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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  October 2, 2015 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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tragedy in oregon, strikes an all-too-familiar chord in the u.s. what's next in the fight to tragedy in oregon strikes an all too familiar chord in the u.s. what is next in the fight to prevent future school shootings? stalled in the bahamas, but not short on rain power. why hurricane joaqquin can wreak havoc even if it does not make landfall. after much back and forth, a plan to bring the old span down. "today in the bay" starts right now. and a good friday morning, thank you for joining us. i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. here's meteorologist kari hall. >> we start out with a few clouds as you head out the door
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but mostly clear skies. as we head into the day, much warmer than yesterday. we're at 51 degrees in the north bay and 59 degrees in the peninsula and look at these highs today in the 70s and 80s. even some upper 80s as you head through the tri-valley. i'll talk more about that and give you a look at the weekend forecast coming up in just a few minutes. let's see how traffic is moving now with mike. good morning. >> good morning. we had your outer lanes up until a couple seconds ago backed up. the lanes still off to the left taking a little while. they just opened the last of the cash lanes. at the bay bridge toll plaza. your overall view. you see no real slowing, that is to be expected. north 680 your slow lanes are blocked. a big rig disabled there for over an hour blocking your slow lane and can't clear it out of the roadway. waiting for a crew to arrive. overnight developments now. tragedy strikes a community college in oregon as a familiar-looking scene unfolds. a gunman opens fire killing nine people and wounding a handful of
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others. this morning, we're learning more about the tense moments before those shots were fired. >> "today in the bay" gives us the latest from oregon. >> they have had the campus closed here since the shooting. this has been an active crime scene here in roseburg, oregon. hundreds of people showed up for a candlelight vigil. the college president told the crowd together that they will get through this tragedy. ten hours before, horror on the community college campus. police say the gunman, identified as 26-year-old christopher harper mercer entered one of the classes here at umpqua community college and oep oened fire. it has been reported that he had three pistols and a long rifle during the assault. mercer was killed in a gun battle with arriving police officers. yesterday most everyone was in shock here in roseburg but many
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feel that today is a day when the pain will really sink in and they vow to band together as a community. >> we're going to be together. we're going to hold each other's hands and cry on each other's shoulders and we'll get through. >> it's really hard. i actually picked him up early from school, so, it's really really hard. >> reporter: the hospitals are reportedly running low on blood. today the community college will come together in the parking lot of mercy hospital here to donate. police have not revealed a motive for the shooting. i'm damian trujillo. >> we talked about this after columbine and newtown. make another plea for gun control. >> sadly, that's also a familiar scene that's playing out. "today in the bay" kris sanchez joining us from the newsroom with more, kris, on how
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washington is reacting to an all too familiar tragedy. >> president obama did little to mask his anger and frustration at the fact that, once again, someone was able to get enough weapons to carry out a murderous rampage. here's a photo of the president watching the shooting unfold at umpqua community college. in his address to the nation, ours is the only advance country in the world that sees these shootings every few months and they are routine and we are numb. the president wants what he calls common sense gun control laws that allow law-abiding gun owners to have weapons for protection or for sport while making it harder for criminals to gather guns and hurt other people. he knows people will accuse him of politicizing the issue which he says should be politicized. >> this is a political choice that we make. to allow this to happen every few months in america.
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we collectively are answerable to those families who lose their loved ones. because of our inaction. >> how one of the most poignant and passionate moments in that speech came when president obama talked about the last time that he talked about common sense gun control laws and the very same day a gunman opened fire in a movie theater in lafayette, louisiana. we'll have more on the republican counter, their response and also we'll get you some of the numbers that the president mentioned in that speech in the next half hour, as well. sam and laura? >> countless examples. thank you very much, kris. >> new developments unfold this morning. a news conference is scheduled for later in the morning. we're going to bring it to you live when it starts right here on "today in the bay." other news in the bay area, caltrans has the green light to blow up part of the bay bridge. the agency will impode a concrete pier under the water
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next month. this animation kind of shows how it will be done. environmentalists are concerned that concrete dust will contaminate sea life. a shock-absorbing curtain around the side. >> that's the time in which the least amount of mammals and water or life will be in the bay. >> we're concerned about possibly contamination of the sediments and the things that fish and other animals eat. you know, smothering those, perhaps making a toxic hot spot in the vicinity of the explosion. >> caltrans reports if it was exposed manually it would expose wildlife to months of work. the bay bridge will remain open for the implosion. blasting the east coast right now is potentially fallout from hurricane jo oaquin. almost guilty out here.
