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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  October 5, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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ill californians have the legal right to end their life when they choose. the legislation was signed today and championed by brittany menard in life and by her parents after the death. the bay area woman moved to oregon last career to legally end her own life. more from san francisco. chuck, the governors really looked at this from a personal point of view before he signed this into law. >> reporter: you're absolutely right and in a personal signing statement the governor said he discussed this with others. he wanted to give patients who had been told there were six months to live to give them more options. >> we heard from a mother who is dying of a brain tumor that she doesn't want her adult children to have last memories of her in
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agony and literally out of her mind. >> reporter: doctors, religious leaders and advocates for the disabled who say some people may be pressured to ask for life-ending medications who opposed it. the law was inspired by 29-year-old brittany menard who ended her own life 11 months ago in oregon because she could not do so legally in california. the new law allows doctors to prescribe legal doses of drugs to patients who have six months to live but with some safeguards >> the law would require that patients make multiple requests within 15 days of the initial request that your own attending physician must make the diagnosis and the prognosis that you are going to die within six months and then there must be a second physician, a consulting physician that comes up with the same determination. >> reporter: one other safeguard, the prescribing doctor must advise the patient that these medications do not have to be used. in his signing statement governor brown said i do not know what i would do if i were
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dying in prolonged and exbeing cruciating pain. i am certain, however, that it would be a consider options afforded by this bill and i wouldn't deny that right to others. this law takes effect six months -- three months after the special session ends. that means it will likely go into effect sometime early next year. however, it sunsets after ten years. if the legislature wants to extend this further they will have to revisit this issue sometime between now and then. reporting live in san francisco, i'm chuck copp coppolauck, nbc area news. >> she says her daughter's death was in the in vain. >> when i speekd to her before she passed she said this would
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be her legacy in lieu of grandchildren because she knew i would love to be a grand ma and she said, mom are i'm giving you this instead. >> her mother went on to add that when the bill was signed she felt overwhelming desire to hug the man's neck. i'm grateful for everyone who worked so hard to have this law come to fruition. brittany's husband daniel diaz says, he, too, is reflecting on his wife's incredible legacy. >> there's now 25 states that either introduced or will be introducing legislation in all of them at one point or another so she truly did make a difference, and i'm very proud of her for that. >> as you heard chuck say, california's death with dignity law will officially take effect in january. coming up in 20 minutes we continue coverage of the assisted suicide law with an exclusive nbc bay heir area field poll released today which
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shows how california voters felt about the law before the governor sign it had. in oakland a crime scene on eastbound 580 and this is obviously tying up traffic during the rush hour. our nbc chopper overhead just a short while ago. here's what the chp is telling us that four suspects ditched that stolen suv on 580 near 98th avenue just before 4:00 this afternoon. the suspects careened that suv into the guardrail and then took off on foot and a large moving perimeter which includes 520 is still set up to catch these suspects. you feel that traffic back up and lanes have reopened and traffic is still snarled there and a nearby high school was also put on lockdown for a short time. >> from a trusted teacher to a convicted felon a morgan schoolteacher has been sentenced to 40 years in prison for molesting four of his students. he's convicted but what about
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the school district. >> reporter: fifth grade teacher john lloyd will spend 40 years in children for molesting four girls. three of the victims were molested here inside room nine at paradise valley elementary school in morgan hill between 2012 and 2013. he molested a fourth victim in 2005 at nordstrom child development center. >> when you have four little girls say that their teacher has sexually touched them in the classroom during school hours, mr. lloyd was -- is a classic pedophile? >> reporter: he often lured girls with candy or offered to work with him on the newspaper and he covered his windows with paper so no one could see. in a letter from one of the victims was shared in court saying what you did to me and the three other girls was not okay at all. i hope you know how much this hurt me and another victim wrote i hope you rot in prison.
