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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  October 5, 2015 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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broken bones but still alive--- a san francisco police officer broken bones, but still alive. the san francisco police officer healing this morning after busting up a car burglary. and back on campus. at least temporarily. oregon students collecting their things and confronting the signs of the latest shooting to rock the country. plus, smoldering well into the night, a fire that burns a san jose shopping center kicks back up as more than 40 businesses wait to reopen. "today in the bay" starts right now. and a very good monday morning to you, thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. i don't want to say it's chilly to start out our day but windy.
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meteorologist kari hall. am i crazy, kari? >> no. you're not crazy. we start out every morning with cool temperatures. so, grab a jacket as we head out the door and right now not feeling the temperatures at 52 in the north bay and peninsula at 60 degrees. as we head into the afternoon, highs in the 70s today. sunny, pleasant with a light wind. i'll detail that and what to expect coming up through the week in a few minutes. let's check in with mike with traffic. >> checking on a couple things. live camera here at the maze westbound 80 at the berkeley curve. reports of a crash. saw some flashing lights a couple minutes ago and they kept clearing through the area. we'll track that. oakland south of the coliseum and southbound 880 we're jamming up similar to last week and construction in san lea in, dro.
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down towards marina and give you a closer look as i check more with chp. back to you. breaking overnight. a car burglary investigation took a dangerous turn for a police officer. a suspect pinned the officer between two cars in an attempt to get away. >> bob redell live outside police headquarters with the latest. how is the officer doing, bob? >> laura and sam, considering he could have been killed how dangerous that was being pinned up against another car. this officer is doing okay. san francisco police tell us that he is in stable condition with possible broken, possible broken ribs and injuries to his legs. now, the person who did this, the suspect, the driver accused of pinning the officer with the car has been arrested. you can see him there. he is handcuffed to a gurney being taken to the hospital for unknown injuries. this happened around midnight here in sf. police were responding to an auto burglary at the time. the first officer got out of his car to investigate and that's when the suspect had broken into
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the vehicle, stepped on the gas and tried to run over the officer. he struck him. pinned him up against the officer's squad car. the suspect then tried to escape, but slammed into another responding police car. police took him into custody. they also detained two other men who were possibly involved in this crime. reporting live here outside of san francisco police headquarters, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> thank you very much, bob. a follow up to a foiled school shooting plot in northern california. this is summerville high school. counselors on campus this morning as students head back to class. sheriff deputies arrested four summerville high school boys on friday. investigators say the teens were planning to open fire on campus and they had names of potential victims and detailed plans. the shocking revelation has many students wondering if it's safe to go back to school. while tragedy was averted, it is still too close for comfort. >> i was absolutely shocked. i would think that would happen
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in this kind of school or this kind of town. >> i don't even know what i would do. something that every parent worries about. >> the names of the boys arrested will not be released because they're minors. in the meantime students and faculties at umqua will be allowed on campus for the first time since last week's mass shooting. this morning people who left things behind as they fled will be able to pick them up. there will also be counselors and financial aidadsvisors on hand. it will be a hard day for everyone. >> this is not a club we wanted to join. we did not want to be part of the sandy hook club and now we are the newest members and the senior members are all taking care of us and i'd like to thank them. >> the community continues to come together through church services, fund-raise fund-raisers. dozens gathered in san mateo in
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support of the family and friend of the nine people killed. the event organized by the local chapter of brady campaign. chapter leaders say this is the 45th school shooting across the nation this year. >> thank you very mup, lch, lau investigators trying to trace down the cause of a fire that burned down a san jose shopping center. the video shows the fire starting to smoke up, again, around 10:30 last night. a live look we just showed you at the aftermath left behind this morning. the fire originally ignited at 3:30 sunday morning and all of this located at the cho center market just north of east capital expressway. it took crews some eight hours to control those flames. then last night the fire flared up, once again. it is now under control and most of the approximately 40 businesses in the center are expected to reopen later today. >> all right, could be some smoke smelling in that area.
