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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  October 5, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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"today in the bay" starts right now. good morning, thanks for starting off your monday morning right here with us. i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. coming off a nice weekend, kari. >> such a nice weekend. we're not done with the nice weather just yet. a bit cool as you step out the door with mostly clear skies. 58 degrees in san francisco and the east bay peninsula and the south bay, north bay at 51 degrees. highs today in the 70s. that's not bad at all. a lot of sunshine, but it does warm up as we head through the week. i'll give you details on that. but looks like a slow down in the east bay. mike? >> kari, you head up a different department but a very good observation. this is 880 southbound jammed up. down to the bottom of your screen past 98. look at the speed sensors it is moving just south of where we can see with the cameras past marina boulevard. i have hopes they'll start to clear the lanes farther north and 5:00 is when that road crew
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should be clearing. looks like they're on schedule and overnight road crew has been approved and clearing there and some slowing for the last ten minutes. anywhere north of there headed to the bay bridge or across the north bay, moving smoothly. same thing for the south bay and peninsula. back to you. at 5:01. breaking news this morning. a san francisco police officer is in the hospital after he was pinned against the car by a suspected car thief. >> bob redell joining us live from the scene and that officer broke some ribs. how is he doing right now? >> he's in stable condition, laura and sam. according to san francisco police. we're here on maribel avenue in the engelside district and as you look down the street, a residential area. you can see where the cars that were involved in this are still there. police are processing the scene. collecting evidence. this happened around midnight. that officer you mentioned was responding to a call of a car burglary here. when he arrived on the scene, the suspect, who you can see right there, is handcuffed to a
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gurney was arrested. the suspect allegedly drove his car at the officer after the officer got out of his car and pinned the officer against his own squad car. that's when the officer was hurt. again, possible broken rib injuries to his legs. but, again, he is in stable condition. the suspect then backed up and tried to escape. but another responding squad car was able to stop him. they ended up, ended up being a collision. they did take that suspect, as i mentioned, into custody. as you saw earlier, he was taken away in an ambulance for unknown injuries. police detained two other men, but they have been detained as possible accomplices in what happened here last night. reporting live here in san francisco, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> bob, thank you very much. later today students at community college in oregon will return. >> kris sanchez joins us with
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what's happening today in roseburg. >> good morning to you both. after a weekend spent in prayer in roseburg a lot of students will head back to camps for the first time. they are not going to have class today but gather their things, get some counseling and arrange financial aid, as well. the rosburg community gathered for fund-raisers and vigils and moments of silence for those nine victims and at local churches they gathered for prayer for victims they knew first hand. this pastor's own daughter was on campus and she survived. but at a nearby seventh day adventist they mourned that one of their own did not. a single mother who was working towards her business degree. >> she did stand up and say, i am a christian. knowing that she would be shot. >> over the weekend we also learned that the gunman,
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christopher harper owned 14 guns. one of which he turned on himself when he was confronted by officers. police now have all of his records in custody after searching the apartment that he shared with his mother. officers arrived on the scene just five minutes after that first 911 call. mercer was enrolled as a student at umpqua community college and he was assigned to work on the fall comedy production there. two of the survivors remain in the hospital today, but they are expected to survive. sam and laura. >> very tragic. kris, thank you very much. new details on a manhunt in fremont. the day tfs long search for a man accused of killing his own mother is finally over. police arrested omar pettigan yesterday. that investigation started last week when police found the body of his mother at their apartment. police are not releasing a motive at this time. neighbors we talked to said they're surprised telling us they never even heard the mother and son have an argument.