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hours after the sentencing an attorney representing three of the victims said he's pursuing a lawsuit against the morgan hill unified school district and possibly the three principals involved because the families believe the district didn't do enough to stop lloyd from molesting his students. >> these molestations occurred despite the presentations of a series of red flags, including multiple sex-based complaints made to three separate principals at paradise valley medical school that are largely ignored. the attorney representing morgan hill unified issued this response saying there's no indication that anybody knew before mr. lloyd was arrested that he engaged in abusive conduct towards any of the girls involved. attorney robert allard says his team is also working on new legislation that will require all educators to go through sexual abuse prevention training. reporting live in san jose,
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enfavro, nbc bay area room. >> a sam ramon man is accused of sexually assaulting women he met through social media and has just been arrested in illinois. he said he met women on facebook and tindr over the summer. he was arrested two weeks ago with the help of ahn of illinois champagne urbana police. investigators say he used aliases on several websites to meet women, drug them and sexual assault them. police are asking women in the bay area who may have come contact with him to be careful. san francisco police are looking for a man who broke into an apartment garage near ocean beach and held a man at gunpoint. he was captured but here's the twist. the man being robbed manages to wrestle the gun away from his attacker. more live now from san francisco. boy, that was really brave or
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really dumb to do that. >> reporter: you know what, he had a couple of things working in his favor the one, he was able to get away but, two, that gun wasn't loaded but either way he says this was a very close call. playing the drums is what bill does every morning, but something was offbeat when he returned to his garage after taking odd the trash the morning of september 281th. >> he ran in behind me with a gun drawn and ran at me like a monster. >> reporter: here's the surveillance video of the attack. bill jumping, trying to defend himself as this man in a gray hoodie holds him at gunpoint in his own garage. the suspect sneaking in as bill was moving his garbage cans. >> what's going through my mind at that point is hurting him. like i don't like monsters and i attack monsters. >> reporter: bill wrestled that bun away and point it had at the suspect before the man ran off. police are looking for the man
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in this video and bill also showed us this video from two hours earlier that morning showing what he calls suspicious people near his doorstep. one is a woman he claims called him from a private number seen her covering his face. the other, a man walking by his apartment hortly after. sfpd said all of the video is being looked at as a part of the investigation. >> you can imagine being a victim, being confronted with a gun in your own garage, how frightening that wall. >> reporter: bill says he wasn't hurt and now hopes police will can't suspect before he strikes again. this is all under investigation, but, of course, if you have any information contact sfpd. reporting from san francisco,. >> pete, thank you. >> the warriors about to take the floor in san jose, back in action and the first preseason game of the year at shark tank. a game between the warriors and
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toronto raptors. the warriors played their entire '96 and '97 season in san jose while the oakland arena was being renovated. san jose succeeded with the warriors on a fill-in basis but is striking out with the a's. the supreme court denying the a's move to san jose so what now? nbc bay area scott budman is near the s.a.p. center and you know that san jose is a gold mine. we see with the warriors and the giants refusal to relinquish the territorial rights to the a's. >> reporter: as you said, raj, and as you know very well the bay is full of diehard sports fans lining up outside the s.a.p. center in san jose to catch the exhibition game tonight. it does not look like people will be lining up to see the a's play in san jose any time soon. it was a long shot that didn't pay off, and now that the supreme court has ruled against san jose it seems the a's will not be coming south. >> i'm a little bummed out.
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would i like them to come down here, a huge oakland fan, always have been and the closer the better, but, you know, they have a good thing going in oakland. >> we like the giants. >> reporter: so you're not worried about the a's coming to san jose. >> don't want the a's. >> reporter: baseball fans are mixed. city leaders. >> san jose would have been a better place. >> if oakland can come together with some kind of a plan which, of course, it has not been able to do in some time, you know, best of luck to them. what we don't want to see i don't think is for them to leave the bay area. >> reporter: but with the a's for now still in oakland and the giants in san francisco at least one fan says the south bay, with all its tech companies is already crowded enough. >> because i'm a giants fan and i could to giants game, and it's going to cause less traffic. we already have levi stadium so that's going to bring in a lot of traffic and if they, depending on where they move, maybe it will increase the cost
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of living so things like that to think a major league baseball did not comment on today's supreme court decision. we talked to -- the san jose mayor who says as far as future plans there may be some development on the lot that was once meant to be a ballpark. reporting live in san jose, scott budman, nbc bay area news. a new clue tonight. a photo of a person of interest in the killing of an east bay artist. i'm jodi hernandez in oakland where police say they need the public's help in solving not one but two deadly daylight killings the i'll have details coming up. also, a woman found dead in golden gate park while a popular music festival was taking place and why we're learning about the victim and why investigators say there may be foul play. >> the action four firefighters took to save their lives while battle a devastating wildfire.
