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tv   Early Today  NBC  October 14, 2015 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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it is wednesday october 14th. coming up, the democrats first debate provided plenty of fireworks from the front runners. >> congress does not regulate wall street. wall street regulates congress and we have got to break off -- going to that if they'd please do to right thing. >> but who scored with the voters. >> then a jury in a gun case should send shom shock waves across the nation. and the cubs make their first ever world series aft wrigley field. and oscar winner jennifer
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lawrence fights for fair pay in hollywood. and much more. "early today" starts now. i'm dara brown. it was build as the slug fest between the democrats. top two. the first democrat debate is in the books. >> reporter: five democrats debated but the focus was on front runner hillary clinton and bernie sanders who's run first in early primaries and calls himself a socialist. >> we're going to win because we're going to explain what democratic socialism is. i believe in a society where all people do well not just a handful of billionaires. >> does clinton have that view consistently. >> do you change your political identity based on who you are talking to? >> no. i think like most people i know is i have a range of values but they are rooted in my experience. >> tough on guns. >> not at all.
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>> the isis tells secretary clinton that all the shouting in the world is not going to do what i would hope all of us want and that is keep guns out of the hands of people who should not have those guns. >> mideast crisis. >> we don't want troops on the ground in syria. i never said that. >> i believe that a no fly zone in syria at this time actually secretary would be a mistake. >> and benghazi, and clinton private e-mails, bernie sanders to the resident crew. the american people are sick and tired of hearing about your damn e-mails. >> thank you. thank you. >> enough of the e-mails. let's talk about the real issues fairsing america. >> sanders and clinton holding their own in the democrat's first debate. >> social media was on fire during the two hour exchange. facebook says 4.2 million people in the u.s. made over ten
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million debate-related interactions and twitter released its top moments. the first happened just as republican front runner donald trump tweeted, sorry there is no star on the stage tonight. judge for yourself. >> in my view, secretary clinton, you do not -- congress does not regulate what wall street. wall street regulates congress. and we have got to break off going to them and saying please do the right thing. it is kind of naive. >> the -- i just arrived my dad adied in office it was my very first vote. >> row you saying you didn't know what you were voting for. >> i just arrived at senate i think we get some takeovers. that was my very first vote. >> what does that say about you that you are casting a vote for something you weren't really sure about. >> i think you are being a little ruf. i had just arrived. my dad had adied. it was the first vote and it was
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90 to 5. >> tonight i want to talk not about my e-mails but about what the american people want from the next president of the united states. >> let me say this. let me say something that may not be great politics. but i think the secretary is right. and that is that american people are sick and tired of hearing about your damn e-mails. >> thank you. me too. me too. >> enough of the e-mails. let's talk about the real issues facing america. >> and for that last answer bernie sanders told nbc's andrea mitchell it have a debate it was a spontaneous response. >> so what i was simply saying let this e-mail process take its course but let's address the real issues facing the american people. >> here is someone who might agree. bill clinton tweeted a photo of him watching the debate with a memory of support. but a more controversial post from that republican candidate, mike huckabee, tweeted i trust
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bernie sanders with my tax dollars like i trust a north korean chef with my lab dor. according to a new poll trump still leads and carson is only a point behind. but carsnon doesn't have an snl hosting gig. and lamar odom was found unconscious at the nevada brothel tuesday. the owner of the love ranch brothel told nbc odom checked in on saturday and was last seen at 6:00 a.m. tuesday morning. around 3:00 p.m. local time he was unconscious. they called 911 and were instructed to turn him over on his left side. according to some he had been
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taking herbal viagra and partying. no illegal drugs with your found in his room. od odom's ex-wife rushed to be with him last night. kardashian had cutoff contact over the summer but still worried about odom. we'll bring you more as the story develops. >> it is a lawsuit that's been closely watched by gun control and gun rights advocates. a milwaukee jury has found a local gun shop is in fact liable for the shooting of two police officers. nbc has the details. >> the negligence suit was filed by two police officers shot and seriously wounded by a young man they stopped riding a bike on a milwaukee sidewalk. the gunman used a weapon purchased at badger guns. the weapon was sold to a straw buyer, or a customer buying a gun for someone who couldn't legally do so. >> i thought fs going to do. >> the jury sided with the officers. >> was such sale to jacob
