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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  September 1, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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francisco and mid 70s in the north bay, up to 86 degrees, a warm day today and cooler tomorrow. a look at those numbers coming up. let's get a look at how the roads are flowing with mike. overall we're looking at a typical pattern. great news. tuesday has more traffic low typically than monday so we will see how things shape up today. had a tough one yesterday in the south bay. shaping up pretty standard here. this is the bigger issue eastbound 24 around the orinda bart station there was an earlier car or vehicle fire on the shoulder and some of the hillside brush was caught on fire as well. slowing in both direction. there's something going on with a distraction on the orinda side of that caldecott tunnel. the bay bridge toll plaza metering lights are on. the backup not so bad and the east shore freeway moving well. the south bay we showed those sensors starting to mover from red back to orange, that first burst easing off north 101.
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again around 6:30 we will see that south bay build start again for 101. we do have breaking news we're following at 6:00. ten people without a home after their house caught fire t happened within the past hour on nokomis drive in south san jose. not too is as far from center road. the fire is knocked down, no one was hurt, that's the good news. "today in the bay" kris sanchez heading to the scene, she will bring us the latest upstates as soon as she arrives. we are also following a developing story out of oakland where a woman was snatched off the streets. now there is a frantic search underway to find her and her kidnapper. here is a look at what police say the kidnapping happened off sterling drive around 10:00 last night. witnesses say a man grabbed a woman and threw her into the trunk of a black vehicle before driving o there's limited details about the suspect's car or the suspect. the victim is described -- the suspect is described -- excuse me, the victim an african-american woman wearing a halter top. it is 6:01.
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school is back in session, but so is a serious warning at cal. a student is now in isolation after testing positive for the measles. "today in the bay" chuck coppola live at uc berkeley on the details of how people need to be aware if they ride public transit, chuck. >> reporter: absolutely right. test of another kind here at cal, a test results monday confirming that a uc berkeley student was buying knowsed with measles and the period of time at which the community was at risk has been narrowed down to between monday, august 24th to saturday august 29th. particularly monday because that's the time when they say this student rode an ac transit bus, bus number 25-a, leaving the school at approximately 3:30 in the afternoon and then riding back on that same bus line at 5:30 p.m. the same day, this is monday, august 24th. we don't know exactly how far he rode the bus, but the virus can
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linger in the air for up to two hours. so there's obvious concern for not only the student population, but anyone who may have been aboard ac transit bus number 25-a. the student has now been isolated, but berkeley's public health department, universities of california at berkeley and state public health department are trying to get the word out and assess the risk to individuals who may have come in contact with this individual, perhaps shared classes with the individual or living quarters with the student. the symptoms of measles is fever, a red rash, very obvious blotchy red rash that starts at the face then kind of works throughout the rest of your body. it can show up some seven to 21 days after exposure. now, so far as we know the student did not display symptoms of measles during the time when he may have unwittingly perhaps infected others. that's the big concern here. we don't know how many people university of california does
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not know how many people he may have come in contact with. if you have questions we are told to pass along that berkeley's public health department was taking questions on this. reporting live at cal, i'm chuck cope larks "today in the bay." thank you very much. new this morning a homicide investigation underway after san jose police say a man was stabbed last night. police say is it happened in the area of story and senter roads around 10:00, that's near the happy hollow zoo. when officers got there they found a man suffering from a stab wound. he was pronounced dead at the scene. right now san jose police say they don't have a motive or suspects. it is 6:04. happening today, seeking justice for kate steinle. on the front steps of city hall her family will announce it is filing a legal claim against san francisco's sheriff and two federal agencies. "today in the bay" bob redell joins us live. bob, the family wants accountability for kate's death. >> reporter: the steinle family not only wants to hold
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accountable francisco sanchez, he is the man accused of killing their daughter, kate, but also the government agencies who allowed sanchez an undocumented immigrant back out on the streets. later this morning about four hours from now this would be 11:00 on the steps of city hall kate steinle's parents and her brother will announce they are filing a claim against san francisco's share rivers office and i.c.e., immigration custom enforcement along with the bureau of land management since it was their agent's stolen gun used in steinle's murder. last july testifies shot and killed as she walked with her father down pier 14 in san francisco. the steinle family believes their daughter would still be alive as sanchez had not been released from county jail and instead turned over to federal authorities since he was in this country without proper documentation. >> it's not going to bring kate back regardless of what happens, and we are going to continue to fight on for kate and for the rest of people in this country