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let's check the forecast right now with meteorologist kari hall. happy monday to you. >> happy monday. we are feeling mild temperatures this morning. right around the upper 50s to lower 60s. little cool to start and a lot of sunshine. once again, expect 81 degrees and palo alto 77 degrees and 80 as you head over towards santa rosa and antioch and san ramon today up to 78 degrees. let's see how the roads are moving now with mike. >> kari, they're moving well. the one big slow down we have is 880. southbound from the 98 avenue overcrossing the bottom of your screen. you see the flashing lights and the arrows moving over to the right and blocking two lanes down towards marina boulevard. let me show you how far the slow down starts already. this happened thursday last week, as well. the road crews scheduled to clear just before 5:00 or at 5:00 and that looks like it's causing a lot of slowing for the
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last few minutes. that's the only slow down we see. the earlier crash was, indeed, getting away from the bay bridge. meanwhile, the rest of the bay clear. >> looks good, thank you very much, mike. coming up next, the national guard is called in this morning heading to the flood zones of the carolinas. residents trying to recover from massive storms that hit the region. a live report is next. got a tip for nbc investigative unit? call 1-888-996-tips. or e-mail t now to a developing story:
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=sam/2shot= historic flooding hitting the carolinas this morning -- forcing thousands to now to a developing story. historic flooding hitting the carolinas this morning. we just saw pieces of road detaching, forcing thousands of people to scramble to higher ground. >> there was, in fact, dramatic drone video showing the devastation that's happening right now. streets are shut down. people trapped in their homes this morning and now the national guard is on its way into help. "today in the bay" jay gray live in columbia, south carolina, this morning one of the hardest hit areas. tough go of it for those folks, jay. >> it really is, laura, sam. we're finally getting a break from the rain here, at least for just a bit. supposed to rain throughout the day. finally letting up this evening. the problems, though. take a look behind me. you talk about roadways getting torn apart. that's the case right here. this road has been ripped away from the water and you can also
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see this power line is down and that's a problem. the scenario playing out across the carolinas right now. we know with an update this morning that at least six people have died as a result of the storms here. thousands have been pushed out of their homes and everything inside for many of those have been washed away. now, there is a dawn to dusk curfew here. a state of emergency, as well. there's been so much water so fast that some of the flood gauges along the river have either been damaged or washed completely away. obviously, you don't need a gauge to tell that there are problems and that the water continues to climb. even when the rain is all said and done and that should happen some time tonight, there's going to be rising flood waters here. water is going to continue to pour into the creeks and into the river. it's going to climb. in fact, there are flood warnings in effect at least through the end of the week here. so, they're not out of the woods by any means. once that finally does start to
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recede, that's when the real cleanup can begin. officials say that will take months, if not a year in some of the hardest hit areas. that is threat latest live here in columbia. >> sounds like the mike cord is even drenched out there. meantime, as help pours into south carolinians. relief in our state is going unspent. why tens of millions of dollars in fire prevention money is sittingidally after one of the worst firestorms in california's history.
