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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  October 3, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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are talking about is picking up. take a look here at the flags blowing in san francisco that really tells the story there. on the right you can see the water up against the san mateo bridge and our cameras there. parts of the bay area under a red flag warning. that means there is a chance for new wildfires. in fact, we're learning of a new four-acre brush fire near edwood roads. rob joins us with more on the fire danger. when you get winds like this, rob, any spark dangerous. >> especially in the hills we'll see dry, gusty north winds picking up. super charged sea breeze in san fran francisco and oakland 21 mile per hour winds and san jose gusts to 25 and towards the east bay dublin, guests up to 28 miles per hour and wind gust up to 34 in mount diablo.
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with the four-year drought, the likelihood of tree damage increases and may see power outages due to that and gail warning in effect where it could see sand pushed across the roadways. it's the wind direction into moran county and the east bay which will be offshore. that's the very dry winds that pick up at times and that will be our red flag warning through tomorrow morning and very interesting, the system responsible for this is bringing up a wind advisory for parts of the cierra and winter storm watch as the system continues to drop down closer to the bay area, we could see a chance of showers clipping by parts of the east bay tonight into the south baby tomorrow morning. we'll detail how much this will impact the forecast. >> the gunman at the deadly shooting in oregon. the douglas county sheriff's department says chris harper mercer shot himself when
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confronted by officers on thursday. we're learning more about his arsenal. authorities found an additional handgun in the apartment he shared with his mother bringing the guns to 14. nine others died, family members of the victims are trying to cope with the losses. some issued statements to authorities. >> don't know how we'll move forward. >> nine lives were cut short. victims families, n brks krrbc reports from oregon how residents are holding up today. >> reporter: it's been a damp and dreary day in rose buburg we seen hugs and people helping each other cope and deal in the state of oregon. last night a vigil at the local walmart store. this is where two victims were. one of the victims was killed in a shooting, another who was
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fighting for his life. police continue working the case and collecting evidence. they are interviewing family members and neighbors of the suspect hoping to get a better idea as to why this happens. detectives say the shooter chris harper mercer wrote a long hateful document found at the scene and mergers attended a southern california school for emotionally troubled children and moved to oregon four years ago. neighbors say it was obvious he was troubled. >> i thought he was kind of an odd guy, grown little kid and would have tantrums. >> i live with my fiancee and 1.5-year-old son and knowing this guy was 20 feet away from them when i was at work 12 hours a day, takes a little time to process. >> reporter: family members are planning for funerals. the shooter was killed during a gun battle with police. it will take them a long time
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for this community to heal. we're in roseburg, oregon, i'm damian trujillo. amid the tragedy, we're beginning hear stories for those who were there at umpqua communitysurvivor's family shot the back during the massacre. her family says she is now fighting through. >> healing is going to be slow, but i know my daughter is very strong and she's going to get through this. >> so far fitzgerald lost a kidney. she remains in intensive care, she's one of the many survivors still fighting for their lives tonight. her mother told us she was unspeakable grateful to have her daughter alive. we'll continue to have complete coverage of the school shooting in oregon. go to our website for the latest information, tonight, we are learning of a similar school-based shooting plot at a school in california's
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gold country. the sheriff's office announced the arrest of four students at summerville high school earlier this week. the sheriff says deputies found detailed evidence at the school about the plot including names of potential victims, locations and how they will carry out the students. how concerned students tipped deputies off after noticing suspicious behavior. >> their willingness to get involved and report prevented could have been a needless tragedy. >> nobody heard, again, the plot was in the early stages and names will not be released. >> police are on the hunt accused of a man for killing his own mother. they discovered the woman's body tuesday here at an apartment and boulevard and avenue and marianne favro joins us.
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>> reporter: not only was the suspect's own son, they lived together here on monroe avenue. police believe this man kill' his mother, how he murdered her they will not release details but say it was violent. police say so far he doesn't have a motive. >> after the investigation, we have a warrant for his arrest and the public helped. >> reporter: police were called to do a welfare check tuesday morning when they found the body of the mother in her 60s. omar frequented oakland and san francisco and believed to be armed and dangerous. if you do spot him,
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investigators ask you call 911 immediately. this is fremont's second homicide of the year. reporting live in fremont, ma marianne favro. new video, great question in the wine country but this wasn't planned. spilled grapes covered highway 29 after a big rig doubled over in napa. lanes were shut down for about an hour as crews tried to pick up the mess. they tried to use a scraper truck and sweeper to get the grapes out and right now we don't know exactly why that truck overturned but the roads have since been reopened. happening now, thousands of people in golden gate park, tens of thousands swaying and jamming to the music. time of year for the hardly strictly bluegrass festival going on all weekend in san francisco. it is absolutely free. there are seven stages, more than 100 musical acts. you got joe jackson, emmy lou
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harris runs until 7:00 tonight and kicks off again tomorrow starting at 11:00. did i he thinks it was free. it was hardly strictly bluegrass. hurricane joaquin will not make landfall on the east coast. this is dumping a foot of rain on some other communities. we're going to show you why meteorologist say it's only going to get worse. a man wanted for killing a 4-year-old found after a year on the run. how social media played a role in finding him.