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so this doesn't happen to someone else. >> we are where we are because the system failed. humanity and right now us. >> even if the steinle family doesn't prevail in court, they will prevail in the court of public opinion, but i think at the end of the day it's going to be a difficult case for them to win. >> reporter: the san francisco sheriff's office and i.c.e. say they will not comment on any pending litigation. reporting live here in the san francisco newsroom, bob redell, "today in the bay." now to a story that you will only see on nbc bay area. two san francisco police officers under investigation, one for assault, the other for interfering with that investigation. nbc bay area obtained a copy of the search warrant which says that a woman went to sf general hospital earlier this month saying she had been injured during a sexual assault. she identified the suspect as an acquaintance and a police officer. according to the warrant both victim and suspect say they had been drinking heavily at her
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house. she said they had nonconsensual sex he says he can't remember anything. the warrant also alleges that a fellow officer lied to police officers looking into the incident and kept the suspect updated on the investigation. closing arguments are expect to begin in the trial of two teens accused of killing a paramedic in oakland two years ago. quinn bowyer was shot and killed in the oakland hills. the alleged gunman christian burton was just 16 at the time of the murder. now he and 17-year-old david mcneal are standing trial. prosecutors say the killing was part of a two day crime spree by a group of teens. but defense lawyers say there's lack of evidence to prove who the shooter was. new details on a school fire in the south bay. 17-year-old boy says he accidentally started that fire that forced two lot gatos schools to close yesterday. classes set to resume this morning at both loma prieta
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elementary school and ct english middle school in the santa cruz mountains. the teenager told deputies he met some friends inside one of the buildings and the group burned cardboard box toss keep warm. he said he thought the sfier was out so he put the ashes in a garbage can but the flames ended up spreading. that fire caused heavy damage to a community center and to a gym. san francisco firefighters trying to figure out what sparked this fire in ash bury heights. in this video posted on twitter you can see the flames through some of is that thick smoke and mist from all the water being used to try to put out the fire. it started 8:30 last night at a home on clayton and ash bury. no one was hurt. calm conditions to start, maybe a little bit of a warmup. we can check in with meteorologist kari hall. >> we will especially feel the warmer temperatures inland along the coast more clouds this morning and that will hold those temperatures back. it's right around 60 degrees around most of the bay area. san jose is walk out the door to
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59 degrees t will be up to 84 degrees today, gilroy 88 degrees and san mateo 79 degrees, the marina will be at 67 degrees for a high. a mixture of sun and clouds and a lot of sunshine for the north bay. novato topping out at 84, oakland 76 degrees and pleasanton reaching 88 degrees. with some more warm weather over the next few days it will be just a couple of degrees cooler. i will show you those numbers and what to expect even as we head into the long weekend. that's coming up the in a few minutes. let's see how the commute is going with mike. for the most part things are pleasant this morning even though it's a tuesday we don't see that backup yet over here at the berkeley curve heading around the bend off of east shore freeway toward the bay bridge toll plaza where the metering lights are on. coming into my area that's my concern. the map will show you over in the orinda by the bart station we had a vehicle fire eastbound heading away from the maze and that was over on the shoulder, caught fire to at least a tree on the shoulder we know that at least. so we have contra costa fire on
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scene. there was a lot of slowing in both direction. looks like it's calmed down know. tell let us know what they can. antioch for highway 4 and livermore 580 show a typical slower drive. southbound 680, southbound 880 both slowing toward fremont on your usual pattern for the east bay and tri-valley. the northbound routes continue a slight build for 87 and 101 but the yearly bust calmed down, now we're smoothing out in the northbound directions, the build just starting for san jose. it is 6:10 coming up, a violent confrontation caught on cam ration the fight between a bicyclist and driver that's raising tensions. big news from marissa meyer out of yahoo and rough day ahead on the markets. newhisorng..=sacu=thlans pme n
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new this morning, thailand's prime minister says that authorities have arrested the man they believe is the main suspect in last month's bangkok bombing. 20 people died in that explosion. the prime minister says the suspect is a foreigner and was found in eastern thailand right
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near the border with cam body yachlt the prime minister did not say whether the suspect is the one who actually planted the bomb. a georgia police officer is in critical condition after responding to a call at the wrong house. police thought they were responding to a burglary in progress when they entered the wrong home. authorities say police and the homeowner fired shots at each other. the officer, the homeowner and his dog were hit. the dog did not survive. police believe the homeowner most likely thought the officer was an intruder. an investigation is now underway. a follow-up now, a man shot and killed by police last week at oakland's lake merritt had previously been suspected in an animal cruelty says. last thursday a police officer shot and killed a 30-year-old man, they say he assaulted a female officer with a chain before she respond wdbj deadly force. police say in july officers arrest that had same man at lake merritt for snapping off the head of a goose.
