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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  October 12, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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>> kari, start with our live look for 880 and this is fine for the oakland area here. look at the volume with those headlights south down towards hayward. look at your map now in the opposite direction heading towards the bay bridge is slow for 580. your other freeway through oakland hills and other slowing through that earlier construction zone that continues to clear up. the backup at the bay bridge, that does not clear. the metering lights are on and that's theered flow coming off the east shore freeway. here the castro valley and nimitz freeway shows a standard bill there and the same thing for south 680 through pleasanton. that build as folks head west across the san mateo bridge, more slowing through the peninsula and still at speed all. the south bay sloan slowiwing f and hitting, again, about 6:30 this morning. holding steady and, of course, you guys are talking about that over the morning. back to you. as well as new this morning,
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two people in the hospital after a car drove down an embankment and through a homeless encampment in san jose overnight. the car was headed on northbound 87 about 2:00 this morning when it veered off to the right and ended up hitting the encampment near capital expressway. two people were heaurt and we'r told they will be okay. we don't know if they were the people in the car. no word on what caused that driver to lose control. this morning southwest airlines is warning passengers there could be some lingering delays because of a computer glitch over the weekend that caused massive problems at the airports nationwide. >> a lot of patient and impatient travelers out there. "today in the bay" kris sanchez live at maneta san jose. southwest has some specific instructions for anyone flying today. >> they say get to your airport at least two hours before your departure time and if you can print your boarding passes at home, things could go swimmingly for you. already inside, there are folks who are arriving early and
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smooth sailing so far. and, in fact, the delays that folks had here over the weekend were less than the des at oakland and san francisco. but a lot of folks are feeling frustrated. they said they just didn't understand and they didn't get a lot of information about why they were delayed. now we know it was a computer glitch that shut down the southwest airline and forcing ticket passengers to go at things manually. take a look at the impact down south los angeles international where the traffic through the airport outside the airport also impacted. here are some of the travelers who were arriving here in the bay area yesterday. >> coming from seattle it about one hour. >> it was about 45-minute delay. >> so, at l.a.x., southwest helped passengers ease the pain with a little bit of pizza. between that and the airline's long history of good customer service, some passengers willing to cut them a little bit of slack, but the good news, or the
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good will, i should say, may not last into today if those delays much longer. it does not look like they will. at least here at maneta san jose. again, the reminder is to get to your airport two hours early, print your boarding passes, if you can at home. if not, give yourself a little more wiggle room. at maneta san jose, kris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> thank you. new this morning, being called the biggest technology deal ever. texas-based dell is buying emc to close to $70 billion. dmc is based in massachusetts, but it has a big presence in silicon valley and it knows a majority of and emc shares up 4% ahead of the opening bell. you may remember founder michael dell took that computer private some two years ago. police in san francisco looking at surveillance video and interviewing people involving a deadly crash involving a bus and a bicyclist. near the montgomery b.a.r.t. station. the man was riding his bike
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between two buses when it appears he lost his balance and fell. he was then crushed under the tire of muni bus. do not know the man's name or age. investigators will need dental records to identify two people killed when a small plane crashed in south lake tahoe over the weekend. that plane was registered to a man from the east bay. the single engine beach craft bonanza crashed into a wooden housing development saturday night. faa records show that plane was rescued to 73-year-old conrad of oakley. but so far investigators are not saying if he was onboard. >> think he may have rented the aircraft to someone else? >> no. >> why? >> he don't like it that nobody touching his plane. >> he was a pilot and a chemical engineer. got some smarts upstairs. didn't talk about it too much. >> now, no one on the ground was hurt, but the crash renews concerns about flight paths in and out of lake tahoe airport about a mile and a half away
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witnesses say the plane crashed in windy conditions shortly after takeoff. a playwright saw the crash after it happened. him and his wife were in the south tahoe area to see one of his plays perform at a festival. sx >> the whole house sort of jolted and it felt like an earthquake, but it didn't sound like an earthquake. >> the two went outside and realized it was a plane crash. planes were moving quickly. the two were able to get to safety untils arrived. should violent criminals be allowed to fight? the number of inmates who work outside prison walls to help firefighters on the front line. as of now, only minimum security inmates with no history of violent crime can take part in the inmate firefighting unit. the unit has 3,800 inmates. official os say it needs thousands more. so, the state department of corrections and rehabilitation
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is proposing opening up that program to inmates convicted of things like assault and robbery, but only after years of behavior. arsonists, kidnappers, sex offenders and inmates serving life sentences would not be considered. critics say the plan put regular firefighters at risk. 6:06. happening today, the great pumpkin weigh off. right now farmers are bringing in their biggest pumpkins to the bay area in hopes of smashing some records. >> "today in the bay" bob redell and bless you. they may not be as big because of the drought. >> you're getting joked up over it. >> i mean, you could see how small they are. i mean, it's dramatically different from what we've seen in year's past. i'm kidding you. compared to all the years past, there is definitely a lot bigger or more marger pumpkins out here compared to last year. last year only a handful and already we see about maybe six, seven, eight out here. some from california. some from oregon. this is jim sherwood's entry