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finally found, the fbi now has a fugitive wanted for killing a 4-year-old during a gang fight in watsonville last year. agents say robles and rival gang members fired shots. a stray bullet hit and killed jaelyn zavala. witnesses who saw the posting on facebook gave authorities a tip robless was in mexico. they found him and returned him to the u.s. last night and agents captured samantha teran facing charges for aiding him. he is charged with two counts of murder. thousands of people in the
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bay area joined a global march to save endangered elephants and rhinos. the march is calling for governments to stop poaching elephants and rhinos for ivory in the horns. it's specifically focussing on ending the practice in one country. >> china is the largest trader of illegal ivory and stated a number of times they will shut the ivory trade down and our message here today is to call on beijing and ask them when, when will they shut the ivory trade down. >> more than 130 countries participated in today's rally. conservationists say if we don't stop poaching for ivory and rhino horns, they are in danger of extinction within a generation. relief for many along the east coast tonight. hurricane joaquin may not hit head on but has the potential to be a record breaker bringing a lot of bad weather to seven states. record rainfall causing
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devastating flooding as we look at the lower east coast. president obama has already declared a state of emergency in south carolina where you can see virtual rivers where streets used to be. dave wagner has a closer look at the danger this storm is bringing. >> reporter: surf's up along america's east coast as strong winds and heavy rain pound the shoreline. in south carolina, homes and cars are already submerged as the carolinas brace for more rain. >> please don't under estimate the power of water 12 inches alone can float away a small suv. >> reporter: meteorologists say this is a once in 200 years rain event with a tropical hose of heavy rain pointed at south carolina and western north carolina. >> our goal is constantly to be over prepared and under whelmed. >> reporter: some parts of the carolinas are overwhelmed with a foot of rain and power outages. >> we've got outages across both
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states. this will effect everybody in the carolinas. >> reporter: his granddaughter was outside when wind toppled trees. >> i heard it fall, and i thought it hit her. this can be replaced but she can't. >> reporter: in new jersey surfing and suffering. for clemson, rain and wind would not come between them and saturday tailgating after a brutally dry summer with more rain and more problems still to come. dave wagner, nbc news. meteorologist rob is standing by with the forecast. we're not looking at anything like that. >> we would like to see some of that. >> what they are seeing across the carolinas, winds of 145 miles per hour very far away from the south carolina
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coastline but moisture feeding a way. you can see the storm offshore but that moisture continues to sweep up towards the northwest. good news the storm, the path will move away from the eastern seaboard, very likely close to bermuda during the day tomorrow but the threat should decrease for parts of the east coast. more heavy rain and still flooding a possibility with high surf coming in from the storm which ja keel we think will accelerate away from the east coast. closer to home, no rain to talk about yet. temperatures in the 60s and wind speeds out of the south at 17 miles per hour and gusts to 35 in san francisco right now and oakland winds less than 21 and san jose and dublin winds 20 to 25 miles per hour. it's the hill tops that will see the strongest wind if we can head to the earthquakes game this evening temperatures close to 60, blustery and gusty tonight. areas of low clouds on the
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coast, these are clouds we're watching on the north side of the sierra. some included thunderstorm activity and scattered showers which may try to sweep by tonight off towards the east. this is the wind machine, that area of low pressure, compact lows sliding across california and from midnight tonight into tomorrow morning out towards the east bay and south bay, we're seeing a few scattered showers and skies clear toward sunrise tomorrow and wind speed should ease off as the low moves into southern nevada during the day tomorrow so gusty at times tonight. red flag warning up, too, and a slight chance of isolated showers overnight tonight and then we get the clearing skies heading towards tomorrow morning and temperatures tomorrow a little breezy at times and yes, we'll have to watch out for very dry conditions across the hill top and north bay and east bay, red flag warning through 10:00 tomorrow morning and if you travel towards yosemite, very
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interesting night tonight, temperatures in the 70s and 80s and 49ers game, breezy. temperatures in the 80s in tri-valley and temperatures tomorrow in the low 80s. as we get back to the workweek, things turning calm in terms of the wind and a steady warmup as we move through the week. we can see the middle part of the week, high temperatures return and a cool start to the week with cool mornings and a warmup will take us into next weekend in case you make plans, a littleless windy but warmer may see some 90s towards the end of next week but again, the offshore dry winds we're watching closely tonight and slight chance of scattered showers. updated forecast tonight at 11:00. >> fingers crossed. let's hope we get some. i know this question has been asked before but time to ask it again. will the oakland a's become the san jose a's? >> coming up next, a decision next week that could decide the team's fate. bucket challenges. that was the
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theme of today's well, remember all of those ice bucket challenges? a lot of people raising money for als was the theme raising money for today's als walk in san jose. the first walk of the year for the south bay als chapter brought hundreds of people to raise cash and awareness about the disease. walkers say their way on the guadalupe river trail and downtown san jose. it is fatal neuro deagaintive disease that attacks nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord. it is a vicious disease. organizers say they remain hopeful for a cure. >> we are in the cusp of finding
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treatment alternatives and potentially a cure. our motto is we never give up and the time is now. >> the west chapter serves 1300 people with als. a major decision on the oakland a's possible move to the south bay could come in the next few days. the supreme court could announce as early as monday whether it will take the anti trust case against major league baseball. the big leagues can block the a's from moving to san jose. san jose said the league undermined the desire to move to a downtown ballpark near the train station but mlb says the south bay is giant easter tory. oakland city leaders look for ways to keep the team in the east bay. >> a lot of people watching that closely and think about tomorrow, as well. packers coming to town, cheese heads. >> no cheese heads. >> no. >> don't call him that, it
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upsets him. >> sorry, henry. my head is big enough to be a cheese head. i don't need extra foam. >> i thought you were going to say cheese head makes you hungry. [ laughter ] >> that, too, that always goes. i thought you just would assume that, any food makes me hungry. anyway, we got a lot to talk about peggy and terry. when we come back, we'll look at the cal bears trying to do something today that hasn't been done in nearly a decade. are you cal bears for real or do they just have you believing they are good? i'll tell you what, take a look at these highlights and you'll be the judge. we'll be right back.