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5:04. now to a developing story. going to get worse before it gets better. that's the message for people living in soaked parts of south carolina. portions of the state saw 17 inches of rain trapping people in their homes and their cars. they could endure another three inches by the time the storm passes through. fire crews helped evacuate by boat and it's a scene that played out hundreds of times across the state as it dumped down nearly an inch an hour. roads turned to rivers making getting out nearly impossible. so far seven people have died. coming up in half an hour we'll have a live report to get all thefrts to get people out alive. the valley fire burning in lake sonoma and napa counties is nearly out this morning. a multi-week process to get here. but the process of rebuilding and healing is just beginning. to help in that effort, a local church teamed up with boy scouts and the salvation army to get
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supplies to those who lost their homes. mt. olive lutheran church hosted a donation drive collecting everything from clothing to camping gear to tools. organizers say when they put out the call people were ready to give. >> people came up to us and said they wanted to donate and didn't know how to and when they saw the fliers and saw advertisements, they stepped up and said this is, you know, they'll be here. >> and everyone have whatever i have. whatever i can spare. >> a region wide response to get those folks back on their feet. this morning, the valley fire is 97% contained. the fire killed four people and destroyed about 2,000 homes and structures. president obama paid tribute to 84 firefighters who died in the line of duty last year. among those honors, a san jose firefighter who died last year while battling the fire in yosemite. >> jeffrey hunt, international
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cal fire. >> a cal fire representative was on hand to accept the honor for hunt. a wraunz bronze plaque bearing the names of the fallen was also unveiled yesterday. american flags flown over the u.s. capitol in honor of the fallen firefighters will be presented to the victims' families. 5:07 right now and an investigative unit exclusive. they've earned medals and honors for their service to our country. the military has let them down. several current and former members of the national guard and records obtained by nbc bay area point to serious delays in the guards' processing of critical benefit requests. those requests are made by members of the guard following injuries suffered in the line of duty. our investigation found some of the reports have gone unanswered for more than four years. >> help me understand why this hasn't been resolved in more than four years. >> i wish i had a good answer
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for you other than my suspension all along is this is a sis temb problem. >> what are you saying? >> i'm saying this process is completely broken and does not work for anyone. >> tonight at 11:00, chief investigative reporter takes you inside the controversy of benefits delayed by the california national guard. if you have a tip for the investigative unit, send them an e-mail at theunit@nbcbayar, let's check the forecast and see what we're in store for this week. >> in store for great weather at least the next couple of days. temperatures upper 50s for most of the bay area. head up to the north bay and 51 degrees in napa and highs today in the 70s and low 80s, too. los gatos and the outer richmond district will be at 64 degrees and 84 degrees in fairfield. oakland 76 degrees and today in pleasanton, 79 degrees. not bad, right? it does warm up as we go through
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the week. i'll show you that coming up in just a few minutes. let's check in right now with mike to see where we might have a slow down. >> brake lights streaming southbound all the way from just north of the coliseum south and 98. see these flashing lights now. i've seen a couple lights move and the crews need to clear the lanes from the overnight road work that continues down into san leandro and clear south of marina. to get past all of this. and eastbound 580, as well. another live shot where we see the volume starting to build at the bay bridge. i've seen the backup shift from the left over to the right and showing a little bit more volume coming through and see the lanes fill up quickly over the next ten minutes or so. looking towards the north bay where the volume holding pretty steady. no slowing novato down to the golden gate bridge and peninsula and south bay are clear. back to you. >> thank you very much. coming up next. new clues in the search for the missing cargo ship and mostly american crew. a big announcement out of
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twitter coming out a couple seconds ago. it may have been a tragic accident but was it a war crime? the group who wants it investigated after a catastrophic airstrike at an afghan hospital. [female announcer] for thousands of local foster children, extracurricular activities help provide a sense of identity
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=laura/standing/vo= developing now at 5:12. doctors without borders is leaving afghanistan after an air strike demolished a hospital there, killing patients and aide workers. president obama and the afghan president are promising a full
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investigation. but the pentagon has said it may have inadvertently hit the hospital during a military operation. some are now calling it a war crime. "today in the bay" tracie potts live in washington with the very latest for us. >> the head of human rights for the united nations said this could be a war crime. the department of defense is investigating, but doctors without borders says that's not good enough. the u.s. investigating itself. they are calling for an independent investigation. they've had to shut down that hospital that was destroyed when it was hit by coalition forces. the question seems to be, were there taliban fighters inside that hospital firing at u.s. jets? according to doctors without borders, absolutely not. they say they have no indication from the folks on the ground that the taliban was anywhere near that hospital. that is part of the investigation that the u.s. is checking out or trying to confirm.