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good evening. i'm meteorologist jeff ranieri. blue sky in san francisco that extends across the bay to mt. diablo. the week's forecast and hotter temperatures coming your way. developing right now...
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president obama will be heading to roseburg, oregon this friday. well, developing right now. president barack obama will be heading to roseburg, oregon, this friday. he'll honor the victims of the mass shooting at umpqua community college. the president has voiced his
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frustration since the shooting noting that congress need more motivation to consider stricter gun control measures. now the gunmen shot and killed nine people and injured nine others before taking his own life. >> back here a crash in the south bay left a man dead and this is video from our shopper. two drivers collided on the freeway and one of the cars then crashed through the shoulder and fell down 40 feet down an embankment and happened around noon in sunnyvale and east caribbean drive in 237. the driver there at the bottom that were trapped inside the car and sadly dd and the passenger though had minor injuries. a follow-up to two deadly shootings. want to show you a photograph and people are calling this person a person of interest in the shooting death last week. jody herb des joins us live and on top of that there's also another deadly shooting and there's an ice cream man gunned
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down over the weekend. >> reporter: first an artist and now an ice cream man. oakland police are trying to solve deadly daylight shootings and they don't know that you are connected and needed the public help to solve both of them. >> it's about hope and healing. >> reporter: artist went back to work on the community mural that became the scene of the gunning down of a man walking by. >> we know there's some type of dispute or altercation that took place just trier to the shooting. >> tonight oakland police have a new clue and released the photo of a man they called a person of interest. he's reported, tall, 6 foot, thin build and in his 20s. >> reporter: this weekend
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another innocent victim lost his life while just trying to do his job. police say a 45-year-old ice cream man was shot and killed if his ice cream truck at 4:30 in the afternoon in this east oakland neighborhood. >> he was a nice man and the kid liked him. everybody liked him. he was very nice. >> the ice cream man, what he got, nothing? he has nothing but ice cream and probably a pocket full of change. >> reporter: those impact ed by each of the killings says attacks like these can't be tolerated and now an ice cream man taken by no reason. >> so many people's lives have been affected by this violence, and it needs to stop. >> these guns stupid. people stupid. >> reporter: of course, the suspects in each of the cases are considered armed and dangerous and police very much want them off the street.
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if you have information about either of the case or that person of interest you're asked to call the oakland police department immediately. >> reporting live in oakland, jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. >> an amazing survival story of four firefighters. two men are out of the hospital and one is skill in critical condition and however he is improving and they are fighting last month's butte fire and call fire said how they were surrounded by flames and deported their fire shelter. the heat was so great that one showalter melted and two men actually sheltered together. >> more than a million of us will be looking up this week. the jets will be buzzing our skies, one the most popular celebration. the bark droe, it looks beautiful and already busier, high above from one of our weather cameras. fleet week, the first day and also some serious work to do
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with personnel from the navy, the national guard and even the red cross in town. organizers put things to work on a training assignment and practiced with first responders and critical as you might know in a catastrophic event. " runs :05 ===vo continues=== runs :05 ===vo continues=== as visitors will take in all the >> the every time you are trying to have fun also working at the same time. >> stand by. >> as visitors will take in all the ships and the blue angels, of course, high above, there is a fleet week message from the faa. leave your drones at home. drones are banned in restricted areas. >> let's turn things over to jeff ranieri so clear skies completely, jeff. >> yeah. looks really good throughout this week. when fleet week comes like to clear it out for sailors and also the pilot so we get a nice air show here and talk to any kind of air practice and 67 degrees and then as we head throughout saturday and then we have an air show, 71 degrees. 1:30 to 4:00 and saturday 12:30
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to 4:00 with 71 degrees and clear skies. the reason why we'll have the clear skies is the fact that high pressure is building in from the south. it's going to nudge in just enough to help our temperatures warm up each and every day. i don't think it's going to get extremely hot but definitely a noticeable rise in numbers as we head throughout tomorrow. you can see in the north bay 78 degrees and san francisco 68, and for the tri-valley 83 and peninsula 76 and the south bay at 81. we will see once again that hotter weather get here as we head through friday's forecast but we should top out at 90 degrees. that should be hot theest again for the interior valleys. 87 for the south bay and san francisco overall near soma and the financial district 72 and a lot of you with sunshine through this week we are supposed to get that rainfall and you are exactly right and as you can see in october we typically averaged just about three quarters of an inch of rainfall and it really
