. black window boxes with red injure rain yums, low picket fence from the stairs. evened out the pathway. >> the pathway? it looks like a kid will be locked up there for days. [ laughter ] >> and thank you so much for pointing that out. >> i love to landscape with the arbor vitae. >> they look like the lollipops you put the kids in.
10:33 am
>> let's look side by side. >> come on, hoda, be truthful. you love children. >> we'll leave it to the viewers. i'm leaning towards barbara. >> do you know how much it cost to put that walkway up? that's expensive. >> oh, please, please. >> number three. >> this one i'm going do -- >> this comes from jan in fort worth, texas. >> i'm giving you this. >> she's looking for ways to add life to her home exterior. >> that's a typical ranch. they never look good. the only thing about that place you might notice it is a flag flying by. so i moved the progress that the top of building. [ laughter ] compete with that, kathie lee. >> you win, barbara, no question. so this is what you did for real? >> for real this is a simple eyebrow window above the door to add importance. put the same ng the little driveway, whatever that's called and -- >> garage? >> garage, thank you very much and a little fence in the front
10:34 am
makes it look like a porch. cheapo cheapo, but how darling? >> kath? >> the big problem with that house that roof and roofs are expensive to change. i want to change the roof or put a cupola on. so i added a brass trellis with red roses. those look like geraniums. porch it had front of the house with two white rocking chairs always says hello, sit with me. closed the fence door the left and what did i do? made the exterior a yellow color. >> kath wins it. it's brighter. >> this is about friendship, i see through this. >> and i moved the mailbox to the end of the -- >> oh, great improvement. the mailbox. what a great idea. [ laughter ] >> it took up all kinds of space again. >> this is ha friendship, though, give it to your friend, she works with you. >> have you ever dealt with your anger management? >> i'm not going there. >> it would be helpful. >> i love when you kids get along. >> we do. it's so nice. did you know more than 70% of home buyers say curb appeal
10:35 am
is important when choosing a place to live. they say if the exterior is unattractive they won't go inside. >> barbara, hope you're watching. i challenge you -- >> what? >> the producers challenge you to another curb appeal show very soon. so all of you send us your photos on and hit the "connect" button. >> you said you'd never do that again. >> i did say that. >> the home upgrades don't stop there. >> million dollar listings's josh altman has tips to sell your home right after this. we live in a pick and choose world. choose, choose, choose. but at bedtime? ...why settle for this? enter sleep number... right now all beds are on sale. sleepiq technology tells you how well you slept and what adjustments you can make. you like the bed soft. he's more hardcore. so your sleep goes from good to great to wow! only at a sleep number store. the time is now for the biggest sale of the year, where all beds are on sale! save 50% on the labor day limited edition bed. save 50% on the labor day limited edition bed. know better sleep with sleep number.
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did you ever wish you could get one of those guys from "million dollar listing" to come to your house and sell it? >> who doesn't but since that probably won't happen to many of you, we brought in josh altman to give ideas to spruce up your place. >> he checked out homes on the market and had easy suggestions to up their appeal. take a look. a lot of people sent in photos and you're going to tell us what you think they should do to make their house sell quicker. >> right. so over a billion dollars sold, i've become good at walking through houses telling people what they should do to get more money. >> it doesn't cost a lot, your ideas? >> no. >> kathleen from portland, oregon, said she and her husband are looking to retire and want to downsize. that's the outside. let's start with the dining room. >> that's a beautiful house right there. let's look at the dining room. it feels a little dark to me, a little dungeony. very easy fix, paint it a
10:41 am
lighter color. you have dark floor, dark wall, dark stone. it will open up the room. it's a few hundred bucks, very, very cheap investment to make more money. >> they went for that mono chromonochrome look. what about this room? >> that screen is cutting off the room. also when you have a theater in a smaller house, actually turning it into a bedroom or office because that appeals to more people. most people don't need a theater, they'd rather have something else. >> or get a big screen tv and put it on a wall, right? >> there you go. >> deanna from glenview, illinois. she has four and six-year-old kids. she says she and her family need something bigger so they want to get a bigger space. kids rooms, let's take a look. >> very cute house on the outside. let's see one of the bedrooms here. okay, very specific, right? >> a little girl's room. >> it's cute. >> and if you don't have a
10:42 am
little girl's room it could turn you off. >> so what should she do? >> paint and declutter. too many toys. my shhead is going crazy when i sbuk this room. take the toys, put them in storage. make it a knew central space for everybody to walk through and imagine it as their house. >> now what about this living room area? >> i think we need life in this room. first of all, put in flowers, lighten it up, put the coats in the closet, take down the pictures, depersonalize. >> they probably don't have a coat closet or they wouldn't be piling up their coats there. >> stick them under the bed. just get rid of them. >> i like armoires, you can throw all kinds of stuff. >> so no pictures, is that a general rule? >> one or two, fine. too many, you have to let the people imagine what it's like when it's their house, not your house. >> tim and linda chatsworth's new jersey home. they've been there for 26 years. let's peek in their dining room. >> shovel the driveway first of all. >> and get rid of the car. >> lots of furniture in this dining room. >> lot going on here.