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confirmed by secretarier, defense secretary carter is the fact that there were operations going on in that area and u.s. forces were under attack. were they under attack by taliban, were the taliban in that hospital? that is part of what we expect to learn. the u.s. investigation at least should be wrapped up in a matter of days as they try to figure out how these 22 people were killed. >> thank you very much, tracie potts. very sad there. loved ones, meantime, are holding out hope for mostly, for 33 mostly american crew members who were aboard a cargo ship missing off the coast of the bahamas. search and rescue crews yesterday located debris apparently belonging to that ship which got caught up in rough seas from hurricane joaquin last week. relatives are gathered in jacksonville, florida, where the ship left tuesday. the ship had two life boats but so far neither life boat has been located. a massive new company will start trading on the nasdaq. >> scott mcgrew, it is not an
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ipo. >> just a name change. google will start trading as alphabet. alphabet will be the umbrella company to all kinds of efforts that were part of google. google the search engine and we'll say alrubet when referring to the company's stock. it is necessary question for business reporters. maybe we still call it google. we don't see sear holding corporation. we just say sears. probably alphabet when we mean the whole thing. you know what, we'll see. either way, this guy is the new ceo of google today. had a picture of him. there he is. he will run google and by that i mean google the search engine. the previous ceo becomes ceo of alphabet. about ten minutes ago we learned jack dorsy has been named as the new ceo of twitter. he has been the head of twitter in the past. in fact, he invented twitter.
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the big question, can dorsy both run twitter and his other company, square. and what will investors think of that? you know what we're darn sure of, we can check your news before the bell with landon dowdy. >> hey there, scott. welcome back. good to see you. wall street looks to continue its winning ways this week. stocks close the highs of the session on friday despite the disappointing jobs report. 459 points from low to high. look for data today on the nonmanufacturing or services sector. the dow rising 200 points friday to 16472. the nasdaq up 81 to 4708. scott, back over to you. steve jobs movie opens this friday in theaters. already getting some criticism from apple insiders saying it's just too mean. it is based on his official biography, but concentrates on the rather difficult side of
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steve jobs. the matt damon movie, "the martian" was number one at the box over the weekend. the story of an astronaut stranded on mars and has a silicon valley connection that came from this guy. andy we're wrote the pook by the same name. he's an engineer innen view and sold that book on amazon for 99 cents. they shot the movie in the desert, but he didn't go because he's afraid to fly. >> wow, no kidding. >> martian is afraid to fly. >> i didn't know the bay area connection. cool. >> time to go to the movies, too. a lot of good options. thank you, scott. 5:17 right now. we are carrying weather and traffic to start off your monday. it's fleet week. take us on a flight away somewhere nice, kari. >> beautiful weather this week. you definitely want to check that out. with all that sunshine out there, no fog on the golden gate bridge as we head through the morning. let's take a live look at san rafael as things are getting started, everyone is getting
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this workweek under way with some weather that will be nice this afternoon. take a look at the seven-day forecast at the bottom of the screen. it will be in the 70s for most of us as we go into nekts couple of days and then warming up. right now as you step out the door, 51 degrees in the north bay and 58 degrees else where. highs will be in the 70s and 80s. not a big spread in those temperatures from the bay to the inland areas. as we go hour by hour in oakland today we start out at 57 degrees at 7:00. we will stay in the 50s for a couple of hours before we make it into up thor 60s. lunchtime it is going to be so comfort. you'll want to take that sandwich outside and just take in some of that fresh air with highs in the low 70s today. and by 4:00, we're at 72 degrees. we do have a cool start to the week with this area of low pressure that did bring us the cooler temperatures over the weekend. but then as we go towards the end of the week. high pressure will be building. that is going to fight back our onshore flow and make those temperatures heat up.
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is a look at the temperature trend in the trivalley, especially livermore where we will be slightly below average for today, as well as tomorrow and then it warms up heading by the end of the week. we're up to 90 degrees on friday. here's a look at that weekend forecast. we are back to summer with highs in the low 90s for the tri-valley. the south bay and the north bay. it will be in the 80s else where in san francisco stays in the 70s. expect a warm weekend after it really cools off saturday evening. let's check in now with mike to see what can expect as you head out the door. >> folks through oakland can expect brake lights. still, look at this, this is from the column south. now, here's the hope. we have these flashing lights and just starting to move through just south of 98. once these clear, we'll see a good recovery here. we won't see a recovery at the bay bridge. north of there, folks are seeing this jam and metering lights probably in the next ten minutes, maybe 15 minutes if things go well and a little bit lighter than we expected.
