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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  September 1, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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thparts ka stnleprareo te la right now at 11:00, taking action, the parents of kate steinle prepare to file suit following the shooting death of their daughter along the san francisco pier. good morning, and thanks for joining us. >> seeking justice for kate on the front steps of city hall, the family announcing the legal claim against the sheriff and two federal agents. >> bob rudell is live at city hall, where a news conference started moments ago. >> there are claims against three government agencies, the family attorney for the steinle family, you can see behind me,
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the steinle family standing with them on the steps of city hall. the last words kate steinle said to her father as she lay dying were help me. obviously the father couldn't do anything at the time, it was too late, the family believes those words still resonate with them. they want to help her, assure that something like this never happens again. the family, you can see jim and liz steinle. her brother is behind the family attorney. and right now they are announcing they are filing claims against three government agencies, namely the sheriff of san francisco, immigration customs and enforcement agency, and then the bureau of land management since it was their gun that killed kate. the family wants those agencies to be held accountable for their daughter's death. this claim filing could
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eventually lead to a lawsuit. >> the basis of the steinle claim is that the federal government, the state government, and the federal agent whose gun was used in killing kate steinle all dropped the ball. and kate steinle would still be alive if those governmental entities had followed their own rules. >> everybody can't keep just rolling over and saying, yeah, this is the way it is. it isn't the way it has to be. we have to stand up and be counted and say, we're mad as hell and we're to the going to take it any more. >> juan francisco sanchez, an undocumented immigrant. he has been arrested in kate steinle's death. there's enough evidence to make the charges stick. the sheriff's department and ice say they cannot comment on any pending litigation. reporting live outside san francisco in city hall, bob rudell, nbc bay area news. >> we will for sure have more on
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today's news conference. 13 people were awakened by fire alarms and smoke in their east san jose home. the family started the day out on the sidewalk watching the home burn. a fire captain from san jose fire says it's a good thing the fire alarms were working, the fire alarm burn ed hot and fast. the family will be able to return once the garage is stabilized and the smoke damage is cleared up. >> everybody's okay. we got out in time. we got out safe and sound. >> the woman wondered if inning sense from the family's buddhist shrine could have sparked the blaze. the red cross is helping the
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family until they can get back into their home. >> witnesses say they saw a woman snatched off the streets. little information to go on. here's a look at where police say the kidnapping happened. sterling drive around 10:00 last night, witnesses say they saw a man grab a woman, throw her into the drunk of a vehicle before driving off. >> homicide investigation is underway after san jose police say a man was stabbed to death last night. it happened in the area of story and center roads near the entrance to the homeless encampment. when officers got there, they found a man suffering from a stab wound. he was pronounced dead at the scene. police say they don't know what the motive was, and they don't have a description nor the suspect opinion. closing arguments are expected to begin in the case of two teenagers shot two years
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ago. christian burton was 16 at the time of the murder, now, he and 17-year-old david plk kneel are standing trial, prosecutors say the killing was part of a two-day crime spree that involved shootings a. new details on a fire in the south bay. the boy says he started a fire that caused two schools to close yesterday. two schools were forced to close today. he met some friends inside one of the buildings sunday night. they burned cardboard to keep warm. he thought the fire was out, there could be ashes in the garbage can. the flames ended up spreading. the fire caused heavy damage to the community center and a jim.
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san francisco firefighters trying to figure out what sparked this fire in ash bury heights. can you see the flame through the thick smoke this started at a home in clayton. nobody was hurt. a follow-up now, the man shot and killed by police last week at oakland's lake merit had previously been suspected in a bizarre animal cruelty case. police officers shot and killed that 30-year-old man. after police assaulted an officer with a chain, before she responded with deadly force. police say back in july, officers arrested the same man for snapping off the head of a goose. he was taken to a mental health clinic. police arrested him once. up next at 11:00, a change in the name of safety. what you may notice the next time you visit, one of the world's most crooked streets. >> a major announcement from marissa meyer that has nothing
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to do with yahoo. temperatures headed into the 80s today, a little bit cooler tomorrow. the micro climate forecast is coming up. hey foster farms!
