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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  October 14, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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it's a cause. so we do things differently. we combine care and coverage. and believe prevention is the most powerful of cures. so forgive us for not going with the flow. we just think the flow should go with us. which makes us rebels with one cause. your health. an inmate pulled from this jail cell is now taking santa clara county to court. =janelle/gfx= it's a story you'll see only on nbc bay area. right now at 11:00, an inmate is taking santa clara county to court. thank you for joining us. >> under the microscope the inmate filed a civil lawsuit claiming the guard violated his
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rights. >> the incident happened last year when the deputy had to forcibly remove him from his cell. we have exclusive video from the force removal. >> this is a video showing some of that extraction. we must warn you there are moans and screams coming from the inmate as the guards try to get him to stand up. this is exclusive video of the jail extraction in july of last year. we are blurring the faces of the deputies as they are not charged with with any wrongdoing. >> stand up. get the towel, put your hands behind your back. >> you can hear them ask him to stand up to perform a routine inspection of the cell. after several warnings, the guards pepper sprayed the inmate before strapping him to a wheelchair to take him to what they call decontamination.
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this is the inmate today. he doesn't want us to use his first name. when we went to speak to him he was wheeled in by deputies. he is awaiting charges of attempted murder, domestic violence and witness intimidation. the attorney wrote the letter to the county council the same day as the extraction stating his client needs a wheelchair because he suffers from epiepilepsy. his lawyer said the inmate is no ing longer able to stand following a seizure. he has medical records to back the claim. ever since the lawyer claims miller lost feeling in his lower extremities. the inmate is suing the county and deputies for allegedly violating his rights. he claims he was denied use of a wheelchair to transport him to meetings with his attorney and attend hearings. how are you feeling today? >> in serious pain, sir.
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>> reporter: the inmate told me he wasn't able to look at the camera because of the pain from his ongoing medical condition. >> i would have called for a nurse. >> reporter: mark garcia worked in the same jail for five years and retired as a sheriffs lieutenant in santa clara county. >> this is your last chance and you won't be pepper sprayed are. >> having reviewed the video, the camera should not have panned away. and he said wheelchairs are readily available for guards. >> you should know his medical background. does he need a chair? if so, get him one. >> he said he saw nothing in the video that was grossly negligent. >> i will not use extraction or i'll order it. >> reporter: the judge runs a drug and mental court. he says extractions of inmates with mental health issues is
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counterproductive. doctors ruled that miller is competent to stand trial but the court report raised concerns about his mental stability. >> rather than confront people with force, you confront them with someone who's really not there to make them do anything, but to talk to them about what they need to do. >> the sheriffs department released this statement saying while we cannot discuss mr. miller's personal situation, those decisions are typically made in consultation with medical staff based on what is necessary for the inmate. we believe mr. miller received care consistent with his medical needs. the sheriffs office says in reviewing their internal videos, they believe the inmate was moved in accordance with their policies. you can read the statement on our website nbc bay >> thank you. happening now a sinkhole flooding with water. it might be getting worse. a road in union city has caved in. the sinkhole is about the size
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of a minivan. as we speak, you can see the scene. crews are on site and will work through the night trying to limit the damage. water has flooded the hole, as you can see there. some neighbors are watching what is happening. the street will likely be closed through the morning. the road initially collapsed this afternoon on ail var rad doe boulevard. a fire station is also right there. >> crazy. i mean to have it happen in front of the school and fire department however will it go. >> you can hear the noise in the background. this will impact a lot of students. parents should allow extra time for drop off and pick up of kids tomorrow. last night the street race an tonight the grieving and search for another driver. in all three teens are dead. it happened near downtown san jose. jean elliot is joining us there.
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who was there tonight? >> family and friends of the three teenagers last night gathered tonight they are looking for comfort and answers. life is sad. [ inaudible ] >> grieving family members and dozens of teenagers gather in san jose where a car crash linked to a street race killed three and left another injured. 15-year-old jayleen ciriaco, oscar avila toledo, and anthony ramos didn't survive the accident at santa clara and 22nd. another teen is in the hospital. >> me as a mother i can't explain the pain of losing a child. >> her aunt says her family is devastated. she said the rebellious 15-year-old loved her family. >> she liked having family around.