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the map will show you the two areas and a slow down westbound 580 starting to clear through lake shore and the construction zone. brake lights i just showed you just shy of marinmarina, but th should clear over the next ten minutes. hoping some recovery there. the rest of your very clear right now. slow down through antioch and for 580 out of the altamont pass. off of the high rise and over towards 101 without delay. back to you. >> thank you very much. donald trump reveals the one thing that would cause him to drop out of the race for the white house. a live look right now from the san bruno mountaintops of san francisco. clear skies to start off your fleet week. well they remain that way. what are the temperatures going to look like, too for the rest of the week. we'll be right back. got a tip for bay area's investigative unit? call 1-888-996-tips or e-mail
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decision 2016, for a long time he was leading the way and now donald trump and his grip
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atop the polls seems to be slipping a little bit. trump is down in iowa, though he is still on top there in new hampshi hampshire. carly fiorina is slowly closing the gap. trump is talking about what it could for him to call it quits. >> if i was dropping in the polls where i saw that i wasn't going to win, why would i continue? >> as for the democrats, bernie sanders is gaining ground on hillary clinton. he topped polls in new hampshire, but the opposite in iowa where clinton remains ahead. the supreme court gets back to work this morning and they're returning to a very packed agenda. justices will decide whether to take a few cases from texas, one covering facilities and medical procedures for clinics and doctors providing abortions. the other has to do with affirmative action and admissions. the court is also likely to consider a challenge to birth mandates in the affordable care act. face the media for the first
5:25 am
time news broke of the agency's latest scandal. a report found that the secret service assistant director ordered a leak of information to ems the utah congressman who was investigating the agency. 5:25 now. students will soon have to do a little extra to into cal. uc berkeley will ask some applicants to submit letters of recommendation from teachers and supporters next fall. some letters could help a deserving student whose test scores do not reflect their pull potential. considering having all campuses do the same. >> didn't you have to get letters of recommendations? >> i thought i did. >> that could sink you or pull you up to the top of the class. an update to breaking news. injured in the line of duty. a san francisco police officer rammed while trying to stop a sued car burglar. plus 17 inches in just 17 hours. parts of south carolina in distinguishable underneath flood
5:26 am
waters. experts warn that mother nature is not done yet. >> very tough go of it for those people there. here across the bay area, nice, mild start. new workweek for you as we take a live look outside. beautiful bay bridge. mike has some traffic trouble spots you want to stick around for if you're ready to join that morning commute. 5:26. got a tip for nbc bay area investigative unit? call 1-888-996-tips or e-mail nbc bay area, we investigate. joining us. i'm laura garcia
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cannon. =sam/2shot= and i'm a very good monday morning to you, thank you for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. clear and cool to start off your day. how will it end? summertime heat later in the week, kari. >> enjoy today as it will still be nice and mild all across the bay area. as you step out the door, 58 degrees across most of the bay and expect highs today in the 70s. it will be 77 degrees in the east bay. san francisco 71 degrees and 78 degrees in the north bay. i'll show you all the mic microclimates and i'll show you how warm it gets as we head towards the end of the week, that's coming up. i guess it's looking a little bit better on the roads, mike. >> a little bit. i'll give your eyes a chance to adjust and see the flow of the traffic. still have the stream of brake lights but one set gathering the flashing lights and the rest of the crews have cleared the lanes
5:30 am
and that's why south of 98 traffic is flow smoother. show you on the maps it will take a while. first the backup at the bay bridge for the opposite. clearing over and a build here at the bay bridge and now show you the sensors for both of the areas. clear at the bay bridge and starting to build and this should start to recover the next few, southbound through oakland. no other surprises for the bay. back over to you. breaking news from san francisco where a police officer in the hospital this morning after getting pinned against the car by a suspected car thief. >> bob redell is live at the scene. how is the officer doing, bob? >> laura, sam, he's doing okay considering he could have easily been killed given what happened here last night in the engelside district. this officer according to sfpd is in stable condition with possible broken ribs and injuries to his legs. as you can see his colleagues are out here continuing to collect evidence at the scene of the crime they have a tow truck will take away one of the vehicles ined. the driver accused of hitting
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the officer with his stolen car has been arrested. as you can see this video here, he's been handcuffed to a gurney and taken away to the hospital for unknown injuries. this happened around midnight here on maribel avenue. police were responding to an auto belering auto burglary. the suspect had broke into the vehicle and stepped on the gas and try to struck the officer and ended up pinning the officer against his own squad car. the suspect tried to escape and slammed into another responding police car. they took him into custody and also detained two other men who were possibly involved in this crime. reporting live, bob redell, "today in the bay." now to a developing story. life-threatening rain and where it wasn't life threatening, it was certainly life altering. you see this scene playing out all over south carolina. cars under water and it's still waiting there. take a look at this from columbia, south carolina. pickup truck was swept away by
5:32 am
flood water. a driver and a witness tried to help and both had to be recused th them selves. now the national guard is called in to help out. one of the hardest hit areas and what we're hearing here, jay, this is the worst flood waters they've seen in 1,000 years in south carolina. >> yeah, no, you're absolutely right. the governor calling it 1,000-year flood. here the rains let up at least for now. we expect to see more throughout the day. take a look behind me and see what these flood waters have done. it's ripped away the road here and dumped one of the power lines into the waters. the rapids are raging here and the bad news, in all of this, the flood waters are still rising. flood waters continue to rush across the carolinas. running through or over everything in their path. >> the cars are submerged. cars washed up against the porch and everything. never seen anything like it.