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this is probably not the day to check your 401(k). it's been an incredibly rough day on the markets. you see a live look at the nyse big board. the dow is down 408 points and accelerating there. we'll continue to monitor it. the u.s. department of state has released another catch of hillary clinton's e-mails, more
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than 4,000. the biggest release we've seen so far. several e-mails sent to and from clinton's personal e-mail server show clinton and her staff were careful not to talk about classified material over e-mail, but other e-mails did talk about secret information but before that information was considered classified. we have in the past been talking about how little mrs. clinton seemed to understand about her own technology. in one of the recently released e-mails, clinton refers to her home's internet connection saying, i don't know if i have wifi. how do i find out? take a look at this, it's google's new logo. they announced the new look this morning saying the cleaner look looks better on smaller mobil screens. this logo shows you google is really working for you. the old logo appently is not. it's leaving to spend more time with family. apple thought about buying the television show top gear, it's
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the most popular tv show in the world it was kicked off the bbc with one of its hosts. new shows will be produced by amazon. now, 905 mac reports apple was a serious contender. marissa myers says she's pregnant with twin girls. myers will spend as much time at the office as possible, taking limited time away. she says in working throughout. meyer had a little boy three years ago, after which she extended yahoo's parental leave. i think there's going to be a lot of naval gazing as to whether myers is taking enough time off. i think the beauty of parental leave is, you get to decide what's right for you and your family. frankly, nobody else should be able to tell you otherwise. >> i remember she had that little nursery off her office. everyone said, that's great for her, what about the rest of us. to see her extend the parental leave after learning that is
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amazing. back to their roots after a decade of growth in san francisco. more tech companies are refocusing on the south bay. this is once again changing the dynamics and the demographics of the silicon valley. nbc bay area's scott bud man has more. >> it hasn't even opened yet, but intelicare direct is busy. they just moved to the south bay and will hire 130 people immediately. >> the vibrant community up here, people were very motivated, people were very driven, educated, and i felt this was the place that i could get the best quality candidate. >> it joins apple, google, linked in and others. tech companies opening offices in the south bay. >> people realize the action is
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right here, right now. >> san jose and silicon valley are taking off. >> after years of looking to more hip urban san francisco, why go south? >> it's all those again-xers, they're middle aged now, they have kids, san francisco's not a kid friendly town, so you move down to suburbia. >> the folks is on hardware and manufacturing, two rapidly growing sectors of the economy. >> manufacturing is really thriving in the san jose area. one of every six jobs is linked to manufacture iing. >> all those jobs mean more cars and higher priced homes. >> i think traffic is about to be really terrible around here. >> it's already pretty bad. >> we have to pay more in wages and more in rent. at the end of the day, not doing it would be penniwise, pound foolish. >> scott bud man, nbc bay area
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news. >> thank you, scott, we have new details on a measles scare in the east bay, a cal student with the virus road the bus, that puts others at risk. >> chuck coppola is live in berkeley. >> if you have been immunized or had measles, you are fine. this is a big concern for infants and for pregnant women, that's the broader concern, if you will. we now know, we learned this a few minutes ago, the uc student capable of infecting others with measles road the ac transit bus line 25-a a week ago, august 24th, to berkeley, to the 99 ranch market in richmond, he got on the bus in berkeley at 3:30 in the afternoon, road it to richmond, went shopping, got back on the bus at 5:30, headed back to berkeley where he got
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off. the bus continued on and the concern is the air in that bus could have held the virus for up to two hours, that's not the only advisory going out. >> campus officials notified students via e-mail monday about one highly con taken yos student with a case of measles. others found out sooner. >> it was all over facebook. i heard about it on the news feed. it seems pretty serious. >> do you think -- i mean, are you concerned about this, or is this something you are prepared for or have you been immunized. >> i'm concerned for everyone. not just me, but i'm pretty sure i've done the vaccine for it. >> there have been no additional cases in the campus health center, reports no increase seen as a reaction. berkeley's health officer says the student has been isolated and at the student's whereabouts from monday august 24th to saturday august 29th have been verified. the health department cannot account for how many people may
