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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  September 4, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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this to happen to anybody else." ==jess/cont vo== right now at 11: a south bay family. d o'. i hope that other people hear my story and don't go near there. i don't want this to happen to anybody else. >> right now at 11:00, a south bay family distraught after a river trip turned tragic. the important warning ahead of this hollywood day weekend. >> it's a popular labor day destination and it's proving dangerous. the russian river may be
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contaminated with toxic algae. it's already killed one beloved family pet. >> a dip turned horrific when the dog came out of water and began convulsing. there's a push to keep pets out of water and kids safe. we have the very latest. >> health officials had planned to encourage people and pets to stay out of water but dial the warning back to pets. that warning came today after a san jose couple watched their dog die after swimming in the russian river. the signs are up around russian river tonight warning about possibly toxic algae as big crowds are expected over the three-day holiday weekend. a warning too late for brook and alfredo's dog. they have gone to the river for years but he died after swimming saturday. the health inspector confirmed today it was due do algae exposure. >> started foaming at the mouth
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and we knew that something was seriously wrong. >> reporter: brook was too distraught to appear on camera but spoke to us about the traumatizing moments after he got out of water. >> her eyes rolled back into the back of her head. >> reporter: health officials are keeping the river open but admit the algae can be dangerous for pets. >> we're advising people to take precautions. this is a health warning. we're telling people do not go where there's algae. >> reporter: some visitors are taking precautions. >> it's gorgeous just spend time here. when something like that that's out there, a family needs to be concerned. >> reporter: brook's warning is much stronger. >> i hope that other people hear my story and just don't go near there. i don't want this to happen to anybody else. >> if you do go to russian river you should not swim or wade near algae. keep your children away from
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algae and keep your pets out of the water. a freak accident in san francisco when a kite boarder is wind swept away from the surf and into traffic. the kite surfer is fighting for his life. we find more on the extreme conditions that may have contributed to what happened today. it's so freaky. >> reporter: it is. it's bizarre. wind was factor. it's still windy now. it was really windy earlier today. kite boarders say when the wind is up, the danger level is up. >> today is extremely windy. like experts only kind of conditions. >> reporter: those high wind s
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proved too much when winds lifted him out of the surf zone sending him soaring over the parking lot and the dunes. he landed in the southbound lanes of the great highway and was hit by car. >> it's tragic. >> reporter: in these conditions a wrong move or bad decision can mean disaster. >> having two large of a kite when the winds are that strong. unless you know what you're doing and have the right equipment this kind of gusting probably near 50. it's pretty risky business. drivers involved cooperated with investigators. emergency workers rushed the man to san francisco general hospital with life threatening injuries. picking his kite boarding equipment up off the highway. >> if something goes wrong in this high wind it can turn out bad. >> reporter: he's aware of the danger. if he's in hope he hopes he can get to his emergency release. >> maybe you can't get to your safety eject on your harness.
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all the modern equipment has a safety eject so this isn't supposed to happen. >> reporter: in the last hour, san francisco police gave us an update on the kite boarders condition. they say he's still listed in critical condition. >> that is dangerous. jeff is tracking the conditions along the coastline. he's here with warning ining f people headed to the beach this holiday weekend. >> we still expect the conditions across our entire coastline. the kite surfer was injured. we had wind gusts at 42 miles an hour. definitely above average winds. let's take a look at the winds right now. we have them gusting as high as 34 miles an hour throughout the ocean just offshore. 16 sustained at san francisco. a lot loss for the interior valley. it will be about the immediate coastline for the rough conditions through this labor day weekend. let's take you to the warning
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issued by the national weather service and that's a small craft advisory where waves will be four to seven feet and gusts 20 to 40 miles per hour. we're tracking the higher labor day weekend forecast. we'll have details in about 15 minutes. new at 11:00, a warning in palo alto after a man exposed himself to two 10-year-old girls this afternoon. it happened around 3:00. the girls told police as they walked past a navy blue honda hatch back they glanced inside and saw man with to pants on. the manmade eye contact before the girls ran home. detectives say this is the third case of an adult disturbing children since school started last month. also new at 11:00, california could become first state in the nation to expand its yes means yes college training to high schools. they passed a bill that requires schools to teach sexual violence
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prevention. a child porn bust if san francisco involves little victims from several states and even overseas. some as young as just a year old. the san francisco police department and the fbi announced the arrest. the woman is accused of distributing child porn. she communicated online with underage boys coaxing them to send her photos. they found this man, patrick harvey from nevada who met with ellis to trade and view child porn. the investigation reaches all the way to europe. >> she used her powers of persuasion to convince the family of a uk couple to engage in sexual acts with their own children and record those acts and distribute it to her.