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dramatically steps up november and december. we will not see average rainfall way it's going and more on el nino and what it could mean for our rain. >> coming up here shortly, boost for high speed rail in california. people that are suddenly getting behind the project that could link san francisco to l.a. >> a staple taken off store shelves. why general mills is recalling 2 million boxes of cheerios. the week off to a great start on
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wall street. the markets soared today: nats the week is off to a great start on wall street. the markets soared today. the dow closing more than 300 points higher and the s&p and nasdaq were also both up more than 1.5%. financial analysts are saying they are feeling confident the fed will not raise interest rates this month or the rest of this year. jack is back. twitter's co-founder jack dorsey is appointed as the company's ceo which boosted shares for twitter about 7% today. twitter's stock has been in a free fall lately losing about 22% this year so far. dorsey took over on an interim basis about three months ago. he'll continue now permanently to leave both twitter an square which is another high-profile company he founded. millions in virtual currency now up for auction courtesy of the federal government. the u.s. marshal service says they are about to sell off $10.6
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million in becoiitcoins. the auction starts november 5. bidders need to pre-register vie arkt u.s. marshal's website. private funding for california's high speed rail, at least 35 private investors say they are interested in financing it, building and operating the first 300-mile segment of that project. the rail authority asked private firms to respond to a list of questions on how to reduce costs, speed up construction and attract more private investment. the segment is merced to burbank set to operate in 2011. critics of the $68 billion said the lack of interest from private investors is a sign the plan is not realistic. well, still ahead, remembering maddy middleton, the
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celebration her family hopes will help heal a community. >> the promise of what hillary clinton will do if she's elected president on gun control. old, today... and right now --
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a big crowd in e right now at 6:30, she would have been nine years old today and now a big crowd in santa cruz is celebrating the life of
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maddy middleton who was kidnapped and killed allegedly by her teenage neighbor. a message tonight from maddy's mother. ian. >> reporter: more than 100 kids and parents are here to support the family and enjoy themselves which is the point of this party. there are bounce houses and even a petting zoo here to celebrate maddy middleton on what would have been her ninth birthday. her mer and family and friends are hosting this party at santa cruz and set out 150 purple cupcakes which was maddy's favorite colors. fairies offering face painting and balloons and everyone trying to celebrate a young life, a young girl no longer able to go to birthday parties like this. >> because they need to celebrate maddy, but he was incredible and her light burned so bright and he wanted to celebrate that. it's her birthday and if she was here that's what he would be
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doing. >> reporter: invited five local schools before the mayor even to claim october 5th maddy middleton day. reporting in santa cruz, ian cole, nbc bay area news. a woman's body found golden gate park not found far from the bluegrass festival. it was found at intersection of john f. kennedy and chain o'lakes drive. it appeared the woman had been struck in the head and hundreds of thousands of visitors flooded into the park saturday and sunday for the city's 15th annual bluegrass festival and police have not said they attended that festival and they say she's in her mid-20s or mid-30s and does in the appear to be a transient. an east pay man has been arrested on charges killing his
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own mother. the 32-year-old was found wandering in kensington yesterday. police aren't saying exactly how the mom died but the level of violence in her death was severe. the woman was a retired special ed teacher. friends are holding a candlelight vigil tonight to remember him. san francisco police officers recovering from serious injury this evening after being pinned between two cars by a fleeing burglary suspect. it happened at midnight at mirabel island. they say they hit the suspect with the car as he was trying to race away. after hitting the sfpd officer he rammed another police cruiser before being arrested. the officer injuries are said to include broken ribs and leg injuries. >> another tough day at the umpqua college, students, faculty and some staff went back to campus for the very first time since the mass shooting last week. classes haven't started and it
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won't start until next week but the campus did open there so the people there during the shooting could if back and pick up their belongings. nine people were killed and nine others injured. the shooter also took his life after getting into a shootout with police. presidential candidate hillary clinton is pushing for tighter gun control laws in the wake of that shooting in roseburg. she says it would be a top priority if elect the. earlier today she posted on twitter, quote, if congress refuses to act to end this epidemic of gun violence i'll take administrative action to do so much. that's something president obama has said he would not do. nbc's steve happenedlesman has more. >> reporter: hillary clinton says tougher gun laws could help cut america's death toll from firearms. 10,000 a year. >> we have got to keep guns out of the hands of people who should not have them. she promises executive action to require background checks for all private sales.