5:33 am
>> in manyias, there i areas th been anything like this. rain for three days straight. >> the rising water has collapsed bridges, overcome dams and whole neighborhood have found themselves under water and precious lives have been lost. >> at least five people have died as a result of the storms. hundreds more -- >> the house is flooded and they can't stop it. requesting sandbags or assistance. >> pushed from their homes by a relentless current and rising water. >> we have lost everything. what i got on my body is what we have. pretty much everything down there has lost everything this morni morning. our vehicles, our clothes, everything. >> as many scramble to higher ground, forecasters say at some point the rain should finally begin to ease. first responders and officials warn that the problem will not. >> the challenge is not over and the danger to life and property
5:34 am
does not end when the rain stops. >> still, it will be a welcome sign for so many anxious for the recovery to begin here. >> yeah, but for that recovery to begin, they have to have this rain stopped. that's expected later today. still the creeks and the river behind me will continue to climb. it may be end the of the week before there is any relief and adding to the misery here with all the flood water, the public water system is in disaay. it's been compromised in places. lines snapped. there's no usable water tens of thousands and likely won't be, sam and laura, for the next several days. >> jay gray, thank you very much. power line in the water there, very, very disturbing. it is 5:34 right now. follow up to a foiled school shooting plot in northern california. there will be counselors on campus this morning as students head back to class. sheriff deputies arrested four
5:35 am
sunnyville high school boys on friday. investigators say the teenagers planned to open fire on campus and had names of potential victims and detailed plans. the shocking revelation has many students wondering if it is safe to go back. while tragedy was averted it is too close for comfort. >> i was absolutely shocked. i didn't think that would happen in this kind of school or this kind of town. >> i don't know what i would do. something that every parent worries about. >> the names of the boys arrested will not be released because they are minors. meantime students and faculty at umpqua campus will be allowed on campus for the first time. >> while they'll be back at school, classes won't actually resume until next week. >> a lot of folks spent the weekend this way. today the surviving students will head back to campus to gather their things and sign up for counseling and maybe sign up
5:36 am
for financial aid. there were fund-raisers and vigils and moments of silence for the nine victims. one of whom was a 67-year-old teacher. and at local churches, they gathered to pray for victims, many of them knew first hand this pastor's daughter, his own daughter was on campus during that massacre. she survived by playing dead and a nearby seventh day adventist church mourned that one of their own did not survive. she was a single mother who was working towards her business degree. >> she did stand up and say, i'm a christian. knowing that she would be shot. >> over the weekend, we also learned that the gunman, christopher harper owned 14 guns. officers arrived on scene five minutes after that first 911 call.
5:37 am
mercer was enrolled as a student at umpqua community college and allegedly gave one student an envelope and said you will be a lucky one to direct police to the information enhis backpack. the sheriff hasz not released more details on that. two of the survivors remain in the hospital and they are expected to survive. one of them is a veteran who the sheriff says charged at the shooter and the other is a 16-year-old girl who finished high school early and was eager to study nursing. sam and laura. >> stories of here oism there. thank you very much. the man accused in the bizarre vallejo kidnapping case that was once thought to be a hoax could enter a plea later in court today. matthew mueller indicted by a federal grand jury on kidnapping charges last week. he broke into the home of aaron quinn and denise huskins. he held her for ransom and then released her in southern california. mueller is being held at the sacramento county jail.