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in that case he was take ton a mental health clinic. police arrested him once in a stalking case. a violent confrontation between a driver and critical mass bicyclist and all of it caught on camera. >> no. hey. hey. you're running me over. >> there's the video that was posted to youtube on friday night after san francisco's monthly critical mass bike ride. it appears to show the driver of a zip car nudging a cyclist. a small crowd blocks all traffic. as the woman is driving away you man is a bike lock lashing out. police are looking for the driver and cyclist as city leaders call for consequences. regular riders say the behavior of one person should not reflect all the cyclists. >> i just don't think that one person who acted out aggressively can be a representation for all of the people who ride bikes.
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>> that confrontation came as bike advocates called for a new bike friendly rule called the idaho stop, when bicyclist right side allowed to roll through stop signs when it's safe. new findings are shedding light on the potential risks in a plan to haul oil by train through benicia. valero wants to use two 50 tanker car trains to transport crude every day. that's instead of the current means by boat. city leaders this week released a vee surprised environmental impact report t warns of potential significant risks in the event of an accident. it also indicates the project would impact air quality. benicia's planning commission will hold a wearing hearing on the report later this month. people living in a san francisco complex fighting to keep their homes. they have more than 100 rent controlled units, but the contract that keeps those rents throw is set to expire and the management plans to raise the rents to full market price.
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later today they are going to hold a rally to protest the rent hike and call on management to make those units permanently affordable housing. the ceo of yahoo is planning a major expansion snoot size of her family. scott mcgrew, marissa myers says she's going to have twins. >> she says she plans to continue to work hard during her pregnancy and after the babies are born. myers says she's going to take limited time away and work throughout. she had a little boy three years and spent most of that time at work, even bringing the baby to work, after which she extended yahoo's parental leave policies. do expect more debate about how people should take parental leave and what it means to be a woman executive, but while we wait for that, let me point out what an engineer meyer is. before announcing she said she would stay at work, she explained in a blog post she was very surprised she was going to
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have twins as in her words identical twins occur by random chance one out of every 300 pregnancies so she calculated all of that. a secret service agent has been placed on leave and appeared before a san francisco judge on monday pleading guilty to stealing more than a million dollars worth of bit coin. shawn bridges was investigating silk road an on line black market. he is the second federal agent to plead guilty to stealing bit coin from silk while while investigating them. bridges will be sent tinel's nd december. the state department has released more than 4,000 new e-mails from hillary clinton's personal e-mail server. this is the biggest data dump yet and reporters are still going through all of them. we do know several hundred e-mails were later stamped classified though they were not at the time they were sent. do think of this as a bit of a rorschach test. there is no way that any one
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news agency has gotten through all of those e-mails yet, but you can tell they're looking for theme, some way of tying them all together. "new york times" was complementary, pointing out that many of the e-mails show clinton's concerns for haiti. fox news took a tech focus in the dark state department it staff unaware of the e-mail setup. nbc news pointed out that those e-mails would later be reclassified as classified. updating you on the markets as well this morning we are looking for maybe the dow to fall as much as 400 points this morning. no circuit breakers planned at this point but we will keep you updated as trading gets underway in about ten minutes. >> we will check back with you. good to have you back. 6:19. how much sleep do you get? this is who nothing new. less sleep could make you more likely to get sick but now there's actually scientific proof behind it. >> a study led by researchers at ucsf showing that people are
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four times more likely to catch a cold when they sleep less or fewer than six hours per night. that study appears in this month's issue of the journal sleep. the national sleep foundation found in a 2013 survey one in five americans gets fewer than six hours sleep before they head off to work. how about one in four, do you get fewer than six? >> oh, absolutely. >> yeah. okay. >> everybody here. >> when you wake up at 2:30 in the morning, i mean -- >> how much sleep do you get at work? oh. >> are you sleeping right now? are you sleep walking, mike? >> it's going to be a nice day out there. it will be a beautiful day for napping for me. a lot of sunshine and we will have to crank up the air conditioning once again for inland areas, but as we take a live look at the bay bridge we see that there's a little bit of a haze to the sky, but still mostly clear, not seeing the low clouds we sometimes see this time of year.