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collins negligent? the jury answered yes. >> jury ordered to pay the officers nearly 6 million dollars. jacob collins is seen purchasing the gun fur someone who young to to. is conflicting information on the purchase documents should have been a. >> the act of straw purchase is fundamentally deception. >> the defense did not comment after the verdict was read. and they expect appeals to go on for years. >> --. after pulling organization federal funding over records made by an antiabortion group. planned parenthood denies any wrong doing and challenges the
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edits. planned parenthood president cecile richards said in a letter, the goal of these extremists has nothing to do with fetal tissue donation but is instead to ban abortion. today we're taking their smoke screen away. and now something that's never ever happened in the history of chicago's writing lie field for the first time since wrigley opened in 1914 the cubs have clinched a series at home. they take the division series 3-1. fans poured into the streets celebrating what might be the next step for the team's 107 year wait for a world series title. and we're guessing that most of
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chicago may still be celebrating at this hour. well now to new york, where the dodgers stayed alive with a 3-1 winner of the mets to force a game 5 winner take all in los angeles on thursday. and a winner take all fifth game for the american league teams. rangers and toronto. game time is 4:07. and then houston at kansas city, 8:07. and bill karins is here with your wonderful wednesday forecast. >> hump day baseball weather. >> weather. >> very lucky. very warm across the country and that trend continues. in the southwest we are watching a little weak storm system off shore right now but it is going to spread moisture and clouds into areas of the southwest. this little upper level low spinning here. it is not going to be a ton of wet weather but we will see hit and miss showers and storms the next couple of days. otherwise the heat continues to be the bigger story in the southwest. temperatures are going to stay
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near 102 today in phoenix. 99 tomorrow. we're going to continue with very wet con conditions out there. otherwise, san francisco northward is clear and everyone is looking good in the dayscent. not much cloud cover for you. 95 today. and 93 in sacramento. still looking like probably one of the warmest octobers we've seen. halfway through and we are at record levels. >> great if we could bottle it and keep it through november/december. have you heard about the -- over a hundred grand from a lawsuit and a hug from her nephew? we've got the verdict.
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a tragic scene? south florida. at least one woman killed when a small plane crashed into a trailer park yesterday. one trailer was engulf in flames and another damaged. the sun sentinel reports three bodies were pulled from the wreckage. although that has not been confirmed, the faa is investigating. ? connecticut, a jury ruled against the aunt who sued her nephew over a hug gone wrong. jennifer konl claims her eight-year-old nephew is negligent when he knocked her down and broke her wrist at the party years ago. she told recently i was at the party and it was difficult to hold my hors d'oeuvre plate. it took the jury 20 minutes.
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and malaysia airlines mh 17. tom costello reports. >> reporter: with the haunting remains on full display, dutch crash investigators confirmed what many western countries have long alleged. that a russian made buk missile brought down the boeing 777 with so many on board. >> crashed as a result of the detonation of a war head outside of the airplane. the left-hand side of the of the cockpit. >> the dutch don't say who shot theissile but claimed it was shot by russian backed separatists in eastern ukraine. while most passengers quickly died and lost conscious. it is possible some remained conscious for up to 90 seconds until the plane hit the ground. one passenger was found wearing an oxygen mask. crews spent months reconstructing the plane and say they have recovered metal
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shrapnel in the pilot that is consistent with the war head. it detected the missile launch from have phone records of rebels bragging about the shoot down. >> but russia, which denies arming the rebels said the dutch report is biased and wrong. meanwhile investigators are sharply critical of ukraine for failing to close its air space while war was raging. >> that was nbc's tom costello. just ahead jennifer lawrence is downright mad. why she is over being likable. that is up next.