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here. of course, you're a veteran here. what are you taping at this year? >> you know, this is a little bit smaller one for me this year. it's probably 1,200, 1,300 pounds. >> how were the growing conditions for you year in oregon? >> the conditions were great. we had a30 days over 90 degrees which is hotter than normal. and other than it was really hard to be out gardening in that temperature, the pumpkins actually loved it. that's why we're seeing bigger pumpkins out of oregon this year. >> good luck to you. one of oyour buddies you drove down with from washington state. this is yours right here. what do you think you'll weigh in at? >> most of the growers i have my fingers and toes crossed it will go heavier than that. >> what does the competition overall look like this year compared to years' past? >> it's pretty hard. pretty tough competition. it is going to be good this year. really good. >> you think the drought is having an impact?
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>> i kind of think so. i know the last year or two the numbers have been down a little bit overall. and i think a lot of it is probably the availability of water and probably the cost of water. >> but at the beginning here i was saying that it's compared to last year, i remember last year was only a few really, really big ones. here we're surrounded by them. >> yeah, well we have a few more from up north. and we've got three good ones here from up north. so, that helps. that helps bring the numbers up. >> good luck to you. good luck. the weigh off starts around 7:00 hour and won't be until around 10:00 this morning. put him on the scale and, you know, probably around 10:30, 10:45 we'll find out who the winner is and if they can beat last year's win, which was 2,058. that was the first time the half moon bay pumpkin weigh off has seen a ton pumpkin and that, of course, set a north american record at the time and still maintains the california state
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record. so, be interesting to see over the next several hours we could see a new record here in half moon bay. scott, laura? >> what do they do? do they cut into them? is that a lot of pie? >> oh,winner goes on display for the pumpkin fest at the end of the week and in the parade and get a lot of media attention. when you're done with the pumpkins, you cent make them pumpkin pie. give it to the birds? >> we have a blast up in our neighborhood with them. we'll hoist them up 110 feet in the air and drop them. >> i love it. >> drop them. >> i want to go to that. >> drop one on a nonworking county police car years ago. >> i was like take a stick of mite in there. >> i think we may be at the wrong festival, bob. >> i wondered what they did with them. >> excellent question. 6:09 right now. let's get a look at that forecast this monday morning with kari. >> warm as we head into the
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afternoon. great weather to enjoy looking at pumpkins. probably doesn't feel like fall outside we take a look at those gigantic pumpkins. now it's in up thor 50s as we get the day started. today in san jose, expect a high of 88 degrees. it's going to be warm. 84 degrees in palo alto and 92 at napa and 84 in oakland and pleasanton today seeing a high of 91 degrees. we'll take a closer look at these numbers and one, two chances of rain in the forecast this week. i'll talk more about that coming up in about ten minutes. let's check in now with mike to see where you may be slowing down out there. >> kari, you sound like an infommer kr infommercial. >> coming down towards the south bay and milpitas and the fremont looks really nice, despite the increased volume. we'll look at your map and don't see any problems southbound and northbound doesn't show any stalling and not blocking lanes from what i understand. the rest of the south bay and
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we'll see more slowing, again, in the next 20 minutes. that build will start a little bit more traffic heading across 92 and more slowing for 101 and over the next 20 minutes, as well. just getting started and a little slowing for the nimitz and slowing for pleasanton in for sanol. that earlier construction zone has cleared for 580 towards oakland and towards the maze. metering lights are on and over here antioch still has the motorcycle crash in the center divide. no major injuries. back to you. >> thank you, mike. 6:11. coming up back to class with heavy hearts. the crucial role dozens of volunteers will play today as classes resume at an oregon community college. once the scene of a deadly mass shooting. happening today: ==laura/cu==
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with heavy hearts - students and staff will happening today with heavy hearts, students and staff will return to class for the first time since the gunman walked through their halls of their oregon college and opened fire killing nine people. last night dozens of people gathered near rosburg for a candlelight vigil to remember the victims killed 11 days ago at umpqua community college. many of those at the vigil are students at the school. excuse me. they say ongoing support from the community is helping them see past the violence and begin to move forward. >> it's a slow process to get over, but, i feel like i'll get stronger through this. >> this morning, there will be dozens of volunteers throughout
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campus making sure every student has what he or she needs. anything from tissues to comfort dogs. also people from the community along with oregon governor kate brown are expected to line the sidewalk to welcome the students back. today may be a pivotal day in the legal battle over guns. the u.s. supreme court decide whether or not to hear a legal challenge to a chicago area ban on semi automatic weapons carrying more than ten rounds. if justices agree to hear the case, it may set a precedent for similar bans in seven states, including california. gun supporters are asking the court to strike down the law. opponents hope the law is upheld to efforts to ban so-called assault weapons else where. iran state tv is reporting justices have convicted a bay area journalist who now works for "washington post." jason is from marin a former california bureau chief who moved to tehran.