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also as we get a view from belvedere you can see what it looks like from the north bay looking towards san francisco and a breezy wind that will be picking up as we go through the day coming in on shore. even though with all of that sunshine our temperatures heating up, but the cool breeze will keep it feeling night and comfortable. winds picking up at 15 to 20 miles an hour and still breezy along the coast. we also will have to see more fog around san francisco throughout the day. especially moving across the bay and then all along the coast. into the afternoon the skies will be sunny inland and then more clouds moving in tonight and that is the way we will start the day tomorrow, possibly with some brizel along the coast as our temperatures will be cooler. as we go hour by hour in san jose it will be 62 degrees at 8:00 and then seeing those temperatures into the lower 70s by lunchtime. it will be 75 degrees at noon and then some lower 880s briefl
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across the south bay. peninsula will be at 80 today, 77 tomorrow, san francisco 73. it will be nice and cool for the middle of the week for many areas, but as we head into the labor day weekend it will be getting warmer. by friday mostly 70s and 80s and then look at what happens this weekend. some of the inland spots could be hitting the lower 90s and mostly sunny skies expected throughout the long weekend. let's see how the commute is going with mike. it's tuesday so we have a heavy volume expected around the bay. we did see those metering lights turned on earlier than yesterday. the toll plaza doing dramatic. the oakland shot past the coliseum shows you a good volume of traffic northbound with taillights and flashing lights around high street but no lanes clocked blokd blocked by this incident. i will show you the map, the speed sensors start the slowing right around the oakland coliseum and at the berkeley
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curve. the earlier fire looks like there is no more slowing on highway 24 eastbound at the orinda off ramp. no lanes blocked. some slowing for hayward and a crash at a street has scleerd to the shoulder nochlt drama is there for for the tri-valley with the build 680 typical towards sunol. build for san jose 87, 101 and 58 just starting. we will be right back after this break. build 680 typical towards sunol. p ov cirets. newsty sws s
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choosing pot over
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cigarettes. a new study showing that u.s. college students are smoking marijuana more regularly than cigarettes last year. the university of michigan has been collecting smoking data since 1980. last year was the first year that pot smoking surpassed cigarette smoking. about 6% of students smoke marijuana on a daily or near marijuana basis. about 5% smoke cigarettes that much. a sharp drop from 1999 when 19% of college students smoked regularly. a bill designed to cut down on childhood obesity in new york could set the standard for healthy kids meals across the country. new york city council is considering the healthy happy meals bill. it would require fast food restaurant kids meals to include a serving of fruits, veges or whole grain. there would also have to be less than 500 calories. researchers say right now 98% of kids meals do not meet that criteria. coming up, a change in the name of safety. what you may notice the next
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time you visit the world's crookedest straight. justice for kate, the steinle family taking legal action following the death of their daughter. jninus.'m m bck =lra/hotand'm u
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a good tuesday morning. i'm sam brock. >> and i'm laura garcia-cannon. we're tracking the weather and of course the roads. mike inouye has got a look at that morning commute. let's start out with meteorologist kari hall. we get a look at that microclimate forecast. >> and another beautiful day across the bay.
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we're starting out with a nice clear sunrise, just a few clouds here and there and it's right around 60 degrees, 63 in the east bay. look for highs today up to 83 degrees in the east bay, 73 in san francisco, north bay 86 degrees, tri-valley 89. very warm day for inland spots, nice and comfortable along the coast. i will detail that and have a look at the microclimate forecast into the holiday weekend that's coming up in a few minutes. goorng, mike. >> good morning, kari. northbound routes throughout san jose and the rest of silicon valley it is southbound 2830 coming into downtown there there has been a stall reported and the person is outside of the vehicle. do not get out of the car and on to the freeway there. we're hoping everybody gets safely to the shoulder. i'm tracking that as well as the northbound build in general throughout san jose. southbound is the direction for slowing for 680 and 880 as with you travel down toward fremont for both of those freeways.