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fortunately, they raided the house in the uk. they were able to separate the children from the parents. >> police say many of the images confiscated had children engaging in sex acts with adults. a small crowd of protesters showed up outside of the jail for michael tyree. he was killed in jail a week ago. the sheriff has arrested three of her own sheriff deputies for murder. they face charges of conspiracy and assault. the district attorney's officer is reviewing the case. the undocumented immigrant accused of killing a woman at pier 14 will stand trial. the judge ruled there's enough evidence for juan lopez to be charged with second-degree murder. he confessed to shooting kate in july while she was walking with
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her father. he says it was an accident. the attorney says he found the gun on the pier, picked it up and it accidental went off. if convicted of second-degree murder he could face 43 years to life in prison. he could be convicted of a lesser charge of manslaughter. a whole lot of criticism tonight for the whole foods store in oakland after security guard allegedly beat a shopper unconscious. the shopper who saw the attack posted photographs on facebook. the spokeswoman said the customer did make physical contact with an employee before the security guard intervened. the guard has opinion fired but shoppers are outraged. >> i don't think there's anything a customer could do short of assaulting another customer in the store that would require that kind of response. >> i'm completely shocked. i've never heard of anything like this. >> the customer who was hit was taken to the hospital where he's in stable condition. oakland police are looking into what happened and the chain said it's launched its own
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investigation. dangerously close. flames from a grass fire came right up against some hours in east san jose today. fire broke out near the country club. the people living in that area just stood and watched as the flames quickly started moving toward their home. >> everything's feel like haze again. you're kind of helpless, it's pretty scary stuff. >> fortunately, firefighters were able to contain the fire. the cause of what started it is still under investigation. the bay area braces for potential traffic nightmares. the perfect storm that could create chaos on the roads this weekend. saying no to california. the stickers popping up in one state with a very clear message. plus, turning the lights on in the south bay. a moment 40 years in the making for one local high school.
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good evening. fog free conditions if san francisco. winds out of west at 15, and mainly clear and cool throughout san francisco. we're tracking the forecast and we'll have more details in a few minutes.
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my name is jamir dixon and i'm a locate and mark fieldman for pg&e. most people in the community recognize the blue trucks as pg&e. my truck is something new... it's an 811 truck. when you call 811, i come out to your house and i mark out our gas lines and our electric lines to make sure that you don't hit them when you're digging. 811 is a free service. i'm passionate about it because every time i go on the street i think about my own kids. they're the reason that i want to protect our community and our environment, and if me driving a that truck means that somebody gets to go home safer, then i'll drive it every day of the week. together, we're building a better california.
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second time in five weeks, the bay area will have to figure out how to get going to be traffic mess this labor day weekend. for the second time in five weeks the bay area will have to figure out how to get around. >> the two will be closed down for repairs again. the bay area rallied before and cal trans is counting on computers to do it again. the countdown to the shutdown is own. >> reporter: that's right. the countdown is on for bart
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riders. you better pay close attention. at one of the drop off sights in san francisco. if you plan to travel across the bay, pay very close attention. >> staying out of city. >> reporter: some people have that option. some don't. >> i have to drive to work, which is not fun. i have to pay for a toll. >> reporter: not only does she have to pay toll, she'll have to deal with the three day closure of bart's. the underground tunnel will be closed saturday, sunday and labor day while crews replace a warn out section of the track. a bus drigrid will be provided transport customers to san francisco. >> we're dropping you off at the temporary trans bay spermal. you can hope on a bus for free.
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>> muni will have its hands full this weekend. the metro line at 4th and king will be down to upgrades traffic signals. then there's the billy joel concert on friday. >> we'll get people from the concert. we're providing extra buses to help bart with transport over the bridge and we're having bun shuttles in place for the shutdown at night. >> there's a lot going on there weekend. if you want to get there, allow a lot of extra time and patience. >> it is a big deal. there's some people that work on the weeks. >> reporter: transit workers will be working overtime this weekend. they will be wearing bright color vests to get you to where you want to go. reporting live in san francisco, cheryl hurd, nbc bay area. >> thank you. we have extensive coverage of this week's closure. we posted tips.
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all you need to do is go to or go to our free nbc bay area app. if you are driving you can expect lots of company this weekend. more people will be hitting the roads thanks to low gas prices. national gas prices for the labor day weekend are the lowest they have been in 11 years. that's because oil prices have fallen 50 percent since last summer. the average is 2.42. the bay area higher at over 3 bucks. way down compared to labor day weekend last year. price in san jose and oakland and san francisco all down about 70 cent ps p the real state market in portland oregon is booming and californians are getting the blame. state out line is the center of a mean spirited sticker that's showing up. too many homes are selling for more than their listing prices. the california transplants are
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behind these bidding wars. 25 to 30% of portland moving comes from california. a fight over a chicken. a chicken who knows how to stop traffic. that chip inspired by the officers who rescued her. today chip was straugting her stuff where she rules the roost. >> she was on the national news as well as the local news. we vus have a on the of people calling saying they are interested in adopting her if no owners coming forward. >> several people have come forward claiming chick but they haven't been able to come up with any proof of ownership like a photo or vet bill or love letter from chip. she's no comfortable she laid an egg. the shelter said they won't let it hatch. chip found at home there at the shelter for now but what about this tiger cub. it was found wandering in the
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streets of san francisco in riverside county this week. the cub is at an exotic animal sanctuary. he's been declawed which means there may be damage to the bones and nerves. department of fish and wildlife are trying to figure out what he will do with him once recovered. we have some gusty winds. we'll see if they will last through the weekend. >> we think they will last up against the immediate coastline as we head throughout your labor day weekend. we'll have details on what that will mean for your forecast. otherwise right now we gradually begun to see those coming down. let's take you outside the sky camera network. 63 in san jose. a lot cooler than we have been used to at this time of the night across the bay area. certainly a chill even across the east bay at 61. north bay checking in at 62.