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my daughter was one of her good friends. she always wanted her to spend think night. she's a bright girl. >> oscar avila toledo's brothers and fathers cried too upset to talk. >> nan says her half brother anthony ramos was a troubled teen gets back on track. she said he died too soon. >> i have teenagers and hug them a lot right now. they are affected by this, too. my brother will come over on weekends and spend time with my kids and play video games. >> san jose police investigators say the car the teens crashed in uz was stolen. they are looking for a dark-colored acura that was involved in that crash. they are looking to speak to the driver. tonight the family members of the teenagers killed in the
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crash say they will be setting up go fund me sites hoping the community will help with burial costs. nbc bay area news. a trio of drifters accused in two killings made their first court appearance today in marin county. they are charged with murder in the killing of marin county hiker steve carter and audrey kerry. they appeared in front of a courtroom today but didn't look at each other or enter a plea. the judge is giving them more time to get separate defense attorneys. massages, groping and kisses are some of the things this popular uc berkeley professor was accused of doing to some of his students. geoffrey marcey stepped down amid pressure from angry colleagues and students. the young women filed complaints 15 months ago and some said he sexually harassed students from as far back as 2001.
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he apologized on his website saying he disagrees with some accusations but takes full responsibility. i will turn down the value, but they also try to mute a community. the battle over artistic expression and noise. we are hearing it in oakland. cheryl hurd is there. we are familiar with noise complaints. this is out of the ordinary here. >> it is. the naacp says it wants to know more about warnings and citations issued to local artists and churches. people from those two groups gathered here tonight to fight back. >> ♪ >> bay area artist setting the tone for freedom of discussing as it relates to noise. >> the issue that impact the churches are the same issues impacting the arts and culture community. it's not separate. >> reporter: it seemed like a separate issue when in september
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two performers were cited for assaulting a man playing drums in lake merit. >> important to keep your soul alive. >> this guy was in a total lather about what we were doing and then it got physical and false charges were filed against us. ♪ >> reporter: there was a separate issue involving a church. no charges filed there, but warnings from the city have been issued claiming their musical instruments may violate the city's public nuisance ordinance. an issue that has gotten the city's attention and the naacp. >> one of the things we hear about people moving from the west bay is they want to be where it is authentic and real. we are addressing those issues and making sure our regulations are keeping pace with the demands and needs of our economy. >> economic development is very necessary and we support that but you have to go in there, you can't just forget about people who are already here.
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and whose with idea maybe different than yours. >> oakland city officials plan to take a look at the noise ordinance. both sides say they are not giving up. reporting live in oakland, cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. good evening. hundreds of lightning strikes in southern california. now we are tracking shower 0s beginning to move in to the east bay. we will have details what this means for your morning commute in a few minutes. if he receives the lashes fear for his life. >> does the punishment fit the crime. homemade wine sets off controversy that is tied to the bay area. research reveals the war on sitting might be overbloen blown. a new epidemic, what so many people are taking that is sending them to the er.