5:38 am
happening today, relatives mourning the death of young maddy middleton. she died in late july. authorities discovered her body in a recycling bin in the complex where she lived. last month a 15-year-old neighbor pleaded not guilty to murdering her. today her mother is helping organize an event called maddy's day. she hopes children from all over santa cruz will come for fun. investigators trying to figure out what caused a fire to burn down a san jose grocery store and affect all the nearby businesses. here's a live look at the scene this morning you can see the flames are out. mostly just charred, kind of exteriors there. the building has been boarded up, but the video you're about to see here shows the fire starting to smoke up again around 10:30 last night. the fire ignited at 3:30
5:39 am
yesterday morning at the center market just east of the expressway. crews closed the center and evacuated a nearby mobile home park. it took crews eight hours to extinguish it. the fire flared up again last night. controlled currently, but 40 businesses approximately nearby that had to be closed down while they were fighting the fire. they are expected to reopen later today. no one was hurt in that blaze. more than a million people will crowd into san francisco for fleet week. >> it's back. stephanie chuang joining us from san francisco. the beloved blue angels are in the area and the activity kicks off right now in the water. >> that's right, sam and laura. a lot of activity and there are some various emergency vehicles getting ready. this is an emergency drill simulating a catastrophic earthquake you have sf fire and
5:40 am
red cross and a lot of agencies. joining me now is francis with the department of emergency management. good morning. >> good morning. >> the first of its kind where you're having civilian and military vehicles getting on the same vessel. talk about how important it is to have this sort of emergency check? >> this is very important. it is an actual dress rehearsal of the bay area earthquake plan. a lot of times we sit around the table and we talk about, hey, this is what we're going to do in the event of an earthquake. this is a live rehearsal and military landing craft responding and hooking up with local first responders and community organizations so we can talk to each other and figure things out. how will we will communicate and deliver supplies. >> we're actually going to see how this is all going to function. joining us is garth with sf fleet week. good morning. san francisco is actually the sort of go-to taking the lead with fleet week activities and actually showing how people can come together and really function. >> right.
5:41 am
san francisco fleet week is unique more than any other event in the nation. we partner with our civic agencies during this great event. we have been doing this for 35 years but for the last five years focus our efforts on training and making sure not only celebrating our military, but also taking the time to have serious discussions about an event that might happen in the bay area. >> thank you very much. so, there is a lot going on. we'll have more as these emergency vehicles load on to this vessel. so, we'll have more for you throughout this morning. live here in san francisco, stephanie chuang. >> looks like the weather will cooperate for fleet week. >> clear skies are a nice thing as you're spotting those angels. find out how it will be for the rest of the week. >> all clear as we go through the day and temperatures in the 70s and 80s for most of the bay area and fairfield 84 and oakland today 76 degrees. 79 in pleasanton. i'll take you hour by hour in the tri-valley and show you the rest of the week forecast coming up in a few minutes.
5:42 am
let's see what's happening on the roads now with mike. >> kari, we thought we had all clear but not yet. heading down towards marina where there is a lot across the roadway and might be running a sweep, we're checking on that. metering lights are on and backup at the toll plaza and as we show you the map. the toll plaza is not the surprise. a disturbing for you east 580 or san leandro boulevard and the rest of your bay looking really good on schedule. back to you. coming up, new questions about the bay bridge, but this time it has nuthing to do with bad bolts. millions of dollars meant for fire prevention in the middle of fire season. sitting an unaccount unspent. despite california's devastating
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fire season -- millions of dollars of fire prevention money is going unspent. at ac45. despite california's fire season millions of of fire prevention money is going unspent. a state fire prevention account ended recent fiscal years with tens of millions of dollars left over. more than 800,000 propertiers pay a fire prevention fee, officials say they're hesitant taspe to spend any of that money. they want to save it for unforeseen circumstances. tilts towards preventing gun violence san francisco's last gun store will close its doors for good later this month. anounszed it is going to shut down on october 31st. the store's mannier says it can no longer operate under the
5:46 am
city's increased gun control regulations and vocal opposition to its business. the upcoming closure is leading to a steady stream of customers eager to take advantage of the firearms fire sale. it is 5:45. new questions this morning about the safety of the bay bridge. the lead designer is warning a cable, which holds up the eastern span, could be damaged by leaks. this is a different problem from the rods at the base of the tower. caltrans has been working to fix that issue. in a report by the "sf chronicle" the anchors of the cable are less exposed to the elements and if water gets to them, they could corrode and fail. caltrans officials acknowledge that rain water has been flowing in because of zin problems with the guard rail system. no word how officials plan to deal with the leak. took a trag to get here, but riding in a limo in california is about to get safer. governor brown signed a new law mandating new rules for limousines. that law is largely the result of a deadly limo fire san mateo
5:47 am
bridge back in 2013. five members of a bachelorette party died when they couldn't escape the flames. the cars are now required to have two rear side doors and at least one pop-out window. drivers must explain safety policies to passengers. the law goes into effect immediately for new limos and in january for existing limos. transportation leaders are giving passing grades to shuttle bus program. the pilot program launched in 2014 regulates where and when private silicon valley shuttle buses can stop. critics slam the buses for stopping traffic and illegally using busstops. according to the chronicle, mta concludes the program is working and should be permanent. we talk about those buses, it's possible that bus drivers could now be going on strike. over the weekend union members were warned they may have to hit the strike lines. scott mcgrew continues our coverage. scott, they just unionized. >> part of the bump starting up, laura.