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been in prison for 14 month in iran. an iranian judiciary spokesperson provided no other details on the verdict what the sentence might be. 6:15. twitter reportedly planning companywide layoffs this week just days after jack dorsy was named permanent ceo. it's unclear how many of those cuts will be made but comes as twitter is restructuring its engineering organization to make it "more efficient." the san francisco-based company has 4,100 employees in 35 offices around the world. no comment from twitter. some, meanwhile, may call this a treasure-trove hidden right in the middle of the cal campus. >> hundreds of thousands of fossils underneath the uc berkeley bell tower. jacob rascon has the story. >> reporter: high above the university of california berkeley, hidden inside the bell tower, a unique collection from a forgotten time has been gathering dust for decades. >> i don't want it to be a
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secret although it is really fun to show someone for the first time. >> reporter: only a select few have keys to this restricted area where hundreds of thousands of fossils are coming back to life. >> this is actually the skull of one of the ground swaths we had here california. >> reporter: ph.d. student eric, like a kid in a candy store. >> they're just absolutely cool. >> reporter: from saber-tooth cat skulls to mammoth tusks, some of these bones are set undisturbed for a century. >> we had camels in california. we had mammoths and mastodons and giant saber-tooth cats and we had -- >> the fossils are removed from the tower and brought down here and laid out, measured, analyzed. >> reporter: they are also cataloged online and paleontologists from around the world are noticing. scientists at berkeley say it's key to understanding the california ice age some 30,000
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years ago. they could reveal why these animals became extinct and how humans and climate change played a part. >> that's exactly the sort of crisis that we're facing now. >> reporter: 20 tons of fossils in the heart of campus still largely a myth to students. >> kind of like a secret society type thing almost. >> reporter: the historic bell tower striking a link between the past and the present. jacob rascon, nbc news, berkeley. >> a lot of history there. pretty cool. >> used to have camels in california and maybe we're going to get them, again. holy cow. >> we are just looking for that rain and we've got a couple of chances in the forecast. if you can believe it. two chances this week. as we take a live look outside now at the bay bridge. it is all dry out to start out the day. and it will be heating up today and it's been a lot hotter than average because of the lack of the wet weather across the bay area and as we go hour-by-hour
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we start out in san francisco. at 9:00, it will be 62 degrees and these temperatures jumping up into the 70s throughout the afternoon. and a lot of sunshine but great weather for the ship tours going on and the battle of the high school bands today in san francisco. so, the highs today in the south bay up to 93 degrees in gilroy. and foster city, 84 degrees. richmond district at 72 and some low 90s in the north bay and napa. oakland 84 and livermore, today, topping out at 93 degrees. so, hot, high pressure is still in control. and it's giving us less of an onshore flow and into the day, our highs will be along the 70s, in the 70s along the immediate coast. 80s inland and some 90s for the tri-valley, as well as the north bay and south bay. the heat will be peaking tomorrow. today it will be hot, but not the hottest day of the week. we do have some cooling changes on the way. chance of showers in the forecast on wednesday and the
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models aren't really handling this well. it's hard to get an idea of when we can see the rain and then it is showing some rain possible on saturday. so, a couple of disturbances moving through that could give us some rain and help knock back these temperatures because the average high in livermore, 78 degrees this time of year and look at where we're going these next couple of days. in the low to mid-90s. comes down to 86 degrees on wednesday and by friday, it will feel so much better. and w, once again, this weekend we'll track another chance of rain all across the bay area as those temperatures continue to come down into the 70s and 80s. san francisco on sunday, but i only see a high of 66 degrees and we'll have 70s all across the bay area with a little bit more sunshine coming out for the end of the week. let's check in now with mike taking us to the bay bridge. >> yeah, kari, we'll start there because this is the biggest backup. it's not unexpected but here the most likely filling in past 880 overcrossing. as we look at your map, see it going past the west grand avenue
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interchange. the overnight construction zone has cleared up and we're at speed pretty much for all your approaches to the maze, except for the east shore freeway which shows the build there. behind me and in towards concord and not an unusual pattern there. we have a bit slowing south 680 from dublin interchange down into pleasanton and a crash reported off of otesla and 580 smooth with a gentle build there and build for the castro valley and hayward southbound 880 for the nimitz and we're looking at a lighter flow of traffic and expect to see that in some spots. south bay for san jose live shot as we explain some schools and some businesses get the columbus holiday off today. but a pretty good flow of traffic through silicon valley and i expect big slowing some time after 7:00. back to you. for making the streets safer. haq in this high intensity activated crosswalk.
