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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  October 7, 2015 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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san francisco police -- pursuing a homicide case just blocks from one of the city's most popular tourist spots. san francisco police pursuing a homicide case just blocks from one of the city's most popular tourist spots. the mystery isn't solved yet but investigators are zeroing in on those responsible for a deadly shooting in a north bay trail. new evidence fueling the search. when will it get cleaned up? residents of a peninsula city enflamed over piles of trash and debris littering city streets. "today in the bay" starts right now. wednesday morning. we made it. halfway there. good morning. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm sam brock. clouds to start off your morning. for an explanation on what a thin cloud later, let's go to
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kari hall. >> as you go inland, it's 63 degrees in the peninsula. highs today will be in the 70s and 80s. still upper 60s in san francisco while the south bay tops out at 83 degrees and a lot of sunshine once again. heating up as we head closer to the weekend. good morning, mike. you are tracking a problem on the roads? >> i got two things on radar. i want to show everybody the big green map for most of the bay. we watch southbound 880 stretch from oakland to coliseum down toward marina boulevard down to one lane like the last couple nights. we should see slowing over the next few minutes as they clear a crew. behind me slowing for 580 westbound behind that shield. i want to show you the live shot west 580 coming through dublin a disabled vehicle and construction. i'll check on that as well. back to you. >> mike, thank you. a woman shot to death in a busy part of the city right here market street.
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this morning police trying to put together the pieces of a homicide investigation in san francisco. it happened on mason street about 8:00 last night. not very far from the westfield shopping center on market. very popular area for tourists. >> "today in the bay's" bob redell is live this morning. we understand police have a person of interest in this case? >> reporter: they do, laura and sam. police here at headquarters tell us they have taken a person of interest into custody to be interviewed at the tenderloin station. it was around 8:00 last night that officers responded to a residential building on the 100 block of mason street and found a woman shot in the upper part of her body. police performed cpr to try to keep her alive but unfortunately she died on the scene. investigators did identify a person of interest who has been taken into custody. pd has not said what led up to this killing, whether it was random or targeted. officer indicated they may release more information
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laettnlater in the morning. bob redell, "today in the bay." police in berkeley reopened a couple roads closed overnight for a shooting investigation there. it happened close to malcolm x elementary school near russell and california streets. they say somebody fired several shots around 8:30 last night and that someone had to be taken to the hospital. we have not been told the victim's condition right now. for a while people were told to stay inside while police searched for a suspect. that order has since been lifted. a developing story now and a new clue in the desperate search for a killer. this surveillance video shows people who may know something about an instructor found shot to death on a hiking trail. they are calling people in that video persons of interest in the death of steven carter. >> they were found just west of
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fairfax. here's another look at the surveillance video. you can see a man wearing a distinctive white hat with what's believed to be a california bear on it and you see a woman with dreadlocks. a third person of interest not seen in the video is described as a man wearing a bright colored colored t-shirt. a very clear look at their faces in that surveillance video and police are releasing the license plate of the missing volkswagen jetta. 6ppg662. if you see the car or persons of interest, please contact authorities immediately. it's 4:34. outrage on the peninsula this morning. some people are complaining of health problems.
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>> this hand is like a little weak. i got weakness. >> ben fuller says his hand was perfectly fine until last saturday when winds kicked up dust from a pile of construction debris into his neighborhood. the pile consists of old pipes dug up at a nearby sewer and water project. now residents are concerned it may contain asbestos. >> we've been told the material has been tested by an outside agency but we haven't gotten results back of what's in the land yet. >> a spokesperson for the owner of the land say it's from an illegal dumping by a sewer project contractor and that transit agency never agreed to use that land as a dump site. >> just when you thought the problem might have been nipped in the bud, a new case of bed bugs at another library on the peninsula. this time the bugs were found on a chair at menlo park library. the city is keeping the facility
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closed today to clean up the place. officials hope to reopen tomorrow morning at 10:00. in the last nine days, three libraries in palo alto shut down because of a bed bug infestation. >> problems with that lately. >> we shared you the video this morning of the actual bugs crawling around. 4:46. a little early for that funny business. >> we don't want to see that while we're eating breakfast getting the day started. fact of life. as we look at these current temperatures, it is mild as you step out the door. it's 63 degrees in sunnyvale and concord. 56 degrees in napa. mostly cloudy skies moving in this morning. that will gradually clear through mid morning and early afternoon and expect a high of 79 degrees in san jose. and redwood city, 78 degrees. 88 in fairfield. oakland, 74. pleasanton at 82 degrees. we'll take a closer look at this but mike is tracking a slowdown in dublin. >> a cluster of trucks right