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>> 40% of guns are sold at gun shows, on line sales. we need to close that loophole? and would push to allow lawsuits by gun manufacturers by victims that congress banned in 2005. clinton's voice cracked when he spoke -- >> reporter: issue sets clinton apart from all republicans setting and bernie sanders who has a mixed record on guns. >> hillary, if i can call you it a. >> or you can call me val. >> reporter: clinton played val the bartender on "saturday night live." >> val, val, i wish you could be president. >> me, too. >> reporter: now she's pushing tougher gun control as a female. >> who can be more of an outsider than a woman president.
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>> reporter: the all female issue to gun violence and what she says she would do. bernie sanders voted against the brady bill that began background checks in the 1990s but now he says he supports closing the gun show loophole. i'm steve handlesman, nbc news washington. locally now governor brown might tighten our firearm laws. new legislation would ban concealed handguns at california colleges and schools. the state's current law makes it illegal to possess a firearm won 1,000 feet of a school or on a college campus, but there are exemptions for people with concealed carry permits. a bill to expand restrictions was approved in early september by the governor and now the governor -- the governor now has until next tuesday to act on it. >> we mentioned earlier in this newscast california will become the nation's fifth state to allow terminally ill patients the right to die. governor brown signing the legislation today, it takes effect this coming january. this has been a high-profile
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issue because of brittany menard after being diagnosed with terminal brain cancer she moved from oregon to california to end her life. a new statewide poll finds broad voter support for california's new end of life option act and an nbc bay area field poll found two in three voters favor the law. 27% are opposed. >> well, not so cheery if you're gluten intolerant. general mills has recalledled 2 million boxesch cheerios, regular and honey nut, too. general mills says some of the cereal boxes may contain wheat and they are labeled gluten free and be war eff boxes used between july of 2012 and 2015. go to our website at to see the dates and more information as well. torrential rainfall leads to a state of emergency and hundreds are rescued from rushing hours and there's more and the reason fire teams have pumped the water
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and better than wi-fi. the new facebook project that will make sure you're always connected no matter where you are. ripping off a t-mobile
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store...that was filled w/ customers. pleasanton police are ripping off a t-mobil store filled with customers, here's the surveillance footage. pleasanton police are asking for the public's help identifying these suspects. they actually cut off the wires of those display phones that you have in those stores and they took them. this happened last week at t-mobil store inside the stoneridge mall. the suspects got away in a gray 5 series bmw. paying out at atm. being of us are being charged with record high fees and a new report says the average fee is a record $4.52 per transaction if
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you use an out-of-network atm. that's up about 4% this year. people are also paying more for overdraft fees. the average cost, more than $33 per year. facebook about to go out of this world. today ceo mark zuckerberg announced the plan to beam the internet to space. plans to launch a satellite into orbit to give millions of people access to facebook. they are focusing on regions where connectivity is difficult. facebook plans to cover part of the west, east and southern africa. disney taking cues from uber considering a demand-based pricing plan for the u.s. theme parks. prices would surge on busy days and then fall during the off-season. disney says the move will prevent overcrowding. now surveying visitors to gauge interest in the new pricing model and in the meantime they raised park prize, an annual
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pass to the parks in california and florida will set you back $1,049 per person. the brady bunch could not go to disneyland now. >> expensive. >> is there a three for one pass at disneyland? we can all go together. >> i don't think they have that. >> the price of one, no. any time i went to disney world most recently back in florida, unbelievable how expensive it is. i hope they put a ceiling on it so if it's going to be super packed that it doesn't just keep going up and up. a live look outside, and can you see a little bit of haze out there and fog on the immediate coastline. details on the full forecast and hotter temperatures in a couple of minutes. [female announcer] for thousands of local foster children,