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4:45. first full week of october. officially in halloween pumpkin picking season. >> you see all the mazes and bouncy houses set up all over the place. >> 'tis the season. >> it is. as we feel the cooler temperatures this morning, kind of get you in the mood for a pumpkin latte this morning or something. yeah. i love that. well, as we take a live look outside right now, we're getting a view of the bay bridge. and things are getting started on this monday morning. may need an extra cup of coffee to get going. as you take a look at the seven-day forecast. at the bottom of the screen, we start out with some mild temperatures this week and then it just heats up as we get closer to the weekend. it is now 62 degrees in concord and napa 52 degrees in san francisco it's 58 degrees. the wind forecast starts out with a light southerly wind and
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not much of an onshore flow and then as we go into the afternoon, the winds do start to pick up. we had those wind advisories throughout the weekend. still continues into this morning, but the winds really aren't that strong not just yet. as we go into the day, our winds at about 15 to 20 miles an hour. really about average as we start out this week. and let me take you hour by hour in san jose. we do start out at 58 degrees. sun rises and we're still right at 58 and then temperatures rise slowly by lunchtime. it is so comfortable, 71 degrees in san jose and mid-70s as we go into the afternoon with a nice little breeze. look at all the microclimates. expect a high of 77 in san jose. and also in palo alto and the embarcadero will be at 75 degrees and 75 in oakland 76 degrees and san ramon will be topping out at 78 degrees. we do have some cool temperatures to start out the week with the clouds moving out and some clouds during each morning but then as we head
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towards the end of the week, it will be heating up. and here's a quick look at that weekend forecast with highs in the 90s heading into saturday. and then some 80s on sunday. get ready for the return of summer as we head deeper into fall. let's check in now with mike. >> kari, yeah, we just talked about corn mazes and pumpkin picking. 80, 98, a few brake lights. look at this. we talked about the construction zone. fortunately, a camera will tell you what is moving and they have not picked up the crew yet. slow southbound 880 all the way down from the coliseum past marina. see a change to the speed sensors around marina. might have a couple lanes clearing. if you're on surface streets, jump on south of that area. if you can, san leandro boulevard to marina boulevard. towards the bay bridge toll plaza moving very well right now. no big slowing for highway 4 and no problems as you head south of
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here. remember, downtown tonight, sharks are not playing, sap is playing home to the warriors. home championships. surface traffic around here. back to you. for the first time in decades, disney could switch to demand-based pricing at its parks. >> for that and the news before the bell, we turn to landon dowdy. we'll ask you to go way back to your childhood. i've been to disneyland and i couldn't believe how expensive it was at the time. >> it's crazy. and to think that it could get worse. i don't know. we'll get to that in just a second. sam and laura, good morning to you both. stocks closed at the highs of the session on friday, despite the disappointing september jobs report. biggest reversal in four years swinging 459 points from low to high. look for data today on the nonmanufacturing or services sector. the dow rising 200 points friday to 16472. the nasdaq up 81 to 4708.
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disney may switch to demand-based ticket pricing for its u.s. theme parks. "wall street journal" says that means tickets will cost less on slower days and could include extra ben fits. cost more and include more restrictions on peak days such as holidays. disney had offered variable pricing at disney land paris since last year. apple will start selling the apple watch soon at target. the retailer joins best buy, t-mobile, at&t and sprint as the only chains outside of the apple store to sell the watch. some stores will have this watch this week and it will be available everywhere by october 25th. target will sell 20 models with prices ranging from $349 to $599. sam and laura, back over to you. >> just in time for christmas. >> took the words out of my mouth. absolutely. now to an investigative unit exclusive. they've earned medals and honors for their service to this xunt.
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tonight they tell the nbc bay area investigative unit the military has let them down. several kurcurrent and former members and records obtained by nbc bay area report to serious delays in the guard's processing of requests. requests are made by members of the guard following injuries in the line of duty. our investigation found some of the reports have gone unanswered for more than four years. >> help me understand why this hasn't been resolved in more than four years? >> i wish i had a good answer for you except my solution is this is a systemic problem. >> what are you saying? >> i'm saying this process is completely broken and does not work for anyone. >> tonight at 11:00, chief investigative reporter takes you inside of the controversy of ben fits delayed by the california national guard. if you have a tip for the investigative unit, send them an e-mail at despite california's
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devastating fire season millions of dollars of fire prevention money is going unspent. recently ended fiscal years i should say with tens of millions of dollars left over. so, more than 800,000 property owners pay a fire prevention fee. officials say they're hesitant to spend any of that money. they reportedly want to save it for unforeseen circumstances. san francisco's last gun store is going to close its doors for good later this month. high bridge arms on mission street announced it's shutting down on october 31st. the store's manager says it can no longer operate under the city's increased gun control regulations and local opposition to its business. the upcoming closure is leading to a steady stream of customers eager to take advantage of the firearms fire sale. it's 4:51. coming up a bay area tradition kicking off today. fleet week in the city by the bay. a list of all the happenings.