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here at the off-ramp for westbound 580. there's your commute direction. they just cleared seconds ago as you were making your report. traffic flowing smoother here. the map will reflect slowing. we've had slowing and that's what we were seeing. looked like westbound crews have cleared right at the dublin interchange. the rest of your approach is toward the bay bridge moving nicely as far as speed sensors go. oakland camera southbound traffic flow we were down to one lane like monday and tuesday with overnight slowing. we'll track this for the next few. back to you. >> appreciate that, mike. coming up next, a strange accident at a san jose construction site leaves a worker dead. family members of sonoma county jail inmates are speaking out detailing what they say were brutal attacks by correction officers. families of inmates that say
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they were abused at sonoma county jail a 4:40 right now. family of inmates who say they were abused at sonoma county jail are detailing what they say are illegal beatings. a lawsuit was filed against the sheriff's department this week. the suit claims the abuse took place for five hours during one day back in may. inmates say the deputies wore ski masks and black clothing. they allegedly went cell to cell kicking and punching them. the mother of one of those inmates recounted what her son said happened. >> the deputy said if he heard
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one thing from me that they would come back and beat me. >> the sheriff's department is denying the allegations saying the correctional deputies were responding to a coordinated mass disturbance by inmates. the lawsuit is seeking unspecified damages. there are so many questions this morning after the death of a local construction worker. he was at a new housing site in san jose yesterday afternoon and apparently was struck in the head by an excavator. it appears to be an accident but the coroner has not released the name of the victim and cal osha is investigating the work site. people who live near a green cement plant will be able to give input tonight. the company based in ireland wants to place a high performance environmentally favorable concrete facility in vallejo. it would build at the site of a
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former flour processing plant. authorities are concerned about cancer risk from toxic emissions. tonight's meeting is held at the john f. kennedy library in vallejo. >> don't get burned by your phone. complaints circulating about a hot button issue with the new iphone 6s.
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halfway through your workweek now and a pretty nice week. >> cool to start the week.
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cool is the underside of the pillow. other side of the pillow. one of those two expressions. >> because you want to roll over and go back to bed. >> it's still early. we will have some cool temperatures as you step out the door and nice warm day today. we'll see it warming up a few degrees over yesterday. a live look at the bay bridge. we see things are mostly clear. around 60 degrees around most of the bay area. san jose at 62 degrees. let's go hour by hour to see what those temperatures will do dipping a couple more degrees as we go through sunrise and more clouds moving in and by 8:00 the sun starts to peek out. we have a mix of sun and clouds through at least 11:00 with temperatures up to 68 degrees at 11:00 and then lunchtime it's bright and sunny. 72 degrees. another beautiful day with highs in the upper 70s. 82 degrees in los gatos.
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and in the north bay, it's 79 degrees in napa. oakland, 74. and dublin topping out at 85 degrees. and it's still fairly mild out there. we're just hoping for a chance of rain as we turn to the tropics there's a hurricane out there that's now a category 2. hurricane oho a category 1 as it moves to the north. look how close it gets to the northwest. doesn't look to make landfall but some of that tropical moisture will stream into oregon over the next couple of days and it may make it into the northern parts of california but i don't think we'll see it here in the bay area. we'll keep a slight chance of rain in the forecast as we go through saturday night into early sunday. but the models really aren't picking up on a chance of showers for us. that's the only chance we have. it's columbus day weekend. we will have some nice weather and a lot of events going on including fleet week. in san francisco, expect
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temperatures in the 70s throughout the weekend and it will be coming down from 88 degrees in the tri-valley on saturday. let's get a look at a slowdown now on the bay bridge. >> good morning. first of all, i want to take it back to a shot you showed. just noticed that these came on at the end. one, two, three sets of those bay bridge lights. they're going to eventually come back but it will be more impressive than that. i want to point that out in case you caught that and smooth flow across the bridge. let's look at the bay bridge toll plaza from the oakland side. a burst of traffic starting to come through. no big problems as we look at your map. smooth drive and volume increases there as well as for the tri-valley. slowing as cruise pick up 580 through dublin. your facebook profile picture could get more colorful. >> let's go to landon.