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usual schedule there. the san mateo bridge in just a second. i do want to show you the rest of the bay. the upper east shore freeway a nice smooth but slower drive, highway 4 out of antioch slows. we are going to end with the san mateo bridge shot. this is our last shot of the morning or this report as we look westbound with a slower drive to the peninsula which is just starting to build for 101. back to you. the drama building on the markets, meantime, breaking news. they open just moments ago. >> that's right, scott mcgrew, the futures were pointed to a big drop, is that what we're seeing? >> that is what we are seeing. let me make you out live to the big board. dow industrials down 210 points, but i think we will watch this accelerate. we were looking for an open down as much as down 400, big problems out of china, part of the problem. we got good information about u.s. auto sales, sam and laura, that will help a bit. rule 48 is in effect as well, i won't get into t but basically it gets ugly trading out of the way quickly, but right now,
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again, dow industrials down better than 200 points, nasdaq down better than 100. >> thank you, scott. breaking news, in san jose an early morning fire forced ten people from their home. "today in the bay" kris sanchez joins us leave at the scene with the latest. >> reporter: we know that the fire started just about 5:30 this morning and the folks who live in that house are still here on the scene. not quite ready to talk with us just yet, but they are a little shell-shocked it appears. you can see the work still happening, firefighters still putting water on to that home there on nokomis drive. the fire is out and the firefighters are rolling up most of the hoses, but they are watching for hot spots this morning. we talked with a neighbor, paul flores who lives across the street and he said that the smoke was so thick that when he opened the front door he couldn't see a lot the street. really a miracle that no u.n. wun was injured in this fire considering there were ten people inside that house when it caught fire. again, the fire is out, though
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firefighters are still putting water on to that homemaking sure no hot spots flare up. san jose fire department has asked the red cross to come out and help these folks with some shelter while they get back on their feet. in san jose, kris sanchez, "today in the bay." 6:33. happening today, seeking justice for kate steinle. on the front steps of city hall her family will announce they're filing a legal claim against service sheriff and two federal agencies. "today in the bay" bob redell joins us live in our san francisco newsroom this morning. we understand the family wants accountability for kate's death. >> reporter: the spinal family believes that the system failed them and their daughter kate. that's why in three and a half hours on the steps of city hall her parents, brother and along with their lawyers will announce they are filing a claim against three government agencies, namely the sheriff's office of san francisco, i.c.e., immigration custom enforcement and the bureau of land management since it was their agents's stolen gun that was
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used to kill kate steinle this past july as she walked with her father down pier 14 in san francisco. the steinle family wants to hold those agencies accountable for their daughter's death. >> the basis of the steinle claim is that the federal government, the state government and the federal agent whose gun was used in killing kate steinle all dropped the ball and kate steinle would still be alive if those governmental entities had followed their own rules. >> everybody can't keep just rolling over and saying, yeah, this is the way it is. it isn't the way that it has to be. we've got to stand up and be counted and say, we're mad as hell and we are not going to take it anymore. >> juan francisco lopez-sanchez who is an undocumented immigrant and five time deportee has been arrested in kate steinle's death, the courts are trying to decide if there is enough evidence to make the charges against him stick. the sheriff's department and
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i.c.e. say they cannot comment on pending litigation. reporting live here in the san francisco newsroom, bob redell, "today in the bay." thank you very much. at 6:34. happening today, friends and family will gather to say their final good-bye to photo journalist adam ward, shot to death on live television last week. ward will be laid to rest today. he and reporter alison parker were shot and killed by a former coworker during a live interview for wdbj's morning newscast last week. the celebration of adam's life will be held at first baptist church in roanoke. those in attendance will be wearing the colors of his alma mater. salem high school and virginia tech university. school is back in session, but so is a serious health warning at cal. a student now in isolation after testing positive for the measles. "today in the bay's" chuck coppola is live at uc berkeley with all the details. >> reporter: they've narrowed it down to one student but who
6:36 am
knows how many other students may have been infected or members of the public that the student may have come in contact w there is concern that the student may have infected others before displaying the symptoms that he or she had of a fever and red rash. now, the student spent a lot of time on campus, uc official and berkeley's health department are trying to assess the ris tok students in classes or living quarters with this student, but of particular concern to the public beyond the kump sus r r campuses is between august thisth and august 29th. particularly august 24th. they say the student took an ac transit bus 24-a from campus at 3:30 in the afternoon, took it for distance and thern returned to campus on the same bus line, 25 listen a at 5:30 that same day, monday, august 24th. there is concern that someone on that bus may have been been infected as the virus can linger up to two hours in the air.