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we're not worried about any crazy weather. we have nice temperatures here. >> we do. it will be much warmer today as we start out today at 57 degrees in san jose and 58 degrees in san francisco and santa rosa now at 63 degrees. take a look at these temperatures. much warmer than yesterday. in the 70s and 80s all across the bay. let's check in now with mike. >> all right, kari, turn our camera over here towards the dublin grade and the dublin interchange. you see traffic moving very well. a good amount of cars and also see the green typical. 580 interchange for that disabled big rig still blocking your slow lane and just having trouble moving it. can't move under its own power apparently. towards san leand row and the overnight road crew should be clearing about now. back to you. >> all right, mike, thank you very much. coming up next, hurricane joaquin delivering loads of moisture to the east coast. one way or another preparation
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under way as forecasters trying to track the path of an unpredictable storm. a developing story:
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==sam/topvo== preparing for the worst: hurricane joaquin is swirling off the east coast right now.. ==sam/2shot== and it's exact path is still a developing story preparing for the worse-case scenario. hurricane joaquin is swirling off the east coast. residents gearing up for the vicious storm just in case. >> trying to do what they can. bob redell joins us with how communities are attempting to prepare. >> the center of hurricane
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joaquin will most likely not hit the eastern seaboard of the united states. that being said, it is still expected to bring rain to states from south carolina all the way up north to new england. now, if you take a look at this video here, this is cell phone video. as you can see from the bahamas. joaquin is still a dangerous category 4 and right now parked over the bahamas with maximum sustained winds of 130 miles an hour. it is expected to turn north and run parallel to the u.s. with a close pass forecast for the southeastern new england coast line. joaquin forced the evacuation of people living in the outer banks of north carolina, which could still see 12 to 24 inches of rain. >> really just kind of -- >> seen the sign. said leave. we debated on leaving in the morning and then last minute we decided we're leaving tonight. >> where to next? >> we're not sure. >> what are you worried about at this point? >> just getting everything to high ground. >> in new jersey, beach
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communities are creating sand barriers to protect against possible coastal flooding. one town is actually pumped the water out of its biggest lake to give the people another place to go. governor chris christie has declared a state of oemergency as super storm sandy. that's the system that caused lots of damage to that region a few years ago. sam, laura? >> really sounds like they're trying to prepare there. >> we'll be back with more news right after this.