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>> good morning to both of you. i'm so excited about the new app. futures are sharply higher. asian and european markets in the green today with energy stocks leading the way boosted by a rise in oil prices. u.s. markets took a breather yesterday. dow rose for a third straight session but the nasdaq snapped its four-day winning streak. the dow up 14 points. the nasdaq down 42 to 4,748. volkswagen ceo says the company will recall cars affected by diesel emission scandal in january. the automaker hopes to complete the repairs by the end of next year. the head of vw's u.s. operation sent letters to car owners apologizing for the incident but also saying a fix will take time. congress is holding a hearing on the matter tomorrow. facebook will now let you draw on your photos. it's launched the new feature called doodle. it's the latest tool facebook has unveiled to let people more
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fully express themselves. it's available on ios a and android devices. >> i see mustaches and beards in people's future. >> thank you very much. >> lots of likes. >> california made a bold move to close the pay gap between men and women. yesterday governor brown signed the fair pay act in richmond. represents american women that worked hard in ship yards and factories during world war ii. it's one of the toughest pay he can qu-- equity laws in the country. >> inequities have plagued our state and burdened women forever are slowly being resolved. >> starting january 1st, employers must prove that a man's higher pay is based on
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factors other than jegender and protects workers from retaliation if they ask what each other person earns and the law makes it easier for workers to sue. many believe california's work is just getting started in ending gender inequality in the workforce. that's the focus of a state hearing today in san francisco. state senators will travel from sacramento to hear about the barriers women typically face and policy changes that might improve the situation. 40% of working mothers are now the sole source of family income across california. wall street's major players could soon lose protections that currently shield them from major class action lawsuits. if you read the small print in most checking, credit card or financial agreements you're signing away your rights to sue. arbitration is still allowed but critics accuse financial companies of sidestepping the judicial process in the courts. the consumer protection bureau will propose new rules preventing financial companies
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from having customers sign away those basic rights. supporters expect stiff opposition to that plan. the new iphones are hot literally. complaints on twitter that the home buttons can become burning hot. that's not all. apparently the iphone 6s randomly turns off. no word on what causes the glitch. apple sold 13 million of the latest iphones last month. chuck e cheese may be the place where a kid can be a kid but soon for moms. they hope to win over millennial moms by testing lattes, cappuccinos and expanding its beer and wine options because everyone goes there for happy hour. chuck e cheese revamped its menu by adding gluten free pizza and thin crust pizza. the average child wants to visit
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chuck e cheese at least once a month. parents are only interested in taking them there about three times a year. >> that's very true. i was nice. i went recently. >> you're up on your quota. >> wine would have been a good thing i got to say. it's 5:52 right now. why the medical center in san francisco does a complete turnaround to welcome the warriors to the city by the bay.
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rushing through fleet week. we're already at day three now, right? >> yeah. of the week. >> of the week and fleet week. we have our official fleet week forecast. >> we do. because we have some great weather in san francisco. today the u.s. navy band will be live. it will be 69 degrees today.
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tomorrow air practice 2:00 to 4:00 in the afternoon. 71 degrees. the parade of ships on friday. look at the weather throughout the weekend for the air show. a few clouds but very comfortable with highs in the 70s. we'll look at all of the microclimates coming up. right now mike gives you a look at the whole bay area and the commute. >> no crashes to talk about. we have west 580 with slowing through dublin. no big surprises there. over in san francisco there may be some smoke drifting around 280. reports there may be a car fire nearby on a surface street. we're checking on that. we're also watching the bay bridge toll plaza with no problems there. i do want to show you 880 from our live camera. we've seen slowing south of the coliseum but this morning it looks like the road crew is clearing without incident. back to you. >> all right. early morning hour on the roadways not the only place you'll see these bright lights. it's been seven months since
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we've seen the bay bridge lights art project glisten our night skies. tonight they are slowly starting to come back. reinstallation are expected to begin after a long pause. lights will now be a permanent part of the western span. they are expected to be fully back on before super bowl 50. >> beautiful. today we should find out where the peninsula leg of the state's high-speed rail project stands. a public meeting is set for tonight in washington park. we know the project will blend high-speed trains with caltrain from san francisco to san jose. the $68 billion high-speed rail is already under construction in the central valley. happening today, a moment that environmentalists call a milestone for the state of california. this is governor brown signing a landmark energy bill. that bill requires at least half of california's electricity to come from renewable sources like solar and wind by the year 2030.
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some of the toughest standards in the world. supporters say the new law will kick-start a transformation never before seen in the state of california. warriors one big step closer to moving to san francisco. mayor ed lee says ucsf is officially onboard with the warriors plan to build an arena. originally they were against that arena plan citing increased traffic near its medical center. a $10 million fund for traffic issues that may arise after the arena opens. the ucsf medical center sits across the street from the warrior site. it clears a big hurdle. the warriors hope to move across the bay in 2018. >> third or fourth championship at that point. we'll have to see. coming up next, coughing and calling for a cleanup. debris dumped on city streets in the peninsula. now the people who live there
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want to know when the crud will be cleared. right in the heart of the city. a homicide in the westfield shopping center stoking more concerns about city safety. found dead overnight - near a
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popular tourist destination - in san francisco? laura/vo plus - police release pictures - what happened to a woman found dead overnight near a popular tourist destination in san francisco. police release pictures of
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persons of interest in the death of a man on a hiking trail. >> and debris dumped on city streets. why some say it could be dangerous. good wednesday morning. i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. nice day ahead, kari? >> another beautiful one. we've enjoyed comfortable weather. so nice yesterday afternoon. after starting out with morning clouds, it will be comfortable this afternoon. at noon we're talking about temperatures in the upper 60s to lower 70s. tri-valley up to 77 degrees with a high this afternoon at 84 degrees. we'll take a closer look at all of the microclimates and what to expect this weekend as it heats up. right now mike takes us to oakland to see what's happening. >> last couple days a big slow drive from coliseum down toward san leandro. a nice smooth drive this morning as we look at live camera and taillights toward that area. we'll show you the maps. no slowing. slowing west 580. that crew aro


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