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next generation signal being tested near the park. once the button is pressed, you can see it's like a train. ing series of yellow and red lights. giving the pedestrians time to cross and warning the driver. some drivers do say it takes a little getting used to. "the mercury news" reports it's being rolled out across the bay area. a problem with an implosion. exmroplosives rip through historic buildings in scotland, but they don't all come tumbling down. =scott/vo continues= plans to
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implode six apartment towers in glasgow, scotland with controlled yeah, plans to implode a six-apartment towers in glasgow hit that snag as you can see, they did not come all the way down. the top floors of two of those high rises remained in tact. the apartment towers known had been iconic site line since the late 1960s. they became run down and vandalized. nowiohave one apartment that is six stories tall. officials say they'll knock that down at later date. 6:25 happening today. free flu shots. the napa county will offer free flu vaccines at 11:00 this morning in the senior center. experts say unlike last year,
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this year's flu vaccine is expected to be a good match for guarding sens several flu strains this winter. one of ten such clinics through next month. if. you live in the east bay and your water smells or tastes a little funny, it's okay. no need to worry. looking at some ways to change the regional water system testing out an aquaduct that has not been used in 30 years. the tests will last until wednesday and the water is safe to drink, but they say chilling it might cut down on the odor and the taste. southern california freeway a tour bus burst into flames sending dozens of people onboard running for exits. come early and come prepared. aboard one of the country's busiest airlines. got a tip for nbc bay area's investigative unit? call 1-888-996-tips or e-mail
6:27 am nbc bay area, we investigate. joining us. i'm scott mcgrew.
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good morning. happy monday. i'm scott grew. sam brock off this morning. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. we are tracking the weather and the roads and mike keeping aian oon the columbus day commute. let's start off with kari hall. >> not feeling bad out there now and heating up as we go through
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today. it was warm yesterday and even warmer today. and that trend continues into tomorrow. and now as you step out, it's 57 degrees in san francisco and the south bay. 49 in the north bay with a high today of 88 degrees and it will be turning hot there, as well as in the south bay and east bay peninsula up to 80 degrees and san francisco 78. tri-valley a hot 93 degrees today. temperatures coming down this week and a couple chances of rain. i'll detail that coming up in a few minutes. let's check in now with mike taking us to fremont. >> i should have nudged the tree a little more. reports of a stauld vehicle and traffic is moving smoothly in both directions and we'll look at your map and we're talking about that same area with a stalled vehicle and possibly blocked from that fast lane, although it didn't show up in that particular shot. the south bay starts to build for 101 and 87 in towards 280 and 680 the interchange there. another one farther north on 85
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northbound may still leave some slowing in lanes. we had that build, though, for that portion, as well. southbound 880 shows a build hay ward down into union city and the push across the san mateo bridge nothing unusual for 92 and slowing through pleasanton for the tri-valley. over here a nice flow of traffic and upper east shore and berkeley shore and bay bridge metering lights is on and columbus day holiday for some schools and some businesses. back to you. >> thank you very much, mike. new details on breaking news we brought you last night. a happy ending for two boys missing in castro valley. 11 and 12-year-old boys disappeared from old dublin road. late last night officers found them safe at their father's house. no word on where they had been all that time. get there early, print out your boarding passes and good advice giving all day and really good advice all the time. southwest was recovering from a massive nationwide delay over the weekend. >> "today in the bay" kris
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sanchez this morning and we've just learned everything back to normal nationwide? >> yes. southwest has said their computer systems are working exactly the way that they are supposed to. up until that moment they were telling folks to arrive here at the airport two hours early with boarding passes printed at home, if possible. probably still good advice for this morning. passengers at maneta san jose didn't have it as bad as those in oakland and in l.a. 25% of all sunday flights on southwest were delayed. we're talking about 500 flights nationwide. adding to that frustration, many passengers say they didn't get a lot of inform about why they were delayed. >> it's poor, poor customer service and poor information. >> well, we now know that the computer glitch that shut down the southwest airlines website and ticket centers forced passengers and airline workers to check in manually. that's why the delay.