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worried the 74 year old cancer survivor a bay area woman is fearing for her father's life worried the 74-year-old cancer survivor won't survive in a saudi jail. >> his crime, possession of a bot le of homemade wine. as a punishment, 350 lashes. >> terry mcsweeney is in our noochlt does he have any options here? >> he has a couple of options thanks to his daughter. she went to the media because she felt she had nowhere else to go. her campaign is working and she has gotten the attention british prime minister. >> my dad is 74. he's had cancer three times. asthmatic, diabetes, if he received the lashes i would fear for his life. >> reporter: he was caught with homemade wine in his car. the 25 year resident of saudi
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arabia knows it is a violation of the law and sentenced to a year in jail and lashings. she hoped intervention by the british government could help prevent the lashings. >> i asked to speak to the man dealing with my father's case and he left and didn't know anything about my dad. >> we already have 180,000 signatures on a petition sdmchlt she igniting a media firestorm. there are report reports that karl will be spared the whip. british prime minister david cameron is stepping in. >> british prime minister david cameron wrote a letter to saudi officials to beg clemency of my dad. >> reporter: kristin's four children just want grandpa to visit soon. >> he'd take time out of the weekends he has with the whole family to watch my soccer games. >> he pinches my cheeks and
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gives me huge hugs. he's one of the most thaufl thoughtful people i know. >> his wife's dementia has recognized to the point where she will not recognize him when returns to england but she is grateful. >> thank everyone for spoet showing support to my dad and his case and hope to see him home soon. >> we reached out to the audi and british consulates but did not get a call back. kristin is hoping the media reports that her father will be spared are accurate. terry mcsweeney, bay area news. >> thank you, terry. a computer glitch in the terror watch flis data bank is responsible for delays at several major airports tonight. you are looking at the backup of jfk. one of the airports affected the department of homeland security said the computer system that checks airline passenger list against terror watch lists was not properly working. we're told the problem has been fixed and there's no evidence the glitch was because of
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sabotage or hacking attack. a local professional photographer accused of child porn. san francisco police say he had thousands of videos and images stored at his home. they say ackerman was using hidden cameras to film up women's skirts. many of the videos were secretly recorded at pier 39 and japan town. a man accused of torching a halloween display at a wal-mart is behind bars tonight. he will make his first court appearance tomorrow. this is the video we showed you last night. a customer caught this bizarre scene on camera. antwan johnson of oakland is charged with arson. security guards at the store were able to track down johnson after he allegedly doused the costume s were lighter fluid and lit them on fire. a new admission involving a long-standing program that allows inmates to help fight fires. california leaders say 40% of
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the state's inmate firefighting crew have previous convictions for violent offenses. for years the state claimed only nonviolent inmates were admitted to the program. they said inmates with violent histories have been serving since the '90s. nearly 3800 inmates help professional firefighters on the front lines across california. lawmakers are calling for a hearing to discuss and possibly re-evaluate the program. he will be ready for adoption pretty soon. a good samaritan returned louie the stolen puppy taken from the animal shelter last week. surveillance video captured a man and woman walking out with the pooch. the good samaritan said the person who had the dog was going to het limb go. so they took him and brought him back last night. >> louie was not hurt. >> something we haven't said, i don't remember the last thyme time we said it, lightning in the region. >> primarily southern california is where the lightning has been going off quite a bit.
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444 lightning strikes in central and southern california. you can see the bull's eye, the lightning strikes. it is happening in the center circulation of this area of low pressure. it is driving in a few spotty showers in the bay area. you can see across the east bay it is not much. a few pockets on the north side of livermore and pleasantton. this is headed towards the 680 corridor, as well with, near alamo, danville, walnut creek. it's not heavy or consistent but this is the nature of what will continue to see in the overnight hours. another batch here approaching vallejo, american canyon. you can expect to get wet on the interstate 80 corridor. if you are leaving for an early morning trip or tomorrow morning. take you to the morning forecast. you can see the best possibility of this activity will be across the south bay peninsula, east bay and san francisco. looks like the north bay will be left out of getting any major
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rainfall. the area of low pressure continues to move to the south and east for tomorrow. that will bring us the best chance of storms right across the morning. as we look ahead in the forecast, which we will see even more changes. by saturday, another storm system comes in. this moving from the north to south. it will break apart before it gets here. we will have a decent chance of showers. namely marin and napa and sonoma counties. even with a chance of showers in the morning, most of us will have sunshine by the afternoon and cooler temperatures. so that will put san francisco at 67 for the high. back to the usual here with some fog at the golden gate bridge for the peninsula, 87 palo alto. for the south bay, an isolated risk of thunderstorms here in morgan hill 88. san jose 85. for the north bay, east bay and trivalley a risk of thunderstorms over to liver more.