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extracurricular activities help provide a sense of identity and a path to success. joining the soccer team... getting help with math... going to prom. i want to learn to swim. it's hard to feel normal... ...when you can't do the normal things. [announceto help, sleep train is collecting donations for the extra activities that for most kids are a normal part of growing up. not everyone can be a foster parent... ...but anyone can help a foster child. today, when the pilot became ill--
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an american airlines co-pilot diverted a flight to syracuse today when the pilot became ill mid-flight and despite efforts to get the pilot to a hospital quickly, he died, in the cockpit. the co-pilot safely landed the plane at syracuse international. the plane had been en route to boston from phoenix. american airlines has not released the pilot's name or the nature of the illness. south carolina, as you might have heard, is experiencing record flooding following a weekend of torrential rain. take a look at video here. drone video now showing just how bad this damage is. at least nine people have died. >> and while that rain has eased the intense flood of water pushing towards the coast has not. jay gray has the latest. >> reporter: south carolina is still under water right now. historic flooding that's tossed aside characters torn away roads, bridges and dams and swallowed communities from the coast through the midlands.
6:45 pm
>> we are continuing evacuations and rescue operations throughout the state. >> reporter: in the columbia area alone there have been more than 150 swift water rescues and first responders expect that number to climb. the national guard has moved in to help with the ongoing effort in the flood zone focusing much their attention in the columbia area where the water has had an effect on just about everyone and everything. >> infrastructure is compromised. one of the most severe problems, water, not the levels that continue to rise but the fact that thousands are left without drinkable water and fire teams continue to pump tens of thousands of gallons of water into area hospitals. >> we're going to continue to provide the water to the hospital as long as we can sustain it, and we just don't know how long we can sustain it. >> reporter: the firefighters and water system, like most everyone here, pushed to their
6:46 pm
limits, but the struggle for many is still far from over. >> when it finally does stop raining and the floods recede we have to deal with all the incredible amounts of property damage which will total into the billions. a lot of work to do but we're doing it together >> reporter: same way that so many to this point have survived this historic storm. jay gray, nbc new, columbia, south carolina. >> that is a big issue, not water, but drinking water that they are bringing into the hospital and local universities there in columbia and the region. >> reporter: let's turn things over to jeff. bizarre to see that much water in the carolinas like that. >> yeah. >> definitely is a flip of the pattern and high pressure building back across the west and the trough back around the east coast and we're going to have a look at the radar throughout the carolinas coming up and as you get a look at forecast at home, another night and beautiful sunset and seen
6:47 pm
this the past couple of weeks and this time of the night and you can see from the weather underground mt. hamilton camera and beautiful throw in the sky and as we head throughout the fall the sunsets will become earlier and earlier. cheer skies right now across the region but the fog is building at the coastline and that will have an impact for tomorrow morning and we do think we'll start off on the cool side and may need a jacket here at the entire bay area and we'll start off at and isolated drizzle and the fog returning to the personal. flooding and deadly rains throughout the carolinas and tomorrow the storm system will exit and as we heard on "nbc nightly news" with left err holt this is the single most amount of rainfall in one location in 16 years across the united states so that just goes to show
6:48 pm
you will all of the storms that we've had in 16 years there's never been this much rain in one location so very, very powerful combination of the moisture combination of hurricane joaquin kicking up out of the east and no rainfall coming our way this week. high pressure building in from the south and that's good enough to ratchet up temperatures this week and tomorrow the fog and by the afternoon we get sunny skies and then as we take a look at friday or saturday we should be spared of any triple-digit temperatures and isolated 90s and all the images, i wanted to go and bring you our el nino rain outlook and this is the latest indication of when el nino impacts could happen through mid-december, january,