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now, passengers l.a.x. got a little pizza to kind of the pain, but between that and the airline's long history of good customer service, a lot of passengers were willing to cut them some slack. again, the good will probably wouldn't have lasted into a second day. it's a good thing that southwest is now reporting that all systems are a go. all systems operating regular and exactly how they're supposed to. but probably still good advice to get here a little early with your boarding pass, if you have it. in san jose, kris sanchez, "today in the bay." well, investigators will say they need dental records to identify the two people killed when a small plane crashed in south lake tahoe over the weekend. that plane registered to a man from the east bay. the single engine beech craft bonanza crash under to a wooded development saturday night. the plane was registered to 73-year-old conrad yu of oakley. so far, though, investigators are not say figure he was onboard. >> do you think he may have rented the aircraft to someone
6:34 am
else? >> no. i'm sure, no. >> why not? >> because he don't like it that nobody touching his plane. >> he was a pilot and a chemical engineer. got some smarts upstairs. and he didn't talk about it too much. >> no one on the ground was hurt, but renewing flight paths around that airport about a mile and a half away. witnesses say the plane crashed in windy conditions shortly after takeoff. new this morning, a tour bus went up in flames shutting down a busy california freeway for several hours overnight. police say about 40 people were on the tour bus when it stalled and caught fire near laverne. happened just before midnight. everyone onboard got out safely and waited for another bus to come pick them up. chp says it's too early to know why the bus caught fire. well, a busy weekend for governor brown who faced a midnight deadline to sign or veto legislation. among the laws that did make the cut, the california racial
6:35 am
mascot's. this new law would phase out native american terms used by public schools for their nickname or mascot. the governor also signed a tough new vaccination law requiring day care centers to maintain immunization records for their workers and volunteers. and he signed a law banning smokeless tobacco products on the playing field at professional baseball parks and the sales of any vapor products to minors, even those that do not contain nicotine. a number of lauz did not make the cut and were, instead, vetoed. one is a so-called right to try law that would have allowed gravely ill patients greater access to unapproved and experimental drugs. also a bill that would have set new minimum penalties for campus sexual assault convictions. the governor also vetoed a bill for the state's unpaid family leave policy to a greater number of workers across california. brown says the measure conflicted with federal law.
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pumpkin, some of the biggest in the world. >> really big ones. bob rdell live in half moon bay and while these pumpkins are big, they might not be as large as last year all because of the drought. >> well, laura and scott. when you look out here in the parking lot on main street in half moon bay see more larger pumpkins than from what i recall last year to questions, yes, are the ones from california weighing as much as we had last year. we got two veterans here. gary miller the 2013 champion and john both of you from napa. the question is, how has the drought affected the pumpkin growing this year, if at all. >> i think it definitely has. i mean, no doubt about it. >> is it affecting the weight then or just more of a matter of the time and cost? >> well, costs more. especially if you have to buy the water. i mean, can you imagine that? >> right. >> but it, i think it's probably
6:37 am
hurt the weight of the pumpkins in this vicinity about 25%. >> oh o, that's significant. what is yours taping at, the one behind you? >> 1,400, 1,500. >> what would you normally expect if you have done the same thing that you have done in year's past? >> 1,700, 1,800. >> we're hoping for 1,600 today. so, we'll see what comes out. and i don't think it's going to be enough to do some damage, but we're really hoping for a top ten. >> this was not your top pumpkin. you lost one back in september. >> cracked open and what do you think that one would have come in at? >> at that time it was taping about 1,550 and putting on almost 20 pounds a day and 30 days from here. >> you being california farmers
6:38 am
and saw wash tonian competitors how are they stacking up? >> you don't usually see them come down here if they don't have something to brag a. >> best of luck to both of you. i know the weigh off is going to be starting in a few hours here. if you come down half moon bay they will have a scale set up and around the 10:00 hour they get the real big ones up here. john's last year was and curious to see if this year we can see that number get broken here. $6 per pound goes to the top winner. not bad. >> bob will be live at 11:00 to tell us who won. stick around. >> thanks, bob. it is 6:38 right now and check the forecast and kari, it has been warm lately. >> no relief just yet. but it is at least cool now and for the next couple of hours, so o, if you have something active you want to do outside going for a run or getting yard work done
6:39 am