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give it a pop. this morning on today, are police spying on you? a new technology that allows police to record your location while you are driving. well the gender pay gap is in the spotlight this morning. jennifer lawrence opens up about her reaction when she learned that her male co-stars were being paid a lot more than she was. we get more from nbc's stephanie gosk. >> reporter: jennifer lawrence may be the highest paid woman in hollywood. but that is not the point. the point she writes in a letter posted online is that the men are making more. when the sony hack happened and i found out how much less i was being happy than the lucky
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people with a certain male body part. i didn't get mad at sony. i got mad at myself. a internal e-mail made public after the hack showed lawrence made 7% of american hustle's profits while her male co-stars made 9 she writes i failed as an negotiator because i gave up early. co-star bradley cooper voiced his support. >> it is about changing that mind set and sticking up for yourself. >> she is in demand. she can choose what she wants to do. so coming out on this issue is not going to hurt her professionally. and it could do a lot of good for the cause she's championing. >> the 25-year-old wonders if a general desire not to seem difficult is a lingering habit among women. patricia ar ket spoke about about wage equality at the oscars this year. >> equal means equal. >> full time female employees in 2015 made an average 78 cents to
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every dollar earned by a man what. to do about it remains politically contentious. the young star clearly feels at least some of the responsibility. i'm over trying to find the adorable way to state my opinion and still be likable. then she added. f that. >> she is so good at what she does, that attitude may just work. and just ahead, taylor swift dominates the ama nominations. plus a pizza delivery driver breaks down in tears over a random act of kindness. that incredible story up next.
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denzel washington will direct a episode of the grey's anatomy this year. and actress hayden panettiere checked herself into the that treatment center for postpartum depression. taylor swift let the nominations for the amas with six. she's followed by ed sheeran and the weekend each with five nominations. rapper lacrae was named artist of the year. his album was the first to top
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two charts in the same week. and pop star ariana grandy teams up with andrea bocelli. for his next album "cinema." ♪ >> i'm dara brown and this is "early today."
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leading the news in usa today. kim davis, the they want a special legislative slejs to lawmakers can enact --. and in the san francisco examiner golden gate is taking bids for that safety net of steel wires that would act as the suicide barrier. 1600 people have jumped to their deaths since the bridge opened.
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officials hope the net will be in place by 2019. a pizza delivery drooifrd received a random act of congress last week. in the congregation of the sycamore creek church surprised her with a $1,000 tip. boyer, who lives in an apartment with her two-year-old son was short this month. >> happy happy. >> i know. part of a sermon series on generosity. and a monument on top of georgia's stone mountain is facing backlash. the naacp and the others announced their opposition to the plan believing his image should not be associated with a confederacy. they have a meeting with the governor later today. and a halloween costumes went up in flames yesterday in a california walmart. the store was evacuated as flow employees trying to extinguish the fire.
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a man used lighter fluid to set the blaze and has been arrested for arson. talk about an on air malfunction. a robotic camera took an unexpected lap of a tv studio during a live show. how could that possibly happen on a live tv show? >> well the weather man kept his cool and chased after the camera. the reason for the sunday turn still remains a mystery. >> do you know who was lucky? the anchors. when the weather man is doing the weather the anchors are in la la land. you are just doing who knows what. >> maybe in your world. now it is time for that lock r look ahead. militaries will hold new talks on how to stay out of each other's way in skies over syria. now keep it right here for more news, weather and sports.
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i'm dara brown along with bill karins. thanks for watching "early today." have a good one. here in vineland, home of progresso, we figured out how to get rich ingredients like bacon into 22 light soups, so if you want 100 calories or less per serving without giving up rich flavor do what we do...make it progresso. this moment is perfect in every way just like my kid gooey...flaky...happy. toaster strudel. now with more icing.
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from the pretenders. democrats spar at their first debate -- and bernie sanders did more to help, than hurt, separating the contenders from the pretenders, democrats spar at their first debate. bernie sanders did more to help than hurt his rival hillary. heinous crimes that could carry more than a life sentence. the special circumstances that could put three suspects in two bay area homicides on death row. we're live at the scene of an accident as investigators process new evidence. "today in the bay" starts right now. . very good wednesday morning to you. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. we start with a quick check of the weather with


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