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have come in contact with the virus line 25 a that ran from berkeley to richmond. >> only time will tell. it could grow larger. measles is one of the most highly contagious infections there is. not everyone is immune to it. >> others including classmates of the student have been notified, it's too soon to tell if there will be more cases reported. symptoms do not show up for 7 to 21 days after exposure. reporting live in berkeley, nbc bay area news. >> thanks. $50,000 is how much pg&e will have to pay for failing to secure a substation in san jose. you may remember burglars cut their way through this exterior fence and stole several thousands of dollars worth of construction equipment. the theft took place over five hours. in a statement, the puc said its
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investigation found despite multiple alarms sounding, pg&e security wassen aware. this latest failure followed promises after a 2013 attack by gunmen that shut down the substation for nearly a month. >> a college student shot at a chris brown concert. five people were shot in san jose back in january. sent the whole crowd into a panic, all of the victims did survive, attorneys for one of the people shot said the nightclub failed to provide proper security for that event and a plaintiff, a 22-year-old san francisco state student has trouble walking still after he was shot in the foot. >> chris brown will tell you -- the bottom line is, if you get shot at one of these events it's not frivolous, if you have a permanent injury, somebody should be held accountable. >> the nightclub's entertainment
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and nightclub licenses were suspended for two months. the city calls city workers who will keep an eye on things, the crooked street attracts thieves. a tourist from thailand was shot during a robbery. >> safety. you know, people are actually listening to the young lady down there when they're standing in the middle of the street to move back on the curb, because they're just standing in the middle of the street and there's 2r56k coming. >> those ambassadors will be on patrol. the ambassador program was already in the works even before the shooting. new findings are shedding light on the potential risks in a plan to haul oil by train. valero wants to use 250 tanker car trains to transport crude every day to its refinery, instead of the current means of using boats.
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they released a revised environmental impact report warning of potential significant risks in the event of an accident. the project will impact air quality. the planning commission will hold a hearing on this report later this month. people living in a san francisco apartment complex are worried about their homes. they have 86 controlled units for rent control for low and middle income families. the contract that keeps the rent low expires after 25 years, that's now. today tenants and supporters will hold a protest to protest the rent hike. i talked to a spokesperson at the state retirement fund a few minutes ago, he tells me the board has yet to make a decision on raising rents either way. in san jose, the city council is discussing its own rent control proposal. the council will consider
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capping rent hikes at 4% per year. rents are sky high in the south bay. one couple we talked to told us their landlord hiked their rate by more than 18% starting today. not a lot of notice for them. >> no. >> kerry hall is here with our forecast, it's no wonder so many people want to live here. >> so beautiful, and then when you get a view like this, this is a live picture. you see clear blue skies all the way along the coast. with all of this sunshine, temperatures are still comfortable, it is warming up in some inland spots like livermore and concord. in heyward, 69 degrees, in santa rosa, 73 degrees, one of the spots that will be heating up, livermore, it will be 81 by lunchtime, and 85 degrees, briefly getting into those mid-80s and coming back down as the sun sets a little earlier each day. at 8:00 it is clear and 69
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degrees, and more clouds will be moving in tonight than we had earlier this morning, expect a high of 84 degrees in san jose, also in palo alto, the sun set will be at 70 degrees, movado 89 degrees, dublin topping out at 89 degrees. temperatures heating up for inland spots. our temperatures are about average for this time of year. breezy, and the coastal fog starts to settle in many for tonight and tomorrow. the winds coming in offshore, it gives a cool feel to the air, even though the sunshine is nice and warm. into the next several days this is what the computer models are showing us, absolutely nothing for the clouds, getting any chances of rain. even though we've made it through the driest time of the year, now as we head into september, hopefully we'll get a little more rain, our average is just below 2/10 of an inch.