we'll try to get that early in the day. look at the highs this afternoon. up 25088 degrees in san jose and embarcadero at 78 degrees. still some fleet week activities going on today and 90s as you head up towards the north bay. the east bay 84 degrees in oakland while the tri-valley tops out at 93 degrees today in livermore. we'll take a closer look at these temperatures and a couple of chances of rain in the forecast this week. that's coming up in a few minutes. let's check in now with mike and what's happening out there now. >> hi, kari, san mateo bridge where we have a volume increase and nothing dramatic on the span. 880 over on the hayward side and approaching the toll plaza. red zone slowing off the interchange. and crash south at marina may cause more slowing for the nimitz. no surprises for this portion of the east bay and also some concord slowing for south 680 and look to the south and northbound routes now picking up
6:40 am
the volume. 101 and 87 into downtown. back to you. >> thank you, mike. coming up, the first democratic debate is tomorrow. and it's still unclear exactly who will be taking the stage. let's take you out live to the big board this morning. trading has been under way for about ten minutes and it looks pretty flat. nuthing to repo nothing to report. back in a minute. about how the focus of the house
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benghazi probe turned 6:42. a former insider speaking out on how the focus of the house
6:43 am
benghazi probe turned from the attack into something else he calls partisan politics. tracie potts is live in washington where the new comments appear to be stroking the fires of controversy. >> well, no question about that. because all along the clinton campaign has said that benghazi committee was essentially fishing expedition to destroy hillary clinton. and then we heard kevin mccarthy say essentially that and now we're getting what the clinton campaign calls a whistleblower. the committee calls him a liar. we're talking about the complaint that is being filed by major bradley. he said this was a partisan investigation. he was an army reserve intelligence officer. fired last june after he reclaims refused to focus on hillary clinton. on the other hand, the committee says that was an absolute lie. the reason he was fired, as they put it, he was a lousy employee
6:44 am
and he wanted to focus on hillary clinton. he denies that. his attorney says that, yes, he is a proud conservative republican. but that he was trying to do a very fair job here. and the committee kept pushing him the wrong way. so, two very different stories here. the clinton camp believed that this is justifying what they said all along. she is set to testify before the benghazi committee before the 22nd of this month. >> one we'll continue to watch. thank you very much. joe biden's is dismissing any ideas he might crash tomorrow's first democratic debate as part of the last-minute addition for the race for president. but biden's decision will come shortly afterwards. he spent the weekend with his family at his delaware home. spent at least some of that time mulling over whether to run or not. while biden's decision is still up air, biden met with democratic party staffers to find out what it would take to jump into the race.
6:45 am
>> it is a very difficult decision and he will make it for himself. >> theoretically the rules will allow biden to participate in tomorrow's debate. being called the biggest technology deal ever. texas-based dell is buying storage provider emc for close to $70 billion. emc is based in massachusetts and has a big presence here in the bay area. it own asthma jorty of wear. emc shares are up about 4%. well, about 4%. you may recall that founder michael dell took his computer companypra private two years ag tackle the homeless problem by using federal housing money. supervisors tomorrow will propose a plan to redirect the county's $2.5 million from the department of housing and urban development and use it, instead, for homeless housing. developers who dedicate portions
6:46 am
of the projects to the housing, the homeless would also receive funding priorities. should violent criminals fight fires. that is the new push by some state leaders who are looking to boost the number of inmates that work outside the prison walls to help firefighters who need it on the front lines. as of now, only minimum security inmates with no history of violent crime can take part in the inmate firefighting unit that 3,800 inmates on it. inmates say they need about a 1,000 more. the state department of corrections and rehabilitation proposing opening up that program to things like assault and robbery and only after years of good behavior. arsonists, kidnappers and inmates serving life sentences not be considered. the plan puts regular firefighters at risk 6:46. as fleet week wraps up for another year, we'll give you another look at the majestic blue angels in the skies above san francisco. >> this was their last
6:47 am
performance. blue angels take off fromland internaepgzal at 10:00 this morning. yesterday was the last day you could watch theles but still one more day of festivities. ship tours starting today at 9:00 and the high school band challenge begins at 10:00 at golden gate park. all right. let's see how the weather is going to hold up today. summer certainly feels like it's hanging on. >> you know that fleet week over the weekend was just so amazing. i love it. >> where did you end up watching it from? >> christy field. >> there you go. >> i was right there in the thick of it. we are starting out with temperatures that are nice and cool. look at this clear sunrise from san jose. beautiful way to start out the day and all that sun heating things up, again, this afternoon. yes, it will feel like summer today and tomorrow, but it doesn't so much right now. at 49 degrees in the north bay and upper 50s as we take a look else where across the bay. today o's forecast, heating up quickly. especially inland. and 78 degrees will be the high today in san francisco and the north bay up to 88 degrees.