6:49 pm
february and march and that's when there's increased rain for the pay area. higher risk always goes to southern california and 2016 with our el nino. let take you to the microclimate forecast for tuesday and temperatures in the 60s and going to catch some fleet week in the sky. 67 in the financial district and up towards the south bay and north bay and east bay. temperatures warm up and the still comfortable in pleasanton with 82 degrees. not uncomfortably hot and we'll see relatively similar numbers and also monday's forecast. raj and jess, very comfortable forecast this week but i do wish we had rainfall to stir it up. just won't happen. >> good for fleet week. >> and the talk of the town, what's up with colin kaepernick? will the 49ers actually bench
6:50 pm
their quarterback before "sunday night football?" morin that next the
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6:52 pm
we have good players. we don't have a good record but we have good players and we have good coaching and we've got to go through the middle of this and -- and get it sorted out. >> as the losses mount the pressure builds and the 49ers already appear to be in damage control. good evening. here in the comcast sportsnet studios and once again kaepernick taking the brunt of the criticism the in sunday's
6:53 pm
17-3 defeat. against the packers the team played well enough to win and kaepernick unable to move the office missing torrey smith on this third down conversion and you can see the frustration from the wide receiver. kap finished 13 of 25 with a reception and everybody's patience is running thin. >> to be honest hard to go out there and play like that and tomsula doesn't deserve it and the fans don't deserve to watch us play and we've got to get this right now. >> good news and bad news and team teal ready to open the season at staples center at the l.a. kings and first the good for the first time in his career. named the team captain and joe logan and logan couture selected as captain after they went all
6:54 pm
in. raffi torrez's news bad, not horrible. the forward suspended for the first 41 games of the season by the league for a hit an ann heim's jakob silfverberg in saturday's preseason contest. he'll forfeit over $440 in salary during the suspension. giants not pinching any pennies on the international market and cuban outfielder signed by the g-men according to and the 20-year-old is ranked as number four international prospect and will make $2.5 million in a minor league deal, potentially adding depth to a large group of returning players for 2016. >> i'm really encouraged about some things. one, we'll be healthy. i think we'll have our core guys back. there's too much to be encouraged about as we go into
6:55 pm
2016. >> promotions for both billy beane and his assistant david force despite the a's 6-94 finish this past season. beane's new title executive vice president of baseball operations with force taking over the role of the athletics general manager. and finally vallejo native and new york yankees pitcher cc sabathia will miss the entire postseason after checking himself into an alcohol rehabilitation center. in a statement from sabathia released by the team he says he took a step to receive the care he needs and become the kind of person i can be proud of. warriors and raptors from the s.a.p. center tonight, the preseason opener and the coaching debut of luke walton. that story tonight at 11:00. raj and jessica, back to you. >> the warriors play tonight. >> in sweaters. >> no. >> it's stephen curry bobblehead in the sharks sweater because they are playing in san jose.
6:56 pm
>> not on ice tonight. >> thank you for that. >> for a full 30 minutes of warriors coverage and raiders and 49ers coverage wamp "sportsnet central" at 10:30. >> i'm just hung up on the sweater thing. tonight at 11:00 we investigate a problem with the california national guard. why current and former members reached out to nbc bay area asking for help. that's tonight at 11:00 after "the blindspot. ". >> the jeff ranieri and one last shout-out about our weather. warriors playing indoors in san jose and beautiful outside. >> check out sky camera weather, weather underground showing mt. hamilton with the sunset looking beautiful. tomorrow morning, starting off with temperatures in the 5s and mainly clear in the south bay and drizzle possible in san francisco. tomorrow's highs very comfortable and we'll come with 83 in the tri-valley. hotter by friday and saturday, low 90s and no rain in the next seven days. thanks for joining us at 6:00.
6:57 pm
have a great evening. >> bye.
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clinton versus trump amped up. hillary spoofs herself and rips and roasts the donald on snl. >> donald trump? >> what they're both saying today now on extra. hillary clinton's image reinvention tour hits saturday night live. >> i also like to have a good time.


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