6:37 am
now, symptoms of the fever and red rash that starts on your face and then spreads throughout your body can show up 7 to 21 days after exposure. there's very much a lot of concern here about this. the state public health department, in fact, has been called in and is participating in this and berkeley's public health department is fielding questions from the public on this matter. reporting live at cal, i'm chuck coppola, "today in the bay." it is 6:37. $50,000, that's how much pg&e must now pay for failing to secure the substation in south san jose. a year ago burr garcia cut their way through this fence at the met cav substation and school several thousand dollars in construction equipment. the bracen break in went untekd by what pg&e called robust security for more than five hours n a statement the state's public utilities commission said its investigation found despite multiple alarms sounding during the break in pg&e security was
6:38 am
unaware. this latest failure followed promises by the utility to increase security after the 2013 attack by gunmen that shut down the substation for nearly a month. it is a straightforward plan for crooked lombard street, three spra pairs of eyes watching over a popular tourist zone, they are called ambassadors and the goal it so help limit the rising crime rate. it's a hot spot for theefrs there. last week a tourist from thailand was shot during a robbery. >> it's safety, you know, people are actually listening to the young lady down there when they're standing in the middle of the street to move back on the curb because they're just standing in the middle of the street and there's traffic coming. >> the ambassadors will be on patrol from noon to 7:30 at night. san francisco police say the ambassador program is already in the works, even before that tourist shooting. i want to check the forecast with meteorologist kari hall. >> the tourists are heading down
6:39 am
to the golden gate bridge, you can see that beautiful start to the day, a few clouds here and there and some mist also starting in the city, but we will have a lot of sunshine throughout the afternoon, the temperature now at about 60 degrees all across the bay and a high of 87 degrees can be expected in los gatos, san mateo, 79 degrees, the embarcadero will be at 73 degrees, napa 85, oakland 76, pittsburg 89 degrees and still warming up for those inland spots like the tri-valley where it will be in the upper 80s. into the next couple of days not a bad forecast, nothing to complain about and then it warms up this weekend, so i will show you those numbers coming up in a few minutes. let's see how the roads are moving with mike. we're looking toward the bay bridge where the metering lights are on and you do see the slowing for the east shore freeway and maze. upper east shore not to bad. north of the benicia bridge where southbound 680 boggs down. right around marsh view, there
6:40 am
is a motorcycle that is down. no details on injuries. but they were moving the motorcycle it sounds like the injuries were minor. slow drive off that junction there. highway 4 slow through pittsburg and bay point. an earlier crashed coming through the area. 680, 880 slow down in toward fremont. building up into the south bay. northbound routes through san jose are starting to slow for 101, 85 and 87. we will show you that live shot for fremont. more traffic coming down 880 with that volume past the truck scales. things clear up a little bit right around 237, but slow down once again as you approach 101. back to you. a lot of people out early and if you are waking up early with us the odds are you didn't see the end of last night's giants dodgers game. >> it was around 12545 this morning. the dodgers won on a walk off single in the 14th inning, the giants four and a half games behind the dodgers in the
6:41 am
division. president obama is running wild with bare grill. and remember this wild horse chase in southern california? today deputies involved find out if they will be punished. a quick check of the big board. the dow has already dropped 330 points in the first ten minutes of trading to kick things off today scott mcgrew has a preview of what the rest of the day has in store on the markets right after this. =lra/ni=appingtoy..=laa/c precul
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happening today, prosecutors
6:44 am
in san bernardino county will announce whether criminal charges will be filed against the deputies involved in the beating of a suspect who tried to escape on horseback, the beekt was captured on video. we should warn you it may be disturbing to watch. it all happened back in april. deputies were chasing the man as he fled on a stolen horse. the video then shows the deputies repeatedly punching and kicking the suspect on the ground. ten deputies were put on administrative leave. the county has already paid $650,000 settlement to the suspect. now to a story that you will only see on nbc bay area. two san francisco police officers under investigation this morning, one for sexual assault, the other for interfering with the investigation. nbc bay area has obtained a copy of the search warrant, it says a woman went to sf general hospital earlier this month saying that she had been injured during a sexual assault. she identified the suspect as an acquaintance as a police officer. now, according to the warrant both victim and suspect say they
6:45 am
had been drinking heavily at her house. she says they ended up having nonconsensual sex, he says he can't remember anything. the warrant alleges a fellow officer compromised the investigation by lying to the officers investigating the incident and by contacting the suspect directly toin form him of the progress of the investigation. police now want to search the cellphone of that second officer. at 6:45 now to an nbc bay area follow-up. it's a high profile construction company wasting taxpayer money in santa clara county or is the county to blame. at issue, a $300 million health facility. it was expected to open last -- next month, but it's behind schedule by two or three years. county officials blame turner construction for neglecting the project, they say the company instead focused its resources on finishing levi stadium which it was working on at the time.