6:48 am
and one of the problems here, we don't have much of an ocean breeze. the wind coming in from the north and look at how light it is. the numbers show you the wind speeds in miles per hour. it briefly gets up to ten miles an hour. so, nuthing to help cool you off. especially when those temperatures go way up this afternoon. high pressure still in control across the region and we'll have 70s along the immediate coast and 80s inland to 90s, also, for those inland areas and the valleys and shifts over closer to 100 degrees tomorrow. the heat peaks tomorrow and then cooling changes for the middle of the week. an yea area of low pressure rolling up from southern california and the models picking up on some splotches of scattered showers on wednesday and then dry it out and cool it down for a couple of days and look at what happens this weekend. i know it will be the weekend and you'll want to get outside and we need this rain and looks like it could come in for saturday. we'll keep you up to date with that to see if there are any
6:49 am
changes. our temperatures are well above average. here's a forecast for livermore. throughout the week, the average high is 78 degrees for the middle of october. and here we are at 93 and 96 degrees. but then we go downward as we go through the rest of the week and by friday highs in the lower 80s, which is still a few degrees above average. this weekend, though, with a chance of rain, we'll bring back those temperatures to the 70s and 80s and san francisco 68 degrees and by sunday feeling much cooler. highs in the 70s. finally feeling like fall all across the bay. san francisco a high of 66 degrees on sunday. let's check in now with and a heads up for the south bay drivers. >> yeah, kari. a couple crashes. north 101 at 680. that's not a crash. you just see some slowing because of the volume. ni ni nicesunrise coming up. high way 85 has trouble and a couple lanes that were affected and they should clear those hopefully quickly and see the build up towards 17 and continuing towards saratoga and
6:50 am
there were earlier crashes, as well, that should be off to the shoeld o. there is your south bay build. as we move up the peninsula, no real slowing, but, look, the volume coming across the bridge, you will see that and as they continue to build for the nimitz freeway south and union city. toup top of your screen, marina boulevard a crash looks like it is cleared after a couple minutes in lanes and not a lot of drama. the interchange itself isn't open and the connector, i should say and the bay bridge back up of otoll plaza. quick look at the north bay. volume continues to build. show the slowing and i don't see any crashes or any stalls and a little fogging going on as you head down towards north san pedro road. back to you. happening today, students and staff will return to class for the first time since the gunman walked through their halls of their oregon college and opened fire killing nine people. last night dozens of people
6:51 am
gathered near rosburg for a candlelight vigil to remember the victims killed 11 days ago. this morning there will be dozens of volunteers throughout campus making sure every student has what he or she needs. anything from tissues to comfort dogs. also people from the community along with oregon governor kate brown are expected to line the sidewalk to welcome those students back. 6:51. new this morning. the all-clear for an east bay shopping center shut down after several hours last night because of a bomb threat. pleasanton police say someone called the home depot at the pleasanton square shopping center and told the employee there there was a bomb in the store. this happened around 6:00 last night and police evacuated that store along with surrounding businesses, but an intense search by bomb sniffing dogs turned up nothing. the shopping center was shot down for about two hours. a follow oup. oakla oakland police caught the man who crashed his car during a high-speed chase and then leaving his 6-year-old daughter
6:52 am
injured in that car. ble police say govan chased him taoakland and crashed that car and got out and ran and left isr daughter behind. she needed surgery, but she's going to be okay. a computer glitch causes problems for travelers across the country. the latest information we learned from southwest airlines, next. new this morning: ==scott/map==
6:53 am
6:54 am
two people are in the hospital - after a car drove down an embankment -nd new this morning two people in the hospital after a drove down an embankment through a
6:55 am
homeless encampment overnight. chp says the car was headed around 2:00 this morning and veered off to the right and hit the encampment near capital expressway. two people were hit by that car. two people in the encampment but they're going to be okay. no word on what caused that driver to lose control. 6:55. within the past hour, southwest airlines announced everything is back to normal. it comes after a day of massive delays all caused by a computer glitch. >> "today in the bay" kris sanchez is live in san jose and been watching this. kris, what is the latest? >> the computer system is back to normal but the advice is still for passengers to get to the airport two hours s earlyh printed boarding passes just to smooth that transition. passengers here didn't have it as bad as oakland and at san francisco international or l.a. we can tell you that 25% of all the flights on sunday, the southwest flights were delayed. that is about 500 southwest flights nationwide.