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welcome back to nbc bay area. have you heard the news? the cal bears are no longer hibernating. their football team is full of energy and cal trying to improve to 5-0 since the first time since 2007 but first had to get by the washington state cougars. let's get some action. cal 24th in the country. jarrett had a big day today.
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this guy is special. final minute of the half, bears down 14. to kenny lawler. cal missed an extra point and trailed by eight at the half. cougars set the punt. it's a fake but the punter fumbles. mcclure with the scoop and take this baby to the house. yes, that's his normal speed. we did not speed things up, promise. cal cuts the lead to one. bears down eight. goff to lawler again. bears down two. and then after cal recovered an on side kick, to maurice harris. give him six points for it. cal takes the lead, six career four touchdown game for goff. fourth quarter, cougars drive but luke going deep. picked off by drew. cal's d had four take aways, bears win 34-28.
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they are undefeated still. all right. giants and rockies, tim hudson honored pregame and hangs them up with 222 career victories. in the first tomlinson hits one into triples ally, rockies can't come up with it. roberto kelly says young man go. i said go. he's faster than terry. doesn't have peggy's speed but still there and safe at home. tomlinson with only the ninth inside the park homer at at&t park. respect, respect. giants win 3-2 is the final. don't forget about some sunday night football always good. this sunday is no different. cowboys and saints get going at 5:20 right here. part of the coverage includes bob costa sit down interview with sean payton. here is a sneak peak what to
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expect. >> for a long time you guys were close to invincible at home. now dating back to last year, you've lost seems almost inconceivable, six consecutive home games. >> the easy way to look at it if you're being honest, we weren't a good football team. we got to take advantage of the environment we got a chance to play in because of the crowd and those things that can help the home team. if we do some of the things we've done in the past, then the result will be very similar. >> all right. we are ready for some sunday night football for sure. by the way, the raiders with a chance to improve to 3-1 and niners will try to get a second win of the season. peggy, terry, don't forget, college football, peggy, you were a colorado buffalo. >> that's right. >> they are taking on oregon. you may not want to watch the game tonight. >> i know. [ laughter ] >> he's looking out for you. that's nice, henry. >> thank you, henry. >> gary, be prepared to anchor alone tonight.
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>> i will. >> henry, thanks so much. quick break here, everyone, we'll be right back.
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celebrate oakland, and drink some beer. ==terry/vo== it's "oak-toberfest" in oakland's dimond district this weekend. celebrate oakland, drink some beer, sounds good, right? >> let's go. it's october fest this weekend dating back to the 1900s. 1900s in oakland, a lot of beer gardens and german vacation
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resorts. in the east bay. >> how about that? >> that's going back. this year's event has brats and dozens of craft brewers. >> my favorite will have to be al immedia in alameda. >> october fest is a one-day -- >> plus, we were there which is why we can't speak. just kidding. we weren't. >> if you missed it, you have to wait until next year. a lot of octoberfest events. >> what do you like? >> thanks for choosing n brks krrc bay area news. see you at 11:00. san francisco's the first city in the state to make seismic safety rules for private schools. patrick otellini: at first, people realized that they're a little shocked that this isn't already required. announcer: the steps schools are taking to keep kids safe. david finn: an engineer had identified one of the sites as being at immediate risk.
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antwan wilson: that's the most important piece, that those young men, that they graduate. announcer: the biggest change to school funding in decades is rolling out across the bay area. angelica jongco: california is leading the country in terms of having a formula that provides more support for the students with the greatest need. announcer: more money and more decisions for local school districts. but are they ready? ryan smith: our biggest concern is that more people don't know about it. announcer: plus. male: education has become all about filling in a bubble rather than unlocking human potential. announcer: a new documentary profiles schools shaking up the status quo. male: we went on this quest to rethink school, to try to see it differently than we've ever seen it before. announcer: now, here's nbc bay area's jessica aguirre. jessica aguirre: hello, and welcome to this news special in "class action." we cover the hot topics in education, and tonight is no different. we begin with an effort to make school kids safer when the big one hits. as we've showed you on "class action,


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