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just like we marry weather and traffic, we marry the weekend. >> i thought we had an announcement. >> nope, not married yet. still enjoying bachelorhood. >> a great weekend to be single or married, whatever you got going on. let's check out what's happening out there right now as you step out the door. as we take a live look now at san francisco. we are getting the day started and, yes, it's friday. it's going to be much warmer than we had yesterday. even with all the sunshine and the clouds breaking out, it's in the lower 50s now in the north bay. livermore is 59 degrees and also sunnyvale is at 59 degrees and not much of a wind to start out the day. more of a northerly wind. we start out with mainly calm winds. as i take you through the day looking at the wind forecast, a northerly wind. we don't get much opan onshore flow and you know the temperatures start to heat up and won't be a breeze until later on this afternoon. coming in from the northwest at
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about 15 to up to 20 miles an hour near the coast. so, keep that enmind if you're going there to cool off. it is going to be breezy and also warming out there, too. let's go hour by hour in livermore. 50 degrees at 5:00 in the morning and as we go through the rest of the morning warming up to the low 70s and lunchtime 82 degrees and in the mid-80s for a few hours during dinnertime and a look at all the microclimates today. gilroy up to 85 degrees and burlinggame 77 and mission district at 78 degrees and oakland 78 and in dublin expect a high of 75 degrees. as we look ahead to the weekend. we will have a chance of rain late saturday night into early sunday morning. unfortunately t doesn't look like a very high chance of rain, just some spotty showers as we head through that forecast. i'll keep you up to date on that coming up, let's check in now with mike to see what's happening on the roads. >> we turn our camera in oakland
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coliseum and slowing at south of 98. show you that at a live camera. gathering red lights over here on the sensors just south of the coliseum. construction at davis and overnight road crews at mu republicana and likely on the move and that's what's causing the slowing for the last ten minutes. no other incidents on chp and no crashes through the area. still following the stalled big rig north of 680. amazon is going to stop allowing its third party sellers to offer google and apple video streaming devices. >> for more on that let's turn to landon dowdy. good friday morning to you, landon. >> sam and laura, good friday morning to you. it's not just any friday, but jobs friday. wall street is looking ahead to the big economic report. the september jobs report and it is expected to show another solid month of hiring with company's forecast 200,000 jobs
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and that could give the fed room to raise interest rates either this month or in december. unemployment is seen holding at 5.1%. futures are higher this morning after stocks managed to cut sharp losses on thursday which were sparked by a disappointing report on manufacturing. the dow closing down 12 points. the nasdaq edging up 7 to 4627. amazon is telling third party sellers they will no longer be able to offer apple or google video streaming devices. amazon says video is an important part of its prime membership program which costs $99 a year. apple tv and google chromecast will be banned, but you can still buy other streaming devices that are compatible with prime video. and starbucks will switch to using only 100% cage-free eggs in the next five years. the move follows similar pledges by mcdonald's and burger king. north america are slowly
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starting to rebuild their flocks following the worst bird flu outbreak in u.s. history. sam and laura, back over to you. >> thank you very much, landon. apple is reportedly taking up more real estate in the south bay. literally space and the plans have many people wondering what about all that traffic that will come with it. their next reported office space right off the central expressway and wolf road in sunnyvale. pictures of the proposed 800,000 square foot campus are already circulating online. as for traffic concerns, apple has transportation systems in place for its other campuses. no word from the city on how they plan to deal with the extra 3,000 commuters in that area. off the record breaking launch weekend for the 6s. apple is getting attention for its new pricing plan. the company now allows you to pay a monthly fee for the phone. most major carriers have ditched the traditional model of two-year contracts and subsidized phones allowing
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customers to upgrade faster. >> a little more like a lease where you're getting the new each time and not worrying so much long term about what happens. >> not just iphones other smartphonemakers have other programs. customers still have the choice to pay full price for that phone, if they like, up front. >> imagine not worrying about it buying all the devices that your heart desires. many people spending time day dreaming about what to do if you won the lottery and simply walked off the job into the sunset. >> the latest powerball winner has apparently won that dream. the $110 million jackpot lives in michigan. she actually realized she won in the middle of her overnight shift at the waste water treatment shift where she left. she promptly clocked out for good. >> seeing everybody crowding around her and went up to ask
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what happened. and they told us that she won and she clocked out and left. >> well, she did. she just walked out. all the great story, but keep in mind the winner has now not yet officially come forward. she hasn't claimed the money yet. >> what? i think she has a year. maybe once the tears wipe away. >> maybe she's gathering some financial advice. coming up next, the search for a missing family taking now a tragic turn. a family member suspected of doing the unthinkable. the latest coming up.