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this is what we should get on average. this being an el nino year. at least just average amounts will be great, right? >> all dry over the next few days, our temperatures are still fairly warm, tomorrow will be the coolest day of the week, coming down from 84 degrees today, it will be 80 degrees tomorrow, in the peninsula 80 degrees today, san francisco 73 degrees. and the north bay, expect a high of around 86 degrees and 80 tomorrow. east shore will be in the lower 80s and 79 degrees. more comfortable weather through the end of the week. this weekend starts to go back up, we could be feeling upper 80s to lower 90s in the trivalley, 89 on saturday, and 93 on sunday. as you make plans for the labor day holiday weekend. maybe the beach or a pool will be great or if you're bbqing somewhere pool side, you want to cool off, it will be near 90 degrees across most of the bay,
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get ready for that, scott and chris. don't have a pool be nice to your neighbors. up next at 11:00, college students lighting up. but not cigarettes. new numbers are reflecting the changing times. cirets.
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my name is phil zietlow, and i've been an engineer on the cheerios team for 51 years. about five years ago, i found out that if my daughter-in-law, joyce, eats anything with gluten in it she feels pretty darn terrible. so my team and i came up with a way to remove the grains that contain gluten, from the naturally gluten free oats that cheerios are made of. so now joyce and i can have cheerios together anytime we want. and if you love someone with celiac, or gluten sensitivity, you can too.
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a new study shows u.s.
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college students smoked more marijuana than tobacco last year. last year was the first year pot smoking surpassed cigarettes. about 6% of students smoked marijuana on a daily or near daily basis, about 5% smoked gets that often. a sharp drop when 19% of college students smoked regularly. >> from college students to little kids. a bill designed to cut down on childhood obesity in new york could set the standard for healthy meals across the country. the healthy happy meals bill. fast food restaurant kids meals to include a serving of fruits, veggies or whole grain. they would also have to be less than 500 calories. researchers say right now 98% of kids meals do not meet this criteria. a city leader calls it
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appalling, we'll show you the violent confront dags in the city street all caught on camera. on t onttepof ty ll - r filyustg
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seeking justice for kate steinle on the front steps of city hall. her family just announced they're filing a legal claim against the san francisco sheriff and two federal agencies. >> bob rudell is live at city hall, where the family smoke just moments ago. bob? >> chris and scott, the steinle family believes that local and federal government are treating their daughter kate like collateral damage, that it was okay that she was shot and killed on pier 14 in san francisco. that it didn't matter, because if it did matter in their view, there would have been a change since then in the policy toward undocumented immigrants. that's right the steinle family this morning has filed claims against the sheriff of san francisco. the immigration customs enforcement agency or ice as
11:30 am
it's known and the bureau of land management. she walked with her father down pier 14. by filing these claims, the steinle's want to hold those agencies accountable for their daughter's death. >> it's been two months since kate's death. the city of san francisco and a sheriff's department have done absolutely nothing to protect this from happening to another person. we feel as though we've exhausted avenues, where frustrated, and we're here to make sure that a change is made so nobody has to endure the pain that my mom and dad and i go through on a daily basis. because the system failed our sister. >> juan francisco lopez sanchez
11:31 am
an undocumented immigrant. he has been arrested in kate steinle's death. now, the claims that they filed the family filed this morning, their lawyer said they are prerequisites to the lieutenant. with regards to the sheriff's office, they have 45 days to react, if they reject the claim, the family has a chance to respond and file a lawsuit. within the past 24 hours, they do not comment on pending litigation. reporting live out here live in san francisco city hall, bob rudell, nbc bay area news. >> we're going to have more about today's news conference tonight at 5:00 and 6:00 as well. two san francisco police officers are under investigation. >> one officer is accused of sexual assault, the other for
11:32 am
allegedly interfering with that investigation. terry mcsweeney has exclusive details on both investigations. >> a police department spokesperson confirms to nbc bay area tonight that police are investigating one of their own for sexual assault. they're saying little about the alleged interference about the case by another officer. the search warrant about the alleged interference tells much more. on august 7th, a woman came to san francisco general hospital saying she had been injured during a sexual assault five days before. she later identified the suspect an acquaintance and police officer, and selected him from the photo lineup. according to the warrant, both victim and suspect say they went to her house on august 7th and drank heavily. they went to her bedroom where she says they had sex despite her saying no i don't want to. he was hammered, so drunk he doesn't remember anything.