6:46 am
>> the fact that they have not had sufficient staff on board to actually do the project. >> complete nonsense. the levi stadium project had nothing to do with this project. >> turner has also done projects at stanford, sfo and san jose city hall. the company and county met behind closed doors but so far no word on any progress. if they fail to reach an agreement this week a new contractor will be hired to finish the hospital. he is back from vacation, we're happy for that is correct we thought he was going to bring us good news, though, it's another rough day for your money. >> scott mcgrew, today is not the day to check that 401(k). >> today i think i would ignore t let's take you out live to the big board at the nyse. dow industrials down 268 points, a little bit better than 1.5%, that's actually much better than we expected. we were looking for dow down as much as 400 points, but we didn't get that. some good news this morning
6:47 am
about car sales, fords in particular doing very well, that helped sort of slow the dow and the fall there. rule 48 is in effect, i won't get into it, but it definitely slowed the amount of volatility and there are no circuit breakers in effect. circuit breakers you will recall were installed -- not literal circuit breakers, but the idea of circuit breakers back in 2012, we would have to have a much worse day to have that happen. yahoo's ceo marissa myers says she's pregnant with twins. she said she will spend as much time in the office as possible. she had a little boy three years ago after which she extended yahoo's parental lead. myers points outs the odds of her having twins was 1 in 300. reports say apple thought about buying top gear, you will recall top gear the most popular tv show in the world was kicked off the bbc after an incident with one of its hosts.
6:48 am
new shows will be produced by amazon. we knew netflix had take an hard look at buying up the show but now they say apple was a serious contender. it's interesting because apple doesn't make its own video content outside of concert videos this would have been a blockbuster for them. >> everybody getting into that content. >> could have been a bidding war, too, from what you are describing. happening today, president obama goes where no president has ever gone before. he is hiking into the alaskan wilderness to prove that climate change is real. who is accompanying him? a venture remember bear grylls, he is leading the president on a hike to a glacier, they will also take a boat tour to see how climate change has affected the landscape there. >> climate change is no longer a far off problem, it is happening here, the united states recognizes our role in creating in problem and we embrace our responsibility to help solve it. >> president's hike today is going to be filmed for a special
6:49 am
edition of the nbc reality show running wild with bear grylls. that episode is going to air later this year. >> action and adventure. >> he is an outdoorsman. >> are we the first network to get a president on a reality show? >> neighbor so. >> i would venture to guess the first time a president has ever been on a reality show. how is your weather looking out there? >> it is looking beautiful today, not a bad way to start out, just a few clouds here and there. we do see a few more clouds near the coast but the golden gate bridge all clear as we start out with temperatures right around 60 degrees. today will be a bit warmer? some spots, especially inland, but the cooling trend will be underway by tomorrow. so overall not bad as we head into the middle of the week. we are at 60 degrees in san francisco, south bay 59 degrees t will be up to 84 degrees in the peninsula. we will have some
6:50 am
70s near the bay and inland areas making it into the upper 80s. nice temperature spread there. winds light starting out morning and picking up as we go through the day. more of an on-shore flow once again so we will have the sunshine and a cool breeze through the evening, winds at 15 to 20 miles an hour. as we go hour by hour in livermore a lot of sun there and by 1:00 in the afternoon it's up to 83 degrees, we will stay in the 80s for a few hours. the next three days it will be a little cooler tomorrow, tomorrow will be the coolest day of the week. in the peninsula 77 degrees thereafter seeing 80 today, san francisco right around the lower 70s. in the north bay from 86 today to 80 tomorrow and then 81 degrees on thursday and that is what we will see also in the tri-valley, those temperatures coming down for a little while. it goes back up this weekend and as we know it will be the long
6:51 am
weekend, the labor day weekend, many of us celebrating that last warm one before we see those temperatures starting to cool down as we head into fall, but it will be in the lower 90s so we are not done with the summer weather just yet. 93 degrees in the south bay on sunday and lower 90s for the tri-valley and the north bay. let's see how that commute is going with mike. so far, kari, pretty easy drive as far as the incidents go. as far as that volume goes its getting tougher for the san mateo bridge. we will show you on our speed sensors what the slower cars mean. that means turning from green to yellow and orange over on the oakland and hayward side. slower drive for 880. as you head south past the dumbarton build it building southbound. the northbound routes in san jose no big drama but 101, 87, 85, 280 all showing that push through san jose and making their way up into the rest of the silicon valley. we're showing you the east shore freeway as well as the walnut
6:52 am
creek interchange all smofg smoothly. west highway 4 we continue to have crashes pop up heading toward pittsburg and bay point, a slower drive there. game for the a's at 7:05 tonight. oakland coliseum, we did have a disabled vehicle blocking part of that high street off ramp, that has cleared and so has the backup. those flashing lights are gone. back to you. it is 6:52. coming up, an early morning house fire forces at least ten people out of their home. plus a measles scare at cal and impacting more than just those on campus.