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4:53 on a friday morning. they are really bracing for hurricane joaquin on the east coast. kari joins us with a look at that. >> good thing they're not going to see a direct hit from this hurricane. look at how large it is as it covers the bahamas, cuba and you can see haiti and dominican
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republic and this is such a large system. it is good that they will not have a direct hit. but hopefully it moves away from those islands very soon. now, a category 4 hurricane and the track does take it farther off to the east coast, farther away from the east coast. but we will have already a system there that will draw in the tropical moisture. they are looking at crazy amounts of rain in some spots. as you go up towards new york. maybe an inch and a half. philadelphia two inches and washington. but as you head down towards south carolina, they could have seven inches of rain with some isolated higher amounts. so, something we'll all be watching and mike is now watching the roads. >> thatter right, kari. watching the road crew, specifically. this is our shot southbound 880 heading from the coliseum down towards hayward. traffic at a full stop. almost coming to a full stop. the crew here in san leandro has to clear, but look at your map. backed up from marina and davis street all the way back to the coliseum. that's a huge backup and we just
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saw the lights basically stop. i'll check, but that traffic break should clear soon and start to move. but it's been slow for a half an hour as they did move the crews around. a quick look at the bay bridge shows you a very light traffic. if you're north of oakland, you're okay getting into san francisco. back to you. from bizarre now to sinister. the search for a missing family took a turn for the worst. the father's teenage son now stands accused of their murders. arrested 16-year-old nolan buchanan for the deaths of his father adam, his father's fiancee and their 8-year-old son, gavin. the three vanished last month after a weekend trip to the family's cabin and now investigators believe the 16-year-old shot and killed all three and then burned their bodies. investigators say they found evidence that the family's benicia home and nearby business linking the teenager to their deaths. >> we located a firearm, ammunition, as well as mr. buchanan's identification and ms. mcfy's identification.
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>> nolan buchanan is going to be tried as an adult. 4:55. the follow up on a bizarre kidnapping case in vallejo once thought to be a hoax. a federal grand jury indicted the prime suspect in that case. matthew mueller of south lake tahoe is facing kidnapping charges. investigators say he broke into the home of erin quinn and huskins. he held her for ransom but released her in southern california. vallejo police thought the case was a hoax. he is scheduled to be arraigned on monday. fbi agents are planning to pay a little visit to the embattled santa clara county jail. they are going to be looking into ongoing criminal investigations at that jail and inmate complaints. three deputies facing murder charges in connection with the death of an inmate in august. sources tell us five other deputies are on leave and three of them linked to an investigation into inappropriate text messages. the sheriff says she's also
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bringing in an outside agency to review all jail policies. >> we are reviewing policies. we asked the national institute of corrections to come in and to do a top to bottom review of our policies, procedures and our practices. >> the feds will also be looking into the death of a second inmate. 33-year-old walter roches was found dead in his jail cell on monday. an exact cause of death is still unknown. 4:57. coming up, chilling, cold and senseless. now, calling for a change in policy. how this latest school shooting might lead to meaningful protections down the road. and caught up in the bahamas, but still packing a punch. why hurricane joaquin might not make landfall but still poses a threat. got a tip for nbc bay area investigative unit. call 1-888-996-tips or e-mail t
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we investigate. a long, sleepless night for an
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oregon community ♪ it was a long, sleepless night for an oregon community mourning the loss of nine people killed in yet another senseless shooting. what we're learning about the moments before the gunfire. the east coast braces for a double dose of vicious storms as hurricane joquin barrels towards
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communities. ready, set, boom. that is officially the fate of the old span of the bay bridge, but not everybody is looking forward to that implosion. "today in the bay" starts right now. and a good friday morning. thank you for joining us, i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. let's get a look at that forecast with meteorologist kari hall. >> it is friday and it will be much warmer this afternoon. the warmest day of the week expected today as those temperatures go way up from yesterday. it is cool to start as we walk out the door, 58 degrees in the peninsula and san francisco at 57 degrees. here's a look at those highs today. around 84 degrees in the south bay. east bay 83 degrees and a tri-valley up to 88 degrees. san francisco expect a high of 71. i'll give you a look at that weekend forecast and a chance of rain. that's coming up in a few minutes. right now mike is tracking a few problems around oakland. >> kari, big heads up for folks on the nimts. southbound and at the


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