5:48 am
one of the bus companies is not giving the drivers what they want when it comes to paid days off and health care. "chronicle" saying the drivers have been warned by teamsters they may have to strike. about a half hour ago, twitter announced jack dorsy will be the new ceo of that company. he's been interim ceo for a few months now and he was the company's first leader. in fact, he invented twitter. i have said in the past, i didn't think dorsy was going to take this job because he's also the founder and ceo of. square is getting ready for an ipo and probably its investors won't be pleased the new company is run by a guy who is splitting his time. investors like stability. can dorsy do both? now people have run two companies once before or many times before. silicon valley, steve jobs was the ceo of apple and pixar and rocketship and ceo of space-x. google will start trading as
5:49 am
alphabet on the nasdaq. it is official at the first trade this morning. alphabet is the umbrella company for all the various things that google does. it does a lot. robot cars, internet balloons and youtube and android and google, as well. >> oh, yeah. the symbol will still remain. >> yeah. two types of stocks for google and the company will be -- >> thanks a lot. it is 5:49. the ceo of american apparel says the store will not -- struggling since ousting its controversial founder nearly 18 months ago. charney then sued. american apparel filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. shares are down more than 20% ahead of the opening bell. weather is starting to feel a little bit like that, at least to start off your workweek here
5:50 am
on monday. >> don't expect it to stay that way. >> i set it up for you. >> you know, it will be nice and cool for the next couple of days, but, hey, that doesn't mean it's not going to warm up again right? as we step out the door, we are seeing mostly clear skies in san jose and, hey, looks good there as we take a look at the roads. mike will give you an update here in a second. as we take a look at the seven-day forecast, it is right at the bottom of the screen. and look at these temperatures now. most of us at 58 degrees and mostly clear skies. let me take you hour-by-hour in livermore. at 6:00 it's 56 degrees and then we see it jump up to 66 degrees by 10:00 and 80 degrees by 2:00 this afternoon. by 4:00, 80 degrees and sun is setting sooner. 77 degrees at:00 and then dropping back into the lower 60s. we are feeling a cool start to the week. it's even snowing in some of the higher elevations just to the
5:51 am
east of us. but as we go into the rest of the week, this area of low pressure slides off to the east. we will have the clouds near the coast during the next couple of mornings and then clearing out to give us some sunshine during the afternoons. and as high pressure builds across the region, not much of an on-shore flow expected. by the end of the week and our temperatures will be getting warmer as we go through each day. look at the three-day forecast for the south bay. 79 degrees today. 82 tomorrow. and then by wednesday we're up 25085 degrees. and we'll see that same trend in the peninsula. won't be a marriage up. not very quickly. it will be gradual as we go through the weekend and by this weekend we're expecting temperatures to be in the 90s for most of the inland valleys and then little bit cooler heading into sunday. been tracking a slow down in oakland. is it still looking slow there, mike? >> it is, kari. thought it would clear up and usually leave a little after 6:00 and we want you to stay with us as long as you can.