6:53 am
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without the internet i would probably be like a c student. internet essentials from comcast has brought low-cost high speed internet into the homes of hundreds of thousands of low-income families. it lets students do homework and study at home. so far more than two million people across america have benefitted. internet essentials is going to transform the lives of families. i see myself as maybe an entrepreneur. internet essentials from comcast. helping to bridge the digital divide. mon
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6:55. the markets have been open about 25 minutes and they are down this morning. looking at the dow jones industrial down about 300 points, we ever' seen it whoever around there, scott mcgrew telling us not a good day to check your 401(k). we will see how it will do today. >> put that off later in the week. breaking news now in the south bay, more than a dozen people without a place to live after a fire at a san jose home this morning. >> "today in the bay" kris sanchez live at the scene with the latest for us. kris. >> reporter: we just talked to captain van he will gore of the fire department he said this fire burned to hot and fast it is a fortunate thing that this
6:56 am
house had working smoke detectors otherwise people might not have made it all out safely. we know ten people live in that home but at the time there were 13 people staying there. we talked to one of the residents a 22-year-old woman who told us they all made it out safely because the uncle heard the smoke alarm, smelled the smoke and got everybody out safely, they were concerned because they are buddhists that perhaps the incense sparked the fire but the captain told us they don't burn hot enough for that. it appears that the fire started in the electrical panel in the garage and appears that this fire was accidental. luckily the fire was mostly contained not garage and though it burned through the roof and there is some smoke damage to the house at some point very soon they should be able to let the folks go back inside and grab some things and then it should be habitable within the next couple of days. in san jose, kris sanchez, "today in the bay." flu this morning as deadly stabbing near happy hollow zoo
6:57 am
in san jose. police found a man suffering from a stab wound around 10:00 last night. he was pronounced dead at the scene. right now san jose police say they do not have a motive or suspects. a developing story now, a woman reportedly throwing in the trunk of a car and kidnapped. investigators in oakland trying to track down the suspect. a witness reported seeing it happen last night around 10:00 on sterling drive west of 580. there is limited details this morning. a health warning at cal after a student tested positive for the measles. >> "today in the bay" chuck coppola live at uc berkeley this morning. we know the student took the bus while contagious. >> reporter: that's right. there is concern that significant health risks may be posed to infants and pregnant women who may have come in contact with this student. that's why berkeley's public health department is concerned and getting the word out. the period of time that they are most concerned about is between august 24th and august 29th.
6:58 am
that's when the student left campus, took an ac transit bus 25-a at 3:30 in the afternoon and returned at approximately 5:30. anyone on that bus may have been exposed to the virus it can linger in the air for two hours afteryards. berkeley officials are now trying to assess the risk to students who may have shared classes or living quarters with this individual. the state health department has also been called in. i'm chuck coppola, "today in the bay." happening today as well the family of a woman shot and killed on san francisco's embarcadero is going to announce its filing a legal claim in the wake of her death. >> "today in the bay" bob redell live in our san francisco newsroom with the details. >> reporter: kate steinle's family not only want to hold accountable juan francisco lopez-sanchez, he is the man accused of killing their daughter kate, but also the government agencies who allowed lopez-sanchez an undocumented immigrant back out on the streets. later this morning kate
6:59 am
steinle's parents and her brother will announce they are filing a claim against the san francisco sheriff's office and i.c.e. along with the bureau of land management since it was their agent's stolen gun used in steinle's murder. last july she was shot and killed as she walked with her father down pier 14 in san francisco. the steinle family believes her daughter would still be alive if lopez-sanchez in the h. not been released from jail and instead turned over to federal authorities since he was in this country without proper documentation. reporting live in the san francisco newsroom, bob redell, "today in the bay." 6:59 let's get one final check of your weather. >> 60s along the immediate coast and also some upper 80s for the inland areas, tri-valley today up to 89 degrees. >> what about that morning commute? >> a number of cars but no major incidents. done lick slower for 580 because of that volume toward the dublin interchange. san mateo bridge westbound, slow downs on the peninsula side, as well as the dumbarton bridge.
7:00 am
we are expecting lighter traffic thursday and friday as we approach the holiday weekend rend. >> it's only a three-day. want to make it four or five? >> people tend to take off. >> they may have to work a little long or harder. the dow jones industrials down 300 points. >> buenos días, un vaciado de good morning. document dump. 7,000 pages of hillary clinton's e-mails released overnight. do any of them contain classified information? and what did she know? sniper on the loose? shots fired at four different cars on the same stretch of interstate in arizona. one young girl injured. drivers on alert. is there a serial shooter at work? september scorcher. the new month bringing no relief from the blistering heat wave. much of the country baking. 50 million wondering when will this end, while powerful storms out west cause damage and brin


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