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let's take you to san francisco. we have fog free conditions now. fog free conditions at 11:18. that's setting us up for the hotter weather for tomorrow. speak of which, let's take you to the morning forecast as we head throughout saturday. we're not worried about major thick fog. it's going to be the chill in the air down to 49 degrees in the north bay. might need an extra blanket on the bed tonight. the largest problem in the forecast through the weekend will be the dangerous beach conditions. we had that small craft advisory issued by the national weather service. waves could be as high as seven feet. winds 20 to 40 miles an hour. something to think about if you're headed to the beaches. temperatures will be in the 70s. let's take you into the largest impact that we'll see this weekend. that has everything to do with the wind.
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that's a cooler wind for the bay area. through tomorrow watch this. the winds will be changing coming a little more out of east. just a slight change in that wind direction and that is going to be good enough to get us hotter temperatures. you combine in this changing wind with this area of high pressure that's going to be sitting across the bay area. that's why we have hotter temperatures for your labor day weekend. we'll go to mid-90s. once again the 70s at the coastline. let's take you to that forecast as we head throughout saturday and you can see in san jose it will keep us at 84 degrees. we'll go hotter with 86. still a nice day in morgan hill with 83. there's your beach weather right there. back to palo alto, 83. san francisco will be in the 70s. the mission, 73. the marina at 71. the tri-valley looking great. sunny skies, not too hot. i think tomorrow will be the best day out of that three-day
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weekend. that will put napa at 86 and pleasantton at 89. now let's get to the heat. it's going to get hotter again on monday. 91 for the south bay will be the hottest. san francisco upper 70s. tri-valley looking at 95 degrees. if all of this is too warm for you, we mentioned the beaches. my best beach weather, if you want to head out there, half-moon bay, 75 on monday. >> always so pretty out there. >> clam chowder by the water. >> i'm willing to bet that they're sold out. patriots quarterback tom brady breaks his silence about the deflate-gate scandal. superstar tom brady is breaking
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his silence tonight. he released a statement on his facebook page... one day after beating the n-f-l in court. ==take chyron== tom brady is breaking his silence tonight. he released a statement. patriots qb said while i'm pleased to be eligible to play, i'm sorry our league has to endure this. i don't think it's been good to our sport and to large degree we have all lost. a judge ruled the nfl went too far for suspending brady. heist allowed to play while the league says it will appeal that decision. this time of year all across the country towns are filled with
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friday night lights. tonight was a special kick off to the season. for the first time in 40 years a night game was played. the school stadium finally has lights and the community could not be more excited. >> great efforts by our community, our band program, athletics, teachers, administration. it's a cull my nation of a l-- >> the unites try to break the losing streak plus the 49ers and raiders part ways with very notable players. sports is next.
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6-straight games and they are trying to catch the dodgers in the n-l west. they are in the the yientss are on a tough stretch right now. chris on the mound for his fourth start for the season against colorado.
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carlos gonzalez hits his nl 36th home run of the season. he's number two in the national league. that his 35th home run of the season. rockies up 2-0. the unites lose. dodgers win tonight. san francisco trail them by 7.5. the bats were popping in oakland tonight for the a's and mariners. marcus trips him right center. the a's down two at this point. top of the night, kyle seger hits the two run shot. 28 mitts total in this game. the a's lose. the 49ers and raiders have some decisions to make on who will be the players on their 52-man roster. some decisions were made today and they were surprising. after the team maid 2.5 million
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dollars to have the veteran defense on the roster. >> the 49ers have a lot of young defensive line men. a guy like eric arm stead might be on the sideline and not playing. maybe he has a nickel pass rush role. i don't think they felt like he was totally invested. the 49ers decided let's move on. let's get shall be young throughout who they can develop and who will be with the team for a while. >> tmore took to twitter to announce the news saying you'll are family. moore started 22 games in two years with the silver and black. according to multiple reports
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the raiders will release ponder when they formally announce their roster. he will walk away with $1.5 million. that was guaranteed for a few months work. the teams have until 1:00 on saturday to decide their final 53-man roster. not a lot of sleep for them.
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three day weekend for many folks. it's going to be beautiful. >> it is. temperatures warming up. 84 in the south bay. by monday 91. we'll see the tri-valley top out at 90 degrees. >> have a great weekend. bye. ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- steve harvey, alison brie, musical guest


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