11:33 am
the warrant also alleges that a fellow officer compromised the investigation. the search warrant requests approval for investigators to seize the cell phone of the officer who provided that information saying he intentionally interfered with a felony sexual assault investigation by contacting the suspect directly to inform him of the progress of the investigation. terry mcsweeney, nbc bay area news. critical confrontation, a violent confrontation is caught on camera in san francisco. >> it happened during critical mass on friday, now, bicycle advocates are hoping it will not be used against them. jean ellie has more on this fallout. >> a video posted on youtube shows some critical mass bike riders in a confrontation with a zip car driver in the marina friday night. one cyclist hits the car with a
11:34 am
bike lock. >> it's outrageous. >> mark farrell says the bad behavior will not be tolerated. >> the majority of the people there are peaceful riders that are doing the right thing. this incidents you can't sit back and say it's appropriate. i don't think people should avoid the issue. this is intolerable. >> the incident comes in the midst of a bicycle debate. some politicians want san francisco to change the rules of the road and allow idaho stops. that's when cyclests can roll through stop signs when it's safe. >> you have to be vigilant on the bike. when i make the decision not to stop at a stop sign, it's a well thought out decision. >> san francisco is not idaho. >> at a community advisory bicycle board meeting, captain john sanford is not convinced. even some cyclists are skeptical. >> there are too many cyclists,
11:35 am
at this point we need to roll -- >> it's becoming more aggressive. >> the debate over idaho stops rolled forward, riders are hoping bad behavior like the incident at critical mass doesn't put the brakes on the discussion. >> i don't think one person who acted out aggressively can be a representation for all of the people who ride bikes. >> jean ellie, nbc bay area news. >> a new report details risk in a plan to haul oil through venetia. valero wants to transport crude oil every day to its oil refinery in venetia. right now that's brought in by boat. city leaders released an environmental impact report. it also indicates the project would impact air quality. the planning commission will hold a hearing on that report later this month. protesters were out in force this morning, in moorhead, kentucky today where the county
11:36 am
clerk continues to refuse to grant marriage licenses to same sex couples. >> the supreme court refused to hear her case yesterday. davis says she's acting under the authority of god. nbc's jennifer brmcgraw is live. >> a rally that started at 8:00 this morning, when the first couple marched into the office to try to get a marriage license. on the one hand you have supporters of gay marriage asking for equality. on the other side, just 30 feet away, you have people out here supporting kim davis' decision not to issue marriage licenses. i was here when the first couple marched into the office this morning. they asked her why, she said she could not give them an issue them a marriage license. she said it was immoral. i spoke to both sides today,
11:37 am
they tell me this is something they firmly believe in and will fight for. jennifer mcgraw cornering the news for nbc news. >> thanks. police in thailand have arrested a plan they believe is the main suspect in the deadly bombing two weeks ago. >> the thai police have arrested a second suspect close to the cambodian border who has been taken to bangkok for dna testing and other fingerprinting. they say this man was trying to cross into cambodia, he closely resembles the person in yellow captured by a security camera shortly before that bomb exploded, killing 20 people and injuring more than 130. at this point they will not confirm his nationality, other than saying he's a foreigner and he speaks english. earlier today the thai prime minister described him as the
11:38 am
main suspect, later a thai police spokesman backtracked a little bit, and said he's an important suspect. part of a network, they believe is responsible for the bombing. they also issued three arrest warrants. the first suspect was arrested over the weekend and an apartment in bangkok, where they found bomb making equipment and fake passports. we believe it's information we found at the apartment and from questioning the suspect that led them to today's arrest, and to those further arrest warrants. we're watching this closely, the information we're getting is a little confused, is sometimes contradictory. but certainly this does appear to be progress. hungary suspended all rail traffic to and from its main terminal in budapest.