5:52 am
you have another ten minutes of slowing and flashing lights arriving on scene. and slow from there all the way down to rena boulevard where the earlier road crews, as we take a look at your map. we had the road crews that were there. they cleared from the roadway and we have slowing and gravel across road lanes. and then sweepers heading over there. we're checking with chp, but the general build is on for hayward and south of the nimitz freeway. little farther south for pleasanton and the build is on, but no problems for the tri-valley. as we move our maps, we'll show you anywhere north of there. a standard build for concord and up thor east shore freeway slows, as well. surprises for the south bay, but i want to show you north 101 is slow right at 680 and much lighter flow there. >> mike, i'll take you way farther south now. southern california. have you ever taken a fam of four there. you get a few tickets and find out it costs how much? some may call it the happiest
5:53 am
place on earth and also the priciest place on earth. disney announced the most expensive annualsn disneyland will cost $1,000. $1,049 and come withes no blackout dates. if you're okay only being able to go 350 days a year, you can get the disney signature pass for $849. disney may to demand based ticket pricing. tickets will cost less on slower days and could include extra ben fits. however, they would cost more on peak days, but holidays and weekends. 5:53 right now. up, donald trump talked about what it would take to make him call it quits. there are definitepectations. i think there is my responsibility
5:54 am
5:55 am
5:56 am
. decision 2016. is he slipping just a little bit? donald trump's poll numbers are falling this morning. a new poll shows that trump is down in iowa, though he is still on top there and as well in new hampshire. carly fiorina is slowly closing the gap in the granite state. time, trump is talking about what conditions it would take to make him call it quits. >> dropping in the polls where i showed that i wasn't going to win. why would i continue? as for the democratic side, there's bernie sanders. he is gaining ground on hillary clinton ahead of the democratic debate next week. he topped polls in new
5:57 am
hampshire, but it's the opposite in iowa where ms. clinton is still ahead. it's 5:56 right now. supreme court gets back to work this morning and they're returning to a very packed agenda. justices will decide whether to take up two cases from texas. one covering facilities and medical privileges for clinics and doctors providing abortion. the other has to do with affirmative action and admissions. the court is likely to consider a challenge through the birth control mandate in the affordable care act. now to an investigative unit exclusive. they have earned medals and honors for their service to our country and tonight they tell the nbc bay area investigativet the military has let them down. several current and former members of the california national guard and records obtained by nbc bay area point to serious delays in the guard's processing of critical benefit requests. requests are made by members of the guard following injuries in the line of duty. our investigation found some of the reports have gone unanswered for more than four years.
5:58 am
>> help me understand why this hasn't been resolved in more than four years. >> i wish i had a good answer for you, other than my suspicion all along is that this is a systemic problem. >> what are you saying? >> i'm saying that this process is completely broken does not work for anyone. >> tonight at 11:00, chief investigative reporter takes you inside the controversy of benefits delayed by the california national guard. if you have a tip for our investigative unit, give us a call. 888-996-tips. send us an e-mail to theunit@nbcb theunit@nbcb the nobel committee made the announcement this morning in stockholm. >> three scientists will share the prize including william campbell of ireland. satoshi omura and from china youyou tu. groundbreaking discovers to
5:59 am
fight infection caused by roundworm and malaria. coming up right now at 6:00, an update to breaking news. a suspected car burglar accused of trying to run down a bay area police officer overnight. plus, south carolina under water. a historic storm soaks the u.s. now, crews are trying to rescue everyone trapped by the rising water. and back to campus, but not to class. why students at umpqua community college in oregon are returning to the scene of last week's deadly mass shooting. "today in the bay" starts right now. and a very good monday morning to you. thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. tracking the weather and the roadways with mike. keeping tabs on a slow, monday commute. we start with marologist kari hall. >> it's a good start to the week with cool temperatures now. heading into the afternoon, we'll have highsing out in the 70s across the bay area. and 54 degrees now in the east
6:00 am
bay. pleasant this afternoon with 76 in the peninsula and 79 in the south bay. today in san francisco, expect high of 71 degrees. not a bad start, but warming up towards the end of the week. i'll update you on that and mike will keep you updated on that slow down in oakland. >> that's right, kari. southbound 880 and we're finally seeing now the traffic start to move better and the flashing sign truck we saw here at 98th. got back on the roadway and towards marina boulevard where there was an overnight road crew. no more lanes blocked and that gravel report is justilatal be bit of dirt there. looks like they have traffic restored and typical slowing now through hayward to south of the coliseum. things are better there. the morning build is on for the tri-valley and south 680 through pleasanton. overall, look at this. no big problems for the south bay and 101 and 87 to show a little build, as well.


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