10:43 am
>> this is a happy family, though. >> absolutely. you have seven pieces of furniture. move them out, save one or two. look at that wall. >> a lot of different patterns going on. >> that wall they have like 18 pictures of their family. take it down, put up a nice piece of art, depersonalize. very important. >> where are you putting the furniture you want to take out? >> storm. and talk about storage, look at this. this is like someone's lived there for 20 years, they put their stuff down stair, that treadmill has a lot of dust on it. put in the storage, open up the room -- >> or get on it, use it. >> you know, when you walk through this house, this is a big room and when it's empty you can imagine it as maybe a theater, right? or maybe a man cave. >> time for one more. denny and barbara from newark, ohio. their master bedroom you think needs a re. >> do very cute house on the outside again, great curb appeal. bedroom, look, when you're showing this house, open up the shades, paint ate lighter color, get a different color comforter. bring some pop into that room, don't you think? >> yes, okay, all right. josh, thank you.
10:44 am
>> we're not going to talk about the chair in the middle of the room? okay. all righty. >> a chair in the middle of the room. hopefully they've rearranged the furniture. >> hopefully. the new season of josh's show "million dollar listing los angeles" comes back next week, september 7 at 10:00 eastern on our sister network bravo. >> i think you said september 7, it's september 2. >> i said 2. i said 2, continue. >> it scared me, it's too soon. josh will be back here with more great ideas next month. >> meaning october? >> yes, kath. do you remember the stir mate? >> the what mate? >> sit back, relax. we'll show you how home gadgets do all the work. >> oh, yeah! >> right after this. stir mate. >> i remember. sounds dirty. >> that's why you like it. visa checkout is such an easy way to pay online. enter your username and password. a few clicks. and check out. simple as that. ♪ no re-entering payment and billing info.
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10:49 am
what if we told you there were gadgets throughout that would do most cooking and cleaning for you? >> i would probably get all of them. >> our gadget guy steve
10:50 am
greenberg stopped by with absolutely brilliant tools that will do everything from your cleaning of your grill to steaming eggs and stirring food. >> i'm in. >> we just walked over. this is genius. >> that is father and daughter came up with this idea of a stir me mate. it just stirs so if you're making risotto or soup. it stirs away. >> how much does that cost? >> about $50. and it's brand new. stir mate. >> how do you clean your grill? >> how do you clean it? with a robogrill. this is the folks from you put this on the grill and it walks around like floor cleaners and cleans your grill. >> unbelievable. >> anybody who's made lasagna knows you can have bubble over
10:51 am
and look like a mess. see that? >> that goop. >> this solve this is problem. this is from cucina and you put this on the bottom of your microwave or stove. you can take in the the sink, cut it to the right shape. $12.99. >> what if you want to clean the floors but you're lazy. >> and don't want to spend money on a roomba. these are floor cleaners by o-ko o-cedar. it doesn't have the brain of a roomba but still. cats love them, too. >> something to do, yes. >> next this is a ten-egg steamer. you put water in here, put your eggs in here and put this on top of it, push the button and it steams your eggs either hard boiled or soft boiled. it will poach and do an omelet.
10:52 am
$49 from hammacher schlemmer. this is the all the mat jar opener. you put it on the jar like that, lock it in. and then give it a good yank and it opens, there we go. >> i just whack it on the floor. >> and the plastic is still on. >> it it's so long. the leverage helps you. it's super easy. >> 24 bucks. >> $24. >> even something as small as nail polish. that small. >> sorting socks, this is called sock sink. basically you put the socks here and let's say you pair them up so here this pairs with this, push it through, you have a paired sock right in the bottom there. >> oh, my gosh, do it again. >> it makes it more fun for kids to do their sock sorting. pot them in there and you basically -- it balls them up for you automatically.
10:53 am
2k4r $40. then you want to get rid of identity theft, you don't want your documents out there but shredders take up too much floor space. this is designed in the opposite direction so it fits underneath your desk. this is a really space saver shredder from staples and it can do ten sheets of paper at a time, it can do credit cards, super powerful. >> it's smarter because it's thinner. >> and $69 which is a great price. >> great stuff. so now i remember the stir mate. you know what? i tease him but he's got the best stuff. >> she does. he will be back labor day with some fun back-to-school gadgets and who knows what he shows up with? >> we'll be back with more in a moment but first you know what, hody? >> what? >> this is "today" on nbc. i love to say that. >> me, too.
10:54 am
10:55 am
10:56 am
we hope you enjoyed our best of home show. >> i did! >> you know how we love to play games? >> when celebrities come to visit.
10:57 am
>> we'll look at the funniest interviews ever. >> from sing alongs to pictionary. we wish you an awesome day. you deserve it. bye-bye. aicomackor ll ree a ve ok thbig
10:58 am
10:59 am
11:00 am
at 11:00, a big comeback on wall street. a live look at the big board showing the dow jones is up 240 points. some folks maybe wiping sweat from their brow this morning. thanks for joining us. >> yeah, some relief. a nice tuesday morning rebound for socks ontocks. the dow jumped hundreds of point after one of the worst days in our history. >> shear chris clackum with what happened.


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