11:39 am
>> here's nbc's report. >> reporter: hundreds of migrants are stuck in limbo outside budapest's train station. they were hoping to catch the next train on to munich and germany. that's where most of these migrants are hoping to apply for asylum. all day they haven't been allowed to enter the station, there is a police cord that prevents them to enter the main entrance. the entrance is open, but not for migrants. many of them told us they have tickets, some of them showed us tickets all the way from munich from here that cost as much as $150. >> a lot of the requests are very simple. >> we need -- just to pass -- we need nothing from the hungarian
11:40 am
government. >> the hungarian government is saying it's simply applying eu rules that does not allow people without a valid passport or a valid visa to travel around europe. humanitarian organizations are saying that by doing so, by using this tough stance against migrants, they're pushing them in the hands of ruthless traffickers who offer for a hefty fee to take them to the country, usually in the back of overheated and overcrowded containers. drones gaining popularity, we'll show you two companies bringing in big bucks and the booming business. >> had enough of those annoying ads while you're surfing? apple's new plan to get rid of them. >> we see a few clouds today, and cooler temperatures headed this way tomorrow. i'll have the micro climate forecast coming up. ks/2ot 's peteevfomilonsf us.own
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11:43 am
it's a pet peeve for millions of people. how often do you surf the internet only to find for weeks, months, ads targeting you, popping up. >> someone briefly looked at this online. apple's new iphone operating system is expected to come with an ad blocker. it will likely be greeted as good news for customers. that could be disastrous for websites that rely on ads like
11:44 am
ours for their very survival. tom costello reports. >> reporter: you do a little online window shopping, maybe looking at clothes, car shopping or vacation hunting, then for weeks you're hounded by ads for those same products. >> you have thighs ads following you wherever you go. >> i hate it. >> they're really annoying. >> it fweeks me out how they can take what you've already searched for. >> disable your cookies and turn on ad blocker software, but that can make it impossible to visit certain sites. with the cookies, it's almost as if big brother is tracking your every move. >> on one hand there's a convenience there that suddenly you're being offered ads that maybe will give you discounts on the item you want. on the other hand it's creepy that it seems everyone and their brother knows what you're looking for. >> waiting for all of those ads to low can slow internet speeds. 45 million of us block ads
11:45 am
usually on desktop computers. apple is in talks to make it easier to block ads on iphones as well. >> this is great, because it allows you to have a better experience from advertisers perspectives, it makes it a little more difficult to get ads in front of people many. >> the mobil online ad business is big money, $70 billion a year, all those pop-up ads, banners and videos are what pays for free websites. without the ads, many websites, especially news sites don't make any money. >> whether or not it's the information you receive, or the entertainment you enjoy. this is vital to what funds the entire ecosystem. >> with the stakes so high, the online ad industry says it will find a way to get online ads to the customer whether they want them or not. >> it's a cat and mouse game. we're confident in our ability to circumvent the ad blockers and serve ads. >> 30 years later, we're still trying to figure this out.
11:46 am
>> we were listening to a commercial site and my girls were annoyed the ad came up. there's a moving business for drones. >> grant boxleitner shows used popularity. >> this is a stealth kind of a product that we make. this company makes many types of unmanned aircraft systems. demand for the specialized equipment over the last few months is soaring. >> growing pretty rapidly right now, the faa has gotten on the ball and approving a lot of the commercial applications. >> this one has a camera placed inside shooting downward. >> getting calls for power companies and oil refineries, and bridge inspections and
11:47 am
precision agriculture. >> staff members showed us the features of one of the latest models. they can cost between 1,000 and $400,000. >> across town, requests for drone video and photos are becoming common for clients. >> this is the next iteration. and the technology for drones are just amazing, right now today this is the worst a drone will ever be right now, it's going to continue to get better. >> palmer provides the drone shots as a free service with the production package. the equipment has already paid for itself. >> this allows you to have those epic hollywood shots. flying in front of a factory, huge house. you see the beach. >> a high flying business experiencing a rise in demand. >> i want a drone, but i'm concerned maybe 20, 30 minutes in, i'd be like, that was cool.