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coming off a nice weekend. >> absolutely. it was, you know, a lot of activities. a lot of kids getting together out there. >> kari and i got our kids together this weekend. her little boy had a birthday. >> it was so great and the weather was so perfect. we don't see any changes in that as we go hour-by-hour in san francisco. 60 degrees at 7:00. and then rising into the low 70s by lunchtime. still bright sunshine all throughout the day in san francisco and mostly clear skies as we head into tonight. and it warms up as we go through the week. i'll show you that coming up in a few minutes. let's check in with mike to see how the commute is going. >> everything is great, except for this one stretch of 880. now all the way past 98 to about marina boulevard. we're losing the lane as we look
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at the map and the construction zone still in place. not just here san leandro boulevard is a great alternate, but westbound 80, 580 getting over towards lake shore and overnight construction crew looks like it's clearing, as well. south down through san leandro, we'll track it closely. the rest of your bay is looking great, though. back to you. >> thank you very much, mike. new questions about the safety of the bay bridge. the lead designer is warning a cable that holds up the eastern span could be damaged by a leak. this is a different problem from the rods at the base of the tower. caltrans has been working to fix that issue. in a report, the lead designer warns the anchors of the cables are exposed to the elements and if water can get in to them they can corrode and fail. rain water has been falling into the two anchorages because of the design problem with the guard rail system. no word on how officials plan to deal with those leaks. laura, took a few horrific
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incidents in recent years but now riding in a limo in california is about to get safer. governor brown signed a new law mandating new rules for limousines. that law is largely the result of a deadly limo fire on the san mateo bridge back in 2013. five members of a bachelorette party died when they couldn't escape the flames. the cars are now required to have two rear side doors and at least one popout window. drivers must explain safety policies to all passengers. that rule goes into effect for all new limos. giving san francisco's booming corporate shuttle bus program passing grades. the pilot program launched in 2014. it regulates when and where private silicon valley shuttle buses can stop. critics slam the buses for blocking traffic and illegally using bus stops. the companies now pay for the right to use some stops to transport workers.
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according to "the chronicle" the program is working and should be permanent. >> people shuttling in and out of san francisco this week. happening the start of fleet week kicking off in the city. expected to draw more than a million people to the bay area. the iconic blue angels landed last night in oakland marking the start of this week's event. today a training exercise will be held using a landing craft. how the military can move equipment around san francisco in case of an earthquake. also a parade of ships, tours and demonstrations throughout the week. always a fun event. >> little bit of everything. coming up, flood waters that required more than just boats to rescue residents. why people living in south carolina still need to be vigilant and are not out of danger yet. a car burglary that could have killed a police officer. how backup made sure the suspect did not get away. got a tip for nbc's bay area investigative unit? call 1-888-996-tips or e-mail
4:58 am nbc bay area, we investigate. a suspected car thief takes aim
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at a police officer in san breaking news. officer injured. a suspected car thief taking aim at a police officer in san francisco. plus, back to campus, but not to class. why students at a community college in oregon returning to the scene of last week's deadly mass shooting. and rain falls at a fatal rate and soaks south carolina. what is being called 1,000-year storm is not over yet. "today in the bay" starts right
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now. good morning, thanks for starting off your monday morning right here with us. i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. coming off a nice weekend, kari. >> such a nice weekend. we're not done with the nice weather just yet. a bit cool as you step out the door with mostly clear skies. 58 degrees in san francisco and the east bay peninsula and the south bay, north bay at 51 degrees. highs today in the 70s. that's not bad at all. a lot of sunshine, but it does warm up as we head through the week. i'll give you details on that. but looks like a slow down in the east bay. mike? >> kari, you head up a different department but a very good observation. this is 880 southbound jammed up. down to the bottom of your screen past 98. look at the speed sensors it is moving just south of where we can see with the cameras past marina boulevard. i have hopes they'll start to clear the lanes farther north and 5:00 is when that road crew


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