6:56 am
adding to that frustration, a lot of passengers say that they didn't get a lot of information about why they were being delayed. the reason for that was the computer glitch that shut down southwest airlines website and ticket centers forcing passengers and airline workers to check in manually. now, though this glitch only affects southwest airlines, united and american are members of the dubious club or dubious distinction club because they had glitches of their own in the last three months or oso. but, again, the computer system up and running as normal as possible today but still the advice is get here early and be patient. kris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> thank you, kris. in the east bay the water may smell and taste a little different for the next few days but it's still safe to drink. san francisco commission is looking to changes in the water system. testing out an aquaduct that hadn't been used in 30 years.
6:57 am
crews are making sure it still works in case we have another dry year. the test will last until wednesday. the cream of the crop this morning. the biggest, most beautiful pumpkins in the bay area hoping tasmash so to smash some records. >> bob, the weigh in gets started in just a few minutes. >> yeah. it will start with the real small one. the few hundred pound one. remember last year's champion broke north american record with 2,058 pounds. this is the entry this year and john is telling us that he thinks he will come up short and maybe only 1,600 pounds and over here to your left, the 2013 champions pumpkin and he's thinking his pumpkin might come in 1,400, 1,500 pounds. these guys are californians and from napa and this grower right here was telling me he thinks because of the drought the ones grown in california are going to be 25% lighter. which is not a good thing.
6:58 am
you have a lot of pumpkins out here. some from oregon and some from washington and the question is, are we going taso see the ton mk broke, again. one grower said he thinks his pumpkin will weigh in at 1,800 pounds and put on the scale and maybe be at 2,100. we don't know. they'll start weighing any minute now and, of course, the big ones they save for last will be in the 10:00, 10:30 time range where we get a good sense of who is going to win the 42nd annual half moon bay pumpkin weigh off. the winner by the way, they get paid $6 per pound. over $10,000 if you win this and have a $1,500, $1,800 pound pumpkin. it's on main street in half moon bay if you have time to come over the hill and check it out. it's a lot of fun. >> pretty cool sight there. >> bob, live in our 11:00, as well. he'll have the winners. remember, no wagering involved.
6:59 am
>> give me my $5 back. >> let's check your monday morning weather. >> it will be hot, again, today. a lot of sunshine across the bay area. 93 degrees in gilroy and half moon bay up to 74 degrees and dolores heights at 77 degrees and 92 in napa and oakland 84 degrees and some lower 90s in the tri-valley. livermore 93 degrees. >> let's see how things are rolling out there, mike. >> start to see the build for this monday morning and show you live shots to give you an idea. san jose slowing down right here. 101 at the 680 interchange. 85 is actually worse than this right around highway 17. little unusual for that stretch to be that slow. highway 92 just starting to see the slow down across the flat section and the build off of 880. not a big build, but still here and it will slow you and more slowing at 101 over the next few minutes. lave look at the bay bridge. i saw this incline the curve with the taillights looked like they were slowing a little bit.
7:00 am
no crashes reported, but, of course, i'll watch this span like a hawk because it could be a trouble spot. >> we'll have live local weather updates with weather and traffic. >> we'll see you at 11:00. . good morning. travel nightmare. >> the lines are not moving. >> a computer glitch grounded hundreds of southwest flights over the weekend and this morning the warnings to passengers around the nation, print your boarding passes before you get to the airport. she made a mistake, president obama weighs in on the e-mail controversy plaguing hillary clinton. >> it's important for her to answer these questions to the satisfaction of the american pub lek. >> and whether he thinks joe biden should join the race.


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