11:48 am
>> we got my nephew one and it was broken in that amount of time. it works out pretty good. here's kerry hall. >> the viewers show us the beauty shots from the drones, i really appreciate those, you can always send them my way. i'm not going to get a drone myself. >> as we take a look at those temperatures right now, it's right around 70 degrees. so comfortable around all of that sunshine. highs in 83 in the east bay. 89 in the trivalley. san francisco at 73 degrees, and the north bay topping out at 86 degrees. hour by hour in san francisco, 71 degrees at 2:00, some spots may briefly hit 72, 73 degrees, it starts to come back down. by 6:00, still nice and sunny, 70 degrees. the clouds moving in by 8:00, 64. later on tonight temperatures holding steady in the 60s, we have an onshore flow at 10 to 15
11:49 am
miles an hour. the wind forecast, the arrows show you the wind direction coming in, as we go into the evening it continues to pick up. we'll have winds at about 20, maybe in some spots a little higher, especially along the coast. also not much fog on the bay right now, it's staying well offshore, we'll start to roll back in as we head into the evening. tomorrow we'll have a thicker cloud cover. starting out in the morning, maybe even some drizzle along the bay. you see the darker shades of gray. show where visibility will be the lowest. by 10:00, we have that along the coast. out there in the pacific. there's a lot of activity going on here, here's hawaii right now, we have three hurricanes that continue to roll across the pacific. it's the first time in history we've had three major hurricanes. none of these will affect any of those islands and we have the hurricanes here that continues to weaken.
11:50 am
here's ignacio now with a category one, and well to the north of the hawaiian islands. we also have a powerful category 3, wind speeds at 120 miles an hour. kilo is a category 3 as it continues on with wind speeds of 125. none of those affecting any land, but i think that's the result of the warm water out there in the pacific. and they're near average temperatures expected here in the bay area, and a breezy wind as we go into the next couple days, our average temperatures stay with us, but then it starts to heat up as we head into the weekend. get ready for that. feeling comfortable over the next three days, 84 degrees today, tomorrow in the south bay, 80 degrees, by thursday, 82, peninsula will be in the lower 80s and dropping back into the upper 70s. san francisco 70 degrees. 86 degrees today, 80 tomorrow, feeling nice, this is what
11:51 am
happens this weekend. labor day weekend we've all got plans to get out there. it will be great for that, but you'll want to do something that will help you stay cool, especially when those temperatures heat up to 92 degrees in the trivalley and north bay, 93 in the south bay, san francisco, even warming up there to 78 degrees by the end of the weekend. scott and chris? >> we will be right back. scppi it202logchoeam algatns ph
11:52 am
11:53 am
japan's olympic committee is scrapping its 2020 logo choice amid allegations it was plagiarized. >> the designer of the logo is accused of using copied materials. a belgium based designer claims the logos are a ripoff. the olympic committee says they want to pull the logo, not because the design was pirated but because he doesn't want to have any more controversy about. >> a place to hold a competition.
11:54 am
he stole that? you're going to steal something, you steal something good. new zealand debating whether to ditch its national flag. the government revealed four final designs, there they are. they're up for consideration, inspired by its native silver fern. the current flag features the british union jack. that is a symbol of the country's colonialist roots. voters will rank the designs and referendum later this year. they'll -- next march they'll vote to the top flag. >> that is an historic moment for those little kids. >> we'll be right back. inoutrn ina
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it's time for baby panda news. >> public up close and personal look at a 23-day-old panda cub. she's the fifth surviving cub born in china in the last few years. the researchers say this latest birth is significant because it means that panda cubs can have a high survival rate in sub tropical areas. >> yes, they're much more attractive. >> i have a good person. >> i don't like baby pandas. >> thanks for joining us.
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today on "access hollywood live," how donald trump says rosie o'donnell actually helped him. >> he can spin anything. one of the biggest sitcom hits "frazier." talking about new nbc sitcom. >> and kelsey's real daughter, spencer, a stripper in the show. >> a math teacher/strip perp if you think the "real housewives" how to bring the drama, get ready. >> bravo's ladies of london. lethal! lethal the way they cut each other down. "access hollywood live" starts -- right now. >> what are you doing? security! stand by, billy and kit. stand by camera two. we're live in five -- four -- three -- two --


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