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temperatures dropping from the 90s to 88 in dan vi. as we look across the east bay, 76 in oakland. the weekend forecast, big headline here will be on sunday. we will have the coolest temperatures we have experienced in a long time. south bay 79 degrees. san francisco 69 and the trivalley 82. you can head to my stwiter and check out this lightning photo i found from somebody in southern california. it is lighting up the sky like we haven't sneen a long time. >> still ahead the new uber service that will have drivers doing a lot more. >> and jimmy. >> vin diesel is my guest tonight. and music from selena gomez. it's a great show. do not change the channel.
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the drought is affecting all of us. at pg&e we've definitely put a focus on helping our agricultural customers through the drought. when they do an energy efficiency project and save that money they feel it right in their pocket book. it's exciting to help a customer with an energy efficiency project because not only are they saving energy but they are saving water. we have a lot of projects at pg&e that can help them with that and that's extremely important while we're in a drought. it's a win for the customer and it's a win for california. together, we're building a better california.
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every year. that's the number of injuries caused by dietary supplements. =vo= this date comes frhe 23,000 trips to the emergency room every year is the number of injuries caused by dietary supplements. for the first time the fda and cdc studied the extent of severe injury and hospitalizations tied to supplements. the results, people suffered everything from heart trouble to nausea and vomiting. critics say the report is proof the feds should regulate dietary supplements. silicon valley is full of desk jobs and you may have heard sitting on the job isn't good for you. in fact it can kill you. a new study suggests it is not just sitting but the lack of exercise. researchers found out those who sat all day were no worse than those who stood all day and
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didn't get any exercise. they published their findings earlier this week. uber drivers will be driving more than people. they will be driving your stuff. the company rolling out uber rush in san francisco, chicago and new york city. it is an on-demand ride service to deliver goods to customers. it is web based. type in what you are delivering and where it is going and the driver gets a heads up. >> the product doesn't have to fit in a little bag or box. it can be dry cleaning, clothes on a hanger, bridesmaid dress, a cake or pizza, it can be flowers from a florist. >> reporter: uber says most trips will cost about $7 and deliveries are protected in case of loss or damage. up next, the baseball playoffs and where would you find seth curry and andre iguodala? not on the basketball court. we'll show you next.
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i'm not going to lack confidence in what i'm able to do on this field and what i can do to help this team win. >> in all honesty, they should be able to do just that, win.
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the red and gold with a great opportunity to break the losing streak as the 1-4 ravens come in to santa clara in week six. colin kaepernick should be able to hold over the po positives from the giants loss. the ravens defense ranks 25th in the nfl. provides the perfect opportunity for the niners offense to have a breakout performance. >> incredible talent. he's had a tremendous career and that's what you prepare for. when you have players of that caliber who played the way they have in this league you know what they are capable of doing. it goes for their whole offense. in kansas city, a win wither take all game five. ace stuff to the yard tonight. kc strikes out him in the 8th.
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bottom half of the inning the dagger. three-run home run in a relief roll. they advance to the alcs the second straight year facing toronto this time around. seth curry eniguodala getting their swings on in the pro-am at silverado. the splash brother was in awe of what he saw from the pro in his group. >> always like to see what the pros do and their ball flight and measure your game to theirs. i have had maybe two drives that may have reached his, but other than that, there's no comparison. those guys are unbelievable talent. finally, civic center plaza. members of the organization took part in the warriors get fit program. the full day of activities featuring a skills clinic.
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part of the action push ing forward, get fit's launch of san francisco unified school district. great program which will reach 17,000 students in 38 schools. they are back on the court on saturday against l.a. more news after the break.
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before we go, last check of the weather. activity on the radar. >> very busy, especially in central and southern california. you can see 445 lightning strikes tonight. likely go over 1,000 in to tomorrow morning. for the east bay this is pushing in a band of showers near contra costa and alameda counties. the 680 corridor from walnut creek to san ramon. not much but a few drops. we'll take it. >> thank you, jeff. have a great morning tomorrow. >> bye. and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- vin diesel selena gomez


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